American Surrender Monkeys?

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Some will recall the abuse heaped upon the “surrender monkey” French during the reign of The Chimp. In fact, the French were abused for not going along with the rabid WarrnnnTrrr expostulated, incoherently, by The Chimp.

Now the French are not surrendering to the war upon their bodily integrity. Hundreds of thousands have taken to the streets to make clear their opposition to being Needle Raped and then forced to carry around and present evidence – the “vaccine passport” – of their having laid back and enjoyed it, so to speak.

Which is accurate-speak, unlike The Chimp’s. Unlike practically all the verbiage issuing forth from his heirs  and successors, including the addled old man who is now sending forth swarms of officers to harass the people and do much worse than eat their substance.

The effort afoot – literally, these creatures are headed to your home and you can expect to find them walking up your driveway – is to pressure you into submitting to that which is a kind of medical rape, using a device rather than a member. In both cases, the body is penetrated, contrary to the will of the victim – and a substance is injected. If that is not the working definition of what constitutes rape is then there is no such thing as rape.

Many French are opposed to this – and not just under their breath. They are marching and making it clear to the rapists that rape, whether by member or needle,  is not acceptable to rape people and that they won’t lie back and enjoy it.

So much for the surrender monkeys.

Why aren’t Americans in the streets? Isn’t this the land of the free and the home of the brave? What happened to those people?

Oh, yes. Fauci said boo! – and they said Moo!

The great H.L. Mencken once wrote about the general poltroonery of the American volk. He presented a persuasive case that every war fought against a putative external enemy was invariably a case of a bully kicking a practically helpless victim, as in the case of the Spanish-American War and the various seizures of turf from Mexico. Even World War I was a kind of after-the-bar-fight is over kicking of combatants already exhausted and depleted, unable to put up much of a meaningful let alone a fair fight.

And World War II? The war that the Russians won – but which ‘Merica loves to take credit for winning?

Dropping more ordinance on the Vietnamese to stop the spread (of what’s taking over here) than was dropped on Germania during the European war. Then lately Afghanistan and Iraq, the “enemies of freedom” who lacked the power to affront a single American freedom.

The Chimp handled that, his legacy including the conversion of the country into a “Homeland” where people are free to spread their legs at the airport. Is it surprising that medical rape is now a thing? Let a creep put his hands between your legs and the rest inevitably follows.

America – the government thereof – is very good at waging war against Americans, as in the case of the war against the Southern Confederacy’s attempt to withdraw from a bad political marriage – i.e., its attempt to secede, as the American colonies did, from Great Britain. That war was for real. As has been the case for the various other wars waged against Americans, including the war on some “drugs” and of course the WarrnnnTrrr – which involved the permanent terrorizing of the American public. So as to soften them up for the latest war upon them, currently under way.

Will Americans rise to the level of the French?

We’ll know, soon.

. . .

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  1. “And World War II? The war that the Russians won – but which ‘Merica loves to take credit for winning?”

    We do deserve some credit. Our own fighting notwithstanding, we “Lend Leased” lots of equipment to the commies.

    • Hi Raymond,

      Yes, some. But the Reds bore the brunt of the fighting and casualties on the Eastern Front almost beggar belief. Yet it seems no one – outside of Russia – talks about it. The U.S. invaded Europe when Germany had already lost the war. The Americans attacked a beaten Wehrmacht that had no air cover and still had a time of it. If Hitler hadn’t been the erratic maniac he was and let his generals run the war, they probably would have won the war.

      • Hi Eric, I agree with you.
        It almost seems obvious to me that WWII was first and formost a set up, and that Hitler was in fact an agent of Rothschild. Do you have any thoughts or insight on this?

    • Hi Anon,

      Well, in the first place, it was not a “civil war.” That is a common error. A civil war is a fight between two sides for control of the whole; for example, the English civil war (Cromwell’s forces vs. the King’s). What occurred in 1861-65 was an attempt by the Southern Confederacy to secede – to part ways with the Northern states and form their own government. This is what the American colonies did in 1776. They left the union with Great Britain because they no longer consented to be governed by Great Britain.

