Diaper Report: 7/16/21

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Since the Diapers are coming back on, it’s time for the gloves – so to speak – to come off. No more pandering to the feelings of the deranged. Let them know how you feel for a change.

I did so just a few hours ago. I was out with my girlfriend doing atomic blast burnouts in a new Mustang Mach 1 – review is coming! – when I rolled up to the post office in my small rural county to drop off a letter at the box. As I rolled the rumpety-rumping Mustang up to the box, a Freak hurried out of the building. A middle-aged woman, fully Diapered, all by herself – outside. Her car – a crossover, of course – was parked such that I was crossing her T (battleship lingo) with the Mustang and she did not like that, as inferred from her posture and the way her angry little eyes narrowed.

But she really didn’t like that I laughed at her, obviously, as she got the disinfectant out and cleaned her ‘Rona-laden paws. I made no effort to be discreet and then did the ultimate triggering thing. I placed both hands on my face and moved them up and down, it-rubs-the-lotion-on-its-skin-or-else-it-gets-the-hose-again style.

My amigos over at Media Bear are infamous for this gesture of contempt and I give credit where credit is richly due.

The Freak almost popped. Spittle would probably have splattered from her face portal if her face had not been effaced. She angrily backed up and drove away.

It is funny – but then it’s also not. People like this woman used to be kept out of circulation for the altogether sound reason that they are wrong in the head. And they were not made worse in the head by “respecting their feelings.” Indeed, the most respectful thing you can do for a mentally ill person is to help them – to the extent possible – recover their reason and this is not done by affirming their delusions.

The worst thing to do is give a crazy person a sense of mission and rightness – which turns what was a kind of furtive pathology of the kind once reserved to bridge underpasses and schizophrenics pushing shopping carts into a twisted moralizing and very public display of rabidized virtue-signaling.

And rabid things are dangerous things. They have lost the fear that used to keep them from charging – and biting.

This woman is merely one of many and they are among us, their fury over our faces and our “hesitancy” percolating to boiling in tandem with the cases! the cases! – about which we’re hearing more of, again. Probably because things had become much too almost-normal again and the Freaks were beginning to feel like, well, Freaks. Who else is still wearing the Freak Rag?

They want to feel better – by making themselves feel less like Freaks and the way to do that is the same way it was done before: By forcing normal people to look like Freaks. If everyone looks like a Freak then Freaks look like everyone else.

Well, maybe not this time. Maybe not again.

Maybe this time, the people who wore a Freak Rag not because they were Freaks themselves or even especially cared about the feelings of Freaks but simply wanted to not be hassled by Freaks will understand how important it is to stop accommodating Freaks. How important it is to call them out, because of the danger of not doing so.

The only way the Diapers will stay off this time is if enough of us refuse to put one on, again. For any reason, even if it means real sacrifice. Even if it means your job. Even if it means not being able to see family because you cannot fly otherwise. Certainly, if it means nothing more than the relatively minor hassle of not patronizing stores and restaurants that accommodate Freaks, thereby enabling them.

Because we stand to lose everything, this time.

It is past time to say enough is enough – and never again. Not one inch. Give them nothing.

Laugh at them, if they give you the stinky squint. Make it clear to them that you’re sick of playing Kabuki and aren’t going to do it anymore.

Their hurt feelings be damned.

. . .

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  1. I was watching the British Grand Prix yesterday and noticed that Silverstone was totally sold out, 150,000 spectators without masks, sitting in the stands all next to each other. The only people with masks were all the crew members and track workers (poor bastards) and anyone in the pits. (Tom Cruise, Harrison Ford)
    I believe a regular here, Nasir, (lives in England) has stated that England is still locked down. I guess they decided to throw some bread and circus to the masses.

  2. One of America’s biggest downfalls is pride. No, not THAT “pride”! *barf* I’m talking REAL pride, and too much of it. Most patriots just can’t accept the fact that 1), their/our own government would betray them, and 2), they also can’t admit “being had” because then it would make them feel like the idiotic dildos that they truly are! Many of them WANT this “pandemic” to continue indefinitely so they’ll never have to face that reality.

  3. A political dilemma for the communists seems to be emerging. The core of their political coalition of white affluent suburban women and BIPOC (Black Indigenous People of Color) minorities are splitting over the issue of the experimental Covid inoculation. Suburban white women are among the highest percentage of those “vaccinated”, while Blacks and Hispanics are among the most “vaccine hesitant”. Pushing too hard for “vaccine” mandates and passports may alienate many “progressive” voters. Even though 2020 proved that the communists are very good at stealing elections and as long as they control city and state governments they don’t need actual voters, this political split may force the Biden administration and blue state governors to tread lightly on the mandate and lockdown policies, while pressuring their fellow travelers in social media and global corporations do the arm twisting for diapering and needling.

    When the “cases” inevitably rise this fall things will get interesting.

    • I have been visiting far left Covidian comment sections about the “unvaccinated are killing people.”

      It is truly frightening to read them and see where we are heading.

      Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to defend yourselves!

      • The Biden administration with the cooperation of the Joint Chiefs is attempting to purge and propagandize the military so as to occupy the “racist” red states. Given the behavior of local police departments enforcing unconstitutional mandates during the “pandemic”, it’s hard to predict how the rank and file military will respond when the time comes. I suspect most will “just follow orders”. You can prepare, but AR-15s are as useless as pea shooters against armored military vehicles. The communists are hoping for a violent response to there unlawful actions to justify a military intervention. There must be a peaceful political movement to defeat the totalitarian left. I know “Orange Man bad”, but unless a populist leader can emerge to rally the opposition to the communists, it’s pretty much over.

