Let Them Eat Volts!

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Once upon a time – it wasn’t all that long ago – the Democrat Party was at least nominally a populist party, ostensibly opposed to politics of the elites, which the GOP was said to represent. Is there a better measure of how these roles have reversed than the pushing of electric cars by Democratic elitists such as the Biden Thing’s secretary of transportation, Pete Buttigieg?

He glibly advises average Americans who are having a time paying $3.40 for a gallon of gas that cost them $2.20 just before he and the Biden Thing took over the apparatus of government from a Republican to deal with it by getting rid of their gas-burning car in favor of an electric car.

“They will never have to worry about gas prices again,” he says.

The problem there, of course, is that electric cars cost even more than it costs to fuel a not-electric car at $3.40 per gallon.

Or even $5.

The least pricey of them – none being affordable – sticker for around $35,000 to start and that’s for the version with the weak battery that can travel maybe 150 miles before its battery is out of charge and will require waiting at least half an hour or longer to recover any significant charge. If you need a car that can travel more than that before it travels no more, the price rises to $40k or more – and this doesn’t include the wiring upgrades needed at home in order to be able to charge up in less than overnight.

Nor does it factor in the future cost of replacing the battery when it inevitably loses its capacity to be recharged.

These costs are of course insignificant if you are plugged in  . . . to the pockets of prostrate people, forced to hand over a large portion of their earnings so that you can take in a six-figure government salary, as Buttigieg does.

Let them eat volts!

He might as well say it. He certainly thinks it. The callous contempt – or is it merely obliviousness? – the Secretary Thing shows for the situation he and his have placed average Americans in is nothing less than astounding.

And infuriating.

The insufferable elitist gall of these people, who impose suffering that is entirely unnecessary as well as entirely avoidable – gas prices ought to be declining, as they were, before the Biden Thing seized the apparatus of government – and then smile and tell the people to just spend more money they haven’t got, that’s worth less with the passage of every 24 hours on account of other policies that can be laid at the feet of these self-same creatures, on things they can’t afford and which cost them more than just money.

The Secretary Thing’s time is valuable, whereas that of the little people – as another elitist once styled us – isn’t. He does not have to plan his day – or his trips – around the limitations of EVs. He has the option to photo-op in an EV (as his boss, the Biden Thing recently did in a $75,000 to start GM EV) or be whisked to wherever he needs to be, right now – no matter how far away – without having to wait, for anything. There are armored and not-electric Chevy Suburbans with big V8 engines always idling at the ready. Government jets to whisk the Secretary Thing off to the next photo-op. Their tanks always kept full via the limitless supply of other people’s money that finances and fuels them.

The little people can wait.

If they can pay.

Not many can. EVs – even with “generous” tax kickbacks – still cost as much to buy as an entry-luxury not-electric car, making them a luxury for the affluent, who don’t mind the wait – or who (as is usually the case) have a not-electric car back-up at the ready, so they don’t have to wait.

This is not rocket science. But it is political science. We can see what the priorities are of the party that’s no longer even perfunctorily populist, which has become elitist in way that the GOP never was, even in the most exaggerated depictions of the Democrat Party. Which has become the very thing it once putatively opposed, without (apparently) even realizing it.

These things continue to mouth populist slogans – “build back better!” – while pursuing policies that assure the enserfing of the populace.

One of two things must be true.

First, that the Democrats mean to enserf the populace; second that they are so out of touch that they no longer perceive how elitist they have become, mixing only among themselves and thus believing that everyone else is like themselves.

Can afford to spend $40,000-plus to “save money” on gas that costs $3.40 per gallon.

It could also be both things, twisted together. Like the Party Orators described in Orwell’s 1984 – who practiced something styled Duckspeak, the unconscious noise-making of an animal that was also – at the same time – consciously spewed claptrap uttered with a cynical smirk and knowing derision at the rubes assaulted by it.

All we can know for sure is that if it quacks like a duck, it probably is one.

. . .

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  1. That’s the spirit, RP! I’m with you: FUCK BOOTY-GIG! FUCK BIDEN! FUCK ALL THE DIPSHITS WHO BELIEVE IN THE SCAMDEMIC! Rational people unite!

  2. Of all the morons in Biden’s regime, Pete Buttigieg should know better about electric. He was mayor of South Bend Indiana, which is also served by NIPSCO as my town here in Northwest Indiana is. It’s truly one of the worst electric companies in the world.

