How “Speeding” led to Needling

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If you get people to accept one thing they will bow to the next thing. Like giving people what are styled “tickets” for “speeding.”

Which is why people are now being “ticketed” for not-Jabbing.

First of all, they’re not “tickets.”

You get those when you pay for something you want, like a seat at the theatre – or to identify your dry cleaning for later pick-up. The thing you are handed – with all the implied menace of government – by the armed government worker who has used the implied menace of government to “pull you over” – is an extortion note. It says you will pay a sum of money to the government, else the government will increase the menace it threatens you with, as by revoking its permission to allow you to use what were formerly the public rights-of-ways that people once had an acknowledged right to use.

It will add to what it claims you “owe” if you don’t pay; it may also do such things as sic a collections agency upon you and perhaps even cage you – or your vehicle – either or both to be ransomed at exorbitant cost to you.

And upon what is all this based?

You were “speeding.” This heinous act of administrative offense is defined as driving any faster than a velocity maximum decreed and posted by the government itself. The pulling-over and the punishing are justified on the assertion that anyone who drives in excess of the velocity maximum decreed by the government poses a threat to others; that by driving 62 MPH rather than 55 MPH, they might cause an accident that could result in harm.

And on account of that, they must be punished.

Let that soak in for a moment and then consider the scene today.

Healthy people are expected – are required, in many areas – to perform various strange rites and even to wear strange garments (i.e., the “mask,” as these idiot-training devices are styled) and now being told they must roll up their sleeves – because they might be sick or could get someone else sick.

If they do not, then tickets – punishments – are menaced.

Not the common denominators.

The way assertion replaces fact.

The way innocence – of having caused harm – is no defense.

And the way people are harmed, who’ve caused no one any harm.

It took a long while for the disease process to elaborate. It is now at a critical stage. It is no longer a mere carbuncle on an otherwise healthy body politic. It suppurates over the entire corpus-not-so-delicti – a legal term many are familiar with that amounts to: You need the body (i.e., evidence of harm caused) to establish that someone has in fact been harmed.

This was once a generally accepted principle, a long time ago. It is a fair and reasonable principle, too – since it makes it impossible, in law, to harm someone administratively – as by fines and imprisonment – in the absence of any proof that the accused victimized anyone. Innocence of that being sufficient to fend off the accusation of might and could.

Which can be applied indiscriminately, to anyone and anything – merely by making the accusation.

Consider the injustice of that.

If I drive 62 rather than 55 I am certainly exceeding the speed limit. But how does it follow that I deserve to be handed an extortion note – punished –  for so doing? How is that my being in full control of my car – this is not even questioned, as such – and the indisputable fact that I have not lost control of my car – counts for nothing as a defense against an accusation that I might cause harm and could lose control of my car?

Because all that matters, as a matter of law, is that I was “speeding.”

For many – not just The Law – this is enough. They applaud the pulling-over and extortion-noting, the direction of armed menace against the “speeder,” for they affirm the rightness of such measures – based on the might and could-have. Or, baser, simply because they fetish administrative rules as such and harbor animosity toward those who do not fetish them. They want to see such people punished for what amounts to their lack of faith, as expressed by their disregard.

They do not care whether you’ve never caused any harm to anyone. Only that you Didn’t Obey The Rules.

This conditioning of people to reverence the administrative state has been under way for at least 100 years and has reached its inevitable, logical result:

The Universal Presumption of Sickness.

That you will get it – or give it.

This is an assertion beyond devilish in its catholicism.

One could, at least, usually (though not universally) avoid being pulled over and issued extortion notes by menacing armed government workers – and threatened with further menace, for failing to cough up the sum demanded – by not “speeding.” Then the pretextual accusation that you might lose control of your car and could cause harm was rendered harmless, as such – even though many people regularly do lose control and have caused harm, without having transgressed the Holy Writ of the roadside totem pole.

But how does one vitiate an accusation of might-be-sick and could-get-someone-else-sick? The answer, of course, is that one cannot vitiate it. The possibility is a fact, even if the person is not sick and has not gotten anyone else sick. There will always be the possibility – and thus, always the pretext – to justify the accusation.

And the ticket.

This possibility-in-perpetuity erupts fetidly from the bloated corpse of American society, as it rots and festers in the sun.

The healthy are told they must wear “masks” – and are told they will be Jabbed – because all-too-many Americans did not see or did not care to see that people who had not lost control of their cars, nor harmed anyone else were treated as if they had and did.

Not just “speeders,” either.

Also people who purchased/provided/consumed various arbitrarily illegal “drugs” and myriad other such mights and could-have-caused-harms, such as possessing a gun that was never used to harm anyone – but might be so used and could have been. The fact that it wasn’t and didn’t no longer being of the slightest relevance to the administrative state.

Until Americans realize how sick that is, America can never recover.

. . .

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  1. Speeding “might cause harm”… One could argue that it does cause harm. Of the 100 plus people a day that die in auto collisions in the US, about 35 of those involve excessive speed as a contributory factor. Ignore the speed limits and let the slaughter continue.

    • Some drunk is going 70MPH when he passes out and crashes….that crash “involves excessive speed” but excessive speed was not the cause of the crash. Someone going 40 in a 35MPH zone crashes for whatever reason….the crash “involves excessive speed”. Did going 5MPH over the limit cause the crash? Someone crashes while doing 35MPH in a 40MPH zone…do they keep statistics to add that one to, to cite that the crash involved insufficient speed?

      Actually, if there is traffic, going substantially faster OR slower than the surrounding traffic can create problems. If there is no traffic, and good sight distances, no intersections, etc….then it doesn’t matter. And a few MPH over or under the number on some stupid sign never matters- it is just a revenue collection scheme.

      “Involved excessive speed” is like dying “with COVID” because you have the flu when the safe that fell on you killed you.

  2. Whelp, if anyone thinks mere decentralization would accomplish anything in this land of brainwashed idjits: Here in KY our excellent schvatze attorney general and others fought a good fight to get the court to strip the ass-hat governor of his powers to dictate flu-Kabuki -especially regarding pooblik skools. So now it’s up to the schools to determine their own policies. So guess what? All of the counties around here- including the very rural one in which I reside, have enacted the same masking and quarantine policies which the stoopit governor had imposed on them ion the past when he still had the power to do so.

    We don’t have to worry about Wurshington DC, Frankfort, Sacramento, Springield, Albany, etc. because our own neighbors will gladly do the will of the tyrants, even where the ability of the tyrants to impose their BS has been squelched.

    • Yup. It’s an infinitely fractal-izable behavioral program. You can chop the body politic into as many itty-bitty pieces as you wish, and every single one will quickly configure itself into a microcosm of the global agenda.

      Like the T-1000, every little individuated glob will execute a lethal program to the extent it is able, and will seek out agglomeration with its globular brethren. Quickly, the disaggregated units will unite into the same murderous creature you started with with you started chopping.

      Much like a holographic imprint: every splinter contains the whole. It is a Machine. An infernal digital circuit-logic that is immutable and infinitely divisible. And It codes a program of extermination that will be executed. Period.