        • No populist leader is needed. A leader for our side would only facilitate our demise by making it easier for the enemy to infiltrate our ranks. It’s best we remain spread out as individuals instead of uniting, as this would only make us a more visible target. Besides, all that’s really required at this time is simple disobedience to unconstitutional mandates.

          • Leadership is most certainly needed. But it cannot be centralized. The Afghan debacle comes to mind- there are thousands of leaders, heads of family and tribe. This is what makes for effective resistance.

            But our culture is going to have to change, and the old freedom is at least temporarily gone. Our tribes are going to have to learn to travel and work together- to be paradoxically independent.

            Wolf packs are highly effective survival machines. Lone wolves are easily hunted down or trapped.

    • How long before the commies swallow their pride and resort to some good ol’ stereotypes to increase the ranks of the vaxxed amongst “the disadvantaged minorites”?

      “Free grape Kool-aid and Newports or free machete and tacos when you get your shot!” -‘problem’ solved.

      • Hi Nunz,

        I anticipate them making government “benefits” – including SS as well as EBT – conditional upon Proof of Jab. They may even go so far as to require it in order to get/renew government ID and so on. They aim to systematically exclude and pariah-ize all who don’t accept the Jab.

        • What will you do when you can’t renew your DL, Eric? You make your living driving and reviewing cars. What then?

          • Hi Mark,

            I’ll punch out – or go outlaw. But I won’t cave. I don’t have to write about new cars. I write about many other things and am pretty confident I can make a living doing so – as I have been, for many years. In any event, I will not bow to this. Ever. Even at the cost of my life, should it come to that.

        • The totalitarian left will use every lever of power to eliminate opposition. The coming digital currency and a social credit system, with AI facial recognition will control every action and transaction. Those who don’t comply with government mandates will be excluded from society and ultimately removed. China is the model.

          • True, Griff, we will be outcasts, but do we want to live in a society like that? Personally, I would be content with a 1000 acres somewhere pretending I am Amish. Waking up every morning on my own homestead, growing my own food, walking the fields, not relying off government or dealing with the politics of it all.

            I would do it in a heartbeat if I knew I would be left alone.

            • Ditto, RG –

              We were talking about this very thing last night. Were it not for property taxes and the relentless need to earn money to pay these endless taxes – and the threat of Hut! Hut! Hut! – homesteading on 100 acres would be more than enough for us.

            • Hello RG,

              Chinese Christians and Muslims (Uhghurs), who only want to be left alone, are now persecuted for their beliefs in a power other than the “state”. Totalitarians can not allow contrary views to exist. All things must come from the “state”.

              The Chinese are rolling out the “digital Yuan”, have an existing social credit system and nearly one billion surveillance cameras spying on their population. The WEF (World Economic Forum) video that gushes that in 2030 “you’ll own nothing and be happy”, pretty much makes clear the plans of the global elite, no conspiracy theories required.

              I don’t think you’ll be able to separate and hide from the coming Technocratic tyranny without the help of 30 or 40 million like minded individuals. The best chance for “ourselves and our posterity” is through political action both locally and nationally.

        • Howdy Eric!

          I’m REALLY surprised that they haven’t done that already. I’m sure they soon will though. Of course, it’s “raciss” to require so much as ID to vote….but to force ’em to submit to rape in order to get their share of extorted loot…well now, “that’s different”.

  4. Covid theater of the grotesque:

    A church worker, Gustavo Posadas, sat under an Ochsner tent [in New Orleans] and admitted to Doug Emhoff that he has been too nervous to receive the vaccine. A nurse prepared to give him the injection.

    “You’re going to tell a bunch of people afterward, everyone you know,” Emhoff told Posadas, a 44-year-old immigrant from Mexico. “This is real. The only thing that will prevent you from dying is getting this.”

    As the nurse prepared to put the needle in his arm, Emhoff tried to ease Posadas’ anxiety by distracting him.

    “Look at me!” Emhoff said. “Look at me!”

    Posadas received the injection without incident.

    “It’s over,” Emhoff said, and onlookers applauded.


    ‘Look at me!’ says Doug Pimphoff, hamming it up for TV viewers, as one expects of the narcissistic spouses of politicians who weren’t elected to anything by anybody.

    Yes, magnetic Doug Simphoff found himself a chump who’d take the needle under the klieg lights, as Doug magisterially plays doctor.

    Posadas’s plight reminds one of the scene in Fellini’s Satyricon where some old derelict gets his hand chopped off just for entertainment purposes.

    I puke for my country as the Doug Gimphoffs take over and slime our society for Satan.

    • “This is real. The only thing that will prevent you from dying is getting this.”

      This is a blatant [email protected]@king lie!!!!! These people pushing this narrative are absolute evil! If this is true then please explain to us how the survival rate is 99.8%! I’m absolutely sick to my stomach reading this bs.

  5. I love seeing the new signs, facemasks strongly encouraged for all, and just waking right past them. What i see when i go out is still almost a 50/50 mix. The most disconcerting to me are the undiapered parents carting around fully diapered children. You just know that is a virtue signal to say i’m vaxed but my spawn isn’t so i’m going to continue to torture them even in the 95 degree 110% humidty summer. Complete child abuse to me.

