Why Can’t The Sheep See?

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A reader brings up a subject worth examining at length regarding the willingness of people to perform the various rites of the Sickness Cult even in the absence of enforcement – as in the case of people who wear their Holy Rag everywhere they go, even within their own vehicle. He brought up the related cult – the Climate Change Cult – and asked why so many people eagerly embrace these faiths, even to their obvious detriment.

He writes:

Last week, Bill Gates appeared on 60 Minutes and talked about climate change, and said something like “every aspect of our lives will have to change” to combat global warming.  (Sort of like the “new normal” for WuFlu?) The next day people at my workplace were talking about how “smart” Gates is about so many things and how it’s so good that he wants to “help people” with his money. They also were looking forward to when they’d be “eligible” for the WuFlu shot.

So . . . a multibillionaire with the influence to do so wants to completely change your life to suit his ideals? And the government wants to inject you with a substance that changes you at the cellular level? This didn’t seem to raise any alarm whatsoever — in fact, they were cheering it on! This brought to mind your article about the “wolves and sheep.” Obviously these people are sheep — but do they even know they’re sheep, and why can’t they see that Gates, Fauci, and Biden are just playing them? And can they ever be “brought around” to be wolves? I don’t care what the likes of Bill Gates, Fauci, and Diaper Joe think — much less want them decide how I “should” live my life.  But why can I see this and all these other people can’t?  What makes “wrong thinkers” (the wolves) different in that we see though the BS?

The answer is as simple as it is frightening. These people do not want to see. They want to believe. Deeply, in the religious sense. In the sense of the religious fanatic; someone not content to just believe but who insists everyone else also believes – and behaves.

There can be no tolerance of heterodoxy in either faith – which faiths are really the same same faith. They are both Doomsday Cults that preach the imminence of the End Times (e.g., mass death and planetary death) unless the faithful abide and practice the tenets of the Faith. These tenets come down to – obey the priests of the Faith – such as Pope Fauci XVII – without question. They are the conduits of the Holy Will and only obedience will save you.

There is a masochistic, hair-shirting aspect to their fanaticism, too. A desire to suffer for the sins they believe they have committed. Which belief has been inculcated. It is a kind of Savonarola Syndrome extrapolated to and afflicting the general population rather than an individual religious fanatic. This is a natural elaboration of at least 50 years’ worth of general hectoring of the population about “the environment” and its imminent collapse – because of our “selfish” ways. The ways that have given ordinary people hot and cold running water, indoor toilets, lights in their homes and food in their refrigerators, the ability to easily travel almost anywhere; in sum a degree of affluence and comfort unknown to kings as recently as 150 years ago but now taken for granted by fools who believe these things just exist and will always exist.

These must all be sacrificed in the name of the Faith. To save the Earth. To prevent granny from dying.



This masochistic tendency has a sadistic aspect to it – as is true of religious fanaticism generally. The urge to make others suffer. Specifically, to make it so that others cannot evade the suffering the ones urging it regard as necessary and devout. It is the same mindset that felt not only righteous but joyful when another human being was burned at the stake in Medieval Europe for refusing to “confess” and atone for their lack of faith in the one true Faith.

It is probably no accident or coincidence rather that these new religions – which are extremely fervent and ferocious faiths – have arisen as traditional religions have lost their salving effect on many people, having become go-through-the-motions faiths with little fervency and so do not give people the ethereal meaning and sense of connection they need. The Sickness Cult and the Climate Cult give these lost people something to hold onto that they feel is bigger than themselves, which gives their lives the meaning they feel is lacking.

And the direction.

This impulse is the same one Hitler used to fanaticize the Germans; the same one that urges on Marxists. All variants of the same sickness, the same faith.

Americans – who once touted their independence – are now characterized by dependence. Of mind and soul.

On Authority.

They not only like – they crave  – being directed; note the casual ubiquity of slogans about “leadership” . . . having been conditioned to it at school. Do what you’re told, without questioning what you are told. Being good means being the same.

Do not disagree.

Social pressure in what has become a hyper-socialized society (viz, the way kids are organized and practically never let alone, almost from the time the can toddle through adulthood) is used to enforce this conformity, this herd instinct. It is a weaponized strain of the childish/schoolyard pressure to wear the “right” clothes and like the “right” music – and so on.

It is how sheep are made from men.

Combine the social pressuring with a habit of mind – or rather a purposeful fracturing of mind; the writer Ayn Rand called it the anti-conceptual mentality. Such minds never developed the habit of mind that was once upon a time the goal of education in modern Western societies; i.e., to examine and question faiths and the do-as-we-say injunctions of Authority, because Authority.

This deliberate stunting of the human mind results in the creation of dangerously obedient people, including some very bright dangerous people, in the technical sense. They can add and subtract and even acquire very high-order skills, as engineers and doctors, even. And yet, they cannot reason in the way once subsumed under the general ideas of humanism and liberalism (in the old meaning of that term, before it was co-opted and corrupted into its opposite by Leftists) which are the antidotes to mindless fanaticism. A person of liberal mindset asks why – and insists on an answer that is more substantive than “because we say so” – or “because the good of the community requires it.”

That mindset led to the Reformation and the Renaissance and the flowering of humanism and the softening of the rigid hierarchies of the Middle and Dark ages. Also to hot and cold running water, indoor toilets and showers, food in the refrigerator and the ability of the average person to travel practically anywhere he wished, as opposed to spending a life within the confines of his village, keeping his head down and knowing his place, evincing the reflexive deference due his Lord and his Faith, forever amen.

That Faith – and the Lords who enforce it – are re-emerging from the darkness of the past and it is welcomed by people who have been prepared to accept it. For them, it is not merely a blessing; it is their salvation.

