A Segregated Thought Experiment . . .

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At least there were “colored” fountains for black folk back in the days of segregation.

In the New Segregation days coming – if we let them – there will be no fountains or anything else – including jobs –  for folks who have refused to roll up their sleeves. Some say this is justified since – according to their logic – an “unvaxxed” is someone who is potentially dangerous, someone who might be spreading disease.

This being the same logic used against people who refused – and refuse – to “mask.”

It is also the same logic used in the old segregation days against black people, who some also regarded as potentially dangerous.

That the black man who wanted to enter a store to buy something wasn’t and hadn’t given any reason to suspect him of being dangerous didn’t matter. He was a member of a class of people deemed potentially dangerous.

The demented fear that he might be dangerous was sufficient to justify treating him as if we were, in fact . . .  by the person who put up the sign. Who refused him service. Who wouldn’t sell or hire.

History repeats, again.

Some will say the comparison is off since one cannot change one’s skin color while one can roll up one’s sleeve – or “mask.” That is true but misses the point. The essential point in both cases is that the individual who has done nothing himself to warrant being treated as  dangerous is treated as such based upon irrational fears triggered by external markers. 

The black fellow shares the skin color of other people, some of whom may have been involved in – for example – the peaceful protests of last summer. He did not participate in these protests and and is quite peaceful, himself. Is it reasonable to presume otherwise? To treat him as if fears about him were the same as facts about him? If it is not – and it isn’t – then why is it fair to treat a person who isn’t sick as if he were?

The underlying principle is the same.

So also the external markers used unjustly to identify and segregate an entire class of pariahs. The black man on account of his skin,  the not-sick on account of his face showing or his refusal to display Proof of Jab.

The racist says the black man who hasn’t shoplifted or mugged anyone is “statistically” more likely to be a shoplifter or mugger. The weaponized hypochondriac says the unmasked/unjabbed are more likely to spread disease – even though they haven’t got it.

It does not matter to the racist that the black man who wants to enter his store to buy something has never shoplifted or mugged anyone – and hasn’t given anyone reason to suspect him, specifically, of being a possible shoplifter or mugger. The fear that he might is enough for the racist to deny him and every other person of the same skin color entry and to degrade them all as human beings, irrespective of their actual merits as a human beings.

It does not matter to the weaponized hypochondriac that the face-shower who wishes to enter a store isn’t sick and so cannot get anyone sick. The weaponized hypochondriac’s  fear of sickness is justification in his eyes to deny every face-shower entry and to degrade them all.

They must be made to wear a “mask” – or show proof of jab.

Or be shown the door.

Both iterations of segregation are fundamentally the same things and each as despicable as the other. Also dumber than a box of rocks. Smart people don’t treat people badly who have given no reason to treat them badly. To do so is the mark of a small-minded, mean-spirited and stupid person.

Smart people object to wearing a “mask” because they know there is no evidence that “masks” – dirty old old bandanas, wood shop dust masks or the made-in-China operating room simulacrums people are walking around with – do anything to prevent the spread of a virus, even if they had it – leaving aside the evil idiocy of being pressured to wear one so as to make it look as if everyone either has it or is terrified of getting it. Which is also idiotically fearful given the near-nil risk of dying from this sickness in the event one does get it.

And it looks like the smart people are – once again – those who haven’t rolled up their sleeves to be injected with an experimental, dangerous and ineffective “vaccine” that the CDC itself just admitted doesn’t “stop the spread” of the virus and may even accelerate it.

“CDC Director Rochelle Walensky said recent studies had shown that those vaccinated individuals who do become infected with Covid have just as much viral load as the unvaccinated, making it possible for them to spread the virus to others.”

Italics added.

How, pray, do these Needled People “become infected with COVID” and have a “viral  load” if they’ve been “vaccinated”? Oh, yes.

The variants! The variants!

But there will always be more variants – rendering the “vaccine” as palliative as a vial of gypsy tears worn around the neck to ward off evil spirits.

Or a rag worn over one’s mouth.

But much more dangerous than either thing. Gypsy tears around the neck – and a Diaper over one’s face – merely make the wearer look stupid. The “vaccine” kills and maims. It also establishes a loathsome and dangerous precedent for more of the same.

The “vaccinated” may also have been made more vulnerable to the variants! the variants! by dint of their monkeyed-around-with immune systems and what the accumulating evidence strongly suggests could be systematic damage to their general health, as via blood clotting. In other words, those who received an Anointing are more likely to become symptomatic and thus, spread the sickness they thought they were avoiding getting – and giving.

Perhaps they should be segregated.

Of course, The Science now insists that the answer to this problem is to force everyone to be Anointed – however many Anointings it takes, however ineffective the Anointings and no matter what it costs in “adverse effects,” including deaths – at least 6,000 so far; twice the body count of Nahhhhhnnnnnlevven – which was used to transform what had been America into a “Homeland” with everyone a presumptive terrorist and required to perform Security Kabuki.

But at least the government goon’s hands came out of your pants. The Anointing, once injected, becomes a part of you.

No wonder millions of sensible, prudent people are unwilling to roll up their sleeves – even at the cost of being shown the door.

. . .

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  1. I swear, Macbeth’s three witches on the blasted heath were all wearing scrubs. It is one of the great ironies of the vaccine era that the stabbers are predominantly female, the “weaker sex”, even now. Under any other circumstances, if a woman came at you with a needle filled with an unknown substance, you’d come right back at her. Male or female, you’d defend yourself.

    Infants can’t. Children can’t. But people of a certain age – hell yeah. Unless you’ve allowed yourself to be brainwashed, to think she has a perfect right to stick you. Nurses are Big Pharma’s useful idiots – paid, yes, but idiots nonetheless. I wonder if Florence Nightingale was in on it.

  2. The local school districts around here are beginning to implement mask mandates.

    Several casinos have implemented mask mandates for their employees. One of the casinos is even giving their employees the ultimatum to take the jab. I just read the news about Walmart’s plan.

    This is all so incredibly evil and well-coordinated.

    • Morning, Handler –

      Yup. Well-coordinated and evil, indeed. It’s a “gain of function” of centralization and corporatization. A handful of enormous corporations exert enormous control down the supply chain of everything and also wield tremendous political power by dint of the money they command. They say Boo! and the country says Moo!

  3. More Cow Bell!

    More Delta Variant! Blue Oyster Cult for the background music.

    Ain’t none of this stuff making any sense nor does it fit the human condition. Human nature does not operate like this, only kakistocrats like Fauci, Nancy and AOC make stuff up as they go. Joe is just a bozo on the bus, everyone should know that by now. I doubt they even look in the mirror and recognize the image, just the zombie.

    You have to placate the masses. Now! How you gonna do that when they ain’t cooperating?

    It has become just too insane at this point, something has got to be done. The dirty dogs never cease the chicanery. Freaking idiots.

