A Very Politically Incorrect Thought

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Why is the Anti-Defamation League, which sees incipient Hitlerism in any expression of viewpoint critical of the policies of the Israeli government (which apparently can do no wrong, ever) or which questions the genuflection of the American government to Israel, so blind to something actually Hitlerian?

Literally – as in down to the same verbiage?

America is no longer a country or our nation. It is the Heimat. The “Homeland,” rendered in English. And there is a Heimatsicherheitsdeinst – a Homeland Security Department.

This is what Leonard Peikoff meant when he wrote about Ominous Parallels – but that was 50 years ago. And here we are.

Those not versed in the history of the Third Reich – an actually Hitlerian enterprise – are perhaps not familiar with the Sicherheitsdeinst and its head honcho, who was SS Obergruppenfuhrer Reinhard Heydrich.  A thoroughly unpleasant fellow, made less so by brave Czechs in the summer of 1942.

Heydrich specialized in security – for the homeland. His method was the carrot – and the stick. Give people something, in order to get them to take something. It proved to be a very effective method.

Heydrich was so effective he was considered ferociously dangerous by the Allies; the Czech sent to retire him did so out of patriotism – Heydrich was at the time Reichsprotecktor for occupied Czechoslovakia – but the mission was fundamentally about getting rid of someone who might have replaced the erratic Hitler and actually won Germany the war.

The Allies, of course, won the war.

But the ideas of Heydrich are winning the peace.

We now live in a “Homeland” – and are supervised by a security thereof, missing only the snappy Hugo Boss outfits worn by Heydrich and his SD people.

And we have a population being habituated to cattle-chute treatment at airports, public places, even private ones. This ought to concern anyone allegedly concerned about resurgent Hitlerism.

Like the ADL.

Which is haltingly unconcerned.

Americans – including American Jews – are being herded by arbitrary authority, branded as presumptive “terrorists” and made to submit to degrading treatment on the basis of . . . no reason whatsoever.

The parallel is exceptionally ominous.

Hitlerism – or Stalinism or Maoism or Pol Pot-ism – can only take hold when the people have been habituated to Authority. Are cowed into submitting at every turn, for absolutely no reason other than to establish that they must submit at every turn. No longer stand erect. Have learned to keep their heads down and not make a fuss.

Before the ovens got warm, Germans got used to having to show their “papers” at almost every turn. To submit to pat down and inspections; random “visits” – and increasingly not-veiled threats that they had better not say or even think anything which might be regarded in an unfriendly way by the government.

Americans are getting used to the same things.

Why isn’t the ADL objecting?

A crank posting “hate” poses no threat of machine mass-murder. A government that hates its people and treats them hatefully does.

Why doesn’t the ADL – and related concerns – have any concern about these things?

It ought to – if it really is concerned about incipient Hitlerism. Or is only concerned with being in charge of it, the next time?

The leadership of the German Reich shrieked often about “safety,” too – another parallel and just as ominous. Whenever you hear that word – wherever and whenever you hear it – there is danger.

The words of the Reichsmarschall Herman Goring, for instance – who shrieked the word in 1935 when he presented the Law for the Protection of German Blood and Honor to the deputies at the Kroll Opera house. It was, he said, “inspired to safeguard the future of the German nation.”

The Germans became very safe indeed. As Americans are becoming.

Someone might want to object. Before it is no longer possible.

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  1. This might be part of the reason the Jews seem to have so much power,,, and chomping at the bit for more.

    The World Jewish Congress is pushing US lawmakers to make ‘Holocaust education’ mandatory in American schools because the Millennials cannot name even one camp. I suggest this will in fact happen while they eliminate most US history. Well,,, most of what they teach is BS anyway….


  2. “Why doesn’t the ADL – and related concerns – have any concern about these things?”

    Because what is evil when your enemy is doing it, is fine when you’re doing it, if the ultimate goal is not liberty, but just power and advantage for one’s own side. Like liberals decrying “racism” if (perish the thought) a business does not have a number of black employees equal to or greater than the proportion of blacks in the general population; but being perfectly fine with it if a black-owned business has nothing but black employees.

  3. The Mad Max “Trilogy” (I despite the 2015 “Fury Road” submission and consider it an abortive effort) with MEL GIBSON, in his prime, had a very prescient scenario of present-day American politics in that ramshackle Aussie Outback hamlet known as “Bartertown” (“where there was despair, now there’s ‘hope’…”). Their energy supply is derived from distilling methane out of pig feces (never mind that unless Bartertown’s economy is actually based on pork production, which in a DESERT makes little sense, e.g., where the hell is the GRAIN to feed the porkers coming from, and any hog operation requires a lot of WATER, which is in such short supply that even a water vendor has no trouble selling “agua” with notable radiological contamination, it’s a mystery as why they don’t at least dispense with the pigs and simply directly distill from the grain!) put it very well when although “Aunty” Entity (Tina Turner) is apparently the head honcho(ess), she’s dependent upon the skills of one “Master”, a dwarf whom runs the underground methane production facility (evidently a talented engineer), whom keeps himself alive and in relative power thanks in no small part to his controlling a hulking, but simple-minded giant, “Blaster”, whom thus far is undefeated in contests (to the death) in “Thunderdome”. But “Master” gets arrogant, and pushes his point with Aunty, which, although it assuages his ego (he lifts his ’embargo’ of methane), it comes back to bite him in the ass:


    Once Max, his ride having been stolen by the Gyro Captain and sold to Bartertown (along with Max’s camels, as the “juice”, aka gasoline, has almost disappeared), in a deal (which Max “busts” and “faces the wheel”, Bartertown’s cynical form of justice) to get it back, has defeated “Blaster” (the psychopath with the Kabuki doll, shoulder-mounted on a stick, actually does “Blaster” in), but is then banished to the desert (“Gulag”), presumably to die of exposure and/or thirst, “Master” is no longer the master of the underground methane works, but now Aunty’s slave.

