No Small Victory . . . for the Moment

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The Biden Thing must be chewing the rug at the ersatz Oval Office by now. The news having reached his hearing aides that the Big Three have backed down on their prior threat to require Jabs in order for union employees to keep their jobs.

They will, however, continue to demoralize them – and pressure them to receive the anointing – by requiring the Unjabbed to “mask” forever, amen. And salaried employees who haven’t got a union to protect their interests against the corporation’s interests still face the Sophie’s choice – their health or their job.

According to Reuters, about 80 percent of GM, Ford and Stellantis (the combine that includes Dodge, Chrysler, Ram trucks and Jeep) have chosen the former for the sake of keeping the latter. It’s the kind of choice no person in a free society ought to be forced to make – precisely because it means we no longer live in a free society.

Some will say: But no one is forced to work for these companies; they are freeeeeeee to choose to not work there, if the terms and conditions seem objectionable to them. This is an imbecility that ought not to require deconstruction but does – precisely because there are a lot of imbeciles on the loose.

In the first place, these terms and conditions do not flow freely – without duress. They flow from Washington, which is applying the duress.


With the object of the latter being to render it impossible to work anywhere, without submitting to the loathsome decree that demands one surrender one’s body for experimentation as the condition of continued employment.

Re-stated, the objection is that Washington intends to eliminate free choice, by leaving the only choice:

To be Jabbed – or be unemployed.

To work – or to starve.

Everything that comes from Washington is by definition not free since Washington is force. When it “asks” it is telling. This is the art of the mobster, a form of life slightly more evolved than the ones scurrying around the federal city, who lack even the mobster’s earthy honesty regarding his trade.

These corporations aren’t free, either.

They have become the spider’s legs – and fangs – manipulating the victims caught in Washington’s web. Which, interestingly enough, has also captured them.

These corporate tools have lost their autonomy even as they work to eviscerate the autonomy of those lower-down the victim hierarchy. The great corporate tools are just as beholden, only better paid. But there’s no amount of money sufficient to compensate for the loss of one’s autonomy, bodily and otherwise.

Once sold, it’s gone.

Which is why, perhaps, these corporations are so buck-determined to sell out everyone under their sway. It’d be sad were it not so despicable.

Still, the majority of people who work for these car companies are unionized manufacturing workers – without whom, no cars come off the assembly lines. It is no small thing that they are refusing to be anointed – because they have the power to do it. More precisely, to refuse it without being shown the door.

This explains why the Big Three have backed down.

For now.

But the courts will decide – or rather, will choose a side.

For now, the unions can “get away” with telling the car companies – and the Biden Thing – to take their Jabs and shove them, because there is no law requiring them and because the law does not support the “mandating” of them by mere decree of the Biden Thing, enforced not by the legal system but the regulatory system (OSHA).

Not yet.

All therefore hinges on whether the courts side with the Biden Thing – anointing it with the legal authority to simply decree that everyone must be Jabbed in order to keep their job. Which is the same thing as saying – submit to the Jab else be starved out, since it is hard to eat when you haven’t got money for food.

The Biden Thing, in plain language, intends to kill off those who refuse to be Jabbed – in the name of “health,” an irony lost on many.

Thank god for the unions, which can organize a counterweight power to this power putsch by the Biden Thing and the things that have become his willing accomplices.

Which brings up another irony, as regards the salaried employees, who once-upon-a-time considered themselves better-off than those poor union schmucks who worked on the lines. They wore suits and sat at desks, earned a higher salary, enjoyed choicer perks.

But now find themselves in thrall, because they are all alone.

It is very easy to apply the strong-arm to a single employee, who cannot stand against an entire company. But an organized group of employees can bring it all to a sand-in-the-gears screeching halt.

The next thing they ought to do is take off those god-damned “masks” – and dare the company to insist they put them back on.

. . .

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  1. Confessions of a pill pusher:

    Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel told the FT that “there is no world where [the effectiveness] is the same level … we had with Delta.”