      • Morning, FP –

        In any serious crisis – and most Americans have never faced one – it is easy to believe there is no hope; that it’s “all over.” And it will be, if you believe it is! Thomas Paine’s little pamphlet – aptly named, The Crisis – bears re-reading by this generation of Americans.

        Now is the time to be steadfast and hold the line. Defeatist talk before we’re defeated is -frankly – pathetic. It marks us out as people who deserve to be enserfed.

        I mentioned before and will again: Here we are, discussing this business openly in a public forum. We still have immense power. We can still wield it by just saying No.

        I grant that many – even most people – are defeatist and will just roll over and roll up their sleeves. Such people are the chaff. What matters – what will determine everything – is whether enough people will stand up and say No.

        Will you be among them?

        • ‘Now is the time to be steadfast and hold the line.’ — eric

          Every day, I will take action to fight back.

          Yesterday, I forwarded to our Senators a letter praising the governor for promising to resist Biden’s mandates. The Democratic Senators, one of whom is up for re-election next year, will understand the implied political cost if they go along with Biden.

          Today, I’m emailing a hospital executive who claimed that ivermectin is not safe — after 35 years as an approved drug — and demanding that she ask the news site to publish a retraction of her flagrantly false statement.

          Every day, I am going to come out punching, confronting purveyors of disinformation and advocates for tyranny, and demanding that they stop or face consequences.

          • I found writing elected office holders pointless. I did it for about a decade more or less.

            I could start doing it again, no fear of it, if there are lists I am already on them. I just don’t know what good it will do.

            I still write companies which displease me and tell them why. I get BS answers much like from the elected office holders if I even got one. I stop buying the product. They can enjoy the business of those who they claim they changed the products for but adversely changed them for most everyone else. Likely a single digit percentage of their customer base.

            • In the time it takes to write a letter to a politician, you could write a letter to Santa asking for a sweet Red Ryder bb gun.

              You can thank me later, while you’re dreaming about all the awesome feats of marksmanship and derring-do you’ll perform when Santa comes down the chimney with your Red Ryder.

              • Dear Santy Claws,
                I want a Red Ryder BB gun! (I wannad kids who are always tormenting cats!)
                Yoors Trooly,
                Little Nunzio

                [Santa reads letter]:
                “Oh dear……”
                [Forwards letter, with name and address to BATF]
                [To Mrs. Santa]:
                Joan! Gimme a Gay Ken doll for this li’l Dago kid….that oughta guarantee that he’ll never grow up to play with real guns!”.

              • Morning, FP!

                If you haven’t, I encourage you to read Solzhenitsyn. This man endured far worse than we have, so far – and has much to teach us, both as regards how to endure it, should we be forced to, as well as how to fight it now – so as not to have to endure it.

                Once again: Don’t give up before the game’s over. It’s not – yet.

                • Indeed I have read Solzhenitsyn! Some choice quotes:

                  “From the moment you go to prison you must put your cozy past firmly behind you. You must say to yourself, ‘My life is over, a little early to be sure, but there’s nothing to be done about it. I shall never return to freedom. I am condemned to die–now or a little later. But later on…it will be even harder, and so the sooner the better. I no longer have any property whatsoever. For me those I love have died. From today on out, my body is useless and alien to me. Only my spirit and my conscience remain precious and important to me….'” [GA (Vol I), p. 130]

                  “We instinctively believe that we could never end up on death row, that it would take an outstanding career if not heinous guilt for that to happen. A great deal has to be shaken up inside our heads for us to get the real picture: …Whether our destiny holds a death cell in store for us is not determined by what we have done or not done. It is determined by the turn of a great wheel and the thrust of external circumstances.” [GA [Vol. I), pp. 440-41]

                • We are in a far different scenario than were the poor Russians (Though we can still learn plenty from ol’ Sol[zhenitsyn]).

                  The Russian people had an enemy who was universally acknowledged and identified as an enemy. We have an enemy whom the vast majority around us see as their benefactor, and who has convinced those people that WE are in fact the enemy and threat to their safety and prosperity. Mass Stockholm Syndrome personified! The Russians were never so deluded. Our enemy is far greater, as it has conscripted the majority around us into it’s service and worship.

            • Brent – this is something im on the fence about. I wonder at times though, maybe if there was a twitter mob of sensible people who worry politicians into doing sensible things…. the opposite of what the left does now. Because at the end of the day, these swamp creatures have a very strong sense of self preservation – and will do whatever it takes to cling to office (as they know their next best use to society is probably on the dole que)…

          • Keep it up it sometimes works. You have to remember they are small weak people or they would not be where they are. Strong smart principaled people don’t get invited or if they start they are pushed out. I know. It happened to me. Just say NO.

        • eric, I quite enjoy being a foil on which you can hone your rousing polemicist’s skills (and coaxing out your optimistic impulses). But I still don’t see any evidence of the war that you’re looking to recruit fighters for.

          Every day, I experience the act of saying a handful of little “No!s”–shirking imperatives to Mask Up, Slave!, ignoring imperatives to Take the Vaxx, Maggot!, laughing off petty suggestions of fanciful threats to fear.

          I have already made many significant professional decisions that have altered the course of my career and have substantially limited my prospects, by refusing to do certain things, and by declining to participate in certain situations that would necessarily require me to do certain things. The pattern of shutting doors sounds like the flutter of falling dominos at this point.

          But I am not deluded or self-deceived so as to believe that any of these acts of negation constitute “standing up.” Rather, it is a process of principled withdrawal from society. Much like the Amish at one point began saying, “No” to the trajectory of society, with all the consequences and (seeming) sacrifices that saying “No” entailed, I too have now decoupled from the inexorable thrust of the zeitgeist. I have no leverage to influence that thrust. (For instance, I recently mentioned that official plans reflect that the airports will be closed by 2050. You replied with something to the effect of “Only if They win!” Well, I boycotted flying as soon as the mask thing happened. That’s all I can do. But that won’t stop the airports from closing. If anything, it will hasten the closure. There is no means by which you or I can “fight” the closing of airports, when the people who run the airports intend to close them. It’s quite simply out of our control, and in Theirs. It’s a wicked system run by wicked people. There’s no way to save it, and more to the point there’s nothing worth saving.)

          I see very clearly where “society” is going, as well as the privation, marginalization, criminalization, and eventual execution that I will experience for refusing to simply leave my face at the door and join the party. That’s going to be test enough, without also taking on the quixotic burden of “fighting” some ill-defined “fight” for abstract phantoms like “freedom” or “justice.” “Freedom” is a cruel neuro-chemical illusion, and “Justice” is always a guillotine that the people are repeatedly tricked into building, not knowing it’s their heads that will wind up inside it.

          • Tomorrow-morrow land Captain Walker.

            Why don’t you wear the AIDS ribbon? You have to wear the ribbon.

            My speaking in a form of Tamarian, Shaka, When the Walls Fell, aside, as I stated before, in people’s hearts and minds is tyranny and its false promises. The culture has been lost.

            I try to bring people back to the lessons they were supposed to learn and stopped being taught, but it doesn’t work. How long has it been since Stargate SG1? That’s the most recent thing I can reference for any lessons except for 2018’s Counterpart. A series canceled for low ratings because it required people pay attention and think.