    It’s hard to say who is running “Bartertown” in REAL life, but one thing’s for certain…in America, the First Amendment nominally exists. That is, one can shoot his mouth off all the live long day, and simply be thought a crackpot, fool, or, if it’s anything that confounds Dummycrats and Libtards…that WORST epithet, “racist”. Where’s it’s starting to run off the rails is that those that object to your views are getting away with more than ostracism or name-calling. Witness the odious practice of “doxxing”, and how Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s home was mobbed by cowardly Antifa thugs, scaring the hell out of his wife, whom was home alone. And, of course, whomever infests the White House has compiled an “enemies” list, it didn’t start nor end with Nixon! It’s not unheard of of those critical of the POTUS to find themselves given “special” attention by the IRS or other Federal agencies, or to unexpectedly find themselves on the “No Fly” list! And, of course, don’t DARE criticize Israel, or Jews in general, and please don’t be “too vocal” about disputing the historicity of the Holohoax, er, I mean, “Holocaust”!

    I dunno if American is becoming a Fourth Reich or Soviet Amerika, or we’re becoming a tyranny that’s uniquely ours…but a tyranny we’ve become already, for sure!

    • Bartertown was at the edge of a salt lake at a former mine. So there are two possible explanations for water. A natural spring or underground source of water or the salt lake itself and desalination.
      As far as grain I don’t think that’s what they fed the pigs but if they did one can distill the grain to get ethanol and then feed the remains to livestock. In an energy scarce environment it would probably make sense to then extract methane from pig dung. Also they may have preferred to consume (drink or use as a vehicle fuel) or trade the ethanol rather than use it to power the town. The methane would be the better choice for the fixed location energy needs.

      • Since I didn’t see any CNG tanks on any of the vehicles of “Aunty’s” crew, I would guess you and the producers of the film agreed. Hence why “Master” could have his enormous and dim-witted other “half”, Blaster, turn the wheel as Master said, “Embargo…on..”.

        De-salination, though, is energy-intensive, far more than even the methane-production could hope to supply to provide water for Bartertown. There are underground water sources, even if Bartertown itself wasn’t in an oasis, that were likely tapped to make the settlement viable.

        • gas is carried in pipes too and there are wheel operated valves for gas pipes. Although in their situation any valve would do.

  4. The ADL like the SPLC are both hate groups.
    Here’s something else: https://www.veteranstoday.com/2019/07/01/raptors/
    The time has come to start questioning everything. The Holohoax is a proven lie.
    Several years ago an author, Ernst Zundel proved it and was unceremoniously kidnapped from his home in the states, jailed in Canada where he was subjected to worse treatment than a murderer and then to Germany where he was subjected to a kangaroo court and spent the next seven years in a German prison for his great crime.
    This is what awaits the American people if these bastards get their way.
    We must, by every means at our disposal stop them. Do not let them do to America what they have done everywhere else.
    Americans must remain free and not under the thumb of Juish power.

    • Hi John,

      I absolutely, emphatically agree with you that this business of arresting and caging people – or punishing them in any way – merely for expressing a point of view (however “hateful”) is the fast-lane to something very much like Treblinka. Irony not lost.

      How long before “climate change deniers” are subject to the same treatment?

      If people don’t wake up soon and recognize the mortal threat looming, they will experience it soon enough.

    • Always look at what they do,,, not what they say applies here.

      The Jews want sympathy for something they SAY happened but all one has to do is look at Palestine to see what they DO.

      • One thing we ought to keep in mind when we use expressions like “The JEWS” (or “Da J-O-O-s”)…not ALL Jewish folks would agree with what’s going on in Palestine. Just as not ALL of them are whiny, greedy, and avaricious. My experience with Jewish people has been that they run the gamut of humanity themselves.

        OTOH, IMO, neither are they “Gawd’s CHOSEN”, so they don’t deserve any SPECIAL consideration…whether that be in a negative or positive tone. Hence why, as an American, I object to the “special relationship” of the US Government with Israel…which seems quite ONE-SIDED. The objection isn’t borne out of Antisemitism, though I could just hear Rep. Nadler, Sen. “Chucky” Schumer (that whining prick), or mine own Senator, Ms. Feinstein, whom unfortunately (mis)represents Calipornia, levy such a charge against me. It’s borne out of being an AMERICAN and putting ” ‘Murica’s ” interests first. I’d have the same objection to having a “special” relationship with Uruguay or Tanzania or Mongolia. Somehow, I’m led to believe that IF we just stayed the hell out of Middle Eastern politics and let them settle things for themselves, we’d still find whomever was in charge willing to sell us oil! And if Jewish Americans WANT to give to Israel to keep that country going, they ought to be perfectly able to contribute THEIR monies, and have the right to dupe, er, “persuade” gullible Bible-thumping “Evangelical” Christians to likewise “contribute”. But maybe those TV evangelists would see it differently if indeed it came out of their own pocket, as maybe they’d not have the latest Lear jet!

