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The governor of Maryland, who is a Republican, says:

Those of you who refuse to get vaccinated at this point are willfully and unnecessarily putting yourself and others at risk of hospitalization and death . . . “You are the ones threatening the freedoms of all the rest of us, the freedom not to wear masks, to keep our businesses open and get our kids back in school.” 

The sick animal (look at him) also decrees that everyone who works for the state government will be injected else be fired.

This is why Democrats always win. There is no opposition to them. Republicans – as a class – are Democrats. Just slightly less so, though sometimes even more so – as in the case of Maryland’s Republican governor.

His statement effuses every dogma of the Left, most particularly the Left’s tactic of gaslighting the victim. It is the people who wish to be let alone – and who wish to let others alone – who are causing the trouble. They are “threatening the freedoms of all the rest of us” – by insisting upon their right to be let alone.

Here is another Democrat’s statement to that effect:

The fact is, if you get infected, even if you are without symptoms, you very well may infect another person who may be vulnerable … So in essence, you are encroaching on their individual rights.”

Who needs Hogan – the governor of Maryland – when you have Fauci, the Gesundheitsfuhrer of America?

It does not matter that the Unvaxxed (and UnMasked) haven’t done anything to “willfully and unnecessarily” put anyone – including themselves – “at risk of hospitalization and death.” What matters is the deranged, the psychotic, fear of weaponized hypochondriacs that they might. Facts about the attenuated danger to most healthy people presented by the “virus” – vs. the “vaccine” – are drowned in a sea of incipient pogrom inflammatory language.

He might as well come out and just say it: die Juden sind unsere ungluck. The meaning being the same.

It is as dangerous as it is despicable.

No mention of the risk of hospitalization and death which attends being injected with a “vaccine” that isn’t “safe” or “effective” and which intelligent, responsible people aren’t willing to take those risks for – over a sickness that presents practically no meaningful threat of hospitalization or death for 99.8 percent of them.

And nearly 100 percent of children.

It is insanity. But official insanity, issuing from the mouth of a sitting governor. It makes the flesh creep. And it depresses the soul – because it issues from the mouth of a Republican, the putative opposition to the Democrats.

Emphasis on putative as opposed to actual.

These Republicans are the same predictably poltroonish ideologically empty suits who did nothing to repeal Obamacare but talked up replacing it – with a new “plan” (theirs) as opposed to leaving people free to make their own plans. The same jabbering flag-humpers who stopped paying more than lip service to the freedom of the press, of association, of the right to keep and bear arms, of the right to be free from unreasonable searches decades ago and became, instead, the milktoast advocates for slightly fewer restrictions of those formerly guaranteed rights, which have become conditional privileges.

They buy the core tenet of the Democratic Left – that of presumptive harm justifying presumptive punishment, whether for “safety” (as in DWI checkpoints and seatbelt laws or the war on various arbitrarily illegal drugs) or in the name of “security” (as per ritual degradation at the airport of all presumptive “terrorists,” which is all of us – though none of them, since there is no gate rape prior to the boarding or Air Force One or other state-owned, for-them-only aircraft).

And now, in the name of “health” – notwithstanding that most of us are healthy and seek to remain so, as by not being injected with a dangerous “vaccine” pushed by a demonic pharmaceutical cartel using the state as its enforcement mechanism.

Healthy kids have died over this. The Democrats say the “care” about “the children.” Republicans care about them even less, if such a thing is conceivable.

But those of us who object to placing healthy kids at risk – of physical and psychological harm – are “threatening the freedoms” of the rest of us. It is epic in the breadth and depth of its table-turning. It is the cry of the wife-beater who exclaims, “Look what you made me do!”

The governor speaks of the freedom to “not wear masks,” which freedom was taken away by people like the governor. And which those who choose not to wear the medically ridiculous devices never demanded that those who find them psychologically comforting be forbidden to wear.

It was the governor-cum-gesundheitsfuhrer who assumed dictatorial power to forbid people to open their businesses, none of which were given the freedom to open them to those who were not forced to enter them. Those who feared the sickness that doesn’t kill 99.8 percent of the healthy population were perfectly free to stay home, to shun human contact, to take whatever steps they felt were warranted to “keep themselves safe.”

But such free choices are anathema to Republicans such as the governor of Maryland.

