Closing Our Doors

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Yesterday a group of us met to discuss the Situation.

How to resume normalcy without waiting on the rest of the country – or even the county – to recover its sanity?

It is well – and very good – to practice normalcy on an individual basis, as by refusing to play along with the abnormal “practices” of the mentally ill. By refusing to accommodate or grant the slightest legitimacy to the strange and dangerous beliefs of the mentally ill, no matter their feelings. A sound parent does not permit himself to be emotionally blackmailed by a child erupting in hysterics to get its way. Once the child sees that its hysterics aren’t working, the show usually abates and – in time – the child begins to become an adult.

So, no putting on “masks” – and no deference to the feelings of those who do and complain when they see you do not. Walk through the door, confidently ignoring the signs – and the people who still obey them.

You might get some of them to do the same.

Even so, the Situation remains. Abnormalcy abounds. One grows weary of even seeing it. Let alone having to deal with it.

So how do we avoid it?

This was the topic of conversation at our get-together, practiced in gleeful defiance of all “guidelines.” Not a face out of sight. Handshakes and hugs, given and received without fear. The sharing of food, sitting close to others.

No one Needled – and none afraid.

We liked it a lot and wondered how we might enjoy more of it, with other like-minded, mentally stable people. And then the answer occurred to us: That’s just what we’ll do. Instead of worrying about signs on the door, maybe we open our own doors.


How about private clubs rather than privately owned “public accommodations” – as all privately owned stores, restaurants, cafes and so on are considered by the law. As well as subject to it? And also to the not-law of “guidelines” enforced under color of law by Gesundheitsfuhrers?

One of the reasons it’s been hard to show one’s face in public accommodations since the country was plunged into Abnormalcy via the weaponization of hypochondria is because their “owners” – an abuse of language – are forced to obey the “executive orders,” “mandates” and other such expressions of actual ownership by threats of fines and loss of government permission to serve the public.

One may not – legally – transact business with the public without permission – even in normal times. It is that evil precedent which set the stage for what has become the New Abnormalcy.

It is why – as one for-instance out of many – the owner (or so he thought) of the Bent Mountain Bistro in our rural county is no longer serving anyone.

He recently closed the doors of his restaurant because he could no longer afford to keep them open. Because he had been debarred from opening them, for months – and when allowed to re-open them, was required (backed up by threats) to limit how many could pass through them, which limited how many he could serve. Which limited how much he could earn.

Which led to the permanent closing of his doors.

And then the shuttering of the food truck he parked outside what had been his restaurant. He had hoped to continue serving the public, even if only partially. It was a valiant effort. But the same real owners who closed what he thought was his sit-down business closed down what he also thought was his take-out business, using the same techniques – which apply to every public accommodation.

So how about we close our doors to these creatures who believe they own everything, including us?

How about we go private?

It’s not a public accommodation; it’s a private club. Members are allowed in. If you aren’t, you’re not. You probably don’t even know about it, since the club doesn’t advertise. There is no storefront.

It’s more a Speak-easy and it works on the same basis. Those in the know  – and those who are simpatico – know where to go.

Those who aren’t, don’t. Hopefully, they just go away.

So maybe you like coffee – and enjoy being around other people who do, too. A place to sit and have a cup, meet up and see people you know; hang out, enjoy the experience – without having to deal with any of the business.

The coffee pot is over there; have a cup or several. Stay as long as you like. If you feel like supporting the club, toss a few bucks in the jar beside the pot. Maybe bring some books from your collection to add to what’s on the shelf, or a board game – so that others can enjoy them, too. Some members bring tables and chairs.

On Thursdays, there are cookies!

The doors to the club are open – and while they never close to members, they’re always shut to those who aren’t. Just like your front door. It’s private property, Bubba – and if you haven’t got any business being here, you aren’t welcome here.

But friends can stop by anytime.

It can be coffee – or a work out. Maybe a place to jam, if you’re a musician – or simply like to listen to live music. And most of all, like being left alone, among others who share the sentiment.

This is how we reassert ownership. Of ourselves. Of our lives. It is how we keep the riff-raff – both public and government – out of lives and our business. They’re not invited – and they aren’t welcome.

Just keep it quiet.

.  . .

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      • Ex tenebris ad lucem.
        From (or “out of”) darkness towards the light.

        Please note I am not a Latin scholar, but was assured by two who are that is essentially correct. Anyone with superior knowledge is welcome to speak up.

        I have a flag specimen in production, and also a T shirt, from a different source. Should take delivery of both next week. I’ll report back on quality at that time.

        Gold field is intended to symbolize sunlight, as well as the the light of truth.
        Corvus is associated in Greek mythology with Apollo, who in turn is associated with the Sun, and with reason, order and logic. By contrast, Dionysius is associated with chaos, unreason, and darkness.
        Corvids are among the most intelligent, and also the most adaptable, of birds, with a very wide range over the surface of the Earth. They adapt and survive, by using their brains. They cooperate with wolves, and can be predators or carrion eaters, as circumstances demand. They store food, and are known to be clever at solving puzzles.
        All of which qualities seemed to me appropriate to the type of GDI SOBs* who frequent venues like this, whether virtual or tangible.

        * God Damned Independent Sons Of Bitches, if you needed it spelled out.

