Some Questions for the Jabbers

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Herewith some questions for the people who insist others – everyone – must be Jabbed, in order for them to “feel safe”:

If I’m off base on any of these points, I welcome rational correction!

. . .

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  1. The whole “fear” gambit is intentionally designed to turn constitutional rights on their heads and nullify yours.
    “You can’t be allowed to have a gun because I have a right to feel safe.”
    “So-and-so speaking on campus threatens the safety of people of color.”
    “Your employment of this journalist directly threatens our community.”
    “Our violence is speech. Your silence is violence.”
    The response to any such statement needs to be a flat “No. Your move.”

  2. Poor guy but lol, great “convincing” statement: “I’m still glad I got it though.”

    Like the single mom waitress in her 20s, hungover after partying the night before with her frennnns saying “Oh my child is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

  3. Bend over, here it comes:

    ‘All signs are pointing to COVID-19 booster shots for Americans as federal health officials and ‘president’ Joe Biden prepare to speak with Americans today about what is expected to be the launch of a COVID-19 booster campaign.

    ‘The White House’s COVID-19 Response Team is set to hold its weekly briefing today at 11 a.m. ET and Biden is expected to address Americans at 4:30 p.m. ET.

    ‘Media outlets have reported that people will likely qualify for an extra shot at least eight months after finishing the first series of COVID-19 immunizations, and the shots likely will be rolled out in phases like they were over the winter and spring.’ — Marketwatch

    Sure, I’m gonna take health advice from a mumbling, senile old impostor who bragged last October that “We have put together I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”

    True dat, Joe. But it don’t make you no doctor.

  4. Eric, I’ve tried those sorts of arguments with jab fans. Many are incapable (for whatever reason) of processing the information and pointing our where I’m wrong. I basically get “this goes to 11” as a response. Even crazier, I get some that say “you’re probably right, but I’m going to get it anyway.” Best I can figure is that this second group is suffering from some form of reduced self-esteem. Sitting at the cool kids’ table is worth whatever abuse might come with it.

    • ‘some that say “you’re probably right, but I’m going to get it anyway.” — cjm

      Boosters, comrades! How’s that workin’ out for us?

      ‘More than one million Israelis have received the third-dose booster shot, officials said Monday. The government launched its latest vaccination campaign over two weeks ago, urging Israelis over 60 (since lowered to over 50) to get their third dose “booster.”

      ‘The latest figure — 1,048,767 — marks slightly over half the eligible population: The 1.9 million Israelis who are over 50 and got their first two vaccine shots over five months ago.’

      Since July 30th when its booster campaign launched, Israel’s daily ‘case’ rate rocketed from 221 per million to 754 per million — more than tripling, that is, to one of the worst rates recorded anywhere in the world during the entire pandemic.

      It’s impossible to paint this as anything other than an abject failure; a massive face-plant. All the MSM can do is ‘turn up the volume to eleven’ with increasingly deranged, absurd non sequiturs from babbling ‘experts’ who won Pfizer mouse pads, T-shirts, baseball caps and coffee mugs for their trouble.

    • I know, CJM – I get the same.

      It’s not stupidity; at least I don’t think it is. Rather, it seems to me to be a manifestation of a psychotic break. These people are so deranged that they will do anything to avoid dealing with painful realities. See Patty Hearst.

      • You know what the definition of insanity is?

        Doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.

        I think this qualifies in spades.

    • A friend of mine has been an avid cyclist for years. He’s in his mid 30s and in excellent physical condition (i.e. at zero risk of dying from the rona). I was talking to him last week and he admitted ever since he got the jab (which one I don’t know) he has been unable to cycle at the level he used to. He said where his heart rate used to peak at 160 beats per minute during a strenuous ride, it now exceeds 200 beats per minute for the same effort, and he quickly becomes overwhelmed with exhaustion. There was a lot of sadness and remorse on his face while saying this.

      Nonetheless, he immediately followed up with “I’m still glad I got it though.”

