Latest Radio: Bill Meyer Show 3/10/21

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Here’s the audio of my weekly gabble with Bill Meyer over at KMED Radio in Oregon. We talked about why Senile Joe continues to wear his Diaper – wasn’t he vaccinated? – and also about the car industry’s interest in making you their next sale:



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  1. Eric,

    I’m happy that you so eloquently decry all of the modern atrocities showering down upon us, but I’m even more elated about your endorsement of the principle of decentralization. It truly is the only obvious path that will lead us back to any kind of self-determination.

    Also, regarding the burning of trees: I understand that Bill was joking about the release of CO2 back into the atmosphere, but what perplexes me is the so called environmentalists who fight the use of wood-burning heaters and stoves. The CO2 released is “carbon neutral”, meaning it will be recaptured by the next tree you grow next to the one you cut down… Or when your lawn grows, or your pot field, roses, etc.

    Wood-burning is an excellent and environmentally responsible solution for home heating and cooking! Even if you don’t care about CO2 emissions, it is, at least, more efficient than a “fossil fuel” solution, as there is no mining, refining or (long) transport necessary. And wood burns when the Sun isn’t shining and doesn’t require battery storage to operate. It should be, AT LEAST, an encouraged supplement to any solar/wind energy system.

    • Yeah I love when those ideas are dropped out there just like that, it’s the only way to get folks to pause and open-mindedly question the system they’ve accepted. Decentralization is def key but people cling so hard to the state as their security blankie. Muh roads! Muh safety!

      Was interesting about the handshake discussion– Over the last decade I still had doctors who would shake my hand every visit and then pump their sanitizer on before doing their checkup on me, always thought it was neat that they retained that oldschool etiquette, a small human gesture that needn’t be sacrificed if the jugs of alcohol that the nutjobs are peddling actually do the job.

      And I really like havin a woodstove but I still haven’t figured out how to mitigate this damn downdraft, even with the damper shut and a flue that’s only gotten light use. It’s more than just a stink cuz it does a number on the ol’ asthma >_< Still wouldn't ever get rid of it though hah.

      • Moose,

        Yeah, that damned “security” blankie… Thing is, a decentralized lifestyle is MORE secure. But it takes work. I think people don’t like that part. Much of it is truly just laziness.

        The handshake used to be ubiquitous, and there was even some kind of art to a successful handshake. It’s a somewhat valid concern about passing pathogens through a handshake, but if you don’t cough or sneeze into your damn hands, and wash them now and then, things are usually fine.

        As an aside, though, I’ve often thought the Roman handshake would be a good alternative: Both assuaging the fears of the germophobic and, well, it just looks cool. 😉

        Sorry about your fireplace. Perhaps there is a prevailing wind, and your chimney catches that? I’m sure you probably though of that, though. Possibly, if air is moving from one side of your house to the other, if might create a low pressure zone inside, pulling air in from the chimney? Just a guess.

        • Definitely laziness, and a ton of fear. Once the indoctrination was completely shaken off it became bizarre to see people carry on as though their codependency on ‘authority’ is the only path in life. And hey if they genuinely wanna roll like that in some private community then more power to em, but dragging other individuals through an authoritarian nightmare just for the sake of their own comfort, that’s retarded.

          The Roman handshake looks masculine as hell 😎 But in these times there’s a high chance for Curb Your Enthusiasm levels of the the other person not expecting it and then next thing you know they have you cancelled for groping their wrist lol, we can’t have anything cool anymore (unless you’re Alex Jones gripping a bottle of Jamesons with some bros just shootin shit, in which case nothing is off limits and everything is in good fun 😝)

          And thanks for the pointers, yeah, I do need to do some air pressure investigating 🧐 I’ve read about how the dryer and bathroom fan can affect it. Wonder if my air purifier could be the culprit too, thing is designed to filter an area up to 500sq ft, maybe its fan power is stronger than I was giving it credit for. Ah..the irony of the possibility that the air purifier could be causing enough of an air pressure shift that it could be leading to air quality issues.. that’s too much 🤯

          And if it is the wind, not much i can do about that lol. Landlady had the flue replaced when I moved in a few summers ago to resolve the overwhelming creosote issue I discovered the first week, and they did bring the chimney a couple feet up to code and put on a new cap. Wish I had video of the guy’s reaction when he did the estimate.. because he was very deeply disturbed by what he found, was like a decade of creosote hardened on in there. The look on his face matched the severity of my need to go to urgent care for prednisone and oxygen treatments after the first couple nights, it was like that shit had gotten stuck deep down in my lungs after breathing it in for just a couple days 😳 Was better after the oxygen and meds though.. one of those rare cases in my life of a doc knowing what they were doing hah.

          Reckon there are a few things I should check house-wise, since it didn’t seem to be an issue up until more recently, I’ll have to mull over what else changed and see if there’s any correlation.

      • Moose do you have a cap on your chimney? I had that problem at first but after installing a cap it went away, I think a cap enhances the venturi effect and pulls the air out, eliminating downdrafts.

        • Thanks Mike, yeah they did put a new cap on a few years back, had a big creosote problem when I moved in, the flue and cap were swapped, height was added..So now I’m thinking with all that considered, it seems like in this case it’s more likely to be related to air pressure in the rest of the house affecting it. I’ll have to pay more attention to what else could be drawing out air and see how it does when exhaust fans and the like aren’t running.

          Ashamed that I had to look up the venturi effect, that is one I should have known.. did a couple science fair projects on the Bernoulli effect as a kid, the interactive apparatus was fun but I guess it just took until now to really apply it haha.


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