  1. I can’t confirm this is correct, but if it is, we are going to need “NO-VAX” only clubs.

    If we find out that the jabbed are now deadly to the naturals, does that mean it is OK to shoot them in self defense? Will we be able to demand ‘social distancing’? Like say 700 yards or so? Free fire on approach? Or just fire? I hear Zombies don’t like fire.

  2. When this whole hoax started and they closed all the fitness centers my lady got pissed! She was friends with two of the senior class instructors and started meeting at a local park to work out. The cops are mostly cool here and the park is surrounded by houses and was never “closed”. Other locals started to notice and now they have over 50 senior “members”. They celebrate b-days, have luncheons and so on under the trees. They even got a name “The Lemon Park Peeps”.
    So up yours big brother!

  3. Way ahead of ya. Got the private gathering place. Got the private gym. Got the private market. Working on a private dining club.
    A lot can happen in the middle of nowhere without being noticed.
    Liberty will never return so long as government licenses are respected.

    • Erehwon,

      Imagine if all the cities would turn into ghost towns. Because of guy like you.

      Do your service providers utilize block chain?

      • Not sure why you ask about block chain- It would be rude to ask. Since block chain inherently records transactions it would likely be foolish to do so. But cash in the kitty, that’s the way to go. And if you research, when cash becomes “banned” it often continues to circulate as a currency anyway. See checks in the Alaskan outback- they circulate as currency for months and years before going to a “bank”.

        • Erehwon,

          “Not sure why you ask about block chain- It would be rude to ask. Since block chain inherently records transactions it would likely be foolish to do so”

          I have a friend who claims it is the best thing to come along since the written word.

          I say so what. The written word allowed lies to become widespread.

          I think people who “believe” in the supposed freedom of the blockchain will necessarily get fucked.

          My friend claims freedom, like doing business with a speakeasy, will be obtained utilizing blockchain. And only by using it.

          My uncle was a COMINT guy for 37 years, he died at Fort Mead. He told me to NEVER put information on the web.

          I think my friend is no longer in touch with reality.

          Your thoughts?

          • I agree with your uncle- I post on the web through a tissue thin nom de guerre or two. But I know that the surveillance is ubiquitous and absolute, even before Snowden’s specific reveals. Nothing digital is secure. Blockchain is the ultimate paper trail. And digital money is a dangerous fad- it will likely be a new version of the AmEx traveler’s check I grew up with at most.

            • Erehwon,

              “Nothing digital is secure.”

              But, but , but! As my friend jumps up and down reminding me that Bitcoin has never been hacked.

              There is a reward for anyone who can.

              And one day that reward will be claimed.

  4. Eric, Eric, Eric,
    Fixer Upper? I used to watch that but got tired of Chip and his ‘antics’, plus his nasty looking greasy hair. I watch Restored, found it by accident a few years ago, only about two seasons, real good show, none of the antics and the drama.
    Nunz, what part of Kentucky do you live in? I have a daughter at Stewart Home in Frankfort.
    Grandma Ivey freed us down here in Alabama the first part of April. Things are pretty much back to normal. Still go in some places where employees/customers wearing the mask. I don’t ever wear mine (unless forced to, post office, etc) have always been an antimasker. This whole Covid thing smelled funny from the start. We do still have some crazies wearing the mask, usually older people. Have an older gentleman at church that had his vaccine as soon as it was available, probably no telling how many older people he ran over to get his shot. Been showing up at church wearing his mask. The next time I see him am going to ask him why he’s till wearing his mask after all he’s ‘protected’ now.
    For the most part it’s nice down here. Glad that a lot of people think everyone in Alabama is a redneck and ignorant, helps keep a lot of undesirables away.
    If you need a place to meet I live on 60 acres, can’t see anyone’s house from my house. I do have a nice empty metal building with a porch on three sides. Ya’ll can come down here and meet in it, it’s far away from the house, wouldn’t even know you were there.
    Politicians are all the same, don’t trust any of them, should be term limits on every public office. There should be no such animal as a ‘career’ politician.

    • Hi Elaine!

      Thanks for the tip in re Restored; I will check it out after work today. I agree with you about Chip; I would not buy a used car from that man. My girlfriend dislikes him as well. But we both love projects and shows about them, so your tip is much appreciated.

      Also: Land is where it’s at, especially if the land is considered “Hillbilly” land. As you say, it keeps the wrong sort away 🙂

      • I’ll probably end up watching them again one day. I like those kind of shows too.
        What’s the update on your mother? Around here they have finally let the older people our of their prisons. I think some places make you wear masks, some don’t.
        Changing the subject. Is there a truck driver shortage? I think I heard that on the ‘news’. That is the excuse they are giving for the gas prices and possible shortage. So, is the next crisis going to be a gas shortage like we had in the 70’s? I would hate to be building a house today too.
        Changing the subject again. Where is eightsouthman? Haven’t seen him comment in a long time.

  5. Can’t do it turtle.

    Besides, without RG to set up the tax structure, it could never come to pass.

    Crows may have rights and information about crows could be used for illegal purposes.

    This is definitely the time when we must defer to someone who is better able to make our decisions for us.


    • Yeah, in today’s world, there might be those “entities” which were “assigned human at birth,” but “identify as Corvids.” Ya never know…

        • Or, perhaps, pseudo Corvids are unstable at any age.
          “Species reassignment,” the next frontier” in 21st century “medicine,”
          Sorry, folks, there is no such thing as “sex change,” only genital mutilation.
          If you have Y chromosomes, you are male.
          If you do not, you are female.
          End of story.