    • Went into a Dollar General not far from our house earlier today, and there were NO muzzle signs to be found. Guess who was the only customer in there without one?

  6. In Jimi Hendrix’s “if 6 were 9”, he sings…

    “Now, if 6 turned up to be 9,
    I don’t mind, I don’t mind.
    If all the hippies cut off all their hair,
    I don’t care, I don’t care.
    Dig, cause I got my own world to live through
    And I ain’t gonna copy you.

    White-collar conservatives flashing down the street
    Pointing their plastic finger at me.
    Pretty soon their kind will drop and die,
    But I’m gonna wave my freak flag high. .. High!”


    “I’ve got my own life to live
    I’m the one that’s gotta die
    When it’s time for me to die
    So let me live my life the way… I want to.”

    How in hell did liberals move so far to the left that “let me live my life the way… I want to” is now taken as “radical right wing extremism” and how the hell have they not noticed this about themselves?

    • Wasn’t somebody recently posting on this very board about the Interpenetration of Opposites?

      Everything reverts to its opposite, in time. It is a law of nature.

      • Yes, yes. Like how freedom is now slavery or simply a term for right wing anti-government extremism. Rather than the outdated and racist term law of nature, we refer to it as the settled science.

  7. Perhaps instead of Needling as a pejorative, or The Jab, we should equate Needling with rape. Not sexual assault, but rape. Same concept. The violation of bodily integrity through force, fraud, coercion, intimidation, threats, or through the promise of a benefit.
    Seems to me we should just call it Rape. And shame those hyper-sensitive feminists who equate marriage sex with rape.
    Like Gate-Rape, in response to being fondled at airports.

    • YES! 100%! This is exactly my thoughts. If anyone forces or coerces me to inject anything into my body, it is nothing less than rape. When those idiot door-to-door communists come to my house, before I tell them to leave immediately, I may comment on how they’re essentially asking me to agree to being raped.

      • I’m simply going to ask them, “Has it been approved by the FDA yet?” And when they answer no, “Then come back when it has.”

    • Hi AF,

      I just posted a reply that the extra 75 pounds she’s carrying around her waist constitutes a far greater threat to her health than my not wearing a Face Diaper!

  8. The boo and I love your writing style EP 😂 I’ve often thought of making the same gesture at them, didn’t realize it was already a thing!

  9. Hi Eric,

    “I look upon that Rag as a Jewish person regards the armband or a black person the white hood. Zero tolerance. It will not stand.”

    Granted, within your house or your car, you are entitled to set whatever parameters you wish.

    But when you see middle aged, mask wearing, women walking on public streets and minding their own business,.. is your policy now to harass them, both audibly, and with gestures?

    And since you now consider these people to be as toxic as nazis and racists, do you soon plan to escalate your righteous rage just a tiny step more, and physically attack them? To “kick them to the curb,” as you have previously recommended?

    You “used to” be a Libertarian. Too bad.

    • I can’t speak for our talented and gracious host, but I can say what Free_Phi does when he sees masketeers: gapes at them like they’re the freaks they are, shaking head in dismay, and mouthing the word “freeeeeeak” very carefully in hopes they can read the lips.

      Free_Phi, too, “used to” be libertarian (small “l“). Now he’s just a holdout natural human, in a vast sea of mutant GMO TeeVee-programmed gimp-zombies.

      • I like your attitude, Freelance_Philosopher!

        I often say something like, “that’s sick child abuse” when I see ’em mask-up their vulnerables. Usually shaking my head in dismay and mouthing the words very carefully in hopes they can read lips.

        Good reply to Mr. Jumping to Conclusion.

    • Hi Mike,

      If someone is out in public behaving obnoxiously or wearing something hateful, they have no right to be respected. I doubt very much you’d argue it’s wrong to jeer a Klansman or some jerk wearing a Nazi uniform but somehow we’re supposed to be tolerant of these weaponized hypochondriacs – these Freaks, whose garb represents the same vile things only far more threatening because “masking” represents actual government-corporate policies that are terrifying precisely because they are government-corporate polices rather than some jerkoff holding forth about “kikes and niggers” at a loser rally. Especially now, with the “masks” being generally optional. These Freaks are wearing them because they want to. And most of them burn to force others to wear them, too.

      Aren’t you sick of this, yet?

      But they are scared! I don’t give a damn. Many racists are scared of black people, too. Many Germans genuinely feared der Jude. Fuck all that – and fuck them, too.

      I’m genuinely curious why you seem to be such a defender of “masking”? Yes,I know – people have a right to “mask” if they wish – and I don’t disagree with that. They also have a right to wear a Klan outfit or a Nazi armband. But they have no right to be respected for it and can expect to be mocked for doing so by people who are rightly disgusted by it.

      This in no way violates libertarian ideals or ethics.

      Words aren’t violence – that is a leftist totalitarian construct. And I don’t play by the left’s rules.

    • This is precisely why Libertarianism (note the capital L) went to shit. This belief that everyone should accept and respect everyone–even depraved, sick, psychopaths–is the complete opposite of libertarianism. After I abandoned the GOP I aligned myself with Libertarians. But after a few years of them expecting me to embrace homosexuality as natural (It isn’t. Natural selection will wipe out a 100% homosexual society in a single generation), it became clear to me that Libertarians are just another variant of communists.