            There is really one option left, separation. But we aren’t dealing with absolutists. We are dealing with communists. The absolutists will often tolerate the individualists because the individualists benefit the society greatly. Communists however hate the productive, hate the individual. It is their guiding principle. They only have one end for us in mind.

            So I agree with Freelance, it is what is it is. I can try using the old tools to teach people, but they will undergo the transformation anyway and care about only looks and sportsball. (Twilight Zone, Number 12 Looks Just Like You)

        • I’ve said it before- this is their battle of the bulge moment. Trump was such a shock to their Fabian plans that they panicked, obviously stole a national election in a coup, and are giving everyone the bum’s rush. They are pissing off tens of millions, not just a few measly percent of libertarians, Constitutionalists, and serious freedom lovers. This will come with a price and they are going to pay it.

          Sadly, there is a large population of true believers who will wear the mask, and the belt, and the helmet, and put whatever poison into their veins they are told to. They are going to lose. We face a fight- and hard times. Defeatism only makes it worse.

          From the American commander to the good german commander- Nuts.

    • Yes, Nunzio, one of the most shocking things at the start of covidmania was the thousands of mini-tyrants crawling out of the woodwork at the same time to bark orders.

      Even in private entities, the first thought of anybody with a title was “We need some rules around here!” At our church, they decided that we had to have colored ribbons blocking alternating pews so you could get in from one end only. It didn’t do a thing to keep people farther apart, since all of the seating still could be used. It just caused confusion, resulting in more people milling around and bumping into one another than would have been the case if they’d done nothing.

      Everybody has ideas about additional bossing that should take place. From an article linked by Jim H in his comment below:

      “One person who talks regularly with White House officials said they often seem overwhelmed with the sheer number of anti-covid proposals being tossed at them from various quarters.”

      Reminds me of schoolkids having to write papers about what new laws they think should be concocted. They learn from childhood that people must be bossed around, and the more the better.

    • If I’m not mistaken, which happens more often as I approach my expiration date, was it not in Kentucky that a local militia disposed of an utterly corrupt sheriff’s department? Without any legal ramifications for them. The advantage of smaller political units is that they can be handled if push comes to shove. What is the local school board going to do if people simply ignore their orders? Call the goons to assault children? And how long would parents tolerate that? For that matter, how long will the school board be able to function without property tax revenue, if no one pays them? Smaller is better.

    • The late Bob Wenzel always pointed out that secession and decentralization were tactics and did not necessarily lead to more liberty. That being said, I wouldn’t be so sure that actual decentralization is in play in the school districts in your state. The centralized gov’t control freaks are currently find of giving people the “illusion” of choice or freedom.

      Case in point. In my county, the gov’t school board asked all parents to vote on whether diapers should be required or optional. These parents voted 2/3rds for optional. The school year began that way. One month later, the board stuffed them and declared them required. Said they initially didn’t understand the govking’s “guidance” and thereafter he made them an “offer they couldn’t refuse” involving monies of some sort. Since I homeschool, I only paid attention to this tangentially but didn’t see or hear a peep publicly from any of the gov’t school parents. It’s like a lot of things these days, those that oppose the tyranny are mostly gone. You’re left with the hard core true believers and the dead enders.

  3. This is the methodology they use to control us:
    Demand behavior of the public at large, but target individuals.
    Then publicize that targeting – either through the news or on the side of the road with flashing lights – to scare the rest.

    But there are not enough enforcers to resist the masses if they were not to comply.
    That is why they need to use propaganda & manipulate the data.

    Where they have screwed up on covid is we have the ability to share our stories around the world.
    We can defeat their lies with facts.

    They have scared many into compliance, but like the rogue speeders and non belt wearers, they can’t get to us all. They know this, so they put the cadaver in chief on the TV to yell at us.

    In the end, everything is a war of attrition, and the dedicated will always win (i.e. Taliban)

  4. A disturbing glimpse into the mottled minds of our overlords:

    “You go incrementally. You build up towards mandates,” said Celine Gounder, an epidemiologist who was a member of Biden’s covid task force during the transition. “You need to show that less-aggressive approaches are not working before you go to a more aggressive approach.”

    ‘Gounder said she has told administration officials that if they impose a travel mandate, they should make sure vaccines are available at travel hubs so that the unvaccinated can get shots there. Such a scenario would envision a travel mandate where Americans would not have to be fully vaccinated to travel, since a second shot comes several weeks later.’

    This is completely, batshit insane.

    Whatever (fading) personal-only protection that results from shots takes 5 to 6 weeks to develop.

    Inoculating people at travel hubs is an extension of TSA ‘security theater’ — ‘doing something’ that accomplishes nothing and protects no one.

    Bounder Gounder’s sordid agenda is control, not public health.

    Is it true that hair-sniffing creeps are a magnet for other creeps to join their coterie?

      • In reading the Declaration of Independence and its list of grievances against King George, one finds few that the current US Sociopaths In Charge are not guilty of. My favorite, and most obvious I think, “He has erected a multitude of offices, and sent forth a swarm of officers, to harass our people and eat out their substance”. Which applies to every single bureau they’ve created.

  5. So speeding laws have led to the “vacsassination?”

    Well, I guess that’s true……in the same way that “drinking water leads to shooting smack.” 😉

    • Hi Mike,

      It’s the principle that’s at issue – and the principle is common. I tried to tell you that wearing a Face Diaper would lead to forced-Jabs; you dismissed this, as I recall. I pointed out that the principle behind Diaper wearing – you might be sick, you might get someone else sick – would be used to impose the Jab.

      All too many people didn’t see that wearing a Diaper made this inevitable.

      The principle is, simply, prior restraint. It is a dangerous principle, for all the reasons I’ve tried so hard to elaborate. I’m sorry you don’t seem to see it.

      • Hi Eric,

        You said.

        “I tried to tell you that wearing a Face Diaper would lead to forced-Jabs; you dismissed this, as I recall.”

        Darn right I dismissed it, based upon a fact that you simply refuse to address.
        Allow me to refresh your memory.

        These entities “Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Face Masks” to impose the Vax upon people who don’t want to take it! Sure, mask mandates softened up the some of our population, and hastened their compliance. But that was just one tiny…optional… step, and the same destination would have been reached, with or without.

        The masks are like one tree. The vacsassination is THE FREAKING FOREST.
        The masks are like a little sting ray . The vacsassination is like a 15 foot Great White closing in for the kill. Stop complaining about the little stinger. Get ready to try to punch that shark in the nose. (That actually works….at least once in a while.)

        • The shanks aren’t the forest either, the electronic Beast system database that contains your soon to be new Cov-ID is the ultimate goal.

          One app to rule them all, One app to find them, One app to shank them all, and in the darkness bind them

        • Hi Mike,

          Just my point – and you make it, again. Face Diaper wearing established the principle – how many times must I repeat it? – that a Black Death abounds and must be met with universal palliative measures. If you can be forced to wear a Diaper on that basis – if you accept it – then how can you argue against the Jab?