  5. Delusional gibberish from the hard-working stenographers of the New York Slimes:

    “If the chances of a breakthrough infection have gone up considerably, and I think the evidence is clear that they have, and the level of protection against severe illness is no longer as robust as it was, I think the case for boosters goes up pretty quickly,” Dr. Robert Wachter said.

    That’s the ‘how we lost Afghanistan’ strategy, Dr W — if it ain’t workin’, double down and lose bigger.

    “We don’t want to dilute the message that the vaccine is tremendously successful and protective, more so than we ever hoped initially,” said Dr. Scott Dryden-Peterson.

    As vaccine protection fades, now it’s ‘more successful than we ever hoped’? Dude, that’s brain-damaged.

    If breakthrough infections are becoming common, “it’s also going to demonstrate how well these vaccines are working, and that they’re preventing hospitalization and death, which is really what we asked our vaccines to do,” said Anne Rimoin, an epidemiologist at the University of California, Los Angeles.

    Failure proves success? Riiiight.

    Remember last year, when the cry on everyone’s lips was ‘stop the spread’? Now they’ve moved the goalposts to a whole different stadium. As the sad case of Israel shows, vaccine does NOT stop the spread. So, at best, vaccination now is only about individuals partially protecting themselves from severe illness.

    Big Pharma needs perpetual booster shots for perpetual revenues. So boosters it’s going to be, whether they work, don’t work, or even make everything worse than before (ask Israel about that scenario).

    • One more for the road:

      ‘If you do get Covid, then take it seriously,” Dr. Dryden-Petersen said. “Seek out therapies like monoclonal antibodies if you’re high-risk, to try to prevent the need for hospitalization.”

      Riiiight — don’t try simple, $2-a-dose ivermectin at home, when you can check into the hospital for intravenous monoclonal antibodies and run up a five or six-figure medical bill that may bankrupt you.

      Lies … all lies … poison lies from the disciples of Dr Mengele.

    • “they’re preventing hospitalization and death….” per the faux scientist above. Thought Pfizer, et al said the con-jabs were only trialed for minimizing “mild symptoms”….these people are mind-bending as fast as they can.

      I’m still waiting for the evidence that the hospitals were overflowing last year. Remember the “nightingales” and the naval floating hospitals? So do I.

      • Actually, you don’t find that many claims that hospitals are full, just that they are understaffed. Which means the hospital didn’t want to pay for adequate staffing. If nurses are in short supply, its because there’s not enough incentive, as in pay, to get people to pursue that course. Just like any other “labor shortage”, there is no such thing. If you pay people enough, they will go to work for you. Accountants often don’t believe in reality.

        • You nailed it John,
          My sister is a retired nurse and she saw that coming years ago. Nurse to patient ratios getting ever higher while more paper shuffling useless administrators are hired at six figure salaries.
          Same bulls**t excuse for the H1B visa hires in my field “they do the jobs Americans can’t/won’t do”…..No, they do the work you greedy pricks won’t pay enough for American workers.

          • In the 1980s the whole get kids into engineering thing started. It is still going on today. You know the one thing they won’t do? PAY MORE. Yeah I know engineers make good money but someone who can make it as an engineer can go into finance or some other field that is rewarded more.

            This is why these programs have failed for about 40 years now and will continue to fail.

          • I forgot, the understaffed part.
            What I have been seeing is XX% of available ICU/whatever beds are occupied. How is available defined? By staffing levels. By keeping staff levels low they can say they are running at shocking to the reader capacity levels.

            Also the public doesn’t understand that the sweet spot for profit in occupancy businesses is around 80-85%. So the public hears 85% or 90% and they react emotionally not knowing that things are built and staffed to be 80-85% occupied all the time as the baseline. If you drive that number down you wasted money on the physical plant and/or have staff twiddling their thumbs. Go above that you need to hire more people at minimum and that starts eating into profits. Also you then don’t have capacity for turn over for new customers, maintaining the physical plant, etc and flow suffers.

