Diaper Report 5/14/21

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This report is about leverage – to get everyone to Diaper, at least once. And to get everyone Needled, eventually.

The former, to get across that they can make you – at least once – given the right sort of leverage, even if you loathe the hateful rag and everything it stands for. The purpose of this being to show who’s boss and that you are not. More deeply, it is done to get you to betray yourself.

When that thing touches your face, however reluctantly, a piece of you dies. That part of you that thought you would never cross certain lines; that gave you a sense of yourself as a man.

That goes for women, too. But for men, especially. We are supposed to be the ones who protect women from being degraded in such ways.

Children, too. 

You can try to tell yourself that you had to. And perhaps, you did. Some people have had to choose between putting the despicable thing on their face or face being jobless and possibly, on account of that, homeless. They have responsibilities.

And they have leverage.

Some did it because it was the price of being allowed to see a dying family member. Italics to make the point regarding who’s boss. Even as regards your most personal family relationships.

How did that make you feel?

And that is just the point.

They got you to do it – and you know you did it. That is what they needed, above all. It was and is the whole point of this evil Kabuki. It is why practically anything qualifies as a “mask” – no matter the obvious absurdity, from a medical point-of-view, of a bandana or a modified brassiere – both of them serving as the Willie Wonka Golden Ticket to being allowed – italics, again – to live.

The purpose was never medical.

It was – and remains – psychological. The Rag is about abasement. You efface your face – the thing that once showed the world who you are. In its place, you are made to show something else.

It serves precisely the same purpose that is served when a schoolyard bully gets another kid to degrade himself in some soul-crushing manner. It is about more than who’s boss. It is about who is master.

It is about who gave in.

And the loss of self-respect and confidence in one’s own integrity that always attends, no matter what you tell yourself you just had to do.

The effect of that is emotionally and psychologically devastating. Ask any kid who has been bullied; ask an abused spouse.

It is the same technique applied at airports – using “terrorism” as the basis for terrorizing the passengers, by letting them know they are powerless. By humiliating them in the most intimate way – via physical touch of their most intimate areas, as they stand helplessly legs-splayed, allowing it to happen.

That is no accident.

It is training.

In pre-terroristic times, it was understood that a free person’s person was sacred; that only prisoners and victims of assault got touched without their consent. This form of terror-conditioning having been normalized, it was subsequently expanded. Now they violate your face, in order to hurt your soul.

The common denominator is the same. We can make you do it and you know you let us do it.

Which causes us to know something very unpleasant about ourselves.

About our vulnerability. That we aren’t – as we once thought – the free men and women we imagined ourselves to be. Italics again, to make the point.

That we would never accept . . .

And here we are.

What else we accept? Rest assured, more will be expected.

There are a few who have never once wore the loathsome rag and for us, it is a proud symbol of defiance. But we should be honest with ourselves. I try to be, at least. I’ve never once put the damned thing on. But then, I haven’t had to – in order to remain employed (since I work for myself) or to obtain necessaries (since I could, even at the height of Rag Fever, because not all the stores in my area refused to allow me in sans the Rag).

But they are working the problem.

There is my mother, imprisoned for the past year-plus in a “care” facility for people with dementia; I know I will never be allowed to see her again without the Rag over my face. I have decided that is a price I will pay, knowing my mother’s mind on the subject before she lost her mind. We disagree on many things, but her attitude toward this sort of evil idiocy is identical to my own and I know she would never willingly wear the Rag herself nor expect me to.

So I will be able to avoid making that choice. Or rather, I will choose not to be leveraged into making the choice to wear the god-damned Rag, even just the once. To see her for the last time.

But my shoulder is killing me.

Well, it is keeping me from getting much if any sleep and that probably will kill me, eventually. If I knew what was wrong with it, I might be able to do something to correct it. But that requires imaging, which means putting on the god-damned Rag. Many others are facing a similar Sophie’s Choice.

Stay psychologically and emotionally healthy. Or sacrifice one’s physical health.

It is impossible, or close to impossible, to get any medical attention without performing the Ritual of Abasement and Agreement. Which is the same, ultimately, as spreading your legs as the price of getting the thing they have and know you desperately need.

It is . . . sickening.

If they can get you to submit – even once – then they have taken something away you’ll never get back, like your virginity. And that is why they are doing everything they can to make you do it, even if just once.

Because once is the same as forever.

Getting everyone Needled will be simpler on account of their having already succeeded in getting almost everyone to submit to the Rag. People are so beaten they haven’t got much fight left in them. They just want to get on with it, whatever the cost.

Just as planned.

But it’s one hell of a price to pay.

.  .  .

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  1. The face diaper numbers seem to be down significantly here in my section of Eastern Iowa. The dog and I spent about an hour waiting in two different bigger grocery store parking lots watching the customers come & go. I saw a total of 9 attractive, healthy looking, young women walk into, and out of, the grocery store.
    When I say attractive, I mean, not wearing a face diaper. All women are unattractive while wearing a face diaper. I have not seen an attractive, healthy looking, young woman walk into, or out of, a grocery store since the Fall of 2019.
    If I had to guess, I’d say face diaper compliance was down 25 to 40% by all ages and walks of life.
    This includes a brief visit to the farm/hardware store.

    I usually get almost unbearably depressed watching the Borg while waiting in the parking lot of a grocery store, this is the first time I didn’t feel that way.
    The weather was rainy and cool, so it wasn’t because it was hot and humid, like it will be soon. I’m guessing it’s due to ~46% of the nation got The Shot? Idk. On the flip side, it did look like the grocery curbside pickup was massively more pronounced. Lazy, cowardly, gullible …

    • I was treated so nicely by an attractive late 30’s, maybe 40, did everything she could to help me find the thing I wanted. In west Texas nobody is wearing a maske. It’s just back to regular and everyone is nice . They are really off the mask thing and we’re back to normal. To be honest, the people of west Texas are very nice and nobody has ever been nasty to me. I feel very good to be here, here and now. Noboby wears a mask. It’s just like it’s always been. I’m very grateful to be living here.

      • Morning, Eight!

        THat’s some good news; here in SW Va, Diapering is still rampant but zero enforcement. Even at Aldi’s – a previous “hot spot” of sickness psychosis. I’ll have a report up shortly.

  2. And in local news from western Riverside County, CA,
    Our very own County Supervisor, who has a) contracted, and fully recovered from, Covid-19 (ill, but not needing hospitalization, several months ago), and b) recently taken the jab, still wears a face diaper in public, to “lead by example.” Um, no, Karen (her actual first name).
    >>Later, Spiegel, who contracted the virus in July and routinely wears a mask at board meetings, said: “I’d love to take my mask off right now, but I lead by example and I will keep it on until June 15. But I’ve been vaccinated, I’ve had the virus, and I’m sitting up here with a mask. So I feel kind of frustrated with the whole scene.”

    So, take it off, Karen. Take it all off.
    You could become the Carol Doda of “full facial nudity.”

  3. It is my understanding (I’m neither doctor nor scientist) that this vaccine was developed on the back of the SARS research from the early 2000’s.


  4. For those who have joined the DeSantis cheer squad:
    And DeSantis has shown before that he is all-in on one of the stupidest boondoggles of all time, the National Flood Insurance Program:
    “Our federal partners have been critical to Florida’s recovery for hurricanes,” said DeSantis. “Rebuilding after Hurricane Irma would not have been nearly as successful without support from FEMA, the U.S. Small Business Administration and the National Flood Insurance Program. I look forward to our continued partnership as we remain committed to rebuilding resilient communities for all Floridians.”

    • Hi Roland,

      I know I’m simple, so bear with… how is it that people who build in areas where they know there will be floods get upset – and expect to be bailed out – when it does flood? I like visiting the beach. But I live at 3,000 feet above the beach’s level (and far from any river) so as to not ever find myself under water – nor need to pay for insurance to “cover” for that.

      • You nailed one of my pet peeves Eric, around here there are lots of beachfront homes that get periodically wiped out via storms and beach erosion that get taxpayers to foot the bill for replenishing the sand and building sea walls. You know there’s no way in hell that would happen if they had to pay for it themselves. Some of these places have been rebuilt multiple times, yet somehow the insurance company pays up and they rebuild in the same spot. Back in 2015 when we had the snowmaggedon that never stopped I put in a claim for some serious water damage. My homeowners insurance paid up, but then tried to drop me the following year, this after paying premiums for 30+ years with never a claim. Your categorization of “the insurance mafia” is spot on, it makes my teeth ache.

      • People are irrational.
        There is a case here locally of a housing tract which was built adjacent to a wastewater treatment plant. The sewage treatment plant is in full view, and I have no doubt the builder required purchasers to sign a document saying they knew what it was, in order to cover himself.
        I’ve driven by there many times over the years, both before and after the housing tract was built, and never once was I aware of any odor from the plant. Nor is it an eyesore. In fact, the plant is partially obscured by an earth berm, and what is visible is certainly not grotesque. Nevertheless, some of the owners $ued, saying the presence of the plant adversely affected their guilty of life, and property value$. I do not recall if they prevailed on money damages, but I know they compelled the treatment facility to plant trees as a visual barrier.
        Here in California, people build houses in high fire risk areas, then wonder why their houses burn down when a forest fire sweeps through the area. Others build on the edge of a cliff, with a *great* view of the Ocean, until the hillside collapses.* Well, duh!
        * The smart ones do whatever is required to mitigate the risk, at their own expense. I was involved in a residential project in La Jolla a number of years ago. The owners had bought a fairly mundane 1970s house which was built on compacted fill, on a hillside with a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean.
        Being wealthy, they completely rebuilt the house, which included spending $800,000 for an upgraded (actually brand new) deep foundation, which consisted of 36 drilled caissons, all tied together with a massive pile cap. The deepest caisson went 57 feet.
        Should the compacted slope fail, their neighbors’ houses may slide down the hill, but their house will be perched on concrete stilts, overlooking the Pacific.

        • Speaking of stupid lawsuits: I like Mang-O-Ritas, but I haven’t been able to find them anywhere for months. I read that a group of geniuses has sued the manufacturer because the drink doesn’t contain tequila. I guess if the name of a beverage sounds sort of like “margarita,” instead of reading the freaking label to see what’s in it, you should buy it and then sue them.

      • I own outright near the ocean and do not buy any homeowners insurance. That being said, around me, residents but mostly non-residents build and own places right on the oceanfront because people like you like to visit and rent them for thousands of dollars a week or hundreds a day. They build multimillion $ 7-10 bed/bath homes with elevators and movie theaters and pools. The annual rental proceeds on a place like that can be 200-300k. The locals don’t call them houses they call them “rental machines.” It’s a huge business that is the basis of the local economy. State and local gov’ts get taxes up to 17-20%. That’s the rationale given for why gov’t (taxpayers) subsidizes the insurance. Same goes for another, more localized, tax and transfer scam known as beach “re nourishment” whereby they pump or truck sand in to prevent erosion and protect beachfront homes.

      • Hi Eric, “simple” is how it used to be – and still should be. Decades ago the Den of Crooks decided it wasn’t fair that people couldn’t get “affordable” flood insurance, so they started NFIP. The actuarially unsound rates tempted people to build in places where they never would have if they had had to pay market prices for coverage. NFIP has been a sea of red ink since the beginning.
        I think I’ve posted here before that I’m on the board of a small farm mutual insurance company. One of my beefs with the National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies, of which we’re a member, is that they lobby incessantly to continue and expand NFIP. I believe they do so because they want taxpayers to be on the hook for the risky stuff so member companies can write the profitable coverage – like wind, fire and liability – on structures that never would have been built in the first place absent NFIP.
        I know a lot of people here are critical of insurance, but it is a positive thing when it’s private and voluntary. Even though it represents a hit to our bottom line, it’s a good feeling when our adjuster rushes right out with checkbook in hand after one of our neighbors has lost everything to a fire.

    • Hi Michael,

      Thanks for posting this; it is well-written and on point. The one point missing that I’d add is, simply:

      There is no sound medical reason for healthy people to take “treatments” or undergo procedures they do not need.

      Do people who are perfectly capable of walking need to buy a wheelchair? Does a person who can swim need to wear a life preserver at the pool?

      If I haven’t got prostate cancer and am years away from it being a serious risk for me, would you think me ill if I signed up to have mine surgically removed… just to be safe?

