Reader Question: Dealing With Diapering?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Daniel asks: I’m just a 57-year-old living in Massachusetts. A very locked down state. I have been wavering on again off again with mask wearing from the beginning. I have had confrontations here and there. My wife is a nurse and does not believe in it although she wears it at work under obligation. Being exasperated I have giving in to wearing a gator although I never really wear it correctly. you really get tired of the Karen’s and I have a lot of places I need to go into that harass you. My question is You have never worn a mask; how do you continually deal with employees and local business owners demanding you put one on? Really love to know some of your experiences, and do you just not go to businesses that make you?

My reply: The simple answer is I just don’t wear a Diaper. Period. Ever. If a store or whatever refuses to deal with me unless I Diaper, I don’t deal with them. This has of course limited where I am able to go, as in the “case” of the coffee shop I used to frequent that refused to serve me unless I pretended to believe in their sickness by pretending I am sick or afraid of getting sick, by wearing that god-damned Rag. I now drink coffee at home.

And use all my powers to expose and mock the Diapering Freaks.

I am lucky in that I can still shop and work out without wearing the Rag – my gym does not require them and my local supermarket policy doesn’t enforce Rag-wearing – but if a time comes when that is no longer possible, I will find alternatives, such as buying gym equipment for my home – perhaps in league with friends of mine who feel the same way and absolutely will not Diaper. There is always a way to get food, too.

I realize – I appreciate – that it is hard to make this commitment but I regard it as vital to make this commitment, unless we wish to accept unprecedented tyranny in the name of “health” forever, amen.

Not me. Which is why I will never put that god-damned Rag over my face.

. . .

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  1. About the only time I wear my respirator (can’t deal with the diaper-can’t breathe!) is if I have to take my cats to the vet. I suppose I could go to another veterinarian, but where I go knows the history of my cats. Besides, I’m in PA near the Jersey border, so masking is prevalent up here; even in places that don’t enforce the diaper directive, I’m often the only person without a mask. Would I be able to find a veterinarian who doesn’t enforce the holy rage around here?

    This is complicated by the fact that one of my cats is a special needs kitty. She has kidney disease, and she was just diagnosed with diabetes this week. That is to say that, as long as she lives, regular vet care is a necessity. Because I want to care for her, I’ll reluctantly don my respirator when I go to the vet.

    I found a local, INDEPENDENT car repair shop that doesn’t make you mask up-yes! I’ve been bringing more of my business to him. Unfortunately, he doesn’t do wheel alignments, so I have to mask up at the other shop that does.

    Anyway, I go mask free over 90% of the time. I push back as much as I can. I try to restrict my business to those who don’t enforce the Holy Rag. I can’t avoid it totally though, so I reluctantly mask up (i.e. don my respirator) on those rare occasions.

  2. I haven’t worn a face diaper yet,and have no intention of it. I pray, then go out to do battle against the neurotics. In nearly a year, have had only a few idiots confront me. I either ignore, or fire back (verbally of course 🙂 ). Only a few places have refused to allow me to do business.

    I try to tailor my response to that of the manager/employee who is trying to force me into a medical intervention that they are not qualified to administer to me. If the mgr/emp is kind or apologetic, I respond in like form. If they are militant, I respond with a simple NO. In the first example, I have been able to successfully finish shopping, although I resolve to never go there again. In the second example, it has actually saved me from wasting $ on what turned out to be poor quality (from other customers) or something I didn’t need to buy, after all.

    One must be ready to walk away. Rejection is not the worst thing that can happen to you.

  3. Feel like most small business owners know I’ll take my business elsewhere is code for i’ll never be back even after the diaper mandate is lifted and are more willing to ignore it after an initial confrontation. Large companies it all comes down to the manager of the store and how much he or she instills fear in their employees to demand people adhere to the sickness cult. However there are some self important employees of larger companies that are really enjoying their newfound dictator powers. 1 such at a local home depot has called the cops on multiple people, of course knowing they won’t just show up for undiapered she always claims trespassing.

    • That sucks. The local Home Depot here never says more than “Welcome to Home Depot!” and “Would you like a cart?” when we walk in.


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