      Everyone has the inalienable right to love or hate anyone they want for any reason they want. That’s liberty. Everyone has the right to shout racial slurs in the middle of Compton. But good luck surviving such an adventure. Every idiot has the right to berate people that are perceptive enough to spot Sickness Kabuki. But good luck surviving such an adventure.

      With privilege comes responsibility. When actions lead to bad consequences it’s up to the instigator to answer the question, “Was it worth it?”

      This is where the left has gone so far off the rails. They’ve deluded themselves into believing that freedom means they’re exempt from the consequences of their stupid decisions. BZZZZZZ!!!! Nope. If Karen sticks her nose where it doesn’t belong, she deserves a good hard backhand across her face.

      I live by two rules: The golden rule and it’s converse.

      1. Treat others the way I want to be treated.
      2. Treat others the way they’ve treated me.

      In other words; Never start a fight, but always finish one.

      We didn’t start this fight. We just wanted to be left alone. The mentally ill started this fight so the backlash they get is the backlash they deserve. Maybe next time they’ll take the time to evaluate whether fucking with people that haven’t done anything to them is worth the hellfire they get in response.

      • Just to pick a nit, homosexuality is completely natural- animals practice it. What it is not is normal or healthy. A decent society discourages it- like cannibalism and slavery.

        I’m beginning to think the middle eastern approach is a better one- don’t allow troublemaking feminists to run things and discourage depravity (like homosexuality). But then those folks practice stoning- is that what it takes to keep a society sane by keeping the worst attributes of humanity in check? We had it pretty good here, but things have gotten so far out of control there are going to be even uglier consequences.

        • Where are all these fag animals that everyone keeps citing? (Well, there was Freddie Mercury…). I know of no animals that give up the use of the female of their species and spend their lives fucking other dudes up the ass and sucking their dicks[shudder]. Yeah, anyone who keeps livestock (like cattle) will tell yopu that bulls will use intercourse-like motions to assert dominance, but I’ve never seen one give up cows and pursue other bulls sexually (and neither has anyone else).- and even if they did, THEY ARE FREAKING ANIMALS! They shit on the ground and act by instinct as opposed to thought and reason and logic….so what does that have to do with US?

          There’s nothing natural about faggotry- it shortens ones life substantially and creates a whole host of medical problems. Faggots are perverts- they will stick it in anything. There is a reason that buggery is always rampant right at the end of every large empire, nation and city-state- it is a sign that society has broken down and has become unsustainable, and incapable of maintaining the minimum values necessary for a civil society to thrive or even exist.

          Queer animals- pfffft! That’s like saying a dog is trans-species because he humps your leg to jerk off!

          • I’ve seen bulls and dogs myself and yes, it’s a dominance thing. I thought I made it clear with the reference to cannibalism and slavery that it is not a good thing.

            And Freddy Mercury still sounds pretty good for a dead [email protected]@ot.

            And the dog humps your leg just because you hit him with that funky coal medina (sp?)

            Peace bro.

            • Ernie, Dahling, 😀

              Heh, I tried to word my spiel so it would come across as neutral towards you, ’cause I wasn’t sure if you were just positing the commonly held rhetoric of the day….or expressing a personal opinion.

              Well, anyway…I guess lions are pretty gay- I mean why else would they call a group of ’em “a pride”?!

              And how come ya never see any lezbo cats; only their owners? (I have cats, but I’m a lesbian trapped in a man’s body… :D)

        • Hi Ernie,

          My 50 on this: As a libertarian, I don’t think I have the right to force anyone to refrain from using their body in whatever manner they wish to, so long as it does not cause harm to another person thereby. But that doesn’t mean that, as a libertarian, I must approve of it or regard it as normal, nor that I must refrain from stating my views regarding it and – most important – be in any way punished for openly stating them.

          No humane person would support hurting homosexuals just because they are homosexual. Nor – I would hope – threaten them in any way for living their lives as they wish to live them. Live – and let live. But this works both ways. Just as gays wish to be left in peace, so do I. Just as gays do not wish to be forced to “accept” what they find unacceptable – so do I.

          The golden rule does work – when both sides are willing to abide by it.

          • I disagree with nothing you say, but unfortunately human nature is such that once an abuse is pushed too far, the pendulum swings back too far the other way. Which is why the radicals making all the trouble, the lunatic minority with megaphones , were damned fools to make all the trouble they have.

            But what else could one expect of abnormal, narcissistic personality types?

  10. I’ve noticed the plexiglass has been removed from the cash registers in most stores. The big boxes are the major exception, since all those edicts come from corporate HQ. Delta County (Grand Junction) has made the national news as ground zero for the “delta variant” but no masks anywhere, and few Hospitalizations and no deaths. Maybe the Denver news organizations want to start something with the western slope, for sure the Continental Divide is becoming a line in the sand when it comes to this sort of thing. There are counties in Colorado that never should have had any restrictions imposed at all, and had zero deaths from COVID. Most of these areas are pretty isolated and socially-distanced by their nature, yet the broad brush (paint sprayer) of the central authorities was imposed on them as if the county population was all living in a 300 unit apartment complex with central HVAC.

  11. ‘It is past time to say enough is enough’ — EP

    Tangentially related:

    ‘Illinois on Thursday became the first state to bar police officers from lying and using other deceptive tactics when interrogating juveniles.

    ‘The new law targets commonly used deceptive interrogation tactics, such as making false promises of leniency and false claims about the existence of incriminating evidence. False confessions have played a role in about 30 percent of all wrongful convictions overturned by DNA evidence, according to the Innocence Project.’ — NYT


    So cops won’t railroad scared kids in Illinois no more. But they will continue to lie their ass off to baffle, confuse and entrap adults who don’t know that they should never talk to the cops. It’s a high-stakes game that you can’t possibly win.

