The Epsilon Semi-Moron “Variant”

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The “Delta variant” of the ‘Rona is the newest iteration of the Sickness Bogeyman emanating from the TeeVee, flat screen and radio. It is meant to frighten Epsilons – the moron caste from Aldous Huxley’s novel, Brave New World.

It was published before Orwell’s better-known 1984 and is arguably the more prophetic of the two.

Orwell’s book is essentially a history book. It describes an anglicized version of what life was like in the Soviet Union of Lenin and Stalin, the latter very much alive in 1948, when 1984 was published. Big Brother being Stalin, without actually using his name. But everything else – right down to the moustache – is obviously meant to clue the reader in as to the identity of the jefe. The jefe’s primary enemy – Goldstein – is also an obvious Trotksy, rebadged.

But it’s the novel’s main theme that is historical. Oceania – and Airstrip One, the former UK – are ruled by ubiquitous threat of violence for disobedience. Winston Smith – the novel’s hero – feigns the correct attitudes and expressions not because he believes but because he fears. In the end, it takes the most extreme physical and psychological torture to make him “love” Big Brother/Stalin.

Huxley’s vision was more scientific. His novel describes a much softer, far more oppressive authoritarian society – as opposed to Orwell’s authoritarian state. A society controlled without realizing it is being controlled; in which people are kept happy – by being kept in a state of arrested mental and emotional development, by pandering to their most adolescent instincts. Vapid but titillating entertainment; sex with pretty much anyone, whenever the urge arises. Endless, pointless diversion – as by games.

And when the occasional negative thought encroaches, there is soma – a drug that washes all cares away. It is freely available to all. For the obvious reasons . . . well, obvious to those not actually living in the world imagined by Huxley.

Such a society doesn’t need bayonets. Pacifiers work better.

This is the approach taken by the managerial elites that Huxley parodied – and hero-worshipped. A very few, at the very top – such as World Controller Mustapha Mond – understand the nature of the society they control. The rest are kept happy by being kept not so much stupid as vapid.

Orwell had wrongthink. Huxley had no-think.

But the two novels did have one thing in common. In 1984, the proles – who constitute the bulk of the population – are a caste that is beneath contempt. The Thought Police do not even bother with the proles because they aren’t capable of thinking. In Brave New World, there is a similar caste, the Epsilons. They have been rendered incapable of thinking by engineering. No one is naturally conceived in Huxley’s imagined society; rather, they are decanted – according to caste.

Every caste is engineered – that is, genetically designed – to serve a given role in society and to be happy in that role by dint of being incapable of desiring a higher role (and by awareness of the role played by those of the caste below one’s own and grateful to not be one of those).

The Epsilons are, literally, morons – a term formerly used in politically incorrect times to describe an individual with an IQ in the range of 51-70 (90 being a person of average intelligence). A moron was intellectually superior to an imbecile (IQ of 26-50) and much the cognitive superior of an idiot, whose IQ was so low (0-25) that his autonomic systems were barely operative.

Such individuals are the easiest to control, using reward rather than fear. But fear is less expensive than reward – which generally requires the actual giving of something desired by the moron/imbecile/idiot to keep it smiling. For example, endless idiotic distractions and abundant sexual release and pharmacologically-induced stupefaction.

Huxley solved this problem via the assumption – in vogue, back in the ’30s – that technological progress would eliminate the problem of material scarcity, making it possible for everyone to have everything their hearts desired, in terms of material things. Their minds to be controlled by other means.

But in our reality, the Epsilons are expensive. PPE and UBI don’t grow on trees. It is therefore necessary to keep them fearful, lately of the “Delta variant” of the ‘Rona. This will keep them obedient without the government (and corporations) having to spend more than what it costs to organize ands propagate a narrative.

It is almost as effective as soma – and a whole lot cheaper.