    Crummy “service”, some of the highest rates in the state, oh, and they are getting rid of 80% of their power generating capacity……. So if they manage to have some power for my car, its gonna cost me…….

  3. I am just wondering what it costs to “fill up” an EV like say, one of those extended range Teslas? The commentary here today, and essay, was all about gasoline costs, which are heading up.

    I understand Tesla provides many of those EV “power up” stations. Someone does. But I have yet to see anywhere a cost comparison, since electric power isn’t free. Nor does it cost the same everywhere and all of the time. So some time period averages and geographic spread would ideally be used.

    If power costs zoom up this winter, will EV be cheaper to run than now up in the North?

    A valid “cost comparison” would compare $/mile for both electric and gas/diesel vehicles. And if we consider the “wait time” for a full EV charge, how about minimum wage for that extra time (hours I hear).

    EVs are already subsidized by the government. But how much “cheaper” are they to run, if any?

    • I was looking for an electron can @ NAPA store the other day, just out of curiosity, but I didn’t see any for sale. How is a guy supposed to get home if he runs out of electrons on some God forsaken stretch of highway?

  4. The latest version of duckspeak involves shutting off Biden’s microphone and playing “America the Beautiful” over the PA. The reality creators did that with Biden’s recent event when he started babbling.

  5. I’m with other commenters regarding the low range and high environmental cost of EVs, but as a Minnesotan, there’s another thing that bothers me. EVs lose (Arrhenius acceleration, you can’t get around it) about 30% of their range at 20F vs. 70F, and that would indicate you’d lose another 30-40% of range at the -20F we get each winter–or much worse if you drive a few hours north to Grand Rapids, Bemidji, or Ely. So even with a new EV, your range is halved–say to a max of about 150 miles with a Tesla.

    Now it gets worse, because when that battery gets old, it loses another 30% of its range, so you’re at 100 mile range, and now it’s getting really bad, because not only can you hardly drive from Rochester to Minneapolis without plugging in, but if you happen to get stuck, you don’t have a good tank of gas to keep warm.

    So not only are EVs impractical for anyone who needs to drive much distance, but they’re also quite frankly dangerous. Coal-burning, environmentally dangerous, requires an extra $10000 garage space to keep them, no good for driving distances, and finally they’ll get you killed if you get stuck in the winter. What’s to like about these things again?

    • So I’m taking it that you don’t want to freeze to death in a Tesla on the way to Lake Bemidji.

      Got a cousin who lives there with a story about how they almost froze to death ice fishing with the wind howling at 40 below. Luckily they finally got the snowmobiles started and got the flock out of there.

    • The funny thing Is I’ve seen Teslas cruising along at 80mph, 60 miles out from Fargo, and the same thing between St Paul and St Cloud. I’m sure they are good Lake Wobegone types, NPR crooning soothingly through the audio systems, supremely and blissfully ignorant of their fate when things don’t go their way. Freezing to death in a blizzard where nobody can reach you for 3 days is entirely possible and not infrequent out here.

  6. Just spent 85 bucks to fill my F-150 with 23 gallons (36 gallon tank) at my local Safeway in Arizona at 3.59/gal. This is what I was paying in SoCal in August when camping. Costco is 3.33/gal but didn’t have any errands to run in town. This guy only rolls for towing/hauling, we use my wife’s Mazda 3 for everything else. I remember only a couple years ago gas was down to 1.67/gal and America was energy independent and exporting energy.

    So what else is new besides them working on killing us, starving us, replacing us, running us broke, destroying our money etc. etc. Figure everyone’s lifespan has been reduced by their fake plandemic great reset. We’re all in the Twilight Zone now. My wife has a theory that they’re going to use the unvaxed illegals flooding the border for burial detail of all the Americans that took the death jab, and all the others that died from related causes (suicide, being fired, lack of legitimate medical treatment, starvation, freezing during the winter, etc.) That’s why we’re a bi-lingual country now, most of the invaders are Spanish speakers.

    • the only way to stop the white hating communists is to kill them. for 50 years people waited for a guy to fix the country. nothing happened except it got worse year by year. whites have lost the will to survive and they will be erased from the US in 50 years as the US turns into south afreaka. I have gotten to the point of thinking the whites deserve it

    • About a dollar more in SoCal.
      17.1 gal of 87 octane Chevron cost $78 @ company station a week ago
      Highest price in town was $4.89 @ independent Chevron station.
      If you need 91 octane, be prepared to pay over $5/gal.

