Our Time’s 1989 Moment, Maybe?

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The good news is the wheels are finally coming off. It was the only way the runaway truck of Sickness Psychosis could ever be stopped.

The Biden Thing’s heavy-handed attempt to force-medicate the entire country has been stymied by the courts – again! – which should make it much harder for the corporations to force-medicate employees. They now have both firmer ground to stand on as regards refusing to go along with it as well as the far more important pressure-relief valve of an alternative to it.

Without a government mandate, applicable everywhere, there will always be employers who don’t insist that employment is contingent upon being medicated. This makes it much more difficult for employers who do insist on it to continue so insisting.

People can just quit – and go to work someplace sane. Leaving the insane other place without workers. It’s hard to get things done without them.

It’s kind of like having fifty different states,with some states having low (or even no) state income taxes and a more live-and-let-live culture.

When there is a freedom option, most people will take it. And even if they don’t, the fact that they could applies a salutary pressure upon those who would take it away. Which is why the underlying theme of the Cult of Sickness Abiding was always and above all to take it away, everywhere.

From “masks” to Jabs, the same for all – and everywhere.

Luckily for us, we do have fifty different states – including states like Florida, which provided not only an alternative but also an example. People there were not only free to show their faces, the fact that they did showed that not showing them wasn’t the magical talisman against sickness and death asserted by the Cult.

It is certain that Florida’s example undermined the bogeyman assertions made by the Faucists, that failing to abide by the “guidelines” urged by them would guarantee death and doom.

When it didn’t, the Faucists began to look not merely like ridiculous hysterics but something more sinister. The apoplectic fury directed at Florida and especially at Florida’s governor, Ron DeSantis, makes no sense unless it is prompted by something other than “concern” for  what is styled “public health” – an odd turn of phrase given there’s no such thing, except as a vague rhetorical abstraction. People are healthy or not.

There is no such thing as collective (i.e., “public”) health.

By letting people breathe – and live – DeSantis established it was not necessary to force them to breathe through a “mask” – nor turn their lives upside down in order to continue living. Florida proved that normalcy is healthy. You’d think – if “concern” over people’s “health” were the driving motive – that the Faucists would have thanked DeSantis for proving them wrong. Perhaps even apologized for getting it wrong. Assuming they were well-intended.

But admitting that DeSantis was right makes it harder to continue selling – imposing – what is wrong.

What is evil.

People began to see the emperor’s new clothes. Rather, they began to see that the emperor was prancing around naked, his gray-haired man boobs flopping around in the breeze.

The sight wasn’t – isn’t – pretty.

Now it looks like a whole country, Great Britain is going to follow Florida’s example. It will soon be legal for people in Great Britain to practice normalcy again, too. The whole show – all the Sickness Kabuki “practices” – is about to be shelved as far as being mandatory. No more “masking” – unless you want to. No more having to present paperwork documenting you’ve had your rabies shots to get a cup of coffee or shop, either.

This is going to make it harder for other European countries to continue practicing abnormalcy – for the same reason that Florida’s example is making it hard for other states in America to continue practicing it. Even in states where it is still technically expected  – such as California – it is becoming harder to insist on it. This writer has family in Oceanside, CA – which is part of California, one of the states most firmly in thrall to the Cult of Sickness Abiding. And yet, even there, the rituals are losing their puissance because the mechanisms of the state aren’t insisting upon them.

The city government says it is not going to enforce the state government’s decree that people “mask” in order to shop.

And so, many don’t.

The more who don’t, the more who won’t. Sanity re-asserts itself. People see it’s ok to show their faces. More faces show.

Color and life returns. This could be our time’s 1989 Moment – the reference being to the fall of the old Soviet Union and the coming down of the wall between East and West Berlin.

As long as there was a West Berlin as a counterpoint to East Berlin, people wanted to get out of East Berlin. As long as there is something other than the Soviet Union, people will know that living in a Soviet Union isn’t the only way to live.

With Florida leading the way, here – we may be on our way back to America, too.

. . .

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    • thats what im afraid of. The direction of travel has been set, and they know people are fed up. They want to lay back for a bit and then push further. Its always been the way its worked. Sorry to say this is just the calm before the storm…

      • Klaus Schwab has been running around saying how we’re unprepared for a major cyber attack; I think that’s what’s next…

        • ^^^Yep. That cyber attack is going to be focused on making it seem like we need to eliminate cash and take away anonymity–as if there really is such privacy currently–from the internet. Maybe have to scan your retina or other biometric data, just to access……Just to make sure you aren’t a “terrorist” ya know. We can’t be to saaaafe in today’s age. At a minimum make sure that you can’t pay your credit card bill without proving who you are.

          Once we get everyone used to that system, then we can have another deadly virus to scare them into getting all of their vaxecutions and finally use the infrastructure that has been warpsped over the past 2 years. Another couple years we’ll have our dandy 5G network to make the surveillance much more efficient and feasible.

  1. Oh, there’s another thing to which I’d like to invite you to consider. I’m an options, futures, and options on futures, trader… not an “investor”… a *trader*. No, I’m not Warren Buffet but I watch the market and my positions like a hawk. I trade daily. It’s rare for more than a couple/few days to go by without me opening, adjusting or closing a trade. I communicate daily with a paid-for online group of similar traders, all day during every trading day. OK?

    At the moment, NASDAQ composite futures (/NQ) stand at 14411 since the close of market this past Friday. When the index went further down than it did during the initial covid market panic of 2020. And there’s no “big thing” that anyone can point at — there are many speculative individual things to which people attribute the move. No big thing but that’s a freaking wallop.

    Now, I’d like to invite you to search on “Bank Of America: If The Nasdaq Closes Below 14,000, All Hell Breaks Loose”. Or perhaps give this a read (not sure if it is free/public access, I subscribe): https://quoththeraven.substack.com/p/why-we-could-be-staring-down-the

    The futures market opens at 4pm today. This past Friday the index fell an astonishing 930 points from it’s high at 11am. If it doesn’t bounce over night and remains in 14400 territory tomorrow morning, the beasts of hell will be upon us — metaphorically speaking.

    If you have a 401K (as I also do) or any amount of investment in any fungible equities, you need to start praying.

    • Hi EM,

      I think the bubble burst began Tuesday although the financial crisis began in September 2019. The Nasdaq lost 7.6% last week. The Dow was down four days straight. I am down to owning four stocks. The rest I have sold over the last 18 months one they reached a considerable amount of profit. My last profitable stock I sold two Fridays ago. The remaining four I am just writing off as complete losses.

      In 1929 and 2000 we had stock bubbles. In 2008 we had a housing and stock bubble. In 2022 we are looking at a housing, stock, and commodity bubble. There is nothing the Fed or federal government can do to stop this train. I am sure that degree in politics will help Jerome Powell as he is about to reign over the worst economic crash in history. No degree in Finance, Accounting, or Economics. We have a man who doesn’t even possess a degree in STEM holding one of the highest positions in the land. God help us. We are going to need it.

      • On Tuesday all the major indexes were looking fine. Nasdaq composite while slightly down was above 15000 at close of the equity markets. The DOW was almost 35000. S&P 500 closed above 4500.

        The /NQ is ~14200 as I write this and all index futures were down in overnight trading. I think we’re about to find out if BofA’s prediction has any weight and, if so, what “all hell breaks lose” actually looks like.

        I’m not sure what I’m gonna do with my open options positions. Depends on how quickly the market moves when the bell rings.

    • Is this the next stage in the reset?

      stock market crash

      use this as an excuse to freeze ALL financial markets and only let people get $50/day out of an ATM

      (Jeroen Dijsselbloem called this “a template for Europe” when the EU did the same thing in Cyprus, it was called getting cyprused in 2012

      Jim Rickard’s referred to this as “Ice Nine.”)

      https://www.rogerrossmeislcpa.com/jim-rickards-on-unfolding-ice-9-situation/ ….a 2020 video..