And those of us who do not share the faith – who question the “good news” – are as much their enemies as they are ours.

. . .

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  1. I do not know what the Harvard College general requirements were at the time of Mr. Gates’ attendance, but here are the current requirements:
    Presumably the historical requirements were somewhat similar.
    At the “downstream” school in Cambridge, MA, the General requirements are:
    Science Requirement
    Chemistry (3.091, 5.111, or 5.112)
    Physics (8.01, 8.011, 8.012, or 8.01L; and 8.02, 8.021, or 8.022)
    Mathematics (18.01 or 18.01A; and 18.02, 18.02A, or 18.022)
    Biology (7.012, 7.013, 7.014, 7.015, or 7.016)
    IOW, 1 semester each of chemistry and biology, and 2 of introductory physics.

    In neither case would I regard these as requiring “a lot of” physics, chemistry, or biology for a degree in mathematics. You may have a different opinion.

    >he should BUTT OUT of our medical decisions
    IMO, Mr. Gates should also BUTT OUT of climate related discussions, due to lack of qualification.
    I *would* be inclined to listen to someone who has spent his life studying these things,
    such as Prof. Ron Prinn

  2. And in other news, our electric rates here in the PRC are about to go up:
    Predictably, a (communist) professor at UCB proposes to set electricity rates by income, and another lefty proposed the state take ownership of the means of production. Good work, comrades.
    Amazingly, some actually figured out that raising electric rates would make electric everything less affordable, including their precious electric automobiles.
    Meanwhile, rolling blackouts will make electric power less available.
    No more “Ready Kilowatts” for us (proles).

  3. We have 3 muscle cars, and we have found two groups completely see through this whole scamhandling of virus and climate: car guys, whom we meet each morning for coffee, and truck drivers who share ideas across the highways. Most deluded, teachers, lawyers and social workers. Those of our ilk do not think college drop out Bill Gates is a genius. My niece said why would we believe a guy who came up with a virus leaking ineffective operating system! Who would, the same who have bought into one world gov. under UN Control, with Gaia as their God and all guns gone. Yes religion meant to transition all to state worship. Who would belive in global weather change, and not relate it to sun cycles and Earch cycles – those same sheep, who do not know of grand solar minimums or magnetic pole switches. Who thinks cars are evil, those who do not learn to love the style and sound of a muscle car, those who are brainwashed by teachers tosee them as bad, and who think you can plug millions of electric cars into a failing power grid and all will be well! Who believed God Fauci, those who did not do their homework and know he had money and time inthe China biolab, as did one CDC grant I saw, which called for learn how the virus is “made” and track spread pattern. What inside into did Gates have, since he was tracking the spread gleefully via simulations over five months before the virus was supposedly released. the master of the vaccines who have killed hundreds of thousands in India and Aftica. Oh, but he did say they population needed to be reduced by millions, and slipped in the comment, vaccines are the way to go. Why would anyone want to hide from obviouse man made doom, when they could stand up and fight. No one wants to do their homework, just be spoon fed lies, just like in Nazi Germany.

  4. Eric, et al,

    None of this situation seems surprising to me…I was predicting it a year ago. The religious aspect of the whole Wuflu reaction stems from the fact that the original English settlers of this “country” were Puritans….and their beliefs and methods for implementation were/are starkly similar to the actions being taken against supposedly free individuals in this “country” (and all western “countries”) by the neo-Puritans. The declaration of heretic was the excuse by the Puritans, in our case the declaration of anti-vaxxer, white supremacist, racist, so-called skeptic etc. serves the same purpose. Both implementations were collectivist in nature and extreme punishment was/is meted out to unbelievers. Of note, native tribes saved the Plymouth colony from starvation due to insistence on socialist resource distribution schemes. The native tribes were repaid in spades with death and destruction. The same will eventually happen in the western cultures that have descended into this madness. Unfortunately for the cause of individual freedom, this will take generations. The Soviet Union lasted something like seventy years. The end of western values of rationalism will likely bring on another dark age….my guess is 500 years. Sorry to sound like a downer, but denial is not in my nature. If you wish an interesting pair of books to read while you have the time, check out Conceived in Liberty by Murray Rothbard, Volumes 1-5 for a very detailed libertarian take on history through the revolutionary war and adoption of the USC, which was a betrayal of the revolution IMO and in Rothbard’s. All five volumes are available free as PDF or Epub files from mises.org. The other is the three volume work, The Gulag Archipelago by Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn which details both personal experiences in the Soviet work camps, or gulags, and second person accounts of other peoples’ experiences therein. The current crop of tyrants really desires the kind of power that Lenin, Stalin and Khrushchev wielded through the gulag system…..it’s a comin’ folks. Good luck folks….

  5. Dumbass Boomer Report, Phoenix:

    In Dillard’s, another boomer landmark store going out of business out of mindless obedience to sickness-psychotics:

    A short round cranky old lady quickly backed into the dresses and dress section and yelled out “They’re not wearing masks! Hank (her husband I reckon). Give me the keys!! Look, they’re not wearing masks! Those two!!

    That’s right! I yelled back and kept walking

    • Cool, Michael. I liked your reply to them.
      And,… wow, those two are something else.

      Insert scene from Invasion of the Body Snatchers,… here x.

      • Thank you helot. They’re nuts, but it’s becoming more and more common. The trend is going in the WRONG direction, at least in my neck of the woods.

        Therefore, the freaks need to be PUSHED BACK AGAINST. They’re in the wrong. They’re the pieces of shit. And they need to feel it. That’s the only way they’ll change.

