Reader Question: Ass Masks?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Raymond asks: I noted that the CDC now calls for two face masks for better COVID protection. I also noted that China is implementing anal analysis swabs to test for COVID. I wonder, does if that infers that flatulence could convey COVID? Then perhaps another  mask is indicated…

My reply: Indeed!

Although Pope Fauci XVII has retreated on the double-diapering thing – probably because he knows that strategically, it’s a problem because even weaponized hypochondriacs might balk at the hassle of two Diapers and that could undermine the plan – I see no reason for weaponized hypochondriacs to not be very “concerned” about free anal breathing. Such “exhalations” might indeed put others at risk and thus an Ass Mask must be worn to “keep others safe” and for the “good of the community.”

Hopefully, these will have charcoal pads to intercept the smell of the virus, too!

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