My “Mask” Insolence

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Perhaps the most loathsome aspect of the “masking” regime imposed on Americans – which has been temporarily lifted, until fall, when the cases! the cases! are sure to begin upticking again, because people tend to get sick in the fall and the flu hasn’t been done away with – has been the way it has meat-cleavered personal relationships.

If you refused to “mask” – if you questioned “masking” – you found yourself uncomfortably at odds with those who didn’t (and did). They considered you a threat to their health at worst and – possibly even worse – a threat to their conformity. By not wearing a “mask,” you made them look bad. The refusal to efface your face presented a visual juxtaposition of their willingness to efface theirs.

It showed that they will do whatever they are told to do.

It probably made them feel ashamed – and it certainly made you feel disgusted. Neither being conducive to good feelings between people.

Even as faces are showing again, those who refused to not efface their faces know the true faces of those who did. Know that the face-effacers cannot be trusted. That they are, in plain language, the enemy.

It is a harsh word, but an accurate one.

Your former face-effacing neighbor will efface his face again, when told he must. And he will probably do more than that, if he is told to. Like tell on you, for not doing so. And even if not, his complicity made every awful thing that has happened since the beginning of this “pandemic” (of fear) possible and will make what could prove to be much worse to come possible, by going along with it then – and again.

Even if they never actually agreed with it.

This being worse for its cowardice and expediency. Whatever it takes to go-along/get-along, these face-effacers will do it. We know they will, because they’ve already done it.

Some continue to do it.

My sister is wiling to efface her face for the sake of being allowed to visit our mother, who has been locked-down in a prison for the elderly since last April – when the OberGesundheitsfuhrer of Virginia, Ralph Northam, decreed no friends or even family may visit the imprisoned elderly.

Now, the Obergesundheitsfuhrer has decreed they may – if they “mask.” Even if they have been Needled. As I will do neither – because I will not be leveraged by family considerations to bow to this evil – I will not be visiting my mother. I cannot abide the thought of seeing her wearing a “mask” – as I know she would be just as opposed to wearing a “mask” as I am, if she weren’t in the advanced stages of dementia and under the control of callous strangers in a government-controlled prison for the elderly.

And I cannot abide the thought of my mother seeing me in a “mask” – knowing it would confuse and alarm her. She barely remembers my name. If she cannot see my face, it is quite possible she would have no idea who I am. And if I remove my “mask” to let her see my face and some little prick (or female iteration of the same) begins to pester me about putting it back on, I know I might have trouble controlling myself.

Since I do not wish to find myself in a different sort of prison, I will stay away from the prison for the elderly until I can go within without “masking.”

But my sister is willing to “mask up.” Both to fly to get here – she lives in California, I live in Virginia – and to be allowed to see our mother in the elderly prison. This is something I not only do not wish to see – I want no part of any of it.

Including seeing her “mask up.”

She has every right to “mask up,” of course. But I have every right to be annoyed by it. To find it appalling and supine. To refuse to be around it.

This cleaves my relationship with my sister asunder.

Our communications have become terse. I suspect she regards my stand as rigid and even cruel. Why can’t I just go along with their stupid rules for the sake of mom? She hasn’t actually said that to me but I am pretty confident that is what’s on her mind. Like many, she sees the “mask” rules as stupid  . . . I know this much, because she and I have discussed it.

But we have to do what we have to do. 

No, we don’t.

Or rather, I won’t. Because that which is “I” – myself – refuses to become part of the most evil lie this century has produced so far, no matter what my refusal to pretend it is other than merely something “stupid” that we just need to pay along with ends up costing me.

How much is self-respect worth? What is the value of knowing you never once and never will let them make you surrender it for the sake of some temporary benefit?

For me, that is priceless. Even if it costs me every friend and every family relationship.

Because I agree with George Washington, who wrote: ‘Tis better to be alone than in poor company.

Family or not.

. . . 

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  1. Meanwhile, today in London streets were filled with people protesting the COVID restrictions. Corporate media is reporting thousands. I’ve seen aerial footage that looks more like half a million.