        And the “Ok boomer” reply I’m gonna roll out more, as well as “Shut up boomer” if they’re coming on real freak strong. That type of attitude might’ve been popular in the 1970s, but not anymore.

        Plus, the boomers, readers of this site excepted, in my opinion deserve absolute CONTEMPT and SCORN for the wreckage the they’ve allowed the once great United States to become.

    • Not to belittle your experience, but the OK Boomer meme strikes me as collectivist and identitarian in the extreme. Individuals who act like assholes should be responded to as assholes, but the OK Boomer response seems a lot like dismissing people as anti-vaxxers, white supremacists etc. Some of the most interesting libertarian intellectual influences come from “Boomers” and guess what…it has nothing to do with the generation of their birth.

  6. Götterdämmerung (maybe) for the EV poster child:

    Electric vehicle maker Tesla was trading at $692.13 in early premarket action on Tuesday — below the $695 it closed at before entering the S&P 500 index in December. If Tesla were to close at that level, it will have dropped more than 20% from its Feb. 2 peak. (MarketWatch)

    A Tesla bear market was never supposed to happen … but by Dog, it just might anyway.

    Trees don’t grow to the sky; EV pigs don’t fly. 🙂

  7. When Democrats gain power through fraud, everything that follows becomes fake as well.

    The media bombarded our screens with fake stories about Russian collusion, “hands up don’t shoot,” Jussie Smollett, systemic racism, and “very fine people” at Charlottesville. These falsehoods are the output of professional fraudsters whose flagship product is shipping lies in bulk.

    When deception is normalized, tech giants can routinely conceal Biden’s unpopularity. On Biden’s campaign trail, mass manipulators scripted questions for audience members to ask him. Not even a month into office, the phony administration requested its media allies brief them on questions they intend to ask. White House press conferences will still be theatre, but Jim Acosta will no longer have a part.



    • Not only did they gain power through fraud, it was brazen and shameless. In a freudian moment Biden confessed as much. And yes, demonrats must lie about everything because if they started telling the truth about their communist objectives or the true results of their policies they would never be elected.

  8. I would blame a great deal of it directly on the destruction of more ethical and less tyrannical religions. I’m not a religious person, but there appears to be a psychological need for it. Perhaps in part because of the very same destruction delivered upon our value as individuals. Despite being the by far smallest and most abused minority, somehow, the individual gains far from any support from the progenitors of doing away with discrimination, and is instead their target. Any person, regardless of political view, intelligence, belief, etc. may come upon a truth we were unaware of, that expands our understanding. A clear measure of the enormous value of the individual. Censorship being one of many methods used to silence such truth in favor of the preferred lie.

  9. Modern beliefs like anti-racism, climate change, etc. are clearly just christian ideals for atheists. Equality, apocalypse, original sin (either for being born and creating CO2 or being born white). You should confess your sins, the marxists got in on that one too and even managed to create a brainwashing technique out of it (unless the catholics already knew that). Leftist environmentalists are even like early christians, they think having children is bad.

    I have to disagree about Nazi Germany though. Their values were essentially pagan values, so their religious fervour manifested in very different ways. Look at their symbols, their views on nature, on their ideas about blood. America had racial and eugenic laws at one time, but they disappeared with almost no opposition because america still had generally christian or progressive values. Western values now are that mankind is separate from nature.

  10. Something I’ve noticed recently, and seems to hold pretty well, speaking of the sheep.

    “Conservative” websites and news articles tend to have “comments” sections, allowing the populace, of course, to make commentary, and have conversations and offer opposing viewpoints.

    “Liberal” or more accurately “Establishment” websites and news articles do not. Your commentary there is “Baaaaa!”. Just read the article and take it as fact.

    Any of you find this to be the case?

    • Usually even if a liberal or establishment web site allows comments, any comments that go against the established liberal religion are automatically cancelled and the commenter is blocked.

    • Definitely the case. As liberal as Yahoo News has always been, at least they were one of the last establishment sites that allowed reader comments on the articles. But that all went out the door in last year’s Covid hysteria. Now none of the major left-wing news outlets allow them.

      • Hi Jim,

        I scan a lot of news sites and have for many years; comments – when they were allowed – were generally critical of the editorial thrust of the “news” story – so it’s not surprising the comments areas have generally been turned off.

        • Turned off because unlike truth, lies cannot withstand any scrutiny, criticism, or argument. That’s the problem with lies, once you’ve told one, you have to keep track of exactly what the lie was, so you don’t end up arguing with yourself, like Saint Fauci does. Of course the Saint gets lots of help concealing his lies.

      • Yahoo News used to be EVISCERATED by a majority of the comments! It’s no wonder they turned ’em off and kept ’em off. They said something about wanting a safe place for comments or some such pablum…

  11. Bill Gates is a college dropout with a police record.
    He built a software empire on the “principles” of Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (FUD).
    BillG studied mathematics at Harvard university before he dropped out to found a software company.
    BillG has absolutely no qualification to discuss a) chemistry b) biology c) atmospheric sciences, d) environmental science and engineering, e) medicine, f) mathematics, or anything else, besides how to screw your competition in the PC software industry.

    Why anyone would listen to anything this jackass says is beyond me.

      • There you go.
        I guess the same phenomenon manifests for every other form of “celebrity” worship: airhead movie actors, etc.
        What an intellectually stunted and deformed society we live in.

        • There seems to have been an actual decline in rational thinking. The United States had become a place where entertainers and professional athletes were mistaken for people of importance. They were idolized and treated as leaders; their opinions were sought on everything and they took themselves just as seriously-after all, if an athlete is paid a million or more a year, he knows he is important … so his opinions of foreign affairs and domestic policies must be important, too, even though he proves himself to be ignorant and subliterate every time he opens his mouth.

