Linus and His Face Blankie

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The worrisome thing is that even if all the “mandates” demanding that people wear a “mask” were rescinded tomorrow, a large portion of the population is likely to continue wearing them forever.

Hypochondria has been normalized.

Having worn a “mask” for six months or longer, the “masked” now associate their not being dead with the wearing of a “mask.” It is hard to give that up, just as it was hard for Linus to let go of his blanket. The difference being that Linus was a small child and small children sometimes need a security blanket in order to calm their fears. Adults used to understand that this was unhealthy beyond temporary; that it was necessary to the child’s transformation into an adult to wean him off the security blanket.

Today, adults encourage their children to wear the equivalent (worse, actually, because of the obedience conditioning it imparts) over their faces. Which shows that the parents are still children themselves, psychologically.

And need their blankie.

But the “masks” work! I haven’t died and the cases! the cases! have dropped by about half since the president was selected!

How “masks” halved the cases! the cases! almost just-like-that, practically overnight – after the selection – but weren’t “working” for all the months prior to the selection is an act of mental discernment beyond the bandwidth of people clinging to their Face Blankies. These Face Blankies also prevent those clinging to them from wondering about the efficacy of facial effacement in other countries where “masks” have been plastered on practically everyone’s faces – everywhere – for months and yet the cases! the cases! continue to increase regardless.

But the flu has been tamed! Haven’t you heard? Almost no “cases” of that and deaths from flu have all but disappeared.

Of course, all that’s happened is that the ordinary flu has been rebranded – and the deaths previously attributed to ordinary flu-triggered pneumonia and so on shifted over to the ‘Rona, which is of course another species of the flu  . . . but never mind that.

Bandwidth and all.   

Even if the WuFlu disappears, the regular flu will return – because it never left – and thus some variant of flu always be present – and thus, the Face Blankie, forever.

Or so it will be argued is necessary.

And probably accepted, the basic idea of it already having been accepted. If everyone must put on a Face Blankie because someone might get sick otherwise and some of those someones might die of complications from that sickness then how do you rationally argue against the forced wearing of the Face Blankie for the sake of other sicknesses that can also lead to complications that in some “cases” will also result in some people dying?

What is the Granny Might Die threshold? Is it two grannies per 100,000 general population? Ten?

If it saves even one granny?

The latter – if it saves just one life! – has already been announced as the Gold Standard and not just for effacing the face. It has been put forward as the justification for government-decreed “safety” equipment in new cars, such as the back-up camera systems all new cars are required to have and is openly touted – Vision Zero – as the goal of future regulatory fatwa’ing.

It all sounds nice – it’s sad when someone gets run over or dies from the ‘Rona (or some other variant of the flu). But the cost of attempting to prevent every death regardless of cost and no matter how improbable is measured in more than just lives supposedly or even actually saved. It is a strange thing to make living all about avoiding anything that might result in dying – in view of the fact that we’re all living on borrowed time and only have so much of it, regardless. That death is going to put an end to living, eventually – no matter how hard we try to avoid it.

The Face Blankie isn’t going to keep the reaper at bay.

But we have the option to live before that day comes; the choice to not live in trembling fear of that day – which is a kind of living death in waiting that makes being biologically alive a thing hardly worth maintaining.

Especially over an unreasonable terror for most of us of a ‘Rona Reaper whose scythe is dull and who moves so slowly you can just step out of his way before he makes a pathetic, Monty Burnsian swing at you with it.

Maybe shove the blankie down his throat while you make your escape!

. . .

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  1. “How easy it is to make people believe a lie, and how hard it is to undo that work again!” Mark Twain (1906) And the similar attributed to him – “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they’ve been fooled.”…

    I believe that sums up where we’re at, and unfortunately , I believe we’ll be pushing back against MASKHOLES for a long time to come….

  2. Have you ever noticed that it’s much easier to get the population under your thumb with fear training than to education the population out of paranoia?

  3. Unfortunately for those woke to maskness, stupidity and intelligence are major factors in natural selection. No matter how hard they attempt to abolish it, nature will not be denied. If the entire population of a particular area dies from being stupid, then they are completely out of the gene pool.
    I once read an interesting thesis, that we have reached the pinnacle of civilization, because civilization tends to protect the weak and stupid, keeping them in the gene pool, and weakening the specie’s genome, eventually causing an extreme die off. At which time we start over creating civilization, and ending up in the exact same place.

  4. The newest exercise in humiliation is apparently anal swabbing to test for wuflu. China is doing it and reportedly forced some visiting American state department officials to capitulate.
    I was enjoying a good laugh at that visual – a government critter in his three-piece suit and wingtips forced to drop his drawers and bend over at the airport so some Chinese drone can swab his ass – when I realized there is no reason I can think of why we wouldn’t be seeing that here. I don’t think there’s any idea that’s too absurd for our public health apparatchiks.
    Chinese officials anal swabbed an entire elementary school after one kid tested positive. Would American parents accept that? I’m sorry to say, many would.

    • Hi Amy,

      Indeed. I’ve commented previously about what I consider to be the almost S&M aspect of this; the way many people seem to enjoy being humiliated and like inflicting it on others. I also believe that any parent who would “mask” their child would submit the child for “swabbing,” too.

      It’s beyond vile.

    • I lived in China for a few years…this was not an “error” as they said. That was a very Chinese way of telling the visiting American limp-wristed Democrats what they thought of them. When Obama came for a visit, they “forgot” to bring the stairs to help him disembark. The message being “Stay on the plane. We don’t want you here.” There was also a “problem” with Valerie Jarrett’s visa lol.

      You’d never hear it in a million years on the GSM, but Trump was actually quite popular in China. The ones I knew respected him for trying to negotiate tough with them, and respected that he actually seemed to be playing for the USA team, rather than giving the ball to the other team. They also respected his business experience and thought he was very funny at times. Crazy huh?

      • I like the Chinese people. Never trusted their government. I don’t agree with the Communist Party. But, I respect that they appear to have done a really good job of looking out for and enriching their own country (not merely themselves), and over a very short timescale.

        So far, I think I’d rather be a dissident in the USA than in China. But, for how long will that remain the case? I like to do my own thing, always have, I just never pictured myself as a dissident. Well, here I am. Luckily we don’t have a well-developed rail system. Is that why the Left is always going on about it, because they are having difficulty organizing the cattle cars?