    Uhhh, what ‘effectiveness,’ Steve?

    In a number of heavily-vaxxed countries, ‘case’ rates this summer (delta variant) were higher than last year, when nobody was vaxxed. A total faceplant, in other words.

    Seasonal covid shots are just seasonal flu shots, but with a far deadlier safety profile.

    I look forward to seeing Bancel, along with his counterparts Bourla of Pfizer and Gorsky of J&J, wheeled into a Nuremberg 2.0 courtroom shackled in a cage, to face capital charges.


  2. It’s not the ‘union’, as in leadership, the company is worried about, it’s the ‘union members’!

    as a group can stop this,

        • Eric, it’s not Demopublicans vs. Republicrats…it’s two sides of the SAME coin.

          The only Democrats I’ve liked are a friend of mine that ran for the House in ’04 in what was then a safe GOP seat in the Sacramento area…he lost, but it was a learning experience. The other is Tulsi Gabbard…and the meme should be, “admit it, guys…you’d DO her.”

          The GOP does have quite a few that I think “get it”. The trouble is, it seems when they get some “status”, aka Mitch McConnel, they become part of the DC “Establishment”, and are just as wont to put their hands in our pockets and take away our freedoms.

          Methinks we have to go back to what the late Harry Browne postulated…what Federal “bennie” are you willing to part with in order to REGAIN your God-given freedoms?

        • Hi Eric,

          Unfortunately, the majority of Republican governors in this country are like that. I don’t have a lot of hope for Youngkin, except he buys us some time by not instituting the lockdowns and vax passports immediately. I dream that a man worth $440 million cannot be bought, but we know that isn’t true. They have been bought all along otherwise they wouldn’t be worth so much. 🙁

          I expect Maryland, Ohio, Vermont, and possibly, even West Virginia to fall in line shortly.

        • I am starting to think our country’s media and government are ran by a bunch of sadists. Nothing else makes sense. Jim Cramer would have fit in well with the German media as a new “headmaster” who repeated Goebbels spoon fed propaganda line by line.

          I bet George Santayana never thought he would have the most noteworthy saying in history “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” How many times does the planet have to fight off genocide? Did we learn nothing from Hitler’s Germany? Yugoslavia? Romania? North Korea? Bulgaria? Ethiopia? Cambodia? Tibet?

          Do these idiots not open up a history book? Cramer is a moron, but he is a moron with access to millions of people which is even more frightening. Quiet morons are bad enough, but they can be ignored. Loud morons that have reachability through TV, the printed press, and radiowaves….God, help us. The Constitution means nothing to these people.

          I am not a follower of NAP, so my libertarian card was revoked long ago, therefore, I don’t feel guilty when I state I wouldn’t mind a little old fashioned Apache justice for these assholes.

          • What’s, “Apache justice”?

            I did a quick search & saw nothing enlightening.

            Is it a simple, eye for an eye?

            [I wonder why she’s not a follower of the NAP. Is she uncivilized?]

            • Hi helot,

              I am an eye for an eye kinda of girl…the NAP frowns upon that. The Apaches were known for the ambush. They also unmercifully tortured those who did them harm. The Comanches were the most feared, but the Apaches were a close second. They also happened to be the last tribe to surrender to the American Army and it was a false flag that caused it. I liked their spunk.

              • RE: “were known for the ambush. They also unmercifully tortured those who did them harm.”

                Without bringing Christianity into the subject, I’m thinking about how all that’s not a violation of the NAP.

                …You did do your homework on the NAP, right?

                Also, there’s much written about private courts – that seems like The Future – The Cattlemen’s Associations of old & the wringing out of miners rights & claims are a bit of the basis of that.
                Here’s a good primer, if you’re so inclined:


                This was my intro to the subject, it’s easy enough to find:

                The Culture of Violence in the American West
                Myth versus Reality
                By Thomas J. DiLorenzo

                I had a wild-ish Apache friend once, long ago. I think he’d very much be interested in the NAP. …For what that’s worth.