        • Well-said, Doug!

          I’m not “anti-Semitic,” either. I am, however, extremely “anti” being taxed to fund foreign aid… to any foreign government.

          Or this one.

    • The SPLC was nothing more than a huge SCAM, making enormous profits off its endowment fund for its most Jewish management (whether Morris Dees, its most prominent and now former spokesman, was even partly Jewish is dubious). What’s really galling is serious allegations of how blacks and other minorities were actually treated by this “enlightened” activist organization.

      • Hi Doug,

        The SPLC is a fund raising scam masquerading as a civil rights group, and always has been. It is also, by far, the most politically influential “hate group” in the US. Thankfully its’ baleful influence seems to be waning.


        • I guess its top management will avail themselves of the “Right of Return” to Israel and abscond when too much “heat” gets applied.

  5. “The Allies, of course, won the war.”

    Yeah. And “the Allies” included Josef Stalin and the Soviet fucking Union.

    And this becomes a very serious problem when we start drawing Nazi parallels. Because Hitler’s main enemy was not France, not Britain, and not the United States. It was the communist Soviet Union, and we in the supposed “land of the free” allied ourselves with the communist monster.

    Don’t get me wrong — I am not pro-Nazi. Nazis were extreme and fanatical, and they committed many atrocities. But that doesn’t mean that they weren’t right about some things — in fact, a LOT of things.

    Why were the Nazis so worried about “safety”? Check out the “Bavarian Soviet.” Ever hear of it? Probably 99.9% of Americans haven’t. Check out who led it, too. And check out the Hungarian Soviet and who led that. And the Spartacist coup… and who Rosa Luxemburg was. And who Leon Trotsky was. And the background of Kamenev, Zinoviev, Sokolnikov in the Bolshevik Politburo in the 1920s. That’ll explain where some the Nazi extremism came from.

    I agree, we’re losing our freedoms. But we’re not becoming like the Nazis… we’re becoming like the Soviets. That’s why the ADL doesn’t give a rip.

    • “But we’re not becoming like the Nazis….”

      That’s the problem. I never met a real National Socialist of the time so therefore I am fed what the Masters (whomever they are) want me to ‘believe they were like’.

      When I find false statement after false statement I have to, by shear logic, question EVERYTHING.

      Has anyone ever looked at the crowds Hitler gathered, even before he was elected? As far as the eye could see. Sure, the Masters tell us it’s because they were forced to. Does anyone think the SS were crowd checking? They didn’t have the time to check a hundred thousand attendees.

      • My brother-in-law’s late mother was in the Hitler Youth. (Years after the war she emigrated to the U.S.) While alive, her stories pretty much confirmed the common beliefs of what the Nazis were like. Also remember that back in the 1950s and 1960s everyone of middle age or above had been involved in the war effort in some way, on either side, so there was a lot of direct experience to draw from, they all had war stories. It was not some distant event one read about in history books, subject to manipulation.

        It is very different today now that most of those who would have been able to directly answer such questions are dead and buried.

      • The trouble with war is that (1) the first “casualty” is the TRUTH and (2) the “enemy” must needs be “de-humanized”, making it easier (emotionally) for the soldier to kill them, hence why when 1LT Aldo Raine assembles his outfit of “Eight…American…JEWISH…Soldiers”, he tells them that when they land in Europe, ahead of the main invasion force destined for Overlord: “Now I don’t know about y’all, but I sure as hell didn’t come down from the goddamn smoky mountains, cross five thousand miles of water, fight my way through half of Sicily, and then jump out of a fuckin’ air-o-plane, to teach the Nazis lessons in humanity. Nazi ain’t got no humanity. They’re the foot soldiers of a Jew-hatin’, mass-murderin’ manic, and they need to be ‘Dee-stroyed! That’s why any and every son-of-a-bitch we find wearin’ a Nazi uniform, they’re gonna die!”.

        We’ve all seen too many bombastic movies, (my fave for real over-the-top Nazi stereotyping is “Ilsa, She-Wolf of the SS”) and have lost all sense of reality on the subject, especially as the many Germans, not all of them Nazis, and those that fought them pass on with old age and the sands of time. And it’s a shame, because we fail to see how in many ways we repeat what they did, to fulfill, unfortunately, Satayana’s refrain.

    • Hitler actually, before he was assigned to spy on the German Worker’s Party, actually liked the KPD and almost joined THEM. One can speculate how history could have TURNED….

  6. Boy,,, did you pick a sensitive subject. Here in Florida I will soon be forbidden by “law” to say anything ‘considered’ to be anti Jew or Anti Israel. The governator said he is actually going to Israel to sign the bill. In Texas one has to sign what appears to be a loyalty pledge not to say anything against Jews or Israel or you are not eligible for State employment like a teacher position. These laws are being passed everywhere and they are pushed by the ADL and other Jewish lobbies.

    I have been banned by sites saying even less than the questions you have asked. I am actually skittish about this reply. If your looking to be completely deplatformed this is probably a sure fire way to do it…. lol.