  2. Great story from the jersistan. Somerset county 4H Trainmasters (o scale model trains) which both of my boys are part of, hasn’t met since February of 2020. The 4H building has been getting their cues from rutgers university so has locked us out and has told all leaders if them meet off campus they will be financially liable if there is an accident. Finally they loosened restrictions on the building enough that one of our sponsor organisations the metropolitan train collectors of America rented the building so the kids could set up their modules and run trains. This group is mostly run by guys in their late 50’s to late 70’s and you would expect them to be more diaper milatant but they are not. They refuse to diaper. A representative of rutgers came in and demanded that our group diaper in accordance with their wishes and these leaders flat out refused. To a man.. and women, they feel that it is a personal choice and one they refuse to comply with. I am proud to call this group friends.

    • Hi Antilles,

      Yours was the first comment I read this morning and it made my morning! It is like water in the desert to hear of people refusing to play Kabuki any longer. I only wish more had – and sooner. But better later than never!

  3. Hello Eric , great article. Understand your sentiments not wanting be hassled by a maskhole insisting on you wearing the diaper and avoiding such situations. It’s like I told my wife when she first wondered why I’m using the pick up option at some stores , as I too never diapered up …. “It’s cheaper than bail…”…..

    • I wonder what is going to happen in the immediate future to all of the jab fanatic/maskholes. There will probably be far fewer of them around to cause problems.

    • Thanks, Jack!

      Part of my reasoning is (as the wise Greeks said) knowing myself. I know how little tolerance I have for these “mask” people. I have related the related story of almost losing control of myself the last time I darkened the door of an airport back in 2016, when I flew commercially from VA where I live to AZ to deal with my dad’s death/funeral, etc. On the return leg, I was absolutely exhausted and very depressed – and forgot about the “rules” of the “Homeland” regarding what may and may not be carried on. I was carrying a couple of bottles of whiskey that were my dad’s and which I was taking home to save for the right occasion. They were confiscated by a blue-shirted government geek, on the pretext that old whiskey in sealed bottles could be a “terrah” tactic. I almost ripped out his larynx.

      And I know better than to ever go near an airport again.

  4. Masks apparently did more damage to the local economy than I thought. Drove the nearest big town recently and saw that some favorite restaurants (two of them national chains) were permanently closed. Visited a nearby shopping outlet where there was a big sign at one store saying, “Welcome back–we missed you!” (The GovKing recently dropped the mask mandate, which I can only assume kept shoppers away). On a related note, I’ve noticed that many places like Walmart and Barnes & Noble have turned their air conditioning way down this summer in an apparent effort to save money. Now we’re literally *feeling* the effects of shutdown-induced inflation.

    • Hi Jim,

      In my area, the “lockdowns” and “masking” killed several businesses, including my friend Ben’s Ben Mountain Bistro – but also the Ruby Tuesday’s restaurant downtown and practically everything in the big mall on Electric Road that was still there before the Gesundheitsfuhrers illegalized commerce for months on end.

  5. Yes, as Mister Liberty wrote, “Call their bluff and show up unmasked.”

    Allen Stevo writes about how to go about and around this sheet, allll-The-Time, I do hope you’ve been reading some of it and maybe give it a shot.

    Anyway, for what it’s worth, my decrepit/getting more demented day-by-day parents are still living at home as are the decrepit/getting more demented day-by-day in-laws, too. They, and my brother and his baby-momma, have all fully bought into the narrative and are wallowing in it – and fear. I haven’t seen any of them, or their children, in over a year for various reason$ multiplied, but mostly cause, I’m not running with the Devil.

    At least with your mom, she’s not likely to ask if you got your shot yet and try to keep her distance like it would be on my end. And, you wouldn’t have to stop yourself from trying to reason with her, like I have to do, as it’s done no good. That may be the worst part, not being able to reason with them.

  6. I would be proud of my son if I knew that he was sticking to his principles, even if it meant that I was prevented from visiting with him.

    I like some of the advice of bg, above. Call their bluff and show up unmasked. If they deny you entry, at least you know you did everything you could, short of jettisoning the truth and your self respect. I was told for more than a year that I could not enter places without a mask. I always called their bluff and they usually folded. I was only turned away about 3 or 4 times. By the way, I have not and will never wear a mask.