      Then do a debt jubilee, seize all pensions and 401K’s, ban cash, and roll out UBI, MMT and digital currency

      A bank account or brokerage account is too easy to seize, moving money into something else, gold, silver, maybe crypto, might be smart, some other assets are easy to seize too, like vehicles, houses.

      • I know there are many that love crypto, but I have my doubts on it. I don’t like anything I can’t hold. I want to see it. I want to feel it. I remember reading how the FBI was able to get back almost half of the crypto that was paid for the Colonial Pipeline ransom. Everything is hackable. If the government wants my stuff, they are going to have to bring metal detectors and a bulldozer. I refuse to make it easy for them.

        • I think Crypto is a trap. They made it seem like some unmonitored way to exchange value and buy things. Then only to come at it hard with regulation. There’s absolutely nothing behind any crypto, just what the market says. People try to tell me the same is true for “fiat” currencies and that is a distortion in my opinion. I understand fiat currency is not tied to gold or anything else but it has a whole lot of tangible real things associated with it that people with vast wealth are not going to walk away from so easily.

          Crypto can vaporize overnight and nobody will care, except the bag holders of course. I never traded or held any crypto and have zero plans on doing so.

          The government is coming big time for those that do. Watch.

          • Crypto is absolutely a trap, especially in its current form. Imagine a system where from day 1 every transaction is recorded on an open ledger. To us plebs it seems anonymous, but bear in mind every point of entry and exit (ie the exchanges) are as heavily regulated as banks in terms of KYC and AML requirements (ever tried to open a crypto exchange account – I did about 5 years ago and then asked for more paperwork than a bank !) . Which basically means they know exactly who is putting in and pulling out of the system. And all the information between is on an open ledger….. how is that anonymous or private to someone with the right motivation !?!?

            • I agree, Nasir –

              I don’t pretend to understand how crypto works; it makes no sense to me – in the sense that (as far as I can tell) it’s just another form of fiat (i.e., arbitrarily created) “money” and subject to the same oily manipulations as “federal” reserve “notes.” But the thing that worries me most is that it is purely digital. No possibility of physical possession and – worse – easily “turned off” by whomever controls it. Not wearing your “mask?” No money for you.

              I see crypto as the ultimate tool of digital tyranny. Far better – if you seek to empower rather than control people – to pursue a system based on hard money, such as gold and silver.

              • I find crypto to be a conditioning trap.
                In the 1930s technocracy wanted a currency that put everyone on an energy ration. Ultimately where every transaction would be approved by a central body.

                An energy based currency. What is cyrpto? It’s a representation of the energy consumed by computers to solve the puzzles to ‘mine’ it. How does it function? Every transaction is recorded in the blockchain. Fedgov already knows how to trace these transactions and to individuals.

                So with a couple of ‘enhancements’ cyrpto becomes the technocratic dream currency. A way of controlling people and managing human society in very fine detail.

                People do not know of 1930s technocracy and thus don’t put 2 and 2 together.

              • Eric – I dont claim to get it either, but you’re right, crypto in its current form is a form of digital tyranny. I do (as brent also notes) suspect it has been put out there by our overlords to test the water of peoples acceptance of a central bank digital currency. And you very easily see how today the current use of cryptos can eventually be used to have a government issued one, using the same script that was used to bring in the federal reserve (ie some banks went under, a couple people sadly lost their savings, and the government stepped in to help everyone by giving the fed monopoly over money and basically making every other bank a franchisee). Same will happen in cryptos I suspect.

                In the ideal world however I do like to imagine a system whereby a blockchain ledger can be used as a medium of exchange between people. Though never as a store of value. For that, gold and silver are far superior in so many ways, as in they can he held, ultimate privacy can be had, and if needed they can even be lost in the occasional boating accident…. none of which can be done in a crypto

              • Eric,

                The other problem with crypto is that Fedgov is making noises about regulating it. Fauxcahontas Warren is chair of the Senate Finance Committee, and she was making noises about bringing it under control. She was saying that it empowers criminals, etc. SO! I think it’s only a matter of when, not if, the gov’t takes control of it.

                Also, what happens if the Internet goes down? What if there’s a cyber attack or an EMP that brings it down? What if your money is tied up in crypto? You’re SOL, that’s what! Ergo, I’d prefer to use gold and silver vs. BTC or some other crypto.

      • Maybe the rulers pushed everybody into putting all their money into real estate is because:

        The money can’t leave the country, it is trapped, if it was in gold, it might leave,

        it creates a huge amount of revenue through taxes,

        it is easy to confiscate, the owner doesn’t really own the real estate, they get only fee simple title, not allodial title, so it can be confiscated.


        • If you don’t have it in your hand, and it can’t be moved, it’s potential state property. All it takes is legislation, or in recent times, executive order.

    • Vix was up 9.75% Friday

      Investing Legend Turns Apocalyptic, Expects Stocks To Crater 50% In Largest Wealth Destruction In US History.

      Long spx puts and long vix calls might work soon.

      vixm jan 21 calls were up 540% on friday 1/21
      spy jan 21 puts were up 209% on friday 1/21

      On the other side someone said they think interest rates could go to minus 20%, to get rid of the debt on the balance sheet.


      • There’s plenty of short sellers still out there looking to recoup their losses from the last few years. Also the big boys who can switch to selling short in an instant. If the market does keep going south the shorts and the big boys will drive the market, whether it be stocks crypto or whatever, into the ground like they did in 2000 and 2008.

        All those millions of newbies who signed on and helped drive the markets higher will get wiped or they will sell to preserve their “winnings”. The non short big boys will bail too.

        If the markets tank Biden’s house of cards, and the economy will collapse.

        All those feeling flush from their “winnings” and had quit their jobs will be out looking for jobs when they’re left holding a bag of shyyte. If we get a dust up with Russia or oil goes to the moon goodbye markets.

        All those crypto lovers rejoiced when the big money got into crypto thinking it made crypto legit and the sky was the limit. They failed to realize the big money besides driving the market up can drive it down and destroy it as well. Professionals elbowing their way into a game populated by amateurs.

        Interesting times ahead.

      • The VIX is up more than 15% this morning. I don’t trade VIX or UVXY. Long PUTs could work if the market doesn’t bounce AND there are buyers. If the writer of the option defaults, the exchange may pick up the tab but that’s not guaranteed especially in a mass carnage situation.

        • long spy puts working today…..

          anonymous1 January 23, 2022 At 4:37 pm

          Vix was up 9.75% Friday

          Investing Legend Turns Apocalyptic, Expects Stocks To Crater 50% In Largest Wealth Destruction In US History.

          Long spx puts and long vix calls might work soon.

        • If the writer of the option defaults……they will get a margin call way before that and their broker will close the position if they see it costing them money…..

          What might happen is they will shut the market down and everybody’s money is trapped in there and you might not ever see one penny.

          1st they lock you down then they lockdown/shutdown the markets, I wouldn’t put it past these insane bastards. buy gold, silver

  2. As we struggle our way back to normalcy, it might be important to fully understand what has been established and won’t be going away (regardless of covid, mandates or not).

    In particular, I think people may want to read this article published in the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (back in Nov 2021) and maybe follow some of the links:


    I’ll let everyone draw their own conclusions but I’m just gonna reiterate the source of the publication. That is NOT freaking “Alex Jones” or any other easily dismissible outlet.

    I really, really, think people should give that a read.

    • Indeed, EM –

      The financial incentives created to encourage “cases” and so on would, in saner times, have been immediately recognized as calling into question everything the medical apparat claimed regarding those “cases” – and much more besides.

      • The only reason they are ignored is the propaganda inspired sanctity of the medical field. They can’t be evil, because of that Hippocratic oath thing. Which of course the Medical Industrial Complex completely ignores.