    As I have commented many times,,, things aren’t as they have been described to be. The Jewish Holocaust ranks the highest in that regard. In Europe (especially Germany) and the UK many have been incarcerated for even investigating/questioning it . I suspect it will be the first massive federally banned speech in the US.

    There are a lot of reasons Israel has a hold on the US government. The main one I suspect in the Christian Evangelists. They are dead certain that the way to heaven (the Rapture) is to assist Gods chosen people even though the covenant was with the long gone tribe of Abraham. As I understand it, the Jews presently in Israel are not of that tribe.

    Next in line is the literally hundreds of Jewish lobbies that pump money into our political system. The Russians don’t hold a candle to these folks even ASSUMING they did interfere with our elections which I highly doubt.

    If you study Germany in the 20s and thirties you discover many a lie. Example, their burning books…. yes they did burn books,,, the books were porn. They also closed down many porn distributors of those books which were said to be Jewish.

    There is much more. The stories we get today about WWII Germany are just that… stories. Sort of like our Civil War being today presented as a war over slavery rather than the truth about the economic tariffs fixed on the South pushed by Northern Industrialists. Tell that to 99% of people today and they will either laugh at you or attack you. The picture we get of Hitler today has been one of the most successful government disinformation campaigns in history. Not only the US but all the allies of that time period.

    So IMO the answer to your question is that lies have to be preserved no matter what,,, and the best way to do that is to make even the discussion of the lie or anything associated with it illegal.

    You have my permission to delete this comment if you think it goes to far….

    • Hi Ken I dont think it goes far enough. Of coures the holocaust is a lie. Think about it why would Germany keep around a bunch of emaciated prisoners who are useless for work? its because they didint have much food to give them. We bombed all the rail networks. It takes months for your body to get to that level. if they wanted them dead they would have just shot them.

      Prior to the war Germany had less police per capita than we do today. far less actually. It was ethnically homogeneous and 100% safe. You probably couldnt get mugged if you tried. no muslims raping folks for sure. They celebrated traditional values like physical fitness and mothers raising children. Hell they were even the first country in promoting animal welfare. The lies about WW2 and Germany are endless. Its the foundation for modern liberalism and zionism.

      • Of course it was a lie! A lie that runs deep – when I lived in Hymietown there was a couple living in the apartment across the hall from me that went so far as to tattoo numbers on their arms and claim the Germans did it to them in one of those so-called “camps”! Lies!! Then they would tell even more lies, defaming those poor innocent Germans!! It was an outrage! And those foul faked photographs of “Kristallnacht” – obvious fakes created by Jews in the 1960s. No such thing ever happened, it’s just antoher Jew fraud! Then there were those face “concentration camp” photos in the zionist-controlled newspapers and magazines.

        In 1960 the zionists even forced poor innocent Adolf Eichmann to “confess” what he did in Life Magazine! All obvious frauds. The lies and defamation of Germany and good Germans never ends.


        No doubt the evil zionists threated poor Eichmann’s family to force him to write such vicious lies.

        Any right-thinking person knows that the peaceful Germans under their great leader, Adolf Elizabeth Hitler, were simply planning to make Madagascar the Jewish homeland and were in the process of transporting them there when the Fatherland fell the victim of a vicious sneak attack by Poland and Czechoslovakia. As other European countries and England joined in, poor Germany had no choice but to put all of its resources into defense against these unproked attacks. Unfortunately this resulted in starvation and disease in what were actually just temporary staging areas. So it was actually the so-called “Allies” who engaged in unprovoked attacks on the German homeland who are responsible for those deaths. These are facts that cannot be disputed.

        As far as the idiotic laws against “defaming” Jews or anyone else, at least in the U.S. those will never survive a court challenge. They are unconstitutional on their face.

        The ADL are a bunch of mindless jerks whose hypersensitivity and overreaction to anything that can remotely be construed as “defamation” just adds more fuel to the fire for ((((them)))).

        • I sense deep sarcasm here. As usual youre an idiot. the germans and zionists worked together at first because they had the same goal – get the jews out of germany. Theu werent even real jews they were fake jews from central asia, Just like today.

          • As usual, it is ((((you guys)))) who are the idiots here.

            Anyone who converts to Judiasm is Jewish, by definition. Or is it your position that likewise anyone not directly descended by blood from the original Christians are “fake Christians”?

            Same old B.S. I’ve been seeing for decades from the White Power brigade, since the days that they were distributing their imbecilic ideas through mimeographed leaflets.

            • Flinders – white power you moron. These jews arent descended from abrahamic tribes theyre zionist converts from turkish tribes in asia who follow the talmud. They dont even believe in God unless theyre claiming he gave them the land stolen from the Palestinians. Which Im sure you have no problem with. can i steal your stuff idiot

              • Oh, Marky, so you are so mercifully free from the ravages of intelligence and critical thought.

                White power, aryan warriors, white nationalists, neo-nazis, whatever you want to call them – those terms all refer to the same type of lunatic morons. They share a lot of the same attributes as cops, tending to be bullies and cowards that are, to be kind, not the sharpest knives in the drawer.

                Except to racially-motivated jackasses It make not a bit of difference who today is descended from where from centuries or millenia ago. (What with the ancient Jewish diaspora there’s probably a bit of Judea in practically everyone.) Whether any particular person or group of people “believes in God” or not is also irrelevant, though I strongly suspect that you are not in a position to make that determination in the first place.