  5. I read that the government is considering sending us all a farcemask of our very own.
    People who don’t wear masks are doing it because they can’t find one or can’t afford one, I guess?
    I’m assuming this idiocy will be accomplished via the USPS.
    Can we just mark the package “return to sender?” Does that work or is it just the chorus of an old song?

    • I think this might still work. In “steal this book” the idea put forth was in order to get free mail delivery, simply put the recipients name and address in the sender’s space and drop it in a mailbox other than your own, without a stamp. After which it will be “returned to sender” for lack of postage. One could simply take the mask package to a public mailbox and drop it in. Since the postage is already cancelled, it might go back to the sender. Certainly would hurt to try it.

    • I think it would be better to mail them all back to the White House.

      Alternatively, to hurl them over the fence (rather like the Vietnam vets throwing their medals).

      100 million of those things will be hard to ignore.

    • I was too young when my older brothers got together and burned their draft cards. When I get my very own mask, I’ll get some friends together and have a diaper-burning party.

  6. Just got back from the dollar store where they have a 6-foot-tall product display at the checkout line with what appeared to be Hayne’s underwear ($10 a box). Turns out they were Haynes cotton masks made out of the same material. Just when I thought this thing would be winding down soon…

  7. Maybe face diapers are a red herring. Perhaps we ought to be focused more on what might be the next indignity they trot out, since double diapers didn’t pan out en masse and anal swabs seemed a bridge too far. Or maybe identify the likely atrocity. I don’t know – now that they have the tiger by the tail, they don’t seem intent on letting it go. So what’s next – do they “activate” the vaccines, or let loose the next iteration? If you’re a psychopath with the whole of society under your thumb, what’s your next chess move? Methinks we better figure that out, and soon.

  8. President Bidet should issue an executive order requiring everyone wear blindfolds, ear plugs, and gag balls.

    All 535 congresscritters should be mandated to wear all three 24/7, they’re blind as bats, never listen, nobody wants to hear a thing they say, gaffe them to boot. lol

    It is definitely the blind leading the dumb.

    Pertinent information related to automobiles, machines that move, stationary machines, and internal combustion.

    Petroleum is the key ingredient. Good luck without it.

      • Morning, Nunz!

        It’s very true that the Face Gag is meant to humiliate, to establish dominance – like the gag ball “the Gimp” wore in Pulp Fiction. And the curious – in terms of the psychology of it – thing is that the victim will wear the thing willingly, having been conditioned to accept degradation as his lot as well as it being virtuous to submit to it.

        • Sad thing is, Eric, the constant haranguing of this sickness psychosis seems to be having the effect of turning the masses into Howard Hughes-level germophobes. I’ve never in my life heard so many people far from the immediate vicinity of a loony bin openly obsessing over ‘filthy this’ and ‘germ-covered that’.
          Last week, I actually heard someone advocate changing one’s clothes when they come in the house ‘so as not to get all of those germs from every stranger and dog you’ve come in contact with all over your house’!
          On the positive side, my mother has become convinced of the futility and absurdity of masking, and now recognizes that this whole ‘pandemic’ charade is nonsense, and political subterfuge! (Not bad for a 96 year-old!)

          • And my mother will NOT be taking the jab! (Her doctor had called her T’other day, actually “reminding” her that she ‘needed’ to come in to get the shot. My mother called me to tell me that not only did she tell the doctor’s office that she won’t be taking the jab, but that ‘she didn’t feel well enough to come in, so could they just renew her Rx’s via phone?’ -which they did. \o/

            Can you imagine a 96 year-old getting the jab? A relative’s ex-hubby (middle-aged, healthy and athletic) got the jab, and the next day he came down with a high fever; chills so bad that he was wearing sweaters and blankets with the heat cranked to almost 90…and basically all of the symptoms of…..the ‘Rona. Word is still out on how he’s doing….but if my mother had been in that spot, she would not survive!

            • Great news Nunz!

              I’m fighting a constant battle here with fambly pressuring me to take part in this radical DNA experiment and for me the answer is not just “no” but “HELL NO!” Most of them believe all the crap about face diapering, healthy people spreading disease, the cases, the cases!, and the rest of Pope Fauci’s bull. They have eagerly accepted and brag about having received (or soon will be receiving) the Holy Jab, and when am I going to get with the program and line up to get mine? (That moron of a bureaucrat Fauci, by the way, has been wrong and flip-flopped so many times how can anyone take him seriously?)

              Thanks, but no thanks. Truly this is brainwashing and mass insanity on a level I don’t remember ever seeing in this country and I’ve been around the block a few times.

              • Amen, Jason!
                No one bothers me about it though- they KNOW by now what my reaction to any such ‘norms’ would be.
                What’s truly disturbing is the realization of how many relatives and acquaintances have indeed been poked! I mean, not that I expect anybody these days to actually manifest much skepticism of anything which the media and the state promotes as the ‘wise and prudent thing to do’, and which is given further affirmation by the masses by their wholesale acceptation of such….but sheesh! When it comes to something that it is literally being injected into your veins….and it’s not like the people I know are morons or libruls (Ooopps, I’m being redundant!)….
                Truly, I think we have reached the point where the brainwashing is complete. I think the American people on the [w]hole [Ditto the Brits, and all the former Commonwealth countries] are the most deluded and brainwashed people ever to exist- much more so than the North Koreans, because even with the NK’s, the threat of violence and ostracism for non-conformity is much more present and closer to the surface; much more overt.
                Here, it’s to the point where the coercion is only needed to control a very small percentage of the population, while the vast majority not only willingly comply, but even DEMAND their chains, -and not just for themselves and their sprogs, but they demand that WE should wear those chains too!
                This is why I don’t think much of wasting our time discussing statist politics; because when a whole society is so delusional, about so many different things- the sickness psychosis just being ONE manifestation, it really doesn’t matter which puppet is in office. They all do the same thing anyway- even keep the same players employed in their respective admins!

                No matter who’s “in”…Fauci is still the head sickness psychotic. [Funny how that fact alone doesn’t give people a clue!]

                Obama bombed Syria.
                Hilary advocated bombing Syria, but lost to Trump…who bombed Syria. Now Bird-Brain Biden after being in office 36 days has bombed Syria…..