        • Another thing is “they can’t be evil” because, if they are, then where in hell does anyone go (except to that evil) for serious medical issues?!

          I mean, I get that there are honest-to-goodness well-intentioned doctors and other practitioners out there but I also get that those are the ones that Big Pharma and politicized medicine are doing everything they can to get rid of.

          • Hi EM,

            One of the problems we’re dealing with, I suspect, is that doctors aren’t scientists. They are highly trained technicians, who study and learn the body’s systems and how to treat them. This usually works ok when what they are taught correlates with what’s wrong – and how to fix it. But what happens when what they are taught – what they are told – is wrong? How many doctors will risk AMA sanction and their livelihood, perhaps, by questing what the institutions they’re beholden to expect them to accept as gospel? The pressure must be enormous – and I suspect to one degree or another it is unconscious as well. Institutional thinking is herd thinking. Very hard to deviate.

            • >One of the problems we’re dealing with, I suspect, is that doctors aren’t scientists.
              Although there are many M.D.s with a solid undergraduate education, there are others whose background is, shall we say, somewhat sketchy. I have met MDs whose “preparation” for medical school were (different cases):
              * art history B.A.
              * political science B.S.
              * no undergraduate degree (2-1/2 yrs undergrad)
              Then there is Dr. Fraudski, with an A.B. in “classics,” which I guess means Greek & Latin literature.

              At the opposite extreme, there are M.D.s who are actual scientists, having completed a PhD in a scientific field, such as biochemistry or microbiology, as well as med school, and are entitled to write M.D., PhD after their name.

              In my experience, it is the *least* qualified (in many fields) who tend to have the largest egos, and are most likely to insist you accept their (professional) opinion as “divinely inspired.”

              But that is not how science works. Even the most prominent scientist can be wrong. Scientific method, by definition, means that all conclusions are open to discussion and re-verification.

              Ex cathedra pronouncements are the domain of theology, not science.

              Just sayin…

              • Further to above, I expect there are almost *no* M.D.s with any knowledge of industrial hygiene, including proper respiratory protection, excluding a very small minority who have been involved in scientific research with highly dangerous chemical and/or biological toxins in a laboratory environment.

                Their ignorance on this topic, coupled with public willingness to trust them “because they are doctors,” leads to our misfortune.

                The depths of stupidity include such absurdities as bearded males wearing a surgical mask in the belief (wrong on two counts, but promulgated as official policy) that it will protect them from airborne toxins.
                Ignorance + ego = tyranny.

            • What you think is modern, our allopathic medical system, big pharma, used worldwide thanks to rockefeller is more like astrology, there is no science involved, they always reference science, but it is a huge lie there is no science behind it, but they are good at fixing broken legs though.

              We know very little about how our body works or how what we call an immune system works.
              you get sick because of toxins or deficiencies, they suspect trauma is another contributor to disease.

              The modern allopathic medicine says there is a germ or virus in you making you sick then use poisonous vaccines and drugs made from oil that gives people cancer, to cure you, it doesn’t work very well, they can’t cure any chronic diseases,
              Selling these drugs and vaccines is the most profitable business in the world, so it probably won’t change anytime soon.

              A long time ago the doctors said you had a demon in you making you sick, they then would try to get the demon out. Selling drugs is more profitable, the doctors are drug pushers, well paid ones.

              Big pharma causes 440k deaths a yr in America alone due to “medical errors” (partially defined as an unintended outcome even under correctly administered care) and over 100k annual deaths due to legal drugs. This is only from the reports we know about.

              Each one of the four vaccine producers “is a convicted serial felon: Glaxo, Sanofi, Pfizer, Merck.”
              “In the past 10 years, just in the last decade, those companies have paid 35 billion dollars in criminal penalties, damages, fines, for lying to doctors, for defrauding science, for falsifying science, for killing hundreds of thousands of Americans knowingly.”

              Why would you trust them?

              Dr Suhab Siddiqi, Moderna’s former Director of Chemistry told CNN that he would not allow the vaccine to be injected into his body. why would you?

              in the wizard of oz when the house fell on the wicked witch of the west, the symbolism was the wicked witch of the west was big pharma.

              “The Nazis had a phrase that covered all abuses by the State: ‘Für euer sischerheit’ —> ‘It’s for your safety’”

              Auschwitz = Arbeit macht frei (Work will make you free)

              Earth 2020 = Vaccine will make you free


              • a better solution might be to look for a doctor practicing an alternative more natural medicine, like chinese herbal medicine, a naturopath or homeopath or an herbalist or maybe NGM.

                A long time ago if people got sick they read a book on herbs, you look up the symptom and it tells you which herb to use.

                Homeopathy, the same thing, you can do search online and it will tell which homeopathic medicine to use, then you drive to the store and buy it.

                Another field of thought is NGM, new german medicine, it says people can get sick because of trauma, for instance heart problems is connected to conflict in your life/mind. This an interesting new concept to check out.

              • Doctors have to stick to this theory 100% or they lose their license, it is a very rigid system.

                The modern allopathic medicine says there is a germ or virus in you making you sick they then use poisonous vaccines and drugs made from oil that gives people cancer, to cure you.

                Selling these drugs and vaccines is the most profitable business in the world.

      • I recently read that, in some cases, hospitals could get as much as $100K “bounty” for a patient. Death incentives for hospitals courtesy of taxpayers. Nice, huh?

    • Comrads Trump & Biden have sold the already shaky country into irrecoverable bankruptcy. Case closed. There can be no recovery, ever. It’s now just a question of how it will end- i.e. will they foment a major war to conceal the obvious, or will they just let the economic and societal damage they have created just do the inevitable damage?

      It’s just like 1929- Many are riding high on fake money, and everything is grossly over-valued/in a major bubble.

      The end is near…that’s for sure.

      • Hi Nunz,

        No one thought we would make it back from 1929 either. It took almost two decades for the economy to turn around and what followed was several golden years. There will be a recovery. There is too much money for it to dissolve completely. People have been discussing America’s demise since 1776. It is going to be bad, but it will not be forever.

        Everybody needs to have little to no debt, some cash in reserves including a different currency (I am reviewing the Yen), a little bit of silver and gold, a hell of a prepper pantry, and a tough stomach.

        • The US economy didn’t “turn around” at any point in the 20 years following 29. There were a series of disastrous economic interventions followed by entry (opposed by many America First Americans) into another European war combined with a war in Asia based on a (per subsequent Congressionally inquiry and testimony) provoked, known in advance but purposely allowed attack on what was not actually a US state at that time but rather a distant colonial outpost that had been scurrilously subverted and occupied by the US in connection with monied interests. Following the war, the US was the only great power whose territory was not actually subject to the war and was therefore the only industrial power left standing for some time, well into the 50s. To the victor go the spoils.

          The old saw is, first by inflation, then by war. So we get the insane drumbeat for war over Ukraine. I can’t wait to hear the reason they manufacture for the red teamers to want to send our boys, girls, and rainbow flag gets of all stripes to go over there and kill Russians on the Biden thing’s command.

          • I didn’t realize “turn around” was such an offending word. Do you believe the economy would never have recovered even without the intervention and participation in World War II? Have we recovered from the 2000 stock bubble? How about 2008 and the financial crash? My point was not how we recovered (whether justifiable for not), but that nothing stays down forever. The individual has the ability to bounce back.

            • It’s not an offending word, just inaccurate. Since it involves history, the “how” must to be examined. To be clear, IMHO, the worst thing about this history is that the disastrous gov’t economic interventions prolonged the depression but, subsequent to the outcome of WWII, their failure, amazingly, at best was obscured but at worst enshrined such economic crankery as inflationism and Keynesianism as official policies for the next 90 years. Today flows from then.