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  1. I stumbled on this site while searching “Epsilon Moron” for unrelated reasons. It’s a decent base comparison of the two dystopian styles of the books, with an out-of-left-field conclusion that concerns over contagious virus mutations are a malicious experiment at societal control, rather than a public safety measure. It also concludes that only Epsilons “fall for it”, while we’ve seen that “intelligence” or skill has no bearing on whether someone decides to be a reality-skeptic.

    The arrogance of Libertarians to often think they are the only ones who “get it” against all the rest of society and history amuses me. I think your analysis is broken, but at least I think you’re genuine in your beliefs – unlike most media personalities who try to convince people not to follow public health recommendations.

    • Hi Fox,

      I never said libertarians are the only who “get it.” Where did you get that? But libertarians do get principles – which arms them in arguments with unprincipled people. This includes “conservatives,” who have no principles I’m aware of. Or at least, none that can be objectively defined.

      For example, “conservatives” oppose “excessive” taxes. Libertarians oppose taxes – theft – as such. The latter position is objectively definable and defensible; the former completely vulnerable to arguments over whose notion of what “excessive” means will be determinative.

  2. It is appropriate IMHO that the word “vaccine” (which this encapsulated RNA therapy is not) derives from vaccinae, Latin for cow. By describing this injection as a “vaccine”, they have accurately identified the cohort receiving it!

  3. Half the country is on anti-depressants. The other half is on weed or alcohol. +1 for Huxley

    Last fall, Apple introduced Fitness+, an interactive workout app that runs on your Apple TV. +1 for Orwell

    Oculus, a Facebook company, has a line of virtual reality (VR) devices that allow for gaming and other “interactive” media consumption. Apple is reported to be working on a competitor. It’s a big step closer to the “feelies” of BNW. +0.25 for Huxley.

    I could go on, but I’ll end with a reminder of Hillary Clinton’s quote when asked about 1984: “The goal is to make you question logic and reason and to sow mistrust towards exactly the people we need to rely on: our leaders, the press, experts who seek to guide public policy based on evidence, ourselves.”

    Honey, it’s not a “how-to” guide, it’s a warning.

  4. Interesting that a sympathetic, and somewhat leftist American press (but much less to the left than today), dubbed Stalin as “Uncle Joe”, b/c his Soviet Union was bearing the brunt of fighting Nazi Germany in the “Great Patriotic War”, at least until D-Day. Perhaps Orwell saw this in crafting his famed “Big Brother” character. But even Winston Churchill, definitely NOT “soft” on Communism, who in fact, in a 1946 speech at Fulton, MO, coined the phrase “Iron Curtain”, said, in 1941, EXACTLY Eighty years ago, “If Herr Hitler and his minions had invaded Hades, I should at least make a favorable reference to the Devil in the House of Commons”.

    Regardless of how far down the Greek alphabet you want to go, the effect is the same…the “Alpha” folk, being few and on top, want to stay that way, and see the “Beta” group as an existential threat, when they aren’t back-stabbing or being back-stabbed by other “Alphas”. It just becomes a trade-off, in their view, the further you go down the alphabet, of ability to manipulate and control versus productivity…stupid enough to not constitute a threat, but useful enough to allow to exist and share the planet at all, akin to LIVESTOCK.

    A famed cartoon character, voiced by Maurice LaMarche, at one point actually realized his dream of taking over the world…but rejected it, as he was most displeased at the “world” he’d rule over…i.e., he didn’t want to preside over a gaggle of idiots, who were just like his cohort, “Pinky”. Sorry that I couldn’t retrieve the actual clip, but attached is one of the gems of that series…

  5. The new prioned caste, or call them the pi caste or pi variants, may no longer need fear or reward, because as their brain matter slowly atrophies, control is assured.

    Nevertheless, I sense a lot of pent up frustration in this country. I suspect the PTB sensed this too, and tried to release some steam with relaxation of diapering and more liberalized openings/return to bread and circuses. If they try to reverse course, be it delta variants or what have you, things could get interesting. That is, unless the prions have begun their handiwork.