      “Vaccinating” healthy kids is particularly egregious. They face almost literally nil chance of dying from “the virus.” Yet they are being subjected to mass “vaccination” – with a “vaccine” that has killed thousands of people so far.

      This is evil business, simply put.

      • >If I haven’t got prostate cancer and am years away from it being a serious risk for me, would you think me ill if I signed up to have mine surgically removed…
        Eric –
        Funny you should say that.
        From what I know, some obstetricians have been promoting hysterectomies, i.e. sterilization, to perfectly healthy women for many decades. Generally, these are women who have all the children they wish to have, but have perfectly healthy female organs.
        A long time female friend related this to me back in the early 1980s. She has six healthy children, loves being a mom, and was, at that time, perfectly healthy and perfectly happy to use oral contraceptives. There was no medical reason to remove her uterus, but an obstetrician promoted the idea to her anyway, and she knew of this being proposed to other women in similar circumstances. She refused. Her take was the OB/GYN crowd were hard up for business due to women not having babies.

        My sister in law, an elementary school teacher and mother of two fine children, fell for the pitch, decades later, because she “didn’t need her uterus any more.” She did not have cancer, nor is there a history of uterine cancer in her family.

        Oh, yeah, my good friend Angie is still going strong at 87. It evidently starts with good Calabrian genes, and her health has been maintained by life long vigorous physical activity. A real tomboy, she played women’s rugby until age 78, used to run 10k races, and long enjoyed softball and golf. She is also a very cheerful and positive woman, who definitively *LOVES* the company of men (and how).

        My sister in law, OTOH, bless her heart, is rather obese, gets little exercise, has high cholesterol, and takes statins. No doubt she has been “fully vaccinated” by now. Jedem das seine.

        • “She did not have cancer, nor is there a history of uterine cancer in her family.”

          Removal of such organs can lead to cancer, as it disrupts natural hormonal balance.

          I know of a woman who had some kind of cauterization on her uterus, can’t remember why. Was unable to have children after that, but she and husband did adopt 4.

        • Hi Turtle,

          It’s astounding, isn’t it? Removal of healthy body parts – in some cases to “prevent” a disease that doesn’t afflict. Bam. Zoom. Straight to the Moon!

          • I am going to take this conversation just a little bit further…male genital mutilation…also known as circumcision.
            Removing the foreskin of an infant male is mutilation and should be outlawed. The foreskin is a healthy body part, and as such should be left alone unless medical necessity dictates removal. I realize that there are a few cases where the foreskin is “too tight” and needs to be opened up, but such cases are few and far between.
            The standard non-religious excuse is that removal of the foreskin promotes “good hygiene” which is still not a reason to remove a healthy functioning body part.
            When the religious aspect is figured in, it gets even worse. In certain religious practices, (b’rit milah) the “cutter” (mohel) fellates the male infant’s organ after “the deed is done”. This practice has the added risk of infecting the male infant with STDs from the mohel, quite often not manifesting the results until much later in life…not good.

            • Well said and correct. A disgusting barbaric practice from a barbaric time.

              Not to mention, the unbelievable UNPROCESSED TRAUMA the guys who undergo that “procedure” carry around with them throughout their life. Welcome to the world little guy, we’re just gonna cut half your dick off the day after you’re born. But you’ll be fine. There’s nO eViDeNcE that it carries any long-term effects.


    • Thank you, Michael. My argument all along, in a nutshell, has been that for the young it is all risk and zero benefit. But of course the propaganda machine has created a perverse benefit: get the frankenshot and you will be treated as a Good Caring Person instead of a festering murdering sack of disease.

      • You’re welcome Roland and everyone. If some fag pulls the “care” card, I tell them I care about others as much as they actually care about me.

        If they “cared” about me, they’d ask me what I wanted, which is for them to stop being a brainwashed coward moron and stop obeying this insanity. Oh, don’t want to do that? I guess you don’t care about me then, so I don’t care about you.

  5. Man – saw something quite worrying on facebook just now. A girl I went to school with just had her kid vaccinated and proudly posted the pictures on facebook !! Kids probably around 13/14…. its just shocking to see how they can just let their kid be a guinnea pig… They’re not stupid – her husbands one of those who’s made a fortune in private equity over the past decade and you need some level of brain to do that one would think… fine they’re in California but still how much of the cool aid can one drink to loose all common sense….

  6. Last evening the wife and I went to my 50th high school reunion that had been postponed from 2020. It was supposed to be at a park, but the weather turned out cool and rainy so it was moved indoors. Out of a class of 37, there were 13 of us, plus spouses. Dinner was cafeteria-style, with everybody touching the same serving utensils. Not a diaper in sight, and during the four hours we were there I didn’t hear one word about covid, “my mask,” or “my vaccination.” Just handshakes, hugs, stories, and laughs.
    Boy, I needed that.

  7. Corona CA PD responded to my complaint of a loud party next door this evening.
    Pleasant enough conversation with two youngish (30s) male AGWs, both of whom looked like they might benefit from an enforced physical fitness program, but were at least *not* morbidly obese.
    Nary a face diaper in sight, nor was I treated like a leper. No “social distancing,” just normal conversation, concluded with a handshake.
    My conclusion: real people do not have time for this “sickness kabuki” bullshit.
    Four out of five of City Council (100% of males) were facially naked @ last meeting.
    Female mayor was double diapered.
    Oh, well.

  8. Great analysis Eric. The facial debasement is a slave training psy-op. Nothing more. Nothing less.

    There is no doubt that the past many months have been torturous for us, seeing evil on the march and prevailing so thoroughly. I do believe spiritual, mental and emotional suffering can manifest physically. I can’t begin to say if you have a pure physical ailment or something psychosomatic, or some combination. All I can say is I sympathize.

    • Thanks, Jody –

      For both.

      There are so many facets to this evil – and idiocy. Where to begin?

      At my gym, almost no one wears the disgusting thing, but there are a few. I often wonder whether those people ever bother to ponder the ought-to-be-obvious-by-now lack of sickness and death among the rest of us. The gym has been reopened for six months. No one – literally, no even one person – has been felled or even put into bed by this “highly infectious virus.” Yet the Diapered continue to Diaper and probably will Diaper, forever.

      There was a poster here named Pat who repeatedly mocked me, saying – in effect – just wait! Well, I have. How much longer? At what point does the assertion – everyone who shows their face is going to die! – take a back seat to the fact that no one even got sick?

  9. Fauci Admits — Roughly half of NIH employees have chosen not to get vaccine…


    The vaccine influencers are out in full force in my home state of confusion.

    They’re on the radio urging people to be vaccinated.

    The influencers are former state officials, their wives, all happy jolly horseshit about how your life will be better after you have been jabbed to death.

    It is just more soft tyranny, has to be rejected, can’t live by that kind of brainwashing, which is what it is.

    It is creating a slow collapse.

    At one time, I had a small area on my leg that was turning black and blue, must have been a blood circulation problem. The pain was real, all I did was rub the black and blue spot gently each day for a few minutes. It eventually disappeared, but the spot hurt, so I had to do something.

    My wife had severe back pain, swollen discs, the neurosurgeon was recommending surgery, whittle on her, she refused. She was incapacitated, could hardly walk, the doctor prescribed some medication to alleviate the pain. Powerful drugs, probably addictive. She ingested one dose and that was it, no more. She wanted beer and marijuana to maybe control the unmanageable pain.

    In the long haul and with chiropractic care, she recovered.

    EP, stop over-exercising your shoulder, get some sort of treatment, the acupuncture might be helpful.

    Just don’t over-use your shoulder, find some treatment of one kind or another.

    A little kind bud will work wonders, it’s called one-hit wonder for a reason.

    Maybe too much exposure, however, the story behind the medical cannabis movement in California was elderly care workers got tired of feeding drugs to the old folks and started feeding them medical cannabis, got them stoned, lo and behold, they general health of the pharmaceutical-free old people improved. Thus, the beginning of the movement.

    Probably not apocrypha.

    Everclear for medicinal purposes is a good prescription, not too much. 190 proof alcohol packs a punch.

    Make it a Suffering Bastard.

    • I highly recommend a good California brandy, neat or with soda, for a torn ACL.
      Takes time, but makes life bearable while the knee joint heals.

  10. I just heard Trader Joe’s removed the mask mandate and Walmart and Costco followed suit.

    Too little too late for TJ, while they allowed exemptions, it wasn’t worth the hassle. They were awful mini-mao’s. Walmart and Costco never questioned me being undapered. Will never frequent TJ again.

    I was just denied service for only the second time during this scamdemic. The first was my barber at the start of this, the second was just now at Fleet Feet. Fleet Feet was in Alabama where there are no State or local mandates. Truth be told, I rarely frequent small retail stores, so I might have had issues at other small shops if I had tried. In any event, Fleet Feet is off my list forever. The girl was nice enough, said she could take care of me outside. I didn’t argue, just said no thanks and left.

    Eric, I’ve just recovered from year long shoulder pain. Too much tennis and weightlifting. It got to the point I couldn’t lift my arm above my shoulder, or put my hand on my hip. Luckily it was my non serving hand so I could still play, but the ball toss on the serve was torture. Had to give up barbell bench press and switched to light dumbbell bench. I just knew I would need rotator cuff surgery.

    Luckily, going to see doctor with a mask was not an option. I’m sure the would have wanted to cut.. So after 9 months of band exercises and reduced repetitive motion, the pain started to reside and I have almost full range of motion.

    I’m not convinced it wasn’t all stress induced from the tyrannical mandates. I went through feet pain, pulled groin, back pain, and shoulder impingement through the last year. I’m as fit as can be, so something was up causing injury and pain.

    Stay relaxed and research physical therapy. You’ll probably need to do you own therapy. Physical Therapists seem to be the worst enforcers of masks. Chiropractors may be more lenient.

    It may be slow, but hopefully you’ll recover without surgery.

    Oh, just remembered, the Theragun massager did wonders for my shoulder.

    • Thanks, Topspin –

      My “crunchy” GF also thinks it may be at least partially stress. As she is more in tune with physical things than I am, I tend to defer to her judgment. Plus, she makes a great lasagna!

        • Hi Helot!

          “Crunchy” means someone who is into natural (whole) foods, not into allopathic medicine, suspicious (rightly) of the pharmaceutical cartels and the Big Food combines. I suppose I’m one, too!

          • Eric, I’m glad you cleared that up. My joints sound like crunchy-style in the morning but I was pretty sure that wasn’t what you meant.

          • Except in emergency situations, allopathic medicine sucks and should not be used period. Given the protocols I see at hospitals, I am surprised more patient don’t end up dead from their treatment. They say medical erros contribute to 300,000 plus deaths a year. I believe that part of it has to do with the dietary protocols and the unnecessary testing that hospitals make patients undergo. it’s an absolute disgrace.

            I think there is a Trader Joes but I haven’t been to one in OKC since this whole nonsense started, simply because of what I have been hearing. I have been thrown out of more stores than you can imagine since this stifling shit began. Maybe it is because my face isn’t something people want to look at. I don’t know. Regardless, if anyone says that I don’t know what discrimination is, I will spit in their face. I’ve been pressured, fingered, shouted at, thrown out of stores, and denied service ever since this nonsense began.

            My brothers are pro mask and have subtly discriminated as well.

            This is a sick society.

  11. Put the genie back in the bottle. If you happen to trample a few natural rights, well, that’s just how the cookie crumbles.

    The longer this continues, the more it becomes clear that this was an engineered virus that got away and now the people that OK’d the research are desperate to get it off the face of the Earth. If this were really a naturally occurring aggressive virus there’s no way this outsized reaction would even be considered. But with accidents comes blame and root cause analysis, much of which keeps pointing back to the lab in Wuhan. The one funded by the WHO. The one that was funded by the WHO, even after Obama signed an executive order prohibiting the CDC from performing that sort of research in the United States. Tell me again, why are we still in the United Nations?

    The whole vaccine thing is a red herring: the political types are using it as a way to show that they’re men of action, who are rescuing us all from the wrath of… well, them, but that other department of them over there. Whomever the Democratic Party runs in 2024 will certainly crow about how many “jabs in arms” they delivered, completely ignoring the efficacy or blatant manipulation of testing data. Or that once doctors knew what they were dealing with the severity of the disease was greatly reduced, whether proactive action was taken or not.