              It’s impossible to know if the US would’ve recovered without victory in WWII. One can speculate that if getting into it was so important to TPTB that they contrived a way to do it against the wishes of so many of the country’s citizens, they thought it might be their only way out.

              Post 2000 issues are informed by but distant from the 1930s. Yes, asset prices have recovered from the periodic busts… nominally, because the Fed has inflated to protect them in every instance. One could see this policy as a straight line back to the failures of the 30s, mitigated for a decade or so of complete world economic hegemony in 50s.

              • Prof. Robert Higgs wrote about how the ‘turn around’ didn’t actually happen until the 1950’s. And, it wasn’t due to WWII.

                I imagine that for many who were 40 yrs. old in 1930’s, it might have seemed like, forever.

                “Oh, yay, I get to be poor until I’m 60.”

                Who knows?

                  • In the mid 1800’s on the gold standard life was better for the little people in the respect that there was deflation, prices went down, how good is that?

                    Governments like fiat based money printing then they can print lots of money for their stupid leftist ideas.
                    Now with out of control inflation the little people are screwed, everything is getting more expensive, their standard of living keeps dropping, living in a cardboard box under the bridge in the future?

                    If they go to negative interest rates they will steal money out of your bank account just because it is sitting there.

        • Hi RG,

          Big difference though: Today, they have literally sold us by printing up TRILLIONS of dollars of worthless fiat currency which can not be remedied in 1000 years- literally. And add to that, that THIS economic collapse is post-free market. In those respects it is quite different from ’29.

          ’29 was a government-precipitated take-over of the free-market (and when currency was still backed by tangible commodities). This, on the other hand, is a government-precipitated take-down of a centralized government-controlled economy and the making of already largely worthless fiat currency completely worthless.

          Not to mention that the people today are not of the character to even be capable of enduring the former depression…much less a greater one. Totally different ballgame in those respects.

          • DOUBLE DOWN asks economist and historian, Dr. Michael Hudson if any economic theory has ever suggested negative interest rates.

            Not since back to the Bronze Age does he recall anything like this being suggested. That’s because, for thousands of years, economic beings have chosen to hold debt jubilees.

            Negative rates achieve that a bit slower but they do the same thing eventually by bringing the volume of savings on the asset side of the balance sheet down to the volume of debt that can be repaid. Hudson believes rates will quickly go as negative as 25% and thus erase some of the debt burdens.


          • “Not to mention that the people today are not of the character to even be capable of enduring the former depression”
            I beg to differ. It is remarkable what one is capable of if they have no choice. You can take the most Snowflake SJW Wokester out there, cut off their food supply, and ability to stay warm and dry, and you will be astonished by what they can do. Will it be painful? Yes. Will it be bloody? Very likely. As long as the Psychopaths In Charge don’t nuke the world, we have hope of recovery.

            • **” You can take the most Snowflake SJW Wokester out there, cut off their food supply, and ability to stay warm and dry, and you will be astonished by what they can do. Will it be painful? Yes. Will it be bloody? Very likely. “**

              That is exactly my point, John. There was a recovery from the Great Depression because traditional Western civilities were still intact. In many ways that Depression actually brought out the good in many people. My 97 year-old mother still practices many of the behaviors she learned while having grown up during the Depression- such as never eating anything in front of anyone without offering them some, and always offering food and drink to anyone (strangers, salesmen…) who comes to her home, even though she has been poor her whole life.

              The recovery was possible because a large percentage of people back then had character and would endure personal hardships and even help others before taking for themselves, and they made huge sacrifices to build a better world for their kids and communities.

              Contrast that with the looting mobs who will destroy cities today just for some free gizmos, or the young mother who shirks her children off onto the grandparents so she can party and get laid every night.

              No contest. Half the people today can’t even maintain civility nor maintain a functional life when everything is handed to them. The stock market is at an all-time high, and all of our big cities are already filthy slums- imagine when things really go south?!

  3. I have just registered on this site after reading Eric Peters articles on LRC for a couple of years and liked them . This is another great aertcle and some very good comments to read as well , bonus !

  4. Regarding “our 1989”. don’t forget that the time following the Russian 1989 was not a pleasant one. Corruption was standard operating procedure. Resources were being shipped out of the country at astonishing rates. People’s lives actually got worse than they were under the USSR. Only after Putin acquired power did Russia begin to reassert itself as in charge of its own destiny. Not without a significant amount of his own brand of tyranny. We will not soon see the level of prosperity and liberty we experienced in the 50s and 60s. It was a unique moment. More rare than “once in a lifetime”. Things will get worse before they get better. A lot worse. But get better they will. Perhaps even more better than we can imagine. Humanity is a messy and unpredictable thing. Thank God.

  5. Things are rarely what they seem anymore. When I can’t figure something out, as in the case of the recent de-escalation of fear propaganda, I follow the money. That leads right back to the fed. King Dollar is on his way out, and no amount of posturing, saber rattling, or depopulation of useless eaters will save him.

    Just as has happened to every fiat currency ever. Ours will be repudiated. The structure of our country is too full of rot. Every single institution in America, that at one time was respected, has now been discredited. The icing on the cake was the blatant steal of the presidency and the revel of Trump as Chump. Then the revel that the medical establishment, in large part doesn’t give a fat turd about its customers, and in some cases wants us dead.

    China is now shutting their ports. Using the con=vid excuse to slow walk products our just in time system needs, at exactly the time we are weakest. Imagine slowing down the availability of needed goods, as the amount of dollars chasing those goods rises in hockey stick fashion.

    Russia could crush us in the Ukraine. Just imagine if our brilliant leaders pick that fight, to find out Germany and a few other NATO ‘partners’ say Thanks, but no thanks. Cooler heads probably prefer not turn their continent into a war zone for some bankster benefit. After our fail in Afghanistan, If something like that happened in the Balkans, the value of Dollar Bill would be halved in short order.

    Also, the very real possibility exists that our good friends in the land of Zion could drag us into another no win war. Our current leadership is just arrogant and vain enough to go along. After all what Tel Aviv wants, Tel Aviv gets.

    Hopefully enough people can still think and remember who the culprits are. Every single politician is responsible for this, from dog catcher to the pant shitter. They should be shown no quarter, and certainly not be allowed any part in fixing what they broke. Its all a big show and we won’t be a part of it until the ATMs stop working and the store shelves are bare.

    It might be time to top off the reserves and lessen ones exposure to the banking sector, just saying, don’t keep a lot of cash in the bank or some ‘fund.’ It is after all a fourth turning and the last one led to world war.

    The best we could hope for is all the countries are in on it together, that this is their way of avoiding war. But I cant imagine the people we have treated like crap for the last 40 years won’t take the chance at revenge.

    Going forward we might want to ensure that no one over 70 is allowed anywhere other than with their family, or in a Covid home. We should never have allowed so many senile old fossils to seize control of Government. May we remember the lessons of this time, surviving to pass them on. Hard times create strong men. It is obvious that the hard times are just beginning. We had a nice run, now our time in the sun seems to be setting.

    • Speaking of the stolen presidency, fat-mouth Biden has all but admitted the 2022 mid-terms will be stolen. He said, “I’m not going to say it’s going to be legit,” adding that “The increase and the prospect of being illegitimate is in direct proportion to us not being able to get these reforms passed.” Can you believe the chutzpah of this cretin?

      • Morning, Jim –

        I can. They did it before – they’ll do it again. Without “chain of custody” – voter shows up, voter is identified, vote is recorded/counted and subject to verification in the event of any question. Instead, the precedent has been established that it’s acceptable to “vote” without proving the right to vote, via “absentee ballots,” which just sort of appear and get counted and if you question their veracity you’re obviously racist.

  6. Perhaps this is the eye of the storm, rather than the end. Let us not forget the “Climate Emergency” seeds the media and government have sewn. At first, I thought it was just me. But then I saw it was also picked up on the Foundation For Economic Education’s radar. Time shall be interesting to see unfold.