What matters to Republicans of his sort is the same thing that matters to the Democrats – that is, power. And the use of demagogy to obtain it. The man is either an imbecile – or a tyrant. Which neatly defines what it means to be a Democrat, even one that “identifies” as a Republican.

. . .

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  1. There is no real left/right anymore (if there ever was.) Republicans as a rule are socialist lite. Shuffling towards full on commie in slow motion with an American flag pin on the lapel or a cowboy hat on their head mostly for the sake of being photogenic.

    The difference between right and left is: Do you want to drive off the cliff at full speed or shuffle your way off it while whistling the star spangled banner?
    Hell, BOF Big Orange Fail is the vaccine salesman of the year. He may have sold more units in jabs than Obama sold in guns and ammo!

    Lying sociopaths, farmers of human livestock the lot of them.

  2. An hour ago, turncoat Republiclowns provided the winning margin on a Senate cloture vote — 67 to 27 — to advance the ‘bipartisan’ infrastructure bill.

    That’s the one that mandates Intoxilock nanny tech in new cars — you drinkee, no drivee!

    Repukes did it in honor of their beloved Ted Kennedy, who might have become president if not for that little indiscretion at Chappaquidick.

    As natural-born losers, they would have been just fine with President Ted Kennedy.

  3. I’ve always hated that stupid state flag, like it belongs at some type of renaissance fair under a turkey leg stand. Maybe this pig HOGan has been eating too many of them in between soft shell crab sandwiches.

    Regarding Fauci’s statement that the infected MAY infect someone else, does that also apply to the anointed who get infected? And why isn’t demanding the clot shot of those who neither want nor need it an encroachment on individual rights? And what if vaccine shedding is real – is passing along your RNA-based blood clotting system also not an encroachment on individual rights? Is the ruination of the families of those who die or become disabled from the vaccines any encroachment of rights worthy of mention?

  4. The governor from Maryland is obviously another useless eater.

    535 members of Congess are also useless eaters.

    All vaccinated slaves are more equal useless eaters.

    Just a matter of time.

    There they were, gone.

  5. Supreme Leader Hogan has always been a worthless piece of shit but he has really found his calling during this hoax. You know how people used to say “we simply don’t have the resources to only protect the vulnerable”? The People’s Republic of Maryland is a prime example of how the govt always has the resources to do what they want.

    And likewise the grown up school yard bullies (MD AGWs) have just outdone themselves in terms of communist enforcers of the most brutal order. No diktat too small to go ape shit over with zealous brutality to which they and apparently most commies/liberals are just freaking proud as punch.

    They will just enjoy breaking down doors to forcibly inject the poison if/when it comes to that and it will be conducted with thunderous applause. If anyone is murdered by the state for resisting, the applause will become waves of standing ovations and high fives.

    Because that’s the kind of people they are.

  6. Everything we are being told is a lie.
    Yesterday the CDC press release says those who had COVID need the shot.

    But if you look at the study – which they did not link to in the press release – there are 5 limitations, including:
    “Finally, this is a retrospective study design using data from a single state during a 2-month period; therefore, these findings cannot be used to infer causation.”

    The manipulation and propaganda is so blatant, and they are all in on it. Yet some simple reading exposes them. Unfortunately, Amerikens are so lazy & pathetic they eat up the fear porn and take no responsibility for themselves.
    They are happy to turn over their freedoms to political goons.

    • ‘Everything we are being told is a lie.’ — Dan

      And the lies are getting more subtle, more sophisticated. Heather Haq, chief medical officer at Texas Children’s Hospital, writing in the WaPo:

      ‘One thing that terrifies me as a parent is that we can’t predict why some children get so incredibly sick from covid while others have mild disease.’

      Actually, Heather, it takes ten seconds to call up pages and pages of research identifying pediatric obesity as a major risk factor. One study assigned it an odds ratio of 3.39.

      It amounts to medical and ethical malpractice to not inform parents that children with these comorbidities need special attention, while other kids hardly need worry.

      But if one’s objective is to terrorize the uninformed, then propagating the false claim that every kid is at equal risk of being randomly struck by severe covid serves nicely to give the disinfo screw another twist.

      Lies … all lies … bold and brazen lies. They don’t call it the Lügenpresse for nothing!