          Robert A. Heinlein

          • Thanks for the quote.
            What work exactly is this from?
            I’ve been a huge Heinlein fan since the early 1960s, but do not recall this statement specifically.

    • Another interesting point about Mr Gates is that his absolute crap software was only ever bought by IBM because of his mothers close links to the board of IBM and her friendship with the CEO at the time!…. interestingly that never gets stated in the mainstream media !!

    • Hi Turtle,

      They listen to Gates because they see (and hear) Gates; he is everywhere. And he is everywhere because he can afford to be. His billions buy him the access and the fawning. It is the same reason why “the media” tout The Cases! The Cases! and all the rest of it… they are paid to, by the pharmaceutical companies.

    • People are comforted by Bill’s sweaters. I’m guessing it reminds them of when they were young and watched Mr. Rogers.

      I think it is time to do something about Bill. He is now the largest owner of farmland in the US and has professed to want us to eat bugs and processed plant based beef substitutes. Enjoy steaks while you can folks. If you can’t hear him rubbing his fingers together and laughing maniacally because he purchased control of our food supply, you aren’t listening hard enough. Considering he wants everyone to get the jab, who knows what he could put in our food supply.

    • Depending on the nature of Harvard’s math program then, if it’s like most STEM programs, then the student has to take a lot of physics, chemistry, etc., even if it’s not their major, per se. Bill Gates may have studied some or all of the above. That said, he’s not a medical doctor; he has no medical training; he has no medical experience; therefore, he should BUTT OUT of our medical decisions!

  12. “Leadership”

    Add to that “Experts Say”. I’m so sick of hearing this logical fallacy. Who are the damn experts? They don’t say. Or if they do, they elevate one person such as Fauci as an “expert” to bloviate that they are advising the leaders of the best data available.

    Experts say people should drink Brawndo, because its got electrolytes!

    • Its easier to buy a scientist than it is to buy a politician. You want to believe man made “globull warming” is real just fund a few scientific programs. Guarantee those scientists will want to keep that funding coming so they will get facts to match your preconceived conclusions any way they can. Same with the wu flu religion. Want to believe that face diapers work. No problem we’ll piece together some “facts” to meet that conclusion, just keep cutting those checks…. oh and whatever you do, don’t make our experiments public, we’re not too sure they will hold up to any scrutiny.

      • Hi Antilles,

        I read something the other day about WebMD – considered “authoritative” by many and certainly read by many. It is funded to a great extent by . . . drug companies and the insurance mafia. When journalism wasn’t totally corrupted, financially as well as editorially (the two being inextricably related) a reporter would have noted the conflict of interest and reported it. When you’re being paid by the subject you’re dispensing advice about, your advice is suspect at best. But few suspect anything because they don’t know the “experts” they’re reading are being paid by and so in thrall to the very interests they’re supposedly “expertly” ‘splainin’ about.

        • At my old job, the health insurance plan offered some $50 kickback for completing a ‘wellness survey’. Since I’d done the wellness checkup incentives for $100 checks at jobs before (just a couple physicals that were covered by insurance anyway) I figured this would also be a pretty non-invasive form for the money.

          Boy was I wrong. Turned out WebMD wanted to import my very personal medical history (which they were connected into by the insurance company making them their wellness survey host of choice) into a profile on their WebMD servers. Wish I was surprised by it, but..this is where we are today. Halted the ‘wellness survey’ process and filed to remove whatever WebMD had access to at that point. Bunch of scumbags

          • Hi Moose,

            Vile. But expected. I used to respect doctors and the medical profession generally. But it has been supplanted by a “health industry” that is just that. An industry. It is about making money – which as such isn’t a bad thing and indeed a good thing, when it is above-board and voluntary and based on mutual freely exchanged benefit. But it becomes a vile thing when it is based on fraud and coercion, which is what the “health” industry specializes in.

            • If you think about the timeline of the KKR purchase of WebMD (2017), the huge trove of medical data it sat (sits) on, the data derived human predilections towards hypochondria, etc., all mixed into the very latest AI algorithms and it becomes very easy to think of it spitting out a pandemic based on the fear of supposed “asymptomatic” carriers. Not being a social media user it got me thinking when you mentioned their primary value generator/money maker was data. Data to profile people in every way possible for marketing and God knows what other purposes.

            • Eric,

              On his show, David Knight has talked about how Goldman Sachs chastised a drug company for CURING a condition; they said curing X wasn’t a good business model! They said it was better to treat X vs. curing it, because once X was cured, little or no money would come in after that point.

          • In fairness I do recall trollfully submitting the first portion of their evil wellness survey with super confusing “anonymous data” (checking off all the boxes to indicate having gone for a prostate exam and pap exam and breast cancer screening as well) whatever it’s illegal for them to force gender constructs on us now anyway isn’t it?

    • Kobra KAi. NO weakness, No pussy bullshit. TRain everyone to recognize your weaknesses and excuses. Get ready for 10 or 20 years of shitstorms and misery without shelter.

      Either you die worth a shit or die trying to leave some kind of legacyor semblence of value.

      I took 3 years and many tris to nations southh of the border that dont marinate and coddle you and learned passable spanish. Im still in a life and death struggle here in the heimat. Quizas me voy a ganar, tal vez soy un perdedor just like SEnor Beck told us.

      ich bin Verlierer I am LOser Soy un perdedor

      Fuck everyone else in your life. Go full Galt. Bot the marketing vehicle they permitted Alissa Rosenvaum to give an inkling to. THe full Tyler Durden. Fight for your freedom Fight Club Galt.

