Weird White Trucks

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For about a month now, I’ve been seeing these weird – bear with, the explanation follows – vaguely government-looking white trucks and SUVs parked by the side of the road I travel nearly every day from my place in The Woods to the nearest major agglutination of population, which for me is the area surrounding Roanoke, VA.

These trucks appear to be watching/recording – though what, exactly, I cannot establish for certain. Possibilities include traffic surveys – but those are generally done via those pressure-sensitive rubber hose-things they traverse the travel lanes with, which record the passing of each car – the data collected by a black box by the side of the road.

These trucks are manned. They are also several. In my neck, I spot two of them, every day, on my way “down the mountain,” which encompasses a roughly 15 mile drive from my place to the top of the mountain. I pass the first of these creepy white trucks – unmarked, but clearly government (they have flashers and the guy behind the wheel looks like a government worker; wears a reflective vest, etc.) about five miles down the road and then another at about the 10 mile mark, just before the descent down the mountain.

My flesh creeps – my paranoia rises – because we live in creepy and paranoid times. The government is openly talking about closing down interstate travel to the Unjabbed. The government also knows – being behind all of this – what is coming, well before we know about it.

I have a good friend who is very plugged in to the local political scene. I trust this friend as a source, completely. He’s never told me anything that didn’t turn out to be true. And he told me that a local government creep affiliated with FEMA told him that he wants to see everyone in the county rounded up (at gunpoint, if necessary) and forced to take the Jab. That “procedures” are in place, though he did not elaborate.

Could these weird white trucks be a part of the prep work? Are the equipped with automated license plate readers (ALPRs) and establishing profiles of the locals’ comings and goings? Gathering general intelligence that they need to establish road lock-downs?

I have no idea – but I am very weirded out by these trucks.

Have any of you seen them? What do you make of them?

I’m hoping there’s a non-sinister reason for them.

. . .

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  1. Eric, you are in fact a legitimate journalist. Perfect cover for stopping by and having a chat – the public has expressed interest, and you’re just looking for a story.

  2. Just walk up to them and ask if they have seen your lost dog. If Gary Busy can pull that so can we. Then check out the inside of their truck. Try and start a short conversation about dogs, segway into other topics, the gift of gab goes a long way.

  3. There’s some sort of device on the roof of it.

    There was an unmarked van sitting in my neighborhood the year before last. My neighbor asked the driver to state his name and business. He refused to respond so my neighbor proceeded to call the cops. The police department told him he had “permission to be there” but refused to say who he was and why he was there.

    • Hi Roscoe,

      They have flashers, similar to the ones you see on “blocker” vehicles for wide-load haulers. Not red and blue, but clear and yellow. I plan to try to get a closer look today…

      • I ask about antennas because I’m wondering if the trucks are studying RF for someone — Verizon, FAA, VDoT, etc.

        Even Elon Musk’s Starlink would be a possibility.

  4. I have seen a white truck parked on side of road about 1/2 mile off intersection of freeway,, outside columbus ohio, didn’t think much of it,, then I saw another, and another,, over past few weeks,, always someone sitting in them.
    Also,, it is in an area they jut put up new signs for ” no tolerance corridor”. (speed trap) is also near the new humongous facebook and google buildings, they cover maybe 100 acres with large fences and moats and armed patrols on the fence.
    what gives?
    Also,, this section of road, (161) was where about a year ago they kept digging up sections near the exit ramps and putting in cables,, seemed innocent enough but it always involved 20 trucks and 2 dozen guys and they always had state patrol at these spots when the hole was made and blacktop replaced,, seems a lot of guys to replace perfectly good pavement with more perfectly good pavement.
    Have you noticed all the new cameras everywhere,, even in the middle of nowhere, there is a large pole with a camera on top. usually a hiltop bridge .

  5. Already posted this as a reply in another threadbut thought I would throw it out here.

    Unintended consequences. All non sanctioned exchanges will be in non digital media. Barter. Stuff for stuff. All under the radar. The surveillance society they dream about will not work. Primarily as “they” will be the first ones to avoid it. It does flow downhill.

    An aside I was in Howell yesterday when super Joe B made his appearance. Lots more people on M-59 waving flags, signs and giving him the #1 than he met with at the brotherhood of earthmovers training headquarters. Union of guys that run big machines primarily working on the “infrastructure” (roads). Big payola group for the pols, ever wonder why they can’t do it so it lasts?.

    The only non union people that run big equipment are the farmers and farmers make a lot less, work a lot harder and guess what live longer.

  6. Haven’t seen any white trucks, but something equally unsettling is happening here in Stafford County. I live in a neighborhood with only 3 streets in and out — and all of them empty onto the same road. Thus, nobody would pass through the neighborhood on the way to somewhere else: they’d stay on the main road.

    For the past month, military vehicles have patrolled through the neighborhood once a week. If it happened once, it could have been someone getting lost. But it keeps happening, which suggests that it’s training. The scary question is: training for what?

      • I’m guessing National Guard, as there is a base across the river on the Fredericksburg side. It’s always been 2 or 3 Humvees. No idea if there are troops in them.