      South Carolina did make the mistake – in my view – of firing on Fort Sumter. But Sumter was in South Carolina and the Northern troops therein were enemy forces, the same as having say a Chinese garrison in the same place today. But the Confederacy had every right to secede – if you believe in the right of people to choose their government.

  2. Most of the people with enough balls to actually stand up to The Man, are already in prison. The rest are isolated, up to their eyeballs in debt, chained to jobs, and may even have families to consider.

    • There are a myriad of ways to resist.Street protests=prison and not much change.We need to hit the oppressors where it hurts and how it hurts.Many unpaid,exhausted American Patriots have been doing their respective parts by:researching incriminating patents,videos,pdfs,docs,emails,leaning how to and using Foia or Govt. Sunshine Acts,spreadingbReal information about immunology,virology,cabal history,antiChristian history of cabal.Many Americans have been learning and helping compatriots to prepup for shtf scenarios.Others have learned of and boycotted cabal antihumanity media,banks,fakecharities,bizs.Others have been donating to important groups like Medicalveritas.o,Childrenshealthdefense,Internetarchive.o,GAB.c,Tor,Patriots4truth.o and many more platforms,media outlets,charities to help save our rights.Many medical staff have secretly videotaped or come forward as whistleblowers.Brandy Vaughen was Merck ceo turned whistleblower,who for years,endured threats,intimidation,blacklisting,home breakins by pharmaco. A.holes.She posted a Detailed,I didnt commit suicide and my health is great video warning she may become missing or be found dead.Unfortunately,someone killed her recently due to her focussed,unrelenting antivaxx/beware efforts.Shes but one valuable soldier in this battle for America who has been snuffed out for truthtelling.People have stood up to Sunrise group/Soros funded Blantifathugs and have been assaulted,car damaged,threatened,and worse.61 year old guy in d.c. On the 6th looking to be a true American and stand up against Obvious voterigging found himself assaulted by Blantifa/fbi actors and couldnt breathe.He approached a cop trying to get help,they peppersprayed him as he was already injured and Gasping for air.He collapsed.They finally realized that they should be copsmore and not nazis and got him help. Many parents have been pushing back against school insanity and attending board meetings,city council meetings,library meetings.Many people have formed mutual alliance groups,created free libraries,volunteered at animal shelters or foodbanks,community gardens.Many more have been donating various items and food.Many have taken in extended family or friends or stray pets. Many Americans have left messages on whitehouse hotline or theyve contacted local Senators,councilmen,mayors,state reps.,Governors.Many have started or signed Recall petitions and joined class actions.

  3. America The Brave….Getting Our Mind Right

    CAPTAIN: You’ll learn the rules. Now, it’s all up to you. Now I can be a good guy, or I can be one real mean son-of-a-bitch. It’s all up to you.

    DRAGLINE: He back-sassed a free man. They got their rules. We ain’t got nothin’ to do with that. Would probably have happened to him sooner or later anyway – a complainer like him. He gotta learn the rules the same as anybody else.
    LUKE: Yeah, them poor old Bosses need all the help they can get.

    CAPTAIN: You’re gonna get used to wearin’ them chains after a while, Luke, but you never stop listenin’ to them clinkin’. ‘Cause they’re gonna remind you of what I’ve been sayin’ – for your own good.
    LUKE: Wish you’d stop bein’ so good to me, Cap’n.

    BOSS PAUL: That dirt is in Boss Kean’s ditch. Whats that dirt doing in Boss Kean’s ditch?
    LUKE: I don’t know, Boss.
    BOSS PAUL: Better get in there and get it out.
    BOSS: What is that dirt doing in my yard?
    LUKE: I don’t know, Boss.
    BOSS: Get it back in the ditch, boy.
    BOSS PAUL: I told you to get that dirt out of Boss Kean’s ditch. What’s it doing back in Boss Kean’s ditch?
    LUKE: I don’t know, Boss.

    LUKE: Don’t hit me anymore…Oh God, I pray to God you don’t hit me anymore. I’ll do anything you say, but I can’t take anymore.
    BOSS PAUL: You got your mind right, Luke?

