The World Before Face Effacing

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People who were already grown up by the turn of the last century – the 20th to the 21st – have memories of what it was like to live in a country that wasn’t a “Homeland” in which Security Theater was “practiced” at airports.

Before what has become one of Elagabalus Stage America’s new holy days – Nahhhnnnlevven – one could not only board a commercial flight without having the contents of your underwear examined by a glove-wearing Security Pantomimer in a blue outfit; one could arrive at the gate minutes before the scheduled departure and so long as the plane’s door was still open, you could make your flight.

And with your cup of coffee, too.

It was only 20 years ago. It feels like yesterday. One can almost touch it.

But those who are in their 20s today are disconnected from that time, in memory as well as fact. They grew up in the “Homeland” and regard underwear inspection as the price of being allowed to get on an airplane as normal, because that’s how it has always been – for them.

It will be similar in the years ahead for those who are too young now to remember a time when the only Americans who wore “masks” in public were the mentally ill – sad neurotics and pitiable hypochondriacs – and those up to no good, as in bank robbers. A time when no one not actually in a mental hospital or a prison  “practiced” bizarre rituals such as keeping six feet away from other people. When the only stores that had plexiglass shields in between the customer and the the clerk were gas stations, pawn shops and convenience stores in really bad neighborhoods, where the clerk had to fear being shot.

Not because mentally ill people feared the sniffles.

Of course, some of the young of today were made ready for all of this, as via the “lockdowns” – of their schools, which was “practiced” well before mass hypochondria became normal.

They are used to spending much of their days within a prison, so prison “practices” such as having to stand behind taped lines and deal with people behind plexiglass shields probably didn’t seem that abnormal to them. Putting on a “mask” – which is really just another form of uniform-wearing, which is a way of making a group of individuals appear uniform – was likely no great shock to their systems.

And what of those whose first experiences include being “masked”  . . . by their parents? Of not seeing their parents’ faces? Nor the faces of other human beings, all of whom appeared faceless and so expressionless to them?

Cruel experiments were done – a long time ago – on baby monkeys, to gauge the effect on them of not seeing their mother’s faces. They were provided all the physical necessities of biological existence, such as food and shelter – the food provided by a bottle hung from a wire-mesh “mother” lacking a face. The baby monkeys – those that didn’t die – grew up stunted, physically as well as emotionally. They were afraid of other monkeys and would cry and try to get away from them.

Baby monkeys, it turns out, need more than just milk. By implication, so do human babies. Being pre-verbal, they cannot understand “mandates” and “guidelines.” All they know – or rather, all they didn’t see – were the faces of those closest to them, during what is established fact as the most critical developmental period in the life of a newly emergent human being.

The importance of seeing faces – of seeing the smiling faces of their parents and siblings and other people, generally – is probably at least as important to their psychological well-being as food is to their physical well-being.

What was “practiced” upon them is apt to manifest in the years ahead as emotional, behavioral and cognitive disorders.

Some of the already-grown are manifesting such symptoms right now.

They continue to “practice” the bizarre rituals of Hygiene Theater, including the ongoing wearing of their Face-Effacers – even after having received what is ostensibly the cure for that which doesn’t ail them. Their fear of getting it – even when they have been immunized against getting it – remains so pathological that they cannot let go of what has become a kind of security blanket for them, as well as a definite symbol of their desperate need to show that they believe and care – no matter the facts and notwithstanding the fact that the most caring thing a person could possibly do in these etiolated times is to stop believing and start thinking.

In particular, about the wreckage of lives and minds caused by believing lies and assisting in their propagation via the visual expression of belief in them.

It may be up to those of us who remember the Before Times to keep the memory of those times alive. So that, someday, Americans – or whoever replaces them – do not have to live in a “Homeland” – and are immunized against the “practice”  of anything pathological.

Most especially Faith in government.

. . . 

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  1. The problem is most of us who remember the times “before” don’t take a stance now when it matters. Even to this day, when I have to fly, I always make a scene at the security gate. I make their jobs harder and work my best to make the TSA feel like the low life scum they are. The problem is for every one of me that goes through you will have 10000 who will line up like good little sheep and be x-rayed.

    It is the same with the Mask. I had been kicked out of stores, denied entry into places, broke up with a girl I dated and nearly proposed to, and lost friends as a result of my unwillingness to blindly follow the edicts and be vocal about it. Yet time and again I hear from people my age, or older, about how they don’t buy into this but they don’t want to rock the boat… it is easier to go along to get along.

    I bring this all up to make the point that if there is any hope of turning this back it falls to those of us who remember the “before times” to start making noise. This is not about studying the law to find your exemption but to draw the line in the sand and say “No more” and to start pushing back.