  3. “But no one is forced to work for these companies” is the cry of those who wish to to remove all businesses, all ways of making a living that are independent from a government-corporate partnership.

  4. Another blow against the Empire:

    ‘A federal judge on Monday temporarily blocked the Biden administration from enforcing a vaccine mandate for healthcare workers in 10 states.

    ‘Judge Matthew Schelp of the Eastern District of Missouri issued the preliminary injunction for workers at Medicare- and Medicaid-certified medical facilities in Alaska, Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, New Hampshire, Nebraska, Wyoming, and North and South Dakota, court documents said.

    ‘The 10 states had sued the Biden administration, saying the vaccine mandate was unconstitutional.

    ‘Schelp — whom President Donald Trump nominated to the bench in 2019 — said the public would benefit from the ruling “because it would ensure that federal agencies do not extend their power beyond the express delegation from Congress.”

    It pays to bitch like hell.

    I ain’t the world’s best writer nor the world’s best speller
    But when I believe in something I’m the loudest yeller

    — Woody Guthrie, Stetson Kennedy

  5. Whilst out driving today I heard a lengthy and detailed commercial on the radio about how to spot and identify the symptoms of a heart attack, which was sponsored by, wait for it… Pfizer. Apparently, such things are becoming quite common. Hmmmm… This on the heels of news about how last Tuesday, an otherwise healthy 39 year old mother of three in my county that I knew of but not personally, happened to die “unexpectedly.”

    • They’re mocking us, Strangiato.

      They want to make sure their “calling card” gets noticed.

      See that fit, muscular guy clutching his chest? Collapsing? Unresponsive to chest compressions? Leaving his children fatherless and his wife destitute? Yeah, we did that. Pfizer.

    • Several problems here.

      1) First time I’ve ever run across this news site. Not a problem by itself, but taken together with the below seems suspicious.

      2) Does not cite any case name (such as John Doe v. Richard Roe, or Brown v. Board of Education)

      3) Does not link to the ruling (should be a .pdf file, which is publicly available and put together in a distinctive format)

      4) Does not quote the ruling, only quote present is attributed to RFK Jr.

  6. You said it, Eric. We’re we dealing with old-school, laissez-faire businesses, people would most certainly have a choice and a chance. That is, a chance to negotiate the terms of their employment with their employer, of find another job.

    But so many corporations are so incestuously intertwined with government that this model is no longer anywhere near accurate. The success of many businesses is dictated by government edict, and to stray would mean that any competition who does as they are told is given an often vast advantage.

    • My workplace (concerned mostly with liability and getting fined) has made a couple of things clear in the latest memo from HR:

      1) The Holy Needle is, and will remain, optional

      2) In the event that the mandate survives, they will be complying with its terms. This means submitting records of weekly tests.

      3) Any test that is both self-administered and self-interpreted doesn’t count.

      4) They know about false positives, as they suggest that 2-3 tests may be needed some weeks, in order to present proof of a negative test.

      5) Absence due to no test/failed test is not an excused absence.

      6) They want as many people Anointed as possible.

      Off the record, my understanding is that all the testing and compliance is expected to be cost-prohibitive, and this is the major reason why they are pushing the Needle.

      I do not consider these to be acceptable working conditions. So, if the mandate goes through, I will have some decisions to make. In the meantime, I plan to carry on.

      • I should also add that, at my work site, something like 40% are either Unjabbed (or at least chose to keep their medical info private, as they should).

        I’m not sure if the management still thinks that a bunch of those 40% are secretly Jabbed, but somehow I doubt it…

      • Hopefully your employer will join with others to make noise on this. With all the “variants” allegedly running around, how will they know what the “test” means?

      • Publius,

        At this time, there is no mandatory jab. The CEO has likened these policies to a communist dictatorship, and is no hurry to comply. He has said, as others have said, that the >100 people business mandate will probably die due to the current court injunction.

        However, like many large businesses, my company is involved in federal contracts at times, and the other mandate regarding such businesses might become a problem. Should it become a problem, we are told we can file for a medical or religious exemption.