    • It is telling that the *entire* emphasis has been on a “vaccine ” rather than an “inexpensive and effective treatment.”
      What is the difference?
      “Effective treatment” is only required if you are suffering from a disease.
      No one is treated with antibiotics because they *might* get gonorrhea, and no one is subjected to “contact tracing” for taking quinine to treat malaria.
      Ah, but a “vaccine” is an excuse to tag people who refuse to submit to the Will of Landru, those who refuse to be assimilated, those who continue to believe that resistance is *not* futile.

        • From day one, Anon…

          It was always about the Needling. Diapering being the necessary preconditioning. Wear the Diaper and you’ve furthered acceptance of the Needle. The question then arises: Why do they want us Needled? It may well be depopulation. But I am certain it is about establishing a kind of “health panopticon” of both serial monitoring and absolute control over our literal bodies.

          • Eric, I’m so sorry for your family’s situation. We were watching a video a few days ago and it was as close to your situation as it can get and the mother died and the family was never allowed to see her or attend a funeral for her. It was maddening. I sorta went off the deep end since my mother was killed by a botched surgery and lying in a bed in an ICU that hadethose big containers left over from various surgical operations and there were workmen there every day installing new wall receptacles and other electrical things and this was all shoved into it since they weren’t operating like it was a hospital, especially being it was an ICU.

            When we waited to see her post-op. there were many families in the waiting room, so many that some just sat in the halls where they could find a chair and would leave one person in the ICU waiting room. We left my oldest sister since I’m no good at sitting in a chair for hour after hour.

            Over the next few days we saw all the families that were there leaving and grieving and then it was our turn. My wife says I’m too old to get mad but old or not, I get mad as hell when there’s something like that going on. I don’t know how anyone could keep from getting mad. I was ready to start those carts on fire so they’d have to get that shit out of there but they had people watching us like hawks and we were only allowed to see our mother when “they said so”. as of we’d drag the dogs and ride our horses through there. That would have been better than all those tons of bloody rags.

            But after watching the video I got on a rant and reiterated to the wife that you had still never seen your mother and would likely never see her again. Then I walked out the door and started cleaning, which was picking up things and throwing them as hard as I could. Cats disappeared and even CJ stayed the hell away from me. Oh, I’ll have to pick it all up before I can mow but I had to hurt myself(my shoulder, back and hips)to calm down. I almost kicked something large and hard but remembered I no longer wear steel-toed boots. I hope against the craziness we live in that you will see her again and be able to touch her and talk to her directly.

            BTW, at the age of 52 I had a bit of insurance and worked a deal with the best orthopedic surgeon around by lots of people’s assessment, including my wife. I made a deal with him and paid off over time what the insurance didn’t cover.

            When I was being shoved along to the OR, one nurse walked over to me and said “You know this is one of the most painful surgeries there are” and then smiled at me. I have no idea why she did this but I’d have kicked her ass if I hadn’t been strapped down.
            Well, the doc did a fine job on my shoulder. This was at the end of February in 2002 and I didn’t stop getting the sharp pains till two weeks before Christmas but it was worth it. It was my right arm so I had to learn to do everything left-handed which wasn’t so bad since I’m about halfway ambidextrous.

            I tell you this thinking you might find a doc who’d work a deal with you too. It’ll be worth it. My doc said I would have been much better off if I’d had it done long before, that the longer you put it off the harder it is to come back from it. He was right about that part of it. I think about your family often and mostly just get a bit mad and not crazy mad. I say this because I’m a very easy going person so it takes quite a bit to make me mad but everyone reaches that point of no return at some time. I pray you will get to see her and know that Fauci would get a bigger smile thinking that you never will. I wish he’d come to the shinery. Fauci? Who are you talking about? He’s commonly on tv? Guess I don’t know him since I don’t have tv. Then it would be my turn to have that shit-eating grin on my face.

          • Depopulation? Please! They need our labor to put up as collateral for their spending sprees. I’m pretty sure they don’t give one shit about any of us, at least until it’s time to vote. Which is the point of the vaccine. Trump used Operation Warp Speed as a major feather in his cap during the campaign. Now the Democrats (OK, “Biden”), is going to crow about how many doses they’ve handed out.

            I’m reminded of some director-level managers I’ve known over the years. Most of them don’t know a damn thing other than how to fill out an expense report. But when they get in front of the “hands” at the all-hands meetings they’ll have eye chart style power point presentations showing how many thousands or millions of something their department accomplished over a time period in the past. For example, the director of the call centers would always lead with “Last year we handled 10,0000,000000,000000000 inbound calls, a YOY increase of 20%!” and the other managers would start applauding like the sign in the TV studio was turned on. The efficacy of the contact rate was buried and subject to a lot of handwaving, because that is hard to talk about. Just make sure the number is big, measurable, and can be used in a stump speech. That’s what counts. We have voters to market to!

            • RE: “They need our labor to put up as collateral for their spending sprees.”

              Is that a reference to Catherine Fitts and her idea the Power Elite need and are attempting nano-bot financialized body slavery? If so, seems about right. Thing is, they probably don’t need all of us for that. I suspect that’s partly why they are Malthusians.

            • Nah.
              We are “needed” as raw material for the Medical-Industrial Complex.
              No warm bodies, no overpriced medical billing.
              Doctor-Gods only function at a high level if they are perceived as High Priests.
              For that, you need doctor worshippers.

    • I think either they have enough people jabbed for their goals. The other possibility is that they realized that the jig is up. People were diapering less and less, even in Seattle. Much longer and they would be seen as incapable of enforcing their tyranny.

  12. Eric,

    Sorry to hear about your shoulder pain. I had shoulder impingement a few years back. Painful, painful stuff. I thought I was going to need surgery for a rotator cuff or something. Doc had me go to physical therapy for a few weeks, and the shoulder was as good as new. No drugs, no cutting, just exercise. Hopefully, all you have is shoulder impingement, and nothing worse.

    Now, for my mini-diaper report. I was down in Del Ray Beach Tuesday, and I loved what I was seeing. The vast majority of people downtown were walking around mask-less. You still saw the mask wearers, but they were in the minority, like some degenerates on the fringe of society. I felt bad for the poor servers in the 2 restaurants we visited. They must have been being forced to wear the diaper, but at least were letting it droop below their noses. Did not go into any large stores, but the small ones I entered did not have their employees performing kabuki, but again, this is a really small sample. All of this in Palm Beach County, not the most Conservative of Florida counties.

    Kabuki is still holding strong in my section of Pinellas County, but cracks are appearing. A few weeks ago, I would be very surprised to see a mask-less while out shopping. Now, I see a few, although the vast majority of people are still masked up inside stores and such, but not so much outside, although you do still see the Uber-Diaperers defiantly walking around wearing their masks outside in the beautiful Florida sunshine. Is there any hope for these people?

    • Thanks, Rush!

      I am weirdly able to lift heavy weights and am functional during he day. But at night, I get a constant dull ache that makes sleeping almost impossible. It’s sometimes worse and sometimes better but never goes away. I’m doing a variety of stretching/PT-type exercises on my own – because I’m too tired to deal with Diaper Freaks at any medical-related joint. Hoping I figure it out, eventually.

      On the Diapers: I think that probably a third – and maybe more – of the population is so psychologically damaged now that they will cling to their Diapers for years, if not forever. Therapy might help them, but who will give it to them?

      • My experience with rheumatoid arthritis is that lying down aggravates and increases any pain in the shoulder. Regardless of how one lies. Most of the time, I can find a relatively pain free position, but the aggravation continues, leaving any deviation from that position quite painful, and getting out of bed in the morning quite a test.

  13. One of the best Star Trek TNG episodes is where the captain is captured by an enemy and tortured, starved and told his ship was destroyed, so there is no hope of rescue. His captor tells him he can lead a comfortable life if he wants, i.e. “get back to normal.” All he has to do is look at a row of lights and say there are six, when there are really only five. This situation reminds me of that show.
    The most chilling and prescient line is at the end of the show, after he is rescued. The captain said he would’ve said there we’re six lights, he would’ve said anything to stop the torture, but even worse, he really did believe he saw six lights. The actor is so good that you could see in his face how that felt to die a little because someone evil has stolen a piece of your mind, even if only for a few minutes.
    That’s how I feel when I put on a dirty fear rag so i can go to work or allow some idiot security guard to take naked pictures of me so I can get on an airplane or
    answer nosy questions from a cop when I’m stopped for “speeding” or countless other humiliations I deal with at the hands of a government paid for with half my earnings. I am ashamed for complying.
    I don’t know what they are cooking up for us “anti-vaxxers,” but I’m worried.
    Say you see six lights or you don’t eat tonight.

    • Good morning, Amy!

      I know that episode and agree – it was excellent. As is the acting ability of Patrick Stewart. Regarding the TSA: I came close to losing control of myself the last time I had to deal with them, back in 2016, after my dad died. I flew to AZ for that and on the way home was relieved of some personal items – sealed bottles of whiskey that had belonged to him that I was taking home, or trying to, and in my fog had put in my carry-on bag rather than checked. The blue-suited creep stole my dad’s whiskey right in front of me and I almost ripped his face off.

      I will never fly again.

      And that incident is probably the reason why I have never put on that filthy rag – and never will.

  14. Eric,
    A fellow Virginian of yours once said that his father taught him to “Never start a fight, but always finish one.” That statement is burned into my conscience forever. His name is Ward Burton.

    That’s where we are in this world. We want to be left alone, but the NeoBolsheviks refuse to respect that. So our only remorse is to fight to the bitter end.

    • Well-said, Anon –

      I and literally every other libertarian-minded person of my acquaintance dislike confrontation and would and do go to great lengths to avoid one. We abide by live – and let live. But we expect the same in return. Aye, there’s the rub. These people – the Neo Bolsheviks – will never let us live. They are the children of Lenin, who once said: You may not be interested in government, but government is interested in you.

      • I have an interesting scenario for you.

        What would anyone on here do if the following happened?

        You are in a fast food restaurant placing an order, there are a few other people milling around, two guys in front of you become belligerent with the server (calling her an f’ing fat c** and so forth). There are only two other women working in the restaurant and the server i(who is taking the abuse) are asking them (the men, if you can call them that) to leave, but they refuse and continue with the derogatory language. One then turns around to you and directs it toward you.

        What do you do?

        1. Ignore them, say nothing and hope they leave.
        2. Say something and hope it doesn’t result in physical violence.
        3. Resort to physical violence.

        Note: This did not happen to me, but to a family member who was telling us about it yesterday. My answer was different than everyone else’s and caused a bit of commotion with the other family members.

        I just want to see how far in the outfield I really am.

        • Hi RG,

          I would hope I’d stand up – and look them in the eye and make it clear I’m not having it. Sometimes, that’s all it takes. Bullies are usually cowards.

          I’m also usually armed – and in the event things escalated, then perhaps the sight of a .45 Sig might instill some manners in these animals.

          Much would depend on their size and abilities relative to my own. I find that thugs like the ones you describe rarely get in the face of men they perceive as capable of mopping the floor with their faces.

          My tolerance for such animals is nil. They feel emboldened to do as they go precisely because all too many men won’t stand up to them. Enough of that. We claw back civilization by whatever means they make necessary.

          • There is perhaps a reason behind the order of the 1A and 2A. 1A, “let’s talk about it”. 2A, “since you won’t talk, back off”.

          • All bullies are cowards.
            Cowards are infamous for harassing those weaker than themselves, but will turn tail when confronted with superior force.

          • My mom has actually had a few encounters with goons in fast food lines messing with servers over the years and she has nonviolently put em right in their place each time.

            They’ll get all belligerent and want you to be afraid that they’re dangerous and unhinged, but after she points out that they should try picking on someone their own size (something about a 6ft 60+yr old woman telling them “I think I’m a bit bigger than you 😉” does the trick…) the bullies get buttmad and exit the store butthurt and embarrassed. She could take em ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

        • 2

          I posted the standing up for a neighbor and Ward Burton posts below.

          I’ve had a good life. But I’m not rich and expect that my retirement will end with a frozen corpse in an alley somewhere.

          So what do I have to lose? All I can hope for is to set an example for future generations. Stand up to these goddamned assholes. The younger generations won’t so I guess we old farts have to.

          • “I’ve had a good life. But I’m not rich and expect that my retirement will end with a frozen corpse in an alley somewhere.”

            Ha! I can relate and probably will never forget that comment.

        • Something like that happened to me, once. Some dude across the bar was feeling up the bartender, who was not having it. I was very worried about spending the night in jail, but I also believed something had to be done. I looked him square in the eye, he did it again, I glared, loudly scooched my stool back & stood up. He decided that was a good time to take a phone call outside, so I paid up my tab and walked home.

