Tech Issues

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Just a quick heads up to everyone that – for some reason – the pie chart on the main page hasn’t been updating and I can’t seem to get it to update. It should currently read 71 percent/29 percent.

There are also some other issues cropping up, which I have asked my computer guy for help with. Please bear with – and apologies for any difficulties you’ve been experiencing!

Also: I will be on with David Knight at 10 a.m. today. The audio will be up later, as soon as I have it.

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  1. Sort of on topic and not:

    Yup, these vehicles (Waymo aka google) are on public roads (Arizona in this case), and we are the test subjects. Here is exhibit A of why these things shouldn’t be on public roads. The van is confused by,,,,,,,, cones…….. And then blocks traffic and sits, annoying actual motorists. And then does random things.

    There is no way driverless is ANYWHERE near ready for prime time.

  2. eric, when I returned from my hayitis, I was using a winders tin since the sevin was about to be beyond help. I first tried to sign in but it didn’t recognize me so I tried to sign up again and it said I was already signed up. I never did get it working correctly so now I have to fill out the name and email every time I post a comment. It’s not the worst thing. I experienced that last night when the wifey couldn’t make it to bed and fell off the side. I left her there but her mouth still worked so I went back and got her limp ass back on the bed. I could use some product from Peru or some other from Afghanistan….or maybe both. My hips and back feel like I fell off a cliff and landed on a sharp rock.


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