  6. Reward systems were regarded as unethical years ago. Psychologists knew it from the get go.

    You can’t do that.

    You do this, so you can have that. It is psychological abuse, people become subservient, obsequious, brainwashed. Especially people with psychological problems, the kind that Freud studied, the abnormal psyche.

    Where is the Omega variant? I demand a new variant and it must be the Omega one, none other.

    The elites need to experience a severe case of elephantiasis of the scrotum. It will bend them severely if not break them.

    Be good for them.

  7. Huxley was indeed the more prophetic of the two dystopian authors. His predictions about the role of sexual license in controlling the population were spot-on. Monogamy was considered deviant, and children were hatched in state controlled embryo farms. Our contemporary elites are obsessed with non-reproductive sex like homosexuality, trannyism, “pansexualism,” etc. and tech giants go so far as to censor any criticism of it. Abortion was declared a “constitutional right” while in vitro fertilization and surrogacy has become normalized.

    Almost half the states plus Canada have legalized weed as the new soma, and in the ones that haven’t, prescription psychotropics and antidepressants are freely administered to tens of millions, and rambunctious schoolboys are doped up on Ritalin.

    Huxley was truly a prophet and a genius to have seen this coming back in the 1930s.

  8. Conspicuously absent in the variant, formerly known as mutations, but the focus group demonstrated variant was scarier, is an increase in deaths. without which they are totally irrelevant. Of no more importance than cases of dandruff.
    This is normal viral evolution. The most successful parasite spreads easily, and does not kill its transmission vector, as in host. Which is why viruses always disappear, along with herd immunity, otherwise one would have wiped us out millennia ago.
    A new virus is not a new thing. We are constantly surrounded by them. In the breath you just took. Our bodies know how to deal with them. If not subjected to moronic measures that actually increase risk.

    • this is why i just roll my eyes when i do turn on the TV and see they are trying to scare everyone into submission of the shot.

      delta is sooooo transmissible, yet people aren’t dying in droves.

      i question how prevalent it is since these numbers are never disclosed, or any info about why exactly i should be scared of it.

      just more fear porn

  9. Haven’t heard about the alpha, beta, or gamma scariants…they jumped right to the delta! Funny how that triangle symbol just keeps popping up everywhere.

    Somebody said that jabs will protect you from the scariants…I mean variants…how is this possible? (besides the obvious that jabs don’t protect you from anything).

    How can such a “new and dangerous variant” already be accounted for in the rushed jabs?

    • The gene therapies are something else entirely. As many of us have knowns since the beginning of this, Convid generally and the “variants” are simply a cold or flu or nothing at all but a janky PCR test result. This link admits as much.

      From the link regarding Convid generally:

      The CDC’s updated list of symptoms, for example, includes fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, a sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting and diarrhea as possible symptoms of infection. There there are of course the millions of people who have had Covid-19 with no symptoms at all with the extent of asymptomatic transmission still being investigated by scientists.

      From the link regarding the Delta variant specifically:

      “Covid is also acting differently now,” Spector noted in a YouTube briefing last week. “It’s more like a bad cold in this younger population and people don’t realize that and that hasn’t come across in any of the government information.”

      “Since the start of May, we have been looking at the top symptoms in the app users and they are not the same as they were,” he said. “The number one symptom is headache, then followed by sore throat, runny nose and fever.” More “traditional” Covid symptoms such as a cough and loss of smell were much rarer now he said, with younger people experiencing much more of a bad cold or “funny off feeling.”

      Does any of this suggest to anybody out there anything more than a cold or flu? In March 2020, I asked everyone I could, “so is this what we are going to do every cold & flu season?” I guess that’s the plan for these cretins.

    • Meanwhile, our natural immunity protects from practically any corona virus. And can be activated by a common cold corona virus. And may last for years. Somehow, the CDC has determined that natural immunity is not a factor in herd immunity? Apparently because they wish it so.


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