    • Amen, Matt!

      Like you, I have never worn a “mask” – and never will. My stance has cost me at least half the people I used to count as friends and greatly strained my relationship with my sister, who is willing to “mask” in order to be allowed to visit our mom, who has been “locked down” in a prison for the elderly since last year. The prison is finally allowing visits, but only if visitors “mask.” I will not wear the damned “mask,” even if it means I never see my mom again. I’ve made my peace with it; I will not be leveraged by these bastards. But my sister is willing. She thinks I am being unreasonable. I think she is enabling this evil regime by not opposing it.

      Like you, I felt – and acted – the same way when TSA Security Theater was initiated. I stopped attending the car industry long leads for new cars I used to attend almost monthly. This has prevented me from getting seat time in pre-production vehicles, in order to write about them before they become available to the public. It is a price worth paying because not having to live like an inmate is worth it.

      I will live in the woods before I bow to any of this.

      If only 25 percent of the population would simply refuse to go along, all of this would end.

  2. Feel so glad that I have family in Pakistan, and well we regularly visit there, where there is a lot less of this nonsense…. well at least for now. Unfortunately it seems like the UK is even more lost than the US….

  3. Not wearing a face diaper unless there was literally no way around it. Like when a pet had to see the vet, not possible to explain it to them so I donned one then because I wasn’t going to just hand him off like a he’s car to a valet – I was going to stay with him during the appointment.

    Anyway the past year and some has led to some moments of joy walking around letting my face flap in the wind. Such as smiling at little babies and having them smile back. Normally I’m not a kid person but they clearly enjoyed me looking them in eye and smiling and it was really nice having them smile back.

  4. “When I was a kid, I wanted to grow up to be just like my grandpa, I did, I became an old man.” – John Prine

    I read an interview of John Prine maybe fifteen years ago now, he flunked all four years of high school English.

    John wrote hundreds of songs and won a Grammy.

    One song he wrote was titled ‘Some humans ain’t human’.

    “Funeral Homes are saying the only ones dying are those taking the vaccine. This is not the first funeral director I have heard say this. It is more like the tenth. They did not see a rise in deaths or funerals until January through March of this year when the shot was rolled out.”

    Black’s Rule 1 of government: All government is evil.

    “Everything the State says is a lie, and everything it has it has stolen.”― Friedrich Nietzsche

  5. I’ve been thinking lately about what life was like in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, when I was a teenager, how it was then, and how much of life on an interpersonal(?) level isn’t quite at all the same now, and how younger people of today, and even adults, appear to be missing out on a certain level of richness I cannot convey by text and I find hard to even conceptionalize.

    Awhile back I saw some 10-12 year olds getting dropped off by the co-ed goobermint school bus, they were all wearing their Obedience Conditioning Submission cloths, all the ones which I saw kept wearing theirs as they walked home, alone, or in two’s or three’s, I kept expecting to see them rip them off and toss ’em, but they never did. How is that even possible? I cannot fathom it.
    Too many times now, I see an adult walking with a child, ~ aged 5-15, the adult is maskless, the child isn’t. I cannot put my finger on how wrong that is. … The latest was what I formerly would think of as a hot woman in a short black dress while sporting a dark tan, it was a sight completely ruined by the face diaper on the child she guided along. I wonder if people such as that even consider how what they are doing shapes the world, or even IF they think about what type world they would like to create for the future generations?

    I never once thought, as I watched Star Wars in the crowded movie theater in 1978 or 79, that there were people in the audience who cheered for Darth Vader and hoped he won. Now, I wonder how many did.

    On the plus side, overall, I do see far far fewer Obedience Conditioning Submission cloths on people as of late. In a small bank with four tellers, only one was wearing The Submission cloth, she had sores on the bridge of her nose and on the sides of her cheeks where the mask fit. I wondered if it was much worse underneath that cloth. It also made me wonder if some people want to keep them on in order to hide what the masks caused? A sort of self-perpetuating loop? Idk.

    Insert scene, almost any scene, from the film, Time Machine, here x.

    We’re – finally getting rain – the garlic scapes are ready, and I know who, and what, I am, and what I refuse to become, no matter what.
    It seems like I might be surrounded by a good number of like-minded individuals where I am.
    I hope you’re all in a good spot. Or, as good as you can be, and can find some bright spots, however or wherever they are. Perhaps, even be fortunate enough to be able to encourage someone in a positive way. That’s a true prize, imho.