          I’ve always wondered if I should have been a little faster on it/more assertive, or if I somehow managed to keep things from getting any worse. I lost the bartender’s friendship over Diapering, so I guess now I’ll never know (not that we were particularly close before that, anyway).

        • A quick cost/benefit analysis would determine whether I engaged (verbally) or retreated. I wouldn’t ignore or jump straight into physical action.

          If comments are directed at me and I think I can deescalate the situation, I’d say something and try to talk the guys down, change the subject, whatever. If I don’t think the situation could be deescalated and is a lost cause, I’m out of there. No different than moving out of the city before it becomes unlivable due to the Great Reset. No different than Lee pulling out of Antietam.

        • It seems I wasn’t too far off the mark (at least here). I chose B. One should say something when things get this out of control. Most of my crowd chose A that it was best that my 6’1″ 20+ year old nephew did nothing. The only other customers in the store were guys….no one said anything. It was the female behind the counter that threatened them with calling the cops if they did not leave the store.

          Maybe I long for a bygone era. Thirty years ago everybody would have met in the parking lot and fists would have been thrown. I cannot imagine my grandfathers siting idly by and saying or doing nothing. My maternal grandfather once was stabbed (it was a flesh wound) while stationed in Japan because a man was smacking his girlfriend around on the street and my grandfather chose to speak up.

          It just seems we have now become a society who is scared to speak up. It now has become acceptable to put your head down and look at your shoes even when the barbs are aimed at you.

          • Hi RG,

            I’m basically shy by nature and really dislike conflict. But I dislike barbarism far more. Bullying even less. I find, as time goes on, that I’m less and less tolerant of it. It offends me to my core that civilization is being deconstructed and I’ve determined to do what I can to stop it.

  15. The two comely women that appeared on the television station the day the Covid Plague began was disturbing to my psyche. “It is stupid,” is what I said at the time. I was working a carpet job at 69 years of age, still in good shape. Been there and done all of that everywhere, doesn’t matter.

    If you work hard and avoid too many indulgences that you can’t afford, I guess you live to see more of life than you thought you could. A little hard work never killed anybody. har

    If you wear a mask, it becomes a millstone around your neck, a new rung of hell, you are obeying a mandate, an order, a rule to be followed, wear your mask or else situation bullshit GFY and get your ugly face out of my view.

    Ya dumbasses deserve to be treated like pariahs, shunned, don’t get near Joe Biden, first class phony in the flesh. Joe will extract a pound of flesh and won’t feel a thing, you will, too bad, so sad.

    It is just a matter of time for Joe’s final whatchamallcallit. There is a place for Joe on this earth, that place hasn’t been dug yet.

    Heart failure can do that, I can wait for that to happen, if Joe does actually have a heart. Joe has no brain, easy to see that, a black heart to boot.

    It is what it is. lol

  16. Eric-regarding your shoulder, my family has moved away from allopathic medicine and orthodox dentistry for some time. Occasionally, it can’t be avoided. Recently, my wife badly broke a tooth and the only option was removal and only one practitioner was even willing to take our money in the area. Two weeks of hell before it was done. The minimum kabuki got practiced by her that day and neither of us cared one whit. I would never suggest that you don’t honor your conscience, but you don’t need to deny yourself acute medical care on my account. We all need you in the game and up to par.

    Another commenter mentioned psychological reasons for your issue. One of the non-traditional books (aside from Where There Is No Doctor and Where There Is No Dentist) we frequently consult is “Heal Your Body, The Mental Causes for Physical Illnesses and the Metaphysical Way to Overcome Them” by Louise Hay (now deceased). I know, sounds hokey, and initially I was very dismissive but it can be quite profound. Sometimes it’s all we’ve got. The book says this about shoulders: “they represent our ability to carry our experiences in life joyously. We make life a burden by our attitude.” It then offers a “new thought pattern” of choosing to allow all your experiences to be joyous. Understandably, this is some seriously tough shit to do these days but it’s worth considering nonetheless.

      • Hello Eric,
        I have had highly respected doctors from major medical centers tell me NOT to let them cut you open to repair arm damage if you can manage with orthopedic, chiropractic help or even some painkillers. Reason being, to properly replace or repair a joint such as a rotator cuff, knee or hip, a knowledge of mechanical engineering is necessary. As medicine is an “art”, not (necessarily) a science, most doctors do not have a knowledge of mechanical engineering, properly replacing a joint such as a hip or knee quite often doesn’t work out as well as it could. Proper placement for range of motion is critical and all possible positions and angles of the replacement must be considered.
        Hope this helps.

      • Eric, did you overdo it in the gym? At our age (I assume from your picture you are mid 40’s as am I, forgive me if I’m wrong), we are more susceptible to injury as I’m sure you are aware. Since I became serious about working out a few years ago (why oh why didn’t I do this in my 20’s???) I have had almost constant minor injuries which required me to lay off certain exercises for extended periods of time.

        I kid you not, I had a torn triceps tendon in my left arm for over 2 years which prevented me from doing full bicep curls. Finally the day came where I realized it didn’t hurt anymore and I was able to go full steam again. Shortly thereafter, I did the same damn thing to my right arm!

        Moral of the story, it sucks getting old.

        Your shoulder injury sounds like it’s worse than any of my small injuries. I truly hope it heals quickly and you find relief (and sleep).

      • Eric,

        I heard you on David Knight this morning, so that dovetails with what I’ll tell you; it dovetails with something he often says. He quotes Alexandr Solzynetsin, who said that, even if you have to do something you’d rather not, that you don’t BELIEVE in it; you don’t buy in to the BS being sold. David brings that up fairly often, because many people, as you pointed out, are forced to wear the rag or go homeless. David says he understands that and sympathizes with folks in that position, but he said to NEVER BELIEVE it!

        The reason I bring that up is because, though I usually do without it; though I can structure the vast majority of my activities to avoid wearing The Holy Rag; there are times when I’ve had no choice. To get a cortisone shot in my ailing knee; to get a borken tooth fixed; to get new glasses; or to get my diabetic cat the care she needs; I’ve had to reluctantly don my respirator.

        You could do as Rush Limbaugh often did: illustrate absurdity by being absurd. I do that in my small way by wearing a respirator, which looks like a half gas mask; it dovers the nose and mouth, and is equipped with two filter cartridges. It’s my small part to illustrate absurdity by being absurd.

        Some things, like dental work and getting new glasses, I’ve been making it a point to do now. David Knight says, and I concur, that the gov’t is going to crack down on vax refusniks later in the year; he thinks it’ll be in the 3rd quarter. While I don’t know if it’ll be THAT soon, it won’t be too long thereafter when those of us who refuse The Needle will be unable to do these things. Forget about Jim Crow and entering in the back door; forget about riding at the back of the bus; we won’t be ABLE to enter any door or ride on ANY bus before long! So, I play the game to do necessary things now.

        As for your shoulder, it would be a good idea to take care of it now while you still can. Now, all you have to do is wear the rag. In a year or so when your shoulder is worse, you won’t be able to get in AT ALL without The Holy Jab!

        Until you get it looked at, a good thing to do would be to look up shoulder rehabilitation exercises. These are the same kinds of exercises your physical therapist will have you do at home, Try experimenting with them, and see if any of them work.

        Anyway, those are my thoughts. As David Knight says when quoting Solzynetsin, even if you have to don the face diaper, don’t BELIEVE IN what it represents. None of us will hold you in any lower esteem if you do. In a year or so, without the shot, doing these things may not be an option at all. That, too, is something to think about…

        • Eric,

          I don’t know if this list is comprehensive, but there are some shoulder exercises you can do here: https://orthoinfo.aaos.org/globalassets/pdfs/2017-rehab_shoulder.pdf

          It has 11 pages of exercises, and it’s a downloadable pdf too! Google “shoulder rehab exercises”, and explore more on your own. The above link is but a sample of what’s available for rehabbing a shoulder. You might need to get a “medicine band” , a ball or two, and some light weights/dumb bells. Then, you’ll be good to go! Hope this helps…

        • Hi, MM,
          I concur with your point of view.
          I also use the “distort and caricature” method to parody the absurd.
          I think of it as “raising the ante,” and it calls to my mind the performance of the late, great Paul Newman as Cool Hand Luke. We do indeed have a “failure to communicate,” because it is sometimes like attempting to communicate with a block of cement. But, we must persevere, or perish.
          You insist I cover my face, or be refused service? Fine, I will cover my entire head, in black, with tiny eye holes, as in Black September, and accessorize it with a black T shirt emblazoned Allahu Akbar in Arabic and wraparound mirrored sunglasses. Works great for scaring bank tellers 🙂
          Hey, you were the one who insisted I cover my face. Reap what you sow, sow.
          I do also have a full face canister respirator, but prefer the black balaclava, due to ease of use as well as the fear factor. I also refuse to “be nice” to those who insist on facial obscurity. “Social distancing” implies emotional distancing, as far as I am concerned, and I can be one emotionally distant SOB if I so choose. I am not as tall as Eric, but I am slightly under 6′, well over 200 lb., and blessed with a strong, and very deep, voice. Not all that many people are going to be “feeling lucky” when confronted with those of us with above average physical attributes. 🙂 Go ahead, punk…
          But, it is also important to know when to turn off the hostility, meaning when you encounter a thinking human being, who may be your ally. It does absolutely no good to walk around with a hard on for the world, so to speak.
          JMO; YMMV.

          • I agree – the best way to make crap like this fall apart is mock it and half ass it to the point it becomes obvious…. many ideas in places like Pakistan fall apart because of this.

            Id suggest a darth vader mask. Or one of my favourites was a guy who went down oxford street in London (in the early days of masking) but naked with nothing but a mask covering his junk….as now he was “wearing a mask” he shouldn’t be bothered….

            • Heh.
              I read last year that strip clubs in San Diego were being allowed to operate, with a new restriction.
              The dancers are allowed to be nude, except for their faces!
              Bare titties? No problem.
              Air out the pubes? Absolutely OK.
              But don’t you *dare* show your faces, ladies!
              Sick, indeed.

              I am old enough to remember when topless dancing was a “big deal,” thanks to Carol Doda performing at the Condor Club in San Francisco. Topless progressed to bottomless, and has now retrogressed to “mouth must be covered,” which symbolically means, at least to me, “shut your mouth, and do not question authority.”

              I look forward to the day when the signs go up, advertising “full facial nudity inside,” and the birth of a *NEW* Free Speech Movement. 🙂

            • >many ideas in places like Pakistan
              Are you Pakistani?
              A good friend of mine has spent a fair amount of time in Lahore. By random chance, he happened to be there at the time of the Ray Davis affair.
              His Pakistani friends tell him they have photographic proof that ISI is watching him (in the U.S.), just because of who he is (a harmless American), and where he has been in Pakistan.
              His Pakistani benefactor, an M.D. practicing in the U.S., advises my friend that he is undoubtedly on the radar of U.S. CIA/NSA, and probably Israeli Mossad as well.

              Lesson: watch your back, and don’t do anything stupid.

              • Hi Turtle, Yes im from Pakistan originally, and lived there for about a decade. That ray davis affair was quite something… there are many stories of CIA safe houses in cities around Pakistan (well probably around the world for that matter). Know your tax money is being well spent around the world for such causes. Having said that the ISA is also into its fair share of fuckery… Personally im equally suspicious of most governments – though on balance id prefer a Pakistani style one because they are certainly less able to get anything done…. which is probably the best kind of government. Interestingly they say the ISI was actually created in its modern form by the CIA during past decades when the Americans were concerned about communism creeping into Pakistan during the era soviet expansion into Afghanistan, etc. Much of the training ant tactics come from the CIA, and well though they may not always be friends, its a bit foolish to think they would just shut the lights and go home when the US doesnt need them anymore….

                • LOL. 🙂
                  Thanks for your comments, Nasir.
                  >im equally suspicious of most governments
                  I also believe that to be prudent.
                  > id prefer a Pakistani style one because they are certainly less able to get anything done
                  My friend tells me that his experience is that in Pakistan, government corruption is open, matter of fact, and taken for granted. Whereas, in the U,S., politicians like to pretend it does not exist.
                  So, in some sense, the Pakistanis have a more honest system. 🙂

                  • yes – I was having this exact conversation with a guy here in the UK around how politicians in the west are actually suppressing good treatments for covid to promote more expensive ones to make more money and get kickbacks… I told him about how in Pakistan corruption is so much more straightforward. Want a shop – pay the local cop or gangster. Need a factory – pay off the local politician. Cop stops you for something- you know exactly what he wants – pay him off and he’ll wave to you every time you pass. Its just a matter of agreeing the number. They are so much more honest in their thievery….