    LUKE: They broke me. But they didn’t get my mind right. Not with no stick, no, sir

    RASCZAK: Figuring things out for yourself is the only freedom anyone really has. Use that freedom. Make up your own mind, Rico.

    Mental toughness is our defense against getting our minds right. They will never stop; no one will stop the powerful from trying to force our minds right. Except you.

    By the power vested in me by the State of Nature, I hereby declare sole ownership of my Mind, and promise to love, honor, and obey Truth, Justice, and Liberty for All. What the State of Nature has gifted to Me, let no Entity take from Me. Until Death do Us part.

  4. Brings a whole new meaning to the words ‘thank you, sir, may I have another?’

    Needle me once, shame on you. Needle me twice, shame on me.

    Ever since the night of the election, which seems like ancient history, the news media, the assholes that they are, stopped broadcasting Trump the Chump’s declaration of victory, “nobody can catch us,” said The Donald, haven’t watched a single nightly news broadcast since then. Easy to see it was all a fix from the getgo.

    Fuck those people and the horse they rode in on. Fuck ’em!

    I would stock up on flour and beans, just so you know. Potatoes too.

  5. Amen, BaDnOn. Love your post! They are tools. They can be used for good and for evil, but that doesn’t mean everyone that establishes one sides with Big Brother. If society had no crime there would be no need for guns. If our court system was fair and just there would be no need for corporations. One has to protect their lives, assets, and property anyway they can.

  6. It looks like the PTBs couldn’t wait until the fall to begin “Wave 3” of the fear campaign. It’s starting now. America, this is your last chance to hold onto whatever freedoms we have left. If the people start masking up again en masse, it’s all over.

    • 1963 Operation Lockstep lists everything that is happening and has happened from building up China through blatent tech,job,patent,knowledge transfer,to feminism,degrading the family unit,promoting perversions and abnormal behavior to infrastructure degradation and getting alot of the Citizens hooked on drugs whether rx or street.Fight the b.s. With loud and persistent truth and outting the demonrat traitors.All of this is an undeclared war on Americans and humans not following evil,in particular.Pray,meditate,help each other,prep,watch inspiring movies,garden,go in nature and imagine a more Sane,loving,calm,praceful world.Hulu and n.flix=frewuency mind control.Turn them off.whatreallyhappened.c,,,dr. Martin,,,,,,

  7. Ok, so they’re marching, holding signs and chanting. And this will do what, exactly, to induce a course correction from their overlords? It’s too late. They elected Macron, they diapered up, they shut down, they socially distanced, they quarantined, they got tested, they begged for needles, they listened to the US CDC, they bought it all hook, line, and sinker, and they held no one accountable.

    The time to march was April 2020, when this was all telegraphed and put into motion. The only way out now is massive civil disobedience, and to Just Say No, en masse. For the businesses and individuals to not play along, come what may. Shut it all down, and grind the machine to a halt, starting last week.

  8. “the war against the Southern Confederacy”
    Which is by far the biggest war the nation has ever experienced. Killing about 650,000 Americans, more than all other wars combined.
    I’m already deeply disappointed in the US population’s response to this absurd fictitious male bovine organic fertilizer. Anyone capable and willing to read, and not just read what’s handed to them KNOWS this has nothing to do with any virus. And yet half of them just can’t wait to experiment on themselves for the benefit of their masters.

  9. “Will Americans rise to the level of the French?

    We’ll know, soon.”

    Only in small numbers. I’ve been to a few political rallies, not just for Trump but also to protest the dictatorial governor’s orders. In a state of 4.5 million people, the majority conservative or libertarian, only a few hundred ever showed up. I’m going to an event at the local minor league baseball stadium today regarding covid nonsense (the Arise tour is coming to town), and I’d bet we have only a few hundred people. Honestly, we have become a nation of sheep, and I don’t count on the masses rising up. Not at all. As much as I support their efforts, even the group I belong to may not change much in the long run, not without a lot of popular support. And they’re not getting it.