    • Hi Helot,

      My friends with kids tell me they are being marinated in ‘Rona Porn; it is in cartoons, it is being taught to them as Virtue in government schools – it is like the oxygen in their air (if they’re getting any). The love their “masks.” Or they are terrified to remove them, even when told they can. Wait until these children of the corn reach adulthood….

      • In Nov-Dec 1950, the UN X Corps, which strongest formation was the 1st Marine Division, was attacked by a Chinese People’s Liberation Army force that was at least 5X its numeric strength; some sources estimate nearly 10x. Thus were seventeen days of frozen hell known as the Battle of the Chosin Reservoir. The Marines, including their 1st Infantry Regiment, led by Col. Lewis Burrell “Chesty” Puller, held off wave after wave of Chicom attacks, and managed to retreat from Chosin in good order, even bringing out their dead.

        When these kids reach military age, a bunch of old women with brooms will be able to scatter them.

    • Helot, I do wonder – what happened to the “rebelliousness ” of the youth. But what I think has happened is rebelliousness against the state has been replaced with rebellion against the family and parents, with COMPLETE obedience to the state and its corporate partners….

  6. I remember getting a cab to the old Stapleton airport, a 10 minute and $5 cab ride from my Capital Hill apartment. Then check the bag with a skycap ($1 tip, I was a student and they understood), then dash off to the gates after a cursory glance at my carry-on and a walk through the “metal detector.” Oh, I forgot that I had my penknife… that’s OK, they saw it. Then once aboard using the free drink tickets and lighting up a butt as soon as we were clear of the runway apron. No kids in the smoking section and close enough to the younger stewardesses stuck back in coach to chat ’em up a bit too.

    Then there was the first time flying after 9/11. This was back in 2002 or so, and the TSA had no idea what they were doing. I had some bike stuff and electronics, so the carry-on got extra inspections, as did the checked bag. At the time GPS receivers were still a bit of a novelty, but I had used it before and at the time if you got the OK from the captain all was cool. I asked the flight attendant to check with the captain, when I heard the woman behind me: “Why is he bothering the pilots with that? Why would anyone want to do that? Why can’t he just be happy (whatever).” I chalked it up to nervous flier fear. Today I’d call her a Karen, but back then the psychosis was just annoying. Now it seems to have teeth. FWIW, the flight crews would often come back with a post-it note from the flight deck showing what the nav system location as a comparison and most thought it was a pretty cool gadget. But it was all downhill from there. Now the whole damn plane is full of Karens, the flight crews are old and tired, and the passengers are just looking at prices not experience. The strange thing is that many people will fly to a luxury cruise ship or Vegas resort on the worst possible airplane. Just a few dollars shifted around would completely revamp the experience of flying, but everyone is so conditioned to just look for the cheapest flight that they’ll do whatever to get there, including being photographed naked -but that’s another rant.

    • Hi RK,

      Flying commercial today if you remember what it used to be like is kind of like eating store-bought eggs – once you’ve had farm fresh. I can’t eat store bought eggs anymore. I won’t fly commercial anymore. The experience is degrading and disgusting and enervating. Vulgar, stupid and coarse. People once smoked on airplanes, it’s true. But people were friendly or at least polite; the airplanes weren’t packed like a can of King Oscar oysters and they smelled better, too. There were usually attractive stewardesses – as opposed to today’s mostly hagged out middle aged fraus with bad attitudes and male flight attendants. But it’s the insane Security Kabuki I cannot abide, above all. Not merely that it is degrading but that it is meant to be so. It has nothing to do with “stopping terrorism.” It is conditioning to servility, to being violated as routine. Nothing more. A “terrorist” is no more prevented from doing what the real deal does than a “mask” prevents a respiratory virus from spreading.

      • I missed the “Coffee, Tea, or Me?” days, but yeah, I remember as a kid, flying from Maryland to visit the grandparents in Fresno, CA, that we had to dress up in our “Sunday best”, and my Dad wore his Air Force uniform.

        For awhile, it was either United or Northwest that had this “special” run from Chicago O’Hare to Newark Liberty; they had a DC-7 outfitted with all “First Class” seating (so only four abreast), very plush. with STEWARDESSES, serving their businessmen clientele steak and lobster, top shelf drinks, and so on. It was for MEN, only, simply b/c they didn’t want noisy kids interrupting their convivial atmosphere. Needless to say, once the “Women’s Libbers” got wind of this “Men’s Club in the Sky”, they protested to United, and the airline caved in, although its explanation was that they already had trouble filling the flights to capacity. Is there nothing some self-appointed busybodies can’t RUIN?