                I don’t know what the “Turkish Tribes in Asia” that you go on about currently believe in but the typical rank and file Jew in the modern world has not even read the Talmud, let alone follow it. Anyone with a lick of sense realizes that the day of the Talmud was during the Roman occupation of Judea and that ancient work is of historical interest only.

                For an American to spout off about someone else stealing land to create a country is the height of hypocrisy.

                • “For an American to spout off about someone else stealing land to create a country is the height of hypocrisy.”

                  Very few nations of all colors and creeds can are Lilly clean when it comes to taking others territory, capturing women and children etc.
                  Borders have been changing since X took Y’s cave.
                  The American Indian l o s t the war against the European settlers. They fought more battles among themselves then with said settlers.
                  The same is being said of South Africans where they did not steal any land as there were no Blacks present when they arrived.
                  You want to see real butchery,,, wait till the Whites are out of it here in the US. Does anyone honestly think that with the Whites gone it will be Shangri-la!
                  Cut me some slack…..

              • Flinders it was the union army who committed genocide against the plains indians. An army my ancestors fought against. Regardless because some folks I have nothing to do with massacred indians means i can steal your bicycle and you have no property rights. that makes perfect sense! the ashkenazi zionists are not semitic at all theyre european. But why do I waste time with a loser like you.

                • In other words you give up because you cannot support your assertions instead coming up with nonsensical statements and non-sequiturs. The reason you don’t want to “waste your time” is because in the end you really don’t have much in the way of valid points to make.

                    • An event of that magnitude is always going to draw fakers and wannabes craving attention. A handful of fakers doesn’t mean that “nothing happened, it’s all a hoax”, except perhaps in the demented minds of ((((aryan warriors)))). I certainly have no reason to believe that the couple who lived across the hall from me in New York in the 1960s “faked” their tattoos.

                      The acid test is whether the “it’s a hoax” crowd has managed to convince anyone who was actually there that “nothing happened”.

                    • Like many things in this world, the truth is usually neither A nor Z- but somewhere in the middle.

                      Did the Holocaust happen. Yep.
                      Were the numbers; atrocities; and facts exaggerated, twisted, outright fabricated (by both sides) in some cases? Yep.

                    • Nunz, I think it’s pretty clear that the tale has grown in the telling as tends to happen with major events.

                      Jews really need to stop pushing so hard on this stuff, but the “never again” mentality is understandable. They’re too close to it though to understand that by constantly shoving the holocaust down everyone’s throat they are just alienating people, especially younger people for who the war is ancient history. Very few who were there are still alive and those born in the direct aftermath and grew up in its shadow are getting up in years as well.

                      You can see the same phenomenon with Negroes and their constant bitching about slavery, a practice that ended over 150 years ago and nobody alive even remembers. Enough is enough already, yeah we’ll remember it was a bad thing but it also ended a long time ago and we all want to get on with our lives without being constantly browbeaten about things we didn’t do and are not responsible for.

                    • Hi Jason,

                      What interests me about the Holocaust is that it was performed by government. Just as the government of the Soviet Union mass-murdered countless millions; and in China – and many other places. But the rending of shirts and gnashing of teeth is never directed at . . . government. A guy named Hitler hates Jews. By himself, without a government behind him, what can he do? How many can he kill? Not many. Give him a government and he can kill millions.

                      The same in Russia. And the same here.

                      Race hatred isn’t the problem. Government is.

                    • Ironically, Jason, the exaggerations and constant use of the narrative to perpetuate victimhood may come back to bite them.

                      Once all of us who actually knew people who actually experienced it, are gone; and with the numbers and accounts constantly changing in the history books, it will likely become much more plausible for future generations to be skeptical of the real facts.

                      And unfortunately, even the ‘let it never happen again’ ideal is corrupted, as it usually just results in the stifling of free speech/free thought; and the condemning of ‘racism’ (free association; freedom of choice) by individuals, but does nothing to confront the tyranny of government, which is the real problem. Heck, look how many Jews even support liberalism/Marxism…

                      They scream if some collector buys a Gott Mit Uns belt buckle on Ebay….but have no problem with a militaristic state; or with executing 10 year-old Palestinian girls…..

                      Between the exaggerations, and that kind of hypocrisy, I think Holocaust denial is going to gain a lot of traction. Heck, look, the very victims of the overbearing all-powerful state, seek to use the state now, to criminalize Holocaust denial. They have either truly learned nothing…or are just content to do to others what some did to them.

                      And yeah….after all this time, who isn’t sick of the slavery BS?! If they can’t get over it in 150 and with all of the help they’ve had…F’ em!

                      I have no idea what my ancestors were doing 150 years ago; it doesn’t affect me.

                      Look at the 3 freed slaves who went back to Africa and founded Liberia [I think ‘Liberia’ is Swahili for ‘shithole’], and then started taking other Africans as slaves!

                      If the jigs want something to protest, why don’t they protest THAT?!

                    • Mornin’ Eric!

                      Amazing, isn’t it? What government at any point in history has not killed many, many people?

                      The reasons and motives may differ- but the end is always the same- and yet these governments always predicate their very existence on the idea that they are keeping you safe from all the other nasty citizens who would no-doubt kill you but for government’s authoritaaay and power, which, naturally, you should always help to further…..