                Tl;dr: Fine. How are you. 😀

              • Hi Jason,
                The family nagging me is the worst part of this psy-op; my daughter is holding my grandson hostage, threatening that she won’t let me see him if I don’t get the holy jab. I asked her how they would feel if papa ended up dead….crickets. Now Saint Fauci is saying we’re going to keep face diapering ad infinitum, so let’s “follow the science” on that. My smallpox, polio, etc. vaccines protect me from said diseases, so anyone getting the holy jab should then be protected from the WuFlu virus, correct? So even if I’m a Typhoid Mary of virus YOU should still be fine….again crickets. So sick of this rampant mental illness afflicting the serfs around the world.

                • Hi Mike,

                  That’s tragic about your daughter – and a case in point as regards the viciousness of this weaponization of hypochondria. That you aren’t sick cuts no ice. That your grandson is practically guaranteed not to die if he did get sick cuts no ice, either. Because insanity is ice – encrusting the person afflicted within it, rendering them unable to think or or live normally.

                • Hi Ya Mike!

                  We are living it!:

                  Matthew 10:36 “And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household.”

                  Ezekiel 14:20 ” Though Noah, Daniel, and Job, [were] in it, [as] I live, saith the Lord GOD, they shall deliver neither son nor daughter; they shall [but] deliver their own soulds by their righteousness”.

                  Sad days…we are all experiencing this in spades. (Well…such has been the case for quite a while, we have just reached the point of demarcation where it has become blatantly obvious).

                • Mike, I am so terribly sorry for you to have to go through this. I don’t understand your daughter’s requirement of you having to needle. I am assuming she is all for the Jab. If she is vaccinated why are you required to be?

                  • Because it’s not a vaccine. I think more and more people are beginning to realize this. Even the elites say you still need to double mask and social distance until who knows when.

  9. Hey did you guys see – on this side of the pond they just drafted in none other than Queenie herself to promote the holy jab… they really never do that here…. tells me something is brewing. Maybe hope that their plan isn’t working and people are waking up and not taking it… (also that they really need us plebs to have it)….

    • Hi Nasir,

      I read about that, Queenie stating that one should get it “to think of others.”
      WTH does that mean? In America the medical community never promoted the HPV, the chicken pox vaccine, or the tetanus shot because of others, but for oneself. One wears a seat belt, a motorcycle helmet, or a life jacket for themselves, not to protect the other guy. I don’t like how this narrative has turned over the last 12 months. They are basically forcing people to succumb to this or else. Alarm bells should be going off.

      • Hi RG, totally agree – something is up. I think they are taking this line to cover the fact that the vaccine doesn’t do anything (well with respect to protecting from the virus). SO they want to make it like its “for others”. Just like the mask thing. Infact just found out from a friend his uncle died – with covid. Though I dont have the details, (yes he was quite old), interestingly he DID have the holy jab!! I suspect more and more such cases will come out so they are trying to make it about others. Something you can never objectively prove or disprove….WHat is interesting however is the Queen never speaks on such matters. She’s a really reserved as a last resort.. The fact that she’s taking a side is really something…..

        Personally Im really starting to think the uptake isn’t as high as they try to present. Initially they said they wont reach under 70s with the jab till Easter. Now they say they are ready to vaccinate anyone above 50. And by summer they would have vaccinated all adults. They say its because of the wonderful NHS – but given vaccine production, which is the limiting factor remains the same – what does that tell you – that people just aren’t taking it….

        One thing Ive realised about the British is that they are real agreeable with whatever the official line is in pubic, but in private they do what they want…. and I suspect while they all come out to worship the NHS in public, wear their masks and all that, in private they may just have different views…. In short- maybe there is hope….

        • Morning, Nasir!

          I agree that there is likely a great deal of quiet resistance – in the form of not getting the Jab. I’d like to see active resistance. It is incredible to me that not only hasn’t there been much overt pushback but that there hasn’t been prosecution of the creatures pushing an experimental medical procedure on healthy people. This is fundamentally what Dr. Mengele did – and that is considered a crime against humanity – so why not this? Also the terror campaign, of a piece with the work of people like Goebbels and Streicher.

          This won’t end until the criminals are brought to account.

  10. If anyone hears of Drs willing to fake the bad, please post them somehow. I’d like to “protect” myself, if you know what I mean.

  11. I think that if people started to throw away the masks, even most of the hard core ones would too. I think that they are basically sheep and cowards, and will go with the predominant flow just to blend in. Once the majority is done play acting the plague, those people will stop too. No one wants to be face mask Michael Jackson.

    • That is why I think they are emboldened. They have nothing to lose – they already look ridiculous, and thus they want to drag any lone stragglers in so they don’t have to face (pun intended) their own foolishness. If only they spent half as much energy in thinking for themselves…

  12. I met someone who is into alternative healing (Chinese medicine) who is elderly and now religiously diapers her face. She thinks the nooos is real. Anyway, for some reason she wasn’t diapered yesterday when I saw her. Which was great, and I told her so.

    Anyway, I realized driving home that I had FORGOTTEN WHAT SHE LOOKED LIKE in the couple of months that she had diapered. Seeing her face was actually a shock and I had to restudy her face to mentally tell myself “Ok, this is what she looks like.”

    This is an occult ritual designed for self-erasure, absolving the perpetrators of said ritual (in their mind) of all karmic guilt. “Hey, they did it to themselves. We didn’t force them to.” And people are going to get what they ask for.

    What keeps me going is that, within a few years, most of the dumb freaks will no longer be with us. Growing up in the 90s, I didn’t think something like this was going to happen.

    • Michael,

      Enlighten me as to why the dumb freaks will no longer be with us. Please. Because the mental illness seems to be spreading and increasing at a rate that would make any virus blush.

      • Likely they will be dead because of the vaccine, BaDnOn or they can’t take it anymore and eat their gun. The more studies I read about (actual studies out of France, Switzerland, Australia, India) on these messenger RNAs the more nervous I get about the world governments forcing this needle on us. I realize they have been around for many decades, but they have rarely been successful.

        Also, if I hear “getting this vaccine into as many arms as possible” one more time I could scream. When our medical community talks about how many arms instead of the safety and prosperity of the public I start having doubts on where this really is going. They are ignoring basic science – good hygiene, eating healthy, exercising, sunshine, vitamins, and other natural remedies for what? Profit? If they wanted to keep everyone healthy send Vitamin D and Vitamin C supplements to as many households as possible. Stop putting GMOs into food. This isn’t about health, but how to keep the average American on has many pills has possible without really curing anything.

          • Hi Hat,

            I agree it’s creepy. I can’t believe people aren’t questioning such a saying. It gives me chills, because it dilutes people into things (arms) and not human beings.