  7. the good old days, when all we had to worry about is if the ATMs were going to work after midnight and what to do with all that SPAM we bought

  8. One of the women I work with (early 30s) was saying the other day how her two-year-old son, when the “mandates” were recently lifted or eased, couldn’t understand why some people in stores weren’t wearing face diapers— she said all he can remember is life with “masks”. I’m 51, and this is saddening and alarming to me — if I live into my 70s, this is generation that will be gaining power in the world — the toddlers and grade-schoolers of today who think mandatory face diapers — and mandatory vaccines for whatever medical boogeyman is being pushed — is just the “normal” and “right” thing to do. ☹️

  9. Once upon a time I got on my bike right after breakfast, or right after school, and disappeared until I needed one or another of the services of “home”. Like food, or sleep, or in spite of my preference, a bath. Today, I would have ended up in a foster home, and my parents in jail. But I learned so much in my odysseys. How little most people can be rusted, and how extremely valuable one that can be is. The difference between a friend and an acquaintance, although that lesson took longer than my bike riding days, and in some cases continues on to this day.

      • Isn’t it curious, how the constant caterwauling about “cases”, “positivity”, “variants” and “hospitalizations” are not accompanied by “deaths”? Because they haven’t figured out a way fraudulently increase them any more than they already have? Cases, positivity, and hospitalizations are easy, just fiddle with the testing, and variants don’t matter without a parallel change in deaths, which apparently there isn’t or you would be hearing about it. Of course that won’t stop them from using the first four to lock it all down and mask it again. Meanwhile, the vaccine adverse events are spiraling into catastrophe.

    • There will always be a variant, and the stupid vaccination campaign will ensure there are more of them and more virulent ones to boot. It will become the excuse for what’s coming – deaths among the jabbed, and the attendant lockdowns and the return of the face diaper.

      CNN (Gawd) is out there filling their Depends about how the Delta variant means we need to up the level of vaccination to achieve their precious herd immunity – moving the goalposts and changing long-established scientific/clinical standards to suit. They’ll never reach the levels they want, and carrots may soon give way to sticks when Delta or Epsilon or whatever doesn’t scare the bejesus out of anyone.

      They overplayed their hand, and loosened the screws too soon. Not sure whatever they have planned next is going to work out so well for them.

      • Here’s what’s going on in the Philippines… Duterte says to the “hesitant”, “I’ll jail you and inject it (gene therapy) into your butt.

        Here in the U.S., Kamala has been tasked with sending “volunteers” to your home to “convince” you to get the gene therapy.

        • Hi Zek,

          I pray cooler heads prevail. If someone comes uninvited to my home to attempt injecting me with anything, they will be met with an appropriate response. I pray such a thing never occurs. It is the last thing I want.

          God damn these people.

          • I’ll join you in that prayer. The very last thing I want in my living room is a fight, of any kind. The problem being, the Sociopaths In Charge have no problem delivering one to you, since their armed goons will be the ones on the line.

            • Indeed, John…

              I console myself, as per Marcus Aurelius, with the knowledge that I have enjoyed a good life and if my life should end, I will be grateful for what I’ve had and sorry about what those younger than I may never have.

          • Eric & John-
            Something to consider, perhaps forced needling IS on the horizon but for now it appears Kampala’s “activists” won’t be out with gene therapies in hand but rather to hector you and attempt to offer you things to “overcome your hesitancy.” Still very overt, very troubling, and very political. I put up a no trespassing sign 6 mos. ago for this and other reasons (random people were coming on to my property to feed the ducks!). Since then I have looked into the laws concerning trespassing and I’ve learned that a crime is not committed until a person enters, is identified and asked to leave, and does not. The identity needs to be transmitted to the police and recorded in order for this to work. It applies to gov’t personnel as well, except those with a valid warrant.

          • I am hoping it blows over before some new manufactured thing can be blamed on the unvaccinated.

            However thanks to Ron Paul in 1998 their ability to have centralized records in the USA does not exist. So what is demanded is a digital photograph of a CDC card with your name on it, on your phone.


      • I certainly hope it doesn’t work out so well for them. I sense they’re considering tightening the screws again prematurely (instead of waiting until fall like most people assumed). The problem is that if they do that, they’ll be dealing with millions of irate citizens who aren’t keen on giving up their new-found freedoms.

  10. And the “work from home” apps. Zoom and such. A friend told me, “Thank goodness for Zoom. Without it, these lockdowns would be intolerable”. I said, “Without Zoom, these lockdowns wouldn’t have even been possible.”

    • yes those idyllic days also had kids hiding under desks in fear of nuclear war. Or fighting the vietnamese for God knows why. We’ve alsways lived under psychopaths.