    The hesitant non-vaccinated just are getting too riled up, fed up is not enough.

    “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.” – Howard Beale

    Flip flop, it never stops. Make it stop!

    “Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.” ― William Pitt the Younger


    Whoddathunkit? Get your baptismal needling, you’ll be saved from the relentless fires of hell stoked by the US gov fatwas. The gov diktats will never end, you’ll just have to grin and bear it.

    Infringed upon, but who cares, you get to be the vaccinated slave, not the loony tyrant.

    Be baptized by the needle, Holy Water ain’t good enough. Otherwise, your non-vaccinated soulless soul will be doomed, consumed by the father of lies.

    Hallelujah! Thank you, Jesus! More vaccine, please.

    The slicing cucumbers are on the cucumber plants, so life really has never been better, until tomorrow. lol

    Pickling cucumbers are doing great, regardless of the lack of sufficient moisture.

    Kohlrabi is just right, potatoes are perfect this year. Won a blue ribbon at the state fair for the potatoes.

    Any high risk gamble has a few pitfalls. This year, too much sunshine and a severe lack of rain has high risk consequences. You have to water to beat hell.

    Prepare accordingly. Dry beans, canned vegetables, buy them. Buy canned fruit, stock up.

    Have never seen it so dry, it don’t look too good.

    No kidding.

    • I don’t know why, but as I read your comment, I imagined the words as if they were spoken in a Dwight Yoakam voice in the manner of his character in the film, Bandidas.
      It seems Quite fitting after reading today’s news and non-msm editorial information blasts while the packs of coyotes surrounding me howl, bark howl, yelp, and laugh their high-frequency whines.

      I need to switch to some lighter thoughts before ending the day.
      … Salma Hayek and Penélope Cruz harvesting Kohlrabi is just right.

  4. “Smart people don’t treat people badly who have given no reason to”
    To gauge another’s character, watch how they treat a person that can do nothing for them.

  5. I just received a little good news:

    My aunt in California was able to get some ivermectin prescribed to her! I have another aunt who is trying, but hasn’t yet been successful.

    But I thought that a small victory. 🙂

  6. Had to get this off my chest.

    Found out this morning, via a teary sister’s phone message, that my 65 year old fit and trim, fully vaxxed brother has had two strokes this past month. He’s mostly recovered, but has some lingering speech problems. I’ve cut off contact with them since my dad died in March when they got all weird with me over masking, vaccinations and covaids.

    Shit, this is getting real. Everybody needs to prepare themselves for the culling in the next few years.

    Tomorrow is my dad’s memorial and I won’t be there. I will call sis and bro today, won’t mention the poison jab they took or anything related. People have their own karma ripening, so don’t need to pile on.

    • Hi Andy,

      I am sorry to hear that. I hope he improves and makes a full recovery.

      I agree with you that we should not pile on the guilt or I told you so’s. People are going to have to fight their own demons and come to their own terms that their government is not looking out for their health and safety. I can sympathize with the ones that did it out of fear. They followed the narrative because they were scared and thought they were going to get very sick and/or die. It is the fanatics that I can’t deal with. The ones that wish death upon those that have the audacity to question the commentary.

      • Thanks Raider Girl. Bro is the type who vaxxed up due to wanting to be an example to his family, friends and Quaker Meeting. Probably little fear on his part, but much virtue signaling.

        If you have been fearful and cajoled into that fear, you can perhaps more easily blame others and displace your anger. If you took on the jab as virtue signaling, you are the one that did yourself in. Perhaps that is harder to reconcile, because you also karmically influenced others through your ego. You could get trapped in your own secondary remorse with not enough emotional strength left to go after the original perpetrators.

        • Just talked to my bro and sis, kind of a healing just hearing each other’s voices. Little brother said he loved me. I’m still gonna keep my distance…

          Bro is “mystified” why he is having these strokes, being such a healthy guy at 65. He said the doctors don’t have a clue either. They put a loop(?) around his heart to monitor his condition. He has ZERO insight as to the possibility it’s related to the vaccine, nor do his doctors. Bro is not able to read the eulogy tomorrow at dad’s memorial, will have to hand it off to another.

          Amazing psyop going on with people unable/unwilling to connect the obvious dots. Blows my mind.

    • Damn, Andy. That’s horrible. And as you said, your sister and brother are “of the body”, so this will probably never be reported as a “side effect”. Who knows what the true cost is or will be.

      Again, sorry man. Perhaps, there is hope for a recovery, and maybe even some sense will come with.

    • I didn’t hold a funeral for my father last November because I know several if not most would show up in a mask, and I had enough trauma dealing with my father’s death without one of them flying into a rage because I, or someone else wasn’t wearing one.

  7. I’d settle for separate but equal, but I’d like to see Brown v. Board of Education as a key part of the reasoning for smacking down the diaperfaces and the vaxzis. Heads would be exploding all over the place!

  8. Read NC govking’s new emergency “order” in full today and learned that it only applied mandates (vaxx or mask) to government entities/workers and spoke only of encouragement and strong recommendations for private businesses. Tested this by doing some shopping and errands today. No new signs requiring diapers for customers at supermarket, ABC, or post office. No change in the 70/30 undiapered to diapered ratio at supermarket. Vibe was nothing like the panic of June 2020, just before diapers were mandated. Very normal feeling. Even a slight air of FU defiance among people this time around! I watched as a group of undiapered folks in line at the in store Starbucks laughed and mean mugged at the squawking of some middle aged diaper head about the “new” science or something.

    Also, just read that the local Board of Ed surveyed the gov school parents and by a 2/3rds margin, they rejected vaxx/diaper mandates for kids and teachers. They will make an official determination on 8/5. If they follow the will of the people, they will interpose themselves against both Old Joe and govking… While this may lead to good news for these folks, it is disturbing that such natural or inherent rights of humanity would even be allowed to be put up to a direct democracy type vote. Such a thing could lead to scary outcomes under certain circumstances.

    • Thanks for the report. I have to go to NC and do some work early next week and was worried the burqa nazis would be in full gear. I have to go to the ONLY town in NC that I have been to since the global IQ test started that the location I went to demanded the diaper. I hope there isn’t a demand this time. The town bordered the res and thought maybe the reservations had their own rules. I guess I will see soon.

  9. Great article as usual, Eric.
    I have found a way to help keep my spirits up during this Twilight Zone episode we find ourselves in.
    When I feel like I am losing hope and start getting down and depressed, thinking things can’t possibly get worse, I stop what I am doing and take a deep breath. As I exhale, I turn my thoughts to the fact that some where out there, there is a “Mr. Pelosi”….