  7. You’re right on, EP.

    If your sister really doesn’t understand where you’re coming from, that just means she simply had a different relationship with your mom than you did, and that’s not uncommon between parents and their kids. The is because you are individuals, and your personal values and principles and especially what you know in your heart to be a stance that your mom would have understood, that is your truth, and going against your principles would only cause you undue suffering. It sounds like your mom would not want that for you, so don’t let anyone guilt trip you for it.

  8. The fact that the problem is with your sister is telling.

    Of course, there are independent women and craven men, but overall, it is the order of Nature that women are herd animals, while men are pack animals.

    Women will naturally try to fit in with the herd. Men will identify a leader (or an idea) and follow it to the death. It is interesting that you quoted George Washington. He was a leader with an idea, willing to die for it, and other men swore loyalty to him and followed him. A man who will not or cannot join a pack is willing to be a lone wolf. A woman cannot and will not allow herself to be a lone sheep cast out of the flock.

      • Hi Moose,

        The women on this site are special…..all 6 of us. 😁

        I have no doubt that X was referring to “other” women, you know the ones that feel the need to walk to the bathroom together, because they are incapable of getting up from their chair to pee without assistance from three other giggling girls.

        Plus, any intelligent woman already knows Martha was the one really calling the shots. 😜. I love the comparison though….men are part of a pack, but women are part of a herd. Men who follow other men are wolves, but women who follow other women are cows….and we wonder why the sexes don’t see eye to eye.

        • Thanks. I figured you’d “get it,” RG. As I said, all individual exceptions to the contrary being duly noted, in terms of statistical probabilities in large numbers of people, yes there ARE differences between the sexes — and between nations, cultures and races.

          Sure there are exceptions, and you are one of them. But politics — and culture — is about aggregate behavior. The “gender gap” in politics is a real thing. And yes, I think it is apt to say that overall, women tend to be herd animals, and men pack animals. Men compete for individual dominance and value ideas, women tend to find safety in numbers and be closely attuned to following and enforcing social trends. And mostly women who are willing to obey the government.

          As Orwell wrote, “It was always the women, and above all the young ones, who were the most bigoted adherents of the Party, the swallowers of slogans, the amateur spies and nosers-out of unorthodoxy.”

          • Hi X,

            I would say your example would have been true 30 years, but the majority of young men today have been feminized. They are soft, are incapable of working with their hands unless they are behind a computer screen or texting, most couldn’t identify an Allen wrench from a socket wrench to save their life. The men should have called bullshit on this Covid plandemic from the beginning, but they went along with it – donning the mask, drowning their hands in sanitizer, and obeying said orders.

            • There is truth in what you and others say about this. However, have you ever asked yourself how the young men of today became “feminized”? Is it possible for fathers or other men to “feminize” a boy, degeneracy aside, of course? Gov’t schools perhaps? What’s the ratio of female to male teachers? What are the behavioral expectations in such a setting and are they even appropriate for boys? As I’ve said before, there is and has been a war on children, particularly boys.

              • Hat,

                Honestly, I believe the biggest cause of boys becoming feminized is due to the breakdown of the nuclear family. I believe a boy needs a father or at least a constant male influence in his life. There are many single mothers out there doing the best they can, but I believe it is very hard for a woman to raise a boy and a father to raise a girl. With the rise of divorce in over the last generation fathers have been pulled out of the home or even worse, they just do not care to be part of their children’s upbringing. That, at least in my opinion, is causing weaker men.

                • I grew up in the 80s with many other boys from divorce situations. Some had single moms, some had “blended” families. I wouldn’t describe those guys back then as “feminized.” Lack of male role models is a thing, you see it dramatically in other communities as well but the symptoms are different. There is something else that has been going on for a while that has accelerated in the past decade or so. It’s active, not symptomatic.

                  • Morning, Zek!

                    I’ll add my 50: Like you, I grew up with other guys who came from divorce situations; that is probably a factor as regards problems with kids (boys and girls). But I think there are other factors behind this feminization of boys thing. I think, among other things, that the culture has been feminized. You and I grew up in a culture not that far removed from the culture of the ’50s in terms of what boys were expected to be like (e.g., physically capable, bold, adventurous and even contumacious and rowdy). The boys who grew up after us experienced a culture hostile to masculinity; one that encouraged boys to emulate feminine characteristics by constant overt and subtle implication that traditionally feminine virtues were more desirable than traditionally male virtues. And while this was developing, girls were encouraged to be more masculine (e.g., aggressive, including sexually). Combine this with the rise of the Safety Cult – in the late ’80s – and things like universal “buckle up” and child safety seat requirements – and one can see why the young people of today are more passive and rule-obeying than our generation and the prior ones were and still are.