  17. Good but strange energy in the supermarket today. Diaper compliance around 70% vs. 99%, the absolute best since a year ago at least, though likely for the wrong reasons. I never ask for permission from anyone and no employee ever says anything. Today, a woman near me confronted an employee referencing the so-called “new” CDC “science” on diapers and asked if she was still required to wear one (I assume she was vaxxed). The employee then mumbled something about the Govking’s order and that if she didn’t wear one she had to leave. Seeing me sans diaper the woman comes over without one and says “she just told me I had to leave because no diaper.” I firmly said “I wouldn’t.” She did a double take then went about shopping as normal and gave a smile when we crossed paths later on. Other than that an unusually large number of Kroger corporate types on site. Must be “taking the temperature” of the people for their public sector “partners.”

    • Saw a guy in Wally World the other day, just like me, au naturale. I have been making a point to walk up to such people in a friendly way and say, “It’s sure good to see another smile!” Most of the time, I have to repeat myself. It’s not that I’m not talking loud enough, I think they are genuinely surprised that they aren’t being attacked, even though I’m clearly not a pod person (no diaper anywhere).

      His response, “God bless!”

    • NC Update: @ 1:30 PM today, the govking removed almost all indoor diaper “mandates” in line with CDC guidance (for vaxxed only, hahahahahahahahahah!). Businesses can still require. Still required in day care, schools, nursing homes, some other blahblahblah. We’ll see where this really goes next. Either the scam is coming apart at every nail or the evil is just beginning.

      • Thanks for the update, Hatteras. Now we have a *real* set of problems to contend with surrounding oil, Biden lines (i.e. gas lines), inflation and war in the Middle East, these psychopaths are smart enough to realize that enforcing sickness kabuki at a time like this is pointless. People tend to ignore sickness mandates when they’re struggling with other things. Besides, govking didn’t remove the mandates, he’s only ratifying what the people had already started doing without his permission (to look like he’s still in control of the narrative).

        • Hope you’re right. Whoever enforces the vax stuff for entry or to obtain services (incl. gov, business, Board of Ed, etc.) should be identified and sued personally. In addition to refusing to comply.

          • >should be identified and sued personally.
            Castrated with a rusty blade would be more appropriate.

            • I have made a personal promise to myself to punch in the face the first person to ask me if I’ve been vaccinated.

        • You’ll like this Jim. I read the order and the FAQ. In the FAQ, there are 4 numbered items about why the state of emergency must continue. 2 of the 4 contained the exact same line, “to continue to receive federal funds related to convid-19.” It may have been scrubbed by now but that really tells you where their heads are at. Plus govking is a known agent of the Chinese Communist Party.


          • Wow! Well at least they’re honest about their greed. I believe the governor of Massachusetts made much the same admission.

          • Meanwhile, I received today a letter from The Resident @ The White house, with an IRS return address, informing me I “was issued” $1400 by direct deposit. Yeah I know, joe, I saw it in my account, and immediately sent it back to IRS in partial payment of “income” (really productivity) tax.
            Regardless of that , the kicker is this was sent presorted first class, presumably to all U.S. taxpayers. As nearly as I can tell, presorted first class costs $0.l36/oz, and it appears there were slightly more than 144,000,000 U.S. taxpayers in 2018. Must be few more by now.
            Even using 2018 numbers, it looks like this:
            ($0.36)(144,000,000) = $51,840,000 of our tax dollars squandered to inform us of a “bread and circuses” gift from “our” government. My, my, how nice. [old joke implied here, which has to do with euphemisms, if anyone remembers it] 🙂
            IMO, Dementia Joe definitely needs to wear *his* Mundwindel indefinitely, as a public health measure to protect the general public from the poisonous drool “issuing” from *his* pie hole.

            • Ahhh the doublesided letter from El Presidenté. I got one of those but knew it must’ve been a mistake because they addressed me as their fellow American. Ain’t nothin fellow about us..

              • >mistake because they addressed me as their fellow American. Ain’t nothin fellow about us..
                I had that exact thought. 🙂

        • 100% this. He did the same thing with keeping gyms closed last summer. Once he saw he was about to lose that battle, he did an out of cycle presser, if I recall correctly, and decreed gyms could open, which they already had.

  18. If you can make it to Southern Maryland, my wife (who is a doctor of acupuncture) will treat your shoulder with no rag requirements.

    But you’re right about all of this. This is nothing more than the abuse of psychopaths. I recognize it all too well. The experimental gene therapy or it gets the mask again.

    OK fuckers, my parents beat me with all manner of devices, I can do it forever if I have to. I don’t wear that pointless shit one second longer than is required by law and, as often as I can, not even that. Now it will be that much easier to cheat.

    There is no reasoning with psychopaths. No amount of cooperation, compromise or obedience will ever be enough for them because it is the act of abuse that they are after.

    Even the people who eagerly go along with this fantasy are themselves victims of abuse. They’re like the beaten wife that is super happy that her obedience will spare her for at least one night.

  19. “Because once is the same as forever.”

    I think you were inaccurate and confused when you made this statement in regard to masks…..

    But it absolutely DOES APPLY to the kill shot.

    • Hi Mike,

      No, I was being quite deliberate. “Masks” – they’re Face Diapers, Burqas, Ritual Conditioning Devices, etc. – are evil. Hence, once you’ve been made to partake of it, it stains you, forever.

      • Exactly – this is why the “mandates” are yet to be rescinded in many areas, and why I will not comply.

      • OK Eric, here’s a question.

        Between wearing a mask one time vs taking the kill shot one time, which do you think is more “evil?” Which is going to be more destructive to society, and to that person’s body mind and soul?

        No fence straddling now…no “equally bad” non-answers. One or the other. Your answer will be enlightening.

        • Hi Mike,

          The one leads to the other; the one enables the other; the one makes the other inevitable. It lays the psychological groundwork; it establishes the precedent.

          No Diapers – no Needles.

          • “The one leads to the other; the one enables the other; the one makes the other inevitable.”

            “Inevitable??” Are you really saying that everyone who ever wore a mask will, or already has, lined up to get the kill shot? That is egregiously inaccurate.

            • Many on this forum have been saying for a year now, “Wear a mask, take the vax.” It’s admittedly an anecdotal assertion, but since the vax has been rolled out many of us have noticed that the vast majority of those in our inner circles who wore masks have indeed taken the vax — including the very ones who swore they’d never take it!

              The point is that masking was evidently a psychological pre-conditioning exercise designed to weaken the will of the wearer. Masking is, after all, a candid admission that the wearer believes some, or all, of the Covid narrative. And from there it’s but a small step to get vaxxed since they’ve done everything else the PTBs have asked of them.

            • Mike,

              Agree with you 100%. I’ve had to wear the mask at work. No mask = No job. I hated it, but what was I supposed to do, go hungry? Find a “maskless” job? Not in my line of work. Just because I wore a mask at work, does not make me more susceptible to getting the jab, even if that means losing my job. Wearing the mask was a silly inconvenience to put bread on the table. I do however agree with Eric that masks are evil. Getting the jab is a life changing event. No one can tell you what’s going to happen with you months down the road. Plus, I already had Rona. It was no big deal. Mild fever, back ache, and no energy for a few days. Now I have natural immunity which is a lot better than any jab. Draw your line at wearing the mask if you can, but we should all draw the line at getting the jab, no matter what.

      • You know why the elite like this ritual? It’s because everyone has to bow their head down as they don the burqa or get their forehead’s shot at by a pistol shaped device.

        Bow a head and let someone pull a trigger on you. Become a faceless nobody. I do not think it is without intention that most of the “masks required” signs depicted people without eyes. Face burqas do nothing but dehumanize everyone.

        I’m still on my first company issued burqa. Not even been washed. I’m glad to report that I have been at about the survival rate for covid for showing my face. I do have a couple customers whom are Houses of the Holy Sickness and cannot fight a battle, especially now that my newest boss is a Sheep-Covidian. However; I have led by example to my crew at work and never wear a diaper around them.

        I have found that even though I am at work, going to and entering other places of business to repair equipment, that for the most part, I walk in and act like I own the place and people leave me alone. Some even slack on their burqas because I’m without. Do not be afraid of fools confronting you.

        • It is 100% INTENTIONAL that the ubiquitous propaganda posters feature eyeless – and since the eyes are the window to the soul – SOULLESS CARICATURES of humans.

  20. Since this is a diaper report I would quickly like to thank the CDC for their reversal of mask mandates. I did not realize the “science” was dependent on the amount of crises that spiraled out of control under the Biden Administration. Apparently, COVID is cured if the following occurs:

    1. Gas shortage in a US region
    2. Israel and Hamas duking it out in the Middle East
    3. Overflow of illegal immigrants across the Southern US
    4. Inflation
    5. A dismal job reports number
    6. Worker shortage due to sweet unemployment benefits

    Fortunately, Rachel Maddow is reversing her opinion on mask wearers. Before the CDC reversal they were heroes of the left now they are dangerous because they have not been vaccinated.

    In the US if a girl can identify as a boy and a boy identify as a girl I am pretty sure the unvaccinated can identify as vaccinated, at least until the COVID pass is fully implemented.

    All in all, any day where mask restrictions are repealed should be considered a good one (at least for our lungs).

    • It’s not that I disagree – any reduction in diapering is welcome. But how do you figure they intend to distinguish among the vaccinated and the rest of us? I intend to keep doing what I’ve been doing regardless, and that means ignore whatever they decree and do my own thing anyway. I just think that as a practical matter, many stores and employers will keep the status quo, rather than attempt to figure out how to distinguish among people. That, and the fooking unions are demanding that many stores and such keep diapering requirements in place, for safety of course.

      I guess maybe we let the free market sort it out, and flock to those places that eliminate diapering for all and hope the rest figure it out. But I think the blue cities and states are going to stand in the way of that, regardless. Not anticipating any changes, at least here in the northeast liberal shitholes.

      • “Not anticipating any changes, at least here in the northeast liberal shitholes”

        Agree 100%.

        1. The northeast dictators lover their power and are not going to give it up unless there is a mob outside their homes with pitchforks and torches. Which leads me to….
        2. Many of the liberals in the northeast have bought in to the kabuki lock, vax, and diaper. They are not in any way going to just drop their virtue signaling binky now no matter who tells them.

      • Tsk, tsk, BAC. Are you trying to use logic again? 😉

        All it will take is a few celebrities around town foregoing their face diapers to change most of the public’s opinion. Well, Adriana Grande isn’t wearing one so it must be safe!

        Yesterday I went and picked up ice cream for my kids while they were working on their schooling. It was about 3 PM in the afternoon and local high school had just let out. The high school is about a mile walk to the ice cream carousel (which is outdoors). I was the only one in line not wearing a mask. Outside, beautiful 70 degree day. There were about 9 kids in all and two older women behind them (around my age) not associated with the group, but also masked up. I just watched them as I was waiting for my ice cream order to be made. One kid (a boy around 16) saw me and took off his mask. His buddy saw him take off his mask and then removed his. Another boy with his girlfriend dropped theirs around their neck. By the time I received the order six out of the nine had no mask on.

        The moral of the story: most people have no balls and will follow what the majority are doing. It is just a matter of time before the tides change. I agree with you that the stores will hold the line for a while. Target has already stated that they will. I have been in Target in VA, SC, and FL. All with mask signs up. Nobody said anything when my bare face walked through the doors. It makes the announcement of mask mandating irrelevant unless one actually enforces it, which clearly they are not.

        • Hi RG

          My younger son plays baseball. Though the league rules require diapers, he’s never worn one and was initially chastised by some teammates accordingly. But as the season has gone on, his teammates have all but stopped wearing them and the coaches have also, by and large, stopped as well.

          As a parent and fan, I’ve sat defiantly in the bleachers with no face diaper – no one has said anything to me, but I am prepared to shove a bat up their ass if they do. Instead, and to my surprise, initially many parents, upon seeing me, took their face diaper off, and others soon followed suit. Now, almost no parents wear diapers at the games. In CT nonetheless.