    • I think we’re seeing it, but not in the way you might think. Gun sales are through the roof, mostly for self-defense, but most buyers probably have a moment to contemplate the reasons for the second amendment while waiting on the background check. And remember the pictures from the Mall on January 6th. Not the “insurrection” but the masses rallying around Trump, who got more votes in 2020 than in 2016, flawed as he is. But this isn’t a visual crowd, and besides, the opposition isn’t the jobless dirty hippie of the left, funded by dark shadow forces. It’s people who work and have kids and a mortgage. Who have 20% of their income removed before they even see their paycheck, and another 10% removed when they spend it.

    • Jim,

      I think this comes down to two or three factors that the ptb count on to make it seem like we are in the minority. 1. Most libertarian and conservatives work for a living, many own their own businesses and they can’t just stop on a whim to go protest on a random tuesday at 2:00PM at the state capitol. 2. Anyone who watched what happened in the runup to the 2016 election realizes the radical criminal elements of the far left will be given free reign to attack anyone who shows up to support the conservative/libertarian cause. Those people will try and single out the most weak to attack since they are generally pussies who couldn’t stand up in a fair fight with anyone but if someone were to defend themselves against these punks it would be that person arrested and prosecuted. 3. Everyone with a brain who has watched what unfolded on jan 6 and hears the rhetoric of the leftist that currently have control of the government know its only a matter of time before a leftist governor or the resident orders the agw’s to either mass arrest or fire on those “evil insurrectionist” conservatives & libertarians. I think that the latter of #3 would kick off an excrement storm the left has never seen before, but it remains to be seen how far they really want to take this.

      • Libertarians are not typically joiners. Joining is the cause of our troubles. Joining the “left” or the “right”, Dem or Rep, falls directly into the intent of the Sociopaths In Charge. Fear and division are the primary tools of tyrants.

        • Neither are conservatives if you reallly think about it. Most can agree on about 60% of issues but after that there are usually so many differences that they tend to be at war with each other as much as they are with the left. They also won’tncome to the defense of someone from their side thatnis under attack if they don’t agree 100% with that pwrson. And when it comes to voting unlike liberals who will show up en mass for even someone they hate as long as they have a d next to their name. If a conservative doesn’t get the ideologically pure candidate in their mind, many will take their ball and go home rather than vote for someone that only agrees on 85% of the same issues as you. This is how you end up getting liberals representing republican or conservative controlled districts.

          • Sound points, Antilles –

            I’d add: The fundamental problem with “the right” – with “conservatives” – is that they have no irreducible core premises (as libertarianism does). They want to “conserve” . . . what, exactly? They support “traditional values” . . . according to whom? The result of this undefined thinking is a person who opposes “excessive” taxes and “big” government but ends up getting both because he cannot bring himself to oppose taxes, period – and government, as such. He rails against “welfare” and “free” college education but riles up his back when someone denounces Social Security or suggests that property taxes to fund “the schools” are an outrage and that people who have kids ought to pay for their kids’ education.

            The Left wins because the Left is coherent and pursues a conscious aim. The Right loses because it does not explicitly disagree with the Left; it only wants a bit “less” Leftism and more gradually.

            • Well said, Eric. I certainly wish we could use more coherent and descriptive labels: “Libertarian” vs. “Authoritarian”, “Collectivist” vs. “Individualist”.

            • The only difference between the Dems and the Reps is the Reps claim to wan to drive our handcart to hell a bit slower. The destination remains the same.

            • Core principles? They have no balls. Today’s conservatives have moved so far left they are pretty much the Blue Dog Democrats of the early 2000s.

              I have no idea what the heck they believe in anymore. The libs stand together. The conservatives will throw each other under the bus so quick it makes my head spin. There is a tremendous amount of loyalty in the Democratic Party, there is absolutely none in the Republican Party. They are wimps. Their views change as the tides do. Which one has spoken out about CRT? Rand Paul is the only one fighting against a possible vaccine mandate. Actually, the women (Boebert, Greene, and Stefanik) are the only ones with a little spunk. I have no idea where the men are. They have no fight which is why they get rolled over time and time again.