  13. Talking is cheap, people follow like sheep
    Even though there is nowhere to go

    Silence is Golden by the Tremeloes

    If you listen to Bill Gates, then you really aren’t thinking at all, you’re a sheep following a Judas Goat.

    See no evil, hear no evil, talk no evil. There’s a nuance there.

    Of course, you really shouldn’t listen to anyone other than yourself. Always trust your intuition, instincts.

    “To thine own self be true.” – William Shakespeare

    “The unexamined life is not worth living.” – Socrates

    • “The press is a gang of cruel faggots. Journalism is not a profession or a trade. It is a cheap catch-all for fuckoffs and misfits—a false doorway to the backside of life, a filthy piss-ridden little hole nailed off by the building inspector, but just deep enough for a wino to curl up from the sidewalk and masturbate like a chimp in a zoo-cage.”- Hunter S. Thompson

      (Not endorsing the man, but the quote is MONEY).

  14. Let us not forget the sheep who belong to the herd of the Orange Man. The sheep of the Orange Man have a hard time acknowledging what Eric has elegantly limned as Orange Man’s failure to stop weaponized hypochondria.

    The Orange Man’s flock knew that their shepherd could have aborted the birthing of the baby Covid if he had only tried. He did not and they know it.

    All the Orange Man had to do was cite Article IV, Sections 2 and 4 and the 14th Amendment, Section 1, in support of his orders to (1) prohibit any governor, county commissioner, mayor, city council, or public health commissar from shutting down businesses, restricting travel, restricting freedom of assembly, and impinging upon the exercise of religion and (2) arrest those public officials who defied No. 1.

    What the Orange Man did was fiddle and diddle. He waffled. He hemmed and he hawed. In fact, he soiled his pants. He was not as cool as the other side of the pillow. Only members of his flock would bang their heads against this wall of reality.

    • Trumps usefulness ended the very moment he was elected, his election being the public slapping in the face of Psychopaths In Charge, and a successful and loud slap it was. And then the Red sheep got caught up in the cult of personality, and thereby rescinded their slap. Exchanging it for a “new and improved” version of “everything would be great if only we get the right psychopaths in charge”. Which coincidentally, or perhaps not, is the ultimate failure of the large L Libertarian Party. The notion that there is such a thing as “the right psychopath” is a declaration of mental, moral, and spiritual inadequacy. A common deficiency propagated and promoted by public education, and the rest of the propaganda managers. .

  15. The sheep can see just fine. The sheep are well aware of the problem.

    The sheep have been beaten into a sense of pervasive hopelessness by conservative and libertarian journalists who write depressing op-eds that masterfully analyze the various problems of society, with loving attention paid to all the gory particulars, that taken together paint a picture of an enemy – The Left – that cannot be reasoned with, that cannot be stopped and that cannot be evaded.

    And THAT, we are repeatedly told, is sad. It’s just so sad. And disappointing.

    But never enraging. Never energizing. Never a bridge too far. Just so terribly sad and disappointing.

    We’re never supposed to get angry, though we are forever encouraged to despair.

    It’s like some monstrous version of Minnesota Nice that’s passive-aggressive through and through, and seeks surface calm at the expense of fixing the problem.

    The conservative desire to be the calm, measured voice of reason and the libertarian desire to be left alone, combined with a fetishization in both camps of Law and Order, is why we can’t seem to win.

    The aim of the op-ed writer, perhaps, is to play the high school football coach or the Army drill sergeant, to tap into some adult remnant of the petty teenage-boy “Oh yeah?! I’ll show you!” drive by telling him he’s worthless and can’t possibly win against THOSE odds, but all it actually does is make one think the world truly is over.

    I’m starting to think that both conservatism and libertarianism would be better off without the psyops-grade, despondency-inducing “commentary.”

    It ain’t that the sheep don’t know what’s going on. It’s that the sheep have a mortgage, or because they don’t want their children to think it’s okay to hit the bully, or because getting arrested is shameful, or because they have to get up and go to work in the morning, or because we musn’t become our enemies in order to defeat them, or because they can’t see the big picture, or because they have to be realistic, or because liberty is a purely academic concern compared to little Kayden’s ADHD diagnosis or whatever. Doesn’t matter. There’s always something more important than freedom when you’re a sheep.

    They say there are wolves, sheep and sheepdogs, but America was founded on the idea of steel wool.

    Time to start channeling Yosemite Sam and Nancy Reagan, folks.

    When somebody gets in your face and demands you do something you don’t want to do, get angry and Just Say No.

    That’s all. That’s where and how The American Restoration starts.

    • That’s one of the great things about this site. Those of us who say NO can encourage one another to continue, and receive encouragement to keep on.

  16. The age-old battle on the political front has always been between the peasantry (middle class) and the aristocracy (elites). As Machiavelli said, the goal of the middle class is to be left alone–to not be dominated–while the aristocrat’s goal is to dominate the middle class.

    Looking back, you can see that every time the middle class starts to get ahead (as we did under Trump), the aristocracy brings us a recession, a war or *anything* to bring us back to our “proper place”. Replace the word “Covid” with “middle class” and you can see what the latest war is all about.