      • No fat shaming. Dog built those kinderschwein like they were intended (except for those ones she gave an ‘outtie’ instead of an ‘innie’).

    • Last year Paul Craig Roberts wrote (loosely paraphrasing) that there isn’t a single occupant of any governor’s mansion in the country that believes the hoax. I believe that and still do as they’re truly the worst liars in history. They’re totally in on it.

      • Paul Craig Roberts has a lot of good stuff, I’ve been reading a lot of it lately. And yeah, as a governor you either believe it’s all fabricated but say nothing for fear of A, B and C. This is I’m sure rare, maybe 1 or 2 governors TOPS. But probably zero.

        Or you believe it’s all fabricated because you’re an ‘insider’ and were told beforehand (probably 1 or 2 of them) or you just want to expand your powers for political gain (probably 47 or so).

  7. Hi all, I am just wondering what you guys think about this. On other sites, I am seeing comments about the southern border to just about anything convid related. Then yesterday, my dad was watching fox news as he usually does, and the bitching about the southern border was at a nearly hysterical level, which it usually is. I guess my question, (not really knowing what everyone thinks about the southern border in particular or immigration in general) is there something to this or is it just Republicans being Republicans as usual?

    I guess when I see this stuff, in my mind the Republicans are always like “they blame us for not being vaxxed against the ‘rona, but it’s not our fault? Aw hee-eeeellllllllll naw. It’s those immigrunts. They’re not vaccinated aginst the rona”. Exaggerated I know, but some people really do talk that way where I am. So are Republicans really outraged or are they just trying to deflect attention away to someone else (typical Republican thing to do)?

    • ‘are they just trying to deflect attention away to someone else’ — La Gordita

      Someone else = Kamala Harris, tasked by ‘Biden’ with securing the border. With illegal crossings at record levels, Kamala takes the political blame.

      NYT just posted a thorough article about crossing from Mexico into the U.S. over Mt Cristo Rey, just west of El Paso. Those who get caught are ‘deported’ by walking them across the bridge back to Ciudad Juárez, where they can try again the next night.

      Having strolled across the bridge into Ciudad Juárez myself (unchallenged by Immigration on the Mexican side — ‘escape from America’ would be easy), I found this article interesting. It could be used as a road map, if you wanted to cross into the U.S. ‘informally.’ *wink*

    • Hi LaGordita!

      Republicans are infamous for being disingenuous on the immigration – the illegal immigration – issue. The chamber of commerce types want as many “illegals” as can come, so as to pay as little for their trabajo as possible – while at the same time, complaining about the costs imposed on “the schools” and such and then exploiting their duped followers’ nativist resentment of that. The Democrats love unchecked migration because they presume it will enhance the demand for social services, which will enhance their political power.

      My own attitude toward the issue is that so long as there is a welfare state – and politicians of both parties (the same party, really) bent on exploiting these people for their own nasty reasons, it is sound policy to limit who comes and to deny those who come illegally “free” (i.e., taxpayer-provided) benefits of any kind – a policy I’d also like to see widened to encompass citizens as well!

      • “Republicans are infamous for being disingenuous on the immigration – the illegal immigration – issue. ”

        True, as are Dems. They both use immigrants as political pawns.

        I respect everyone’s opinion. I guess I see things a little differently. Yes, I am biased. We all have our biases.

        Both of the main 2 parties suck. I think we all realize that. Neither have anything to offer any of us in reality, whether you were born here or not.

        I guess I sometimes get really annoyed with the Repubs because I am surrounded by them in my area and most of them that I know either stubbornly refuse to try to see another point of view or their brains are turned off so that they can’t. When I do engage in political discussions with them, which is rare, I feel that I am wasting my time because they only say what they heard someone else say.

    • IMH(bc)O, the rhetorical question you pose obscures the real question to be asked. The border question relates to whether those flooding into Texas, Arizona, etc. are there legally or not. The vast majority are not. Whether the Republicrat wing of the Demopublicrat Uniparty uses the flood for rhetorical advantage or not does not affect the fact of the basic premise, that the majority of the flood should not be in Texas, etc. in the first place.