          Do you really not grasp the essential sameness of the underlying principle?

          It is why I was and remain so adamant about not wearing the got-damned filthy rags. If you submit to that, you affirm your submission to this.

          And if you really cannot see that, then you’re blind.

          • The mask is the gauge. “How much can we get away with?” The more who wear them, the more they know they can push without getting vigorous opposition. It’s a test, and if you wear one, you failed. When they come for your 14 year old daughter and take her away to be “examined” by the authorities, will you comply? Incrementalism is the method of tyranny, until a point is reached where they see slow isn’t necessary any more.

  6. Wow … I salute an actual military hero, walking away barely a year from being vested in his 20-year service pension with his wife’s full backing … on principle.

    ‘After eighteen years of active duty service in the US Army, my lieutenant colonel husband has resigned.

    ‘He’s walking away from all he’s worked for and believed in since he was an ROTC kid at UGA. He’s walking away from his retirement.

    ‘His resignation memo:’ — Katie Phipps Hague

    This honorable man’s example will inspire thousands of others, in and out of the armed services.

    Spineless, bribe-taking toadies like ‘Biden’ can only look on in mute incomprehension at an American officer who won’t compromise his commitments for a pocketful of dirty, worthless Federal Reserve Notes.

    This is how we will win.

    • I know of several people, perhaps a big bundle, who are following that soldiers lead and are preparing themselves to be fired (or, put on AWOL, a.k.a. unpaid leave) for not wearing a wedding veil in a rehearsal for a marriage to Satan as a condition of employment at

      I do hope they move on and find productive jobs in the private sector. Imho, it would be – Great – if all the people who really got things done and held the ship together left their positions working for goobermint.

      Let us pray they do so.
      …Or, at least take a moment and think about them, and hope they increase the output of a private business which actually serves people.

    • Wait….an actual military hero?

      Join a tax-funded oirganization to go all over the world enforcing the will of our dictators on innocents in sovereign nations?

      “No problem!”

      Give up personal freedom and accountability and be psychologically conditioned to bully, oppress, and kill in exchange for personal financial, experiential and educational benefits?

      “No problem!”

      But when it comes to something that he knows will affect his own body, long-term health, and longevity?

      “Well…when it affects ME, then I have a problem!”.

      Some hero.

      • Hi Nunz,

        I share your principled aversion to government “service.” That said, I think this Lt. Col deserves some credit for taking an honorable stand at some significant cost to himself. Life is imperfect, as you well know. Not all cops or soldiers are evil people; I believe many are well-intended, if misled people. I think this Lt. Col. is one of them. I also think it’s important to applaud right action when right action is taken rather than to criticize counterproductively. We need people on our side. Not every person is going to be a perfect Libertarian; if we pick at each other over imperfections as opposed to finding common ground we will have no common ground to stand upon.

      • The profession of arms is an ancient and honorable one. This man just proved it again. There is such a thing as a hero and a heroic act. Hating the military is just foolish and wasteful. Holding them to a strict code of honor is part of respecting them.

        It’s the difference between law enforcement and local peacekeepers.

  7. Austin Texas just rolled out a program called Safe 2 Save. It sounds “really fun and cool.” You just download an app and let the organizers, which include an insurance company and a quasi-government group, monitor your driving and cellphone usage. And you get a chance to win $10k in prizes and get local discounts and other cool stuff. What could go wrong?
    It reminds me of when the jab first got rolled out. We were offered all kinds of incentives, everything from KrispyKreme for a year to a chance to win cash, if we’d submit. LOL when authoritarians imply anything they would like us to do is a personal choice. It might seem like a personal choice for awhile, but the true face behind the benevolent mask is always revealed.
    Austin’s app will become mandatory at some point. Just watch. Right now, they’re taking it for a test run to a) see how it works and b) see how WE work, i.e. how many of us are dumb enough to download this app.

  8. Good afternoon Eric,

    Thanks again for another great post.
    The so called “government” is really just a protection racket.
    (Nice car you have here. Would be a shame if an AGW were to steal it for failure to obey.)

    I do have one small quibble…

    “Because all that matters, as a matter of law, is that I was “speeding.””

    It’s not a mater of law. Under the “law” you have a right to travel and so long as you do not harm anyone there is no “crime”. Prior restraint is unconstitutional. (Lol. As if they respect the constitution anymore.)

    “Because all that matters, as a matter of commerce, is that I was “speeding.””

    Yet another example of how they have weaponized the commerce clause.
    Thanks again. I hope you have a great day.

    • The commerce clause is indeed the most common claim made by the Sociopaths In Charge. By claiming this or that AFFECTS interstate commerce. Never mind that EVERYTHING you do affects interstate commerce, including how many sheets of toilet paper you typically use. Which denies that the commerce clause even need be written. It could have simply stated the federal government has authority to regulate anything. It does not.

      • The commerce clause has been used to regulate crops raised for one’s own use.

        The USC weasel words were written for control freaks and thieves.

  9. Yes, sir, Eric. Agreed.

    Freedom is not free. Every now and then, enough strong men rise up, kill the enemy, and establish freedom for our people.

    The great Thomas Jefferson wrote that he expected we would need to shed some blood EVERY GENERATION to put down new (or old) tyrants or enemies. Let us note that for many generations this has NOT been done.

    Thus far, our strong and otherwise admirable men are duped by propaganda FROM THE ENEMY to not be “provoked” into violence. Oooooh, “violence” is “evil” and totally forbidden — unless, of course, conducted by the enemy-infested government.

    Generation after generation, our “rights” (our freedoms that were established by the FORCE of our best men) have been eroded away, and we are forced (by government FORCE) to pay and pay and pay just for being alive. We are forced by “our” governments to beg for and pay for permission to Assemble, conduct Commerce, to buy-make-KEEP-and-BEAR arms, to speak Free Speech of truth to our assembled rulers, to have and operate a vehicle for Travel, and, well, does anyone need me to continue the list?

    Thomas Jefferson would say something like, “If you’re waiting for me to declare that your retaliation is JUSTIFIED, you had me at ‘Assemble.'”

  10. It started with prohibition and the temperance movement. There was a small extremely vocal group demanding something be done about alcohol abuse. At least they followed proper procedure and amended the constitution, but notice that the repeal didn’t quite go back to anarchy. There was a “scientific” study to determine what is the legal definition of intoxication, and testing to go along with it. Either you were or you were not. If the test says you were drunk, you were. So then it just comes down to sentencing.

    • The control freakism goes back to 1620.
      Then there are the people who had witch trials for no other reason that grab social and political status and the property of others.

      That’s where the poison really starts on this continent. Maybe even further back to one of the failed colonies, failed because of their centralized mentality, but they failed so I wouldn’t consider them the start.

      • The thing that’s amazing to me is just how much they’ve adapted to new social norms under the guise of “science says.” Back when, the Bible said sodomy was a sin. Now “science” says it’s A-OK (at least if it gets campaign donations). In fact, if you’re not into sodomy you’re the freak. But it seems no different to me whether it be the Pilgrims, Greeley’s progressive utopia on the eastern plains of Colorado (still dry to this day), or the liberal bastion of California, no matter what YOU do that makes YOU smile it must be eliminated, while whatever THEY do that makes THEM smile it has to be tolerated and encouraged.