            15-20% empty lets things flow well and it allows for short term surge business.

        • The ruse from the beginning was twofold – stop the spread AKA “save granny”, coupled with minimizing the overcrowding that was “expected” at hospitals.

      • The hospitals here, in the HQ of the rag I like to call “Carlos Slim Slimes” (look up this, uh, gent’s history with that “paper of record”) or “New Yup Times” were….


        Empty, empty, empty. THROUGHOUT the scam-demic.

        This could be seen by anyone with eyes, even if the fuckers did try to throw up a fence around the hospital down the street from me—y’know, to prevent the crime of NOTICING. Noticing, that is, how EMPTY the place was.

        I call the jabbers “blubbershits.” Because they’re little shits who can’t stop blubbering and bawling about what you must do and how you must please them. (It works out nicely that quite a few are ham planets as well, but the name applies equally to the most emaciated among them.) Needless to say, the incidence of narcissistic personality disorder among the Branch Covidian faithful is quite a bit higher than the norm. Ditto the frauds in gubmint they worship like my Italian Catholic elders, may they RIP, used to worship Pope John Paul II.

        Still ain’t budging, blubbershits. Happy to skip the pretentious restaurants and showcases of slack-jawed idiocy on Broadway while you shoot yourself up with poison and bow to your Lord and Saviour, the failure mayor. Too bad, so sad. As for the matter of face diapers, guess you’ll have to keep looking daggers at me and seething! I know it is very “triggering” to see a naked, attractive, healthy looking face, but that’s your problem, n’est ce pas?

        Anyway, as your pronoun pins, Twatter, and/or Fuckbook all loudly proclaim, you’re hidebound to the Covidian cult per your “vastly superior values”….BUT without people like me holding our “inferior” positions, what could possible occasion you to feel so goddam smug?

    • So, at best, vaccination now is only about individuals partially protecting themselves from severe illness.

      Actually, it’s been that way from the beginning. There’s nothing “breakthrough” about jabbed people getting sick. At the introduction of the jabs, the drug manufacturers themselves said that the jabs would not prevent anyone from getting the ‘rona, just reduce the severity of the symptoms.

      You’re spot on with the boosters. My prediction is monthly boosters by 2023 (for those that are still alive).

      • Speaking of boosters, Israel’s daily ‘case’ rate per million population is launching like a Zircon hypersonic missile, having climbed from 687 to 754 in a single day. Chart:

        Israel’s covid case rate is now the 4th-highest on the planet, as its booster shot campaign rolls fecklessly and destructively on.

        Thanks, Pfizer!

    • Well that’s just common sense, if you took two shots that didn’t work, a third shot of what didn’t work will no doubt solve the problem. Sometimes I wonder how their brain manages to keep them from messing in their pants. Maybe it doesn’t. They just wear diapers.

      • True, which is why they keep adding new “variants” so they have an excuse on why the “vax” isn’t working. This way the fear keeps perpetuating, the pharmas keep making hand over fist, and the Biden Administration can save face. Nature is going to do what nature is going to do. No vaccine, pill, or treatment is going to save us. The end result is the same – we will all die sometime.

        Those of us that accept that is the end scenario are still able to function on a rational level. Those that refuse to accept that will do anything to keep the guaranteed result from occurring even if it means decreasing their own life span in the process.

    • The goal of the covid war is the same the Afghanistan war, that it is perpetual and the money keeps flowing. There is no winning in the sense of what people think it is, winning is in the fleecing of the people.

  6. Good points Eric, but they will fall on deaf ears.

    What I find is those who are not getting shot is they know far more about the scientific data than the believers who only watch TV – unfortunately, including doctors

    • Hi Dan,

      Thanks – and, indeed. It’s become painfully – depressingly – obvious that facts no longer matter. That we live among cattle, driven to madness by fear. These creatures cannot be reasoned with; only avoided and – if possible – steered in a better direction, somehow.