    Meanwhile, it’s a federal offense to lie to the FBI. They can lie freely to you. But you go to prison for lying to them.

    And these folks are our ‘public servants’? Looks like the dog enjoys total impunity to bite his master, then lift up his hind leg to deliver the coup de grace.

    • Not only can the FBI lie to you ad nauseum, but they will not record any interview, audio or video. Nor allow you to do so. They take notes, and write up what they believe, or think, or prefer happened later. And present it in court as “evidence”.

    • Exactly how Nebraska extracted false confessions and false testimony from 5 of the Beatrice Six, that put one of them, Joseph White, on death row for 19 years. Joseph White was the only one of the six who maintained his innocence all those years. The others were shown false evidence and were manipulated by a police psychologist into fearing they, too, would be convicted and put on death row. Their testimony is what convicted Joseph White, not any physical evidence.

      Now, if only Illinois would ban ALL deception practiced by police, the general public could gain a modicum of respect for true hero’s…except there aren’t any in blue uniforms anymore. The real peace officers are long gone.

  12. The local college town, which I avoid like plague, the real one, has a large University owned medical establishment, by far the largest within more than 100 miles. It’s the by far major player in the COVID propaganda, state wide. Of course since the economy in that town is wholly dependent upon the University, the local government pretty much does as the University tells them to, although it has become a bit more resistant. My point being, it’s the Medical Industrial Complex that’s pushing the hardest, not the government. Although there are abundant State “experts” and “officials” that simply repeat what the Medical Industrial Complex says. If so many weren’t dying as a result, it would be quite amusing, since the rest of the State government does NOT comply with the Medical Industrial Complex. Missouri never put any Statewide restrictions in place.

  13. How many actually believe Joe Biden is sane and competent?

    The unvaccinated are killing people said Joe the President. Who in their right mind would make such a statement? You’re scapegoating, Mr. Biden, you have no shame.

    You can see Uncle Joe ain’t all there. No one dares to say it, President Biden is crazy. Mentally unfit to be a President in any country. Completely out to lunch.

    • Hi Drump,


      It’s simple, inarguable fact that a not-sick person cannot get someone else sick. Period. No wiggle room there. Of course, these greasy power-lusters’ premise is: You might be sick; you could get sick and thus get others sick.

      Well, yeah. Anything might or could happen. You, Mr. President, might just whip your herpetic dick out and shove it in the face of an underage girl. Ergo, you must wear a locking codpiece – just to be safe – and also regularly tested for STDs and forced to be “vaccinated” against any and all such you could transmit.

  14. I don’t see the mask mandates picking up the same amount of believers the second go around. Why? We are forgetting to include a group of people in our equation…..the vaccinated who hate masks and the unvaccinated. There are a group of people that received the jab for no other reason than to remove the mask. This group of original virtue signalers did wear masks religiously until their Savior, known as Fauci’s Ouchies, arrived. They lined up and took their shot and because of it they will no longer wear a mask. Their shared loathing of the unvaccinated is another reason they refuse to put the mask back on. Since the unjabbed refuse to bend the knee to King Fauci and the Medical Complex we are deemed not worth saving. They want us to die and they share this thought quite often for anyone who wishes to listen. They will not efface again.

    The problem with this bunch is something more dangerous. They love vaccine passports and have no issue with the government and business mandating such obscenities. In their view, we are beneath them because we refuse to comply. As they have stated, “we are done sacrificing for people that do not care about others”.

    Don’t get me wrong, I share no love for these people, because they are true authoritarians, but I am willing to use them and their no holds barred religious obsession if they will create enough chaos to throw TPTB off their game. Sometimes the enemy of our enemy can be our cohort.

    • I sincerely hope you’re right about the Covidians–not about their love of vax passes–but their shared hatred of diapers. That could be the critical mass we need to finally rid ourselves of the mask lunacy once and for all.

    • Indeed, RG –

      Though it is dangerous, using the Needled against the Diapered can serve our purpose. I think, ultimately, whether our side wins or loses comes down to whether their side has a leader (in power) who is willing to use it. If so, we will have no choice but to resist by whatever means become necessary. I’m hoping it will not be necessary. It is why I am not so unhappy the putative leader of this business is a senile old degenerate, obviously illegitimate in the eyes of at least half the country.

      • With how deadly this “pandemic” is supposed to be shouldn’t all us non-beleivers be dead.by now? You would think us non diaper unvaxed heathens would be dropping like flies

  15. I have been in a store twice lately, including today, that I wouldn’t go in during the diaper b.s. It’s just super convenient for me, especially in summer season. I knew the old lady cashier was/is a diaper fanatic. Now she’s the only one wearing a diaper but has become like the “soup nazi” from Seinfeld about every little thing. She yelled at some lady grabbing her to-go food bag behind her counter “due to the measures enacted last year.” The lady was like, “we’re sick of convid, bitch!” I almost fell over. When it was my turn in line, I happened to grab my cash receipt from the machine and she snapped at me about how I did it from the wrong direction and it causes the machine to so and so. I just laughed in her face. They WILL try to weaponize folks like this again.