  7. Some employers, even industrial, in Southern Oregon dropped testing for marijuana awhile ago to get more young men employees.

  8. I hope that’s true but I don’t think the PTB here are ready to throw in the towel just yet. They’re constantly hawking all the “free” test kits and masks they want everyone to get; methinks they will also be expecting us serfs to use them.
    Could really use some global warming up here too, been freezing my butt off.

  9. There is no justice or chance of normalcy until all the fuckers who promoted this evil AND those who funded them are summarily tried and executed in military tribunals. Evil does not simply “go away,” it must be dragged out into the light and sent back to Hell.

    Just because the warden has let the prisoners out into the courtyard for some extra sun means nothing.

  10. Here in inland SoCal, at least *some* “official” policies are much saner than those in (total) Los(s) Angeles, which for me is two counties, and sixty miles, away.

    >Inland officials say applicants for transfers have cited the vaccine mandate in their current jobs as a reason for wanting to depart for positions in Riverside and San Bernardino counties, where there are no requirements that law enforcement officers get the shots.

    Hooray for sanity.

  11. I see a lot of cynical comments about how our lives are ruined and freedom will never be achieved. While I share that same sense of skepticism, I think we need to take this as a win, but understand that the fight for freedom is a life-long battle. It always has been, but some just forgot this.

    I’m enjoying the walkback by the politicians, but I won’t be satisfied unless and until there are Nuremburg trials 2.0. These fuckers knowingly killed and hurt many people with their tyranny (and cronyism). When it becomes politically expedient to put these bastards on trial it will happen. Our job is to make it politically expedient.

    • “I think we need to take this as a win,” ???

      If this unprecedented loss of freedom in 2020 and 2021
      is a win, I’d hate to experience a loss.

      I guess if one wants to be an optimist,
      the Covid misadventure was better than losing a war.
      Wait — we did that too, in 2021 — Afghanistan.

      Better than starting a new war?
      … With “Adolph” Biden and his fellow Dumbocrats
      so far behind in the polls for the 2022 election,
      maybe they WILL start a new war?

      • This is NOT an unprecedented loss of freedom, by any metric. For God’s sake, slavery did not abate until the 19th century. The war for liberty never stops. EVER!! Win some, lose some.

    • https://citizenfreepress.com/breaking/bari-weiss-and-bill-maher-drop-covid-truth-bombs-crowd-goes-wild/

      >“Right. I mean, 78%, this is just the CDC fact, 78% of the people who died or went to the hospital were obese. Now, I’m not saying they deserved to die. Don’t twist my words, please. I’m just saying that is a lifestyle, you know? So, the fact that America, the medical establishment, never even attempted to get people to live a healthier lifestyle as a response to this pandemic is a giant scandal to me.”

      “It’s not a rarefied or weird point of view to say that if people would up their vitamin D levels, up their zinc levels, stop eating sugar, get a proper amount of sleep, stop overeating and day drinking, which is what went on during this pandemic, they would have a much better chance. The people who didn’t do that have blood on their hands. There’s no other way to put it.”

      • Welcome to the Dark Side Bill and Bari. Just imagine how smart you would have looked if you have listened to the millions of unmasked and unjabbed that yelled this from the rooftops 18 months ago? I guess now is better than never.

      • Most Americans are overweight.

        Nearly 40% of American adults aged 20 and over are obese.

        71.6% of adults aged 20 and over are overweight, including obesity. (National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 2017-2018; Harvard School of Public Health, 2020).

    • The problem is most people have no idea that there’s a problem at all. The various bureaucratic agencies have been around for two to three generations. Heck, the Department of “Homeland Security” is 20 years old. No one alive today knows what life was like before the Federal Reserve, and very few remember what life was like prior to the FCC. There are a few who might remember how we got along before the Department of Transporation, and a few more will remember the chaotic world we lived in before the Department of Energy. Rememeber what life was like when travel was fun and not extremely dangerous? How about when we were nearing a world of “energy too cheap to meter?” Good thing Uncle took care of that.

      The COVID crisis shows us that the various health agencies are just following in the bureaucratic tradition.

  12. What did these bastards learn from all this:
    People will freely give up their freedom for a security blanket provided by goverment;
    People will line up for the slaughter house jab if they are told it will save them and they can have their freedoms back just taken away;
    The bastards can lie and get away with it;
    The bastards can blame others for their misdeeds and get away with it;
    It only takes one major country to start the snowball of tyranny and then power can be theirs;
    A country with a constitution based on natural freedom of individuals and power not concentrated in the hands of a tyrant, with over 200MM guns, can be brought to it’s knees and told not to work, produce, sustain, provide for their own families or selves based on a lie;
    I hope this is over. I pray for my country. I despise my countrymen whom rather seek safety over freedom.

    • Amen, Hans.

      All this plandemic showed us that is most of our peers have no balls. Currently, in VA our new Governor has withdrawn the wearing of masks in schools. He stated it is parent choice. If you want to have your child wear a mask, they can wear one. If you don’t want your child to wear a mask, then they don’t have to wear one. What a novel idea! Do what is best for you!

      Is this good enough for the crazy ass lefties? Nope. How dare they allow others to make free choices!!! Your unmasked little Mary could make my masked and jabbed up little Susie ill. She could come home and visit Grandma that weekend and Grandma could die! This is Mary’s fault. If she would have just worn her surgical mask that still allows in virus sized particles through its three layers of cheap Chinese fabric Grandma would still be alive.

      This whole ordeal should prove to every one of us that most of our fellow Americans enjoy having government and the elite make the choices for them. They prefer others to dictate what is best for them and their family. They refuse to question authority and honestly believe those that want them dead to have their best interests at heart. We are a country of fools.

      • “most of our peers have no balls”, which will immediately start to grow if they start getting hungry, as in The Good Earth hungry. As in Kulak hungry. Will they grow fast enough is the question.

        • Will they, John? Honestly, I don’t know. Many don’t have the needed skills to be able to survive. Will they be able to acquire them in enough time to turn their fate around? If you don’t know how to grow a tomato plant, shoot a gun, repair a roof do you have enough time to learn?

          • Indeed- it never ceases to amaze me how very many people DON’T HAVE ANY F’ING TOOLS!. I have tens of thousands of pounds of tools including machine tools, power tools, fabricating tools, and I still don’t have enough. How many people including “men” live in an apartment and don’t even own a shovel or a hammer?

            So not only don’t they have time to learn, they will be learning to try to work with sticks and stones if TEOTWAWKI gets here.

    • We always knew our Dumbocrat friends were wrong on the issues, but we never realized how fast they could turn into
      fascist Covidians. A crisis brings out the true character of people, and the true characters that were revealed, of people I know, were disturbing.

  13. Many ask why they are lifting some of the utterly ridiculous ‘rules’. Answer, Because Event 201 was not the exercise,,, the simulation. The last two years was the simulation, only using real people to see what the actual fallout would be.

    They discovered to their immense delight that the People not only went along with it but demanded more which is why they brought out the kill shots. They were then surprised how the People accepted the experimental injections as vaccines without any sort of testing. All they had to do was change the definitions of pandemic, vaccination, infection and case,,, change from monitoring deaths to monitoring ‘cases’. Voila- many rushed themselves and their children to the ‘vaccine’ lines. Easy as stealing candy from a baby,,, except they were stealing lives– and soon, from babies.

    Most accomplished NOT by law but by ‘rules’ or what is defined in US Federal Statutes as “Color of Law”.

    “The color of law is defined as any authority using his or her or their power to willfully deprive a person of his or her rights and privileges protected by the U.S. Constitution. It is designed to protect individuals of their rights. Authority figures including police officers, judges, security guards, mayors, city council members, members of Congress must abide by the color of law. Those who break it are charged with a federal crime. “

    Pretty simple. How easy it would be to stop these people!