  7. The stick don’t frikin’ work. That’s why mRNA vaccines are never approved. They don’t do enough to stop spread. They do reduce the time it take for your immune system to get its shit together, but that’s not stopping the spread. And oh boy the people in charge need this Frankenstein’s monster out of the biome before someone who matters (IE: Hillary or JEB! or Kissinger) gets dead. Woo-hoo-hoo! But at least (so far) it is following the evolution of most virus strains, the more easily transmitted become weaker.

    • Hi RK,

      I continue to be amazed by what must either be my superior genetics, my astoundingly effective immune system – blind luck – or (more likely) the grotesquely exaggerated threat of this “virus.”

      It’s going on two years now and I’ve yet to get a sore throat, even. I’ve “practiced” no form of Kabuki whatsoever; no “mask” has ever touched my face. I purposely visited (and shook hands with) friends and went out in public practically every day, for all this time. Nothing. Yet I am pleaded with to take this “highly infectious” and “deadly” virus seriously.

      It’s of a piece with the same unctuous pleading I’ve heard for years about “speeding.” It kills! You are going to crash! And yet, I haven’t. Oh, but it could happen! Any day now…

      Sure, just as lightning could strike me dead on my way to the mailbox. But it’s ridiculous to live on the assumption that it will.

      • A third possibility, my personal observation is that most libertarian/thinking people tend to avoid crowds of sheep/mobs of zombies. You’re not going to find me at a commercial sporting event, or a rave, or similar crap. I’ve been to one concert in my life, a small venue punk band in Texas 40 long years ago.

        If there is any reality to this thing it is concentration dependent, medical personnel who I respect (raconteur report, e.g.) seem to be very afraid of it, and are in the highest concentration of “virus”/toxin. Just like Ebola, if you’re in the “hot zone” you should be very concerned, and if you aren’t, then not so much.

        From what I’ve read of biowarfare, the problem is making the crap work. Anthrax, for instance turned out to be very hard to weaponize because it just isn’t fine enough to stay airborne and spread. And any superbug they come up with is going to be a mutant strain, something inherently unstable and tending to burn itself out or become less dangerous as it passes through a population. And germs are far less dangerous today than 150 years ago, because of refrigeration, nutrition, and sanitation, not quackcines.

        There are lots of possibilities, but the stone cold fact is that close to 1% of the population dies every year, and if all the lies are true, Covid is responsible for .27% of those, and the average age of “Covid” death is above the average life expectancy.

        Nothing to panic about. Avoid it like the common cold.

        • I agree with everything you have written, Ernie.

          I have noticed though over the last two weeks even the unvaxxed are getting ill. Whatever is going around is pretty darn contagious, but all of the symptoms are those of a flu. I know a few who have been bed ridden for a few days, but fortunately, no hospitalizations or death.

          I would suggest though that everybody get stocked up on their oregano oil, licorice root, and elderberry, because it will likely hit us all before it is over. Just take care of your immune system and it will take care of you. Nothing to panic about.

          • RG,

            People who take The Holy Jab end up SHEDDING the virus! IOW, they spread COVID the same as an infected, unvaxxed person would.

            • Actually, Mark it is worse. By definition this is a “leaky” vaccine. The Vaxxed will incubate and spread infection because they don’t feel sick enough to stay in.

  8. It will take 18 months to two years for the “vaccines” to have their intended effect.
    Bill Gates admitted that vaccines would be used for “depopulation”.
    By having a delayed reaction, the vaccines will not be blamed for the massive amount of deaths that is coming.
    A “new virus variant” will be introduced into the population in order to “trigger” the “vaccines” and achieve Bill Gates goal of inducing massive ultimate deaths–depopulation.
    Since when did Bill Gates become an MD?

    • I have no idea whether the depopulation thing is true or not. But I will say this: Bill Gates didn’t even have the skill to build a decent operating system**. He further doomed his precious Microsoft by leaving it in the hands of clowns. The post-St. Bill era was a doozy: the company failed to innovate in its product or software lines, its execs failed to anticipate the direction technology was heading, and the rats in HR failed to retain talented engineers by adopting a stack ranking-based employee evaluation system that ensured mostly ass-clowns and sociopaths would get ahead.