  7. The economics and practicality of EV’s does not compute. They might be fine for city life or a confined area, but still not at a $35,000 price point which is likely to rise past $40k considering taxes, fees and loan interest.

    The practicality and economics of most liberal ideas does not compute. That is because they are agenda emotionalized so they seldom make much sense when put into practice in the real world. Many are academic theories on steroids. Not many of their insane pet brain-farts are ever tested for plausibility in the long run. They never consider that if you do X, then Y and Z might occur. It’s just do X and a prayer.

    I have heard that in the build backwards faster bill, the $1.7 trillion thing I think it is, that there is a hidden provision that will force mandatory kill switches on autos in 2026. I am not sure how this is going to work and I do not want to sift through 1,000’s of pages of gobbledygook to find the specifics. In fact, few of our esteemed representatives ever bother to review these monstrous bills often written in Chinkanese.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they try to force all vehicle owners to have these gizmos added to their rides. Just another take down of our freedoms, security and privacy. Apparently, these things can be controlled from a central source and even hacked into. So, if you didn’t vote for joey, get your 27th mRNA booster or if you read a web site like LRC, you might get shut down.

    Volts! Hey, that could be a new cereal.

  8. It’s not just the price of the EV that matters: how much electricity goes into charging it? And what is that price? What are the energy retrieval costs of the components? That used to be called ROEI return on energy invested. Then you have degradation, recycling, waste disposal. Then all the fancy hard to replace components that turned the car into a computer that can be shut down for outside reasons. I’m not sure I’d want one of these things for free!

    • Hi Amy,

      Nor I!

      Time is the other cost of EVs. Even if the recharge time were brought down to “just” 10 minutes, that would double the time it takes to refuel an IC-powered car. In what lunatic world does doubling the time it takes to do something not count as an immediate fail?

      • But Eric we have to! Other wise the world is going to end! How dare You Question The Science?!? (stomps foot). Before the Covid psych op, “Climate Change” had been one of the most extensive and expensive psych ops in history.
        Anyone who can actually think for themselves, and examine the IPCC’s own publications, knows that there is a rather large difference between the data and facts, and the political hand waving.

        Not to mention that when you examine the physical reality of some of these proposals, the numbers don’t add up. Look at what it takes to mass produce solar panels for example. Without massive government subsidy they simply couldn’t compete. The same is true of wind power. Both of which are by definition not base load systems. It would be much cheaper and more effective to use either natural gas or modular nuclear. But this has never been about “Climate Change”. That’s just part of the ideology. The real goal is to slow the rise of cheap energy and thus prosperity.

      • Maybe they’re factoring their specialty, Gas Lines Stretching On Forever, into the EV time investment equation…

        …Nah, these people don’t ever do the math on their pronouncements-from-on-high. Ehm “don’t”—or perhaps CAN’T is more accurate, for some!

      • Kind of ironic that wealthy, well paid people buy Teslas, since the opportunity cost of their time spent waiting while the Tesla recharges is higher than that of us peons, who can gas up our Fords or Chevys much faster.

        • Its all for the Cause, Turtle. Thats why the Rabble have to be forced to do whats in the interest of the Greater Good. Do you know why they virtue signal so much? So they don’t get devoured by their own rabid pack.

  9. What happens to your elektrisches Auto when it is parked in the snow outside your garage, because your garage is full of “stuff” for some project or other? Will that long extension cord get the job done, or will the voltage drop be excessive? Will you risk electrocution if you pick up the 220V cord where it joins to the next length, while standing in a puddle of water?

    How about if you live in a big city, and have no garage at all, but must park on the street, except for the days the street sweeper comes through? Will you run an extension cord from your third floor flat, across the city sidewalk? GFL with that.

    • anon 1

      the screeching halt now……….extermination injections
      euthanasia will have to be an essential instrument of our future societies, in all cases. Of course, we cannot execute people or set up camps. We will get rid of it by making them believe it is for their own good. Too large a population, and for the most part unnecessary, is something economically too expensive.

      Socially, it is also much better for the human machine to come to a screeching halt rather than gradually deteriorating.

      • I think of it more like a Band-Aid: best to be ripped off all at once. Those countless little hairs are gonna get plucked in the end no matter what, so a fell swoop actually minimizes the absolute amount of suffering involved in the process.