        • Geebus I thought “corvids “ were birds such as crows and bluejays…west Nile virus wiped out about 95% of them in Missouri a decade or more back. The SOBs used to congregate by the score in the oak trees and “caw” away at sunrise. It sometimes gave me the creeps like the Hitchcock movie. West Nile came west and then it was AMF

  6. “In my home”, “licensing”, “Permits”… etc etc etc…

    After reading the comments I was reminded of all the keggers and poker games people/teenagers had during the 1980’s. I imagine that’s what frat houses did to which people commented on here. I don’t know, I never went to a frat house, after watching Animal House the ones nearby seemed lame and a bit more purposeless and pointless than…

    Anyway, I was struck by the fact that not once did a kegger or card game of poker I ever went to have a stinking permit or any such goobermint approval.
    A lot of them got raided and shut down and a few people even got tickets or went to jail, for sure, but by far, most didn’t.
    I’m guessing that’s a template of sorts. They’re probably happening already, I’m just too old to get invited to most of them.

    That’s a nice thought to end the day: teenaged keggers – happening right now – with no face diapers. I hope there’s alot of them. Full house and 4 Aces.

  7. Hi Eric,

    I’m assuming your recent get-together (as well as any future ones with new invitees) was/will be with folks whom you already know well enough to know they’re firmly against the sickness kabuki, as to cut down on the likelihood of infiltrators and snitches.

    My problem is, I don’t really know anyone locally who meets such criteria— I do know some people who feel face diapers are superfluous, the edicts too harsh, etc. — but they still support the kabuki *in principle*, it’s just a matter of degree to them. Are there any specific ways you try to find out a person’s true beliefs without coming right out and asking (some might be “reluctant maskers” who are afraid of giving themselves away, etc.)?

    • I’m not sure where you’re located, but I’m in Kentucky, and we are part of a larger movement called Make Americans Free Again. We’ve got lawsuits against our governors in 4 states so far (KY was the latest to file, last week), challenging that *there is no emergency* and we’re trying to get federal courts to recognize it. Many (most?) groups meet once a week or more, ours on Thursday evenings. No masks, no anti-social distancing, etc. It’s wonderful.

      There are several ways to find like-minded people. One easy way is every time you encounter another maskless person at a store, start talking to them. If you don’t know anybody else, they just might. Another is to hit some web sites (freedomcells – that’s a .ORG; MakeAmericansFreeAgain – a .COM, etc.). There are more of us around than you think.

  8. Some good news from Corona CA, dated 1 May 2021.
    May Day! A festival of spring and the celebration of new life, sometimes hijacked by the Commies for their own evil purposes.
    Went to the local Farmers’ Market Sat AM, as usual.
    Pleasant change to see several vendors unmasked, although sporting a face diaper dropped below the mouth in most cases. Maybe that is “just in case” some AGWs show up, which ain’t gonna happen here, AFAIK. This is an outdoor market, and even der Nuisance has “decided” (?) it is OK to be in the presence of one’s fellow human beings sans paranoia, at least in some instances.
    Enjoyed a very pleasant conversation with Mary Scott of Bobcat Farms. She and her husband Lonnie keep bees, and sell seven varieties of delicious pure local honey.
    She did wear a face diaper, but neither she nor her assistant appeared uncomfortable speaking with me (he with the naked face) at close range. No “social distancing” involved.
    There may be hope yet.

  9. The problem with speakeasies is that as long as you stay in the good graces of the local LEOs you’re fine. Look at college towns and fraternity row. They are by definition private clubs. I was never in a frat in college, but I spent a lot of time at them because friends of mine were in them so I got invited to parties. I never once felt that the cops were going to bust in during the weekly parties, even though there was plenty of illegal activity taking place. But it only takes a little bit of a fuss to be generated and the crackdowns begin. The enforcers know exactly what happens behind those closed doors, but for a lot of reasons they don’t act.

    But then there are the outsiders. The speakeasies during prohibition generally weren’t a problem for the local PDs, only for the federal Bureau of Prohibition. They’re more than happy to shut down the illegal activity, even if it destroys communities. It’s their job.

    • > The speakeasies during prohibition generally weren’t a problem for the local PDs
      Sure. Clancy & his pals from PD drink on the house, and everything’s Jake, right?
      What you have to do to stay in business is figure out what the cop on the beat (or his superiors) wants, and give it to them.
      If you have the sympathies of the local Sheriff or Chief of Police, you are probably home free. Otherwise, you will have to win the battle of hearts and minds one costumed body at a time….

    • Any time you organize/make anything official, you just become a target. If you have to rely on the sympathies of thje mercenaries who are paid to inflict terror upon us and treat us as ‘enemy combatants’ ya won’t last long, ’cause today’s local mercenaries are the scum of the earth, far different from the Prohibition-era ones, who at least may’ve had some allegiance to the people of their communities and actually viewed themselves as their protectors…whereas today, such folks are culled early-on in the training process; and the college fraternities may get a pass because they’re usually at least partially populated by the kids of the big-wigs of the lower levels…..which are the ones the fuzz answer to.