      Perhaps he should’ve stuck to combatting viruses in Windows and left medicine to those who know what the fuck they’re doing?

      **Switched to Linux in 2006—and happy I did!

  9. Eric, dude! This is a great rant that I would love to share with others who are still unaware…but the NOISE makes this virtually unwatchable. I couldn’t even finish it. Might I suggest a unidirectional mic, or maybe budding in the narration post production?

      • Eric,
        Another nifty gizmo you should look into is a suction cup camera mount. You don’t have to fumble around with your camera and we don’t have to upchuck from sea sickness. 🙂

      • Hi RK (and all who’ve commented on my video skills)…

        I take a certain pride in not trying to be slick with a camera; others can focus on that. I try to focus on the subject at hand and devote my efforts toward that end. Maybe if cameras had secondaries….

  10. There have been an excess number of deaths, for example in America by some half a million people, according to Ron Unz. On the other hand, the largest dataset I’ve been able to find (for the UK), indicates that the vast majority of deaths are occurring among the aged (80-90+).
    The number of extremely old persons still alive has probably never been higher in human history.
    The effectiveness of vaccines is clearly limited, although it may help with disease severity (the jury appears to be still out on that).
    The mRNA vaccines apparently harm a significant number of people, greater than the numbers usually considered acceptable.
    The only important fact is this: The opportunity for technocrats to seize greater control of the population for political and possibly other purposes is unprecedented. Never let a crisis go to waste, as whatshisname told us not too long ago.

  11. If we want to talk about selfish, lets talk about the immunity that big pharma has.


    They should be responsible for all those that the jab injures.

  12. Yep, it’s insanity run amok as far the jabs are concerned. I just received an email from the CEO of the company that I work for (that produces adult beverages). All corporate office and sales employees must be jabbed by the end of September. The rest of the employees that work in production such as myself, are “encouraged” to get the needle. Corporate is enticing production employees with monetary bonuses to achieve “compliance”. My gut reaction is that it is only a matter of time before the boot comes down and it’s “the jab or your job”. With all the evidence of it not being medically safe, they can go to hell! My health takes priority over their paycheck!

    • Exactly. Your paycheck will do you no good when your health is gone. And they will forget your name if you are no longer able to work due to the jab.

  13. Eric mentioned Israel’s highly vaccinated population. Israel also leads the world in its percentage of population who have received a third booster dose of the Pfizer vax.

    YET, Israel’s ‘case’ rate has exploded from a low of 1.12 cases daily per million people on June 9, 2021, to 687 yesterday — a more than SIX HUNDRED FOLD increase which now ranks Israel as having one of the highest infection rates in the world. Chart:

    Dudes: it ain’t workin’. Stop. Just stop.

    • Except it isn’t about the vaccines, but the biometric passports. The point of COVID and its variants is to terrify the people in the name of “safety”. They could be putting saline water in all of them as far as we know or it could be something much more sinister. The goal is to separate us into two groups – those that will follow and those that will fight. Once they realize those of us that won’t play “Follow the Leader” it is easy to pick us out and off. Our own families, friends, and peers will help them succeed in doing so.

      My sister has tested positive for COVID and was out for a week. Two of her three sons now have it as well. I am sure the third will also get it shortly. So far everyone has had symptoms that correspond to the average flu. My sister will likely be out of work for a month dealing with sick kiddos, as well as, herself. Those around her are freaking out, which is causing her to freak out. She believes this is going to be an annual occurrence. I shrug my shoulders. What would she have done if all the kids came down with the flu? The same thing, of course. She would have still missed a month of work taking care of them. No school or daycare is going to allow a child with a fever and body aches to enter through their doors.

      COVID will become another version of the flu (if isn’t already) once everything settles down. The government sees an opportunity to squeeze the neck of the global citizen a bit tighter by enforcing a totalitarian agenda to create a society of slave laborers. Those that buy into it are fools.