                    • Eric- I agree with your summation of the situation generally. The safety cult is a leg of the stool and seems to me to clearly be the responsibility of men and women equally. On the topic of feminization of the culture, do you think it’s possible men and women are equally responsible? I would argue it’s primarily female driven and that the cultural preeminence of feminine virtues arose in connection with some women seeing omnipotent gov’t as replacement for men and masculine values. A process which, to borrow a phrase from the zeitgeist, is producing a lot of unsettling cultural mutants and variants.

                    • Hi Hat,

                      By replacing men with government this was the nail in the coffin on the demise of the nuclear family.

                      I know many people want to point to government to place blame, but government I have found has very little say when the family unit is strong.

                      When parents cannot be bothered to rear their children (and I am faulting both sexes for this) the government becomes the overseer of the child.

                      I believe social media also has played a very large part in the destruction of the family, as well.

                    • Essentially what you’re describing is a form of communism: women become more manly, men become more womanly. Karl Marx himself wrote in the “Communist manifesto” that the sexual division of labor in the family was a bourgeois scam and the family needed to be abolished.

                      Is it any wonder that this trannysism and gender-neutral bullshit is overrunning us at full gallop?

              • I can only count the male teachers I had on one hand. I think I had a male principal for 2 years in high school. This was when I was an inmate of the school system during the 2000s.

                The main objectives of compulsory schooling are obedience and indoctrination, hence why females are a perfect fit for that environment.

                By the way, what the hell qualifies somebody to call themselves an “educator”? Isn’t that pretty sanctimonious? These “educators” are talentless, unaccomplished nobodies with a big chip on their shoulder – much like AGWs and other government bureaucrats.

                • Hi Handler,

                  I agree with you. In part because I experienced real teachers – who were mostly men and who did have qualifications (e.g., a Masters degree in their fields, such as history or English literature) in a private school, where I actually did learn things worth knowing and – subsequently – “educators” in government schools who were mostly women and whose main qualification was a BA in . . . Education. I learned almost nothing of value. I could have transitioned from sixth grade to college and just skipped high school altogether and that is not much of an exaggeration – as government schools were that worthless. It was a revelatory experience for me… .

            • Male children are routinely treated as mentally ill if they act like boys. Including the use of psychotropic drugs, with a vengeance. Or other methods of chemical castration. It isn’t just a cultural shift, or a passing fancy. In fact, its quite similar to the current insanity of helping adolescents change their sex. Both are an attempt to defy reality in favor of delusion. Which doesn’t take kindly to defiance, presenting far more problems than solutions.

          • X, your Orwell quote (which I didn’t know of, thanks) certainly highlights, ‘the why’, of Hatteraszek’s encounter below, and the actions of my brother’s baby-momma.

            Makes me wonder: when the hell does a self-preservation/mother hen instinct kick in?
            When the military boot kicks their big fat bottom into the gates of the Gulag?

        • You can’t simply dispose of tens of thousands of years of evolution because it displeases you. Violence and death have been the purview of men, as was necessary for both defense of the tribe, and to procure edibles that are allergic to being eaten alive. Nurture and life have been the purview of women to insure the survival of offspring and men. These traits are not cast in stone, and many of both genders have departed them, and we all do on occasion, but they are a tendency. Because they worked.

    • “A woman cannot and will not allow herself to be a lone sheep cast out of the flock.”

      While I cannot disagree entirely with your sentiment, I (and other women who visit this site) are not only willing, but demonstrably able, to be cast out, and happy to do it. I have had many “mask” confrontations, but only a few where I was actually denied service or had to turn away from a situation.

      I am doing this for my children, and for those who see me and are encouraged, as I am encouraged by them. That means more to me than acceptance by the herd.