          • Hatteraszek,

            I believe this is because TPTB have noticed two things:

            a) that the military is really the only governent institution left that has any level of credibility with the public


            b) that a lot of people really don’t want to be needled.

            I believe (of course I can’t prove it) that many/most of TPTB around the world are in “macho wars” with each other, trying to show everyone else they are the “best” by getting as many as possible of their citizens/subjects/serfs to do increasingly stupid and ridiculous things. I don’t know what the prize is, maybe the one with the highest compliance rate gets to be world emperor or something?

            It doesn’t matter. Human nature is such that this scheme, like so many others before it, is doomed to fail in the end. Unfortunately, it can and probably will get downright unpleasant before it does. And when it’s over, and the veil is lifted, the survivors will look around in amazement, and they will all wonder how the hell everyone stood by and let it happen, and why no one did anything about it.

            • There’s no “probably” about it getting worse before it gets better. Psychopathic tyrants never give up their power without a literal fight, as in goons with guns flat out murdering people who oppose them. Innocent bystanders be damned. The tragedy is that the results of finally disposing of said psychopathic tyrant, are at times as bad or worse than the tyrant. See the French Revolution.

        • RG and Hatteras,

          I agree about that phrase being macabre and unnerving.

          As far as the vaccines doing serious damage, I guess we’ll find out. Sadly, I think it’s probably the more intelligent and freedom-loving people who are eating their own bullets and even overdosing etc. due to extreme depression.

      • Badnon, Maybe it’s too much hopium, but these people can choose to ignore reality but they cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.

        The vaccines, the extra CO2 to the dome, plus the coming hyperinflation with food shortages and chaos, plus the fact that most of the libtard city dwellers just don’t have many (if any) real life skills, e.g. what percentage of the chodes in downtown Phoenix can/know how to change a tire or their motor oil? Plus, how fucking oversensitive people are in one of the cushiest times leads me to believe that a lot of them just won’t make it over the next few years. They’re not tough enough and won’t be able to emotionally, physically, and spiritually handle what seems to be coming.

        Whereas people like us at least know and should be prepared for some dark tough times ahead.

        • Hi Michael,

          I’ve called what we’re discussing a Doomsday Cult in part because of the militant determination to destroy everything that makes life possible as well as worth living. Kids in “masks” and plastic bubbles. Adults willingly destroying their means of earning a living or passively standing by while that is done to them – and others.

          These are precisely the sort of people who trotted to the edge of the ditch when the GRU told them to.

          • Hence the current effort to disarm the people. Much easier to load them on the trains that way, as any “competent” tyrant knows.

        • Michael,

          Gotcha. Yes, most of these city goons won’t have any clue what to do when the feces hits the fan. Hell, some of them seem to wear their uselessness like a badge of honor, having to call someone to solve every problem for them, viz. plumbers, electricians, painters and yes, mechanics. Not because they want to spend their time on other matters, which is understandable, but because they have no idea how anything works. None. So many people are miserably vacant these days.
          If it all collapses, such people will become briefly dangerous, and will descend as vampires on those of us who are knowledgeable and prepared. And we’ll be forced to defend ourselves and property…

  13. Can’t wait for the mask mandate to be lifted, it’s gonna happen one way or another.

    Even when I go to the supermarket later this year and see the Cultist walking around diapered, the Karen’s won’t be able to say shit any more and even if said store is mostly hypochondriac, won’t matter.

    Masks’ll stay for awhile, there’ll always be the clover going 30 in a 45 who won’t budge when ya honk, and there’s always someone going full retard and beyond out there, just now it’ll be easier to spot these wackos ahead of time.

    Also, read from various sauces it’ll be dead like a NY senior by April, between herd immunity, 1.7m sheep a day being poisoned (vaxxed), and Orange Man no longer being around. I just hope that the rest of the Guv’s get what they deserve when the time comes

    • I remember the first time I saw masked people in public (that weren’t obviously ill people, chemo patients, etc.) It was in March. An older couple in the meat department at the grocery. I remember thinking they were paranoid weirdos and that there was no way that would do any good. But also, hey, if it makes you feel better, knock yourselves out.
      Silly me, back then I thought such things were an individual choice.
      Now, the undiapered is the person getting the strange looks. All in a year.
      Facebook meme: what was washed more in 2020? Hands or brains?

    • The PTB that orchestrated this massive fraud, with the connivance of the Chicoms, are waiting a believable amount of time once they got rid of OM to declare victory. Will probably help that their senile stuffed shirt, very NOMINALLY in charge, will be kicked to the curb via 25A to a comfortable “retirement” and his wayward kid paid off to shut up.

      Of course, who can say what NEW “crisis” will be hyped up to REPLACE it. My guess will be, due to her brilliant speech at CPAC, that South Dakota governor Kristi Noem will be harassed for failure to “comply” with the COVID “Fatwas”, and once she tells Uncle Sugar to go fuck himself, in a manner similar to what Ike did to Arkansas in ’57 over desegregation in the public schools, we’ll see units of the 101st Airborne sweep down on Pierre Regional Airport to take over and assume martial law, to show that “resistance is few-tile”.

  14. Some cock-ass on the radio (KTAR Phoenix) this morning was wondering how everyone would feel about having a list of the unvaccinated, not exactly made public, but used by the state health department to use, that they might call everyone on the list and harass them about their decision.
    Then, he suggested a card (ala Israels “Green Pass”) that would be used to keep the unvaccinated out of every business. After all, he pontificated, you have NO RIGHT to go to a restaurant or the movies or the gym.
    I about crashed my truck, fuming with anger.
    Don’t know who he was, only that he was filling in for Mike Broomhead.

    It’s coming, kids. Or more at, it’s here.

    • You can bet that there will be a (black) market for vaccination cards as well as doctors who will “sink test” the vaccine for a fee…

        • Hi RG,

          My gf and I were discussing this last weekend. I told her I’d like to think – I do think – I wouldn’t sell my soul for a big pile of FU money. But – honestly – until one is presented with that opportunity one can’t say they truly know.

          • Just pay a corrupt doc to inject you with some saline and have the Holy Jab water squirted down the sink, then write the cert. Terrible? How many docs fudge diagnoses to get Medicare payments and/or kickbacks from Big Pharma? Who the fuck is going to PROVE the doc is BSing…save he’s either bagged in a “sting” operation…OR…the Holy Jab has some manner of tagging carrier so one CAN be monitored. If THAT is so, then one would wonder what OTHER purpose the Holy Jab serves.