        At that point, I may have to give them that I believe great Athena would think it unwise to take a vaccine for a disease from which I’ve already recovered, and that exposes me to considerable risk.

        At this point though, it is unclear who is truly affected when it comes to being a “government contractor”. Is it the whole company, because they might have a few fed contracts, or is it only those involved in servicing those contracts? Insane and nebulous dictate is insane and nebulous.

        • No federal contracts for us.

          My employer is doing nothing for now. The above is their plan, for just in case the courts uphold President Asswipe’s mandate.

      • #4 would suggest they’re concerned with false negatives, rather than false positives. But I suspect that really, they just want to ratchet up the burden on the purebloods as much as they can. So, actual negative tests aren’t good enough. They just be arbitrarily replicated, over and over…until you get a positive, at which time I assure you, they will not entertain the possibility that it’s a false positive.

        • I don’t really get the impression that my employer wants that. They just want to stay in business, cover their butts, and keep their employees along for the ride (or as many as possible, anyway). They also don’t have a building full of lawyers (some companies who are large enough do). So my impression is that the company is trying as hard as it can to thread the needle, and wait it out.

          I think that making life as difficult as possible for the unvaxxed is absolutely the intent behind the ETS that was published, and is currently in court limbo.

          How to punish the government, but not the company?

    • LOL. Thank you, Anon 1. I appreciate your sense of humor. 😃

      I actually share Musk’s concerns about AI. Not only does it take away the intimacy of dealing with another human being, but it is taking jobs away from citizens. How does one support themselves and their family when manufacturing, retail, computer programming, and the restaurant industry are being serviced by robots and various computers?

      • “taking jobs away…How does one support themselves [sic]…”

        That’s what the lethal injections are for.

        Please look at Yuval Noah Harari’s presentation from January 2020 at Davos, and think of it as a no-nonsense explanation of why they’re about to cull the population massively. Harari explains that in light of the AI and 4th Industrial Revolutions, huge swathes of the population are destined to languish in an enormous and inescapable “Useless Class.” The implication is: what everyone is about to see is a dispassionate liquidation of the goyish multitudes, and it is really for their own good:

        Musk’s only “concern about AI” is how to get out in front of it and make the biggest fortune out of it. I suspect that persuading the dumb masses to voluntarily dissolve into the Hive Mind with NeuraLink chips is going to be enormously lucrative for Mr. Musk.

      • Morning, RG!

        I am not sure what to think about Musk. Sometimes, I think he seems well-intended. Then I hear or read about something he’s done or said that makes me think he’s overtly one of them – the consciously evil “technocratic” class that intends to consolidate absolute control in its hands for the express purpose of erecting a modern iteration of feudalism. I’d like to meet the guy and get a closer look.

        • Eric, RG – Musk is certainly someone who I find intriguing…. one minute he seems like a bond villain, then he suddenly talks sense and seems like one of us….I do think he has internal conflicts. He gets it, he knows what he has to do, but he doesnt like it so maybe tries to send signals. I feel a very high chance this guy goes the route of McAfee eventually…. especially when when the air comes out of Teslas share price….

      • Fans of Star Trek often comment on Gene Roddenberry’s optimistic view of the future, in which poverty, hunger, and scarcity have basically been eliminated. While this theme was never explored in great detail, the implication is that the people of earth could basically live a life of leisure, pursuing whatever areas interested them without having to worry about working for a living. This has also been used as a justification for earth presumably not really having a market economy. After all, who needs a market when there is no scarcity and people can basically have whatever material goods they would like without having to work for them. But it certainly is an interesting question as to whether people would be happy living such a life, with no strong goals or purpose in life since everything they need is automatically available without effort. At this point, the question seems hypothetical, because we are still a long way off from ever living in such a society.