    • Hi RK,

      There are a number of interesting questions – legalities. If I have friends over for coffee in my house, I’m not obliged to get government permission or a “health” certification. If they come often, so what? It’s my house. Legally, I doubt there’s much they can do. Of course, that assumes “the law” offers us any protection…

      • Years ago I belonged to a club, we wanted a proper bar and commercial kitchen that would be for weekend events, but did not want to go through all the liquor license and health inspection BS to officially have a bar.

        Our solution was to have the members group buy liquor and food in advance. Everyone kicked in to set up and if you wanted a beer and burger, it came off your balance at a set menu price. But legally it was already your burger and beer as you had bought it in advance. If your non member friend wanted a B&B, you bought it for him. If he paid you back that was between you and him. Of course nobody really played strictly by the rules, but it gave enough cover to tell the liquor and health people “private club, go away”. Every few years they would try to harass us, but one member was a lawyer and he just loved tearing them a new one when they tried to overstep.

        There was no paid staff, just rotating club member volunteers. They got great tips but were not employees so no legal issues there.

        Laws may vary in your area but this worked for decades here.

    • “ even if it destroys communities. It’s their job.”

      Govco: Destroying communities for at least week.

      • Hey Tuan,

        Off topic, sort of. I just watched “White Boy”, a documentary about Rick Wershe Jr, “White Boy Rick”. Have you seen it? Do you remember anything about this Detroit story?


        • Jeremy,

          He was a snitch.

          Used his connections in the Detroit police to become a very successful dealer but eventually got busted after pissing off the cops.

          Last I heard he was in Florida doing time. He was supposed to be in Michigan doing life.

          I don’t know how he managed to get to Florida.

              • Hey Tuan,

                Oh yes! One of the kids was abducted close to my house. The death mobile was a blue Gremlin, right? What seems unimaginable today, is that us kids still went out, unaccompanied by parents. We still walked or rode our bikes to school and to our friend’s houses after school. Our parents simply told us to be careful and aware. I suspect there were some parents who put their kids in “lockdown”, but not in my group of friends. Life was still normal, we actually played, OUTSIDE and unsupervised. Can you imagine it?


                • Jeremy,

                  “Oh yes! One of the kids was abducted close to my house. The death mobile was a blue Gremlin, right?

                  No one knows. The case is still open.

                  Old man King was accused of leaking grand jury information not too long before he died. His son Timmy was found at 8 and Gill in Wayne county. Not too far from our shop.

                  Timmy’s mom went on TV begging for his return. She said he loved fried chicken. Autopsy said his last meal was 11 herbs and spices.

                  Remember that?

                  Timmy’s sister says she has been audited by the IRS every year since she started a blog about the case.

                  Is you think White Boy Rick got fucked by the state of Michigan, those boys literally took it up the ass. The girls were raped as well.

                  The Michigan State Police did everything possible to sabotage that 40+ year investigation. And continue to do so. All kinds of evidence is conveniently missing.

                  You won’t remember anything about the sexual assaults because they weren’t reported at the time. The King family spent thousands to FOIA all kinds of info.

                  Which kid was taken by your crib?

                  I’m still pissed that I had to have my sister and friend’s older siblings drive me around the summer before I got my license.

                  • Hi Tuan,

                    “Which kid was taken by your crib?”

                    Timmy King. I lived on Glenhurst, a few blocks from Maple Road. I think he was last seen at Mills pharmacy on Maple, not sure though. I used to ride my bike to Mills quite often to buy candy.

                    I don’t know very much about the case, but you’ve made me interested. Can you recommend some good sources of information?


                    • Jeremy,

                      Timmy King.

                      15 & Woodward right? By the Chatham grocery store.

                      Did you go to Adams elementary?

                      They found his body about a mile from our shop in Farmington.

                      This is the biggest cover up I’ve ever seen. I’m pretty sure Brooks Patterson made sure no arrests were ever made.

                      Did you know that child porn use to be tax deductible?

  10. Loved hanging with you and D. My fan-hood is even more solid after collectively answering the call of our incarnation yesterday: TO STAY FREE. I read aloud this morning to all the others your terrific post that captured the ideas and concepts from our all-day conversation. God bless us all.

  11. It’s a fine idea, Eric! Just wish I had some hole-in-the-wall to practice such a thing.

    I had predicted there would be COVID speak-easies, and there are were. They sometimes spin off into huge parties, and the AGWs show to wreck everything. At one point, California was threatening to turn off the utilities to such rebellious residences.

  12. I love this idea and think it’s needed across the country. Only i expect at least in the bluest of blue locations these privatr clubs end up getting a hutting or 3. You will also see the ptb try and outlaw private clubs in those leftist locales. I really want this to become the norm. We the sane now know what the people who just wanted a beer after work went through 100 years ago during prohibition. The same karen attitude back then to legisate morality is what you are seeing today in the sickness advocates

  13. Great post, Eric.
    Your house, your rules.
    As for myself, I generally do not have to deal with this hysteria in my working life, because, here in SoCal at least, construction industry does not have time or patience for this nonsense.
    We are all trained, to some degree, in the proper selection, use, and *disposal* of correct PPE, and therefore realize that “doctor costumes” (the light blue droplet protection barriers) are emphatically *NOT* PPE, as admitted by the CDC.
    If, for example, you have 40 hour HAZWOPER training, you will realize that effective safety procedures require thorough *decontamination* when exiting a contaminated zone. The general public is generally ignorant of this scientific reality (you know, actual science, more specifically industrial hygiene) and goes blissfully about its business wearing filthy, contaminated facial rags which can spread disease, assuming there is any disease to spread, and most definitely *do* deprive the wearer of oxygen.
    For the record, should the situation arise, my personal as well as business policy is as follows:
    Articles of clothing which conceal or obscure any facial feature are not permitted on these premises.
    Full facial nudity is required beyond this point, without exception.
    Those unwilling to comply will be asked to leave, and will be prosecuted for criminal trespass if they do not leave the premises immediately upon request by owner.