        • “As far as the idiotic laws against “defaming” Jews or anyone else, at least in the U.S. those will never survive a court challenge. They are unconstitutional on their face.”

          I wouldn’t be the farm on that. There’s a LOT of stuff that’s “unconstitutional on its face” — gun control, for example — yet we have plenty of it. Other examples include NSA surveillance of electronic communications, no-knock SWAT raids, forced government integration in violation of the First Amendment, government-mandated homosexual marriage, and warrantless searches based on “anonymous tips.”

          When, exactly, has the Supreme Court EVER given a rip about what the Constitution says? Only when it suits the justices’ pre-existing biases and political agendas.

          • When the PTB want what they want, the Constitution, is, as GWB once said, “nothing but a SCRAP OF PAPER”.

            • Hey Doug,

              The Constitution is much more than a piece of paper, it’s a marvel. It is an endlessly malleable “legitimacy generating machine” similar in import to the long sought after perpetual motion machine. It is controlled by a carefully chosen group of lifelong Statist apologists posing as principled arbiters of the law. It was designed to display itself as a limit to government power while in fact justifying whatever those in power seek to do.


              • Jeremy, you are correct on all counts. However the protections for political speech under the 1st Amendment have generally been upheld by the courts thus far. I’m sure that nonsensical laws that attempt to stifle criticism of specific groups will be court challenged, but it will be some time until we know the result. Until then we can only speculate.

                • Hi Jason,

                  The first has fared better than most of the Constitution but, that is changing. Also, the new paradigm of government censorship will likely be done by collusion between government and nominally private companies. Congress has already made this clear when they threatened social media companies to censor themselves lest they be regulated. Of course, this is “justified” by the artificially manufactured “fake news” hysteria.

                  A culture of fear, public shaming, harassment and outright threats now exists that is always directed at those with unfavored views. Despite violence and actionable threats, those who commit these crimes are, at best, tolerated and, at worst, funded and encouraged by those in power. Just imagine if a violent group of masked thugs, calling themselves Antiso, showed up every time a liberal was speaking at some event and beat the shit out of people, destroyed property, etc… Such a group would be met with enormous police force and arrested at the first hint of violence. For some reason, Antifa doesn’t really need to worry about this.


                • It has already been challenged in the Federal Courts and those laws have been struck down as a violation of the First Amendment.
                  This is in regards to the laws recently passed in Kansas and Texas.
                  The one just passed in Florida is also doomed.

      • That an essential part of the Nazi doctrine was anti-Semitism is no “lie”, Mark. That they did things to persecute the Jews and marginalize them right out of German society is beyond doubt, they proudly proclaimed they wanted to! Of course, what’s often forgotten is that the Nazis were neither unique nor first in Anti-Semitism, even much of the infamous “Der Shturmer” artwork a rehash of antisemitic tomes

        However, that they wanted or even pursued mass murder of Jews is quite another matter. Yes, they did murder SOME…but for most, they were imprisoned and put to work, since the Germans were desperate for labor, especially SKILLED laborers. It was not out of some weird sense of “Humanity” (as the fictional American officer, 1LT Aldo Raine put it, “Nat-Zees” ain’t GOT no ‘humanity and that’s why they got to be DEE-STROYED!”) that far less Jews were murdered, or least killed through negligent indifference, it was that they were NEEDED right to the very end. Also, the very story of the Frank family itself belies the entire mantra of Nazis engaging in factory-style murder of Jews, with “strong backs” being culled out to live, at least for awhile, and the rest, being “useless eaters”, being sent straight to the gas chambers. Anne Frank herself, along with her sister, once the family was found out in July 1944, went to Birkenau, and then they both ended up at Bergen-Belsen. Contrary to what is commonly supposed, Anne Frank was NOT gassed at Auschwitz, she perished of typhus, only a few weeks prior to the camp being liberated. As for her father, whom survived to collate and edit her so-called ‘diary’ (with the fourth book being written, as experts in Switzerland determined in 1961, in a lawsuit over copyrights, in ballpoint ink, not available in wartime Holland!), Otto Frank was sent to Theireisenstadt, which was sort of an “old-folks home” in the concentration camp system. He was an banker, and save for his bookeeping skills, which evidently weren’t employed, had nothing to offer his captors, so why indeed was he SPARED at all? This on top of that Frank himself had fled Germany in 1928, taking his family, while Anne herself was in her mother’s womb, with him, to escape an embezzling charge. One might think Frank would have been handed over to the ORPO (Ordungpolizei) for trial in a criminal court on the charge, and if (likely) found guilty, either hanged or sent to prison). Yet Frank survived…why, indeed, if the Nazis had not only no particular reason to keep him alive but quite the reason to kill him?