            • Hi Doug,

              I can see that. On the other hand, I’ve decided I’m fighting this – openly. Directly. I won’t feign an “exemption” to “mask mandates.” I simply refuse to wear a “mask” – for reasons of self-respect and respect for objective reality.

              No Jab, either. Or pretending to have received one.

              If they will not leave me be, then they can come and get me.

              • ‘Zactly, Eric!

                I refuse to live as a mouse and feign ‘compliance’ to something which shouldn’t be complied with. I decided a while back that I would no more feign a ‘medical exemption’ if/when confronted by mask Nazis. Now it’s just “I don’t do that” -maybe prepended by an “F$%^ YOU” , depending on the contemptuousness of the enforcer.
                To feign compliance except in the case of extremely dire circumstances, is tantamount to actually complying, because it amounts to a de facto admission that their decrees and orders are superior to our autonomy, -and worse yet, it robs us of our dignity, because we know that we have let someone other than ourselves cause us to do something/put on an act to appease somebody else, rather than asserting our autonomy and right to live as innocent men who have not done anything to anyone else so as to invoke some penalty or control to be exercised upon us.

                (And hi ya, Doug! Long time no see.)

                • I have found that a simple “NO” while confidently walking past the face diaper screener is quite often enough to get them to leave you alone. In extreme cases, a visible scowl helps…

      • As I’ve often said regarding the effectiveness of gun control. “I hope they do outlaw them. Then I’ll be able to buy one on any street corner, just like the drugs that are outlawed.” What makes the psychopaths think that those shipping cocaine or similar into the US couldn’t throw a case or two of AK47’s into the plane or boat?

        • John,

          And not the semi- auto “civilian” version either. If all are outlawed those ak’s will be the full auto military type.

        • Indeed, John. Sadly I don’t have any semi auto rifles any more as I had to sell them all to make it through the horrifying pandemic which has killed trillions. But if I did, and a further ban came, there really wouldn’t be any reason no to drill that third hole and switch in a disconnector, spring and switch. Or just to weld up a couple of simple SMG’s. After all, in for a penny, in for a pound.

          It’s so sad that all remaining government legitimacy is gone- there is consequences to ignoring the constitution and stealing elections in obvious plain sight.

        • Why should I “BUY” another firearm…i’m still mourning the “loss” of my two Ruger sidearms. As for the long arms…they never had to be registered, as they were acquired prior to State of Cali(porn)ia fatwas to register new long arm purchases. There was once a family “heirloom”, an M1A2 carbine, the “Paratrooper” model with the folding stock, which a relative that served with the 11th Airborne in the Philippines in 1945 used to give several Japs the “honor” of dying for their Emperor, including supporting the raid on the POW camp at Cabanatuan. It got passed down eventually to me, and in turn I gave it to my “little goil” (a status she had until her baby half-sister, born in 2000 when she was 13-1/2 and already a crack shot with the Ruger Mini-14 that she got for her 12th birthday), which she had for some time until Cali(porn)ia wanted her to register it b/c the vintage carbine was now deemed some terrible “assault weapon” (to many a wabbit or other varmint out in the orchard, it certainly was!) and she, being a “dangerous” mother of two sweet little girls of her own, would have to declare it and, of course, pay several hundred dollars for the “privilege”. Rather than do that, during one of my trips to “Yew-Tah” on other business, I met up with her and “smuggled” the “forbidden” 75-year old carbine, along with its several highly ILLEGAL 30-round magazines, out of the once-Golden State, for safekeeping with a relative in the REAL USA. Recently, her husband got a promotion with his company, and the whole famn-damily is moving to the Boise, Idaho area, so my “little sure shot” and her Paratrooper carbine will once again be re-united.

          • How can a government “buy back” something that they never owned in the first place?
            These democRATs must think that we are stupid…

    • Hi BaDnOn,

      This is how the Black Market starts. The rest of us that don’t feel the need to get the Needle of Non Resistance will cater to others like us. Elon has already stated that his children and himself will not be getting the jab. I see an Elon version of Amazon opening – Stores for People with Balls. If we can’t shop at Walmart or attend a concert event we will create the needed organizations to cover for these gaps in the system.

      My business isn’t going to turn away anyone that doesn’t mask or jab. There are many other businesses that feel the same.

      • Hey Raider Girl!

        I agree with you and Anarchyst regarding “Black Market” solutions, though we really shouldn’t have to.

        Like others, I’m beginning to think that a separation, at least a state-based separation may be in order. Something like is happening here:

        At least that’s a beginning. Things have spiraled out of control, and it is only accelerating.

        • Western Virginia (counties that border WVA – Frederick, Clarke, Tazewell, etc.) were considering a similar measure in 2020. They called it “Vexit”. It didn’t seem to take on much credence since it was going to be impossible to pass the Virginia Democratic led House, Senate, or Governor, but it was nice to dream of some form of escape. I personally always thought the state should just slice down I-95 or maybe Route 29. Everything to the East could be Woke Virginia. Everything to the West could go back to being conservative and red.

        • BaD,

          This is the way it should be. If you and your county feel like your state government no longer represents you then you should looks for alternatives. Either a state you border that does represent your values or form your own state. If more counties began using this as a solution to out of control state governments perhaps these governments would have to show some restraint when passing edicts. I’m also a big fan of using the Maine example in the electoral college and expanding its use for statewide races likep governor and state senators. Meaning each county/district gets 1 electoral vote and if your county votes for 1 candidate that electoral vote goes to that candidate. That way a state like ny can’t be overwhelmed by nyc and the other parts of the state would have an equal say in an election. That would be a truely representative republic.

          • Antilles,

            I’ve taken some liking to the Maine example as well, specifically with “ranked choice”, though what you’re saying also makes sense. Also might be the only way “Lesser of Two Evils” is ever defeated.

        • I do think there will be a demand for black market vaccination certificates. but im afraid here in the UK – how it can be done given how brainwashed and sheepish the Drs are – all working under the NHS….

    • Yes. It’s here. And of course on Boomer radio. That reminds me in late 2002, when the Iraq war “pre-game” show started, a few months before the war that had already been planned, but to mind-control enough people into supporting it.

      A radio guy on some FM station, I think 93.3 KDKB was saying that a bunch of European countries were against the planned Iraq invasion….”Don’t we give these countries money???” he said. First thing I heard about it, and the rest was history.