  10. This shit is working exactly as the overlords planned. I was checking out the website of the local newspaper for the tiny town which is the seat of my county, and was surprised to see that the county’s pooblik school had announced that masking would be optional for staff and students -vaccinated or not (I have a feeling that will be changing any day now)- and I was not at all surprised to see all of the reader comments COMPLAINING “Oh no! Since it’s optional, that means no one will be wearing them! How dare they!”. Yes…here in very rural fly-over country in a county with one traffic light, people are MAD that they actually have a choice; a shred of liberty, -and demanding that the protocols of the tyrants, which they have been indoctrinated with via the media, be imposed on themselves and their neighbors……

    We have no allies.

    • I have seen it myself in my fairly rural area – but I often wonder how many of these online commenters are astroturf? Yet another front to try to demoralize the opposition.

      • Here, I recognize the names as long-time real-life posters (Too small to be of any interest to the propagandists- a tiny paper that publishes once a week, run by two people.)

        People just parrot what they are fed from the trough of swill which is TV- and they think that such constitutes “research” “Due diligence” and “knowledge”. The lies are just repeated so frequently, everywhere one looks. It’s worse today than ever- people have a screen of one sort or another in front of their faces almost 24/7…and even when they don’t, those around them are parroting all the BS they’ve absorbed.

        With bigger media though, what you say is definitely in evidence- e.g. sites like Reddit, or bigger papers.

        • Hi Nunz –

          Quick parrot story – I went out for lunch today, and we were seated next to some loquacious dufus in blue scrubs (Yale New Haven Health system). He’s yammering on about his patients and crazy anti-vaxxers, and telling his companion about what he has been hearing about Delta on CNBC and in “The Times.” I wanted to dump my iced tea on him. Here’s a guy too stupid to read actual scientific journals, and who gets his information about a serious (as concerns our future) medical situation from CNBC of all fooking places. And this guy is going to see patients this afternoon! God knows what “advice” he’s passing along to his patients, who will trust him. This type of thing plays out thousands of times every day. How can we possibly overcome this?

          • I know what his “advice” will be:

            “So what you want to do is make sure you get the vaccine, as soon as you can. Oh you did? Good. Make sure to get all boosters immediately when they come out. And make sure to encourage all of your friends to get vaccinated too. Ok? Great. That’ll be 500 dollars.”

    • ‘indoctrinated via the media’ — Nunzio

      Telling excerpts from this morning’s La-La Land Times:

      Coronavirus in California
      14-day change

      Cases +152%
      Deaths -7%

      Editorial: Bring on the crackdown. The unvaccinated must be held accountable

      This is how pogroms start, with the Lügenpresse whipping up hate against the Untermenschen.

      One shudders to think of the venom spewing from CNN and the rest of the cable cacophony [emphasis on phony].

      • Cases +152%
        Deaths -7%
        Which is wonderful news. If we could just get the sociopaths to shut up and sit down, we could have vigorous natural herd immunity in short order, with little to no increase in deaths.
        I had a thought, I know, that’s dangerous, about the hospitals being over run, besides the profit motive of keeping staff and equipment at a minimum. No therapeutic treatments are allowed. They literally tell people to go home, and come back when they have difficulty breathing. When Ivermectin etc. would very likely solve the problem before you became an emergency case.

    • Means you’re in a target-rich environment.
      I warned people “this” (authoritarianism, not the dreaded plague that will get all of humanity … sick) was coming.
      People refuse to learn from history.
      Got your gold star ready?

  11. Why are the political parties all speaking with almost one voice on this – that the vaccine is “safe and effective.” No real countering or opposition to this flawed assumption is presented. Again, they agree in principle. The only difference, for the moment, appears to be one of degree when advocating as to how harshly the unclean are to be treated. Loud voices want us dead or shunned, for desiring bodily integrity and to avoid an unnecessary risk. Smart, reasonable people have no voice. I’ll say it again:

    Vaccination without representation!

    • As much as it pains me, from time to time, I follow the language of the official pronunciamentos closely. My county puts out just about weekly updates. In the most recent, within an explanation of breakthrough cases, the gene therapy is described as effective but the safe has been dropped without explanation. It is not described as safe or effective anywhere else, as it had repeatedly in the past. An oversight or transition to an excuse for bad things to come? Time will tell.

  12. Unwashed deplorables hark to the good news of redemption from theological error:

    ‘Hospitals swamped with patients in largely conservative, unvaccinated swaths of the country have begun to recruit Covid survivors as public health messengers of last resort.

    ‘Theirs are Scared Straight stories for a pandemic that has thrived on misinformation, fear and hardened partisan divisions over whether or not to get vaccinated.

    “People are creating news from their hospital beds, from the wards,” said Rebecca Weintraub, an assistant professor of global health and social medicine at Harvard Medical School. “It’s the accessibility of the message: ‘I didn’t protect my own family. Let me help you protect yours.’”

    “I will always regret that I listened to the misinformation being put out there,” Ms. Greene said. “They’re creating fear.”

    ‘Even after Mr. Greene was put on a ventilator in early July, vaccine skeptics sent her boxes of horse medicine falsely touted as a Covid cure.’


    Just step up to the altar, y’all, confess your sins, and receive your savior’s shot right here in front of the congregation.

    Imagine — the sheer gall of sending ‘horse medicine’ [ivermectin paste 1.87%, 6.08 grams per tube] to a sick person!

    *weeps hot tears of shame for trifling with horse medicine*

    • Posted this update on another thread: “My son had fever, chills, sore throat, fatigue, etc., on Sunday. That evening, he took a calibrated dose for his body weight. Tuesday evening took a second calibrated dose. Back to work, including manual labor, mowing, etc. by Tuesday, although he didn’t “feel better” for about another day or so.”

      I went to the farm goods store to buy a couple of more tubes. Price has nearly doubled – $3.99 is now $6.49 and $7.99 (two different brands of same concentrate). Made the mistake of using a credit card instead of cash like I had the first time. By the end of the day, had an email from corporate store advertising a variety of horse health products “to meet our needs.” I hadn’t given a phone number or rewards number, just used my credit card. No other farm/livestock needs were mentioned in this email. Creepy.

      • The 3mg ivermectin pills intended for human use are more convenient … but much more expensive after paying one of the medical gatekeepers who readily prescribe them on demand.

        Hmmm … wonder if I could buy me an M.D. license along with a vax certificate? Dr Jim will see you now!

      • Hi Anonymous,

        Glad to hear your son is doing better and that the Ivermectin is working!

        Everywhere I go now I pay cash. Ended up at Tractor Supply for dog food yesterday. Clerk asked for my phone number…..nope! For some reason many are surprised you don’t to be part of their rewards program and receive coupons. Twenty percent off isn’t worth it for a store to invade my privacy.

        • Yes, I agree. I no longer care about points programs, etc. Need to use cash more often, but especially for such controversial (per the state) purchases as ivermectin.

          Thanks for your well wishes. It was a successful experiment!

        • RG,

          By and large I agree with you. Unfortunately, in order to get curbside pickup from my grocer, I had to join the loyalty program. When you log on to their site for delivery or pickup, you have to enter your account number they give you. I opened the account just in case I can’t go in, thanks to vax passports.