  11. The Left never marinates in nostalgia. They self designate as progress-ives and invoke future-ism. The non-left gets stuck with reactionary terms like conserve-ative or make America great again. I’m weary of the refrain of “those were the days.” All of those days are gone forever but are also what lead to today. I like Rothbard’s approach best, “for a new Liberty.”

  12. A world where not only were there guns in gun racks in pickup trucks in high school student parking lots, but there was no concern about them being stolen either.

  13. “It may be up to those of us who remember the Before Times to keep the memory of those times alive. ”

    Made me think of this:

    “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.”
    –Ronald Reagan, “A Time for Choosing,” Oct. 27, 1964

    • But with the burgeoning love of “safety” freedom is the last thing the general public wants. Liberty is dangerous. Immediately dangerous. Unlike tyranny, which bides its time before it strikes, and makes liberty look like a walk in the park. The Sociopaths In Charge have been working on the destruction of liberty for a very, very long time. And being sociopaths, and not distracted by normal human virtues, they have been quite successful. They are preparing to strike the final blow. Hopefully, their lack of human virtue will lure them into a fatal error in their calculations.

  14. A new species of humans has evolved.

    Homo sapiens v. sapiensv. vaccinacii, aka, dumbasses

    “Children should not be vaccinated for the moment.

    There is not yet enough evidence on the use of vaccines against COVID-19 in children to make recommendations for children to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Children and adolescents tend to have milder disease compared to adults. However, children should continue to have the recommended childhood vaccines.”

    If children aren’t to be vaccinated, then why should anybody be vaccinated? A red flag if there ever was one.

    • Children should not be vaccinated because they suffer little to no threat from the virus. What they don’t say is that NONE of us should be vaccinated because in just six months or so they have proven to be the most dangerous vaccines ever allowed.

  15. I remember the days before metal detectors or anything of the kind. The first trip I remember vividly, probably around ’64, my uncle drove right out onto the tarmack after the plane stopped, probably 30′ from the plane, and they handed down the luggage.

    • Now THAT’S more like it. Airlines now are such a hassle, and they can be pricks about it, too, not to mention how they stuff you into a tube as compactly as possible. Watching movies from the “good ole days”, it can be seen that airline flights used to be comfortable and enjoyable.

      • Haven’t been on one since the TSA was invented. In fact, that was very likely the cause of my former wife and I parting ways. Her father died in Florida about 7 or 8 years ago.. We lived in Missouri. She booked a plane ride, and was outraged that I refused to fly. I tried to explain that it would be pointless because I would end up in jail. I told her I would drive down and be there in a couple of days. Not good enough. My initial refusal was taken personally. If I wouldn’t fly down with her, she didn’t want me there. So like a fool I took her at her word, not realizing it was a test, and didn’t go. In hindsight, its not a loss I regret.

        • ‘not realizing it was a test …’ — John Kable

          Set up like a bowling pin
          Knocked down, it gets to wearin’ thin
          They just won’t let you be

          — Grateful Dead, Truckin’

          • To quote a line from “Cheers”, “women, can’t live with’em, give me a beer” Although I am 67, and have far less need of them. Still have a libido, but it doesn’t run my life. Parts of getting old are good.

        • John,

          That’s some BS, man. But as you’ve come to learn, I’m sure, you don’t need someone like that in your life. A good woman or even a good friend won’t try and force you into something like that.

          • My only regret is that it didn’t happen sooner. I was devastated at the time, but that time is long past. A pity I wasted 35 years of my life on her.

            • Gosh, John, 35 years. Me and mine were 22 years together. Seems now like she really roped me in; left me in 2017, when our daughter was 6. We are ¨allowed¨, our daughter and I, by a fat pig mangina judge and the lesbian social worker, to see each other Tuesday afternoons and every other weekend. The lawyers have milked me dry, ¨defending¨me to get nothing. I’m still not at your point of peacefully accepting it.

              • Hi Frank,

                This sort of thing is apparently pretty common – in re your custody/divorce situation. I have several friends going through similar. You have my sympathy. I suppose I’m lucky I didn’t have kids.

              • Fortunately, no children involved, and little dispute over property. I think because she may have suspected I might make a risk/reward evaluation, and take the matter in my own hands. I’ve been accused of being scary before.

                • Hi John,

                  My brother-in-law is a former Marine officer; he went through a hideous divorce before he met my sister. He was accused of being a bad and scary man, with guns! It almost drove him to do something stupid – which, though justifiable – I am glad he elected not to do but would have understood had he done it.

