The Needlers Cometh

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Those who dismiss the threat posed by Forced Diapering ought to cast their eye toward Virginia – where Forced Needling has just been proposed as the next thing people will be required to submit to in the name of “public health.”

Gesundheitsfuhrer Normal Oliver – a person not elected to any office but who wields tremendous power nonetheless as chef der Gesundheitsabteilung – i.e., the State Department of Health, rendered in English but much more right-sounding when rendered in the natural German – has proposed (that is to say, threatened) to use the force at his command to make every one of Virginia’s approximately 8.5 million residents submit to a Needling, which he claims “will save hundreds and hundreds of lives.”

Another claim. Another assertion – which serves these days as the equivalent of a fact despite not being the same thing.

Which the Herr Docktor Gesundheitsfuhrer tacitly conceded by asserting “hundreds and hundreds” of lives supposedly saved rather than the all-too-obviously absurd thousands or millions previously asserted by the Gesundheitsfuhrers. Which they longer mention – while shrieking about the cases! the cases! – because there’s not much else to mention.

When it comes to lives ended – well, by the Wuflu. Which doesn’t end the lives of 99.5 percent of the population.

Either way, the assertion can and should be deconstructed from several angles.

First, the “hundreds and hundreds.”

We have heard this one before, many times. It used to be asserted with regard to – among many other things – driving faster than “X.” People used to understand that asserting something didn’t mean it actually happened.

Or even might.

But let’s say it’s so. If it is so – if “hundreds” and hundreds” is to be the standard which justifies forcibly Needling millions and millions – then it follows, logically (not that logic follows anymore) that those millions and millions should also submit to mandatory body-fat evaluations and forced dieting, which one could just as logically assert might also save “hundreds and hundreds” – if not thousands – of lives, too.

Going out alone at night – much too dangerous.

Obviously, a statewide maximum speed limit of 15 MPH must also be imposed, as it, too, would save “hundreds and hundreds” of lives  . . . or so it could be asserted, with just as much logical validity.

Which brings us to the more substantive issue  – the asserted, itself.

As opposed to the actual.

Who, exactly, are these “hundreds and hundreds”? The answer is – no one. The Herr Docktor Gesundheitsfuhrer cannot name a single life “saved” by Needling millions. All he can do is assert a possible benefit to no one in particular at the cost of an imposition on everyone, all 8.5 million of them.

How many “hundreds and hundreds” of lives could one assert might be saved by daily jumping jacks in front of the Tele-Screen? By mandating that Virginians walk everywhere rather than drive?

Stasis, it could be asserted, could save “hundreds and hundreds” of lives. Why not mandate medically induced comas for the entire population on that basis? It would reduce the threat presented by getting out of bed – or so it could be asserted, with as much logical force as that behind the assertions of the Herr Docktor Gesundheitsfuhrer.

But there is logic to the force.

When the government succeeded in forcing cars to be built with seatbelts (this was about half a century ago) it succeeded in establishing the logic of forcing people to wear them. When it succeeded in forcing people to accept mandatory seatbelt-wearing, it established the logic of forcing people to wear a Face Diaper. Having established the logic of that, it will now proceed to the next logical step, which is the forced Needling of the population.

All of this justified on assertions and benefits to no one specifically but the impositions applied generally.

There is still time to repudiate the assertions made by the Gesundheitsfuhrers but it will take a little backbone and it might come at the cost of one’s ability to enter a store – possibly even one’s job.

The Gesundheitsfuhrers are relying on this fear of inconvenience to achieve Universal Diapering Compliance in order to assure acceptance of Universal Needle Acceptance. The two go together like Zyklon-B and Treblinka.

And it won’t be just this Needling, either. Remember. Precedents are prequels. If you can be Force Needled for this then they can Force Needle you for that. And if they can Force Needle you for anything why not other “necessary” (as decreed by them) “public health measures”?

But consider what might be purchased for the price of some inconvenience – at the cost of a job that can be replaced.

How much is your dignity worth to you? How much is control over your life worth to you? How about control over your own body?

Cattle aren’t given the choice to opt-out of being steered – or vaccinated. Human beings ought to have that choice.

The Gesundheitsfuhrers disagree, of course.

Because they consider people cattle. Their herd – to be managed as they see fit. Does this notion appeal to you? If it does not, don’t Diaper Up. Even if it means you can’t buy groceries at your favorite store for now. Find another. Even if means the loss of your job. There is always another.