          Though our GOP legislature passed a passport “prohibition”, it only applies to gov’t buildings and schools; private companies and organizations are exempt. IOW, it’s a head fake. I thought it better to have the account, so I can do curbside pickup in the future, if needed.

      • Anon,

        I’m also quite happy to see that you and your son fared well! This is excellent news. Too bad we couldn’t positively identify it as COVID, but the tests are a crap-shoot anyway. 😉

        It does make me wonder what might’ve happened if “Mr. Greene” in Jim’s story above had taken a little of the horse paste she was sent BEFORE getting ventilated.

        • Exactly – who really knows what “covid” is? (Much as I would have liked to have a “positive test” in hand as the “final proof” for the skeptics.) Apparently ivermectin not only reduces milder symptoms, it has helped with some of the more egregious cases of (whatever).

          And since ivermectin is derived from a natural source and is used in humans around the world, it seems a safe bet to keep some on hand. It has many helpful uses in respiratory and other illnesses, not just the label use for parasites.

          Thanks, also, for the well wishes.

    • Never mind that these oh so remorseful victims of “misinformation” are hand picked, or maybe even paid actors. MSM has done it before, and I suspect the “officials” and “experts” have learned the lesson well.

  13. Had a refreshingly civil & rational chat with my internist this week. Anyhoo he said masks were stupid & ineffectual which is why he doesn’t require them. But he wasn’t as skeptical of the jab as I am. That said, my ol’ country doctor listened to but didn’t impugn my counterarguments (thanks to EP, LewRockwell, RonPaulInstutite for facts). With both fear masks and fear jabs my doc said it should be the choice of the individual and the individual alone.

    • Well, it looks like Mr. Rapaport may be waking from his coma. I am just sorry the rose colored glasses weren’t off prior to his jab. We aren’t the bad guys, Mike.

  14. It’s an admittedly extreme proposition, but all of this could be leading to genocide. Gregory Stanton of the U.S. State Dept. famously provided seven indicators which all ethnic cleansing operations typically follow. One of them is “symbolization” in which identifying marks or clothing are always worn to identify the allegiance of the bipolar groups involved (i.e. the “good guys” vs. the “bad guys”). The mask is clearly that symbol, made all the more evident by the way it refuses to go away. By wearing it one shows allegiance to the PTBs and their Covid narrative; without it, you’re a part of the detested minority class.

    Given the latest ramp-up in MSM rhetoric against the magic potion holdouts–including the alarmingly common demand that non-vaxxers be refused entry at grocery stores–you can see where they’re going with this. I’d suggest keeping an eye on Saudi Arabia as a test case, for they’re going to do just that starting August 1.

    • Hi Jim,

      Indeed. I think it’s important to be cautious with regard to making assumptions about the “vaccines” being some kind of weapon designed to cull the herd, either directly (as by death) or indirectly (as by sterilization). That said, it is entirely reasonable to acknowledge the fact that people are being pressured and may soon be forced to submit to a “vaccine” that does not work, for a sickness that isn’t much threat to 99.8-something percent of the population. These two facts suggest something dark is behind all of this. There is no good reason to insist that kids, healthy young people and healthy people generally assume the risks – known to be serious and god knows what else, as time will tell – of being injected with whatever these “vaccines” are.

      So what is the reason for the hard-sell?

      • “So what is the reason for the hard-sell?”

        Great question. I am not what you might call a “classical” anti-vaxxer. A few years ago there were people claiming that vaccines, gave their kids autism and such. I thought they were nuts. I, for one, am quite glad we have polio and smallpox vaccines. I get a flu shot every year.

        But those are actual vaccines in which the body is naturally prompted to make antibodies. The have a proven track record of 200 years of science. They are not DNA manipulators. If the COVID vaccine is so great, why have the drug companies been given blanket legal immunity for it?

        Beyond that, I simply do not fear COVID. I am healthy. I feel that if I get it (If I haven’t gotten over it already) I will be fine after a brief inconvenience. Sure, I COULD die from it, but I actually think I have a greater risk dying in a car crash or falling off a ladder. The numbers have been cooked, and even the inflated numbers are statistically insignificant. Nature kills hundreds of thousands of aged or physically compromised people in a normal year via influenza, pneumonia, and the like.

        I do not see the need to be forced by the government to inject an experimental substance into my body for a disease that I do not fear and have no recourse if there is an adverse reaction.

        Frankly what I think is behind all of this hard-sell is 1) mass hysteria and herd mentality, and the lemming-like stupidity of the herd 2) guaranteed profits for Big Pharma, and 3) an immense power grab for psychopathic government control freaks.

        Simple as that.

      • Eric,

        I believe the reason for the hard sell is shown in the meme in your article.

        If you don’t take the jab, you ARE part of the control group, and as much as people can call this an “experiment”, without a control group, an experiment tells you little to nothing.

        Precisely the point!

        Sweden was ostracized for not following the “lockdown/mask-up” protocols. Not because they were putting the world in danger, but because they were the closest thing to a control group the 1st world had! And hark! Lo and behold, Sweden has fared quite well in comparison to other countries. Perhaps they’ve even completed their “Delta-wave”. Arizona, for example, has 3 million less people than Sweden, yet has had 3,000 more deaths.

        100% vaccination is the goal because this ISN’T about science. If that goal were ever attained, we really WOULD all be “in this together”. And it could never be shown that, perhaps, people might have been better off leaving that needle capped. Which, if THAT were ever widely known, I don’t believe legal immunity would save those responsible.

    • The Philippines will not allow one to access grocery stores (in large cities) beginning August 15th without a vaccine. I find this absolutely stunning that the entire world is shutting down and implementing passes all at the same time. It couldn’t possibly be consequential, could it? The majority of people refuse to open their eyes. I guess ignorance is truly bliss.

    • I look at it like this:

      We don’t know exactly the intended or actual effects of “the vaccine”, in the short or long-term- but what we do know is:

      a)The media and politicians on a worldwide basis are unanimously in support of it, which means that it CAN’T be good, because nothing but evil comes from this unholy alliance of people.

      b)Regardless of the actual effects of “the vaccine”, it is undeniable that this whole Corona Kabuki is being used to influence and control people; To make them not only accept, but DEMAND the suspension of their liberties; and, since this is being orchestrated on a worldwide scale, all at the same time -thus sync-ing the entire world into a common social and economic paradigm, to facilitate a global government under the guise of fighting a common ‘enemy’ (formerly the common flu) which they have convinced people is a personal threat to their life -whereas in reality, it is the monstrous evil people portraying themselves as ‘saviors’ who are the true threat to life.