      • The fault lies in the assumption that “a woman cannot”, implying “no woman can”, which is absurd. A more correct description might be “women tend not to”, or even “most women cannot”, absolutes rarely work describing human behavior. Which is why the Sociopaths In Charge hate us so much for not fitting in the box they have provided. They seek absolutes in a universe incapable of producing them.

        • Yes, a childlike, black-and-white approach doesn’t work well when asserting individual sovereignty. I am not negating differences between the sexes: I am glad that my husband can handle a firearm, and can handle himself, so that I do not have to feel afraid in a given situation. I have tried to nurture my son’s masculinity by expecting him to perform manly tasks, fix things, and own his decisions (whether I agree or not), and I defer to and respect his overt masculine behaviors and traits, such as protectiveness.

          • Indeed, men are typically more violent than women, because they need to be to protect women. Excessive male violence is the result of the cultural destruction of that relationship.

            • I know its not what it used to be but one of the best things about getting my boys involved in Boy Scouts besides the life skills they are learning has been my wife’s softening her stance on firearms. As she has seen the lengths we go to from the cub scout age to not only teach them how to shoot but to respect firearms for the tools they are has been a relief. This is a women that went from i don’t even want to see them out in my presence to, ooh i think a great gift for my sisters and me for Christmas would be a couple of girls night training sessions at the local range.

  9. In the grocery store today, still a stubborn 20-25% diapered up. Witnessed the following convo between 20 something male checker outer (undiapered) making time with a 20 something female customer (diapered): guy: why are you still wearing a mask, are you unvaccinated or something? Gal: no, I’m vaccinated, it’s just my preference. Guy: oh, ok I get it. Me: silently shoots eye daggers at gal. Gal to guy: oh, uh, I, uh wear a mask in memory of my relative who died of convid, it shows I take it seriously. Guy: oh, ok, cool…

    Religion. Politics. Virtue and obedience signaling. It was like the gal was reading from a propaganda script. I know the gov’t has put a lot of money on the street for things like that.

    • Hatteraszek, your description of. those two, it brings to mind the word, poseurs, it was used as a derogatory slang term thrown around by some in the 1980’s.

      It’s like, they’re fake human beings, or something?

      The worst part being, they’re A-ok with it.

      • Poseurs. Yes, I remember the term from the 80s. Like the kid you knew with the unscratched skateboard, right brand skate shoes and clothes. Looked good and talked a good game but couldn’t ride the thing worth a damn. Not sure if that describes what I witnessed. Fake, yes. Banal but also very sinister, very evil (h/t Hannah Arendt). Some taking their cues from the beast, others playing along, due to natural drives. Warped.

    • There is not a lot that a 20 something male will not agree with when conversing with a 20 something female, until she rejects him. There are far more powerful forces in play than government. That is unless the male has been successfully castrated, culturally or chemically.

  10. Those people who folded, and who, perhaps begrudgingly, diapered themselves, I would not consider my enemies, though I know now that all-too-many will fold upon the most minimal pressure.

    Those, however, who CONTINUE to diaper, absent any state or even corporate coercion: Now those are the people upon whom I truly look with disgust and disdain. I see that, and feel the hate flow through me. I wouldn’t have 1.5 years ago. But I know now that THOSE are the imbeciles driving the disintegration of entire world. They are the useful idiots. The Army of Cowardice.

    • RE: “and feel the hate flow through me.”

      Beware, imho, that’s a line from Star Wars.

      I saw it not long ago: Rachel Maddow fueled it in someone I know until that hate consumed that person and spilled out onto others. It was not a pretty sight.
      That said, I understand what you’re saying.

      • Helot,

        Yes, sir. I, like many these days, fight the urge to finally turn and embrace the darkness. Don’t worry. My will is strong. 😉

      • Indeed, hate has become the emotion de jour among the Snowflake SJW Wokester army. Hate arises when the pursuit of one’s goals meets a human obstacle. If your goals, or your method of pursuit are irrational and/or destructive, expect a lot of such obstacles. Which is why there is a lot of hate.