    Statute 18 US Code 242

    Whoever, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom, willfully subjects any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or to different punishments, pains, or penalties, on account of such person being an alien, or by reason of his color, or race, than are prescribed for the punishment of citizens, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both; and if bodily injury results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include the use, attempted use, or threatened use of a dangerous weapon, explosives, or fire, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, shall be fined under this title, or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.

    We have laws on the books to charge everyone that are involved which we refuse to use while simultaneously we declare what they have done (are doing) is unconstitutional. Just about every elected and/or appointed person in the US has abrogated this law.

    So far they have abrogated the following US Statutes without any charges filed. In fact it seems we are content if they simply back off a little. I don’t see how anyone can expect them to follow the rule of law if they get away with the last 2 years.

    US Statutes: 18,242,,,18, 2331 & 802,,, 18, 175,,, 18,1001,,, 18, 2339,,, 18, 2334
    15,1-3,,, 15-8,,, 15,19,,, 50, 23-24.

    • The express purpose of making more laws than can possibly be enforced. So they can be selectively enforced at their convenience.

      • Three steps to a “police state”:
        1. Have lots of police.
        2. Make damned near everything illegal.
        3. Selectively enforce the laws against your political opponents.

        So, how are we doing here in the USSA?
        I’d say we have rounded third and are headed for home.
        But, you may have other ideas…

  14. Here in Arizona its much the same as Florida except the poor staff at corporate hotels and restaurants still have to play the kabuki. No testing requirements, no vax or mask mandates. Pretty much 2019 except the loons who still mask walking around. In Chicago its a whole other story. Full looney tunes there.

    • That’s what they are doing.

      Turn the 5G on, maybe scramble brains, maybe a false flag event to frame the right, and martial law before elections.

      People who steal elections never let another fair election happen again.

    • Is this the next stage in the reset?

      stock market crash

      use this as an excuse to freeze ALL financial markets and only let people get $50/day out of an ATM

      (Jeroen Dijsselbloem called this “a template for Europe” when the EU did the same in Cyprus in 2012, remember? Jim Rickard’s referred to this as “Ice Nine.”)

      do a debt jubilee, seize all pensions and 401K’s, ban cash, and roll out UBI, MMT and digital currency

  15. A set up? For when a new “variant” appears, and look at the massive increase in cases (created out of thin air by inadequate tests) caused by all this liberty. Whereupon we NEVER see liberty again.

    • ^This. With the REAL health crisis that is going to soon manifest itself due to the destruction of the immune systems of a few hundred million vaccinated people, it is going to make the former Kabuki look like the good old days. And of course, *they* will not admit that such is a result of the jabs, but will rather spin it as new ‘pandemics’ or sync it with some other ‘crisis’ like ‘climate change’.

      One thing is for sure: Once the tyrants establish new powers, they never relegate them. Once they take a given liberty(s), they never give them back; so if we think that that is what they are doing, we are sadly mistaken.

      Rather than being the end of this tyranny, we can bet that what we have witnessed/experienced was just an initial test run, and that the real-deal is yet to come.

      They have accomplished several major firsts already, including: Getting the whole world synced to a common narrative; obliterating real news (even alternative media news) and making the flu the primary muse of everyone, while bringing the masses back to corporate media news sources; and getting the masses used to complying with and accepting virtual martial law and tyranny on a whole new massive and invasive level.

      They are not just going to walk away from that…..

      • The next and final step – biometric passports and digital currency. Your government will have eyes on you 24/7, but it’s okay, because you can just go play in the Metaverse and pretend that your tracked pathetic reality does not exist. We have become the Matrix and have created our own demise.

        Hollywood is brainier than I have given them credit for. Movies that came true:

        1. The Maxtrix
        2. Demolition Man
        3. 1984
        4. Solyent Green
        5. A Space Odyssey
        6. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
        7. All Terminator movies
        8. The Net
        9. Enemy of the State
        10. Mad Max

        I am looking forward to Elon’s landing on Mars. I may be one of the first ones on the Spaceship.

            • That movie scared the bejesus out of me. The worst part was when the German Shepherd, Sam, died. Why Smith’s character had that piddly little gun, is beyond me. If you are in the world surrounded by zombies invest in something fully automatic, maybe a good Uzi.

              • Smith’s character was a woos as well. Somehow managed to stab himself in the leg, and that prevented him from walking? I once walked a quarter of a mile with a broken back, and I was certainly not a mega badass at the time.
                Full auto is over rated. Contrary to video representation, if you go full auto, you’re empty in seconds, or less. Which means you have to carry a LOT of ammo. Uzi is 9mm. 5.56 delivers more at 300 yards than 9mm at the muzzle.

                • Amen brother. FA is a good way to burn through 10 expensive rounds in a second. Your 40 round mag is empty in 4 seconds, and your barrel is dangerously hot.

                  And I’ll take 5.56 over a 9, but neither stacks up to a 30-06 or a 7.92 Mauser or a less than 100 years old 300 Win Mag.

                  On the other hand, tactically if you’re trying to cover an escape or suppress a bunch of foes, FA is very useful to keep their heads down.

          • I’ll throw a forgotten gem into the predictive movie pile:

            14. Batman (1989)
            The joker poisons various consumer goods with a binary weapon. You’re exposed by your own consumption to one part of the toxin, you’re fine. Go all in on the chemical health and beauty aids and you’re done.
            This has probably been the case of “tested safe” additives and preservatives synergistically interacting in the body since better living through chemistry became a thing.
            My guess is the syndicate knows they’ve hit market saturation with the lethal injection so it’s time to let the Eloi mingle and gain exposure to part two of the binary biobomb… Multiply cordwood bodies by a gutted economy and worldwide failed logistics and these cretins have their excuse to activate FEMA and lockdown, boston bombing style. Every asset are belong to them. Hope you have your beans bandaids and bullets squirreled away!

      • Nunzio, a sociopath CAN change their behavior, but not their psychosis. A psychopath cannot. Nearly if not all those holding power over others are one or the other. Sane people do not seek it.

        • Absolutely, John. And even barring that, the very idea that one man could somehow change the course of national and world agendas which have been long established by a matrix of uber-wealthy power structures whose economic and social policies have been being pursued for 100 years now, is just absurd. And even barring that, and if we were to just be naive and believe that national and state politics operate in textbook fashion, do voters actually think that they are electing a dictator who can summarily just change the course of a nation and it’s body politic?

          Funny, but as people tend to believe that they are doing just that, -electin a dictator- so they get!

          As others above have said, the real problem is that so many are willing to let others rule their lives and affairs, and keep participating in and obeying the scheme which gives the tyrants their power.

          • At the risk of being accused of excessively repeating my self, all government is founded on its assumption of authority to kill you if you disobey. Without their goon squads they are nothing more than entertaining clowns. Not very good comedians. A message I think bears repeating, often. People adapt their perceptions. Government having long been a far larger influence on how we live than it deserves, people tend to abide it, and argue over which psychopaths they prefer to run it. In the process forgetting exactly what government entails. The threat of death for disobedience.

            • Exactly, John. And I never tire of hearing it, because it’s one of the most important, yet most neglected facts of life. And sadly, the world has a bad case of Stockholm Syndrome; they love their captors, and consider it a sacred duty to obey them; they believe that their captor’s rightfully possess the power to decide who lives and who dies (Which is why they ascribe so much prestige and respect to the mercenaries who do their killing); and they gladly even sacrifice their children on their captors altars……

    • The massive increase in cases is because Omicron is a new coronavirus common cold that spreads very easily
      and is not affected by vaccines and probably not by natural antibodies from a prior Covid infection.

      You don’t need a test to know you have a cold.