      I tend to dismiss prognosticators and speculators- such as Deagle et all- whether they are sincere, or (more likely) calculated disinformation which may contain some overall truth….but by assigning dates and numbers which NEVER pan out, tend to have the effect of causing even ‘believers’ to dismiss their narratives, and distract one from exploring and recognizing more relative and obvious things.

      If someone says “I just saw an accident in which someone was killed”, we think, ‘Oh, that’s horrible!’.
      If someone says “I just saw an accident in which 18 people were killed’, and then we find out that ‘only’ one person was killed…that one person being killed doesn’t seem so bad. THAT is what I believe is what propaganda designed to undermine those who are on the right track is designed to do. Overstate the evil, then the extant evil doesn’t seem as bad, even by those who were cognizant of it.

  15. There is a reason for the mad rush to get all vaccinated. In the areas first hit with the Delta variant, case count exploded, deaths did not, and after the explosion was over, it went away. Natural herd immunity killed it. Which is the process by which viruses often go away. They naturally mutate into a more contagious less dangerous form, become widespread, creating abundant natural immunity, leaving no place for the virus to go. Hence the return to all the masking etc. They don’t WANT the far less dangerous Delta variant spreading around and creating herd immunity. No means of control or profit there.

  16. The new “Jim Crow” is alive and well in today’s COVID fear society.
    Those of us who cannot wear masks are being discriminated against. Soon it will be “proof of vaccination” that will be used to discriminate against us.
    We are told that we cannot enter businesses, are harassed by some business owners and employees for not wearing a mask, and in some cases refused service for the inability to wear a mask.
    It gets better. We are told that we can order on line, request “curb service” or home delivery. We are still being denied the ability to walk into a business establishment and being served without harassment or outright refusal. This is just WRONG.
    All of these “compromises” are no different than “Jim Crow” laws–in the past, African Americans being refused service, or confined to “carry-out service”, or being unable to walk into a store without being harassed or even being denied service.
    Those of us who are unable to wear masks are being discriminated against, “Jim Crow” style.
    The 1964 Civil rights Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act prohibits discrimination on the basis of race and of medical condition. Public accommodation is a necessary right that cannot be abrogated.
    Both Acts are being flagrantly violated by ANY business that harasses or denies service to those of us who cannot wear masks.
    Where is the enforcement of the Civil Rights Act and the ADA?
    It’s time to use their own laws to stop this…

  17. Half of the USA hasn’t been vaccinated. They are demonizing 50% of the country . On another note, I entered a library yesterday ( Oregon liberal town) that there was no requirement to wear a mask yet 80% of the people were wearing a mask. Many were wearing it improperly like under the nose.

    • Hi Anon,

      Anyone who is wearing a Diaper in the absence of mandates is a presumptive enemy. Strong words? Certainly. No less true for being so.

      • Hi Eric,
        I still see people driving alone wearing their face diaper; not sure if it’s virtue signaling or gullibility/fear. You can’t fix stupid.

  18. At 17 months after 2 week to slow the spread, the great game of fear still continues.

    I never would have thought it could happen. After this summer, I figured, OK, it’s all coming to an end.
    But no. Here we go again.

    Obviously, this is all a scam. Truth is lies, lies are truth, and those with facts are canceled.

    The goal this round seems to be to get the chemicals into bodies.
    Threats, pay offs, extortion, renewed unjustified fear mongering, & increased ignorance of what the chemicals do or not.

    In my state only 62% 18+ have received their religious confirmations.
    That will not do. We must convert all to the faith is the only explanation.

    I can accept that is the plan. What I can’t accept is the “experts” trotted out on TV assuring us that we will surely end up in the hospital and die without an arm full of experiment.

    This entire Barnum & Bailey experience is the very definition of immorality & the end of medical ethics.

    • Hi Dan,

      I suspect – and worry – that this time, the psychopaths in charge will use fierce and harsh measures to impose both Diapering and Injecting. We may have to fight over this. I pray I am wrong.

      • The religious component cannot be denied, and much death and destruction have been the result of many religious movements. Apostasy has been a mortal sin in many. Meaning if you refuse to believe, or change your belief, you end up crucified or burned. Zealotry is one of the most dangerous human traits there is.

      • Eric,

        They are already using fierce and hard measures. They have taken away our Constitutional rights, our freedom of movement, our right to associate, our right to work, and even our right to breathe. The only thing left is for them to show up at our door and put the jab in our arm.

        • Very true, RG –

          And if they do come, so be it. I would like very much to live my life, not harming anyone and perhaps finishing the several books I never get around to finishing. I mean none harm, I cause none harm. But if that is not enough to be left unharmed, then let them come.

        • Indeed RG, this is a direct physical assault on us, and defense by whatever means available is perfectly justified.

      • Best way to fight is by massive civil disobedience. I just don’t see it. The indomitable spirit that once defined this nation, as few as 25 years ago, is gone – replaced by simpering cowardice. We saw it when people voluntarily locked themselves down, then again when they voluntarily diapered up. I just wish we somehow could stop this, but it’s seeming more and more to me like a sandcastle holding back the tide – wearing down with each successive wave. Doesn’t mean we give up, but we are fighting a losing battle. With apologies, I think the constant negativity and increasingly awful headlines are taking their toll on me. But where’s the way out?

        • Hi BAC,

          I feel the same way, especially with the reintroduction of these mask mandates. If the majority of states put these back on (DC has already done so) they are not coming back off.

          I told my parents this morning that if my hubby is laid off again due to another shutdown we are out of here. We’ll buy 10 acres somewhere in Florida on the water and live in a trailer until the housing market crashes and we can build. This is BS.

          Apparently, the opioid and suicide rates weren’t high enough last year to satisfy the sick f’s running government.

          • Hi RG,

            I have no desire to fight, unless I am forced to. In which case, I will. If these sickos threaten me because I refuse to play Kabuki by wearing a Face Diaper or because I refuse to be “locked down” or injected, then I will regard it as precisely that and respond accordingly. I only wish to be left in peace, like most people. I will do almost anything to avoid a fight, if I can – as I loathe violence.

            But – god-damn them – they seem determined to force us into choosing to submit to their sick and evil regimes or fight.

            • Hi Eric,

              The last 17 months have been a fight. We are in the midst of historical times. Just because they are not at our door doesn’t mean we are free people. We aren’t. Look at this country. What freedom do we have? They have turned Americans against Americans. The narrative is winning. Although a few people are questioning the new mask mandates they still blame us, the unjabbed. They refuse to accept the possibility that the jabbed are the ones spreading the variant.

              Moderna’s COVID vaccine took two days for their computer systems to produce based on a genome sequence that they received from China. How long did China take to map it….40 hours. To this we can’t find the bat that supposedly is flying around the Wuhan Market, but we can come up with genetic code and a vaccine in under 4 days!

              Everything that is happening is intentional and pre planned and we keep believing we are going to be able to avoid it.