      I think they are coming for us.

      • Seemingly so. I’ve noticed that KTAR (92.3) seems to kick to the curb anyone who doesn’t toe the (authoritarian) line, and it’s just gotten worse. It’s all-but-unlistenable today, and they’d have you believe the vaccines and masks are the bees knees, while The Cases! The Cases! plummet, and would’ve done so without intervention.

      • “Ninety-Three…Kay–Dee–Kay…Bee…Mesa-Phoenix….RRRRROCKSSSSS Ari-Zona!” with that “Zylon” voice. Best damn radio intro I’ve ever heard.

    • I see that when I next go to Canadian Tire it will be prudent to come with tools to defend myself. Since this is clearly to be expected, I will be ready.

      Not looking for a fight but I will end anyone brought to me as efficiently and quickly as possible. No consideration for the lives of those who threaten me. If someone endangers my life, theirs is forfeit.

      Bear spray, check
      Hunting knife, check
      Zip ties, check.
      Sharp rings, check.
      Iron bracelet, check
      Steel toes, check.

      235# of very angry hairy dude, check.

        • Its only a matter of time before one of these diaper zealots goes on a killing spree against the undiapered. The media i’m sure will ignore it when it happens because it won’t fit the narrative. The defense at a trial will claim that the diapered person was afraid for their life and responded accordingly. The judge will yell case dismissed!

          • Hi Antilles,

            I agree – and it’s why I recommend always being armed. I can handle myself – but if some Freak whips out a gun… then it’s good to have the same.

            • Even though I’m physically unable to operate a handgun with “sufficient” power, limited to .380 ACP, I do carry one. Even a less than sufficient fire arm is effective for self defense. If you don’t think so, next time you’re at the range ask your buddy if you can shoot them with your .22 long rifle. Nobody wants to get shot, by any caliber.

          • I think it will be the other way. Someone will decide that they have had enough and climb the clock tower and start plugging maskholes. Or maybe anthrax/botulism/some-other-pathogen tainted masks. (I would love the irony)

            To be honest, I will probably cheer when it happens. Any sympathy or consideration towards the stupid masses is long gone for me. And I used to be such a nice guy…..

            Too bad the sheep are too fucking stupid to recognize that there are probably a lot of people nearing the edge. People who will be happy to watch the world burn if they no longer feel they can exist in it as it is today.

          • Agreed, Antilles. The maskers are crazy. The non maskers seem to have a pretty “live and let live” approach. We really don’t care unless you get up in our faces.

            I headed into my local USPS branch the other day (unmasked as always). The ladies that work behind the counter and I are in agreement over the majority of this, but they are required to wear a mask due to work. As I was heading in a man (in his late 50s/early 60s) was heading out and pointed to his mask and said “You forgot yours.” I grinned and said, “No, I didn’t” and kept walking into the post office. I was in the post office for about five minutes and as I headed out he was still there eyeing me. I could feel the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and walked briskly to my car without making eye contact. Nothing came of it, but it does make me more aware of my surroundings. You can just feel that people are about to snap.

            • Raider Girl,

              Aside from being pretty big even if i’m a bit on the shorter side i have taken to wearing almost exclusively firearms related shirts whenever i am out in public. Even being in a state like new jersitan where i could be thrown under the jail for the offense of carrying my peacemaker in public, its usually enough to give all but the most holy zealots of the mask religion pause. I’m also never without something to defend myself at all times when out though. Because i cannot trust these self appointed defenders of the diapered faith.

            • Hi RG,

              This made me mad. My gf has been given this treatment you describe – perhaps because she is 5 ft 4 and 125. I wish these cowards would try it with 6 ft 3 220 pound me. About two months ago, I had a woman – slightly built, probably 50s – approach me at Kroger and thank me for showing my face. She told me she was afraid to.

              It made me want to go Braveheart all over the place.

              • But they won’t try it on you Eric. They may be insane, but few are stupid enough to go hostile on a man 200lb plus who fills up his shirt. Just like you never know who may be carrying an imaginary virus, you never know how badasssed such a man may be, until it’s too late to matter.

          • I predict the catalyst that sets if off will be if and when the mRNA vaccines start maiming and killing large numbers of people. The masktards–already detached from reality–will completely lose their minds, blame the freefacers, and. just. snap.

      • One of the employees claims the guy threw a punch. Well, if hands were laid on him, then he has the right to defend himself. I just hope he didn’t strike first, no matter how well deserved it would have been.

        • I have seen nothing that looks remotely like a punch. If you watch his phone video, it looks a lot like the balckshirts that get physical first.

          There was no problem until the goons surrounded and invaded his personal space. Wait? What happened to six feet? At least six feet around a ‘maskless’ one would think? Nope. Dogpile and heavy breathing within inches.

          He needs to sue the shit out of the CTV, CBC, Global etc too. They are making entirely unsubstantiated claims about his actions.

    • No charges against Canadian Tire employees. I have to retreat in my own home in Canada by law. I am not allowed to defend my property if I have a means of retreat. By law.

      If I did to a home invader what these CT thugs did, I would be arrested and jailed.

      I urge everyone to contact Canadian Tire and tell them exactly what you think of this.
      I have and clearly stated that until CT apologizes to Chris Ivany, fires the thugs involved and compensates Chris Ivany for the abuse he suffered, I will never buy from Canadian Tire again. I will also spread the video far and wide urging others to boycott Canadian Tire.

      I was assaulted, handcuffed and detained illegally and unlawfully by Canadian Tire employees. As a result, I have been charged with 2 counts of assault and the loss of my job.
      I am crowd funding to help pay lawyer fees so I can beat this case and counter with a lawsuit against those employees who were involved and the fake news media which has slandered me and committed libel against me.
      I sure wish I didn’t have to do this. I am not a fan of asking people for help, I usually do pretty good on my own.
      I will thank you all in advance for whatever donations you send. They will be used to fight this tyranny and communism that’s coming to our beloved country.


    • Who needs “AGW’s”, when the GENERAL PUBLIC can also exercise their newfound “right” to harass and maybe even EXECUTE those who wish to live in peace?

  15. The cases, CASES! Have dropped because as soon as the drooler fuher was installed, they lowered the cycle rates of the PCR test. Amazing, since we’ve been criticizing the notoriously inaccurate test since this started.