        • There’s at least 7 breweries in Greeley (CO) now – Brix, Crabtree, Wiley Roots, Weldwerx, Two Waves, Green Earth and Rule 105. I’m a UNC alumni.

        • Should also shout out that Weld County is one of the least progressive counties in the State, the sheriff here has his head on sort of straight. It’s ironic because some of our very progressive governor’s property is just inside the very southwest border of Weld near Berthoud, right on a little corner with Larimer County.

  11. The fundamental most will ignore is that all these threats are backed by a willingness to kill you if you don’t go along. Any law, even a parking ticket, is backed by this threat. If you resist any “law” to a final conclusion, you are lying dead on the ground. Such is the very foundation of any government, of any nation. “Protect” your neighbor by obeying the speed limit, or we will kill you. “Protect” your neighbor by taking the useless vaccine or we will kill you. That is the piece of the puzzle most willingly ignored.

  12. The equivalency between driving fast and causing actual harm and spreading communicable disease breaks down at a certain point. I don’t think people should ever be held legally or criminally “accountable” if they unknowingly transmit a cold or the flu. Even if it could be proven after the fact that someone had actually done so. This gets into legal concepts of scienter and recklessness that would further buttress arguments/mandates for preventative “measures” and simply are not appropriate when dealing with inherent aspects of humanity. It would be as insane as laws prohibiting sickness generally or having the stated intent of zero respiratory illness at any given time in a community. Even though to knowingly transmit sickness is already a “crime” in some cases, it typically only involves dread diseases and the only one I can think that an attempt has been made to prosecute is the still politically charged phony one that is the predecessor to convid, “AIDS”. Imagine creating the danger of prosecution in this manner for the sniffles? Madness.

    • Hi Zek,

      I see it as an equivalency; perhaps I’m off base – but: In both cases – couldn’t resist – the target is presumed to have caused harm (or that harm is “imminent”) yet in both cases, it is immaterial – to those who espouse this doctrine – that the “offender” hasn’t caused harm. I understand that people feel differently about the “risk” posed by someone who drives faster than they feel comfortable with. But is it not of a piece with the way some people feel uncomfortable with the “risk” – as they see it – of someone not wearing a “mask” or being Jabbed?

      My point is that this is about subjectives – feelings.

      Whereas it is objective that I’m not sick (and so can’t get anyone sick) and also that while I “speed,” I’ve not lost control of my car.

      • I was starting from the point that someone driving fast had demonstrably caused harm, at which time I think you were arguing they could be held “accountable”, civilly or criminally, I assume. This concept applied to unknowingly but provably after the fact spreading sickness would, to be consistent, require similar accountability. For example, say the sniffly toddlers I mentioned in the other comment get out of town visitors sick, imagine the visitors seeking accountability defined as legal redress? As such, for the reasons regarding sickness and humans I noted previously, I believe this is the point where the equivalency breaks down.

    • The question comes down to intent and disclosure. If you exhibit reasonably (catch-all indefinite word as “reasonable” might be) accepted symptoms or have medical test results indicating infection then you might be spreading that disease and could be perhaps akin to endangering others.

      The presumption that you are ill without any evidence of such has to be implicit in Acts of God or just living on Mother Earth (whichever you think is true). That’s the equivalency Eric is going after. Just because you’re speeding doesn’t mean you have or will harm anyone in the same way as having normal temperature, not coughing or not taking vaccinations presents any danger to anyone.

      In fact it should be the other way, that a vaccine must prove it actually prevents anything in a social setting. Which means testing it for shedding, showing actual effectiveness, etc. Otherwise putting it into your body as thought you’re donning a public shield is the logical equivalent of wearing a helmet while speeding, which protects you of course but hasn’t done absolutely anything to bolster their argument that you’ve made anyone else safer.

  13. That bit about what ‘tickets’ really are is interesting to me. I moved about a little over 50 miles or so from where I grew up. In my old area, after you made a purchase at a store, the little slip of paper you received as proof of payment and new ownership of whatever, was called a ‘receipt’ (pronounced, re-seat).
    In my new area, the locals call that same piece of paper, a ticket.

    That kind of threw me off the first time I heard that as a
    ‘ticket’ was something a cop gave you to pay, or it was the heavy paper coupon type thing you got when you paid to see a movie at a theater in order to get inside, or back inside if you left for awhile, or what you received when you gave some money to the booth at the carnival/fair in order to get onto the rides they had.

    That whole, ‘control the meaning of words’ and all that, with a splash of local control of their meanings, I guess?

    Also, I was reading the comments in The Des Moines register in reaction to the corrupt judge & the ACLU forcing an injunction against the new law passed in Iowa which forbid local areas and school boards from mandating face diapers in govermint schools, a number of the comments were just as Eric pointed out, they said: if you go the speed limit, if you wear a seatbelt, you’ll don the face diaper for the same reasoning. They seemed to take it for granted that – all – people saw going the speed limit & wearing a seatbelt as something Everyone did willingly & wanted to do.

    It was odd how they attempted to use the same vocabulary as on websites such as here at EPA to try and paint those who wanted to decide for themselves as tyrants and un-thinking individuals and similar. It seemed that without exception anyone who was against face diaper mandates were: extremist right winger and/or a Trumper/birther, or some such.

    Their selective use of ‘science’ was something else to behold, as well.

    Above all else, their condescending high & mighty attitude which came across with their choice of words & phrases was one of the most repugnant things about the pro-slavery/segregationist commenters. It was clear they felt as if they owned you – and – the strong arm of da law which would be used to force you or anyone else who dared to think on their own and such like to submit & obey.

    “Let’s run a thread of videos from a few college football games this weekend with the crowd chanting Fu*k Joe” …


    • A month or two into this coronabuki b.s., I said to a generally apolitical friend whose young child was sick and had sickened some visiting relatives (totally normal btw, as those who have ever had kids knows) that they needed to be careful because the gov’t was criminalizing sickness. All I got in response was a blank stare.

  14. After backing off for a couple of weeks, Israel’s daily ‘case’ rate has exploded to a fresh record of 1,254 per million — this with its booster shot campaign now in its 7th week. Chart:

    You don’t need no PhD in immunology to understand Israel’s real-life lesson: that a massive vaccination campaign CANNOT stop a covid wave.

    Whereas data from South America and India show that mass distribution of acute treatments such as ivermectin+zinc+etc can and does stop a covid wave in its tracks, with immediate effect.

    Now Singapore is repeating Israel’s sad lesson. The control-freak equatorial state, with more than 80% of its eligible population vaxxed, shares China’s ‘covid zero’ mentality. But it ain’t workin’:

    ‘A curious thing has happened since Singapore hit 80%, Alex Cook of National University of Singapore reminds us: “The community cases have actually gone up since reaching 80 per cent coverage, in part because we’re allowing more social events for those who are vaccinated and, I dare say, more fatigue at the control measures.”‘ — ZH

    A child can understand that Singapore’s vaxxed are still spreading, maybe more dangerously than the unvaxxed since the vaxophiliacs might not be sick enough to self-quarantine.