      From that fact flows an inescapable effect, that a flood of people into a given area which overwhelms locally available housing, transportation, food service, etc. means those people must be moved somehow, somewhere else that does have shelter, food, etc. And, a second fact, that a not insignificant number of the flood appears to be infected with the WuFlu, means contagion and spread will be increased due to the flood (assuming there is a contagion potential with the putative disease in the first place). Whether rhetorical advantage is attempted to be made of this fact by either Uniparty wing does not change the fact.

      Bottom line, whether Republican rhetoric is misguided or not, if one accepts as gospel the Covid-19 infectuous disease premises as outlined by the CDC et. AL. (I am not in that camp, BTW), then one must accept that flooding the border with millions will bring the contagion into border states, no matter what measures are taken amongst the existing populations of those states. It is cognitive dissonance to demand masking and jabbing of the citizens of a state and then allow unmasked and unjabbed in. Now, who appears to be guilty of that cognitive dissonance by inspection of reports from Texas and DC, Governors and legislatures of border states, or the Feds?

      An aside…there are REAL diseases being carried here by the flood, like tuberculosis.

      In the early 1900’s, Ellis Island was a quarantine spot for immigrants, no one was let in with infectuous diseases. There is no Ellis Island at work here, at least not one I can see. Where is the outrage from the left-wing media over the increase in TB cases coming from the flood?

    • Lagordita,
      The people crossing the boarder are not illegal aliens they are illegal democrats. The democratic party has decided to give up on placating the working class since they have proven to be unreliable. The Dems want an permanent underclass of people who are not eligible for regular jobs and minimum wage but can vote. This is their new constituency.
      In theory, you could have a country with open emigration if everyone who came had to work on their own to survive. You cannot have an open boarder and also a welfare state. This as placed conservatives in the odd position of defending the welfare state.
      As for rinos and the conservative movement…it is dead. There is only now those who embrace the new statist marxism and those who are counter-revolutionaries. There is nothing left to conserve.
      As for republicans, the rona at the boarder is the side show where the can attempt to call out hypocrisy on the John Gill Presidency, but their fear mongering is falling flat.

      • Except Hispanics are not that liberal. These people are trying to escape socialism and crime….only to find more socialism and crime. They are not guaranteed Dem voters. Many of Hispanics are quite conservative….anti abortion, pro nuclear family, religious, hard working, etc. The libs are dreaming that the Hispanics are going to line up and vote the way that they think they will. It is the up and coming generation that scares me. The “college educated” who have been indoctrinated their whole life by a school system which teaches them nothing except obedience.

        • Raider Girl,
          My guess is the hard working Hispanics of this country are not in favor of competing with illegal labor willing to drive wages down. So yes, those who are here and citizens voted for Trump in larger numbers than ever before. But it will not overcome the millions who come here and get their benefits from the marxists. They will vote their whomever provides the bennies for them. Rinos like illegal labor for their friends in meat packing and construction industries. Don’t have to pay workman’s comp or real wages is their benefit.

        • “They are not guaranteed Dem voters.”

          Statistical experience shows otherwise. The over/under is extremely wide, and perfectly acceptable to the DNC.

    • One thing leftists and rightists have in common is that neither has evolved beyond the point of being real life clones of Mrs. Beasley. Pull the string, get the preprogrammed dialogue. Pull a rightists’ string, “But muh border!”. Pull a leftists’ string, “But muh unvaccinated!”. Monkey see, monkey do.

      • Morning, Anon!

        Your point is spot on. I amuse myself sometimes by listening to “conservative” talk radio. Invariably, principles are never articulated, much less defended. It is always just “socialism fails, every time.” Not, socialism is evil – and here’s why. Thus, the “debate” is about what “works” – rather than what it right (and wrong).

        • One of the last times I listened to Rush Limbaugh was around 2006. He was rambling on about how talk of a housing bubble was a left wing conspiracy theory. Ignoring my warnings, many of my conservative friends heard the monkey speak, and parroted monkey do.