      Here’s how easily Omicron spreads:

      A friend invited us to her Christmas party with about 20 guests in a small home. We are both unvaxxed and declined — we told her so many people in her small home (cold outside so all windows were closed) would be a “super spreader” event.

      She thought that was funny and started calling her party a super spreader party. 18 of 20 guests were vaccinated and the other two did a lot of traveling in 2020 and 2021, but never caught Covid — the host called them “my teflon sister and brother in law”.

      All 20 party guests caught Omicron.
      All were sick for a few days.
      All 18 who were vaccinated,
      and the 2 who were not.
      All recovered easily.
      Ir WAS a super spreader party.

  16. The “camel’s nose is still under the tent” as these “governments” still retain the ability to (re)impose restrictions “under the color of medical authority”.
    Wait for the next “plandemic” to see the future.
    The only way out is to abolish the laws giving the government the power to enforce such “restrictions”.

      • Indeed, this entire charade is “unconstitutional”, as in illegal. Along with abundant other losses of liberty. All the Psychopaths In Charge have to do is change the dictionary to make a constitution say what they want.

  17. “The Republic of Ireland will scrap nearly all Covid restrictions beginning Saturday (today)

    A Covid ‘green pass’ will no longer be needed to enter pubs, restaurants and other indoor venues in Ireland.

    All ‘social distancing’ requirements will also be dropped.

    Sky News reported:
    The Irish government has agreed to lift almost all coronavirus restrictions from tomorrow – in a move attributed to the passing of the peak of the Omicron wave, and the country’s high vaccine uptake.

    The landmark decision was announced by Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Micheal Martin in a televised address to the nation.

    From this weekend, Irish pubs, restaurants and other hospitality outlets can return to normal operations, and customers will not be asked for their digital COVID pass.

    A full return to the workplace begins on a phased basis from Monday.

    The requirement to wear face masks is being retained, until at least the end of February, and a digital COVID pass will still be required for international travel.

    For those interested in Omicron science:

    Vaccines are worthless for Omicron, which is just a very easy to spread new coronavirus common cold, with common cold symptoms, and 30 mutations to the spike protein versus Delta Covid (not a dangerous new Covid variant, which would have had only one or two mutations, and would be much more dangerous)

    Masks are nearly worthless for Covid and Omicron, and even social distancing (within the same home) from an infected person is nearly worthless for Omicron.

    Social distancing was also not very effective for Covid.
    Here’s a 2021 study on the subject:

    “The risk of being exposed to Covid-19 indoors can be as great at 60 feet as it is at 6 feet in a room where the air is mixed.

    Existing safety guidelines have omitted too many factors to accurately quantify the risk of airborne transmission, such as time, mask use and ventilation rates.

    Bazant and Bush question long-held Covid-19 guidelines that recommend 6 feet of distance between people.


    • We need to question why this is now happening en masse. The UK, Czech Republic, Ireland, etc. all within three days after two years of lockdowns and constant threats. Does anyone really believe Boris has found Jesus and has seen the light? These bastards destroyed our lives, our economy, and our trust.

      There are only two things that would create this turnaround: they have enough information to push their biometric passports, hence why they are foregoing the Covid passports or the economy is about to crash and they will have bigger issues to deal with other than who is wearing a mask.

      • Add Scotland to the list.

        And yes, why all of the sudden?

        It’s not like the info the jabs, masks, distancing, lockdowns not working wasn’t there for at least the last 6 months.

        I would guess political considerations are driving it, rather than a sudden spark of intelligence.

      • Politicians usually get slightly more rational in an election year, if what they were doing was making them unpopular.

        The huge number of Omicron infections is ruining their “glorious vaccines” strategy.

        Most people are so brainwashed they have no idea what real science says about Covid.

        I cover the subject on one of my blogs (link below). based on data and studies.

        Here’s my quick summary:

        Vaccines never prevented infections or spread.

        They probably saved some lives, but also cost some lives from side effects, hopefully having a significant net benefit … but total US deaths in 2021 will be about the same as 2020, so vaccine benefits are not obvious

        Omicron is not a Covid variant — it is a new, very easy to spread, coronavirus common cold, with traditional common cold symptoms, that are very rarely deadly … just like any common cold.

        Nothing works to prevent Omicron spread if there is an infected person in the same home. Vaccines don’t work. Masks don’t work. Even social distancing doesn’t work in the same home. If you get infected, you will have a cold for few days. So what?

        The long term adverse side effects of the vaccine are unknown, but after unprecedented adverse short term side effects (see second link below), assuming mild long term side effects would be wishful thinking.

        After weighing risks versus benefits, the wife and I decided against the vaccines, even though we are both at above average risk from Covid.

        Our alternative choice was to reinforce our immune systems with Vitamin C, Vitamin D, zinc and quercetin supplements.

        I also have zero stress about Covid, but do worry about government fascism.

        Of 12 friends who caught Covid in 2020,
        none were hospitalized, and
        only two had “serious flu symptoms”
        for about three weeks each
        — all age 55 to 75.

        I’ve never had the flu,
        so maybe that’s why
        I don’t fear Covid.
        Anyone who fears Omicron
        is crazy.

        MY blogs are free, with no ads, and no money for me. An alternative to the mass media:

        Many articles on Covid, and vaccines, and other subjects, by a variety of authors:

        My weekly VAERS adverse short term
        Covid vaccine side effects data summary:

        • Uncle Joe and the Demonrats will now be able to take credit for “ending the scamdemic”, just like Trump is taking credit for “Saving hundreds of millions of lives by ‘fast-tracking’ the vax”.

          Some would say they’re delusional. I’d say that thoe who vote for them are the deluded ones. The ones who get elected know it’s all BS- but the ones who vote for ’em actually believe.

          • Trump at least had good intentions.
            he liked this country. He fought the Deep State … but the Deep State won.

            He financed a very rapid vaccine development program, and we got the highest risk vaccine in history, with rapidly declining effectiveness, similar to influenza vaccines that last for one “flu season” (winter) but those vaccines re far safer.

            What bothers me most about Trump is that even with good instincts, and an ability to sell himself, he is dumb on too many subjects, from climate change to bragging about the Covid vaccines.

            Trump simply makes too many ridiculous statements / Tweets.
            And we can’t blame dementia, like we do with Jumpin’ Joe Biden.

            Trump shot himself on the foot on January 6, 2021 when he rallied the crowd about election fraud without sufficient evidence to delay the approval of the Electoral Votes. Those protests should have taken place right after election day, at state capitols before results were certified, not in Washington DC.
            Trump gave Democrats the ammunition they needed for the January 6 show trials, as if the two fake impeachments were not enough, and those show trials might permanently ruin Trump’s political career.

            I had considered Trump the worst president in American history after he lost the 2020 election (I know there was a lot of election fraud).
            He let Covid / Fauci overwhelm his common sense.

            But then along came “Adolph” Biden, and dingbat Harris — they are so bad, they make Trump look good.

            I have to assume Biden / Harris hate America, and want to ruin our country, because they are making all the “right” decisions to do just that.

            • Hi Richard,

              Did Trump have good intentions? I don’t believe that. I believe he said the right things and people were swayed by his ability to see and understand what they wanted. Don’t get me wrong I was one of the foolish that voted for him twice, but it was a vote of a lesser of two evils not the belief that he wanted to help Joe Smith or Sheryl Jones.

              We should not forget that Trump has always been part of the elite. It wasn’t that many years ago he was a Democrat. Instead, the Republican Party welcomed him with open arms because of a few pretty words that agreed with their philosophy.

              He didn’t fire the Swamp, because he is the Swamp. Was a New York real estate developer that naive to believe his predecessor’s administration was going to work with him? I compare him to Virginia’s new governor who has only been in office for about a week. The very first thing the former CEO of Carlyle Group did was fire everyone from the Northam regime. That is what a smart businessperson does. You take out your enemies before they take you out. You put in the people that share your vision and you disband those that don’t.