  14. Community, Balkinization, flying under the radar, guerilla living so to speak. All things that will wear down the system.

    Think about how in Vietnam or Afghanistan, you had peasant warriors poorly trained and equipped who didn’t defeat the United State Empire they just kept it from winning. Eventually exhausting and demoralizing the enforcer class.

    Develop the attitude that there is no such thing as surrender, make them confront you head on. Their enforcement is highly reliant on compliance and fear. Very little is achievable through Jack-boots kicking your door/head in.

    Starve the beast from a hundred different angles. Stay away from the larger centralized systems as much as possible, and localize.

    Truthfully I think we are far closer to collapse than most would want to admit.

    Speak-easy, private, invitation only clubs make sense as one branch of the trunk line to freedom.

  15. One exception to the smoking ban of the 1990’s which I forgot about, riverboats.
    Perhaps they were exempt because the State was so heavily invested into them, or they had powerful lobbyist, who knows. Could be because they were boats, on the Mississippi River?
    They are all land based around here now and all have bans as far as I know.

    If you’re near an interstate boundary water, or by the ocean, would a floating speakeasy work? Just be prepared to be boarded by the Coast Guard, searched without a warrant, and checked for the proper number of lifejackets, flotation pads and rope, and a whistle. Just a thought.

  16. This brings up an interesting point: “democracy” is so radical and extreme that 100 years ago, the U.S. actually BANNED BEER.

    The supposedly “freest country in the world” actually, literally, banned fucking beer. By constitutional amendment, even.

    And that was only a few years after Woodrow Wilson lied us into World War I (after campaigning for re-election on the slogan “He kept us out of war.”) Two million men actually went to Europe to kill Germans who never attacked the U.S. The nation became so hysterical that the state of Nebraska actually outlawed teaching the German language. People refused to say “sauerkraut” and it became “liberty cabbage” instead. People who opposed entry into the war were thrown into prison, including perennial presidential candidate Eugene Debs.

    The corona hysteria is actually nothing new. Mass insanity and mass hysteria is not a bug, it is a feature of democracy. Even Hitler, a vegetarian and a teetotaler, did not ban beer. Stalin did not ban beer. But the U.S., prompted by a bunch of do-gooder “Karens” a century ago, did, forcing people who wanted to drink it to do so in hiding, and to create a “criminal” underground network of speakeasies.

    Something to ponder.

    • Was watching Pawn Stars on the TeeVee, they had a guy bring in Prohibition Era bottles of booze which were legal at the time because they were in boxed metal packaging labeled, ‘medicinal’. It was said that was a fairly common workaround at the time, I think he said doctors wrote prescriptions for it.

      The pawnbroker wouldn’t buy them because some were still full, he asked the customer if he had a liquor license, so because he didn’t, the pawnbroker wouldn’t take the risk of buying them and couldn’t re-sell them for the same reason. The hammer.

    • Yep, Woody was a lying S.O.B. who intentionally used the machinery of the U.S. government to provoke and conduct a sustained campaign of hatred against approximately 20% of U.S. citizens, who were targeted solely on the basis of their ancestry, in order to promote his “vison” of globalism, as well as to protect the interests of U.S bankers who had loaned money to the British crown.

      Tellingly, today Woodrow Wilson, an unabashed elitist, is described as a “great” U.S. President, along with Abraham Lincoln, neither one of whom had a decent respect for the rule of law.
      Habeas corpus? What’s that?
      First Amendment? What First Amendment?
      We doan’ need no steenking First Amendment.

      • Yeah, Wilson gets my vote for one of the worst presidents ever; tough to name a particular one for the top title since there’s so many candidates. Besides lying the US int WWI his administration also started off the Federal Reserve and the income tax, which have both grown exponentially to become the monsters we’re cursed with today.

        • > there’s so many candidates.
          That is the saddest part, IMO.
          Really folks, is this the best we can do?
          And if so, why can’t we do better??

          • Unfortunately, yes. To paraphrase George Carlin, selfish ignorant people elect selfish ignorant leaders. Lather, rinse, repeat.

            • Ignorant people are more easily manipulated.
              Thus, TPTB, whether corporate or bureaucratic, have a vested interest in keeping people ignorant, and mindlessly obedient to “authority” figures. The *LAST* thing they want is an informed public capable of critical thinking. I believe Mr. Carlin made that point as well.
              “A great darkness is coming.”
              – Hunter S. Thompson
              “Rage, rage, against the dying of the light.”
              – Dylan Thomas

        • If one had to pin the downfall of Western Civilization on one person, Woodrow Wilson would fit the bill.

          On a second thought, John Calvin is more appropriate since all of these busybody pricks are essentially disciples of his warped theology.