But you only have one life – and one body.

Will it remain yours to live and control? Or will you say Moo! when they say Boo?

. . .

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  1. I also want to repeat as I’ve said before…the covidiot shot’s purpose is not for coronavirus at all. The flu shot isn’t even at all effective against the many strains of flu…what makes you think a covid shot will handle all the mutations of corona? It won’t. What it is designed to do, is to turn the regular folk…those without hundreds of millions, billions and trillions of fiat currency, into a sub-species of human…one that will be markedly dumber, duller and physically weak. It will change everyone and their progeny into an inferior form of modern human. That is a fact, because that is what is planned and they have said so many times in the past. Those in control are the most psychotic and despotic the world has ever seen. Obey them at your own peril.

    • Amen, Anonymous –

      That business about the ineffectiveness of the ordinary flu shot is a sound shot to fire but it depends on the recipient being receptive to reason. Which these people aren’t. We are dealing with containment. Of them, for the sake of our health – mental as well as physical. The most dangerous type of crazy person is the one who thinks he isn’t.

      • Exactly. I want to state also…your DNA is the most precious thing you have. It is your’s. It is the essence of you, not some freakshow governmental entity or the state or the church or corporation. Under no circumstance should you ever willingly or unwillingly give up your DNA at any checkpoint or whatever, and for God’s sake, never ever take a shot….I cannot stress that enough.

        A healthy diet, exercise, and taking care of your brain are the most important things you can do in the fight against this tyranny we face from all sides. I have to say…of all the forums I’ve been on for the past two decades or more, the readers and of course, Eric, are the most informed, and open-minded, reasonable people I’ve ever come across on the internet. Being able to think for yourself is the one of the most dangerous things to the so called elite…let’s not forget that, and the more you can teach people to think with logic and reason, the more people we will gain for our cause against these enemies of humanity.

        • Amen, Anon –

          One of the purposes of what’s happening with the Daipers is to identity and marginalize people capable of rational thought and resistance – even if only intellectual. To separate them from the herd and thereby turn the herd against them.

          Before all this pressure – social more than legal – to Diaper arose just a month or so ago, it was harder to tell at a glance who the “heretics” were. You could, of course, tell who the orthodox were – they were the ones wearing Diapers when it wasn’t being forced. But with almost everyone Diapered now, it is easy to spot the occasional refusenik – he (or she) being the one still not wearing the damned thing. These are the ones marked out for herd-stamping when the time comes.

          If it comes.

          I maintain this can still be stopped but only if a critical mass of the populace – probably around 25 percent outright refuses to Diaper, anywhere – irrespective of “guidelines” and “policies” and – yes, laws.

          Is willing to be arrested, if it comes to that.

          An occasional Undiapered is as alone as Michael Jackson was – and considered almost equally a deviant. Because deviancy is now normal.

    • Well said Anon, bingo, I agree 10,000%. Life is hard enough as it is, and short too, no need to make it harder or shorter LOL.

  2. I’ve pounded my proverbial fist on the table in these forums about vaccinations and what they plan for you and I with the covidiot shot. Vaccines, when you look at the true science (not the one they force on you), are a sham. Have humans tens of thousands of years without them just fine? I would even venture to say, before vaccinations, humans were much more resilient and healthy! Cancers are a modern day phenomena. Do you not think there may in fact be a very high correlation to decreasing health and intelligence due to mass vaccinations, particularly in very recent modern times? The science proves this hypothesis very well….its just not reported by the “owners” of this world as the late George Carlin would say.

    A covidiot shot in the arm will kill you the same as a gun shot…only one is pretty instant, and the other will make you wish it was.

    • Keep pushing. We are gaining ground. I read today that Gates is now saying that’s okay if people don’t take it, they only need 30-60% or something like that. That’s a major back peddle of vaccine orthodoxy and the only reason to make that claim is because they still want to push the vaccine but they see large resistance. So now when they play the ‘vaccinate against a dying disease and claim it worked’ game they can still do it. So if they can only get say 30% of people to take it and it goes away, which it will, they can claim to have said it would all along.

      • Morning, Brent!

        Yes, exactly – never stop pushing back. They rely on general acquiescence. They will succeed of they get it. They are using the Hyena Media to both terrorize the populace and to convince the populace that it is already a done deal; this is the “new normal,” etc. So get used to it – smile through your Diaper!

        No. Take off the filthy rag. Better yet, never put the filthy thing on in the first place.