              If Trump isn’t part of the Swamp then why isn’t he in jail? Why isn’t Hillary? The game was laid out ahead of us. We foolishly believed that change was an option.

              • I voted libertarian for 40 years, but voted for Trump in 2020 only because Biden was so much worse. His crime family, the dementia and a far left agenda — that’s bad news and it showed in his first year.

                It was almost impossible for Trump to have cleared out the (almost all0 leftists in protected civil service government bureaucrat positions.
                There are very few conservatives in civil service jobs and then many people Trump hired were not loyal to him.
                The Deep State, Dumbocrats in Congress and mass media put pressure on Trump with lies and their two fake impeachments and repeated investigations for five years. Trump must have been an unusually honest politician after that unprecedented number of investigations.

              • My take is a little different.
                Trump has good instincts, but no principles.
                So he is easily influenced and lets himself be talked into anything.

                He has no real control of his underlings and delegates everything.
                He trusted political animals to do what he wanted instead of what he wanted.

                He’s never been a leader, but a delegator.
                That is why he failed.

            • Do you want the blue pill or the red pill?

              The blue pill says Trump was on your side. The red pill says you paid attention to “actions over words”.

              Trump enabled the steal by allowing mail-in voting abuse. Trump enabled Jan 6 without specifically telling people to do so just by having a “rally” knowing supporters would come by the droves whom a minority of such could be steered like sheep by Epps. And wasn’t it super-convenient for Trump to be censored by big tech so that he didn’t have a “dialogue” with the American people after they were robbed? Sell Americans out and didn’t even have to answer for it.

              Pay attention to his actions now. Pay attention to the topics he sticks to. Pay attention to his continued sales of the clot shot. Pay attention because following the pied piper again will lead to everyone’s ruin. Please pay attention to actions over words. Please.

              I didn’t vote for Trump the first time. I voted for the pot smoker who climbed Mt. Everest. That’s a lot of ambition for someone who smokes weed. Besides, I vote libertarian as a matter of principle. In comparison, my view is that if questioned about his competitor’s achievement, Trump would only talk about how great Mt. Everest was and how “bigly” it was compared to all other mountains. It’s a great mountain. It’s fabulous.

              Sad to admit, I voted for him the second time. Everything was going great under his tenure and I wanted more of it. I wanted to be “tired of winning”. And that’s how I know it was all stolen, I voted for him. It should have been a landslide for Trump. At the end of the day, post Jan 6, everything, and I mean EVERYTHING Trump has done and said has been a HUGE disappointment. Nothing Trump is doing is going to win my vote again. Think about that before you get behind him again. He will NOT have the support base he used to have, nor the people like me who came over and voted for him the second time around.

              I hate the idea of running DeSantis because we don’t need another Christ in FL again. But I’d rather run him over Trump at this point. I would support DeSantis. Not Trump.

              • “Trump enabled the steal by allowing mail-in voting abuse.”


                States are in charge of their elections, not the Federal Government. There is nothing Trump could have done.

                I agree about DeSantis.
                Trump had his chance and lost.
                (I personally believe he won if only legal votes were counted but the US has a third world election laws. 46 of 47 European nations require voter ID for voting and all have stricter absentee ballot rules:.
                Read the shocking details here:


                • Sorry you don’t see the truth. What does Trump ball sweat taste like?

                  My state sold us out. You too. I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

                  Trump never stood for states’ rights. And you know it.

                  Did you know my state’s Governor had to deal with his daughter’s boyfriend blown to smithereens? Probably not. But the message was clear, don’t mess with the stolen elections and our governor did nothing because the message was sent loud and clear.

                  Trump could have stopped the mail in steal but he did not. He enabled it. Wake up!

                  Wrong me all you want, I won’t vote for a traitor. No matter what water you carry for a traitor.

                  • Trump had no authority over state’s that chose excessive absentee ballots. The legislatures in those states had authority yet they were bullied by state governors and courts — they are to be blamed for allowing illegal changes to election rules they did not approve of (assuming they did not approve.
                    This had nothing to do with Trump — he knew the huge number of absentee ballots encouraged voter fraud but there was nothing he could do about it. he dod not “enable” election fraud — Trump lost an election because of it.

                    • Trump should have called out the mail-in ballots during a “pandemic” as soon as they were being allowed as potential voter fraud abuse. He had the megaphone and didn’t use it.

                      Trump should have been calling out states whom weren’t even following their Constitutions BEFORE the election, not after when he still had power as Prez to have agencies investigate. Instead, he waited to be “censored” so he didn’t have to answer to you. As the church lady used to say, “Isn’t that special?”.

            • Trump knw exactly what he was doing- he’s not that dumb. When you see a pol acting dumb, it’s just because they’d rather be thought of as dumb than criminal. The life-long NYC Democrat was just playing a part- saying what he knew the fly-over staters would lap-up. That is why we have 2 parties; they have to constantly play the dialectic between conservatives and libruls. Make each one think they are getting their day in the son every few years, so that they will remain docile and keep participating, rather than actually taking back their lives and country.

              Someone with good intentions doesn’t appoint the judge who let the Clintons get away with murder to the Supreme Court….. He’;s a member of the club; He’s flown on Epstein’s pedo plane…..

              And such are the only people who are allowed to ever attain such positions these days. They are controlled actors.

              • >remain docile and keep participating
                Yeah, you have to let the rubes “win” a few hands / pay out a few slot machines, in order to keep them placing sucker bets, which they will always lose ITLR.

                And place them they will. What do you think built Las Vegas?

              • Newly unsealed flight logs show that President Donald Trump flew on Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet in 1997, along with the billionaire couple Glenn and Eva Dubin. A handwritten entry in the flight logs shows a trip that Trump and the Dubins took from the Palm Beach International Airport to the Newark Liberty International Airport. It was said that Trump hitched a ride when his own plane was being repaired. Nothing happened on that plane that was illegal or immoral
                YOU ARE A LIAR.

            • I’m still trying to figure out how “good intentions” went from promising to work with RFK Jr. to bring to light the evils of the vaccine industry, to “fast-tracking” (and subsidizing) a…..VACCINE (which is not even a vaccine, but rather experimental gene therapy) and even now continuing to promote it.

              “Good intentions” sounds more like “willful deception” and lies.

              They say what the good-intended would say…because they want the support of those with good intentions…but they DO the very opposite of what they say- which proves that they know what indeed is good, but had no intention of actually doing it, because they end up doing the very opposite.

              Such people have no convictions (but should be convicted), they say what they know their audience wants to hear.

            • Its long been my pet theory that each successive president is worse than the one before, all down the line. Probably since Lincoln, likely since FDR, 100% certainly true since JFK.

              Could even make the case from Washington on, that each president is worse. Thought Clinton was terrible, then came Bush…yikes!….Obama, how could it possibly get worse? Trump, another yikes! Yep, they just keep degenerating, along with our socio-politico-medico system.

              • Absolutely, Andy –

                And why? In part because with each successive evolution, the fundamental premise of the office-seeker is: How many dependents can I create? And the public demands it.

                Until the public demands liberty – to be let alone, personally and otherwise – we’ll be more and worse of the same.

      • I’m thinking it has to do with training us, e.g., apply pressure, then release slightly, then more pressure, then release slightly…they are not giving up, and neither should we.

        Don’t let your guard down.

        • The military does this, and so do large corporations. I don’t believe any kind of sudden turnaround like this. Just like I didn’t believe it in March of 2020. I can’t tell you what/where it is, but I smell bullshit.

        • Exactly. Want the public to tolerate being hit in the face with rocks? Hit them with boulders first, then dial it back to rocks, and they will cheer, and think of the rock throwers as benefactors and champions of liberty.


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