        • The last episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation shows how delusional “The Great Bird of the Galaxy” and many of the ST writers were. In it, three humans from the late 20th or early 21st century are somehow recovered from a spacecraft, somehow before FTL travel has made its way to the Neutral Zone with the Romulan Star Empire. One of them is a corporate raider, who had succumbed to heart failure at about age 60 and had himself frozen, and left a trust fund with instructions to his retained law firm, which he’d believe would still be in business some 350+ years after he was frozen and launched into Earth orbit. Of course, like all “evil capitalists”, he’s arrogant, haughty, and demanding, and the good Captain Picard repeatedly has to put him in his place. Finally, after an encounter with the Romulans, who decide to resume brinksmanship games with the Federation after some fifty years of attending to dealing with other space rivals, the corporate raider, finding that his money is gone, wonders what he’ll do in this “benign” futuristic Communist system. Picard tells him that they’ve “eliminated want” and the “pursuit of material things”, but the “challenge” is to “improve oneself”. What a load of BULLSHIT. Makes me wonder how they ever designed and built the capital spacecraft that is the Enterprise-D, let alone fund it and Starfleet.

          At least after Roddenberry passed on, some of the writers called this crap out. In “Deep Space Nine”, in an episode on the theme of a comedy of promises and commitments, young Jake Sisko wants to get his Dad, then-Commander Sisko, a signed baseball. But, of course, they don’t use something as crass as currency, so what to do…when Jake asks his friend, the teenaged Ferengi, Nog, to borrow the funds, Nog replies:

          “You Hew-Mons keep preaching how you’re better than we ‘materialistic’ Ferengi, right?”

          “Yeah, we don’t need money…”

          “Well, then, you don’t need MINE.”

          • I remember both of those episodes. There was also that episode of TNG in which Samuel Clemens arrives on the 24th century Enterprise. He is discussing with counselor Troi about how hard and brutal life is in his time. He assumes that the Enterprise is a military ship of conquest rather than a ship of exploration. Troi informs him that none of these problems still exist in the federation, that poverty has been eliminated, that life on earth is peaceful.

            TNG always made fun of the Ferengi. They became the symbol of evil, greedy, materialistic capitalism. Deep Space Nine continued to ridicule the Ferengi but at least tried to humanize them and even to occasionally give them some positive qualities. But the Ferengi Rules of Aquisition always remained in effect.

        • Hi Martin!

          I’ve been a Star Trek fan since I was a kid but even then – to now – had to force-overlook some of Roddenberry’s utopian pieties. He never articulated it filly, but I always wondered whether in the Federation it was illegal to own property. And if not, how is it held in common – and allocated buy who, if so? He seemed to envision communism without the coercion, which strikes me as being as utopian as fish without water.

          • Hi Eric,

            The actual details of how the economy of earth actually functioned were never really discussed in Star Trek. There were no episodes which showed the actual life of people living in the Star Trek universe. The implication was simply that poverty, hunger, and want were simply eliminated by all of this wonderful 24th century technology. Obviously, Star Trek presented a very utopian view of the future. As I said in my response to RG, the implicit assumption was that people were happy, even though scarcity having been eliminated might have the effect of removing any purpose or motivation in life. This possibility was never considered.

            • This is one reason I prefer Star Wars much more than Star Trek…in that, no matter what weird alien forms the writers and costume designers or animators can dream up, “people” are STILL “people”, with all their frailties, problems, and, dare I say it, SINS. So, yep, the same ‘verse where a young woman, a politician (not to be trusted, of course, according to Obi-Wan Kenobi), great with child(ren), accompanied by only a flighty, erratic protocol ‘droid, can pilot across their Galaxy (presumed equivalent in size to our Milky Way) the equivalent of an upscale, space-going luxury crossover, as easily as driving to the local market to pick up groceries. And yet, on various planets, there’s slavery, the legal status being indeterminate, corruption, and people, all that fancy tech notwithstanding, still living in abject poverty and despair. Plus, it’s not all “clean”, a lot of stuff looks WORN, and there aren’t automatic pocket doors everywhere. Even Luke’s speeder, though it got him across the desert wastelands of Tatooine just fine, is considered an old junker, as he can get but barely enough to meet their down payment for the trip out of Mos Eisley space port to Han Solo.