  3. Speaking of following logic: In what meaningful way is a forced injection any different than rape? One can argue the many benefits of sexual intercourse. How is a needle being forced into a body against the ones’ will any different than a penis being forced in against ones’ will?

    If you are for forced needling, you are for rape. There’s absolutely substantive difference.

  4. Eric and all others, I highly recommend everybody watch this.

    A very good explanation about why you might want to avoid the jab. At all costs.
    Don’t take her word for it, do the follow up research for yourself. I did and can’t find anything that disproves what she is saying.

    When this video is removed from Youtube, as it almost certainly will be, just ask and I can send a copy.

    • I didn’t watch vid because I need no convincing. I just want to say I agree with you. I’ve been researching health topics for 15 YEARS (because I have other health issues), and I’ve listened and read articles of AT LEAST 100 doctors & researchers, and I’ve read more than a few books too. IMO getting a quackcine is a DEATH SENTENCE, or at the very least will give you horrible diseases and/or brain damage [that’s probably the #1 purpose they design them for] and/or partial paralysis, and there’s ZERO benefit from them whatsoever. The entire concept is dubious & FRINGE quack science at best. All the pushers are liars and criminals. Don’t trust your bodily health to them.

      • Hi Harry,

        I have a general distrust of medicine as it exists today because it has become (like practically everything) politicized as well as monetized. Doctors are heavily pressured to hew to political orthodoxy lest the their permission to practice medicine will likely be revoked. Imagine asking your doctor: Can you tell me the medical truth about my risk of being killed by WuFlu? Does it make medical sense for me to wear a Face Diaper? We all know what the doctor will likely say – and it’s political.

        The medical industry is also a very big business now – and not an honest one. Disgusting billing practices, outright fraud and pressure from the pharma companies to sell their drugs is ubiquitous.

        I saw some of this develop over the course of my childhood and early adulthood as both my dad and grandfather were MDs. The system dramatically changed beginning in the ’70s and by the ’90s it had become the Soviet-thing it is now.

        Stay healthy – on your own. And distrust on the face of it everything you are told by modern medicine.

  5. I got in a Facebook argument with a stranger (great way for a college educated person to spend her time, no?) about mandatory shots. Her retort was: well, they can require you to wear a seatbelt, right?
    Lady, you’re not arguing my point, you’re making it for me.
    But the sheep accepted the seatbelt laws after some initial resistance. Sadly, they capitulated to the masks much more quickly. I’m nor sure we’ll see such compliance with the shot though. I’ve read that something like half won’t even consider it. There’s even talk of paying people to take it.
    Among my family regarding the shot, my dad can’t wait for it to be ready and will be the first in line. My mom, a retired RN, says I’ll see you in hell before you inject that crap into me. My husband watched his father nearly die from a neurological disorder after a routine flu shot, so he’s pretty anti-vax.
    For me, its about my bodily autonomy. No one has the right to force me to undergo a medical procedure. That’s what you see in China. I’ve “gone along to get along (Moo!)” on the farcemask, but I won’t be moved on the shot. That changes things from merely looking like an idiot to actually BEING an idiot. I don’t think the government and its cadre of experts care about any long-term effects of their shot. The single goal is eradicate wuflu by any means necessary. Damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead.

  6. I’m struck by two things here:

    First is the overall arbitrary, capricious, and downright hypocritical behavior of the Gesundheitsfuhrers. Why do they order cancer treatment centers to close, but not abortion clinics? Why do they order the breakup of weddings and cancellation of concerts, but allow protests? Why isn’t it safe to go to church, but safe to go to Walmart? Why aren’t cases being rated by severity and put into context as a percentage of the population? Why don’t our Dear Leaders, Gesundheitsfuhrers, and other regulatory ayatollahs not wear masks?

    Second is that the Gesundheitsfuhrers are choking on fleas while swallowing elephants. Where were they when people were succumbing in droves to prescription opioid addiction and overdoses? Where were they when immigrants came across our borders carrying leprosy and drug resistant TB? Where were they when Big Agriculture was putting high fructose corn syrup in everything we eat and drink? Well, the only answer I can give is, follow the money. These very real health hazards aren’t really that bad because they’re very profitable for a lot of special interests.

