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I am having one of my episodic bouts of writer’s block – which is a crippling event for anyone who taps a keyboard not just for a living but for a vocation. It may be due to having spent a week reading my book aloud for the audio version. That plus general exhaustion and demoralization…

So, if you’ve noticed a decline in output or quality, here’s why.

Hoping I’ll be better, soon.

Thanks for bearing with…





  1. Nothing to apologize for. Everyone needs a break once in a while. I’m taking a few days off next week myself. Won’t be attending any flag waving rallies though.

  2. Hey Eric: Have you ever considered writing a summary of cars to buy, or avoid, by model and year? Emphasizing maintenance & “living with” the car, to perhaps include common repairs? I have (and am a fan of) Subarus, so as an example (if I were to try this type of summary) I would talk about:
    1) The 2.2L engine in the 94-99 Legacy & Impreza models being far superior (from a maintenance perspective)
    2) The 2.2L being a non-interference design, vs the 2.5L
    3) The 2.5L in both DOHC & SOHC versions being prone to head gasket failure from 1996-2011 (can you believe that!!!)
    etc, etc

    Also, any used car reviews or tips?
    Like your site

    • Hi Tom,

      All capital ideas!

      I have a library of car reviews dating back to the early ’90s… I’ve long wanted to add a feature to the site that made accessing any of these easy… but (again) the eternal problem of this operation being almost entirely on my shoulders, not having enough of me (or a clone) to go around… and not having the money to hire staff…


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