          Two years later many of them lost their newly purchased homes. *shrug*

      • Anon,
        I think there is some truth in how the past was articulated my pundits in the media. Especially the Rino’s who sold themselves as some sort of *more efficient* version of running government and or small peoples lives.
        I think we are beyond that now. Whatever principles conservatism or libertarianism represented have morphed into the dustbin and memory holes. We now have *those whom are in power* and those who are not. Both are evil. For both seek power wishes to impose it’s tyranny on the other. The democrats are preparing to never lose another election ever again; mail in voting, rigging while introducing millions of new illegal democrats across the country in battle ground states. The counter-revolutionaries will be faced with a choice; elect someone worse than trump to counter their evil with evil. All we will get is continued evil.
        The answer: to over throw an evil illegitimate regime is do what Gandni did and shut the place down thru peaceful strikes and mass protests. Disobey and a grand scale.

        • Stop voting, live locally with like-minded people, raise gardens and chickens, pay as little in taxes as possible (since right now you can’t own property without paying taxes)? That’s pretty much all I want.

          I think something big, dollar collapse/war/hundred of millions (billions?) of deaths due to societal upheaval and hunger/etc. (worse than the summer of 2020) will happen soon and ‘the other side’ will be our chance to start over new. We need good people to survive and make it. This world as is is not where we are meant to be.

          Cosmic justice and karma, if real, will ensure that happens.

    • “Immigration” is an election issue. There’s zero interest in fixing it because it gets out the bases for the parties. And, because border protection is specifically in the Constitution, Congress can make it a campaign issue with impunity. It’s “right and proper” to debate immigration, and bluster about sponsoring DOA bills that will never get anywhere near the top of the docket, because actually fixing the ridiculous quota-based system we have today would just piss off half the voters and probably make things worse.

  8. Republican, Democrat, useless monikers. They’re all Statists, now. Show me the selected politico that upholds liberty as a primary value.

    • Yep. Two sides of the same coin. Heads I win, tails you lose. It’s never been any different- only the words change to pander to the crowd they’re wooing.

  9. You’d think the fear of angry mobs with pitchforks would override the big pharma kickbacks for all these “officials” hard selling the clotshot. To go as far as throwing their own minions under the bus really makes me think the cretin overlords know an unavoidable cosmic hell is on the way in the form of a big ass meteor or a physical pole shift as described in the book “the hab theory”. Theres no other explanation of why those in the club would risk a global rebellion unless they just really need the hoarde out of their way for their post cataclysm utopia.

    Aside from that. This teletubby can go fellate a bag of necrotic dicks.

    • “The fear of angry mobs with pitchforks” – I’m trying to imagine that.

      It’s quite like imagining Republicans actually defending Liberty. …Real Liberty, not some made-up Rah-Rah, Go-Team-Go meaningless-be-a-submissive-slave bullsheet version.

      Time will tell, I suppose. I ain’t holding my breath.

      Next move is: by Monday or Tuesday, do the mass firings begin on the State and Federal levels?
      Is there push-back by the 25 – 10%? And, what does it look like?

      It’s possible that life as we Americans know it, changes drastically next week. …Hopefully, for the better. Probably, later than sooner, though.

    • ‘Mobs with pitchforks’ vs Biden’s nukes and F15s. That’ll be one hell of a shitshow. Hope it doesn’t come to that.

    • “You’d think the fear of angry mobs with pitchforks would override the big pharma kickbacks for all these ‘officials’ hard selling the clotshot.”

      Because there is no threat. Americans are too fat, stupid, and passive to instill the fear of backlash. The psychopaths in charge know this so they proceed unopposed.

      • Hi Anonymous,

        I don’t dispute that many are, indeed, fat, stupid and passive. However, there are many millions who are none of those things. And one of the latter is worth ten of the former.

        We’ll see.

  10. Curious how a 67 year old retired plumber can figure this psyop out, but college grads can’t. Perhaps because of something RG, I think it was RG, brought up the other day. Engineers, and mechanics by association, are more in touch with reality, because they have no choice. Their facts don’t change, ever, and they don’t go away, ever. In my case for example, it either leaks, or it doesn’t. There is no middle ground. The leak does not go away, regardless how much you wish it to, or pretend it has, until you fix it. Just as the “vaccines” don’t provide immunity, regardless how much you wish they did, or pretend they do. They are NOT effective, at any percentage rate, except at presenting adverse events. A percentage that’s ever climbing.
    And this from Natural News, just in case you thought it couldn’t get worse. this is beyond censorship, this is extortion.