  7. So, in a state with 8.5 million, “hundreds and hundreds”, which could be as few as four hundred, might be saved by a poorly tested for either effect or safety vaccine? How conveniently they fail to mention that being so poorly tested, the vaccine may kill thousands and thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, while protecting few, if any, from the virus. We have never been subjected to a more fact free psyop. What few facts there are lean more toward how little danger this virus is. First and foremost, from the very beginning, this virus was never isolated, as viruses always were before if they posed a threat. It has never been seen. The images we see are artistic representation. There are no “facts” that demonstrate it even exists.
    More “facts:
    The currently used test is so inaccurate, it doesn’t really even qualify as a test. The guy who invented it claims so.
    The protocol used for assigning death to the virus is ridiculous.
    There are abundant facts showing HCL and Invermectin are effective treatment, yet in many places they are not allowed to be prescribed off label, which is never done in regard to drugs with lesser side effects than Tylenol.
    There is no empirical evidence that shows ANY of the inflictions of tyranny have ANY effect at all.
    Sweden and South Dakota have inflicted very little tyranny, and have similar results to places that inflicted massive tyranny. in many cases, better results.
    There is an agenda in play, and it has precisely nothing to do with our health.

  8. Needle, schmeedle, take it someplace else.

    “There’s an oven for you, Jew.” – Don Rickles on the Tonight Show back during a time when America was sane.

    I don’t have the mumps, nor the measles, no chicken pox/shingles/, no polio, no diphtheria, no tuberculosis, no smallpox, no elephantiasis of the scrotum, makes a chair to sit on, not all bad, no pneumonia, not even a cold, haven’t had the flu in a while, just ain’t there. Trichinosis, nope. Healthy as a horse.

    I did have a flu shot in February of 1976. In November of that year, I became ill with influenza and was never so sick in all my born days. It was miserable suffering for two weeks. Sicker than a dog. Twenty years ago, I had pneumonia and didn’t know it, I finally went to the doctor and got diagnosed. It was miserable, you don’t get better with pneumonia, sometimes, you all of a sudden die, the Seneca Cliff got there fast, too bad, so sad.

    The brutal fact of the matter is that people do get sick and die, it is part of life, no government is ever going to change that, no matter what, you’re lucky to be alive.

    Mother Nature is the greatest teacher and she kills all students. Mother Nature is a cruel, harsh mistress, she is there for you nonetheless. Mother Nature is in control, nobody else.

    Leave me alone, get out of my face, I don’t need your phony baloney monkey mask bidness. har

    Lo and behold, the novel corona virus is going to kill everybody, makes the kakistocratic crazy as loons governments wring their hands in delight, Satan rules, man.

    Spanish flu second wave, 195,000 Americans died in October of 1918, the historical perspective. Retrospection, introspection, whatever and all of that nonchalant jazz.

    Schools remained open in Chicago and New York City in 1918, despite the fact that the second wave was causing the deaths of millions worldwide.

    It was thought better to have children in large buildings and in the open air rather than being cooped up at home. In other words, quarantines were not going to work, maybe even contribute more to the scale of the pandemic.

    Wise move, weedhopper.

    It is better to be thought a fool than to speak up and remove all doubt. lol

    “Tricks and treachery are for fools who don’t have the brains to be honest.” – Benjamin Franklin

  9. Even the pretend independent thinker tulsi gabbard who ended up endorsing weekend at bidens wants *mandatory*weekly covid testing hr health professionals. I’ll agree to it. As long as I personally get to stick a cotton swab up into her brain every week as well. And its so funny she is totally ignored now and is the only candidate who won delegates not invited to speak at the democratic convention ever. What a phony. After trump fool me once shame on you.

  10. Anyone who thinks forcefully injecting me or anyone in my house with anything is going to work in their favor, or for some “greater good” is really going to wish they hadn’t tried.

    At that point I’ll assume it’s cyanide and respond accordingly.

    I don’t know how so many don’t see the face-maxi “mandates” as anything other than a drop test for _____ whatever the hell they decide mandate!

    Nobody in my house wears face-maxis outside or in any retailer and absolutely NOTHING HAS HAPPENED other than a few hall monitors meekly telling us on rare occasions “sir/maam you need to wear a mask.” Promptly responding by saying “no thanks” and it’s over.

    My daughter was scheduling a appt. at the eye doctor and she informed them ahead of time she would be wearing a mask due to medical exemptions. The receptionist asked her “what sort of medical issues” my daughter informed her it was illegal under HIPPA/ADA law to ask such questions, aaaannnnd wouldn’t ya know, the lady shut right up, apologized and set the appt.

    People need to grow some balls and say NO before it’s escalated to the point of blood in the streets.