    ‘Vaccines stop the spread’ ranks among the biggest lies in human history.

    • We are dealing with con-men who are well skilled at manipulating human beings and human beings who embrace the lies because they like them. This is why data does not work to change things for the better.

      • ‘We are dealing with con-men’ — BrentP

        … who have changed their legal definition of ‘vaccine’ from ‘produc[ing] immunity’ (2018) to ‘stimulat[ing] the body’s immune response’ (2021).

        Comparative screenshots from CDC web page, 2018 and 2021:

        This is straight-up, in-our-face fraud to enable ‘vaccines’ that do not confer immunity and do not stop the spread.

        p.s. Con-women, in the case of Weeping Walensky and her slatternly henchwomen.

        • We have the same con women in Australia as premiers and as chief “health officers”. We are also seeing lies about the real truth behind conjob19; the rise in cases in Singapore and Israel do not make msm news here. All the msm do is ask officials why there are not enough vaccines available for people to be stabbed, as the police here call the vax. Now the states are requiring the armed thugs to get the stab, and the coppers are not happy. Remains to be seen what the future stabees do.

          • The lies are intentional, and calculated to produce confusion by changing day to day. It’s hard to hit a moving target. No mask, yes mask. death from COVID, death with COVID. Vaccines not designed or intended to provide immunity do provide immunity. About the time you are prepared to refute a lie, the lie gets changed.

  15. My local hut hut hutters have taken to camping out on the exit ramp from I-65 & pulling over motorists still going interstate speeds prior coming up on the local road. It’s quite the hustle. They are not to be found directing traffic during the morning zoo at the schools. They are not to be found escorting funeral processions. They are not to be found doing much other than hanging out with each other at the DG, engines idling, AC full blast. Back the blue, eh?

    • Long ago I did some research and began calling the new england megasprawl the vortex of evil. So many putrid policies started there and it’s now run like a woke prison.

      Some gifts from the vortex of evil include:

      First mandatory health insurance.
      The first public school.
      The introduction of road salt.
      First mandatory auto insurance.
      Ivy league snob (and president) mills.
      Highest concentration of superfund sites, toxic groundwater.
      The first mandatory seatbelt law in the usa.
      First mandatory vaccinations.
      First auto registrations.
      The first SPEED limits.
      The United nations headquarters.
      The center of banking and finance in the US.
      Birthplace of John Rockefeller and capture of the medical system.

      The list goes on. The only bright side is the vortex of evil is the most likely place to get nuked outside the district of criminals due to their high concentration of arms manufacturers. It would be an improvement to the moral and physical decay infecting the region.

      • From my reading and understanding fraud is morally acceptable in Yankee society. Maybe not explicitly so, but it is the end result. That is it is perfectly acceptable to con other people out of their property, money, life, time, whatever. They hold the person who falls for it as entirely responsible. We see this in the operation of all Yankee institutions, especially the financial ones. Look how they run the federal government. Just about everything of importance is some sort of racket or con game. The followers then do mental gymnastics to justify it. Numbers are gamed to mislead people.

        But how does this relate to speeding? As I have mentioned before on this site, the first step on my route to understanding was something that would seem completely unrelated to a philosophical understanding of human society. Nixon’s 55mph NMSL. It has everything, from experts changing the way fatalities are counted to gamed metrics, the rampant dogooderism, and much more.

        Ever since I learned the in and outs of that one issue the way government and control freaks operate was laid bare to me. I see the same techniques used in every issue. Climate change, the economy, COVID, wars overseas, you name it. Same SOP. Same manipulations. Same deceptive presentation of data. Same gaming of metrics. Same everything.

        It’s all a bunch of rackets and to these people it is perfectly acceptable to do this in their view.

        • I couldn’t have said it better myself. They changed the way they counted fatalities in 1974, the year the 55 mph limit was enacted. As a result, it showed a cut in excess of what was expected through the reduction in vehicle miles traveled in 1974 to about 1976 or so. Back then, states also gamed their compliance numbers in response to Carter’s ratcheting up compliance requirements. Of course, like today, they used two sets of books to fit their narrative. The raw data on speeds was used to make the case for overtime patrols which the states enjoyed mulcting the pubic. They were also used to scare the public about he dangers of “speeed.” At the same time, they used the reduced data set to show the public that the speed limit was working and to show the FHWA that everyone was driving in lockstep.

          For the so called gas savings aspect, the oil companies were all to willing to sponsor lab tests where cars simulated driving 55 and 70 mph. Of course, the 55 mph car got 18.6 mpg and the 70 mph car got 16.8 or something like that, ignoring the real world data that showed that Fleet Fuel economy was flat from 1970-1976. (the 55 mph limit was imposed in 1974). Only after 1979, did the fleet fuel economy break 13 mpg. We all remember that the vehicle fleet changed as the energy crisis wore on.

          The do gooderism of this law was palpable. It’s an absolute miracle that we were able to repeal that law at all.

          • The law got repealed simple because the farce that people were obeying it could no longer be maintained. The numbers were being gamed so much and people’s lived reality made a joke of it. We see the same thing with the economy since the housing crash. There’s the economy people live in and the economy that gamed metrics says there is.

            I am hoping for a similar tipping point with regard to CO2 driven climate change. It will mean of course suffering through more nasty winters and overcoming the idea that global warming causes cold and which is what they’ve been doing. The same “polar vortex” that was used to push the ice age in the 1970s is now due to global warming. Never mind it’s just a normal winter weather pattern that pops up now and then.

            The sad thing is the public gets dumber and easier to game, even so freezing is a hard thing to deny especially after the so-called elite cut off the energy to provide heat.

    • ‘I did some research and began calling the new england megasprawl the vortex of evil.’ — NE Refugee

      You write in the proud tradition of historian Clyde Wilson, of the University of South Carolina:

      By Yankee, I … designate that peculiar ethnic group descended from New Englanders, who can be easily recognized by their arrogance, hypocrisy, greed, lack of congeniality, and penchant for ordering other people around.

      Up until the War for Southern Independence, Southerners were considered to be the American mainstream and Yankees were considered to be the “peculiar” people.

      Unnoticed in [Yankee] literature is a hidden assumption: the North is normal, the standard of all things American and good. Anything that does not conform is a problem to be explained and a condition to be annihilated.

      Twenty years on since Wilson wrote this, the Yankee-dominated fedgov and media have turned the volume up to 11, such that everyone acknowledges the country has been goaded into open cultural warfare.

      These uncivil people just don’t know when to stop. So they will have to be shown.

      • Thank you Jim.

        It’s a truly horrific place where people can’t even look you in the eye much less respect your right to be left the hell alone. I got a lot of pushback several years ago from friends, family and co-workers when I decided to move to the deep south. I heard every reason under the sun why it was a bad idea and I’d be miserable. For the first time in my life I feel like I’m living in a place that resembles America. The people are friendly. They drive with courtesy. We’re not taxed into oblivion. Only now with the faceless plauge and the excommunication of the unjabbed has my family come to the realization that new england has become old england. An oppressive police state run by cliques of entrenched, self styled nobility and cemented in place by a defeated subservient underclass. “It is what it is” they say.