          • I doubt “The Great Bird of the Galaxy” ever thought his utopian suppositions through. The idea, of course, was to paint a positive view of the future, where more or less Humanity has gotten its collectivist shit together. But even then, especially after Roddenberry passed on in ’91, some writers realized this was a load of utter crap, and inserted SOME refreshing “realism”. At least, for example, even the preachy CAPT Jean-Luc Picard, after “Q” takes them out many thousands of light-years across the Galaxy, to be introduced to the Borg (who would later mount at least two known takeover attempts on Earth itself), muses that their harrowing adventure was ultimately for their benefit, whether the sarcastic demi-God intended such or not. That is, what the Federation, all “Fat, Dumb, and Happy”, needed most was a swift kick in the ASS, to be alert for danger.

            I.E., “Utopia” is bullshit.

            • The portrayal of the borg was perhaps the most libertarian thing about Star Trek. The borg has become a meme for collectivism, the destruction of all individualism and the assimilation of all freedom and individuality into subservience to the collective. One of the greatest Star Trek episodes involved the injured drone who became separated from the borg collective and was beamed to the enterprise for emergency medical treatment to save his life. The way that the drone slowly rediscovered his individuality and came to realize that, perhaps, “resistance is not futile”, was a truly moving and inspiring story.

              • What I liked about that episode, aside from “Hugh” discovering his individuality, was the portrayal by Patrick Stewart of the “Locutus of Borg” alter ego…i.e., was that personality “laying low”, biding his time, waiting for the opportunity to strike again? Subsequently we’d know it was just an act…but a CONVINCING one.

    • anon 1

      This is pretty weird stuff…..

      What’s happening is we’re being herded into The Matrix. As I’ve written previously, in The Crypto Capitalist Manifesto, and here, that the core rationalization of the “You’ll Own Nothing And Be Happy” Great Narrative (as it is now being called) is that the rabble has to ratchet down its standard of living. The reason why isn’t about climate change or COVID.

      It’s because we’re in late stage Globalism and the world’s financial and economic system is on the verge of imploding.

      The Metaverse Is A Scam: We’re Being Herded Into The Matrix

      • anon 1

        This starts to make sense now, maybe they are doing a mass experiment on the useless eaters to test out the new tech before they use it on themselves, these old billionaires want to live forever, they don’t believe in an after life so they want to create tech so they can live forever.
        The new tech:
        Injecting chips, (yes they have very small chips now it is real), nanowires, the injections were tested, they contain graphene for conductivity, to connect with 5g to the grid. hydra were also found.
        Transhumanism, combination of man and machine.

        The other objective they are open about is population reduction.

        LIFE FORM Found in Pfizer “VAX” Vial- THE THING Grows in Warmth & GO Feeds Its Eggs! Dr. Zalewksi

      • I find a roaring wood fire more satisfying than TV, less intellectually insulting, and has the bonus of radically increasing my carbon footprint. I highly recommend it!

  7. ‘Thank god for the unions, which can organize a counterweight power to this power putsch by the Biden Thing’ — eric

    Equally, praise Satan for union man and Labor Secretary Martin J Walsh, who went over to the dark side as Jackass Joe’s Labor ‘Secretary’ to oppress working Americans with faux-vaccine mandates.

    This thick-skulled, bootlicking Boston quisling has gotta go.

    Write him a personal note, urging to go fuck himself. 🙂

  8. Hoping the unions can hang tough, especially with the latest cry of WOLF! Just when the covidiots seem to be finally getting fed up with the Kabuki the PTB trot out the latest s Ariana to keep the fear frenzy going. In a just world Fauxchi would be swinging from a lamppost by now.

  9. Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master. Experience has taught us that it is much easier to prevent an enemy from posting themselves than it is to dislodge them after they have got possession, and when the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.