  11. You should go try to visit your mom unmasked, maybe without your sister. I understand both of your perspectives and think both are reasonable given the circumstances. So if she doesn’t want any confrontations, go alone. Try my Southern California disobedience technique, it always works at big stores: Enter wearing a smile and no mask and try to have the expectation of no confrontation. Chances are, however, you’ll be screeched at before the door shuts behind you. The Screecher (used to be store Greeter or office Receptionist) is not the one to argue with because literally their only task is to mask everyone. So put on the mask to gain access to your mom. Assuming you’re allowed unsupervised visitation, take off mask the moment guard leaves. Maybe someone will say something, but in my experience it is more likely that the workers will avoid confrontation if they can. At the very least you should be able to see her maskless for a couple minutes before Kareinforcements arrive to eject you. Give her a hug, let her hear your voice. She won’t remember how long you were there anyway, so even if you do get kicked out in 5 minutes you still had a successful mission.

    Even a failed mission is better than no mission. No mission gives them the impression the policy is tolerated. A failed mission reminds everyone this isn’t normal.

    Realpolitik alternative: Offer Karen a $50 to leave you and mom alone for X minutes.

    • Its funny, i needed to diaper myself and my son to gain access to the hospital emergency room. Once we were in a room there was a big sign that said please put your diaper back on if a health professional comes into the room. Both of us took it off and waited to be told to put it back on. We never were. When he was admitted we had to put it back on to walk from the emergency room to the pediatric ward at which time we were free to remove again while in the room. Once again noone asked us to put it back on. My wife stayed with him from tuesday afternoon till today when he came home and only 1 nurse, their last nurse before discharge ironically, asked them to diaper when she was in the room. Even many of the health professionals know this is all a scam.

    • That is a fine suggestion, bg – I will do exactly that (and report what happens). Thank you (and others) for this top-drawer suggestion.

      • Well, yeah, except for this dash of submission theater:

        “So put on the mask to gain access to your mom. … take off mask the moment guard leaves”

        Gag. Me. With a spoon.

        Imho, if you put on the Compliance & Submission Cloth – for even a second – that’s the very definition of, “a failed mission”!

        I’m reminded of this bit:

        “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”
        ― Samuel Adams

        • Someone ought to send that quote into the Sam Adams Brewery, and then tell them to shove their ‘Yor-ah Cuzzin… from Bawwwwston’ Holy Rag and Jab ads straight to hell.

        • I’m with helot. If your mission is to see your mom, bg’s suggestion it’s a fine idea. Do whatcha gotta do.

          But you’ve been telling us it’s about principles. Death before submission. bg’s suggestion is a failure before it starts.

          • Hi Baxter,

            There is no way in hell that Eric is going to even hold a mask in his hand let alone put one on his face. I think he was agreeing with bg’s suggestion of just walking in sans mask and see if the nursing home would say anything.

            • Indeed, RG –

              That is the tentative plan. My sister says we will be allowed to check out our mom between 9-5 and I am willing and intend to attempt picking her up, sans any performance of sickness kabuki. The point of potential friction is whether the place will demand we Diaper our mom while she is with us and whether my sister will abide by this. I won’t have any of it. If my sister insists on Diapering – and Diapering our mom – she can go visit by herself. I cannot stand the sight of these Freaks anymore.

              Family especially.

          • Hi Baxter,

            I’ve drawn my lines in the sand. I will not wear a Diaper or even pretend to – ever. Not for any reason. Ever. Nor will I submit to Needling. I will do whatever I must to preserve the integrity of my body – and of my self-respect.

            • That makes me feel better.

              “That is a fine suggestion, bg – I will do exactly that (and report what happens).”

              I thought someone had hijacked Eric’s email for a fake post.

  12. My wife and I quickly came to the exact same conclusion – the maskers/cultists/cowards are the mortal ENEMIES of us and our young children. It doesn’t matter if they were true believers or just going-along to avoid any “uncomfortable” confrontations – enemies all, who WILL rat to the .gov to save their own skins (temporarily). We now trust NO ONE (even “family”) unless they demonstrably show that they are on our “side”…..and sides/lines solidifying for the upcoming kinetic festivities.

    To view all as the enemy, however draining/exhausting, is the safest default in these and upcoming days – that is, if you want to survive to see this through along its logical path to ensure a freer future for your children and theirs.


    • Exactly.