              • It is indeed pathetic how men are treated in family courts. As if they would eat their children if not prevented from doing so by court decree. If I was a young man, I would NOT avail myself of the burden of state sponsored marriage. I would work up a legal contract regarding who is responsible for what and how much, and if not agreeable, just walk away. Like many other formerly normal human actions, marriage has been weaponized.

              • Shit, eight years to go on your “sentence”. Keep the faith, baby, eventually you’ll be ‘free’. Been there, done that.

      • yeah they had more legroom, people weren’t the fat diabetic blobs of today and believe it or not the planes were faster! That 707 could haul ass

    • You can still do that if you have enough money. The GA terminals are still like that. In fact, if you stay at the St. Regis in Aspen they’ll shuttle you right out to the red carpet leading up to your (business tax deductible) Gulfstream 5.

  16. “Stop believing and start thinking”…

    Sounds like YOU understand The Science, Eric. Perhaps, at least, that The Science not just a litany of dictates to which the Faithful must adhere. That would be “The Dogma”. I think if Fauci and his henchmen had continually been preaching to follow The Dogma, at least that would’ve been honest.

    • Indeed, science is the ongoing constant questioning of everything. Settled “science” is centered on belief, or faith, as in religion or cult. Ask Galileo. If science was ever “settled”, the earth would still be flat and the center of the universe.

      • Yes, John, “The Science” really shouldn’t be thought of as a “thing”, but a process. It is ongoing, dynamic and evolving.
        Scientists at one time believed the substance “phlogiston” was present in pure metals and left when they oxidized. Air would support combustion only when phlogiston was removed. Burning something produced phlogiston. Though it was widely believed, they had it backwards. Phlogiston was oxygen viewed from the opposite frame of reference.
        Scientists once thought “HO” was the formula for water, and that light waves were able to propagate because they moved through the luminiferous ether.
        Once, all of these hypotheses were considered established. Now, they are just interesting historical fallacies.

  17. ‘Those who are in their 20s today are disconnected from that time, in memory as well as fact.’ — EP

    Likewise, no one today can recall the American republic, before it was murdered in its crib in 1913 by the ‘progressive’ ‘reforms’ of the income tax, the Federal Reserve, and popular election of Senators (which structurally destroyed the actual federation of states, with Senators representing state governments).

    With the power to pick pockets, print ‘money’ and herd the populace into electing well-vetted Depublicrat collaborationists, the stage was set for the US fedgov to metastasize into a monster.

    ‘Progressives’ are still around, of course. The pandemic opened the door for experiments with guaranteed income that will make nearly everyone a captive, dependent ward of the state:

    ‘A guaranteed income is a monthly, cash payment given directly to individuals. It is unconditional, with no strings attached and no work requirements. A guaranteed income is meant to supplement, rather than replace, the existing social safety net and can be a tool for racial and gender equity.

    Combining the social indoctrination described by Eric with putting the middle class on the dole, and herding them into the ‘garden of pure ideology’ of social media to occupy their time and warp their thoughts, will complete the foundation of the dystopian state described in Brave New World, 1984, Fahrenheit 451, and other subversive ‘books.’ Those will have to be burnt so that everyone receives the same sanitized digital feed.

    • The well coordinated destruction of 1913 was made possible by the killing of 650,000 Americans 50 years earlier to dispel the notion States could secede. Thereby disposing of the last external enforcement of the Constitution. “Play by the rules or I’m quitting and taking my marbles home.” Leaving the fox in charge of the hen house 50 years later.

      • Just read a decent book on the War of Confederate Independence (I refuse to call it the “Civil” war, b/c the Feds were not “civil” to the people of the South that they conquered) titled, “It wasn’t about Slavery!” by Samuel Mitcham. Although somewhat polemic in its prose, it gets down to the “nitty-grity” (not the “Dirt Band”), that it was akin to an abusive husband “saving” his marriage by beating down his wife, whom, tired of years of his crap, declares her intention to leave, but he refuses to let her go, and beats her into meek submission.