          I’m sure people are feeling more and more confident with their vaccines, but they still need to know they are among “friends” in order to fully de-diaper themselves. So I agree with you, we just have to show them the way, and lead by example. The rest be damned – they are unreachable.

          • Bac,

            The sports families seem to be a different crowd. My nj town is 90% to 95% non-compliance for diapers at the games and a single child on my son’s team has worn a diaper.

            • We were told “no spectators” (ha!) and masks required, blah blah. There are a handful (2 or 3) that actually wear the diaper, one is a father and son.

              Not going to go along with this ridiculousness…and there’s no way I’m not going to watch my kid play.

            • Hi Antilles

              You’re right. I see the baseball, softball, lacrosse, track, and tennis players and spectators all mostly undiapered. It’s cool to see and be a part of. But then you drive a half mile down the street to the ice cream shop and the stores, and 95% morons walking around outside wearing a diaper. WTF?

        • What an awesome story, RG. This is how leadership works. Most people are cut out to be sheep. Those of us with the fortitude to push back against stupid influence those cut out to be sheep. Keep up the good work.

        • Indeed. As I posted in a prior comment today, there are two types of people here in NYC. The first group is in love with authoritarianism and expects to be worshipped for submitting to Diaper and Needle. Often the worst offenders are young brats traipsing around in hideous clothes and tattoos that give them the effect of a senior citizen-child who outgrew his/her outfit years ago but put the money into festooning his/her flab (a shocking number of them are HUGELY fat) with childish marker outlines instead. I laugh and laugh at their “rebellious” costumes while they worship the everloving crap out of fascism. They are a defeated people and have been so since before the scam-demic dawned upon us. You can tell by the way they shuffle about timidly, staring at the ground, and the fake voices they all use. (Girls alternate between vocal fry and approximating a 6-year-old, guys strain themselves to use a fake high voice with a lisp. No, most of them are not gay—they have just been taught that a low, authoritative voice is “hegemonic masculinity” and evocative of “a rape culture” and other such neoMarxist nonsense.)

          The second group, the larger group overall, just goes along to get along. If the herd is Diapering, so do they. If I show up on the NYC Subway diaperless, you can bet that 5-6 stops in, half or more of my car will be diaperless too. I see a doctor regularly for an ongoing issue and I LOVE the head nurse. He is fine with everyone refusing the crap-scenes, avoids Diapering himself unless he needs to do something sterile, and jokes with the other medical staff about how there’s no way in hell they’re gonna chance the effects of these dangerous injections that have already caused thousands of people in the West to drop dead.

          Even in epicenters of Faucism, there are many refreshing oases of sanity! May they prevail and emerge the victors!

    • haha RG – Thats what I was thinking the other day – I can just identify as wearing a mask – if they dont believe it they’re a bigot for not accepting me as I feel !!

      • I might have posted this here before, but there was a priceless comment recently under a YouTube about the threat of new gun control: “All my guns identify as face masks, so I’m good!”

        • How about:
          “All of my select fire rifles identify as bolt action.”
          “All of my semiauto pistols identify as muzzle loading flintlocks.”
          “All of my semiauto shotguns identify as breech loading single barrel.”

    • >I did not realize the “science” was dependent on the amount of crises
      Well, of course it is, RG.
      The science of manipulating human behavior, that is.
      Psychology, not epidemiology.

      However, “Science is not an *exact* science, with these bozos,” to borrow a line from Terry Gilliam’s Twelve Monkeys.

  21. Sorry to hear about your medical issues Eric. We need you around so I will hope and pray you find a solution that sits right with your soul. I agree with everything you said in the article. I was in the same boat until a couple months ago. My son who works in Alaska asked me to go to Seattle and retrieve his truck. He wanted us to have it down here in Az. I didn’t mind as there are so few things I get to do for my kids anymore as they are grown and doing pretty well on their own.

    A couple years back we got a TSA pre check so we wouldn’t have to submit to the radiation scan, shoe removal, fondling kabuki of the travel Stasi. You are correct about the feeling of loss of integrity involved in debasing myself. I think the whole thing is a nod by our rulers to some sick, twisted belief in sharia law. Anyway as the story goes I like you have made sure to cover my bases, thinking I was unassailable as to home, work, food procurement. But my blind spot always has been my wife and kids/grandkids.

    Anyway you do what you can. That three hour plane ride strengthened my resolve. No shots, no more masks, we have visited all the people we care about since December and they all know we won’t be coming to save them. The Wild West of AZ that is my home is where the final chapter of the silly fiction will play out. Again hope you find some relief for your shoulder. I think we are close in age. I am 55, I don’t lift anymore because my body just can’t recover fast enough. I still cut and haul firewood and get plenty of other exercise. I was having trouble sleeping for the first six months of this FAKEFLU. I got a Jacuzzi and will tell you I don’t know why I never did this sooner. On hard days I soak in it for twenty or thirty minutes and the next morning I am nowhere near as sore as I would have been.

    • I second, Norman’s recommendation of a Jacuzzi. If you can afford it go for it. The hot water is therapeutic improving circulation and blood flow. A hot bath with Epsom salt can also work wonders.

      • I know someone with shoulder problems who swears up and down that ice packs are the way to go.

        I imagine it’s a case of YMMV.

        • Ice helps, too, but it is more a pain reliever and doesn’t heal the muscles, although it does help reduce pain and swelling. Ice is excellent immediately after an injury to reduce swelling, because it constricts the flow of blood. Heat, on the other hand, opens up blood flow. Everything comes down to the injury suffered, because both ways are beneficial.

          • Yes, you have got it, RG.
            Ice pack immediately after injury to stop bleeding & reduce swelling. Heat to promote blood flow and healing. Ultrasound also works wonders. My mom (R.I.P., lived to 91) was a physical therapist, so I know these things. 🙂
            Ultrasound, deep heat, and massage is a standard prescription for severe muscle strains.
            Years ago, you had to get a note from an MD (he) to present to the PT (she), but that may have changed.

            @ Eric:
            You *MAY* be able to find a sympathetic orthopedic surgeon. One X-ray might save you months of grief, if you can get it done without compromising your principles. Not all doctors are created alike. Some are egotistical assholes; some are actually capable of reason *if* you can manage to speak with them.
            Keep in mind that medical practitioners live in fear of OSHA, just like the rest of us. They *have* to put up a believable front, even if they disagree. My dentist, for example, complies per official dictum up front, but I know for a fact that things get significantly more relaxed , and much more reasonable, when there are neither Stasi nor Karens in evidence. (BTW, I prefer to call them Jennifers; that name seems to me to suit the personality type. Sometimes they manifest as identical twins, Jennifer and Conifer – Jenny and Conny to their friends.)

            Getting past the (female) “minions” @ doctors’ offices, who are nearly all “doctor worshippers,” can be a real challenge.
            Good luck with your shoulder.

  22. In the ‘more sickening news’ department – Ohio governor DeWhine is now giving people the chance to win one million dollars if they get vaccinated. Ohio will give away five million dollars in five separate drawings to registered voters who are also vaccinated. It doesn’t take much brain power to image the demographic that the gubna’ is going for with this one.

  23. Freedom isn’t free. That’s what’s at stake these days. The bill has come due on freedom. And nobody wants to pay.

    Historically men paid the bill with their blood. The Revolutionary War. The Civil War. The Great War. World War II.

    Many people like to slam “The Patriarchy”. Fuck those people. The patriarchy exists because men were the ones who paid to make sure everyone else stays free.

    Now men are a bunch of limp dick cowards too spineless to fight. And freedom is going away. Get used to it. It’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

    The generations of soy boys will be proud of themselves when they suppress their “toxic masculinity” and avoid confrontation when their wives and daughters are being gang raped. I spit at them.

    Eventually it will turn around. But not during my lifetime. As a middle aged man all I can do is try to demonstrate how it’s done.

    I took a shiner for my neighbor. I don’t even like her. She plays her goddamn stereo too loud. But when a guy shows up in the middle of the night banging on her door and yelling for her, I deal with it. I told him to fuck off and took a cheap shot as a result. But I won. He ran away and will never come back.

    You’re demonstrating a man’s job, Eric. We need to be willing to take the beating it costs to maintain freedom. At least some of us still understand that.

    • >generations of soy boys
      They have been raised on drinking water full of female sex hormones, the residue of oral contraceptives, which have indeed sapped and impurified their precious bodily fluids.

    • It wasn’t ‘manly’ of the American soldier to invade Europe with overwhelming firepower and annihilate Germany. It wasn’t ‘courageous’ of the Union soldier to invade and rape a defending South with five times the numbers. Those men were misguided puppets and pussies, so your analogies are wrong.

    • As for your random virtue signaling brag of attempting to defend the honor of what you perceived to be a maiden in distress from a drugged up hoodlum, well done I guess.
      Tell me, if a bunch of armed men with badges and military insignia came to your house and demanded you hand over your family would you fight them or lick their boots?
      Do you thank veterans for their ‘service’?

      • Hi Robert,

        I don’t thank anyone for their service, unless they actually have. I don’t regard government mercenaries as serving anyone except the government officials who order them to enforce the will of these same government officials. That isn’t “service.” It’s being paid muscle – as Major General Butler explained.

        Would I fight such people if they came to take me away? I hope I would. Else I almost deserve to be taken away.

      • “As for your random virtue signaling brag of attempting to defend the honor of what you perceived to be a maiden in distress from a drugged up hoodlum, well done I guess.
        Tell me, if a bunch of armed men with badges and military insignia came to your house and demanded you hand over your family would you fight them or lick their boots?”

        My neighbor’s neighborhood is my neighborhood. So I’m guessing you’re the kind of person that would leave your neighbors to fend for themselves? Let your neighborhood burn to the ground? Okay…got it.

        “Do you thank veterans for their ‘service’?”

        If they were drafted, yes. If they volunteered, no.

  24. Eric,

    I know the feeling, i lived with it for years on end before i had no choice but to get the shoulder repaired. Of course that time had to come durring the big con of convid. Being forced to perform kabuki is not fun, other than doctor/surgery/rehab i’ve been forced Kabuki in 2 other situations and neither were in any way avoidable. First was when mom died, i was forced to perform kabuki to say goodbye, second was when my son went head over heals off his bike and his wrist swelled up. I threw him in a car and ran him to the urgent care for an xray to make sure it wasn’t broken.

    As far as physical therapy and ortho visits, which i still deal with 7 months post op, i have taken to the fake masks that allow you to breath and make a mockery of the whole convid but still technically fall into the face covering edict.

    • Antilles,

      Yes, the fake masks are a decent work-around, though unfortunately you’re still playing Kabuki. With those, however, you are doing so mockingly and irreverently, because everyone sees within a couple seconds that it is transparent and clearly useless. If only they saw that about the whole idiotic policy!

  25. ‘That is no accident. It is training.‘ — EP

    Q: How do you raise unquestioning, brainwashed little statists?

    A: Take them away from their parents and indoctrinate them in their tender years:

    Gov. Gavin Newsom has proposed far-reaching, multibillion-dollar education initiatives — including a full year of schooling for all 4-year-olds, an ambitious expansion of the mission for California’s education system.

    Funded by a massive influx of state income tax revenue, Newsom’s proposal first and foremost targets universal transitional kindergarten, promising an additional year on the front end of K-12 public school.


    KA-CHING for the predatory teachers unions, even as more than half of their former customers-at-gunpoint just walked off the rez during this skool year and may never come back.

    Where else but in Cacafornia?

    • “Funded by a massive influx of state income tax revenue” – from all those that are fleeing the state in droves? This is a tip off that the “yahoo news” article is a bald-faced lie, as much of their stuff is.

      No way that CA is suddenly flush with state income tax $$ – now there is, of course, the possibility that they are actually flush with “our” Fed funny money.

      • A 13.3% top marginal tax rate combined with an epic blowoff in tech stocks is a giant KA-CHING for brutally handsome young Gavin, much as you and I might deplore it:

        ‘Unlike most states, California taxes capital gains the same as wages and salaries. The result is 1% of the population accounts for nearly half of the state’s income tax collections.

        ‘The Newsom administration projects Californians will earn $185 billion from capital gains — the most ever — resulting in $18.5 billion in tax revenue for the state.

        ‘California’s bank account is overflowing. As of January, the state’s tax collections were $10.5 billion ahead of projections. By the end of the fiscal year on July 1, Gov. Gavin Newsom and the state Legislature could have a $19 billion surplus to spend.’