        • Hi BAC,

          There may be an island of sanity out there…..have you and the Missus thought of the Canary Islands? https://www.canarianweekly.com/posts/tsjc-suspends-covid-certificate-interiors


          1. Actually abides by their Constitution
          2. Does not require COVID passports
          3. Subtropical weather
          4. Large amount of agricultural produce (bananas, tobacco, potatoes, sugarcane, grapes, oranges)
          5. Eight islands to choose from
          6. Food prices are 28% cheaper than the UK
          7. Low crime
          8. Pretty beaches


          1. Need to learn Spanish
          2. Is on an earthquake fault line
          3. Very touristy

          If this is the last sensible place on Earth it doesn’t look too bad. 😉

            • Hi Jim,

              LOL. The USAA is also being overrun by migrants. 🙂 If a bunch of Americans show up on a boat are they going to turn us away? All we need to do is make it to Morocco, borrow a few rafts, and make the 998 km trip. 😉 If the USSA is still a desirable destination (apparently many immigrants still want to come here) we can hand them our US passports and we can take their place in the Canaries. 🙂

              Got to get use to the earthquakes and the potential of a megatsunami though.

          • Hi RG

            It’s getting to the point where I’m open to anything. My country is all but gone, maybe a few pockets of air are around, but who knows for how much longer. I can’t fight, and fight for what in any event?

            We would do well to avoid anything associated with Europe – they’re done. Spain, and I’m guessing its territories, will soon go the way of France, Italy, the UK, etc. Maybe Portugal, a great country but whose covid policy is not well-publicized.

            It’s funny you mention Morocco – I visited there two years ago (Tanger and surrounding countryside). An amazingly beautiful place, and super friendly people (I’ll admit, I was terrified at first, not knowing If Middle Easterners could tell the difference between American citizens and the American government, but the warmth of the people quickly disabused me of my fears). Morocco or North Africa might be a place to which we can escape.

      • Eric, you can count on it. Be prepared. Always. I believe were in a biblical end times scenario. I recommend my strategy- try to stay off the radar, be prepared to evade, be prepared to defend what matters.

        They’re going to kill each other off, the meek will inherit. But being meek is most important, avoid the zealots whenever possible.

        God help us.

      • EP,
        I have resolved that sometimes a stand must be taken. I draw the line at the final question of who owns me.

        Though we are subjected to all kinds of limitations on our valid freedoms, when the govt decides that they have the right to determine what chemicals will be inserted into my body, that is the last step. That says I am an absolute subject, and that I will not abide.

        If that were to happen, at least I will not be the only one saying “hell no”!
        In that case, I must hope the resolve of freedom is more powerful that the resolve of control.

    • Especially the rabid demand that children and the young be vaccinated. While they suffer far more threat from the vaccine than from the virus. Nothing less than child sacrifice to the COVID God.

  19. Logically, the comparison to racial segregation is a sound one.

    But we are not dealing with logical people here. They are quite perfectly willing to be hypocrites — for instance, almost as soon as they outlawed racial discrimination against black people, they began practicing racial discrimination against white people under the guise of “affirmative action.” And after the Jews complained about what the National Socialists did to them in trying to create a pure ethnic German state, the Jews themselves then created an ethnic “Jewish state” in which Palestinians were second-class citizens.

    In dealing with the “virus question,” it is interesting to note that Dr. Fauci spent most of his government career as an AIDS guy at the NIH. Could you imagine the government implementing policies that publicly identified gays, and forced them to take AZT or other anti-HIV drugs as a condition of employment or as a condition of going about their business in public? After all, they MIGHT have AIDS. Or, could you imagine the government forcing the entire population to take AZT because some gays have AIDS? That would be a logical extension of the policy they are now implementing, wouldn’t it???

    Of course they do not care. They practice sophistry and “situational ethics,” not logic, to justify whatever they want. All of it is intended to “mask” — pardon the term — the fact that they are engaged in the raw exercise of power, and they DGAF about your logic and your “rights.”

    Power comes from the barrel of a gun (which is why they want to take YOURS away) and when push comes to shove, it is going to be an armed agent of the state arresting you for violating the mask or vaxx requirements.

    • Very true – and very well-said, X.

      Especially as regards gays and AIDs. It’s very telling that anyone who suggested “locking down” gays was immediately styled “homophobic” (an imbecilic term; subject for another rant) and of course, anyone who demanding that gays be forced to take AZT preemptively or wear a condom at all times – because they might spread the AIDs otherwise – would be immediately denounced as a hate-filled fear-mongering tyrant.

      But it’s ok to demand that a person who isn’t sick be made to walk around with a Diaper over his face, disallowed from commerce and treated as if he were sick and getting other sick. It’s of a piece with the Left’s demands that people like us give up our firearms while being surrounded themselves by bodyguards who are armed to the eyebrows.

  20. Great comment Eric,
    Alan Dershowitz (whom I respected recently as the only common sense leftist) was making the argument on Fox last night that he has the legal right to know if you have been vaccinated or not if you are on the same commercial flight. Your argument blows the professor’s out of the water.

    • Id AD’s argument would hold true, then would he not be entitled to a criminal history report from all those on the flight? And mental history?

      I bet he would not make the same argument in that case, so how could he justify it for covid?

      Just another non-factual, emotional, fear injected twit.

  21. I should have thought about it sooner but how come you can take off the diaper when you sit down in a restaurant but have to wear it when you walk in? Does the virus know or is it all about Kabuki theater and being used to control us. The ” New Normal ” is not the dystopian future I ordered……

  22. Basic science and biology education in this country has been sorely lacking for decades. The majority of the time, anytime you have a mutation in living things and viruses, that mutation results in the LOSS of genetic information. That loss of information becomes lethal to that organism itself. The so-called “delta” variant has mutated into a more benign virus that may may spread more but is much less detrimental to the person who catches it. The jabs that are foolishly taken alters and damages immune systems ensuring that those people are much more susceptible to sickness. Healthy unjabbed individuals have robust immunity and for some reason the “experts” refuse to study and report on their virus antibodies that would prove no need for the “holyrag” and “anointed jab”. If I remember some of my history from age of the Black Plague, Jewish settlements in Europe had far less casualties from the plague due to the fact that they were clean and bathed daily while the population at large suffered numerous deaths due to their filthy but normal at those times living conditions. Because of that contrast, the Jews were blamed for the plague being inflicted on everyone else. It seems like some basic things never change, do they?

  23. When I was young I don’t remember being told that if you got vaccinated that you could still get sick and infect other people. Have you ever heard of people who were vaccinated for polio, smallpox or tetanus having this happen to them or having major side effects or dying from the vaccine? Maybe if the jab was as safe as earlier vaccines I might even consider it, but probably not. Maybe it’s time to “find” a vaccination card without the jab (gratuity definitely required).