        Likewise the Federal Government, controlled at that point by the fledgling GOP (itself a rehash of the Northern Whigs), willing to protect the “peculiar institution” of slavery, but not relent on the issues of tariffs, Federal taxation, and how it was spent (mostly NOT in the South), e.g. read about the “Corwin” Amendment, which would have, in utter irony, become the 13th Amendment had it been ratified by the states (it was quickly run through the Congress in early 1861, by the 2/3 votes needed, even though some of the Southern states had already recalled their senators and representatives). Since not only the seven original “Deep South” states that seceded and formed the original Confederate government at Montgomery, AL, on March 4, 1861, but later the four states of the “Mid-South)” (TN, NC, VA, and AR) rejected Corwin’s offer, “Dishonest” Abe vowed to bring them in by whatever force was necessary. In fact, it was Lincoln sending reinforcements to Fort Sumter, SC and other USA forts in Southern ports, after a “gentleman’s agreement” between his predecessor, James Buchanan, and CSA President Jefferson Davis to refrain from hostilities, with the ensuing battle of Fort Sumter on April 12, 1861, that caused Virginia, not completely on board with secession, to finally do so. A HUGE miscalculation on Lincoln’s part. He’d actually offered Robert E. Lee command of the Army of the Potomac, but Lee felt duty-bound to his native state to decline and instead accept command of the Army of Northern Virginia. Just imagine how this “Civil” War would have turned out had Lincoln held back and not behaved so arrogantly and recklessly! Not only would Virginia probably have stayed in the Union, so probably would have TN and NC, and IF any military action had been needed at all; a US Army under Lee’s command would likely and mercifully have made short work of the Confederate forces, let alone that other famed Confederate officers like “Stonewall” Jackson and Simon Bolivar Buckner (father of the famed Lt. General, commanding the US 10th Army in late WWII, who led the invasion of Okinawa and was killed in action in its waning days by Japanese artillery fire) remaining in the US Army.

        Indeed, Lincoln’s famed letter, which is ignored by those libtard twits that have been indoctrinated that the entire fratricidal conflict was all about slavery, to Horace Greeley in 1862, just prior to his famed “Emancipation Proclamation”, which, in all irony, was a promise to NOT “emancipate” slaves if the Confederate states would give up their resistance and re-join the Union by Jan 1, 1863, describes that his priority was to “save” the Union. Lincoln would free ALL slaves, or NO slaves at all, or free some but not others, but his priority was to “preserve” the Union. And, like the analogy of the desperate, abusive husband, he did “save” it…but at the terrible cost of confirming exactly what many at the 1787 Constitutional Convention feared…that the new Federal government would amass power unto itself, and dominate and RULE over the several states, rather than be their servant. That’s EXACTLY what resulted, and the REAL “reason” why so many Southerners, themselves not slave holders and with little desire or means to become such, fought ardently for “the ‘Lost Cause'”…to resist the tyrants in WASHINGTON. It wasn’t also about “tariffs” as they were more meaningful to the South’s rich “planters”, nor was it a clarion call for “State’s rights”, that more belonging to the 20th century “Dixiecrats”, who nominated the late Strom Thurmond to run for President in 1948. The erstwhile Confederates believed they were fighting for their FREEDOM, much as their grandfathers and great-grandfathers rebelled against good King George III in the Revolutionary War.

    • Amen to that Jim. 1913 was a triple dagger attack to the heart of the nation with those three heinous events you mentioned. Its a testament to the rest of the constitution that the country made it this far, and actually prospered for awhile. I dont believe we are prospering anymore, cerrainly not normal, everyday people. Government seems to always become corrupted and evil. Certainly the framers tried to do right when they wrote the constitution, its just the sociopaths that followed corrupted everything. So sad.

      • It is indeed remarkable it lasted as long as it did. I credit the second Amendment for that. You only have the rights you can defend. And the first amendment freedom to bitch. There could be a reason for their order in the Bill of Rights. “Let’s talk about it” followed by “enough lies, time to fight”.

        • Just as what resulted from the Mercantilists got Lincoln elected in 1860 and pushed for him to retrieve the “milch cow” of the new Confederacy that wasn’t willing to put up with being milked anymore.

        • In fact the Constitutional Convention was an act of treason. It was billed as an attempt to modify the Articles, not to dispose of them.

  18. Another bizarre ritual still in practice is the lathering on of hand sanitizer. Last week I attended an in person meeting (weird, right?) – no diapers, but I watched person after person hit the Purell pump after handshakes, and some people pumped again every couple minutes. Some of these same people wouldn’t even shake hands, offering only a fist bump, which I declined. Then this past weekend I went to a sandwich shop, and while opening my car door I watched a diapered up lady who had come out of the shop start squeezing the stuff all over her hands and then rub them together for a minute or two. Like a priest washing hands before the Eucharist, this is ritualistic – becoming ceremonially clean. The Holy Wash.

    I can say I’ve never once used hand sanitizer since this hoax began. And maybe can count on two hands the times in my life I’ve ever used it, mostly after using a porta-potty when nothing else is around.

    • When offered The Holy Anointing, I take it and say “Thank you!”, and proceed to rub it on my neck as a lady would perfume, then flick the excess on the floor. It never fails to elicit a scowl from the Karen crowd, and a smile from me!