        Yes, there’s so much that is wrong with the Holohoax fiction…don’t even get me started on their internal combustion engine gas chamber of Treblinka and Sorbibor, which supposed used V2 12-cylinder diesel tank engines, salvaged from Soviet T-34 wrecks. Never mind how the Germans prized the T-34, even putting enough captured examples to provision the tank battalions of two Panzer divisions, so why a precious engine would be hauled hundreds of miles and used for that purpose is inexplicable. Were the Nazis that murderously maniacal? Also, if they wanted to use carbon monoxide as a poison gas agent, they had the perfect device already mass-produced! Many German civilian cars, buses, and trucks were converted into “Holzwagen”, that is, they had a bulky gas generation apparatus, wherein one shoveled wood chips to burn (drawing off heat to heat the vehicle interior itself) and used the considerable amount of carbon monoxide to power the engine, as CO is VERY flammable, almost explosive if sufficiently concentrated! Operators had to undergo rigorous training, as the risk of CO poisoning if misued or the generator leaked was huge. However, the device itself was cheap and easy to build and maintain, and all one needed was an ample supply of wood (and hopefully had a chipper on hand). The forests of Poland provided a virtual inexhaustible fuel supply, and the camp labor force more than enough workers to cut firewood! So if indeed the Nazis had to use CO to poison hapless Jews, they used either a much-needed DIESEL tank engine, which doesn’t actually produce much CO, save under an artificial load which will wear it out quickly (and the Soviet diesel tank engines were ALUMINUM, and wore out quickly, though typically the tank itself was lost before it could), OR, use Zyklon-B, which is a SLOW-acting fumigant, designed to kill lice that spread typhus, but in granules, shaken out of a can, in a manner that enables the crew to spread it but yet evacuate before being poisoned? Also, if anyone has ever witnessed the procedures in an American gas chamber to execute criminals, it would belie that the Jewish “Sonderkommando” could enter the gas chamber and handle the bodies, all piled up, EATING, DRINKING, and SMOKING (and HCN is highly FLAMMABLE!) while doing the sordid task? Or, for that matter, locating the gas chambers right NEXT to the “Krema” (crematorium), with the possibility of an EXPLOSION from this thoughtless design?

        WHat’s the most important thing, regardless of the merits of the Holohoax, is that we ought to be able to freely discuss it, without fear of Government persecution for “Denial”, which seems like a form of latter day “heresy”. Gee, I thought the last time that “heretics” were punished in the Americas was at Salem in 1692.

        • It wasn’t “Anti semetism” per se- it was anti anything that wasn’t Aryan. The Nazis wanted a nation of pure Aryan supermen- Jews just happened to be the primary non-Aryan group in Germany at the time.

          • Hi Nunz!

            You may gnoe this already, but for those who don’t: Superman is the original ubermensch – literally. And – ironically – I think the character was conceived by a Jewish guy!

            The swastika is an ancient indo-aryan symbol; the runes – which the Nazis also liked – are more authentically barbarous Teuton! My people!

            I have the Tyr symbol on my motorcycle helmet. Oops! That makes me a Nazi, I guess!

            • Ha! No, I didn’t know that about Superman (I was never a fan of superheroes- superheroes and outer-space themes always seemed to assume the existence of a collective….and one on steroids, at that- with said collective always representing ‘good’, and anyone who opposes it represented as ‘bad’. I didn’t think of it in those terms when young…but I just seemed to “get it”!) , Eric! But funny, because I used to imagine making a parody of Superman as….a Nazi Aryan superman!

              I still don’t really get the Nazi’s adoption of the ancient Swastika….but then again, occultism was a very big part of Naziism, so it kinda makes sense that way.

              • Hiya Nunz!

                Read up on the Thule (and Vril) Societies in the post-war (WWI) period. General Von Seeckt; Guido Von List; occultism was very much behind what became the NSDAP.

                • Cripes, Nunz, don’t say stuff like that while I have a mouth full of seltzer! Now I have to go change… 🙂

                • I think the Agents of Goldstein are attacking Wordmess here, I know I logged in but that came out as Anonymous. Where is the Swastika Laundry when we really need to clean things up?

                  • At some point this site started logging me out frequently. I figured it was for security reasons. As a result when I don’t pay attention I’ll end up posting as ‘anonymous’

                    • Hey, you’re lucky Brent- it has me perpetually locked out, for probably 6 months or more already…..

                      Wouldn’t surprise me if one day soon, this morphs into shaddow-banning or a soft ban via Turdpress, without even trhe knowledge of, let alkone consent of Eric.

                    • I guess that’s what y’all get for bothering with an account on a site that doesn’t require one…

                    • I just have a login for epautos, not general wp. And chuck, the way eric has it set up with an account the comments are easier to navigate from the comments window.

                    • Yep. I don’t even have an account, but it used to save my form data automatically- but now no longer does.

                    • Brent, it can do some funky stuff. I’ve commented and had to use my moniker and email address and had it go through in my moniker. Then I’ve been signed in and posted a comment had it used Anonymous. It has a mind of its own evidently.

                  • Yep, I’ve had it happen too and had to look for it since Anonymous uses the default moniker. I wish she’d change to Lady Anonymous so I could find my comment when it does that.

          • The ballpoint pen entries were made after the fact in the 1960s by people studying the diary.


            It is certainly legitimate to question the holocaust numbers. The true numbers may never be known. Also, what is routinely glossed over is that at least as many gentiles were sent on “camping” trips as were Jews.

            However the claim made by ((((some)))) that “nothing happened” and the entire thing is a hoax is ludicrous.Back when WWII survivors on both sides were common such claims would get little traction. In fact as far as I know not one has ever been convinced that “nothing happened”, whether inmate, guard, or GIs finding the camps.

            Of course no one should be persecuted, caged, or silenced for voicing their opinions regarding historical events.