    • Indeed, Landru –

      Leaving aside the risks of the “vaccine,” the fact that it doesn’t immunize ought to cause people to consider what the point of being “vaccinated” is…

      • the point is to show all us haters how virtuous they are…even if it means sacrificing their lives

        “cut off their nose to spite their face” on steroids

      • The point of being vaccinated is that CNN and MSNBC et al told you to. You know, “news” organizations that get most of their ad revenue from Pharma?

    • Actually, vaccine failure happens a lot, with the flu vaccine especially. Usually somewhere around 60% effective. They can’t predict how it might mutate. And corona viruses are expert at mutating. Which is why vaccines against them never have worked. Just like these.

  24. Gotta like what this guy did – put up a sign that only the UNvaccinated can enter his restaurant – https://www.foxnews.com/health/california-restaurant-says-it-will-serve-only-unvaccinated-customers.

    I’ve been thinking this for a while now, and I may have even mentioned it here a time or two, but I really think it’s time we (the unwashed heathens) consider starting our own parallel society and economy. How would we do it? There isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer, but it could start with private, membership-only “stores” that are buying clubs (ala Sams or Costco, but on a smaller scale); intentional communities; etc. We may need it if things happen as they seem to be happening.

    • Hi Jim,

      I heartily agree with you, but I have stopped trying to convince people that if one doesn’t build relationships with like minded folks that we will all end up dead. At the end of the day the majority of people will always choose their wallet and convenience over their principles. It is sad, but it is the way it is.

      People don’t want to drive 45 minutes to a local farm or Amish store, where the owner will happily take cash and a mask is not required, but have no problem with the 10 minute drive to Walmart to buy Chinese crap. Walmart will be the first ones to cast these people out when mandates, including the vaccine pass come through. I never understood the benefit of giving one’s money to some company that doesn’t share the same values as oneself, but alas what do you say.

      When the small farm or restaurant (like the one above) folds because people can’t be bothered I guess we can all get the jab or pay some extra money to the people who do have one so they can walk into Walmart or another national chain to buy us food so we can eat.

      • Morning, RG!

        But look at us – people who are forming their own parallel economies and societal relationships. This takes time, of course – and there are and will be teething pains. But – speaking for myself – things are coming together. Living in a small town hugely helps. I know the people who live here and they know me. It is much harder to shun people you know – or be shunned by them. Yes, the pressure to submit is there. But these is also a determination to resist.

        If I thought it was hopeless, I’d give up. I don’t – and so I won’t!

        • Hi Eric,

          I am in a crappy ass mood this morning. It almost felt like things were returning to a normal (at least some places) and here we are again….masks mandates and on the verge of another lockdown. A family member when into Food Lion yesterday (with a very sparse population in the midst of rural VA) and he stated he was the only one unmasked. Even without a state or store requirement. I was reading the VA Governor’s Facebook comments section yesterday afternoon. People are demanding that Northam bring back the state mandate on masks. These people are sick in the head. They love their chains.

          If I could find a decent priced house in Florida I would be packed tomorrow.

          • That’s the problem with many of the sun belt States, and southern California. Little to no winter, so LOTS of people want to go there, which keeps property values high.

          • Hang tight, RG –

            Remember what Paine wrote all those years ago about the times that try men’s (and women’s) souls. Such are these times. We must not give up. We must not give in. Get mad – and use that fire against these sickos.

            • There are rumors of a lockdown being implemented the second week of August. There is no proof of this, just gossip, but being that the mask mandates are moving so rapidly it wouldn’t surprise me. If CA calls for one in the next week I think we need to prepare.

              • Could very well be coming..the pre-lockdown warning gossip that I got in late March of last year came true a couple weeks later. Sometimes somebody on the inside is just kind enough to leak the truth so the little guy paying attention can prepare.

                • Hi Moose,

                  I think that is what is happening. This is the first time I have seen lockdown rumors broadcasted continuously and by several people in high authority.

                  • Hi RG, the White House indicated a lockdown could be forthcoming a few days ago, then backtracked when pressed by the media the other day. They now claim lockdowns aren’t necessary in lieu of masks and “vaccines.” But I don’t trust psychopathic politicians since their native language is lying.

          • CA currently has county by county mandates. We live in a conservative county and hardly see any masked people even in Whole Foods so far despite the governor’s recent indoor mask recommendation. Our case numbers are not as high as other counties because the virus somehow knows.
            The tricky part of parallel society I think involves the urgent care/medical/dental providers. People seeking care may be forced to be vaccinated. I wonder if the government will make it difficult for doctors and dentists to practice without vaccine verification and even deny them access to pharmacies.

          • Hi RG,
            Same here, some of the stores have signs suggesting you wear a mask but it’s not required so the freaks are also demanding the governor impose a statewide mandate. Ugh!
            All these sicko psychos should be locked up in solitary, then they wouldn’t have to worry about encountering a normal person and they will be saaaaaaaafe.

            • Agreed, Mike. I will happily support someone’s right to wear a mask, but they also need to support my right not to wear one. Each person should be able to make the best decision for themselves, without being shamed and coerced because they will not toe the line.

          • Copy your crappy-ass mood, Raider Girl, for similar reasons. :p

            Although, the CEO of my company did reiterate today that he will NEVER require vaccines to work there. He did, inexplicably, decided to get a jab, even after he had a decent bout with COVID early this year.

            That is one thing most perplexing (if one doesn’t take into account the puppet-masters). Doctors aren’t recommending antibody tests before giving people the jab, which puts them in harm’s way needlessly. That should be elementary protocol.

            • Hi BaDnOn,

              That is how good the narrative has become. I would say about 10, maybe 15% of my clients had COVID over the last 15 months. Every single one of them got jabbed! WTH! Doctors are telling patients to still get the shot even with natural immunity. Science? That goes against any science since medicine came on the scene! It has been a long time since I sat in a biology class, but I don’t ever recall a professor stating that anyone should offset natural immunity with vaccinated immunity.

              I got the chicken pox when I was five years of age. I never felt the need to acquire the vaccine for that very reason. I have natural immunity. Natural immunity is good. The CDC, John Hopkins, the NIH, Western doctors, etc. refuse to even count natural immunity in their equations. Everything and all things are about the vaccine. Nothing else counts.

              These same people then wonder why those of us against it refuse to cooperate. Everything that we have been taught over the last century contradicts to what they are implementing and stating now.

              Then they call us science deniers. Hardly. We are the only persons left that science actually means a damn thing to.

      • RG – I agree. I belong to a local Make Americans Free Again group that is somewhat active (we had a court hearing on our lawsuit last Friday – first in the nation out of 6-8 lawsuits filed so far). I also belong to a food co-op that gets supplied by a few Amish farmers, and I signed up a while ago to Freedom Cells (www.freedomcells.org), which is supposed to help freedom-minded people get together to start moving away from the tyranny. Well, at least here in KY, the Freedom Cells are kind of dead. For a while, only a couple of us in the KY group even bothered to comment on the message board, and nobody seemed to want to meet up in person (save one – he’s in my Thursday night MAFA group). The idea is to form intentional communities, or if you live reasonably close, get together to help each other escape the tyrants however you can. Think homesteading, prepping, and the like. Nobody seems to want to put in the effort. So for now, I’ll stick with my Thursday group and see what I can do for myself and my family.