  11. Baseline expectation is that a covid vaccine will work about as well as the current “flu shot” — that is, somewhere between “poorly” and “not at all.”

    Flu kills enough people every year, mostly elderly ones, that the death rate is measurably higher in winter than summer. But the flu shot is the best medical science can do, after decades of trying.

    It’s more reasonable to expect that better acute treatments will be found, so that when people do get sick, something actually can be done to fight the virus. Even the antiretroviral therapies used to combat AIDS merely keep HIV under control; they usually don’t eradicate it.

    The fascist fairy tale promoted by Dr Oliver of a silver bullet vaccine which everyone can be MANDATED (Democrats’ favorite word) to take, shows that he’s probably not that competent an MD.

    Overpromise, underdeliver: that’s the modus operandi of scared-puppy politicians managing the terminal decline of bankrupt 21st century welfare states. The sun is setting on their dying empire.

    • Hi Jim,

      I think it’s much more sinister than that; I have become convinced that the “vaccine” is in fact a vehicle for either tracking people or making them sick – even dead. As in, culling the herd.

      I know – such an assertion seems a bit much and I hope to god it is. But consider what is already happening and the mentality of those responsible…

      • Wasn’t the polio vaccine found to be contaminated with an oncovirus at some point? Whether its introduction was accidental or intentional, the result is the same.

        If I don’t have the final say in what goes into my body, then I don’t own myself. Who owns me, then?

        This is a red line for me. Unfortunately, most of the heard will happily go along with the plan.

      • I rank the motivations as follows:
        1) Profit.
        2) Continual Profit Imagine needing to lease an immune system or in need of continual medical care. Also see 1)
        3) Control.
        4) Eugenics.

        • Brent, I would pretty much reverse your list. Control and Eugenics seem to be the goals. Profits are pretty much a moot point when the Federal Reserve can print them all the notes they could want. Do you think Bill Gates cares about money anymore?

          • Gates is eugenics first. But the motivations to put it through for politicians and corporate executives is profit.
            What was done first? The greatest single theft of wealth from the people in human history. Control and eugenics haven’t been done yet but most of the wealth has already been stolen. Corporate competition put out of business. They did profit first.

            • Morning, Brent!

              It fascinated me that a specimen such as Gates should be obsessed with eugenics. A physically inferior specimen who is intelligent in the feral cunning way that a rat is intelligent. But hardly an ubermensch. It reminds me of the leadership of the NSDAP. Almost to a man, they didn’t meet their own specifications.

              • Eugenics has been primarily concerned with the elimination of the feeble minded since its inception. Physical deformities and so on after that. And of course the racism. Merely being a little weasel of a man was never on the list.

      • I’m not only suspicious of a major culling, I’m expecting it. Whether through vaccine, food shortages, social unrest or a combination of many of these things. I sense a lot of people are going to die.

        I’m not here to black-pill either

        It absolutely doesn’t have to be this way, though most have positioned themselves into such a state of complacency, physical and moral, weakness that they will not make it. The sheer lack of fortitude, perseverance, and general toughness of the population quite literally insures it.

        • Morning, Sicilian –

          With extreme sadness, I tend to agree. The docility of the herd is hugely depressing to me. I fight with myself over the thought that “the elites” – and I’ve brushed elbows with some of these people, once upon a time – are right in their assessment of the majority of people as stupid animals who deserve what happens to them.

          It is sometimes a very difficult thing having a conscience.

          • If people can’t be bothered to spend a precious little time and effort to educate themselves, avoid the lies, and hold their “leaders” accountable, then, yes, they deserve every little bit of what they get and what’s coming to them. It’s a form of poetic justice, and the reward for their ignorance and laziness.

            Problem is, they are bringing the rest of us down with them. We can’t opt out of their self-imposed mass destruction. These mental Lilliputians flailing in the ocean are going to drown the rescue swimmer. And there’s little we can do about it.

      • Your assertion might be on target. I mean, the Moderna (formerly Mode RNA) vaccine only changes your cells’ RNA! It only dicks with your cells’ genetic code…

    • This Flu and other vaccines doesn’t even compare to this new RNA vaccine. It is much more sinister and has many more side effects. At high dose the side affects was 100pct. At a lower dose it was still at 80pct.
      If you want good information watch this 21 minute video by Dr. Carrie Madej…. Human 2.0 She is pretty sharp and pleasant to look at.