    • Not only did they lower the cycle rates but they declared that 1 positive test is insufficient to declare a positive case. The requirement is 2 positive tests or 1 test with accompanied flu like symptoms to bw considered a case. Conveniently put in place on jan 20

      • Yes, “convenient” that (air quotes), “The Science” is actually relied upon once we had the senile, nominal POTUS installed in the Assisted Living Facility at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave in DC, and we see COVID cases dropping like the SF Giants during their perennial “June Swoon”.

  16. What I find amazing is how little people in the west now actually challenge what is being pushed on them. It reminds me of a time when I first moved to Pakistan back in the mid 90s. The media (only a couple news sources really) was very controlled by the government and whatever they said basically had to be approved by the government censors and “security agencies” as they are called…. Thats basically what the mainstream media seems like in the west today.

    The difference in Pakistan back then (and im sure in most other Asian / Middle eastern countries) where the media is so controlled is that people always know its all fake, and the truth isn’t on the media. So they have their own grapevine, discuss things with people they know, and look for other sources (back then the BBC international service was a big thing), or “illegal” satellite TV….

    In the west however – people just cling to the official sources still… and if I tell people that the media in the west today is completely controlled and crooked, and it IS possible – they look at me as if im crazy…..

    • Many repressive regimes controlled information not only by censoring the Press, but, for example, radios and TVs often came with pre-set stations, which frustrated attempts to receive “Samizdat” broadcasts, like, for example, the old “Voice of America” broadcasts into Iron Curtain countries during the Cold War. There were kits clandestinely supplied to bypass the controlled channels, but if you got caught with one, you could go to prison or even be executed. These days, with so many relying on the INTERNET to get their (mis)information, “Zey Haff Odder Vays” to control what you can dredge up on a search engine. It’s certainly not like 25 years ago during the “salad days’ of the Internet, when it was new to most and there was a LOT of wild shit out there…and that was BEFORE all the damned porn sites and camgirl channels sprang up!

  17. Just dropped my car off at my usual mechanic shop…no one wore the mask until I walked in, maskless. I absolved them from having to wear the rag in my presence and, since I was the only customer present, the masks dropped and smiles appeared. The youngster who drove me home didnt even bother. We talked about his obsession with Fox body mustangs instead of politics or anything else so absurd. Was nice to find a conclave of sanity.

    • That’s what I see more than not when I am entering a non-retail biz. Now I sorta peek in the door first to see if they are of not first, so I know I can say ‘relax, don’t care’. haha……….

  18. Yeah, this is going to be with us forever. At some point President ̶H̶a̶r̶r̶ Biden will decide that the COVID hoax has been milked dry and will declare it “cured” and take political credit for it.

    But then there will be next year’s flu season, and the year after that… and probably every Karen and every school administrator and every woke business is going to don the masks every year from now on…

    • They’ve created such a monster i see at least 50% of the population keeping the insanity going no matter if there is a mandate in place or not. Dad went to Florida for a visit and he said even though Desantis has no diaper mandate and has made it illegal for cities or towns to enfore their diaper mandates with fines, people in some areas are still all diapered up.

  19. “A time is coming when men will go mad, and when they see someone who is not mad, they will attack him, saying, “You are mad: you are not like us.” – St. Anthony the Great

  20. President Bidet should issue a fatwa EO that everyone suck their thumb on Mondays for one full year.

    People then might begin to see the light as to how ridiculous mask mandates are.

    In the perpetual Dark Winter we are now regrettably have to endure, there is some hope the masked zombies will light a candle so they can see how stupid it really is.

    I won’t hold my breath.

    • I was hoping that when Fauci mentioned double masking that most of the American public would realize they were being played, but alas, a few have gone along with it and actually defended it. 🙁

      • Morning, RG!

        As depressing – as pathetic – as it is, I would bet at least half the people currently wearing Diapers would wear three if Fauci told them to.

        • Hi Eric & RG,
          It seems like the lemmings will follow St. Fauci over the cliff if he tells them to. I actually thought he was joking about the 2 masks comment, how silly of me! Seems like nobody knows how to think, period; just follow orders, for your own good dontcha know. Of course two are better than one, maybe if it takes an hour to bake a cake at 350 it would only take a half hour at 700! Keep the fire extinguisher handy 😆

      • The double mask is a pure virtue signalling opportunity for the maskers. Have you ever noticed that a double masker makes it completely obvious that they are wearing two masks by making sure the bottom mask is visible?

      • Fauchi? The man who told us that “anyone” can get AIDS?

        Yes, it is true that “anyone” can get AIDS. Look at parts of Africa where AIDS is rampant amongst the adult population. Yea, that hemophiliac got it from a blood transfusion. And the thousands of gay men who acquired it through their choice of sexual position.

        While it was true that if AIDS got into the straight population it could have been a disaster, it didn’t and probably won’t. But not because of Fauchi’s dire prediction. More likely because of the moral lives that most of the western world live. But that’s not politically acceptable so instead trot out the exception that proves the rule and then trumpet from the hilltops that “anyone” can die from Wuhan Flu. Anything you do to stop it is justified. You can stake a claim on the moral high ground because every life is equally important… unless you’re in a prison, or nursing home of course.

        • Anybody’s thoughts on Dr. Carrie Madej and her views of the gene therapy treatment? I have listened to a few of her videos and she seems to be clear, concise, and quite relatable.

          This is a video that she was interviewed for recently (just a few days ago) and is explaining the ingredients and code going into the “vaccine”. The first 10 minutes of the video are the most interesting.

          • Thanks for posting this. Not all new but a very interesting discussion all around, especially in regards to the gene therapy. Also, Dr. Majev seems to be in the virus hasn’t been isolated camp. The person who runs the page, Sargent Major’s rule to awakening #5 caught my eye.

          • Great video, most interesting.

            However; slo joe and his party girl currently command the narrative of the nation. Sending this link to my friends will further cement their belief that I am a “tin hat” man.

          • I’ve seen a few of her videos, as well as quite a few others. Here’s some of how Moderna itself describes its mRNA technology:


            Our Operating System
            Recognizing the broad potential of mRNA science, we set out to create an mRNA technology platform that functions very much like an operating system on a computer. It is designed so that it can plug and play interchangeably with different programs. In our case, the “program” or “app” is our mRNA drug – the unique mRNA sequence that codes for a protein.