        Naturally, employees and acolytes of the state get first dibs on the swelling mountain of plunder. Too bad about the struggling plebes — let them eat chips!

        • Wow – that is mind blowing!

          One can only hope that those paying the piper are limited to the Nuisance’s own family and cronies (oh and all the Hollyweirdoes)!!

  26. After months of telling my wife she doesn’t have to wear a mask in the store (she did out of fear) she finally stopped wearing it.

    Are our overlords finally admitting defeat with the CDC announcement of dropping the diaper for vaccinated?
    If they think this will be a carrot to the unshot, I think they missed their mark. We will continue to be facially unrestrained, but everyone will assume we got our jabs. We didn’t mind their nannying already, why would we run out to be experimented on now?

    Apparently in my son’s school, the number of office visits for not “properly waring a mask” is so high the principle doesn’t really do anything. He was sent down after putting it under his chin.
    His mask nazi teacher is currently out on sick leave due to “covid issues”.

    We are winning

    • My 9th grade daughter received 5 awards for academic excellence today at school (must get that from her mother). My wife was there in attendance. She told me our daughter was the only kid who went up on stage to receive their awards without a diaper. Proud papa right here. Also, masks were “required” for parents, but my wife and mother did not wear one.

      • Congratulations to your daughter – not just for being intelligent, but having enough cojones to not follow the crowd. Mom and Dad deserve a pat on the back. Job well done. 👍

        • Thanks RG! We are proud of them! I teach them by example when it comes to going against prevailing idiocies. It brings me such joy to see them make the right choices without any intervention from me.

    • Did you seriously come here to celebrate taking control of your obviously brainwashed ‘wife’ after months? Are you sure you’re a man? I can only imagine your little ‘arguments’ or ‘debates’ with her about whether the man on TV or her husband is right. No surprise the divorce rate is so high nowadays. Pathetic.

      • Ah.. This may come as a shock to you, but people, even ones in a marriage, are still individuals, not property, and are not obliged to merge their identities and philosophies, nor to be controlled or coerced.

        Moreover..he could very well have been referring to a fear she may have had about being aggressed against by the mob for not wearing it.

        You should be a recruiter for the military with all that manly talk though, you’d sure excel at provoking shame in folks who are actually gullible to that kinda horseshit.

        • This WILL come as a shock to you, but this trendy way of seeing marital relationships as expendable long-term flings with no attachment is cancer. Your lifelong partner is meant to be an extension of yourself, not someone you’re just cool with having around and that you maybe touch once every couple years to pop out some more of your genetic spawn. If you’re not cool with both owning and being owned, don’t pretend you’re married. All you are is in a casual relationship with government stamp of approval.

          • Well now you’re just arguing in favor of your own meaning of the word rather than taking it for what the act actually is. Sucks for you but you don’t get to own anyone but yourself in this lifetime. That’s why divorce is so high 🙂 People choosing freedom, only temporarily though, because they love to get remarried. Gotta keep that checkbox marked off in true tradition, otherwise they are all alone, oh it’s the saddest having to listen to your own thoughts and make your own sandwiches :'(

            Marriage is the cancer. Codependence and cohabitation kills individuals and their relationships. And then they go and pop out more tax slaves who never asked to be here, because they have a right to be parents and “”deserve children”” or something.

            Cool plan, super deep and meaningful extensions of ourselves, a servile bitch in every kitchen and some it-looks-like-me!!!s who get to suffer through a neverending dystopian nightmare and levels of government control that we all saw coming for decades and did nothing to actually prevent.

            And somehow apparently a tradition that you also find is well worth belittling people on the internet for 🤔

            • Hi Robert,

              In re your last: I like to keep it civil- and on point – around here. Go after divorce all you like – and as vehemently as you wish. But please don’t go after the people here – or their kids.

            • Morning, Moose!

              I fall somewhere in the middle on this. Having been married – and then, not – and now, involved again – I have a different perspective than I used to, as you’d expect.

              Each situation has its pros and its cons; part of the pathology, I think, is when people expect there to be no cons. As regards single – or married or involved. Think of it like a car that has – on the one hand – a fantastic engine, when it runs. Or a great body, except for the rust problem.

              With my marriage and the crater left behind now receding in the rearview, I’ve largely healed and got used to being single. I began to like being single, again. To be in my house, able to do whatever I wanted to do, whenever I felt like it – or not. Then I met someone and the wheel began to turn. I’m not sure whether I’d ever get married – again. Once bitten, twice shy. But I’d be lying to myself if I said single was better than now.

              Maybe the thing is a commitment sans the actual marriage. You’re together, but don’t live together. At least not full time. Each maintains their own space – and so, if things go sour, it’s easy enough to just say peace be unto you and move on. This seems to work for some.

              On the other hand, it’s not the same kind of commitment. And is is fair to judge the person you’re with by the standards of the person you were with, once. Does one failed relationship mean all are doomed? Maybe so. I’d like to think not.

              I suppose we’ll see…

          • Hi Robert,

            I agree with you that “…seeing marital relationships as expendable long-term flings with no attachment is cancer.” It is a strange thing indeed to formally pledge oneself to another person until “death do us part” and with explicit acceptance of “good times and bad” – and then decide you’ve changed your mind. It renders the ceremony ridiculous. Generally, when 50 percent of first marriages end long before death.

            On the other hand, should people stay married if miserable?

            Not merely occasionally. That is to be expected; that is normal, I think. But what if – for whatever reason – the love is gone and the couple cannot resolved their disagreements, in spite of having tried? I have no pat answer to this question but – my view, now – I cannot condemn people for giving up after – and assuming – they have both tried hard to fix whatever went wrong. If kids are involved, it is especially incumbent on the parents to try even harder, for their sake. But – again, my view – I think a point does come when it may be better for all to end the marriage rather than perpetuate unresolvable misery.

            I wish I did have a pat answer!

            • Eric, my point is that ‘marriage’ simply must not be initiated by two people if they are not absolutely compatible. That requires the personalities to match to a very large extent. Wilingful separation should never even be on the table. The societally-instilled fake commitment and lying to others and ourselves is something that is plaguing our psyche and is behind this very issue too.
              And, yeah, I got frustrated with Moose and rightly so. ‘Marriages’ of the kind he speaks of only serve to cause misery not to only the pair of people involved, but to their children as well, who are either traumatized or end up being unable to form real bonds with other human beings, too. You’ve often wondered why your friends you’ve known for decades never acted like real friends when it came to it. It all stems from what they witnessed as they were growing up. Lies and lack of real attachment. Modern marriage is theater.

              • I agree, Robert –

                But, how do two people establish absolute compatibility? Is such a thing even possible? Is it possible that people can change markedly over time?

                I do agree with you that marriage is taken far too lightly but too many. I would rather see divorce as a rare event, resorted to after every effort has been made by both parties to fix whatever is the matter. But sometimes, one or both won’t make that effort – and in that event, divorce seems the least worst option.

                • Compatibility is something to be identified when you start getting to know the person. It takes time and patience and, thus, it’s not for everyone. No, lifelong bonds are not for everyone and that’s ok. It’s unacceptable, though, to see it as something everyone could try as an experiment or something fleeting. Both the older idea of arranged marriages and examples in modern media are misguided and destructive.

                  And I don’t buy the idea that a person can change so drastically during the course of marriage that they become unbearable. Chances are they always had incompatible traits that were either ignored or not discovered.

                  • Hi Robert,

                    I agree with a lot of what you say, but I believe the downfall of any relationship, including marriage, occurs when the two people stop spending time together and enjoying each other’s company. Compatibility is important and two people should share similar views, at least on major issues….rearing children, how to handle money, religion, politics, etc. This is not to say there aren’t many successful marriages where the persons have opposing views, but it does make it harder.

                    Friendship is also essential and one should never downplay the importance of intimacy. Many things can be solved in between the sheets.

                  • Morning, Robert –

                    I don’t disagree with what you’ve written. I also think much of the problem with marriage is now cultural; or rather, that the culture has changed in such a way as to both trivialize marriage and (oddly enough) encourage it, too – per your last comments. I don’t know what the solution is, but I do think that the diminution of marriage and family have been catastrophic for Western civilization.

  27. If you’ve had that shoulder pain for more than a couple of months, and its getting worse instead of better, it’s likely going to need surgery to fix. Don’t kill yourself over the masking. We need you, and more like you. Take the masking for what it is. A combat wound. Bitch the entire time about it. Complain you can’t breathe. Maybe they’ll get tired of hearing it and relent.

    • Hi John,

      I appreciate the sentiments – but I can’t. I won’t. I’m managing. And – I’ve had a good life. I’m not complaining. And I’m not going to live the rest of it on their terms.

  28. Take your shoulder to the ER and collapse on the floor. They may mask you, or not, but you won’t.
    Indeed, I am so thoroughly disgusted with the Medical Industrial Complex that I am willing to suffer substantial pain to avoid participation. I discovered the depth of their depravity about two years ago when diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. My choice of treatment was these drugs that are cheap and not to effective, or these drugs that work better, but cost $50,000 or more per year. I could likely get somebody else to buy them for me, since I cannot, but this is extortion. It’s a quite painful disease, and I’m sure many would pay any price to escape that pain. So that’s what Pharma charges, the highest price they are able to collect. Two years ago I refused to participate in my own blackmail, and Pharma has definitely not improved its image. I’ve not been back to the Rheumatologist since October last year. I’m getting along about as well without them as I was with them.

    • Morning, John –

      I’m going to mattresses (mafia-speak) on this … largely because I can, being honest. I have no dependent children and if I die, I won’t be leaving anyone in the lurch. And I’d rather leave an example, regardless. So be it. Let what will be, be.

      • Hi Eric,

        Have you had any luck with a chiropractor or even a massage therapist? Most massage therapists (very different from a masseuse) usually find the whole mask thing garbage. If you can find one that works for her/himself see if they are able to pinpoint the problem. They can use a combination of heat, massage, and Reiki to help the body heal itself.

        The weight lifting may be a cause of the shoulder strain. My hubby tore his rotator cuff years ago. He was bench pressing around 400 lbs at the time. He went through eight weeks of physical therapy (lots of rubber band exercises), but it took almost six months to fully heal with no weight lifting, monthly massages, and his wife’s medicinal concoctions.

        • Thanks, RG –

          I think that’s sound advice; my girlfriend has been after me to do similar – which I haven’t because I’ve been spending on prep stuff. She says I won’t be much use in a fight or in the field if I only have one good arm. Plus no sleep. And she’s right. Thanks for the additional nudge!

          • You have a very wise girlfriend, Eric. Take her advice. It is very easy to take down a one arm man. One needs two fists to pummel.

            • Indeed, RG –

              She’s cool and other things besides!

              PS: She follows your posts and likes them; she is also a homeschooler, incidentally.

              • That’s nice to hear. Thank you. I am sure her and I could spend hours talking about homeschool horror stories. 🙂

    • I read a small book written years ago by an average woman who said she cured her lifelong arthritic pain via fasting and then avoiding inflammatory foods. Mercola and Sardi write about that subject some, although I noticed Mercola has had to erase some of his stuff online, so the getting of such info seems to be fading. I think her book title was, ‘How I Cured My Arthritis and You Can Too’?
      I don’t know. Just thought I’d offer that up, maybe it’d help somehow. I do know that it is hard to focus on freedom when you’re in a bitch of pain.

  29. Eric, I am so sorry for what you are going through. Pain is real and debilitating. TPTB have no limit to the tools at their diabolical disposal to try to make us submit.

    I am also trying to find a dr but every one I called says same thing – “mask required.” Maybe I will just show up without and see what happens, like I do every where else…

    My daughter is 19 and just completed her freshman year @ college. She dutifully wears the face diaper everywhere it is required, but only when required. However, she is extremely uncomfortable with me not wearing it. In addition, although it is not yet “required,” she is considering taking the jab. I have tried to explain to her that it is not a “vaccine” and doesn’t “protect” her or anyone else from anything, as well as the harm it can and will cause her. That, IMO, is the entire purpose of this con – to force us to take the jab, and more in the future. There is certainly no discernible medical benefit, and even the makers of these jabs have admitted this. Yet the propaganda rolls on, like a tidal wave.

    Her reasoning for wanting the jab – she doesn’t want to be “ostracized for being the only one wearing a mask” – funny, I thought covering one’s face was the height of virtue. Oh, that was yesterday…

    My response – why not “identify” as vaxxed but don’t get the jab? No earthly need to poison oneself just so one doesn’t “stand out in the crowd.”