      Unfortunately, it will take 10-20 years for the Earth’s citizens to realize they have been played as dimwits. Right now those on the left (and even some on the right) believe they are standing on the correct side of history…..they aren’t. Much like the Germans of the 1930s and 1940s they will never admit that they succumbed to the biggest psych op in history and went along with it with an enthusiasm that was unmatched.

      • Hey RG,

        “Unfortunately, it will take 10-20 years for the Earth’s citizens to realize they have been played as dimwits.”

        …And still, no one will admit anything. It’ll be spun to still, somehow, be our fault, and people will believe, or pretend to believe what they are told. Sad, but I’m sure, quite true.

        • Hi BaDnOn,

          They will do what most Germans did….erase history (mainly their own part in it). Take down the statues, burn the books, and point the finger at one man and his Army, not the millions of people that elected and followed his commands.

    • Hey, Jim. Have you taken a look at Palestine? Same basic area, poorer people, less sanitary, less vaccination. They’re not having nearly the explosion in “The Cases!” (or deaths) as Israel. That’s possibly because they aren’t being tested at the same rate, but historically, it appears they’ve followed a similar pattern.

      All quite curious.

  14. The only criticism I might have against this rant is that it’s too lenient toward the Sociopaths In Charge and their sycophants. It’s not just a question of if one should or should not accept a medical experiment with no long term safety testing, it’s a question of should we be severely PUNISHED for not accepting it. To the point of being sent to camps. Where we can be easily exterminated. It’s no longer a question of ethics, its a question of Big Brother and his ruling, and our acceptance of that ruling. The narrative is unraveling, and Big Brother is not happy about it.

  15. BOHICA — Bend Over, Here It Comes Again:

    ‘The Biden administration is close to advising fully vaccinated Americans get COVID-19 booster shots eight months after their last vaccine. The recommendation could come as soon as this week.

    ‘A third shot for those who received the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines would help with any [sic] waning effectiveness of the current shots.

    ‘The NYT reports officials expect those who received the one dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine will need a booster shot as well.’ — NPR

    As Big Pharma likes to crow, ‘You’re likely to be on this medication for life.’ KACHING.

    It’s plain to see what’s coming: an expiration date for the Jab. After 12 months, those who got their requisite two shots will be told, ‘SORRY — your protection has expired. You are no longer fully vaxxed. Admission denied.

    This is your US fubar fedgov, shilling shots for Satan.

    • Two shots didn’t work, so the not so obvious to the sane solution is another shot of the vaccine that doesn’t work. Meanwhile, evidence grows that the vaccines themselves are the cause of the variants they no longer work against, and against which your natural immunity also doesn’t work well against. The vaccines are a self perpetuating need for more of the same. I would congratulate Pharma for such a successful venture, if they weren’t trying to kill me. I am in a high risk category, yet will still not yield. I prefer to die in my own good time to being hastened along the way for profit of a few.

      • ‘The vaccines are a self perpetuating need for more of the same.’ — JK

        “FAUSTUS. [Stabbing his arm.] Lo, Mephistophilis, for love of thee
        I jabbed mine arm, and with my proper blood
        Assure my soul to be great Lucifer’s
        Chief lord and regent of perpetual night!”

        ― Christopher Marlowe, Dr. Faustus

    • Ya know, if you play Russian roulette long enough, you will win the big prize.

      Just don’t assume the shots aren’t working just because unconfirmed reports in the media of increasing “cases” are going up. It cannot be stated often enough that it is all a lie, from top to bottom and beginning to end.

      • Hi Ernie:

        You are correct. This needs to be repeated over and over. THIS IS ALL A LIE! Just like weapons of mass destruction, global warming, systemic racism, existential threats from terrorism because of our freedoms, Russian election interference, etc..

      • In this case, I submit that each time you play Faucian roulette, you add more bullets in the cylinder. Sad that many will dutifully booster themselves into a coffin. But what can you do.


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