What’s Wrong with 707 Horsepower?

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Nothing 797 horsepower can’t cure!

Have a look at this beautiful animal. They just dropped it off – and I’m headed out for a drive!

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  1. As you had the hood open showing the supercharger, I could hear the most recent volcano from Iceland rumbling in the background.

  2. Kings Dominion & Busch Gardens have nothing compared to the ride you get to sit in. Not many have the opportunity to test drive a Red-Eye. Enjoy the day or two you get with the car Eric …..Lucky Dog!

  3. I cannot imagine how quickly this thing may get out from under you. In my youth I drove some muscle cars from the late 60s and early 70s, 396 Chevies, 426 Mopars, with big block V8s, and they quickly put me in my place.

  4. There is a certain tipping point where I am willing to compromise on the annoyances of modern vehicles. This is one such case. A hellcat or viper or similar vehicle.
    All my bikes are from the 70s and 80s and have carbs, but I have a 2004 Aprillia RSV 1000 i inherited and was going to sell because it is computerized….until I rode it, woa! 0-60 in 2.8 seconds! Still though, it has good old cable throttle control and no abs or traction control.

  5. Eric,

    Can’t cure typos? 😀 (707hp vs 797?)

    It’s okay, your voice stress indicates you are BRIMMING with adrenaline and ready to explode.

    You know, when YOU’RE a little worried about the power of a car, it actually make ME nervous.

    • You need to listen to the video. He says, “What’s wrong with 707HP?” “Nothing that 797HP can’t cure”

      No typo.

      • Well, I made one…

        And either my hearing or listening comprehension have gone to shit. I had watched the video, and heard something like “Question: What’s wrong with 797 horsepower? Well, there’s nothing that 797 hp can’t cure”.

        Makes more sense now. :p

        I need a vacation.


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