    • >banned fucking beer.
      Well, they didn’t ban fucking, at least.
      Actually, some states did, at least by unmarried couples.
      But the great State of Connecticut formerly banned prevention of the consequences thereof, even by married couples. That is, up until the Supreme Court of the U.S. declared Connecticut law unconstitutional, in the famous Griswold v. Connecticut decision (1965).
      At that, it was not until Eisenstadt v. Baird (1972) that the Supreme Court ruled that unmarried people had the same constitutional right to be left alone in the conduct of their private lives as married people. Equal protection under the law, and so forth.
      Government interference in the private business of private citizens has a long and unsavory history in this supposedly “free” country.

      • **”Well, they didn’t ban fucking, at least.”**

        No, but without the availability of beer goggles, there was probably a LOT less of it!

        • Refresh my memory, Nunz.
          Exactly when were those invented?
          Jeezus, sales must have been pretty lucrative until the patent ran out.
          Oh, I get it.
          I guess you mean that beer goggles were considered *contraband* during Prohibition. 🙂 my bad.
          Contraband, contraband… let’s see, now..
          Does the name Alphonse Capone ring a bell?
          Howz about Joseph P. Kennedy?

  17. I was just thinking about the similarities of the Iraq war in the 1990’s to the Plandemic today. The war was passed off as something like a two week cakewalk and then the troops would be home.
    Remember that?

    In my town they tied huge yellow ribbons around the large trees lining the main drag through town to signify the hoped for speedy return of the troops, much like the ‘Mothering’ that the face-diapering was only for a few weeks to flatten the curve.
    Soon after the yellow ribbons around the trees appeared the magnetic yellow ribbon bumper ‘stickers’ appeared. Just a simple yellow ribbon.
    I wonder where that originated from, probably the Power Elite.

    Then they started printing slogans on the yellow ribbon bumper ‘stickers’ and it then was co-opted moreso with the ‘Support The Troops’ slogans… and then the yellow was dropped altogether.
    What a transition, quite like going from, ‘flatten the curve’ to ‘to protect Granny’ and other shit. Then, of course, all kinds of ribbons with other slogans appeared, breast cancer and ‘race for the cure’ being the most numerous, I think. [And, of course, so long as there was money to be made, there never would be a cure].

    I wonder who took down the big yellow ribbons tied around the trees, the wind? And, oh boy has it been a long time since I saw one of those once numerous yellow ribbon bumper ‘stickers’.

    My point being… psft, I’m not sure I have one. Just thinking out loud, I guess. I hope that wasn’t discouraging in anyway and was constructive and thought provoking in a positive way. A bit like saying, “watch out for that pothole” is, perhaps?

    • Hi helot, you make perfect sense. The “support the troops” was to shame you if you weren’t on board with the Chimp’s misadventure. The subtext being ok, you’re opposed to the war but do you want to see American boys die? Just another psyop by the PTB to say you’re a bad person for not getting with the program. The same now with the sickness kabuki – you don’t wear a face diaper? You won’t get needled? Well you are just the most horrible selfish person on earth. It’s a small group and we’re part of it, a small group of sane people who just want to be left alone.

  18. Your efforts to have a private club remind me of similar efforts by some people in the 1990’s when the smoking bans were ordered by our overlords. I often considered opening one myself, always the snitch population seemed too dense in my area to ever do so.

    To my knowledge, sadly, none of the efforts by others to keep a private one open were successful, the power-mad eagerly searched them out and shut them down while making a spectacle and example of doing so.
    However; while no longer smoke-filled, I think a few public biker type places in the bad part of town still had ashtrays on their tables. Regretfully, I never managed to confirm that first hand.

    I imagine it’s the same everywhere, smokers outdoor patios and beer garden-like areas sprouted everywhere, or else ‘smokers’ just stood on the sidewalk outside the doors to the restaurant or bar like some outcast untouchables, doubly so in freezing Winter weather or dismal Summer downpours. Then, limits were introduced as to how close to the doors one could smoke, incrementalism.
    Bars have never been the same since, not in a good way, imho.

    A few times I was disobedient and lit up in a bar (thereafter I simply stopped going) oh man does the heavy hand quite suddenly appear out of nowhere and chastise mean-like while kicking you out and the once friendly bartender quickly becomes fiendish. I knew then, that Americans – on the whole – were anti-liberty, gutless, back-stabbing, boot-licking cowards.
    I still can’t get over how, even then, I underestimated how large that group is. It’s no wonder I failed to rally anyone to be against all the control grid spy cameras and red light cameras being placed all over town at the time. I hope I opened at least a few eyes.

    That said, I hope you are successful.

  19. Amen.
    Any “public” business is under the thumb of the Psychopaths In Charge, up to and including slavery. As in the involuntary servitude “public” businesses are required to perform for customers they would rather NOT serve. Perhaps private clubs are a solution. I’ve often thought they could be for those of us who still smoke, but see no evidence of such. Beware the Psychopaths deciding private clubs must be abolished because racism. The bottom line is that the Psychopaths have an army of lawyers and psychologists working full time to predict how people might avoid their tyranny, while people like us seeking to avoid it most often have other jobs, and aren’t trained experts either. Never the less, action must be taken against them, to force their hand, and force the exposure of that hand.

