Updates/Improvement – Your Thoughts?

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The site has been successfully updated – which ought to have cured most of the recent glitches and aberrations. If you are still experiencing any difficulties, please let me know and I will see about getting them fixed!

Now I want to ask you about the things I’m planning – as well as things you’d like to see.

One thing is a reboot – or functionally similar upgrade – of the old VBulletin Forum, which as most of you know has been down for months, chiefly because of aging-out versions of the “theme” this site had been using, apparently. I know a lot of you miss being able to start your own threads and discuss whatever rather than be corralled into the comments following the articles on the main page. My question is: Would you prefer a VBulletin-type Forum, as before – or something more Word Press-like?

Second thing – I’m going to try adding a Bitcoin (Coinbase) button to the site, so that those who would prefer to support the site using this method can do so. I’d appreciate any thoughts re that as well.

Third thing – what features/changes would you like to see?  Now that I have retained competent (beyond competent) computer help, many things are possible that weren’t, before.

Please let me know what you’d like to see!

And – again – a huge Thank You to all who’ve supported the site recently and made these updates/fixes possible!

Speaking of which…

If you like what you’ve found here please consider supporting EPautos. 

We depend on you to keep the wheels turning! 

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  1. Site looks nice. I do like the chatroom idea. I like the forum idea too but both of those will divide the participation.

    Problem I noticed starting Saturday is that certain comments are not fully displayed, meaning the right side of the comment is cut off. This problem occurs on mobile browsers in portrait orientation. Zooming out does not bring the full comment into view. Changing to landscape orientation fixes the problem. Seems to occur in some original comments if they contain links. I have not seen the problem with comments that are replys or comments that have no links. But some original comments with links do not have the problem, so I’m not sure what causes it.

    • I agree having a chat might decrease a lasting conversation in the form of posts. It’ll give folks on this site realtime interaction when they need it. Eric could even go so far as to hold group chats coinciding with live streamed events for a virtual hecklefest.
      At the very least it’s a good feature to have that would increase traffic to the site. Faceborg and lots of other gathering spots have live chat for a reason, keeps ’em hooked.

      On the other end of the stick EP may have been just excited about the e-commerce idea as wordpress has many templates available for him to sell his wares. It would be good for him to be able to concentrate on building a business outside his excellent wordslinging. If in collaboration with crunchychick it’ll make their bond better to boot. You know you want some essential oil infused SBC engine shaped goatmilk soaps! No? How about handmade woodburned plaques with motorcycles/cars and EP quotes? Small softcovers filled with the best of EP articles to give to friends and get the gears of liberty turning. The big book of silencing your nagging, tattletale car! :]

  2. An official epautos chat room. IRC or site embedded chatbox so no registration or downloading proprietary 3rd party apps necessary.

    If you ever feel the itch you could start an e-store and sell some EP merch, I’d like an “I hate ASS” shirt with the A encircled by an arrow icon. Even just one off crafts by you and crunchy lady would sell with your large audience.

    • I agree with Barry, Give the option for as many cryptos coins as you can. You never know when someone will donate a coin that to them is worth a few hundred that is now worth thousands.

      I like your idea of an open type forum, everyone here seems pretty reasonable and the regulars here would do a good job keeping it fairly civil. The edit would be nice, however its not really necessary. Without it we all have to up our game. Many a time I posted something without editing, making me look like an ass.

      I think one of the best things about your site (other than your writing) is the ease of use. No popups is wonderful, it loads fast, and the most recent comment goes to the top of the page. I hope you don’t change any of that. I think Ready Kilowatt makes a good point about the indent thing. Not sure why some WordPress comment sections do that and others don’t.

  3. Comment edit/delete button. Although it’s a quirky charm of the site to read everyone’s typos, autocorrections and “posted before proofread” comments, having the ability to edit would make things much nicer. Also the indentation on nested comments gets a little out of hand after a time to the point where on Safari the nested comments will be one or two characters wide.

    +1 for eliminating the “More stories” box.

  4. I find the, ‘More Stories’ box on the right to be an annoying distraction at times. It’s also been useful as it makes me aware of interesting older articles of which I wasn’t aware of.
    I think perhaps if the box was about a third of its current size it would be less of an annoyance. Possibly. Or, have it be an ‘open on hoover’ type popup box? The photo in the box often catches my eye before the title does.

    I tried watching your latest video in full screen, things went ok until I tried to adjust the volume, cursor turned into a spinning wheel in the sky & the pc began to lock up. Thankfully, the escape button worked. It’s probably due to something on my end but I thought I’d mention it. … It works A-ok at original size.


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