              Look at the race for VA’s governor..Youngkin vs McAuliffe. Where does Youngkin stand on vaccine mandates, abortion, CRT, etc.? He is worried about upsetting voters so he stays quiet. He is a former Carlyle CEO who lives in Great Falls and is worth $300 million. He, at least, was born in Virginia. McAuliffe is a New Yorker living in McLean with a net worth of $30 million. Does anyone honestly believe either of these men have any idea what the average voter is going through? They are multimillionaires with no concept of reality. I wonder the last time any one of them purchased a gallon of milk (that wasn’t a photo op).

              • Clapping loudly, RG – amen. Preach it.

                No balls, indeed. They disgust me. Especially because – as in the case of Youngkin – he is rich. Doesn’t have to worry about losing his job, or rather his money – because he has enough FU money for several lifetimes. But then, the GOP is – as you say – just the light beer version of the Democrat Party.

                An entirely new movement is needed. The GOP is ideologically impotent, cowardly and craven. It is wholly owned by corporations and its “leaders” are pathetic tools.

              • Two words: Mitt Romney. A perfect example of a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The Republicans got infiltrated by the left pretending to be the right. Don’t expect any real push back to anything that is about to happen to us in the near future from our “Republicans”.

                I got very irritated back during the Obama years debating with people who claimed to have principles and that we absolutely had to vote for who would be more likely to win (lesser evil) than what was right.

                To all those “lesser evil” voters… how’s your lesser evil tasting now?

              • RG,

                There is Thomas Massie, and there was Justin Amash, although he lost his balls too, and gave up. By far, the GOP is mostly just a brood of vampires, now as much as it ever was.

              • RG,

                You know what GOP stands for, right? Group of pussies! I saw that on my Twitter feed, and I knew I had to steal that one… 🙂

            • That particular battle was lost in the 1930’s. The only way we could maybe ever going to revert back, is after the New Deal model collapses. Which it probably will, soon. At which point there will be a lot of hungry, angry people out in the streets. Now try to explain to those people that they are going to have to go out and get jobs, when there are no jobs, and no factories, and no one with capital, and they have no skills.

              Hoo boy. The woods sound pretty nice right about now.

          • To agree and amplify Eric’s point, conservatives seem to only want to conserve what they had like 50 years ago, not 150 years ago. Example, I believe 90% or more of conservatives still want socialized (namely, “public”) schools, but only as they existed 50 years ago, when they were mostly locally controlled and funded, prayer in school was allowed, and critical race theory was not taught. I’ve worn myself out trying to convince conservatives that true conservatism would mean going back way more than 50 years to before socialized government schools were a mere twinkle in the socialist John Dewey’s eyes. Or even better, that conservatives simply must adopt the libertarian principle of no public schools at all. No amount of meetings, protests, and political mobilization can make a “public” school anything more or less than a propaganda engine of collectivism.

            • I would have to agree Alan. There is no set standard for conservatives. I’ll take it a step further and say all of the alphabet agencies should be abolished and if a state like commiefornia wants an epa then they can create their own, pay for it themselves, and its edicts would not extend beyond the borders of the state.
              Too many conservatives falsely beleive that govt agencies would be good if only they were just controlled by the right person. I think the last 4 years proved to anyone who could objectively look that;
              1. Who you think is the right person is probably not.
              2. Even if you get the right person the career bureaucrats will do everything in their power to stall, and push back on any changes that person tries to make trying to run out the clock until a new regime comes in more favorable to the agency.

    • Hi Jim,

      People are not going to fight until the fight arrives on their doorstep. That is just the truth of the matter. I think the points Antilles made are well founded. Why circulate your body and name out there? The January 6th match on DC proved the government will find you. There are too cameras and turncoats to let anyone get away with anything for any length of time….unless, of course, Uncle Sam has no interest in such an investigation (Hillary’s emails, election fraud, Uncle Joe and Cousin Hunter’s dealings with China, etc.).

        • Exactly right, John. Few understand this.
          Imagine if they held a presidential election and only one percent of the population bothered to participate. The politicians would be cowering in their offices, wondering what we’re up to. Nobody would obey them, and nobody would work for them. They could attempt “full tyrant,” but with all the competent people opting for private enterprise instead of the military and police, we’d know it was just bluster. We would have a good laugh and then go back to work. There wouldn’t be a thing they could do about it.
          I can dream.