  20. “This is how we reassert ownership. ”

    Eric my friend, you are dreaming. Your governor will command his covid storm troopers to stomp you like a bug. Thank goodness I live in a DeSantis led state.

    • “Thank goodness I live in a DeSantis led state.”

      Yet you say you still wear a diaper, under your chin.

      Stop quivering and trying to discourage others from standing up.

      • Muh dickhead politician is marginally less tyrannical than yours!

        How quickly Floridians have forgotten Desantis’ 2-week quarantine measure for folks coming in from up north down to their properties from March to August of last year.

        I guess being just as terrible as other governors is simply forgiven when the man makes the collective feel so warm and fuzzy now with all his titillating new rules. He may be a politician but he’s on a roll! He’ll never betray us again, no no.

        • Moose, some time ago the Gov of North Dakota proposed a bill PROHIBITING any indoor pubic venue from requiring masks as a condition of entry. Do you (or does anyone else) know if that bill passed and became law?

          If DeSantis was serious about hitting the eject button on the corona psychosis, he would have done the same. Merely saying masks are not mandatory has made no impact and never will. Businesses all have the signs (we’re protecting our employees, etc.) and virtually all people respect and obey them based on the following analogy:

          “If I go to someone’s home and they ask that I remove my shoes, I remove them because if I am in their home, I should respect their rules.”

          Most people do not feel they can expect to defy the rules when going into an establishment that is not their own.

          Worst is that here in Miami, no business has broken rank, so it’s not like you can say with any effect, “then fuck you; I’ll go to your competitor.”

          • Abbot (the Emasculated) did something similar in Texas. “Oh, we are rescinding the mask mandate! Texas is Open!”. Not so fast Greggie boy, your befehl did not rescind the county gesundheitsfuehrers from befelling the hell out of us, or of moron globalist lawyers in moron business boardrooms from befehling the hell out of their “private” businesses!

            Now it’s so bad we’re talking about opening Samizdat coffee houses (interesting idea, that)! We are approaching maximum Bolshevism now, are we not tovaritsch?

            • Hi Crusty,

              We like to watch the TV show, Fixer-Upper, set in Waco, TX. The latest season is available. While they try to not show it often, the Diapering really takes away from my desire to see them recreate a house….

            • Peak Bolshevism.
              What a concept.
              And we thought der Bolschewismus died with the collapse of the Soviet Union and the fall of die Berliner Mauer.
              How wrong we were…

              • Ya know Turtle, I was cogitating on that topic a few days ago. We defeated the CCCP, but we were infected by the same Bolshevism. It has grown to a monstrous menace, it just took a lot longer to “long march” over here than Red October did over there. Where once we read Pravda over here for the “between the lines” intel on what was really going on in the CCCP, we now do the same with the NYT, WaPo, etc. as intel for the US Deep State over here.

                • “Infected” is definitely the right word, Old Tech.
                  And there is definitely very little “pravda” (i.e. truth) in the “mighty “Wurlitzers” of U.S. “main sewer media” these days, IMO.
                  As times change, so they remain the same…

                  • Some good news from just now, Turtle – and all:

                    We went to a very sick part of town – the liberal part of Roanoke – and entered Earth Fare, a preferred nest of the Diapered. The Stalinist signs and Diaper-dispenser aren’t there anymore. Although everyone except us was Diapered, we were not hassled. A small win!

                    • Tomorrow: Eric & the gang deploy the COVID-BS-Detector at the local NAMBLA meeting! 😀

                    • OHhhhhh!!!!! Earth Fare is a GROCERY store (As per the most recent diaper report).

                      I was thinking it was some kinda snowflake Earth Day type thing…..thought Eric had just gone there to see how the other half lives…and maybe to hose-down the hippies.

                    • You’d’a thunk ‘fare’ instead’a ‘fair’ would’ve given it away…. I’m obtuse!

                  • There is no truth in Pravda, there is no news in Izvestia. Old Soviet era joke. Joke’s now on us. As far as the US Pravda media, they have been lying sacks of crow guano since the Hearst yellow journalism days. It’s only gotten more obvious since electronic means have existed to go around them. Remember the Maine!

                • Crusty, Crusty, Crusty,

                  “ We defeated the CCCP”


                  We were assimilated into the CCCP.

                  That’s why they did away with Checkpoint Charlie and the Berlin Wall.

                  And why, the very next day, on Flag Day, when we were all holding our collective dicks and waving the good old Red, White, and Blue, checkpoints were declared legal in the US of A.

                  Try to keep up with the class Crusty.

                  These not so current events happened over 30 years ago.

                  The short bus is well on its way to delivering the second generation of matriculants from your local, friendly, government youth propaganda camps.

                  • Hi T!

                    “Communism” – like “democracy” – has always relied on assumed meanings to get people to buy in. In both cases, we are told, the “people” rule (and in the case of “communism,” own). This doesn’t hold up when you examine it closely, of course. In fact, a proportionately tiny elite controls the people – and owns everything, via its control over everything. In this way, they both are closely related and it is not accidental that “communist” states often referred to themselves as “democratic” and for the same reason, modern leftists also use the term . . . liberally.