        “A Yankee is a particular breed of person who believes that everyone should live as he does, and if not, he will force you to bend to his will.” — Historian Dr. Brion McClanahan

        • The South is STILL suffering the effects of “reconstruction”. They in fact are still under assault. Which is why the coastal Southern States are still among the poorest in the nation. They are not ALLOWED to recover.

          • All productive independent people are under assault.
            The left hates the productive. It is their unifying principle IMO.

            But here’s the thing, they need us, we don’t need them.

        • I say this as one living among them – New Englanders/Yankees are the worst of humanity. Ignorant, self-important, evil people. Imagine – millions of Chuck Shumers and Andrew Cuomos all packed into a tight geographic sliver along the Atlantic coast, and you get interact with them every day. It is hell without the fire. One day, perhaps soon, I too might seek asylum in the deep south.

        • Amen to everything you had said, NE and Jim.

          As a girl born south of the Mason Dixon line I have no great love for Yankees. I use “Yankees” casually, because not everyone born north of the MD is one. Talk to someone who is from Crystal Falls, Michigan, or from Plymouth, New Hampshire, and I have nothing unkind to say about them. Most of these people are everyday hardworking people. Their dislike for the way that this country is heading is as strong as mine.

          I remember one episode where I ended up in Philadelphia, PA back in the early 2000s. I was staying at the Rittenhouse 1715 and I had just come down to breakfast. Hubby was sleeping in and a few tables away two women from Massachusetts were having a conversation about a long distance cousin of one of them who lived in Kentucky, whose son was heading off to college in the Deep South. Since these women and I were the only ones in the dining room at that time it wasn’t difficult to eavesdrop on their conversation. I was assailed by such tidbits such as “I can’t believe they even have colleges down there.” “Do you think they will be able to find their way off the farm?” “I don’t understand why anyone would want to live among such uneducated people.” I was able to stand it for about five minutes, before I took my yogurt and fruit back up to the guest room. If this is what the Northeast are churning out, I have no desire to see the rest of the region.

          • ‘If this is what the Northeast are churning out, I have no desire to see the rest of the region.’ — RaiderGirl

            One of the last conversations I had before fleeing the Northeast was with acquaintances native to NYC, and of secular Jewish background.

            They allowed that it might be okay to live as far south as Bucks County PA, safely within the ambit of big, liberal Philadelphia.

            But from their perspective, between the Delaware River and Hollywood lies a vast cultural wasteland of violent, gap-toothed hillbillies who might burn a cross on their lawn at the slightest provocation, and whose states do not reliably elect Democrats.

            These weren’t hateful people — just painfully ignorant and prejudiced, accurately reflecting the impoverished northeastern culture they grew up in.

            • Jim H- The gesundheitfurher of NC, Mandy Cohen (ahem) is from Longuyisland and about my age. I remember going to grade school with JAPS like her. She is so oozy and condescending with the people here in NC who, I’m sure in her estimation, are so stupid that they need the smart gov’t doctor (not licensed to practice in NC, though) lady tell them how to be “safe.” Gets treated like a celebutard whenever visiting my county and the good ole girl who is her local health minion. She was personally responsible for the slogan used to justify/promote diapers here “whatever your reason.” If I heard her spouting that fake Jedi mind trick crap around me she’d get an earful.

          • Hi RG,

            I’m a Northerner by birth (NYC) but a Southerner by choice. I moved to the rural South because I esteemed and respected the Southern way of life and loathed the “Yankee” way. I did not come here to get the people who were born here to accommodate Northern ways – god, how I hate that attitude! That’s what I moved here to get away from! I came here, humbled to be part of the culture and community and to do all I could to respect and preserve it and make it as much my own as a person not born to it can.

            • Unfortunately you didn’t account for Washington DC when you moved, which now essentially owns Virginia. Or perhaps that was just too big a leap for you at the time. Preventing you from moving to the Southern coast, or westward to Texas, Missouri, Oklahoma, or Arkansas, etc. Nevertheless, congratulations on your attempted escape. There is an illness among those in the neighborhood of Bos-Wash. It’s cancerous, and contagious, and does not bode well for human beings.

          • As a Northern transplant to the South for a decade now, I have a great deal of respect for the differences between North & South and definitely prefer the culture of the South. Growing up, my family definitely disparaged Southerners as slow and stupid and the South generally as backwards. They really resented the fact that I moved here (NC) and found relatively more freedom, including less taxation.

            I believe this negative cultural programming dates back to the end of the War Between the States. The South is to be denigrated in perpetuity for daring to secede (rebel) and for the cardinal sins of slavery (although it existed in the North at times as well) and racism (even though my folks and older siblings could talk a blue streak about black people and the Northeast is, at least in my experience, much more racially segregated than the South.)

            The thing I’ve found living here, especially now, and this is gonna rile some “Southern by the Grace of God” types, is that a good percentage of Southern folk seem to have internalized this perpetual denigration and so become particularly not rebellious as a compensation. It’s like it’s not polite or something. Local gov’t and the professional class, in particular, being as the laws and professional licensure rackets go so far as to specifically state things from the reconstruction period like “rebellion” against centralized authority will automatically be cause for censure. There is also an overdone adoration for all things U.S. military that you don’t see Up North.

            • That was my observation when I moved to Texas from CT in 1986. I was astounded that people were just kind of apathetic sheep, genteel and polite, but were not rebelious at all.

              As a chapter leader for the National Motorists Association, many of my northern peers had more active chapters than mine in Texas.

              Nevertheless, I met a fellow traveler by the name of Gail Morrison in Texas (from North Carolina and Utah, I believe) who helped get the 55 mph speed limit repealed. No one will ever really know who that remarkable lady is. I digress.

              Yes, the rebelious spirit in the US has been dead for a while.

              • I would be more inclined to call it asleep, rather than dead. The appropriate trigger has not yet been pulled. Perhaps we will end up enslaved waiting for the pull of that trigger. Perhaps not.

  16. Eric, I was just thinking something on these lines yesterday…. as a child growing up in the 80s – I remember my dad, many times getting pulled over and fined for speeding and not wearing his seatbelt, and well being pissed off about it. As a child, I initially wondered why doesnt he just “buckle up” or drive the speed limit – after all its for everyones safety they say…. His argument was they dont care about your safety, and what business is it of theirs anyways if im safe or not…. and that its just for money extraction.
    Now – with masks, i remember those arguments back in the day, especially today as were required to “wear masks” whenever you go into a shop, and me arguing with a guy in a store who noticed me without a mask while my kids listen on and probably wonder the same thing !! . how all this started back with a seemingly harmless seatbelt…

    • The control freaks are all over the internet using seatbelt laws to justify compelled/forced masking and jabbing. Never mind anyone who pointed out where these laws lead in the next step was considered paranoid but they always use the past ones to justify the new ones.

    • Naser, corruption exists here in the west just as strongly as in the middle east and African countries. You no doubt have noticed that. We just do not call it corruption. We call it honesty.