            • The entries made by Otto Frank and purported to be the holographic diary of his daughter, Anne, at least in the fourth volume, were submitted to the publisher in 1950, and were identified, in the course of a copyright lawsuit adjudicated in Switzerland in 1963, as being made with the ballpoint ink. Of course, that doesn’t entirely negate the authenticity of that volume, and says nothing about the prior three.

              Of course the Nazis themselves, and many “Good Germans”, whom, upon Allied occupation, professed something to the effect of ,”ve vas neffer Nat-zis, is vas dose ‘guys’!”, didn’t have clean hands, whatsoever. Even by their OWN laws, let alone what’d been considered as minimal standards of decency in Western society, they brutalized, and in some cases, outright murdered, if not subjected to criminal neglect, their own citizens and occupied peoples. No need to shed tears over their political and literal demise.

              • Heh, Doug- sounds all too familiar to what we have here today; I mean, nothing can happen in a nation of 300 million people- regardless of who is in charge or what laws they pen, unless they have the blessing, cooperation and participation of the the vast majority of those 300 million.

                If it’s true in nations of mere tens of millions…it’s even truer in ones of hundreds of millions- and that is why there is so little hope of ever regaining liberty from within, until such time as the nation collapses from it’s own dysfunction.

                • I have two copies of the book called 3000 Days of WW11. It has a lot of photos of various camps. Sure didn’t look like a good time. They even got to the point IIRC that uniforms, such as they were, had no star to signify Jew. Than again, maybe they weren’t Jews.

                  • Eight, as I think I’ve mentioned elsewhere what tends to get glossed over is that at least as many non-Jews perished as Jews. Anyone that Der Fuhrer didn’t care for (such as gypsies, etc.), captured spies, resistance fighters, anyone that that spoke out or were suspected – if they were not killed outright, they could easily find themselves sent on a “camping” trip.

          • Bring that point up in any public forum in Holland itself, and Germany, France, and most European countries, and even now apparently the UK is criminalizing “Holocaust Denial” (sounds like a latter-day form of ‘heresy’), and you will be arrested, fined, and possibly IMPRISONED. And don’t kid yourself that many in the USA would be delighted to abrogate YOUR 1A rights and throw you in the (Col.) “Klink” (clink), too!

            If indeed the “Deniers” are “all wet”, and their arguments ridiculous and completely lacking any historicity, why BOTHER to criminalize their speech at all? The best thing to do, when some idiot ranks, is to LET HIM. The very fact that some want to invoke Government-sponsored VIOLENCE to suppress this form of speech they find odious would, if anything, give the “Deniers” a modicum of CREDIBILITY. And to say that the issue is such an imperative that abrogating their 1A rights is permitted, then WHAT ELSE will be found to be “odious enough” to likewise silence them?

            Last month, the 75th anniversary of D-Day was celebrated, with but a few of the surviving veterans of both sides, now very elderly men, to commemorate the occasion. It was touted as being done to restore “Freedom” to Europe, to liberate them from the “Nazi” tyranny, but it seems that the Nazis were replaced with a different sort of “tyranny”. So what the hell did our ‘boys’ fight, and some die, and others get maimed, FOR?

            • The “holocaust deniers” (that is those that claim it’s all a hoax and “nothing happened”, not those who merely question details such as the number killed or whether some specific atrocities took place) ARE all wet. Even so, there is no legitimate reason to criminalize such speech. It is much better to have ((((those people)))) out in the open where they can be properly ridiculed in public, rather than forcing them underground to fester.

              This is the tip of the spear – the intent is to ultimately criminalize ALL speech questioning any aspect of any minority group, and in the end will likely lead to criminalization of any speech deemed derogatory to the State. Note that in the United States have gone in that direction before with alien and sedition laws. Thankfully thus far the 1st Amendment has ultimately held sway.

              I would agree that having defeated the Nazis and seen the fall of the Soviet Union, a different, stealthier kind of tyranny dressed up in a thin veneer of respectability is now stalking all of us. Scratch the surface though and it’s the same old statist monster lurking underneath.

            • Imagine if they made it illegal to not believe the official 911 scenario! (It wouldn’t surprise me if they would do that…which might be a good thing, as it would clue any conscious person into the fact of what a fraud that narrative is… And of course though, there would be a few loons who would claim that 911 never happened!)

            • there was no holocaust. ok take me to jail. the best thing for france germany and sweden is if the the nazis had won compared to what theyre turning into. oh well.

              • A mountain of evidence and personal experiences of a huge number of people says you are wrong. However, taking a ridiculous and trivially disprovable position about an historical event, or thinking “the Nazis should have won”, should in no way lead to a jail cell. Such beliefs are typical with ((((certain people)))).

                I regard your position pretty much the same way as that of the flat-earthers and all of their “proofs” – laughable. However you should certainly be free to voice them without fear of legal repercussions.

                It’s an extremely slippery slope. Some day we’ll be saying, “First they came for the holocaust deniers, then the came for the Confederacy supporters, then they came for the anti-vaccination crowd, then they came for the 9-11 truthers, then they came for anyone criticizing minorities, then they came for anyone criticizing law enforcement, then they came for anyone speaking against the State, then… they came for me”

  7. Makes you wonder how in countries across the world it is throw-me-in-prison illegal to criticize certain races and cultures but not others. Why are these anti-defamation types against providing anti-defamation protection for all and not just, cough, a few.


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