    George Washington

  10. So say the courts do side with the demented one; will we all be forced into crime to feed ourselves?

    I don’t mean knock off a gas station, though some may turn to this. Employment of any kind will be illegal. What will they do with the 20 million of us who won’t worship their idol? Self employed, flea marketers, online sellers, and the businesses that will still hire the pure blooded?

  11. AT&T broke their union in 2009 so the rank and file have to get the jab along with everyone else. The contracts were just renewed in February.

    Verizon, however, endured a strike in recent memory which lasted nearly two months and saw secretaries climbing telephone poles as part of the “contingency planning” kabuki for Wall Street. The union and management are “in negotiation” about jabs.

  12. There’s a pall all over the world, dreary and bleak as it is, we all are trudging through the dreaded drudgery. Really. Undaunted. Indefatigable.

    It has to stop or the pandemic you will witness is not even here yet.

    There is no pandemic, just because some idiot playing doctor says so has no weight, no merit.

    There has to be numbers in the tens of millions to take it seriously, the propaganda is used to create a climate of fear and it will and does drive people insane.

    All part of the plan and these jokers are playing for keeps. They’re not going to stop unless they are forced to stop. It all takes place at a snail’s pace and then all at once, it goes ballistic.

    Difficult to see eye-to-eye then.

    Pride goeth before fall, they’ll fall on their own swords.

    Give us this day our daily beer.

  13. These corporations apparently did a risk/reward analysis and discovered there was a higher ratio for telling Biden to eff off, than that of telling the union to do so. For now.
    Isn’t it demonstrative that much of Europe has higher case numbers than they did a year ago when there was NO VACCINE, proving without reproach that they simply don’t work, except to deliver the worst adverse event record ever, and yet the demand they be taken and vaxxports required continues as if nothing happened. Follow the science indeed.

    • Like in all things, money talks. No workers, no money. Guess Biden got the short end on that one.

      The more this happens, the increasingly neutered – and I’m sure agitated – the deranged one will become.

      Wonder if they’re lying to him about his approval numbers.

  14. Interesting comment I saw at USAWATCHDOG:

    “The corona injection is not a vaccine according to the long standing definition. The proper word is “transfection.” Let’s start using it.

    See: Britannica dot com

    “transfection, technique used to insert foreign nucleic acid (DNA or RNA) into a cell, typically with the intention of altering the properties of the cell.””

    Also, awhile back Eric referred to the effects of The Shot as prions. I thought of that as I read this bit:

    “PROOF: COVID vaccines cause prion diseases
    Twitter suspended my account (likely forever since there is no appeal) due to one post on prion diseases. Here’s the information they wanted to make sure you NEVER find out.” …

    • Helot, thank you for enhancing my vocabulary. That is always a good thing and transfection is now in my arsenal awaiting use.

      However, effective mass communication/influencing involves mostly emotional impact. I prefer to refer to the bad guys all as commies while the correct academic term may be communist, socialist, democrat, nazi, crony capitalist, or any of dozens of other names. Commie takes advantage of nearly a century of anti communist conditioning by our regional oligarchs and their propagandists. As such, commie gets a visceral reaction, and it is correctly against statism/academic elitism.

      Likewise, I recommend mutagen or lethal injection for their shot. The whole point of an mRNA injection is to mutate your DNA to some purpose, it is a mutagen. Lethal injection just has a nice visceral punch, which for the moment is true for only a few hundred thousand out ohundreds of millions of injectees, but will probably increase dramatically over the coming months and years.

      Mutagen. Or Lethal Injection.

      • My pleasure, Ernie. Glad to be of use.

        I never use the word, commie. No reason, really. However; I have said, ‘communist’ a number of times.

        Seems to me the word ‘commie’ has mostly a pre-Gen X visceral connotation. Perhaps I’ll use it the next time the subject comes up while talking to the older generations? Which may be never, as all the older people I know have their minds made up, set in concrete. But, who knows?