          • They could hardly declare they had anything resembling a mandate with 1% voting. Which is why I don’t vote, and encourage all others to quit. Likewise, I’m sure its a dream, but what’s life without a few?

    • The American Revolution was purported to involve a small percentage of total colonists,also.Everyone can and Should do Something to defend themselves.There are many ways to resist oppression.We need people poking about the cdc and nih sites downloading budgets,data,names etc.Why are there cdc studies on Monsters?Theyve obviously been doing Nazilike dna studies for decades in league with darpa/military.We need investigators,medical and legal people to uncover the dirt and quickly and widely disperse it so it can Not be denied,changed,or ignored.Search the patents,budgets,sec filingsetc. Highest paid gov. Employee at one time last year was a Chinese man in charge of American gov. Pensions.He directed some of this $ to Chinese military co.s!!!!!#!!!Why is Newsom not before a military tribunal for this and other traitorous crimes??This info. Was wrll detailed in a WA paper ladt year,got the pdf,forgot the paper.Memphis a.t.&t. R.V. Explosion was energy directed ray.The story is b.s. Last years Paradise fires were energy directed rays,not and was a ritual killing and falseflag.This was when we quickly dlid into Orwellian hell with the unPatriot Act.Oklahoma City bombing was mkultra falseflag.Mismi was Not a collapse.Haarp was activated shortly prior to it and video footage as well as witnesses refute b.s. Story.Why did Miami mayor so quickly,Illegally try to declare stateofemergency?Read the requirements for it to be Legally declared.

  10. I think the American People™ are living with the delusion of “it can’t happen here” syndrome. The old timers remember the 1960s and 70s as a time of great civil unrest and somehow we got through it (except we didn’t). I think business (well Wall St) bought in after the bank bailouts in 2008 and now think it might be advantageous to let Uncle pick the winners -at least if they get first dibs on investing. What’s different this time is the central government seems to be actively working to encourage it, while oppressing the Republican opposition, such as it is. To what end is a mystery, but pretty obvious: One party rule under a don’t-dare-call-it-communism. And why wouldn’t anyone who’s not paying attention be at least a little bit in favor? They see the “China Miracle” cities and roads and think that’s the face of Communism. Well, plenty of people saw the same facade from the Soviet Union too. What they didn’t see was the gulags, the planned famines, the corruption by lower level party members in order to achieve the goals of the five year plan. And what they really don’t want is a bunch of entrepreneurs in garages innovating the S&P 500 companies out of existence.

  11. I think that a major reason the French are protesting en masse is because of Macron’s rollout of the vax passports. That’ll affect every Frenchman, and it’ll affect every aspect of their lives-mainly they won’t have them anymore.

    Unlike in France, the rollout will likely be in the corporations; they’re not the gov’t, so they don’t have to obey the COTUS, nor do they have to worry about due process challenges as the gov’t would if they institute the passports. In fact, The New England Journal of Medicine SAID SO last year! The NEJM wants the passports. However, they said that gov’t couldn’t require them, because, even with today’s corrupt courts, a gov’t instituted vax passport could easily be challenged. To avoid those challenges, the NEJM said that it’s better to have the corporations require them.

    • Perhaps some refuge can be found in holding the Corporations liable for adverse events they forced people to experience. They can’t, or at least logically can’t have it both ways. Be private, and not be liable. I won’t hold my breath waiting for the courts to act legally in the matter. Pitch forks may be the only solution.

      • Although simple disobedience has worked in Russia and Israel. If we ignore a tyrant they either go away, or expose themselves.

      • That is something deadly to these corporations, as well as the tyranny of the vax populi, if it should come to pass: Someone dies from the jab and their next of kin sues the Christ out of them. One victory there could be the rain-maker.

        • I think they know that, BaDnOn. As in, they understand that such would bring the whole thing down. Which is why that won’t happen – the courts, who are the enforcement branch of the corporations, will never allow it. If we had a justice system, very little of what transpired over the past 15 months would have been possible. Instead, they deferred, permitted, and endorsed just about every tyranny and evil that came down the pike. Law of averages suggests they’d go the way of righteousness at least accidentally every now and then, right?