    It is hard enough to be a teenager today without the extra pressure from the demonic PTB. May they all roast in hell.

    • Thanks, Anon –

      And, amen. In re roast in Hell. Bad enough for us, who’ve been able to live the best years of our lives in relative freedom and sanity. But what these kids, like your daughter, are dealing with beggars understanding. I feel for you – and her. And all of them.

    • Fake (blank) vaccination cards are available as PDFs. Purchase some “card stock” paper and use your printer to print them out for friends and family. You can easily get vaccine “lot numbers” and locations on the internet as people are proudly posting their vaccination (poison) status on line.
      If there was ever a time for a little “civil disobedience” this is it. Your lives are at stake.

      • Hi Anarchyst,

        I understand the need to sometimes game the system, but – for myself- I won’t be pretending to be Needled anymore than I will Diaper. They can go to Hell. I won’t play their damned game.

        • I agree, for myself. However I don’t know any other way to prevent my daughter from taking the jab just to fit in – and if this protects her bodily sovereignty until she can mature enough to stand on her own, it may need to be the case. I am hoping it won’t be necessary. It just seems like she is starting to run towards the cliff and I want to stop her.

          I am praying that she will be strong enough to resist.

        • I agree with you in principle, but if a “card” is needed for “admission”, and the product needed is vital for survival, I have no problem “gaming the system”. As to using a cell phone for “vaccine verification”, I will NEVER succumb to that. A faraday shield bag while claiming not to have a cell phone is a solution.
          Best regards,

      • I will go with the following, if it comes to it (as it may)
        Full head black balaclava, no mouth hole, eye holes divided.
        Already have half a dozen. They are available cheap.
        Yellow triangle, point down, sewn or embroidered @ forehead of balaclava.
        Black lettering “Kein Impfen” on triangle.
        Preferred type face to be Fraktur.

  30. Our daughter told us day before yesterday that she is getting the “vaccine.” I had told her a while back that I advised against it, and that if there was talk at her workplace about requiring it that she should raise a ruckus. It did not come as a complete surprise as she had been voluntarily wearing the rag in situations where the mask scolds expected it. She is 27, productive, an accomplished athlete, and in perfect health.
    Feeling like a failure today.

    • Hi Roland – I can relate. My homeschooled, intelligent daughter who knows (intellectually) better is starting to crack under the pressure. She is 19. (my comment is above yours on this thread)

      Also feeling like a failure. Although this entire convid thing is obviously a psyop and makes no sense on any level, the vax decision is not like so many others, this mistake can’t be “fixed.”

      • Anon, your comment was not visible at the time I wrote mine, and much of it meshes. Our daughter couldn’t care less about politics, which had led me to believe I had done something right. She has always been ridiculously sensible, not one to follow fads. When we were going to order her first iPod, she insisted that we get the previous model because it was a lot cheaper.
        You have my admiration for being a homeschooler. Do you have other kids? We do not, so because of the evil bastards’ frankenshot, which they admit will not prevent a disease that she has zero chance of dying from anyway, we might never have grandchildren. I hate these sons of bitches so much.

        • Roland – your daughter sounds like she has a solid foundation and has demonstrated her intelligence in the past. Perhaps she is also cracking under the pressure? I can only imagine how a younger person must feel in these days. It is as if we are all POWs, mercilessly tortured, in a war we have been dragged into. The idea that a shot is being pushed for an illness that they have zero chance from dying from, and which will not prevent “infection” nor “transmission,” but will cause permanent harm to her (and you), is purely demonic from the pits of hell.

          Thanks for the support re homeschooling. It has been a great pleasure. We have a son who is 10th grade, so 2 more years then he will be finished. Both kids have occasionally through the years complained that they were “missing out,” but when prodded could never quite articulate what it was they were missing. They have done all sorts of activities that everyone else their age does and have lots of friends. My daughter did admit recently that her homeschool experience was good prep for college.

          In re hate towards the demonic PTB at all levels, including the petty tyrants – I have been feeling the same way lately.

          • We weren’t heroic enough to homeschool, but our daughter attended an excellent Lutheran school from 3-year-old preschool through 8th grade. The following four years at a government cesspool were iffy (chemistry teacher had them watching YouTube videos while she studied for her advanced degree), but the love of math that her earlier teachers sparked in her led her to earn a BS in mathematics from a private university. She passed the first in the series of exams to become an actuary ($$$$!), but then got a good job with a local company, where she was recently promoted to accounting manager. Now she’s not speaking to her mother because she tried to talk her out of the jab. I’m sure that will heal with time, and I’m praying that she will escape physical harm. So far the shot has “only” killed or permanently disabled about 4 percent, so I guess the odds are still in her favor.

            • I am sorry for the rift this is causing in your family. It is one of the many *intended* consequences of this psyop – to atomize families and communities.

              Praying that your daughter will recognize and be convinced of the folly of the jab before it’s too late.

            • “So far the shot has “only” killed or permanently disabled about 4 percent”

              Which is only 3.8% to 3.98% higher than convid itself if you are under the age of 65. And that is if you beleive the highly inflated convid #’s by the cdc.

        • Hi Roland and Anonymous,

          I applaud you for both for raising successful young women. Speaking as a woman, a lady from 15 to about 30 years of age, it is probably the hardest time in her life. Most women in this age group are very unsure of themselves. It is very easy for outside influence to creep in and really the focus is not to rock the boat, be part of the crowd, and not attract attention. Friends, boyfriends, and co-workers have more sway than Mom and Dad, at least for now.

          I urge you to listen to your daughters reasons for wanting it, encourage them to research the shot and its implications. Once they have received it it can not be taken back. Ask them to wait three to six months and see if they feel the same way a little further down the road. Also, direct them to the VAERS database and read some of the horror stories that have been reported.

          At the end of the day they are going to decide what is best for them. They will realize their parents were correct all along, unfortunately, it will be about ten years before this assessment is made.

          I wish you both good luck.

          • Thank you, RG! It is hard to stand by and watch a (chronologically) adult child consider taking a path that will lead IMO to certain harm. I want her to know I am there for her so that she won’t feel like she has to “rebel” and do what she knows I don’t want her to do.

            • Hi Anonymous,

              That is all that you are able to do as parent. You can be the very best parent out there, but children (small or large) are going to do what they feel like not realizing the consequences and that Mom and Dad (who have already been down this road) were right the entire time.

              It is a tough time for both of you.

          • Many thanks, RG. The years 15-30 aren’t always a picnic for guys either, as I’m sure you’re aware. My daughter is so much smarter than I was at that age, but it appears her mind is made up. I just don’t get it.

            • Hi Roland,

              I have no knowledge of manhood, but I am sure both sexes experience many of the same insecurities during these years. We would all be dangerous if we had our 40+ year old minds and our 20 year old bodies. 😉

      • I’m sorry to hear you’re both going through that. Young women do seem to be among the most militant diaper-ers and jabbers (many medical profs do not consider it a vaccine, but experimental gene therapy). To resist in that age group requires that you genuinely do not give a shit what others think, and female socialization, especially today when it is combined with neoMarxist curriculum, makes that difficult.

        This brings to mind my own memories of harassment from other women and girls for not following the crowd—it began in the 8th grade when I donned an anti-government t-shirt (which I made myself, haha). Being of the “screw authority, it does not have my best interests at heart” mindset has freed me from following the crowd, but it has also gotten me in trouble with teachers, other parents, and occasionally, bosses and throughout my life, I have had to choose the company I keep very carefully.

        Perhaps showing the real-life stories and numbers of adverse effects may help. VAERS is said to only contain about 1% of the real death and side effect rates, and Bitchute contains uncensored videos that show the truth of the jabs. It may also help to point out (though they may not believe you) that the young ladies following the crowd are generally not very happy. It’s because they are always anxious about status, and also because shaping your life around what others will think of you tends to have a snowball effect. The more you kowtow to the crowd, the more kowtowing is expected of you.

        I sympathize too because my father and I stand on opposite sides of the diaper/jab issue: he is a lifelong yellow-dog Democrat and proudly follows every pronouncement of “his party” no matter how ridiculous. As he is elderly, and a recent cancer survivor, the doctors and nurses he sees who advise against sickness protocol are few and far between. It’s repulsive how this scam-demic is dividing families, and even moreso that this result is a feature, not a bug. TPTB love sowing discord since it stops many people from focusing on the REAL enemy—THEM!

        • “—it began in the 8th grade when I donned an anti-government t-shirt (which I made myself, haha). ”

          You Do seem to be a very cool chick. With eyes that can see.

          Your comments ain’t bad at all.

        • So true. I just heard about two recent unexpected deaths within 2-3 weeks of the jab. One was a family friend, the other an in-law. Both were in their 70s with no issues, that is, until they got the jab.

          • Hi Anon,

            I’ve read that, in prior (pre ‘Rona) years, the number of people who died coincident to the Jab – for the ordinary flu – was in the range of 80 or so, for the entire year – for the entire country. Now we have around 4,000 reported deaths coincident to the Jab since December. Even if that’s all it is, the number is alarming. Factor it over the entire year – assuming the dying remains roughly on the same par – and it will be over 10,000 people by this December. That is astounding. Especially when you factor in that, unlike the ‘Rona itself, which fells the already near death, many of these dead are formerly healthy people, including teenagers.

            Yet, crickets.

            • Yes, and although both families in the cases I mentioned acknowledge the *possibility* that the jab was the culprit, to my knowledge neither death has been reported (e.g., through VAERS).

              I wonder if they feel reluctant to officially make it known that they and their family members were fools?

        • Hi Fed Up,

          Thank you for your thoughtful post; it is – indeed – a vicious and intentional side-effect of this “virus.” One that eats away at family relationships and friendships. Even to the extent of casual and once-friendly acquaintanceships. But, the bitter-tasting truth is we now know who sees – and who does not. Some, cannot.

          I think we must find people who do see – or who can be shown – and gather ourselves together. Decentralization in all things. I will try to post more about this soon.

          Meanwhile, glad to have you among us!

          • Glad to post, and thank you! I have been a regular reader of yours for about a year now and decided it was time to pop in and say hello. Hope you are having a good week so far.

            • Hi Fed up,

              I am! Just got back from running some errands; the signs are down at Lowes – though the sheep still wear “their” Diapers…

    • I do sympathize with you guys and the view of the path your children have decided upon. It’s bad enough that young people make mistakes while growing up, this madness…

      I just finished reading, Considering the ‘Covid’ Lie: This Is No time for Diplomacy, It Is a Time for Truth
      By Gary D. Barnett

      I’d post a snippet but I’m certain it would come across as a bit too harsh, after all, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.

      Perhaps, from now on I’ll simply think: my condolences.

      • Thanks, helot. I forwarded her the LRC link you shared below, along with another LRC article from LifeSiteNews about calls to halt the “vaccines.”

        • I just read this one, it seems to be quite an easy read with a persuasive and convincing flow to it which might appeal to an undecided.

          “Beyond the many health concerns, there is the problem of incrementalism. One vaccination alone might not be a big threat. Maybe it’s a gamble that doesn’t end in snake eyes for most people. But what about the next one? And the next one? What about the next 20 jabs? There are now half a dozen different mutations of covid being mentioned by the government and the media as being potentially resistant to current vaccines and more dangerous than the first iteration of the virus.

          This is surely a lie, but it drives home the reality that the mandates are meant to go on forever. If we accept them now, they will never end. Just because you are vaccinated today does not mean you will be free tomorrow.”

          The whole thing is here:


          • “Just because you are vaccinated today does not mean you will be free tomorrow.”

            So true. In fact, I would say that the fact that one is ‘vaccinated’ for this alleged illness is proof positive that they are not, in fact, free.

            Thanks a lot for sharing this great info.

      • Yep, Helot, Barnett gives you truth and you can’t do anything but say “Not so” or something if you disagree. He makes fools of those who drink govt. cool-aid.

    • Good morning helot,
      Stevo can be preachy and tedious, and his advice sometimes reminds me of the old Steve Martin bit about how to become a millionaire: “First, get a million bucks.”
      But that article is excellent. Especially the last line: “It’s none of their business.” I’m afraid many people believe that HIPAA protects them from any and all demands for personal information, but it only applies to entities that are running medical or mental health clinics or selling medical insurance.
      Just say, “None of your business!”


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