Latest Radio: David Knight Show 4/22/21

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Here’s the audio of my chat earlier today with David Knight, whom I consider to be one the best, most honest journalists still working in what’s left of the United States.  My segment starts at about the 58 minute mark.

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  1. Great point Brent. This image of a list of corps/organizations that support leftist hegemony through voter fraud. And of course just because they’re not listed here, like Walmart, doesn’t mean they aren’t for it, it’s just that these are the ones comfortable enough bragging about it. Wanted to share this somewhere here.

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    I have to do the link as above otherwise it’s spam.

  2. The way the USA works its control is for the government to limit the corporations that can play in any particular market segment and then all those corporations foist a requirement on to their customers when government doesn’t want to be seen doing it themselves. Censorship? Vaccine requirements? All the things down the line. They cut off your economic alternatives and then the “private company” makes the requirement, ban, or whathaveyou. If we had a free market and all the corporations in a certain business segment came up with some onerous requirement there would be competition popping up almost immediately that didn’t. Government makes sure that competition never arises.

    • Brent,

      Very good summary. I’d certainly argue that private organizations could make their own requirements for patronage or employees, IF they were “corporations” in the sense of a group of people working together to generate a profit.
      But you’re entirely correct that governments are king-makers in the corporate/business world, and quickly regulate “rebellious” entities out of business… Or they use a third-person approach as was done with Parler.

  3. The electric car’s electricity use can be measured, it can be metered at charger or with the car itself. They can make the cars themselves report it along with everything else that the cars spy on people for. Sure maybe someone could find a way to avoid having their EV charger metered but the car could still report its mileage to the mothership and the discrepancy could get the tax avoider hut-hut-hutted.


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