        • This older person does indeed have his mind set in concrete, but that concrete does not hold me in favor of the Psychopaths In Charge, and the mountains of male bovine fecal matter they spread. The use of “commie” is good enough for a generic term, but there is little difference between communism and fascism. Both hold the state to be the ultimate purpose of life, which you must serve at the sacrifice of your life..

    • Weirder still, there is much reason to believe that at least many of the shots are “magnetofection”–that is, magnetically-facilitated transfection.

      Here is a pre-scamdemic paper on the state of that technology as of several years ago:

      The reasons to believe this is happening with some of the batches are not only the “magnetic arm” phenomenon, many videos of which are extremely credible:

      But also, the outright official announcement by Japan that they had intercepted millions of Moderna doses “contaminated” with magnetic material:

      (Note to helot: Not that I’m saying anyone should start using the term “magnetofection” in a persuasive way in discussion with normies, which I fully understand would be counterproductive. This note is just for the edification of epautos Commentariat.)

      • I saw something on about connectivity. I took my old, non smart phone and turned on the blue tooth search in the grocery store. It was weird a number came up for most (not all) people that walked by. When I do this at home the name of networks (ours and our neighbors comes up) not a bunch of random numbers. Probably just more right wing woo woo. Maybe it was their phones. I’m not smart enough to figure it all out. I know I don’t have one. “I am not a number. I am A free man.”

        Conspiracy theory or conspiracy fact? Inquiring minds want to know.

      • anon 1

        NOTE: researchers got 1000 vials of the mrna injections, among other things they found various metals in the injections, japan threw out 1 million vials because of this (japan stopped all vaccines and are using ivermectin now, they quit cooperating with the genocide agenda.)

        another cool feature of the injections:
        the combination of injecting metal nano particles and then applying high intensity 5g emf which makes the metal move around to cause shearing (shearing rips apart your organs).

        if you turn 5g up to 60 ghz (some people call this the kill switch) it makes the metal bits move around, oscillate, causing shearing, tearing your organs apart, it is like a ball bearing flying around inside a watermelon, but it is your brain or other organs. these satanists are sick bastards, now they want to do it to children.

        so if one of these injected morons is driving down the road and 5g is turned up and their organs are ripped apart, they could crash into you, watch out when driving.

        • That’s some high intensity Tesla-like crazy shit, anon 1.

          I do hope you’re wrong. And, all the other alternative docs & specialist who describe The Shot as a bioweapon. Why? … ’cause my idiot brother & his clueless babymomma gave The Shot to their two innocent children despite my best efforts to inform them there B Monsters.

          (I didn’t actually say, “there B Monsters”, but I might as well have for what good it did.)

          • anon 1

            I have tried to warn relatives, it is very difficult, (they probably think we are wrong, insane), the who/ccp/government/globalists have done a great brainwashing job, maybe people are too lazy to fact check big pharma/government narrative.

            Dr. Zelenko thinks only 10% will survive (probably out of the 30% who are convinced and the 40% fence sitters), the other 30% are 100% against this, the resistance. That 30% is what is causing them trouble.

            • Hi Anon,

              Someone else here posted a succinct video clip of a black guy putting it thus: Why the fuck should we trust you? He meant the “vaccine” peddlers. Exactly so. Leaving aside that I’m not sick and not likely to get sick and much less likely to get seriously sick and therefore have no need for these “vaccines,” myself – why would I trust these “vaccine” companies, who have an established track record of being extremely untrustworthy? Who have every financial and legal incentive to push drugs that aren’t safe or effective?

              These are extremely fair/reasonable objections. That people respond to them with hysteria is evidence that this has little, if anything to do with “science.”

              • The unseen (well, at least to me, since you didn’t post the vid) “black guy” at least gets to be the “victim” of a nefarious Government plot. After all, everything’s presumed to be “raciss and shit”, even people of color, like Larry Elder, for example, are being labelled as “White Supremacy in Blackface”. But whatever works, the “black guy” has every RIGHT to be distrusting and to make decision for HIS life and HIS corpus. So, why not ME?


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