Reader Question: Tesla Unreliability & Popularity?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Dale asks: G’day Eric, Why do you think Tesla is so popular when they are so unreliable?  And how can an EV be so unreliable when it has far fewer moving parts?

My reply: Tesla is politically popular, like the Face Diaper. And for similar reasons. People have been conditioned to regard possession of both as virtuous, regardless of the facts. Teslas are also toys for the affluent as they are the only ones who can afford to spend the $40k-plus it takes to own one. This sum is about $5k more than the average price paid for a new car and easily twice the price of a non-electric economy car.

People who buy Teslas are thus making a statement more than a decision. They are willing to and can afford to “put up” with things that people who buy cars for their utility and expect to get value for their money never would.

Tesla owners also only drive their Teslas about a third as much as most people drive their non-electric cars, because Tesla owners usually have another (non-electric) car they drive regularly; this car lets them overlook the problems with their Teslas.

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  1. Most vehicles aimed at the rich to wealthy seem to be particularly needy either in service requirements, unreliability, or both. It’s almost a statement ‘look at me, I can afford to keep this thing on the road’.


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