      My first order of business is to rebuild my circle of friends. Anybody more terrified of Karen than of being enslaved can’t be trusted. I doubt this bullshit is over. They’ve dialed it back to give us a break. But come autumn I’m betting the tyranny comes roaring back. When it does, I want to know that those closest to me aren’t going to sell me out for a moldy loaf of bread. Cowards and sellouts need not apply.

      • I find it easier to just not have friends. This way I am never ratted out. I have my husband, my kids, my dogs, my parents and a bunch of sisters. Fortunately, we all have a strong distrust of government. Our last get together three weeks ago, we had a family meeting on what we would do if the grid failed. Most people couldn’t hang with us. 😉 I am sure all of our husbands wondered what the hell they married into.

        • RG,
          You’re fortunate that your family functions as a loyal circle of friends. But for those of us that live alone, are estranged, and/or live thousands of miles away from family depend on a circle of friends. I’m not very sociable, but I accept that I need people I can trust because flying solo in life can be dangerous.

          • Hi Anon – I wish more folks here would say what part of the country (or world) they’re in. I feel alone too & if I knew someone of like mind was in my area, I’d certainly would want to connect. Damn sure ain’t gonna find me on F/B.

        • The most important thing I have learned by simply living as long as I have, 67 years, is that real friends are as rare as hen’s teeth. Even if you happen to collect a few, they tend to pass into, and then out of your life. They aren’t permanent fixtures like your family is, or at least can be.

  13. On a separate note – not sure if anyone is following events in Britain. Our health secretary, the fearmongerer in chief…. got caught… with his mistress – in the lift, no mask. getting up to what I guess politicians get up to with their “aides” when mooching off the taxpayer……

    this too in the country where Animal Farm was written….. yet so few get it…

      • It is very interesting, a question ive been asking myself as long as ive been in the UK. Why is the same white guy in Britain so different to the white guy in the US in his mindset (apologies for the political incorrectness). Sometimes I find the average brit has this strange feeling of superiority in various pillars of brits society. I mean say the press, particularly the BBC, say the government, particularly the NHS (despite it being somewhere between average and very shit). When I try to tell them say the british media lies (I always give them the example of say Brexit or trumps win) – they just dont buy it. Or when I tell them how shit the NHS is, and the only people ive known to die from covid have been on the NHS – they just cant digest it….

        Or maybe its this cast system that has been created here for centuries, and people realise that whatever they do it wont change, so they just keep carrying on. Americans on the other hand – well the country was inherently founded by people who told the previous establishment to F off…. and perhaps those genes have been passed down in that they keep challenging everything even today…..

        • Did not the English allow French Normans to take over the monarchy? Such is not indicative of a resistant culture. A parallel can be seen in China. Why do the Chinese yield to tyranny? Because they have for thousands of years. Why do Americans resist it, at least to some degree? Because resistance is one of their founding principals. The evolution of culture plays a big role in the differences between nations. Which is why the “great reset”, and the “new world order” will be a huge struggle.

          • Yes. All of Europe’s rebels and outsiders travelled to the now US, wealthy and fed up, or dirt poor and wretched. And any remaining British monarchy loyalists (cucks, weak losers, and soy boys) went to Canada.

            And perhaps it’s time for more of the world’s rebels to join us again.

  14. Believe it or not – there are some genuinely scared people out there, who think the Rona will kill them. And they really believe that a rag will save them. And ok I guess some people are and can be stupid (as long as they dont nag me), and I try not to hold it against them..
    The people who piss me off the most are those who just “follow the rules”, because we have to “do as we’re told”. They know its mostly a lie, but think the “right thing to do” is follow our dear leaders. … I know a bunch of these people – and well more and more I cant stand them…. Because these would have been the ones ratting out their neighbours to the Nazis – because well they have to do as they’re told…..

  15. Early on in this scamdemic, my younger brother (drummer in a punk rock band no less) proclaimed to me that he was not interested in what I have to say on this scamdemic, and uttered the words “I trust Fauci”, pronouncing the name “fow-see”. His sheeplike trust in this useless federal bureaucrat disheartened me greatly, we haven’t spoken in several months.

    He was the one brother out of three that was free of a restrictive religious organization we were raised in, and now voluntarily shackled himself to a new one. Now he has a new Church, and two of my brothers have a paradoxical combination of two churches. Needless to say, I am not a participant in the group text message any longer.