        Funny you should mention VPN. My daughter’s first trip to China was about 10 years ago with a group from her class at Northeastern. Facebook was forbidden there, but she told me that within half an hour after their arrival, most of the group were on Facebook. Apparently, they knew how to obtain a VPN that would bypass the Chinese government controls. They had no problems during their 6 month stay.

        I’ve contemplated getting a VPN, but I really don’t give a crap that the government knows what I think of it. I’m 70 years old, and if I’m already on that final hill, so be it. I’ll live my life on my terms or not at all.

        • Ha! I hear you…. All a VPN does is makes it a tiny bit harder for them to find and decrypt the traffic. Unless the VPN provider is just a gov’t honeypot which I’m sure many are.

          • This is what Im always afraid of with VPNs – they are likely to be gov honeypots. And even if not – how many do you think wont crack and turn in your data if ordered by the government !?

            • You can’t effectively hide, unless that’s what you do for a living. Might as well just state your business and suffer the consequences. Which is why I use my real name. Anonymous complaint will fall on deaf ears.

  7. I live fairly rural and drive a lot across 4 states within a 3.5 hour radius from home. I’ve only seen the mysterious white trucks in one intersection, but it is an intersection that is not like most intersections. I think they called it a Continuous Flow Intersection when they debuted it which is disingenuous since one might still have to stop at some point in the intersection.

    No markings. If there were, I would have searched out who they were myself since I too was curious about multiple white trucks on the side of the road fitting your description. Not exactly the kind of place to pull over and chat up someone though.

    I wouldn’t think too much of them though since most people voluntarily carry GPS trackers with them everywhere they go. We’ve also known for many years that LE can capture that which goes across the airwaves and mimic a cell tower and collect/use the data.

  8. “I have a good friend who is very plugged in to the local political scene. I trust this friend as a source, completely. He’s never told me anything that didn’t turn out to be true. And he told me that a local government creep affiliated with FEMA told him that he wants to see everyone in the county rounded up (at gunpoint, if necessary) and forced to take the Jab. That “procedures” are in place, though he did not elaborate.”

    Hmmm… Time to sell your house? Or is this the one time when your friend is wrong? Even if you didn’t sell right now, do you have a place you could bug out to if the SHTF and they do start rounding people up in your neck of the woods? Something to think about.

  9. Simply stop and ask, with a mask of course, and possibly remove your plates prior.

    “Hello, What can I help you with? Listen, I work private security for this property owner and have been alerted about your truck. Do you have any credentials or ID so I can close this case? How long do you plan to be here? Does your manager have a phone number I could call to verify? Just trying not to have to involve the police.”

    And take a good look around inside the truck.

    It’s probably nothing. Glowies don’t stick out like that. It’d be rotating Ford fusions/random shitboxes with dark windows all around.

  10. Eric, I suggest you stop and say hi to the men in White. Ask them what they’re up to. They’ll probably tell you, unless there’s some secret agenda, and your sixth sense will help you ferret out the lie.

  11. I spoke with an electrician I hired to wire a small building I put together several years ago.

    He said there are lots of drones in the sky, you’d be surprised how many.

    Might be monitoring drone flights, which can monitor traffic movements if so intended.

    You will have the old live feed, watching a screen, you’re being watched, gotta be paranoid, you should be. They know you’re there no matter where you are.

    Got charged an arm and a leg for the wiring job, but it was completed much faster than I could doing it all by my lonesome.

    Have to pass the inspection, so you go with what will work out the best.

    • If you place a price on your time, it’ s quite often cheaper to hire it done. When I was just a wee bit younger, I seldom did, counting it as an educational experience Often to my deep and sincere regret.

  12. Cue Tony Montana looking out the window of his manse at the white van parked outside, “since when does it take 3 days to hook up a cable…?” Eric might have more insight into this but recently I saw an article about the highest trim level in the newest Ford Expeditions offer a “hands free” driving system available for use on something like 160,000 miles of certain US roadways. This could explain the orange cables that folks are seeing going into the ground. Another more controversial explanation I’ve heard is that most 5G network installations and associated cabling will primarily be underground, under roads and walkways so as to allow almost constant powering (via ultrasound waves) and monitoring of nanotechnology (nanobots) being injected into people under the guise of gene therapies for convid. Apparently a lot of this work was done under the cover of 10pm to 5am convid curfews last winter, at least here in NC.

  13. To me, ifthey’re wearing reflective vests, they sound like they’re part of the Dork Patrol and not the advance FEMA Task Force.

  14. “my paranoia rises”
    It ain’t paranoia if they’re really out to get you. The white trucks may not be, but rest assured somebody is. After all, if you disagree with the Sociopaths In Charge, you are a terrorist. Both you, me, and practically everyone here disagrees.

  15. “establishing profiles of the locals’ comings and goings?”

    If it’s really .gov, that’s a good bet. Those plate readers are getting really tiny and hard to find.

    Your own change in behavior would rat you out once they change the rules.