          • BAC,

            I would hope so. And I think it does happen: D.C vs Heller for example. Much more often, you’re right. I don’t know how a forced jab death would be defensible in the age of OSHA and the like, just as being told to climb a tower and work on power lines without PPE or a safety harness would be indefensible.

            I, of course, argue that any employee should do their best in assessing risk, refusing when necessary, but this isn’t the way of the corporate world at this time, and even as I can’t say an employer should have no liability if they send you off to your death, even in negligence, the “real world” saddles corporations with copious liability.

    • I think you’re right, Mark – as regards corporations becoming our primary oppressors. This is why I am shifting gears – and focusing on corporations at least as much as government. Both are facets of the same coercion and neither can exist without the other.

      They are both fundamentally the enemy of humanity.

    • It seems to me that corporations are tools, just like any other, allowing for a structure in which business is done.

      Guns are also just tools. And what is the popular mantra? The way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. Then so be it. What is needed are good guys (or at least, people with the right policies) with corporations, or even partnerships. Even just good guys with plentiful resources.

      Beneficent companies seem few, but for a good example of resistance in this way, check out Dan Bongino’s new online payment platform, Alignpay.

      We must answer every niche of the economy with an alternative, and hopefully several alternatives.

      • And they might even stay in business, until the “private” censorship corporations, as in Facebook, notice them, and discover they are “violent extremists” or some such.
        Corporations are tools alright, of the state. Because they are in collusion. They always have been. That’s how monopolies are born.

        • Why would Facebook notice a business that does not subscribe to Facebook’s platform? Not every business needs a Facebook, Twitter, or even website page.

        • John,

          Hence similar platforms, such as Parler, Gab and Minds were created. Parler was almost destroyed by Amazon, but that was Parler’s own stupid fault for trusting them. Gab and Minds suffered no such fate.
          The online payment platforms have attempted to scrub unwanted voices from the web, such as David Knight. Now Bongino offers an alternative, and likely others will follow. Also, the Youtube alternatives have surfaced and begun to flourish, as have alternative search engines.
          This must happen until the Puppet Master’s hand is finally forced to strike directly at these upstarts. Then they will also be forced to show in full view the entire scheme, and they will also either have to follow through with due process, or continue moving towards full tyranny, and then things become dangerous for them, as their cover has been blown.

          • Hi Anon,

            I’m not impressed by Gab. It seems to be an echo chamber for Trump – Orange Man Good! – and doesn’t serve much purpose that I can see in terms of word-spreading to a general audience. I spent four months posting there every day and got practically nowhere. I gave up posting there a few weeks ago because I see no point in it. I still get more response on Twitter and FB, despite my doing practically nothing beyond posting links there.

            Parler was great. It’s worthless now. Does anyone bother with it?

            • Eric,

              (My comment above. Wasn’t signed in.) I began with Parler before it was nearly killed. Same as you, however, I don’t have anyone with whom to converse there. I’ll add you, of course, if you’re there, but it’s kind of pointless as well.
              Truly, was the best, and preempted both Parler and Gab by years. Again, however, I didn’t know anyone there.
              Also, I quit other social media years before they broke full Gestapo. For the simple reason, no one really wanted to converse about important matters. They simply wanted to show pictures of their kids and cats and vacations, and considered politically aware me to be nothing but a nuisance. Well, fuck ’em. I was tired of wasting my time.
              I have much more fun here, with you and your high concentration of thinking people, Eric. 🙂

    • That is part of the operation Lockstep plan by Rockefeller.Using corps. To push deathjabs is in it.People need to boycott these co.s and tell them why.Do not work there,give $ for a product,or allow anyone you know to do likewise if they are pushing deathjabs.Read your labor history,it was very ugly and violent vecause the forefathers of current oppressors were horrible to our forfathers.Pinkerton hired goonsquads to threaten and beat people.Massey coal was Notorious as was other Appalachian coal a.holes.These efffers were lying,cheating,stealing from the poor and immigrants,dividing=conwuering while indulging in perpedo,,truthbits blog.


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