    • I remember just in the mid to late 90’s (!) my family would go visit family in central Missouri or vacation to Florida. My sister and I were around 5-12 years old, in the back of the family minivan, seats removed, with blankets creating a ‘fort’ so we could play games and whatever else kids can think of to do for hours trapped in a vehicle.

      If my dad had gotten in nearly any serious accident, we probably would have died. Just like when my dad was a kid and he would sleep under the rear windshield of his family Impala…

    • Roland, the other day it came to my notice (dont ask how :D) how good and stable cars these days are well in excess of 100 Mph. Infact theres hardly any difference in feel between 60 and 100 except for a number on the dash….. its crazy how we’re still forced to drive under 70….

      • Hi Nasir,

        I am someone who can affirm this in away that only a few others can, as I am someone who has driven literally thousands of new cars over the past 25-plus years as a car journalist test driver. You are absolutely correct that any modern car – that is to say, any car made during the past 20-plus years – is at least as safe (in terms of braking capability, general stability/grip, etc.) to operate at 80 as the cars of the ’70s and before were to operate at 60.

        Yet highway speed limits are essentially the same in 2021 as they were in 1971.

        • Back in the mid 2000s I did some campervan relocations around Australia. Up north I could drive at 140-160 km/hr and feel very safe. No loud roaring noise, little tyre noise, and no vibrations coming from the suspension. These campervans were like the big full size vans Americans drove around in the 70s onward.

      • Yes, Nasir. On the rural roads where I live, speed limits were 65 day and 60 night when I was a kid. Now they are universally 55, for vehicles that are racecars compared to the wobbling barges of the 1960s.
        Of course the useless tax-eaters make these numbers up out of thin air, just as they do the six feet “distancing,” one/two/three masks, and how many tennis balls you may have on the court (one ball over the limit and you kill Grandma!).

        • Having often been considered an expert I find that people prefer I make something up than say ‘I don’t know, I’ll have to look it up, figure it out, etc’.

          The manipulators and control freaks understand this. So when the people idiotically demand something be done, they pull something from their ass and then spend months, years, decades, and centuries doubling down on it.

      • The 55 mph speed limit had nothing to do with safety. It was all about forcing everyone to wear a sweater because OPEC wanted to send a message after the end of Brenton Woods. Carter blinked.

    • Take a control freak’s chosen speed and use all his arguments for your significantly lower chosen speed. That does not sit well with them.

      • I’m not sure about that. I wouldn’t try it. They will likely scratch their head and tell you that you are correct. It should be 30.

        • I’ve used it many times over the years. These control freaks hate it. They don’t want to go slower than they want to go, they just want nobody going faster. The idea of reducing their speed to my bicycle cruising speed really gives them a mental wedgie. That’s another thing, speed kills types almost always hate bicyclists of any kind.

          • I don’t hate bicyclist in general, just those who think they own the road. A few years ago, I met some such at the stop stop sign in the local tiny town. I stopped, but the bicyclist second geared it. Since I had stopped, I had the right of way. I laid on the horn and told the offender in no uncertain terms that its not your turn to go until you stop, whereupon one of her traveling companions also proceeded without stopping, and had the audacity to lean on my car so he wouldn’t have to put his foot down an berate ME because they got to the intersection first. Such behavior is why bicyclists are the target of derision.

              • Oh that tired old non-argument.
                1) A bicyclist doesn’t need a wide road designed to support a fully loaded semi-tractor trailer. A dirt trail 18 inches wide usually does just fine.

                2) The vast majority of roads bicyclists use are paid for at least in part with property taxes and are very close to home.

                3) bicyclists do not pose any wear and tear on roads designed to support fully loaded semi-tractor trailers or even a family SUV or minivan for that matter.

                4) Any tax that would be remotely fair would cost more to collect.

                5) Very few bicyclists don’t have cars. I pay to use FOUR cars on the road at the same time. (Because the government does not recognize that I can only use one at a time) I am subsidizing other road users at all times. The only time I subsidize them more than then when I am bicycling or walking is when I am not using the public way at all.

                6) Almost all wear and tear to roads comes from heavy trucks. Ultimately everyone subsidizes trucking to one degree or another.

            • When bicycling I get to a stop sign first and come to a complete stop. The motorist behind me goes into a rage. Same thing waiting in a queue in red signal. Both have happened to me multiple times. Also, no passing within 100ft from a stop sign. Motorists try to pass me, end up stopping in the lane of oncoming traffic next to me. Again, happened several times when they couldn’t veer in front of me and slam on the brakes.

              I can go on telling you countless stories of where I obeyed the vehicle code to the letter and it enraged motorists almost to the point of homicide. I follow the vehicle code to the letter to make sure no motorist ever has a legal upper hand on me.

  17. ‘This possibility-in-perpetuity erupts from the corpse of American society, as it rots and festers in the sun.’ — eric

    California, one resident famously claimed, is a place where you can rot from the inside out. And so it remains:

    ‘Mr. Newsom’s success [in the recall election] politically vindicates the president’s decision to enact a mandate on businesses to require the Covid-19 vaccine. The governor campaigned aggressively on his own vaccine requirements and lashed Larry Elder for vowing to overturn them.

    ‘In fact, before Mr. Biden announced that policy on Thursday, Mr. Newsom’s lieutenants believed they were showing the way for other Democrats — including the president.

    “We’re doing what the White House needs to do, which is get more militant on vaccines,” Sean Clegg, one of the governor’s top advisers, said in an interview last week.’

    But California — except in its counties with no ocean frontage — ain’t America.

    If ‘Biden’ and Kackling Kamala take this election result as a mandate to get more ‘militant’ on vaccines, then so will we.

    It ain’t over yet.

    He gave me a medicated lotion
    But it didn’t soothe (It didn’t soothe)
    My emotion

    — Humble Pie, I Don’t Need No Doctor

    • And now the Mengelian militants triumphantly announce their plan for universal child abuse:

      Vaccines for Children Are Moving Closer. Pfizer Will Seek FDA Go-Ahead Next Month. — Barron’s

      Pedo Joe and the Democratic elite prefer their sacrificial child victims unvaxxed, mind.

    • Interesting article, Jim.
      The message to Republicans is clear: If you want to win, be just like Democrats.
      As if most of them weren’t already.

      • Hey Roland, I would hope the message would be stop the steal or go away. We don’t need your boat licking toadyism anymore republicants. Go back to your masters and grovel at whatever scrapes they provide.

        Speeding down the interstate, full speed ahead at least half on our side still believe a political solution is possible, when in fact we missed that off ramp a few exits back.

        • The failure of the Libertarian party is that they assume the system is working just fine, if only we were in charge of it. Per Einstein, “a thought process that creates a problem is incapable of solving it”, or something to that effect. The current system is so utterly corrupt it cannot be used for any human purpose. Which is why I do not vote. If you vote, you have authorized the results. However insane they may be.

      • I seriously doubt there has ever been an election not rife with fraud. It’s too easy. The results too easily used as justification for insane decrees. Which is why I will have no part in it.


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