    • Thing is too, John, tradesmen tend to be not exposed to as much official propaganda, not having spent extra time in big-boy’s classroom absorbing non-stop BS while away from the influences of their famblies, and while they are in a state of malnutrition and sleep deprivation from drinking and partying. They have been “trained” to accept what they are told, and to reject critical thinking, and to rather rely on what “the experts” say, versus what they see before their eyes and can figure out for themselves- because the latter is relegated by such people as being in the categoryof “anecdotal evidence”.

      These psy-ops are tailor-made for them; They have been pre-programmed, so that the media propaganda works especially well on them. Many of them weren’t very bright to begin with- I mean, what can you expect from someone who spends years of their life and goes into tens of thousands of dollars of debt to get (for one example) and social work degree so that they can get a crappy job leeching off of the taxpayers and dealing with cretins, and only hake $28K a year?

      Or someone who wants to be a doctor- who must devote every moment and aspect of his life, and mortgage the rest of his working life to achieve his goal, and if he dares to question or disagree with what he is taught….he is OUT! Universities have been for quite a while now places where you dare not question anything…just do as you’re told and think as you’re told….and even more so when you’re working for that government agency or mega-corp. It’s only for ‘believers’.

    • ‘the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB)’ — from John Kable’s Natural News link

      Who knew … who knew such a body lurked in the shadows?

      ‘FSMB,’ my friends, is a beard. It actually stands for ‘Feral Statist Master Batters.’

      And you can take that the wank … errr, bank. Yeah, bank.

    • Overheard in years past as advice from plumbing tradesman to apprentice:
      “Remember son, s**t rolls downhill, and payday is on Friday!”

      Advice given to me early in my engineering career:

      “When you have unyielding physics to deal with, it tends to focus your thoughts on root causes and solutions rather than pixie dust and unicorn farts!”

      It appears the “pixie dust and unicorn farts” approach is being taught nowadays vice unyielding physics.

    • “Curious how a 67 year old retired plumber can figure this psyop out, but college grads can’t.”

      When did you figure out where COVID must have come from?
      When did the government and the MSM?
      Now we know the speed of wilful stupidity: one year per fact.

  11. “‘the sickness that doesn’t kill 99.8 percent”
    And of that 0.2%, the average age of death is at or greater than life expectancy.
    The very worst aspect of the Big Lie is the eagerness with which the “vaccines” are being pushed at children, who suffer little do no risk from the virus, but most definitely do from the “vaccines”. How is this not child sacrifice to the COVID gods? How is this to anyone’s advantage, unless health and saving lives is not the true goal. Any foundation of morality or ethical standard would emphatically condemn such. Which apparently none of the “experts” and “officials” have.

  12. Disgusting and dehumanizing to undergo testing on such a frequent basis. It is pre harassment and punishment, plain and simple. I’m hearing this rationale everywhere I go and everyone is parroting it. We are engulfed by mass psychosis, feeding directly into tyranny. Fuckers!!

    Check out this video and tell me this isn’t EXACTLY what is happening to us, even down to the waves of intensity and calm, alternating.

    • Awesome video DC. Thanks!
      Was explaining to a friend that this cycle is very planned and deliberate. Ebb and flow. Many survivors of abuse or kidnap and imprisonment tell of cycles of abuse, then kindness, by their victimizers. The victimizers know that such cycles are the quickest way to mentally break down the victim. To break their will. This is asymmetrical warfare with many completely unaware that we are in a battle. Hey look! My sports ball team has a new logo! What? I have to get stabbed with this mystery juice to go see them play? OK. Oh, there’s more stabbings for my kids to get into school even though they have no risk of dying from covaids? OK. Oh, we need to do it again b/c the variant number 9 just arrived from not my country and my screens are telling me it’s the mostest deadly yet, despite these inconvenient facts that have been deboonked plainly telling me otherwise? OK.

      • ‘Many survivors of abuse or kidnap and imprisonment tell of cycles of abuse, then kindness, by their victimizers.’ — Lonne Wolfe

        The Lügenpresse, currently in the ‘abuse’ phase, is proud to play its part:

        ‘Other progressive stalwarts have jumped on the Iron Fist bandwagon. Pundit Matthew Yglesias declared that people should either take $50 for getting vaccinated now — “or else you get jabbed later while someone holds you down and you get $0.”