  17. I heard a really interesting podcast the other day – really puts a lot of this in perspective. It was an interview of a guy called patrick wood who wrote a book about the technocracy. Its a group of people who wanted to derive an economic system based on the control of energy resources, and how they came up with the global warming con, and then they’re the same people who are pushing this covid con !! Interview was by a british journalist named James Delingpole. For those who may recall hes the guy who broke the climate gate scandal about a decade ago (where they were fudging backwards data to make it look like the worlds getting hotter). Poor bastard thought he’d be hailed a hero for it but instead was relegated from the media and now does podcasts / independent writing mostly…. Brilliant podcast, makes a lot of things in the world today make sense – check it out here: https://overcast.fm/+QXmE-G7EM

    • ‘Its a group of people who wanted to derive an economic system based on the control of energy resources’ — NASIR

      A small ray of hope today:

      After all of the bluster and bombast behind the Model Y that we heard for years leading up to the “crossover” release, Tesla has “quietly” stopped taking orders for the base model of the car “mere weeks after launching it,” according to Yahoo Finance.

      Even the pro-Tesla lemmings over at Electrek had to admit that the company’s broader pricing and configurator changes are “becoming hard to follow.”

      Could the volatility in pricing and offerings be because the company is being run by a Mountain Dew-guzzling, Monty Python-watching, Fortnite-playing, meme generating, Dogecoin-pumping, pot smoking manchild instead of an actual CEO? Apparently, Tesla’s board doesn’t seem to think so.

      But we digress. At the moment, the only Model Y available is the $48,990 long range all wheel drive version. Electrek also noted that the idea of a base Model Y was not being embraced by Musk due to “unacceptably low” range.


      Damn, there goes muh budget-priced EV. Guess I’ll have to get on my bike and ride … 🙂

  18. The destruction is ageist.

    As I said to a masker “acquaintance” (can’t call anyone this spinelessly compliant friend), “so you are saying that your niece (16yo) has to give up (so far) 1/16 of her life (basically a year locked down) so that her grandmother won’t be (though no way is this proven to work) at risk of losing the last 1/84 of her life?

    Idiot said yes. Clearly he knew it was wrong but still backed the state mandated stupidity.

    Hey, why not? We screw the young men by sending them off to die for old peoples wars. Right?

    • Hi Anon,

      It’s even worse than that; the 16-year-old is actually being harmed whereas the putative harm to “granny” is purely asserted, without any causal relationship. It is a rabidized version of the pre-Corona whine that driving faster than a number on a sign “kills.” If so, I must be doing something wrong as I have been driving much faster for decades – and no one has even had their hair mussed by me.

    • We screw the sons (and now, daughters) of poor men by sending them off to die for the benefit of rich men.
      It was ever thus…
      Meanwhile, the sons of rich men (e.g. Georgie Bush) get cushy spots in the National Guard, where their lives are not at risk, and they can go AWOL any time they want, without consequence.
      Then, when they get “selected” for public office, they cay say they “served.”

    • What I find even crazier with the whole you want to kill grandma argument, is that it’s grandma’s choice if she wants to to be in contact with anyone. I know if my grandfather was still alive, he wouldn’t change his lifestyle one bit. I know if I was at that age, I wouldn’t change anything either. Why would you? Even if this was worse, if you’re in your 80s, (80 is the median age of death with SARS-2) why would you put yourself into possibly years of house arrest when you’re at an age that you’re likely to die at any moment.

      • My 72 yr old dad and 93 yr old grandmother have not changed their habits at all. My dad wants to see his grandsons and my grandma wants to see her adult grandkids and her great grandchildren. They have weighed the risks and would rather enjoy their time than live hidden in fear.

      • Hi Mattacks,

        Indeed. Everything is upside down. The “vulnerable” have an obligation to adjust life to their situation – not the other way way around. This is taken of course as “harsh” and “selfish” by some. But do we insist that swimming pools be no deeper than wading depth because some people cannot swim? Require those who can swim to wear life preservers?

        There are things which are “risky” for us all relative to others. It would be “risky” for me to get on the field with an NFL team and attempt to play with them. So I don’t do that.

        I don’t expect them to accommodate me. People have an obligation – to themselves – to weigh risk/reward and decide for themselves, accordingly. Terrified of “the virus”? Then avoid places where you might catch it. Or wear a “mask” if you like. But others are under no obligation to be terrified or wear a “mask.”

        • Peanuts. That is where it really went off the rails. No peanuts allowed in schools because 1/600 of the pupils has a bad reaction to them. I was in grade 4 or 5 when our school implemented this rule. NOBODY in our school had a peanut allergy…..

          Now, any physical determent or psychological disorder has to be accommodated, catered to and accepted as a ‘social issue’ by those who do not have the issues.

          • Hi Anon,

            Yup; another symptom of the disease. The excuse given is “accommodation.” The real reason is control. Once upon a time, people were expected to accommodate themselves to the world as opposed to the world, to them. Of course, this expectation does not empower those who seek control.

            • I forgot, “unless you have a breathing issue that prevents you from safely wearing a mask”. Then that is your issue and fuck it, you have to wear a mask.

              You know they are full of shit when they selectively and inconsistently enforce the rules.

          • You can thank the Americans With Disabilities Act for that. By forcing everyone to make “accommodations,” which were almost already in place, allergies become everyone’s problem.

  19. The good news is that the COVID cult is made up of a genocidal eugenicist priest class and of compliant suicidal drones. They will take the jab, which is the cult’s Jonestown Koolaid, for the greater good of the collective. When the hive drones have been eliminated the world will be a much better place for the remaining non-cultists. Of course the priest class won’t be taking the koolaid and at some point will need to be declawed and defanged.

    • This is something I’m beginning to make my peace with. We tried to warn these people, but they are refusing to listen. At some point you just have to let them go and try to hitch a ride on the comet with their Gates inspired suicide.

      • Mattacks

        Same here. I’m cool with the sheep taking thier dna altering drug that very well could cause mass deaths 6 or 12 months down the line. There is plenty of evidence out there for anyone who wants to learn. We can inform but we can’t understand it for them. Perhaps some of these sheep will open their eyes when their freinds or family members start dropping from the jab.