  16. Eric,

    I haven’t seen anything like that here, but like one of the other posters, I live in a more densely populated area. Even when I’ve been out riding recently, I haven’t seen anything out of the ordinary; it looks like normal life, pre-COVID. I’ll keep my eyes open though…

  17. If people are going to be rounded up and forcibly vaccinated, this is the beginning of a violent oppression which will result in a violent revolution. It’s pretty clear that we are already in some kind of revolution given how many people are starting to turn away from the mainstream politicians. The media is still entirely in their pocket, of course, but even in nutty CA, I’m seeing quite a bit of skepticism from the average man on the street. People here comply, because they’re sheep, however, the sheep are bleating a lot more skepticism than I’ve seen in twenty years here.

  18. I have not seen that here in CA. But I would probably not notice since we live in a more densely populated suburb. I do see unmarked creepy beat up white vans around the neighborhood during the day but they seem to be making deliveries. Walmart now has free same day delivery and they do not use marked vans like Amazon. Btw the thought of having interstate travel banned is one of my worst fears. Also the last couple months I know a handful of vaccinated people who have tested positive with covid who then reappear a week or so later none the worse for wear. I also notice others reaction to this news is no longer abject horror but now and more or less a shrug and oh thats too bad….resembling past reactions to news of people getting the flu. Interesting. I chalk that up to everyone even the most vocal scaredly cats just being over the whole thing.

    • One question: Do you know if they were feeling punk and decided to get a test, or just part of the “I better get another test. I could have it and not know it.” pack? I remember seening cars lined up for miles back when the panic first began. This is the only disease in the history of the world where people who were feeling perfectly healthy decided to get a test.

      The tests are notoriously biased on the positive side.

      • They said they were feeling sick then got tested. Two reported the loss of taste and smell and a few others had respiratory type issues, cough, congestion etc. The all work and if you work, you lneed to get tested to either confirm you have it so everyone else can mitigate being in contact with you or relieve everyone if you end up testing negative.

        • Strange thing to say, but it is good that they weren’t feeling well. Common sense seems to have prevailed. The work environment has always been a problem. Your boss gets upset if you come to work with a cold and get all the rest of the staff sniffling, but he gets upset if you say “I have a cold.” and stay home. Maybe one good thing to come out of all the current situation is that the attitude will change.

  19. It would be nice to get a bunch of people together and ‘ambush’ one of them and ask questions. He shouldn’t have anything to hide, but if he does you’ll know it.

    I’ll keep an eye out in my rural area in Ohio for anything like this.

  20. In my neck of the woods they have been laying cable. I have seen them everywhere, but it is 6 or 7 trucks together and a large group of guys. I believe it is fiber optic cables, but it is orange so it is used for some type of telecommunications. I haven’t seen any stand alone trucks, but cable is being ran down every major highway within the three counties that I drive through.

    • Are there already telephone pedestals or other enclosures there that precede the cable being laid (or in AT&T’s case, standing garbage bags)? It could be a replacement of the copper lines. I would think if was anything shady they would be more hidden about it.

      Come to think about it, if there were some sort of power outage, forced by some sort of government, fiber is an issue. Fiber fails on the customer end without power, copper works basically no matter what. No communication leaves you isolated, vulnerable, perfect for a certain group of people. If they cut you over to fiber, make sure to get some sort of alternate power source to maintain communication should such a situation happen. Get ham radio equipment too, it’s not too difficult to get a license if you can understand electrical basics.

    • Either that or an upgrade to the 5G oversight system we’ve been hearing about. However, that may be a premature concern in your particular geographic.

      • You know they are being very sneaky and surprisingly efficient with 5G rollout here in the UK. When I first came here they couldn’t even get 3G up most places because of planning and other restrictions. Where i live (not very densely populated for being this close to London) there was no plan on getting 5G. I confirmed with my mobile operator last year when I upgraded the contract, this being the only provider whos signal I get where I live. But suddenly earlier this year I learnt we now have 5G here!! Those who have any experience with the bureaucracy in the UK know that this is not usual here….. and makes you wonder why

  21. ‘weird white trucks’ — eric

    Prolly contractors. One could tap on the window and ask, under a pretext, ‘Hey, are you here for the paving project?’ … see what they say and more importantly, how they react.

    Also, if the local sheriff deputies are friendly, ask them what’s up.

    Ultimate ruse, if your acting skills are up to it: impersonate a journalist.

    Don a fedora and a Biden/Harris 2020 button (for authenticity) and blurt out: ‘Hi, I’m from the Times. Our readers think you’re here to deport them to the FEMA camps. Your comment, sir?’

    • Nothing here in Warren county, either. Along 66 from Haymarket to Marshall, they were laying those orange cables, like RG was saying. That makes sense, with the push to bring broadband to the countryside. I think there was even govt $$ for that project, specifically. YMMV

  22. Fake a stop to check under the hood & get their tag number or any other relevant info that’s visible. Or set up a game camera to see what time they get here & leave each day.

    • No need to fake anything. If they can park there, so can you. I would be inclined to show up every couple of hours and see for myself when they show, and when they leave.


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