    • There is legitimate reason to avoid the vaxxed. A vaccine that does not eliminate the virus leaves the most vigorous and aggressive behind. Which is why antibiotics are losing effectiveness, and why a hospital is a dangerous place. They’ve killed all the normal bacteria/viruses, leaving the most dangerous behind to multiply and grow.

  25. In light of the awkward news out of Provincetown, the New York Slimes has removed from its landing page a nasty provocation penned by its sharp-elbowed, bigoted eclownomist Paul Kurgman titled ‘How Covid Became a Red-State Crisis’ — OOPS!

    Without too much risk of invidious stereotyping, one can safely suppose that a large chunk of those 882 folks who took sick after July 4th festivities in Provincetown were well-heeled, well-educated, gay liberal Democrats.

    Thus this rather unusual shout-out in the Slimes:

    “This is one of the most impressive examples of citizen science I have seen,” said Dr. Celine Gounder, an infectious disease specialist at Bellevue Hospital Center in New York. “The people involved in the Provincetown outbreak were meticulous in making lists of their contacts and exposures.”


    No doubt … when they might have a shot at bonking them again.

    Whereas if the same statistics had resulted from, say, a MAGA convention in Oklahoma, the Lügenpresse would paint it as ‘an irresponsible super-spreader event among pig-headed deplorables who richly deserve their dire fate.’

    Or something like that …

    • >well-educated, gay
      And if their immune systems are compromised, how, exactly, is a substance which is intended to stimulate an immune response supposed to work?”

    • In light of the January 6th witch hunt, “enemies of the state” are being cast as terrorists, which would include any not swallowing the COVID narrative. The avenue to their destruction is being built.

      • ‘In light of the January 6th witch hunt’ — John Kable

        The ominous mainstream silence over the prolonged, unconstitutional detention without bail of trespassing suspects was a feasibility test.

        It worked. Fedgov ‘hack in black’ judges offered not a peep of protest about the protesters’ illegal mass detention, solitary confinement, and psychiatric hospitalization (as in the former Soviet Union — it’s prima facie insane to oppose the State).

        As the sinister disappearance of the Jan 6th suspects rolls on for months, our overlords gain confidence in their ability to wrestle resisters to the ground and forcibly needle them, just as they already do to extract blood samples from recalcitrant DUI suspects.

        Wonder whether the vaccinated are safe to eat? Soylent green, you know …

  26. ‘an experimental, dangerous and ineffective “vaccine” that the CDC itself just admitted doesn’t “stop the spread” of the virus and may even accelerate it.’ — EP

    ‘Da troof’ leaks out … from Provincetown, Massachusetts:

    ‘As of Thursday, 882 people were tied to the Provincetown outbreak. Among those living in Massachusetts, 74% of them were fully immunized, yet officials said the vast majority were also reporting symptoms.

    ‘Before Provincetown, health officials had been operating under the assumption that it was extraordinarily rare for a vaccinated person to become infected with the virus.

    ‘All indications now are that the Provincetown outbreak investigation is among the pieces of new evidence behind the CDC’s decision to ask Americans to once again put on their masks indoors, even if they are vaccinated.’


    Don’t it just bust your head — precisely when the vaccine seems to have lost effectiveness, the fanatical Bidenoids double down and start injecting it at gunpoint, even as their cockamamie Narrative is visibly collapsing like a bursting dam.

    Just a step cried the sad man
    Take a look down at the madman
    Theatre kings on silver wings
    Fly beyond reason

    From the flight of the seagull
    Come the spread claws of the eagle
    Only fear breaks the silence
    As we all kneel, pray for guidance

    — Emerson Lake & Palmer, Knife-Edge

    • The “vaccine” never was effective – at preventing any illness. I would say it has been wildly effective at creating illness and death.

      I personally know 3 people who have died within a few weeks of the jab – all mysterious circumstances, the doctors just couldn’t figure it out! I learned of others recently who have died or suffered great physical decline within weeks of the jab. I personally know of several more who have had various life-threatening or life-altering reactions, including loss of blood, requiring transfusions, as well as paralysis and heart palpitations. One person even has Hodgkins’ lymphoma, coincidentally shortly after getting the jab. He is a lawyer, supposed to be smart, and allegedly “had co[n]vid” last year. You can’t fix stupid.

      I know of NO ONE who has died of “co[n]vid.”

      • No shit, Anon? Personally, I only know of a couple close examples. We had 1 guy die of COVID in my company (out of something like 6,000). My GF said her mom knew a guy who died of COVID recently. Young (32) and healthy, supposedly, as well.

        But I can’t help wondering sometimes how many people die of COVID, and how many actually die of *hospital*.

        One glaringly obvious discrepancy in policy has been the way COVID “cases” have been treated as opposed to the jab. Why were people not given a protocol to report their issues, along with followup examinations and reporting from their doctors? Would that not be a prudent thing to do, so that we might learn about the dangers inherent are, and even possible treatments to these “side effects”?

        Of course, we know why…

        • I kid you not. Even the jabbed ones who allegedly now have “covid,” after inquiring about their health, they are FINE. Last year, I knew of an elderly couple, both “positive tested,” and both put on ventilators. She died, he had a stroke, but survived. I believe they died of hospital as you point out.

          In re protocol, why are “cases” never confirmed with a blood test or tissue sample? Even symptoms are irrelevant. And as someone pointed out, why no antibody tests if this is so contagious and deadly? And the “test”, wouldn’t it be evident from saliva, since it’s oh-so-contagious, NOT by jabbing into the victim’s brain? This entire thing is, to me, a colossal scam.

          “Imagine a vaccine so safe you have to be forced to take it, for an illness so deadly you have to be tested to know you have it.”

          Co[n]vid was created for the jab, period.

    • Considering the demographics of Provincetown, I suggest there may be a higher than average incidence of “people who were medically vulnerable,” as the referenced article puts it.

      Q: If your immune system is not functioning, how can a substance intended to stimulate the production of antibodies be of any value? I do not see how it can be, but I am not a biologist.

      • That’s what the Aluminum and Mercury are for, to STIMULATE your immune system. Never mind they are dangerous heavy metals that your body does not expel.

    • “Before Provincetown, health officials had been operating under the assumption that it was extraordinarily rare for a vaccinated person to become infected with the virus.” In the US at least. Other nations have published the real numbers, showing the vaxxed are in many cases the MAJORITY of new infections. Come to find out, the vaxxed are being tested at a MUCH lower rate in the US. Likely for the purpose of hiding such. The best way to avoid facts you don’t like is don’t look for them.


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