      • Hi Mattacks,

        Me also – in re making one’s peace with the possibility that the dupes being Needled may suffer horribly, even die. So be it. I’m not pleased when I read about someone jumping off a bridge yet at the same time, they chose to jump off the bridge and – often – in spite of pleading not to jump off the bridge.

        In the case of the weaponized hypochondriacs, it’s worse – because they are determined to make us jump with them. And that causes me to lose any sympathy I had for them.

  20. What bothers me about all this is this:

    Climate change and COVID are not being handled with cool and careful scientific analysis and reasoning, but heated religious fervor.

    There isn’t a lot of probabilistic thinking, weighing of pros and cons of various approaches, breaking down data and putting it into context, and making decisions based on what will yield the greatest benefit for the greatest number of people, and accepting that in some situations, we have to live with a certain amount of risk, because the risk isn’t worth the downside to reduce or eliminate it.

    There is a lot of fear-mongering, apocalyptic thinking, the “if it saves one tree or person, it’s worth any cost” mentality, and feel good, virtue signaling action that at best provides little or no benefit, and at worst does more harm than good.

    Then there is this: When faced with serious problems throughout history, we addressed them — and when we did, we increased our standard of living, expanded freedoms, and embraced technology. But to deal with climate change and COVID, why do we have to diminish our standard of living, curtail freedoms, and shun technology?

    Since we started turning away from Judeo Christian faith as a society, other things have come in to fill the void: Climate change and COVID apocalypse thinking are among them.

    At least with Judaism and Christianity, there’s at least a chance you’ll be saved. With climate change and COVID, we’re all doomed.

  21. The other day my and I decided to try a different resturant on the Marsh Walk for lunch. There was no signage indicating this was a place of worship. Cool We walk in and said a table for two. The diapers hostess said it would be about 20 minutes.

    I looked around and saw lots of empty tables (we are there sans the diaper). Odd since restaurants are back to full capacity. Then I noticed a hand written sign that said if you won’t wear a mask we will have to take your temperatures. PS we only have rectal thermometers. I should have called their bluff but we just turned around left.

    The take away is that the owners are so fervent in their belief that they are willing to give up 50% of revenue when they could be operating at full capacity.

  22. Anyone who takes the shot without research, or questioning is already dead in my opinion. Dead in the mind…and soon to be…dead in a coffin.

    Oh, Mr. Jones,
    you may not be coughin’
    but .gov wants you
    to be vaxxed often.
    Take this ‘rona shot
    and come back again,
    two weeks time,
    We’ll ask for that arm extend.
    Oh what’s that,
    you feel dizzy you say?
    Make sure you take a tylenol
    Twice a day.
    Oh, what’s that your eyes
    do burn?
    Oh it says right here
    it’s a side effect,
    one of many you might earn.
    Oh what’s that Mr Jones?
    I don’t understand what you’re sayin?
    You’re foamin’ at the mouth, oh boy
    best start your prayin’!
    Mr. Jones? Mr. Jones?
    Did you fall asleep,
    Oh dear…it appears he went,
    six feet deep.

  23. The rise of secularism in western civilization has not at all quelled superstitious nonsense or worship of a priestly class. The Pope is now the doctor, the alchemist is now the drug developer, the tik-tok nurses are now “heros” the media is the new gospel, you get the point though, it is credential whoring at it’s worst. Objective reasoning is mostly gone.

    I don’t know if people are more dumb and incapable now than they have ever been, but certainly much more so than I’ve ever seen in my lifetime.

    The good news is anybody with a marginally above average degree of competence and intelligence can look like a demi god, and quite successful if they are able navigate around all the hollowed out golems.

    • Yep.
      For starters, most women, and a few “men” are “doctor worshippers.”
      For such folks, “the Doctor said it” is equivalent to the Word of God.

      And the late George Carlin definitely had it right when he pointed out that corporate desires are hostile to critical thinking. The Enlightenment? What’s that? We need to sell product, and docile, unthinking consumers are what we need, not questioners..

  24. ‘This is a natural elaboration of at least 50 years’ worth of general hectoring of the population about “the environment” and its imminent collapse – because of our “selfish” ways.’ — EP

    Report From Iron Mountain, published three years before the first Earth Day, explains the necessity for Big Gov always to have a threatening external enemy, whether human or natural.

    Also launched three years later, Nixon’s War on Drugs finally has reached its sell-by date. A majority of states have simply walked off the reservation, legalizing cannabis in some form. A minority are decriminalizing other forbidden substances as well.

    Such open ridicule does the War on Drugs attract that someone joked, ‘If you want to speed up covid vaccine distribution, put it on Schedule I. Then you’ll be able to buy vaccine on any street corner.’ HAR HAR HAR

    But abject failure never stops Big Gov, which shares the sociopath’s utter lack of shame and remorse for blighting human lives with its insane windmill tilts (including windmills in Texas, mind you).

    And so, like environmentalism, the War on Climate Change is an infinitely malleable amorphous threat, justifying the expenditures of infinite sums of devaluing paper money on Big Gov’s sole say-so.

    Case in point, the insolent Lügenpresse promptly declared the freeze disaster in Texas an aspect of ‘climate change,’ just like burning forests in the summer. Climate Change is lurking malevolently under our beds, in other words, and can attack us without warning in any month of the year.

    Ice Ages actually have been far more enduring than warm periods during the past half million years. A new Ice Age would cripple food production, triggering Bill Gates’ sublime dream of slashing global population to just half a billion.