    • Amen, Adam –

      As I written and said many times already, I am not a tough guy and I would do almost anything o avoid a fight. But fight I will if these bastards try to force inject me with anything.

      • Amen! This is not the world I want to be in. I’d rather die a human, than be force-injected to become a literal chimera of junk dna that will turn us to a state equivalent of being monkeys in a cage.

  12. Another Corona cure soon to be outlawed like hydroxychloroquine called Ivermectin from Australia. You see,,, with a cure you don’t need a vaccination. Drug has been out for years, is safe and cheap.

  13. So we’re all just lab rats now? These tyrants are going full blown balls to the wall now. Wow. This is totally crazytalk.

  14. Very unlikely that a “vaccine” will do any better than herd immunity, at least if any of the past attempts at a COVID style vaccine are any indicator (the swine flu vaccine killed more people than the swine flu). But the hubris of these guys is off the scale. Not to mention that proof of some action taken on your part is better than rolling the dice on nature. After all, nature is both to be feared and revered simultaneously. Never mind that we, as a product of evolution, ARE NATURE (another root conflicting idea in the minds of the “enlightened.”). But the true problem is Pot Commitment, combined with a strong incentive to avoid admission of error:

    A disproportionate portion of your chips are in the pot, it’s a no-win situation, and the only chance of survival is to bluff your way out. If you fold you’ll be short-stacked, and if you call you’ll be all-in and probably lose.
    …The inability, or unwillingness, to concede mistakes or reverse message is among the most pernicious informal institutions within the political realm, but it is in part a characteristic of the American public’s making. Yes, political intransigence is at work here – the sunk cost fallacy – but it is exacerbated by unquestioning deference to the dictates of officeholders or celebrity scientists. That, in turn, lays the foundation for consequence-free statecraft.

    Now that we’re so far down this road, the politicians think we cannot go back lest they look like the Wizards of Oz that most of us already see them to be. Inside the bubble the view is likely very different. Think about how many times a staff member or associate of a political elite is interviewed for a profile or other biography. At some point in the program someone will make sure to point out the intelligence of the politician. George Bush II comes to mind. Washington insiders would gush about how thoughtful and insightful he is behind closed doors. Of course the political class gets their ticket punched at Harvard or Yale, which furthers the narrative of meritocracy not legacy. I’m certain that Poppy’s contribution of a FRICKIN’ BUILDING to Yale had no influence on Georgie’s admission application.

  15. I am more and more persuaded that getting the hell out of a blue state, a blue county and a blue city is the only recourse we have “at this time”. If history is any guide we should see like-minded men of good will and their loved ones gathered together in safe, orderly, and beautiful places. Prudent men will arm, train, and prepare to defend their Sovereignty against the hoards that will surely come.

    I have heard many rational men claim “This is my home. My family has lived here for X. I’m not moving” How did that work out for the Jews in Europe? One must have a clear-minded flexibility in times like these. Moreover a man should well consider remaining where is unwelcome. Unfair? Yes. Cruel? Yes. Evil? Yes. Can we change the situation by getting stubborn? No.

    On a brighter note there will always be places where like-minded men of good will will congregate, live, worship and do business. These places are on my watch list and I for one am prepared to relocate if my beloved home is overrun by Leftist creeps. Assholes from NY and NJ are hoarding into my coastal paradise to flea the places they ruined by their corrupted ideas. I cannot stop people from moving, buying houses and taking over local government, HOAs, etc. Sadly not enough men will “boss up” for fear of loosing their peace and place in society. Some otherwise good men are lazy and lack vigilance when it comes to defending their social norms. Guess what? They will loose both if they keep pussying out.

    • All the fake jews in europe moved to palestine and beat the shit out of the natives.. thats what happened. and now they rule the world by controlling all our media news banks etc etc. I guess it worked out pretty well for them! where are we going to run

      • Pretty funny stuff coming from a fake christian, Markie! Of course the phony christians in europe never, ever beat the shit out of natives anywhere, right? (It’s particularly funny seeing white supremacists feigning concern over Palestinians, who they see as one of the “mud races” to be enslaved or eradicated.)

        Funnier still is that the overwhelming evidence is the original Israelites were blacks from Ethiopia. So if you claim to be a christian you are worshipping a savior who is a Negro as well as a Jew, white boy!