        WaPo columnist Ruth Marcus, who previously championed legal immunity for Bush administration torturers and sneered at Americans who complained about intrusive TSA searches, calls for mandating vaccines because it’s “time to stop coddling the reckless.”‘ — ZH

        Funny how the spate of mass shootings earlier this year has gone quiet. Is that sustainable, as sleazy stenographers spew their murderous bile at the Untermenschen?

        • Hi Jim,

          One could argue that creatures such as Marcus and Ygliesias are making credible threats – incitement. How is what they say different from saying, “we’re going to get you?” If I were to post such a thing on Twitter or other social media, directed at them, they’d accuse me of just that and I’d probably be Hut! Hut! Hutted! or at least banned.

          If they want people alarmed, this is how you do it.

          • Ruth Marcus went on to write: “The more inconvenient we make life for the unvaccinated, the better our own lives will be.”

            To take up Jim Bovard’s theme of ‘Covid kulaks,’ the more food we steal at gunpoint from the non-compliant, the better we eat!

            This is straight-up Stalinism. And it will have consequences.

            • Never underestimate stupid people in large numbers.

              This video is from Mark Dice, a conservative who does quite a bit of “man on the street videos.”

              This is what we have we have walking amongst us.


              Our own peers would willingly put us on the train. The more I see of human nature the less I am willing to fight for these people’s freedoms, because they don’t deserve any.

              • Yes, Mark Dice. He’s written some scary books that show how deep the elite have infiltrated and his videos show how stupid people can be. I remember his videos a while back where he would offer people 10 oz of silver (then around $150 spot price) or a chocolate bar. Everyone took the chocolate.

                • Most of those man-on-the-street videos are heavily edited to filter out the correct answers. Yea, it’s usually pretty funny but not in any way accurate.

      • Mark Passio, who said he used to work with them, said the difference in ability and awareness of the battle between the hidden controllers and the ignorati (general public):

        Imagine Bruce Lee, in his prime and jacked, primed and ready to deliver a roundhouse kick. His opponent is a little baby, in his high chair, drooling, with split peas running down his chin. That’s the differential that currently exists, in his words.

  13. “The man is either an imbecile – or a tyrant.”

    Stupid or Evil. It’s always the only choice. When all is said and done he will plead “STUPID!!!” as a defense. they ALWAYS do.

  14. You cannot look at the label, you have to look at the character of the man. If he believes he is a chosen ruler he is deserving of nothing more than a hearty F You. If he knows he is a temporarily selected manager of an entity with a very limited set of privileges and posers, he might be worth conditional support.

    All I ask is that they obey the law, but apparently that is too much. They believe they make the law and their subjects have to obey it. Kings who made a family business of governing knew that there were definite limits to their power, something these modern demons do not acknowledge.

    Before damn fool “law and order” types (“Conservatives”) gave them (“Progressives”) a domestic standing army, they were rightly laughed at. Things were trending badly before George W Bush, but his cohort built a shiny totalitarian state, and then were shocked when the hoodlum communist/fascist/progressive gang down the street grabbed the keys and took it for a joyride.

    I am so tired of swimming in a pond of lies and metaphorical sewage. But the next power in line for this ball of mud is probably the Chinese, and their culture both before and after communism is even worse than what we have.

    God save us.

  15. I’ve wondered, How many of these politicians – here in the u.s. and worldwide know that these “vaccines” are dangerous life-threatening/ending potions? i.e. how many are in on the scam. I’ve got to believe that many are useful idiots and many others are in on it and expect rewards when all the destruction kicks in. Is it in the near or far future. I also have to believe that Fauci and his demonic friends know exactly what the short AND long term effects of this injection are. After all, they’ve been working closely with the CCP for years, decades? on various projects. We know the CCP have no regard for human life; evidenced by their treatment of muslim minorities and the harvesting of organs from innocents to transplant into higher-up politicians and influencers in the country.

    Did they, in fact, inject this very substance – what they are currently injecting into as many people possible worldwide – into Chinese unwilling subjects years ago and so they know exactly what the outcome of this satanic injection is?

    How many of these politicians believe the **** peddled by Fauci & Friends?

    • Most of the Western politicians at this point know that the Culling is at hand.