    • More simply, alcohol-based sanitizers don’t work so well against viral contagion as would soap and water; alcohol works best against microbes with an active metabolic process.

      They’re putting on safety glasses to protect against gas fumes, more or less, even sidestepping any evaluation of their perceived risks versus actual. It’s all oddly cargo-cult.

    • In complete ignorance that without pathogenic challenge, as in dirty hands etc., your immune system will stop working. I learned of this watching a documentary on long term space flight many years ago, when it mentioned that in trips to Jupiter or Saturn that would take several years, pathogens would be a part of the cargo for the express purpose of exposing the crew to them.

  19. As much as I hate growing old, I’m actually kind of glad that I’m knocking on the door of 60 years old. That means I probably won’t live long enough to see the current generation of children who are being traumatized by the powers-that-shouldn’t-be become adults, or anything other than young adults and therefore still not in charge of anything meaningful (like governments or corporations). I feel sorry for my children and grandchildren, who likely will live to see it.

    • I’m 67, and well beyond “feeling sorry” for my children and grandchildren. I alternate between despair and rage about what they will likely suffer. I’ve lived, not always well, but well enough. If tomorrow is my time, then so be it. They might not have the opportunity to live anywhere close to well. At least not better than they do now and probably a lot worse, and quite likely have already reached their pinnacle. Which infuriates me when I look at my 7 and 12 year old grandchildren.

  20. Eight plus years ahead of 9/11, we had Oklahoma City and the subsequent security revue at federal theatres, particularly at courthouses and at the lifeless edifices where federal AGWs worked.

    • Hi Mike,

      I remember that, too. Also the mass murder of those people in Waco, Texas – who dared to be different and so were easy to pathologize as “the other,” leading to their immolation by federal Einsatzgruppen.

      • But they did get to initially shoot the shit out of some BATF agents looking forward to brutalizing some plebes. It made my day, until Clinton/Reno/FBI/BATF set them on fire.

      • We were warned and just meekly sat by and watched the cremation, LIVE, on TV.

        As a scene from “Full Metal Jacket” puts it, where a “Huey” door gunner is taking shots at Viet civilians as the chopper flies by with his M60…

        DOOR GUNNER: “Get some! Get Some! Hah hah hah hah had! (pauses) Everyone that moves is a ‘VC’! (Viet Cong). Everyone that stands still is a WELL-DISCIPLINED ‘VC’! You guys should do a story on ME!”

        SGT. JT “Joker” DAVIS: “Why should we do a story on you?”

        DOOR GUNNER: “Because I’m so fuckin’ good!” (resumes firing at people down below). That ain’t no shit, neither! I’ve done got me 157 dead gooks killed. And 50 water buffaloes, too! Them’re all certified! Get some! Hah hah! Everyone that moves is a ‘VC’! (Viet Cong). Everyone that stands still is a WELL-DISCIPLINED ‘VC’!”

        JOKER: “Any women or children”?

        DOOR GUNNER: Some of ’em…

        JOKER: “How can you shoot women and CHILDREN?”

        DOOR GUNNER: Easy!You just don’t lead ’em so much! [laughs] Ain’t war Hell?

  21. My girls were shown Algore’s climate propaganda film in science class. The scare started long ago to inculcate a generation.

    • Hi Hans,

      The “environmental” shibboleth has been in play since the late ’60s; it never really gained traction, though – at least, not to the degree that weaponizing hypochondria has. That – the latter – has proved to be a bogeyman that millions fervently believe in. I don’t understand it, myself. Probably because I can see (and reason out) that the “threat” is obviously exaggerated and for political purposes. Why so many can’t see it is the question of our time.

      • They can’t see, because they are victims of the largest, longest, and most successful psyop in the history of the species. Public education has come to fruition. They “can’t see”, because they have been trained not to LOOK, and if they accidentally do see, to assume it’s a lie. Add the state controlled media, and voila. People that don’t even know there is such a thing as critical thought. Who think history is a boring class they have to attend. Who think the species would immediately go extinct without “officials” and “experts” telling us how to live, and how not to live. I’ll stop there, lest this turn into an essay.

        • We only escaped by continuing our education. If you don’t read every day, your stupid. Not because you don’t read, but because you aren’t learning.

      • As you put it in another post, Eric, maybe this time, the PTB got impatient, and turned up the heat on the frog in the pot of water TOO FAST, and he’s gotten wise and is trying to JUMP OUT while he can…

    • Yeah, Algore’s B.A. in history qualifies him to preach about “climate change,” the same way BillG(e)’s failure to complete a math degree makes him an expert on “vaccines.”
      B’cuz, Harvard, y’know.


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