        But seriously, Markie, there are some plus-skillful new developments afoot. Naturally all right-thinking aryan warriors “know” that the Jews are a Master Race of world-conquering supermen conducting a program of genocide against the white christian race. Well, I have some wonderful news for you – my contacts in the Jewish community tell me they believe that if you guys plead your case, the Head Jew is open to hearing your pleas, and may consider permitting a few white christians to be preserved, possibly in a zoo or laboratory setting. Certainly this is fabulous news for the white christian race!

        I’m also told that the Head Jew is something of sentimentalist at heart, so wringing of hands and genuine tears while pleading may go a long way. All that aryans need to do is post videos of themselves bending a knee and begging for mercy on behalf of their kind. Since the Jews run and/or monitor all social media, these can be posted virtually anywhere and I am assured the Head Jew will see them from his desert lair and give them all due consideration.

        This is a marvelous opportunity for the white christian race! Start groveling!!

        • I haven’t seen any white supremacists displaying any concern for Palestinians. Of course since they are about as plentiful as Trans-sexuals are, they’re hard to spot. Since you seem so interested in race history, why do you not mention that the Portuguese and Arabians didn’t run around Africa capturing black people for slavery. All they had to do was offer money for slaves, and the Africans did the kidnapping for them. Seems you forgot that part. Just like you forgot that contrary to the latest propaganda, blacks are given abundant preferential treatment, rather than being oppressed. For example, what other race is given preferential treatment for college admission regardless of their scholastic performance? What other race is given the position of a VP candidate with no other qualification than their race and gender? It’s obvious that if there is anyone posting here that demonstrates overt racism, it’s you.

        • Jews are a curious lot. “A peculiar people” as the KJV states- although in context that means belonging to not oddball.

          I think its a grave error to blame “the Jews” for the ills this world suffers. There is a higher power than semites: The Father Of Lies.

          Looking at Jews as a race and ascribing evil done my many of them as done by all is as irrational as looking at Blacks as a race and blaming all for the idiot actions of the many.

          Keeping things on a human level we can identify a certain philosophy, a certain mindset, a certain personality charisterics, yea, mental disorders that the authors of all this mayhem have in common. Be they Jew or Gentile there is a class of people who seek to steal, kill and destroy. There is a cabal of like minded servants of Evil who plan this mess- many are Jewish- but not all.

          Jews tend to be high functioning and therefore the bad ones with that gift of brain power are really, really bad. The highest ranks of the evil are populated by brilliant but demented men (and a few broads). Low functioning need not apply. They are the useful idiots. Contrawise, look at the list of men who have made medical breakthroughs that make our lives so much better- mostly Jews. Look at the inventors of great things- mostly Jews. The high echelons of musicians- mostly Jews. Should these be hated too? No! They have only ancestry in common- but not evil intent.

          We need to focus on the source of Evil- not the rank and file. We see the foot soldiers and blame them- but they are not the cause. They are a symptom- and often willingly so.

          • “…men who have made medical breakthroughs that make our lives so much better- mostly Jews. Look at the inventors of great things- mostly Jews. The high echelons of musicians- mostly Jews.”

            No offense intended, but to say that the great scientists, inventors, and muscians were all mostly jews is a stretch. Classical music and the symphonic orchestra, for example, are definitely mostly White European creations. Historically most of the great European thinkers, writers, artists, scientists were White.

            You can argue – correctly IMO – that jews, owing to higher mean intelligence, have contributed to these fields in numbers greater than would be expected given their pupulation size. But, since the White population is many multiples larger than the jewish population and even though the jewish mean is higher, the absolute number of Whites on the IQ distribtution curve – say 125 and above – is far higher than the absolute number of jews in the same IQ category,

  16. “All of this justified on assertions and benefits to no one specifically but the impositions applied generally.”
    Not to be argumentative (LOL) BUT there are groups (Politicians), Companies (Moderna), Oligarchs (Billy boy Gates, Soros, et al) that will benefit greatly just like the cattle barons benefited from their herds.

    There can be no change in their programs until we the people understand what it’s all about. We had better start getting serious about their intentions or as a man running for governor in Texas once said about rape…. Just lay back and enjoy.

    I urge everyone to go to this site and look at the US population forecast for 2025. (100 million) Only 4 years from now. Then reflect on what the government(s) is doing. Deagle is NOT a wacko site. Other nations (UK for one) are losing populations as well. Then tell me nothing nefarious is going on and where the other 226 million went.

  17. I nominate Oliver for this year’s Mengele Award, given for the most outrageously diabolical medical experimentation on living humans. Fauci is still the front runner, but Oliver’s strong opposition to any exemptions will make it a close decision.

