Reader Question: H1 Buying and Undiapering?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Steve asks: I’ve heard you many times on Infowars with David Knight. I am in the Ft. Lauderdale area wearing an Infowars Diaper; what an unbelievably apt designation for this trash! Been thinking i would have to defend myself but so far, only four have noticed the mask. All were Infowars fans. Surprising in the most left-wing county in Florida, Broward County. Anyway, to save you from reading the rest of my dribble, what are your thoughts on purchasing a Hummer H1 as a bug out and general use vehicle?  If I do it will take to for upgrades.

My business has not been annoyed by mask enforcement. They seem to leave industrial/manufacturing concerns alone. However, my strategy should i be threatened is to comply and immediately file a lawsuit demanding document-able proof that these Marxist rules, not laws as you correctly state, are effective.

I question whether there is really a corona virus pandemic at all. Saw a video on BitChute by a banned doctor who claimed the lung tissues examined by Chicom officials was not Corona virus, but simply destroyed cellular material that resulted probably from the air pollution in china. I read that 300,000 plus die in Wuhan alone from bronchial problems related to the air quality. Too many stories I am hearing from friends about going for fake testing (PCR test does not test for infectious disease per inventor Kary Mullis who won the Nobel Prize for the test and said it cannot diagnose infectious disease. Besides, I had microbiology and molecular biology courses when pursuing a dental degree. The test merely multiplies DNA. Period. Anything tested must be purified in sterile conditions and you must know what it is you are purifying. A nasal swab and ten minute test is baloney.  I could go on but you know this material better than I do. Now that I have ranted far too long, I will rest and recover. Thanks for letting me vent!

My reply: The Hummer H1 is a superb vehicle for the purpose you have in mind – which is the same reason the military had in mind. It is exceptionally tough, designed for extreme conditions and use – and very field-repairable. The usual rules about buying any used vehicle  apply, of course. Due diligence and caveat emptor. But if you find a good one for a good price I think it’s an excellent choice. Especially if it has the diesel. But the GM small block gas V8 is also a superb engine and GM makes probably the best automatic transmission on the road.

As regards Diapering and WuFlu: Diapering is about training; it’s as simple – and horrible – as that. We can know it because Diapers – dirty old bandanas and disposable “masks” – are medically useless in terms of barring a virus from entering a person’s body and also for debarring viruses from leaving a human body and regardless, they are medically irrelevant if the wearer is not sick. This business of presuming that everyone is sick – or might be – is sick.

As in pathological neurosis.

It is the same sickness – of the mind – as hiding under a bed because the Bogeyman might be lurking.

But it is politically very useful because it provides the pretext for all we’re dealing with now. It is turning the entire country into a lunatic asylum – and someone has to run an asylum. It is also turning us against each other – when we should be turning against our common enemy, the government and its cackling hyena, the corporate media.

I do not know whether this Corona virus is “novel.” I do know – because the facts are available – that it poses a lethal threat to a minuscule percentage of the population and that threat could be dealt with rationally be sequestering the very elderly and the very infirm – and leaving the rest of us unsequestered.

But that, of course, does not serve the political purpose of this “health crisis” – which is to impose the authoritarian state they have been trying to erect for decades but failed to complete because too many people weren’t buying prior pretexts, including the “climate crisis.”

I urge you to remove you Diaper and defy the Gesundheitsfuhrers – for your health and for your political health. I understand you may be fined – even arrested. I am running the same risk – and gladly. Because it beats hell out of being rounded up and shot – either by a bullet or by a vaccine.

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  1. Some other poster pointed out n95 masks only filter things of one size, not the particle they wish to filter. Or it could be on the cash, in the water or aloof in the atmosphere. This is not going away, anymore than the spanish flu has gone away. What is the distinctction between a cold and a flu. influenza?

    • Hi Max,

      It isn’t going to go away. The government gesundheitsfuhrers and corporate media have damaged the minds of probably a third to half the population, which has become pathologically obsessed with and terrified of sickness. What was six months ago a fairly rare condition is now commonplace. How dos a country function with 30 or 40 million – perhaps 150 million – Michael Jacksons running around?


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