    But the horrible irony is that thanks to a lifetime of Report From Iron Mountain manufactured threat tactics, when a REAL threat to human life actually emerges, no one will believe the Boys, Girls and Non-cis-gendered Individuals who cried Wolf. 🙁

    • Hell, the corp.gov enshrines failure! Run it badly enough into the ground, you get a bailout. Engineer a crisis, here’s a pile of “free” money. Failure is not an option…it’s the only way to succeed!

      And we wonder why the Chinese (and other countries, for that matter) are continually eating our lunch. It’s not that we can’t do better, because we can. It’s that our society has been engineered to prevent the cream from rising to the top, for the enjoyment and benefit of the people who somehow already got there. Accidentally or on purpose doesn’t matter, we’re all suffering for it.

      • As the self-help coaches like to say, “You get what you tolerate.”

        I lived in China for almost 5 years. Most of them are unbelievably hard working. They have their faults of course. But if you brought up trans gay marriage black lives matter etc, you’d get laughed out of the room.

        And guess how many times I heard doomium about climate change…ZERO!!

        • Hi Michael,

          Your points resonate. China is a nation/culture on the rise; America is one on the decline, much of it, at any rate – as evidenced by the obsession of its cultural elites with navel-gazing/recriminating/deconstructing “Woke” ideologies rather than work and productivity and living.

          That cancer will kill this country, if the healthy elements of the country allow it.

      • Hi Publius,

        I watched a program the other day about Apollo 11. It was all archival footage – nothing added. The pre-launch, the launch itself. The people working on the ground; the spectators. The “live” coverage of the mission. It was as inspiring as it was depressing. The apogee of America. You can trace the ballistic trajectory.

        Today’s America is a fear-addled failed state in comparison.

        • I think the trajectory looks more like the Challenger. I’m not certain if we are immediately before, during, or immediately after the final explosion, only that the debris hasn’t started to hit the ground yet.

  25. A G.K. Chesterton quote comes to mind: ‘When men choose not to believe in God, they do not thereafter believe in nothing, they then become capable of believing in anything.’

    • Concur: At Mass this weekend, the Gospel was the passage about the temptation of Christ in the desert. The first temptation being to turn stones to bread b/c Jesus himself was hungry at the time. His retort back to the devil was, “Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.” My take on this is that yes, man needs spiritual food inasmuch as temporal food. We in America, and writ large Western society have rejected, or at the very least forgotten about, our spirituality with God. However, this need is still there within our human spirit and soul. The need will be fulfilled by something. So, it is being filled by pursuing, with religious fervor, all of these perturbed left wing ideals.

      Not getting too preachy, but also, since God is Truth, people are seeking truth in order to satisfy their spirit. However, they are seeking a godless, or false truth. That is the source of all this stuff

    • “A G.K. Chesterton quote comes to mind: ‘When men choose not to believe in God, they do not thereafter believe in nothing, they then become capable of believing in anything.’”

      What a stupid quote.

      When one chooses to ‘believe’ in God, they then become capable of believing in anything (without proof). That rings true. Either you understand ‘proof’ or you simply ‘believe’ in the fantastical.

      • So no, not really. Your missing an implied context.

        The “God” C.K. Chesterton refers to in his quote is not just the concept of a diety, or something generic that requires faith or a belief in something spiritual. Chesteron is not suggesting that a belief in any god would do. He is being very specific. He is referring to God, author of creation, including man, and the provable historical events surrounding the life, death, and resurection of God’s Son Jesus, and all of the teachings that arise from His life. Whether you believe in the teachings of the Catholic faith or not, know that Chesterton is being very specific in what represents the base Truth that provides for man’s ability to reason and understand reality.

    • Religions promise eternal life in paradise after death as a reward for struggle and sacrifice in this life.
      Man has replaced God with governments, promising lives of health and leisure in this world, a progressive paradise on earth, only obedience is required.

  26. People have been worshipping Ba’als for thousands of years. Now just modernized to Ba’al Gates. Worship false gods and practice idolatry, then receive the reward in this life and the next.

      • +1

        That hit me though. Mark Passio had a great presentation, De-Mystifying the Dark Occult where he ended with “There is only 1 god in the dark occult world, and his name is Bill.”

        Bil/Bel/Baal/Bull/BaBYLon/Beltane/Dollar bill/Billboard/Builders (Masons)/Bolsheviks/Balfour Declaration/BILderberg/Belgium.

  27. Maybe I am stating the obvious, but I have noticed if you are a warmist believer, then you also believe in the diaper, and vice versa. Sure, there are people who wear the diaper that are not warmists. These people are too scared to cause a scene by not wearing the holy mask. They go along with the flow, but don’t believe in it. I have relatives who fit in this category. But then, you have the hyper believers. These are the people I am referring to. They hold the mask to be self evident proof against the Wu-Flu, and believe your ICE vehicle will also destroy the planet. They are one and the same. How do they become like this? Is it hours and hours of watching CNN and MSNBC? Is it believing everything our overlords tell us? They also tend to have a superiority complex. They know they are doing the right thing, and must convert those of us who have strayed from the path. They are dangerous. I avoid these people whenever possible.

  28. Michael Malice points out that with people like these your not really dealing with a mind, there’s no cognitive actor there. You’re dealing with the product of decades of conformist programming from govt schools, media and academia.

  29. It reminds me of the story over the summer of the man who had about $5,000 in coins that he cashed in bc of the coin shortage. He was touted as doing his part to help others, and the message was, don’t you want to do your part? Not only was his contribution meaningless, except for what it cost him in relative security to convert coin to digital currency, but an ounce of critical thinking would have told him to hold on to cash for as long as possible as that digital currency can be turned off pretty quickly.


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