  18. No,no, Hell No!! When I have my medical checkups twice a year, my doctor is always suggesting a flu shot and I always decline. My immune system works just fine. A Wuflu shot is out of the question. Anyway, who the hell knows what’s put into those vaccines anyway?

    • Allen,
      In order to attenuate the virus to lesser state, big pharma runs these thru mouse brain tissues. The side affect is random strands of DNA get attached along with the virus. This has caused side affects of cancer, and other issues. There was legislation passed which was the *safe vaccine act?* which was to provide the public some assurance from the vaccines. Well big pharma supported it because when you sue them for a bad batch of vaccines big pharma is defended in court by the US justice department. So not only are you going up against a large firm with lots of resources, you also going up against the government. And…even if you win…the case is sealed so the next unlucky person gets to start all over again. I don’t like lawyers but this was rigged against the public. Read the book: Plandemic

  19. I can’t even get 10 local restaurants to band together and all open on the same day as a protest, as my state still has no indoor dining. Instead, they each attempted to create their own versions of outdoor dining in their parking lots.
    We are preparing to move and potentially go galt. Not easy considering how much blood, sweat, and tears we’ve invested in our biz.

    • Hi Chris,

      I’ve been working on going Galt, too – but the news that VA is already proposing Forced Needling has me thinking about more extreme measures.

      • Eric, now you know why many people are relocating, while its still possible. South Dakota seems like a better choice, than your current location. Its your choice, but remember not making a decision is a choice too. Once the defaults start piling up, and millions end up homeless and hungry, all bets are off.

        • Hi BJ,

          Indeed. It’s a question of knowing when – and whether – to pull the trigger. This will vary on a case-by-case basis. And the variables are many. I wrestle with this myself. I’m already in the country and own a piece of land that can provide most of my essential needs. But I am also in Virginia – a state increasingly under the sway of Clovers – today’s Diaper Demented.

          And yet, where is it appreciably better? Where could I move that would justify the moving? The places with congenial climates are as bad or worse than Virginia when it comes to a congenial political climate and the places that are more politically congenial (e.g., SD) are climatologically inhospitable and their politics could change overnight – and then what? Now it’s -15 out and will be for the next four months and the Diapering still abounds!

          If there were a free country one could move to, that’s be on my hot list of things to do. But I cannot name one that would be materially or otherwise preferable to where I am right now. Nunz’s idea of living in the remote far-away is just as doable here, if one must do that. I can be in the woods in 5 minutes, too – without the hassle of moving.

          But at the end of the day, I’m not doing that, either. If the bastards want a fight, they’ll get one. I have no illusions about winning that fight. But it doesn’t mean that trying to kick the bully in the balls or gouge out his eye isn’t still sound policy.

          • There’s one of the truly messed up things about our world today: You can never kick the bully in the balls because you’ll never see him. You can take out the proxy bullies of limited intellect and even more limited scruples that he sends against you, but that’s pretty much it. The order giver doesn’t care.

            Once upon a time Noblesse Oblige developed mostly because the elite saw that if they screwed the people over too much then the people would eventually storm up to the castle and kill them. Quite a motivator to at least appear to care about the serfs.

            Now they have allegiance to no one and no place, and they don’t even have to pretend. They just hop in their jets and fly away.

            • True, Bill – but it’s better than nothing to kick one their servants in the balls, eh?

              And besides, one has to begin somewhere. Then work one’s way up…

    • Hey, you guys tell me where to move, cuz IDK where to go lol. We the ppl are not very organized. Don’t come to OR because as I mentioned recently, my U.S. representative (“congressperson”) said in an email update that they’re working on a quack-cine etc sooooo the writings on the wall here too. But don’t feel too bad about being in a ‘blue’ state because whatever happens in ONE state is going to happen in ALL the others because ALL the states are in collusion — they ALL work for the same boss, there’s no state sovereignty anymore. ALL state govt employees were taken over by demonrats.

      So I guess the theme in America is the mouse-people versus the demonrats. Mice versus rats.

      • “… they ALL work for the same boss…”

        Truer words were never put to electronic paper. Republicrat, democan, it blows my mind that any person with a few active brain cells to bump together can actually think there’s any substantive difference between them. In my roughly 6 decades I’ve watched everything go only one direction, and it’s inexorable. There are bumps in the road from time to time, but from what I’ve seen that hardly slows it down.


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