    • Yet another facet to the seeming success of the con: to give power, importance, and meaning to the lives of those who may have never felt powerful, important, or meaningful before. In pre-convid days, one would encounter these types irregularly, in isolation, in perhaps a store where “the policy” was made up on the spot by one of them empowered to do so.

      The grand scale of the convid psyop created a tsunami of such petty tyrants. They also like to be known as “heroes.”

      • As I’ve thought all along. Those that go all Karen on people simply didn’t have any other life, until the great masking came along.

    • RE: “They WILL try to weaponize folks like this again.”

      Or, they’ll liquidate them? Eventually? Isn’t that what happens to useful idiots before they become too much of a threat to their overlords?

      Seems like they’ve served their purpose already (shot pushers/justification) their time in the Sun is up?
      How useful are those types in Europe, or places such as Cuba, now? Might be an indicator for the direction of the wind?

    • People like that will be the first ones to succumb when the SHTF. In the long run, there’s no point in worrying about them too much. In the short run, though, they can make life unpleasant.

  16. ‘their fury over our faces and our “hesitancy” percolating to boiling in tandem with the cases! the cases! – about which we’re hearing more of, again.’ — EP, on a roll

    Indeed we are. For a while there, the Narrative had our perilous journey of personal discovery all wrapped up with a Hollywood happy ending. The beleaguered hero fired a vaccine silver bullet; the dread disease was routed forever; America was back; puppies gamboled amid innocent flowers and butterflies.

    But this dime-store novel, written under the transparently fake pseudonym of ‘Joe Biden,’ turned out to employ that notorious literary device, the unreliable narrator. Not much of it was ever true. But now it’s not even coherent, as the media gears up for another panic-flecked nightmare summer, while our somber leaders still counsel The Jab even as it obviously isn’t working hard, or maybe is hardly working.

    All this as supply chains break down, and humble vinyl-clad cottages morph into million-dollar mansions, and used-car pumpkins into Lambos and Porsches (pricewise), and stratospheric ‘markets’ teeter on the shaky scaffolding of trillions of thin-air dollars typed into existence last night on a grimy, snot-stippled keyboard in the Eccles Building in Washington DC.

    Oh, well. Our descent in the abyss is eased by snippets of incandescent prose: ‘And the soy-guzzling fools who lick the EV’s fenders have the balls (if they dropped) to deride IC cars as “guzzlers.”’

    Carry on, maestro. Let them fingers fly over the keyboard to gin up a semblance of truth; not the brazen lies of an ‘elastic currency.’ Yours words are fender-lickin’ good.

  17. I posted on the prior Diaper Report how Becky Akers is done doing Diaper Reports. Jim replied that it isn’t over, “Alas, we’ve likely not yet seen the end of the Mask War.”

    However; as the title to Becky’s post points out, ‘The Mask War Morphs’!

    Jim points out that, “L.A. County has just mandated (again) indoor masks. And you know what they say about California being America’s trendsetter.”

    True, about Cali & the East Coast being the wave which washes over the country from both sides, again, however; on a visit to the bigger city here, all the anti-social distancing & mask wearing P.S.A.’s being broadcast over the retail store’s loudspeakers have been replaced by, “Get your shotz – teenagers – get. your. shotz!” It’s ALL about The Shot, now.

    More than half the employees in every store do not wear face diapers.
    More than half the customers in every store do not wear face diapers.

    ‘The Mask War Morphs’!

    Notice what’s taking place in countries such as France & Greece. The overlords are not saying people must mask-up to be in public, they’re saying submit to being injected… or be ejected.

    ‘The Mask War Morphs’!

    • Who’s going to be ejected, though, if we don’t submit? Us…or them? They’d better be careful what they ask for, here. Productivity is low enough, as it is…

  18. I’d guess about 10-20% of the retards around here will wear their face diapers for the rest of their miserable lives, thinking they will somehow grant immortality. I chuckle and shake my head when encountering one while walking, though they usually will cross the street to avoid anyone with a bare face.

    • They have all been Vaxxed and will be dead soon, their deaths blamed on those that believe the sun is the center of the solar system.

  19. Nope, they’ll be back. The organizer/leader of my Thursday night Make Americans Free Again group recently (a couple of weeks ago) was in a meeting/conference with a bunch of black pastors, I believe in Louisville. They all said that no, they weren’t going to lock down again (and presumably not muzzle, either). She called bullshit on them, saying that she’s going to start a betting pool and make a whole lot of money when (not if) they shut down again. People caved far too easily the first time, even people who were against lockdowns or face diapers. It’ll happen again.

    For the record, I quit jobs (more than one) because of not only the face effacing, but all the other nonsense associated with covid. And I’d do it again.

    • My corporate overlords have decreed that the horrible unvaxxed (Unclean!!!) must wear a mask at all times while those who have been good compliant drones and taken their jab can go unmasked and ignore the social distancing decrees.

      So, my job ends later this month as soon as some vaxxhole sees me maskless without the special sticker the “good” people receive to put on their name badges. I will not wear a mask. It’s the flu, bro.

      Hope it’s still a good time to sell a house in the burbs. Is Blackrock still buying? Time to get more mobile, adaptable, and as self-sufficient as possible anyway. Some variant of Van Life seems more appealing all the time being that I have no dependents, obligations, or debts other than the mortgage. If the country is breaking up, it may be good to be able to go where the sane people are quickly. Nice to be able to travel around while I hunt a tribe or a place to invest in and go to ground. Don’t have one now.

      So yes, everyone has their point or line in the sand. Everyone decides what they are willing to give up, why they are willing to give it up, and when they should decide to do it.

