Diaper Enforcing DWI’ing AGW Caught Diddling Kids

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Maryland was one the first states to impose a Face Diaper decree on its healthy population – and here’s one of the specimens given a badge and gun to enforce it:

Tristan Thigpen, an armed government worker employed by Prince George’s County, has been charged with repeated sexual abuse of a child. According to news reports, the victim was a “household member” – and thus possibly his own kid.

Maryland State Attorney Aisha Braveboy described Thigpen’s acts as “particularly egregious.”

Of course, Thigpen hasn’t been fired.  And he was drawing his taxpayer-extorted salary as an AGW while on suspension for a DWI conviction, during which time he had plenty of free time to diddle kids.

These are the creatures manning checkpoints, enforcing “lockdowns” and Diaper Decrees. Because it takes a certain kind of person to do such things.

Like Tristan Thigpen.

PS: Note that the ‘Rona takes a timeout when it is the vicinity of a podium.

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  1. So, a typical member of “public service” got caught committing a typical “public servant” crime. And there lies the rub. Somehow, the government and the CIA infiltrated Mockingbird Media, both of which have been caught in bald faced lies on numerous occasions, are to be believed? While its a known fact that politicians lie far more than they tell the truth, and the non-elected “officials”, “experts” and enforcers are even worse because they don’t answer to the public, we are to believe that they have suddenly discovered morality, and therefore MUST pure as the driven snow? Anyone who would claim for themselves the authority to hold a gun to someone’s head and force them to do or not do this or that, except as needed to protect themselves from such, is obviously insane. So I suspect behavior described in this particular case to be more typical of them than rare among them.

  2. The scamarona virus and the PCR test (Phony Cartoonish Ridiculousness) have both received more JP Power awards for fakeness than any other fake virus in all of history. WOW! That’s impressive! Plus, on top of that, all TV news shows are pushing this topic and have the same exact script/narrative all of the time. So you KNOW it’s gotta be true!

    The biggest reason I know this virus is real is because, if it weren’t real then that would mean that all the worlds’ govts are controlled by one single global entity, and that they’re all running a scam on the entire worlds’ peoples to harm everyone. And we know that can’t be true, so therefore, the virus MUST be real.

    So everybody quit working, stop growing & packaging that food, stop making parts to maintain our homes & our vehicles (who cares if we freeze in the winter), shut off all the electricity (just for the heck of it), shut everything down!!! We’re all going to die from starvation & poverty & freezing & everything falling apart, but that’s OKAY — because at least we prevented a few people from dying from this virus. It all makes perfect sense! Woo hoo! High five! So put those stupidity masks on and willingly die for the cause! You know this isn’t an insane death cult, because we’re TOGETHER! High five! When people come together for a cause, you know it’s a good thing — we need to stop talking about what the facts are, or what the consequences are, because what matters is that we ban together, and fight this common enemy! [OMG I’m scaring myself — I sound just like politicians now] This is way worse than all the wars of history — this is the biggest war of all time — an invisible microscopic thingamajig that never hurt anyone in all of history that’s so small noone can see it or know exactly what it is or if it even exists, even with scanning electron microscopes it’s nearly or totally impossible to identify what we’re looking at, but suddenly it’s going to wipe out the entire human race on this planet, THIS is the war of all time, it’s THAT important. For all we know, this virus could spread get into space and spread throughout the cosmos, infecting other people on other planets, this could wipe out all life in the entire universe, OH THE HUMANITY! If every last person on Earth dies in order to fight this virus, that’s okay, because at least we’ll stop it from spreading throughout the entire universe, and we know the virus won’t just keep on living off our dead bodies after we’re dead, because if that were true then none of this would make any sense whatsoever, so therefore we know that won’t happen. So wear those stupidity masks, even if they don’t do anything useful, but that’s OKAY — because it shows to others that you CARE! And that’s what’s important. Plus you may get fined or thrown in jail or have your business license revoked, because the most important thing in a time of possibly worldwide extinction is that the govt forces you to believe in this, the govt must force all of us to be together in this, otherwise it’d just be a dumb death cult and make us all look like foolish buffoons, so we MUST believe in this! We may all die from this, but at least the govt will get some money from the fines, and more importantly the govt will maintain their authority to decide the fate of the human race. So remember — it’s selfish to think as an individual and downright cruel to think that our collective knowledge & decision-making matters — no — instead we need to fear an invisible imaginary undetectable thingamajig and blindly put our trust in the vast minority of society — our very few govt LEADERS. Only the leaders know stuff and can save us all!


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