    They justify with the scripture “Pay Caeser’s things unto Caeser”, I ask what about “Do not forsake the gathering of yourselves together.”

    Christ came not to unite, but to divide I guess, and that is a good thing?

    • Hi Slug,
      JC also said he was here to bring the sword and turn brother against brother, neighbor against neighbor etc.

      When they try to pull the pussy “pay Caesar” line, ask them what Caesar actually owns. He and his order follower chodes STOLE everything they have. If I steal your car, does that make it mine?

      Then smack em with Matthew 4:8-11. ALL the governments of the world belong to…Satan.

      THEN, hit em with Luke 23:2 and tell them THEY would have delivered their Lord and Savior to torture and execution back then, and they’d do it again today…round and round we go

      • Well-said, Michael!

        You can always spot the Pharisees by their frequent resorting to their spiritual ancestors trickery. They asked Jesus a “trick question”, designed to get Him in trouble with the Romans, or to get Him to declare Caesar’s authority superior to God’s. Jesus answered wisely, in such a way so as to uphold the truth without falling into their ‘either or’ trap.

        So of course, the faux-i believers love such verses because they think that they justify their path-of-least-resistance life of compromises- but of course, they’ll never ask “What is Caesar’s?”-which is the crux of the matter.

        It always kills me, how they will resort to those ‘trick questions’, and even build entire doctrines upon their misunderstanding of, or perversion of the answer. They seem to love and rely upon the trick questions more than the clear and straight-forward words of our Savior, which I guess ultimately proves whose side they are really on. It truly is telling!

        Such treachery seems to pervade modern churchianity; It does my heart good to see someone properly defending the truth, as you have!

  16. Hi Eric,

    Will the prison allow your Mom to be checked out for a few hours? Would your sister be willing to meet you somewhere and bring your mom so all of you can have a nice lunch and catch up without the masks? When my grandmother had a stroke a little over a decade ago she was in rehab for a few months and I would grieve down to see her. I have never been a fan of nursing homes and can’t stay in them for any length of time so I would check my grandmother out and take her to lunch or even just back to her house and we would snack and chat.

    Since most of the COVID restrictions have been reduced (at least for the meantime) I am hoping they would allow this….if not say she has a doctor’s appointment, a haircut, or whatever. There has to be someway to sneak her out of there.

    • Yup – that is the tentative plan. To see whether the wardens will allow our mom out and whether my sister will be willing to not play Kabuki as by going along with “masking” our mom. Or herself, in my presence. I won’t abide either thing and have told her so. Jus as I would not abide her wearing a Nazi armband, either. Both represent the same evil.

      • That shouldn’t be difficult. One your sister gets your Mom in the car the masks are removed. They show up to meet you and tada…..everybody can see everyone’s face. Win-win.

        Don’t be too hard on your sister. She is doing what she has to do to see your mom. All anger should be placed on the oligarchy who seem to get some sick pleasure on destroying people’s lives.

        • **”Don’t be too hard on your sister. She is doing what she has to do to see your mom. All anger should be placed on the oligarchy who seem to get some sick pleasure on destroying people’s lives.”**

          Exactly, RG. I don’t know whether to feel sorry and disgusted for Eric’s sister, for having so little self-respect- or to think that she is making a selfless self-sacrifice. Probably not the latter though- as from what Eric says, she’d probably don the rag to get a cup of coffee or buy a pack of gum.

          But the thing is, these psychos who have been elected as defacto gods are the true culprits- just as is the case when it comes to the discussions we’ve all had on here about property owners requiring masking.

            • Very true, John. That is why “We” can vote for anyone we want (I abstain)- It makes absolutely no difference; and even if it could make a difference, the peons have been so inculcated with the psychotic religion of their own cultural and economic destruction that they would now vote for the very thing that has been foisted upon us.

    • Yeah that’s a good idea RG, my mom and aunt would check my grandma out for mani-pedis and hair appts, that was back before all the bullshit though, thankfully she passed away just before the total insanity hit.

    • I wonder if you (Eric) threatened to remove your Mom from the facility if that would shape them up. After all, they are making big buck$ on each resident/inmate.


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