      I will not be raped. That is what these injections are if they force them. They intend to insert something unwanted into my body without my consent and when it is withdrawn, fluid is left behind, the contents of which have a good chance to cause serious unwanted changes to my body that may impact the rest of my life. Is that not rape?

      Still, it’s hard to do this when you are nearly sixty. It’s been a comfy time nestled in the coils of the corporate machine as I have been. It wasn’t hard. These days, if you are competent, it’s like being the one-eyed man in the land of the blind. As soon as the accountants take over, lowest common denominator thinking and hiring is always the end result.

      I’m cool with it though. Was tired of that job anyway and tired of corporate wage slavery in general. I keep thinking about the Morgan Freeman line in Shawshank where he talks about “the excitement only a Free man can feel at the start of a long journey whose destination is uncertain.” I have missed that feeling for a while. I have felt it before and faced whatever waited at the end of the journey with open eyes.

      And I still will sleep well. My conscience is clear. Other than the meat suits we use to haul our interfaces around, what do we really have other than our principles and morals? I’m not sacrificing mine to fear and willful ignorance.

      Fuck them!

      • Morning, Random!

        Yours may well prove to be the post of the month. Excellent, sir! It is my prayer that a growing avalanche of people, in their own way and for their own reasons, call a halt to dealing with this sickness any longer.

        Fuck them, indeed!

        • Thanks Eric.

          All of this has been quite the nightmare. I still find myself in awe at the relentlessness of it all. But I will not pretend to be sick or afraid. That would make me a liar.

          My 81 year old former medical professional mother is full on Covid Death Cult. In addition to employment, I’m probably going to end up losing the only family I have over this. It has been quite bizarre to watch people be indoctrinated in this way. It’s like the last 1.5 years has been an initiation ritual. But she has been conditioned for this for most of her conformist, check-off-all-the-boxes life by media and by institutions that at least used to appear to do noble things at times. She simply cannot imagine the evil it takes to plan and implement something like this or that people exist who would sit down and actually plan this out.

          I’ve seen some kind of madness in store for this country since the 1990s but in a way it makes it more horrifying having to watch it happen like a slow motion cresting wave of absurdity upon absurdity. Truly weird. While I have read much dystopian sci-fi, I have not read this one. Truth really is so much stranger than fiction.

          • Hi RF,

            You aren’t alone in this. My relationship with my sister is very strained over Kabuki performances. She is willing to practice them – in order to be allowed to see our mom, who is in a “care” facility for people with dementia – whereas I am not. She sees this as obdurate. I see it as principled resistance to an epochal evil that I will not bow to. I has created tension between us. She’s visiting here next week from CA – wearing the disgusting Diaper to be able to fly – and I have told her that while I am looking forward to seeing her I do not want to see a Diaper on her face and will not abide it in my presence, much less my home. Going further, I won’t tolerate seeing it on her when we go to the “care” facility. I have asked her to try to go in there with me, neither of us Diapered – and see whether we can “get away with it.” She won’t do it. She does not want to create “friction” with the wardens. So I told her that I am willing to wait in the car while she goes in to get our mother and bring her out. But that I do not want to see either of them wearing that god-damned rag and if I do, I’m gone.

            I look upon that Rag as a Jewish person regards the armband or a black person the white hood. Zero tolerance. It will not stand.

            • Eric,

              I don’t know how my family life will be before long. While he doesn’t care about my vax status, he wants everyone in his house to be vaxxed, or he wants visitors to be vaxxed. Here’s my situation…

              My brother, SIL, and oldest niece got The Jab; the two younger nieces haven’t as yet. The oldest niece got it because my brother is worried about her immune system; she had her hip rebuilt a few years ago, which is major surgery for any age. I don’t know how that would compromise the immune system, but he thinks it does, so AFAIK, his oldest daughter has gotten the shot. I’ll take his word for it, since he and my SIL (his wife) no doubt had discussions with the surgeon prior to the operation.

              The two younger nieces are too young for the shot, so they haven’t gotten it yet. That said, they too are under 19, as is the oldest niece. According to the numbers I’ve seen, those who are 0-19 years of age are 99.997% likely to survive COVID if untreated; that’s statistically 0! That’s moot, because my brother would have them treated if they got COVID. I don’t know why he’s worried about them getting the shot, because, even according to the numbers he sent me, they’re not likely to have any problem if someone passes COVID on to them.

              Anyway, if I don’t get vaxxed, my brother doesn’t want me visiting until his two younger daughters also get the shot. He knows where I stand on this, and why. He thinks I’m a crazy conspiracy theorist; he thinks I’m off base for comparing vax passes to the yellow star Jews wore in Nazi Germany. That’s where things stand now.

              I haven’t been able to see him the last few years mainly due to scheduling conflicts. For two of those years, I had a job during the winter, so I wasn’t free to go. This past winter, my brother’s schedule was too busy; he was out of town all the time on business. I’d like to see him, but there are certain lines I’m not willing to cross.