            Our mRNA Medicines – The ‘Software of Life’
            Generally, the only thing that changes from one potential mRNA medicine to another is the coding region – the actual genetic code that instructs ribosomes to make protein. Utilizing these instruction sets gives our investigational mRNA medicines a software-like quality. We also have the ability to combine different mRNA sequences encoding for different proteins in a single mRNA investigational medicine.

            It’s pretty simple; they’re programming the human genome. Your body is the computer and their mRNA injection is the software program. Hey, at least they’re upfront about it.

            So the only question is, how comfortable are you with a company programming your body? A company that has never made a single product, and has legal immunity from fallout if their “investigational medicine” goes horribly wrong?

      • There were a couple of trendies on the news last night being interviewed for some reason. The couple had matching double-diapers hanging from their ears (likely couldn’t hear them, otherwise).

        “Oh, you’re so cool Brewster!”

      • Raider Girl,

        If fauci declared eveyone must crawl on their bellies everywhere they go because the virus is only active between 2 and 7 feet there are millions of people that would do it. This is a psychosis that for some will never end.

        • SO, Deep Fake tools are out there. Lots of Fauci footage available.

          A good Fauci “Grape Kool-Aid enemas prevent Covid” gone viral would be quite fun.

    • I’d like to see some smart-ass on his staff persuade Xiden to do exactly that…Monkey See, Monkey Do…of course, from the Apes perspective, like the Gorilla “zookeeper”, Julius, from the original “Planet of the Apes” movie …”HUMAN see, HUMAN do…”

  21. “This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalm 118:24

    Words to live (not just exist) by.

  22. Bill Clinton’s Surgeon General nailed it over two decades ago and was derided for saying, “Ev’rbodies gonna die uh sumpthin'”.

    I wonder how she’d fair today?

    • Hi Mark,

      She’s right though. We will all die of something. I can’t comprehend people’s mindset to lay down and give up. At the end of our life the Universe isn’t going to respond and state “You had a crappy 12 months back in 2020/2021 so I am going to extend your expiration date by that much.” Everyday that society stays in this pattern of thinking are valuable days, months, and years that we aren’t getting back. I know I sound like a broken record, but we have to live, to enjoy, to laugh, and to love. People should be visiting family and friends, frequenting businesses that feel like normalcy, taking vacations, etc.

      Every client that has stopped into my business this year shows up in a mask. At the door I meet them (unmasked) and say, “If you feel more comfortable wearing it that is fine, but this office does not have a mask mandate.” Note: You will also not find hand sanitizer anywhere in my office. So far, everyone has removed them before walking in the door and we have several good chats around a conference table seeing someone else’s face. No one has been brave enough to hug me or shake my hand like usual, but I feel we are making headway. 🙂 A few did show up in 2020 masked, but maybe the bravery pill is starting to take effect.

      • ‘Note: You will also not find hand sanitizer anywhere in my office.’ — RG

        Obsessive hand-washing is another bizarre bit of gov-sponsored Covid lore.

        For health care workers, hand washing absolutely, positively makes sense to avoid cross-contaminating patients, whether with blood, bacteria or viruses. Nothing has changed in that respect.

        But in the context of a virus that is mainly transmitted in aerosol form, hand washing is simply irrelevant for the rest of us, other than for the usual reasons (preparing food; using the toilet).

        Hands down the silliest article I read last year described a worried woman signing her last will and testament. At an outdoor table, she was accompanied by her attorney and a witness. After all three masked parties signed the document, they then solemnly applied gobs of hand sanitizer to their mitts.

        Pure superstition! They might just as well have sacrificed a small animal to propitiate the Grim Reaper.

        • It curdles my stomach when I see those “available to the public” bottles of hand sanitizer in places like supermarkets. Tens, hundreds? Of randoms handling them every day. Gonna keep you safe… sure thing.

          • On an interesting side note – here in the UK fortunes have been made by selling sanitiser and masks…. mostly to the damn NHS, mostly by government connected people…. The stories you hear of politicians buddies who knew nothing about healthcare who made 10s of millions selling this garbage to the government…. i know 10s of millions is pocket change for most of TPTB, but i suspect this is how they get people on side…. the agenda carries itself….

      • Hi RG,

        Elders took a ton of deserved ridicule for her statements. She was stating, in the above example, something that seems lost of people these days. Everyone has an expiration date. No one knows the day, time or circumstances. If we act as though we can “cheat death” we’re deluding ourselves. Life, while we have it, is to be lived. Hopefully to the fullest we can each day. As someone once said, worry doesn’t change tomorrow it just sucks the life out of today.

    • Ahhhh…yes: The esteemed Dr Joycelyn Elders!

      Another of her moments of wisdom was…..lets get all the kids masturbating to cut down on pregger teens.

    • The result of a major cultural flaw. At some point in time, people began to completely ignore their quality of life in favor of their quantity of life. Much like the current economy appears to ignore the value of their dollars in favor of the quantity of them. There is no such thing as saving someone’s life. Their life may be extended, but no one is getting out of this Salvador Dali painting alive. The quality of someone’s life can indeed be saved, but not by attempting to make them immortal. The notion that “even if it saves one life, its worth it” is purely insane. A life can and does have a financial value when it comes to safety. Spend a million dollars to save one life, or spend it to save a thousand. Price to save one life: $1,000,000. Price to save one life of a thousand: $1,000. No genius required.

      • Except we now live in a world where the mentality is of the former not the latter. Governments don’t care and can score political points with the (m)asses that demand saaaftey for any and all parts of life. Governments pass laws for adherence to saftey in every product you buy, in every place you go and government doesn’t care what the price is or if you as a business owner can pass that price on to your customers. All the govt cares about is are they doing something to keep those saftey minded sheep happy and voting for the right candidate. The sheep don’t put 2 & 2 together and blame you the business owner for being a greedy sob and raising prices. Ambulance chasing lawyers do the rest suing everyone and everything when someone gets hurt, regardless of if the person getting injured was because of their own negligence or not. My client slipped and fell in your store….. Well there was two caution wet floor signs up that your client chose to ignore…… Not good enough! Those signs should have been neon flashing blaring caution in every language on the planet! You owe my client for their pain and suffering!

    • “Frau Doktor” Jocelyn Elders, one-time Surgeon General under our 42nd POTUS, Bill Clin-TON (before he was unmasked as the Rigelian Kodos), hasn’t exactly been a ringing endorsement for the United “Knee-Grow” (Negro) College Fund. Still, I’d like to hear what, in her “professional” opinion, are the “rut” (Root) causes of the COVID thing.


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