                    • I’ve long held the opinion that tyranny of the so-called “left” and tyranny of the so-called “right” are functionally equivalent from the point of view of the ordinary citizen. I see nothing to choose between Stalin and Hitler, in other words. The average bloke gets screwed either way…

                    • Hi Turtle,

                      Yup; that’s why I prefer to use the term, authoritarian collectivism when discussing all of these “systems.” It defines the fundamentally-in-common attribute that they all share. Collectivism – imposed by authoritarianism – and imposed/controlled by a small elite, which claims to “represent” the collective.

                    • That’s what I’ve always said, Turtle,
                      They’re the same thing and lead to the same place (Which is why the conservative Repugnantcans are more liberal than most liberal Dumbasscrats of 40 years ago), they just use mostly superficial red-herring issues to appeal to different audiences.

  21. Our Christian fellowship has been meeting non stop, save about a month at the very beginning when there were so many unknowns (even then, we met in a few homes, sometimes 40 plus people in a home) and live streamed services for those who didn’t or couldn’t meet. We hang after service for,hours – it’s like a little oasis or normalcy in a defective world. We share a meal, play games, talk, learn like always. We were talking about what to do if rona 4.0 happens? Well, we are all agreed that no,change, no listening to,shut down orders and admitted even that short pause was a mistake the 1st go round. Interestly, we’ve had no “cases” that can be traced to our meetings. Some people have gotten sick, a few really badly (the medical system is treating this wrong in many cases.) your best bet, a nurse and doc told us, is to not go to the hospital. Anyway, we’ve had visitors from all over the country come to services and they have a deer in the headlights look at first – no masks? We practice personal responsibility- if you’d like to wear one, fine, if not, fine. We’ll make nothing of it,either way. Anyone who masks has quickly gotten over that affectation. All are amazed that we’re not enforcing the empowers edicts and they embrace the freedom. Interestly, it’s the young adults that seem most likely to mask and expect others to. My 24 yr old son is an ardent masker – he stopped bitching about the fact that we aren’t, but still insists. I remind him he’s simply not at risk, and he says he’s protecting others… aka virtue signaling. When he says he’s protecting others, I’ll ask “from what?” Are you sick? No. So… why the mask again? Do you take antibiotics when you aren’t sick, just in case? The return to normal is hard when the whole planet seems determined to change the definition of normal. I like the private business idea btw.

  22. Morning Eric, wish we knew you guys were getting together, the wife and I would would like to be in on a nice afternoon with ‘sane’ folks. Actually would feel more like family lol.

    • Eric,


      An “autobon” society of sorts might work. Loosely modeled after the Audubon Society, but with the primary focus on corvids.

      Occupants of vehicles with municipal license plates might tend to stay in the vehicles when your attack crows are protecting the property.

      I like the push tab to enter the first set of doors like at a jewelry store. The door locks behind you and you wait to get buzzed in or out. With your corvid sentry perch located in the secure alcove. (I may be using the word alcove incorrectly. Mantrap or sally port might be more inline with what I’m trying to describe.)

      Having to clean up a small amount of guano at the end of the day may be an acceptable trade off. Especially if it keeps large sacks of shit off the property.

        • Publius,

          I like that idea better.

          Won’t have to keep the attack crows on a perch all the time.

          Plenty of room for them to get in and out of the portcullis.

          The hot oil may be a bit much. Might reserve that for return visits.

        • Wonderful thoughts. Look up “murder holes” sometime. We’ve forgotten a lot of important technology, It’s time to rediscover freedom and all its technologies.

      • Two words:
        Corvus corax.
        >Common Ravens are the largest songbirds in North America; they weigh several times as much as American Crows.
        >Ravens have the highest brain
        volume relative to body mass of
        the already-brainy Corvid family
        (crows, ravens, magpies). Experts place raven intelligence far
        above that of dogs. Ravens have
        demonstrated apparently insightful behavior and a capacity for
        abstract problem solving

        Ravens are also “preppers,” (they store food).
        They get wolves to work for them, and they take no guff from red tailed hawks.
        Biblical quote(?): (any Biblical scholar here verify?)
        “in the smoldering ruins of wrathful destruction, nothing was permitted to pass through”
        And according to Wackypedia, ravens are associated in Greek mytholo0gy with Apollo, who is associated with truth, the sun, and light, as well as music and poetry.
        And of course, quoth the raven, “Nevermore.”
        Which might as well be, “Ya basta,” or “Enough of this shit,” IMO.

        Perhaps a new flag would be in order…
        Gadsden (Don’t tread on me) *is* somewhat dated.
        Besides, rattlesnakes are not very intelligent, and they most certainly cannot soar above it all.
        Black bird on bright yellow background do it for ya’ll?
        Perched, or in flight?
        Motto: Nevermore. (Y/N)
        Motto explicit (displayed on flag) or implied (not displayed) ?
        Let’s hear the votes…

    • Turtle, Crusty, Nunz,

      I love the flag and the NEVERMORE!

      Since Nunz is in the commonwealth of KY jelly…

      And Kentucky has a long history of trying to kill millions and millions of birds.

      He might have a few crows on his property who are already sympathetic to the cause.

      The time to get started is upon us.

      • You’re it, Tuan.
        Time to git ‘er done. 🙂
        How soon can you have a prototype “for approval” by Eric’s Irregulars?
        And what type face do you propose for the motto?
        Time to do a bit of research, I suppose…

        The Loonies had the Brass Cannon.
        We have got the Raven ..forevermore!


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