              Oh, and here’s another fly in the ointment: he was going to be my executor, and I was going to pass my assets on to the nieces. If I’m not able to visit, I’m half tempted to change executors and make the local feline rescues my beneficiaries. WTF did it have to come to this? Those are my thoughts…

              • Hi Mark,

                It’s hurtful to discover this about your brother – but now you know something about him, eh? My policy is that blood doesn’t confer a pass. I love my sister, but I hate evil and will not truckle to it because someone I care about it is being used as leverage to get me to truckle to it. And anyone who would insist you submit to being injected with anything – I don’t care whether it’s water – is someone I’d cross off my Christmas (and inheritance) list. Like you, I have no heirs other than my niece. If she proves to be a good person – she doesn’t have to agree with me on everything but she has to be a good person – then she’ll get some of my stuff when I croak, possibly even the Trans-Am, if she is worthy. But if not, the fact that she’s my niece cuts no ice. The cats will get it all.

                • Eric,

                  I thought I was luckier than most, because, unlike my neighbor, he’s not insisting that I get the vax; he wants everyone in his house to get it, so they’ll be protected. In my mind, that’s somewhat more reasonable.

                  My neighbor got the vax because her daughter said, no vax, no see the grandchildren. My neighbor, she took the shot. She SHOULD have told her daughter to FUCK OFF! Then she should’ve cut her daughter out of the will.

                  Even so, I don’t know. He’s not making me get the shot, so that’s something. That said, the two other nieces, the middle one and young one, are under 12 years of age, so they’re not approved for the shot. That said, even according to the Business Insider graph he sent me, all of his daughters have a statistically zero chance of dying from the ‘rona. Ergo, I don’t know why I can’t visit.

                  What complicates my situation is that I inherited some family money, money which I was going to pass on to my nieces, since I don’t have any heirs of my own. OTOH, I don’t like the leverage trying to be exerted on me here, even if it’s not direct, as it is with my neighbor.

                  It’s something I have to think about. While I can’t leave my assets to my cats, I can leave them to the local, no-kill shelters and the local feline rescues I’ve supported over the years. I know that they’d appreciate my bequest, and that they’d use it to help other cats… 🙂

                  • Well, seeing as to how my parents are both crappy with money and spent their inheritances and will leave their children none, I will be happy to take on your proceeds. And anything left over after me, it will go the cats and dogs.

          • I guess I’m one of the “lucky”. At 67 my only remaining family is my Son and his family. If anything, he’s more vicious in his rejection of the entire psyop than I am. And his wife isn’t far behind, if at all.

      • Per Malcomb X, paraphrasing Patrick Henry, “If you’re not ready to die for it, put the word ‘freedom’ out of your vocabulary.”
        I will not be vaxxed while it still matters, as in still breathing. While I’m old and arthritic, I have done some remarkable things under the influence of adrenalin. Astonishing things.

      • Random Factor,
        Leave your corporate masters in the dust. Be calm and be ready for your exit. Have all you personal effects out of the office, get your 401K transferred to your private investment account now, if you are using their phone get all the contacts out you want later into your private phone, have a plan to get your severance (if you believe they will deny you this, take your vacation now). When they confront you, try to get them to continue your HC insurance if possible. Negotiate your exit because they all fear a lawsuit might be coming. Walk out the door with you head held high.
        I was fired from a big corporate firm now I’m Vice President of a smaller firm without the corporate BS. At the same time I’ll leave the smaller firm in a New York minute if they try to employ covidian jab rules.
        Good Luck to you.

        • I’ve always had a separate phone for personal use, as well as any computers, tablets, etc, and never mix networks. There’s no reason for my employer to see my home network, no reason for my devices to use theirs. Yes, it is an expense to keep them apart, but it also means I can leave work at work, insure I’m compensated for my time (even if it is only standby pay), and it helps me compartmentalize my life.

          But then again, I’m an hourly wage slave, not management. I imagine that attitude is why I’m not invited to rejoin the management cult after being outside for so long, but lately it seems that’s a place that’s good to avoid. All corporations copy the worst offender when it comes to how they treat their サラリーマン. At least back when I was in the corporate monastery cell phones and Blackberries were too expensive for the lower castes. And we still had administrative assistants, although I had to share one with the other supervisors. At least once in a while we could get them to come along to the local meet market for happy hour hook-up assistance.

        • Excellent, Hans!

          Always have a back-up plan and always be proactive. Never let yourself be at the mercy of these creeps. I’ve counseled every young person I know to (a) find a way to make a living that is something portable and – if possible – something few, if any, others can do and (b) live below your means, eschew debt. Do these two things and it is much harder for anyone to have you by the short hairs.

        • I would start moving that 401k now. I’ve had a couple of horrible experiences doing so. One time it took six months for it to happen, and I had to threaten legal action to get it done then. The managers don’t like losing accounts, as in commission, when the stock market is insanely high, as it was then 20 years ago, and is now.

      • “My corporate overlords have decreed that the horrible unvaxxed (Unclean!!!) must wear a mask at all times”
        Regardless that Israel is reporting 40% of new cases are among the vaxxed, and the UK reporting more than 50%. Apparently NOT 95% effective.
        “As soon as the accountants take over, lowest common denominator thinking and hiring is always the end result.”
        I’ve experienced that as well. The accountant’s train of thought is “just think of all the money the company would save without all these pesky employees around” and start laying people off. Sales were lagging. Their solution? Fewer people selling. I was one of the “surplus”.

      • Speaking of Shawshank, the other great line from Freeman was “Get busy living or get busy dying”. Excellent advice!

  20. A couple of bumper sticker gifts for all:
    “Don’t laugh at my car and I won’t laugh at your face diaper.” And,
    “You know how you worry whether people are laughing at you wearing a face mask?
    Well, they are.”
    (I just goofed and posted this elsewhere. Apologies.)


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