      They just keep to the script, and keep toein’ that line, in hopes that they will be spared, and will have a “seat at the table” after the Great Reset…

  16. Remember ‘European vacations’? And they’re gone

    Ariana Jorge, a 34-year-old teacher from the US, moved to France last month but was vaccinated in New Jersey. She tried to get a health pass from a local pharmacy but the pharmacists said they couldn’t verify her vaccine card.

    “They saw the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) card as unofficial since it isn’t signed. So I provided an official letter from my state that has the emblem and signature and they still wouldn’t help,” she said.

    Jorge eventually received her health pass on Thursday through the system for French citizens vaccinated overseas, because she is married to a French person.

    US tourists would be nuts to visit France anymore. Those who are vaccinated will find that their CDC vax card cuts no ice. No Louvre for you, mon pote. No Les Deux Magots. You might as well be a refugee from Somalia, undocumented and frozen out.

    And for the unvaxxed? Foreign travel to the EU is effectively over, as neofeudalism clamps down. As is visiting New York City without an Excelsior Pass. And other tyrannical blue states.

    People in the Dark Ages rarely ventured more than ten miles from their own village. Our world is contracting like theirs, into a bureaucratic prison of primitive superstition and fear.

    Unhappy girl
    Left all alone
    Playing solitaire
    Playing warden to your soul
    You are locked in a prison
    Of your own devise

    — The Doors, Unhappy Girl

    • Only a damn fool would want to travel behind a new iron curtain. Anybody with the sense and means are getting out of dodge. It’s a mass exodus from covid lockdown prisons to the few free places left in these disunited states of america. VaxPass requirements are a reminder to stay the hell away from places like europe and new york. Even if the so called authorities shut off resources to the noncompliant I’d rather take my chances with the other lepers out in flyover country.

  17. Leaving aside the fact that this is all coroney baloney, if a person is “vaccinated”, by definition they are “protected.” It would then be irrelevant to their health whether or not they came in contact with someone who was not “vaccinated.”

    No Con-Jab for me!

    • Did you say Jab Hut? Sounds like a little kiosk in a strip mall where one could go and get their kill shot, just in case the McDonald’s slow-death isn’t fast enough for ’em. They have a rewards card. Get 5 shots (Boosters!) and get a FREE lobotomy!

      • If the shoe fits….well in his case, not much would fit anymore. Maybe he should be called Jabber the Hut-Hut-Huttt!

        I’m thinking the lobotomy came first!

    • This is dripping with contempt from the commiecrat gov in rino clothing of md. We are a thorn in his and many other’s side. Because we are walking, talking, living examples of how this whole “pandemic” is nothing more than an overhyped flu. By not getting ill and droppijg like flies from this virus we are living proof that the ptb have been lying for going on 18 months. I am reminded of the line in the movie gladiator that pretty much describes how everyone on the left and the establishment rinos feel about us;

      You simply won’t…die.

  18. ‘Republicans – as a class – are Democrats.’ — EP

    … and vice versa. A piquant example from earlier this week, involving the communist astronaut from Arizona:

    PHOENIX – Democratic Sen. Mark Kelly of Arizona used his first speech in Congress on Wednesday to pay tribute to John McCain, the late Republican U.S. senator whose seat Kelly now holds.

    “His legacy is something that cannot be matched,” Kelly said. “But it’s what inspires me serving in this Senate seat. And it’s his example of bipartisanship and independence that continues to demand more of us.”

    McCain’s widow, Cindy McCain, watched from the gallery as Kelly’s guest. She’s awaiting Senate confirmation after President Joe Biden nominated her as the U.S. representative to the United Nations Agencies for Food and Agriculture.

    It’s as heart-warming as Michelle Obama rehabilitating the smirking chimp George W Bush — all in the family, as it were: the family of insider boodlers and back-scratchers, in the sleazy Depublicrat duopoly (try finding that in the constitution).

    There is only one War Party.

  19. Most likely simply an opportunist who found himself more likely to be elected as a Republican.
    The New York Times in April 2020:
    “Obesity may be one of the most important predictors of severe coronavirus illness, new studies say. It’s an alarming finding for the United States, which has one of the highest obesity rates in the world.”
    Perhaps this is why he wants you to protect him.
    The only difference, and it isn’t much, that I’ve found between Democrats and Republicans is the Republicans give lip service to a desire to drive our handcart to hell a bit slower. The destination remains the same.


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