        It’s this type of dispassionate efficiency that leads me to believe that behind it all: behind the mendacious media, behind the psychopathic politicians, behind the merciless military brass, behind the maniacal cultic Jews and Masons–behind everything–is a what Thomas Metzinger hypothesized as a “BAAN”: a Benevolent Artificial Anti-Natalist. https://www.edge.org/conversation/thomas_metzinger-benevolent-artificial-anti-natalism-baan

        I think the Machine exterminating the human race really is doing it for humanity’s own good.

        Synchro-Mystic Note: the “EDGE” organization that published Metzinger’s BAAN article linked above was founded by none other than…our rakish anti-hero Jeffrey Epstein! (If you browse the events photographs, you’ll see they haven’t even bothered to take the pics of him off of there! https://www.edge.org/event/the-edge-billionaires-dinner-1999 )

        • Sometimes you read something which makes your hackles stand up and cold chills go up and down your spine. That is one of them. I went and looked at your link and read enough to get the gist.

          I came away with the strong thought that they were one letter off- Benevolent Artificial Anti Natalist would more appropriately be Benevolent Artificial Anti Life or BAAL… Whom we have in fact heard from before as a species.

  10. Well, Peter butt-gigg is engaging in this inverted magical thinking that seems prevalent in leftist sodomites. So disconnected from reality he thinks he can chest feed and the anus is a sex organ. This guy was (s)elected as mayor of a city so its no surprise that a majority of the US is incapable of some lower level high school algebra to do a horsepower to kilowatt conversion to determine just how short the grid falls to carry all these extra high demand loads attached to the new magic green cars.

    Can’t afford rent? just buy a house! Then you’ll never have to worry about rent again!

    Are these bureau-rats evil or just retarded? Yes and yes. Once somebody has engaged in lies and manipulation for so long they become less and less capable of seeing even obvious truths.

    At least butt-gigg is getting some good diaper changing training. He and his buddy will no doubt need it if they don’t already. Being gay is hell on the rectum they say.

  11. Just a thought as I finish my first cup. What happens to an EV when some Nation State decides to bounce part of the US back to the 1800s with an EMP shot? Even some non-EVs are going to be disabled of course, but others will run, maybe like crap. The less computer modules in a IC the better.

    Do the EVs go into Thermal Runaway or just shut down gracefully? I’m pretty sure that they will nor run afterwards. Some ICs will.

    • Manse, while that’s possible, the US has a policy that would result in a total launch on that country. So far no ones been insane enough to take the risk.

    • If by chance one has a warning an EMP is about to occur, one might save their IC car by disconnecting the battery and turning on the lights, and pushing on the brake to make sure nothing has residual power. Somehow, I don’t think you get that chance with an EV.

      • EMP would fry any modern car, whether or not their batteries are connected, and if this happens, you have bigger things to worry about. EMP’s are simply a mid-air nuclear explosion optimized for electromagnetic emissions.

        They will induce currents in all wires and metal and fry the ECU.

        Old carbureted cars might hiccough while it happens, but they’ll keep going if they don’t have an electric fuel pump.

    • Converting all the US private fleet to EVs would be meaningless re: EMP vulnerability. Since the 1980s, most vehicles depend on one or more on-board computers, and be assured that NONE of them are EMP-hardened (Mil-Specc’d vehicles, costing a LOT more, ARE). An EMP attack (NOTE: it’d take more than a few high-altitude detonations, more like about 60-70 over the CONUS in the 1 Mt range, at generally about 100,000 feet, which would also, given locations w/o cloud cover, cause blindness with anyone in line-of-sight, and in some cases, fires, especially if the ground cover is tinder-dry. At the moment, this is a targeting that Xi Jinping or the Korean Fat Boy couldn’t accomadate, perhaps the Russian Federation could if they’re willing to risk the inevitable retaliatory strike, let alone destroying the very economy that keeps them afloat. An EMP attack, while quite feasible, definitely falls into the MAD theory of why it’s unlikely to be attempted, as the ability to retaliate in kind would still remain.

  12. EP: “We can see what the priorities are of the party [Democrat] that’s no longer even perfunctorily populist, which has become elitist in way that the GOP never was,…”

    There are more than two political parties in the USofA. The GOP is the worst of the two old parties in their efforts to stifle any attempt of the Libertarian Party to even be on the ballot.
    The genuine GOP is actually the Libertarian Party. A split occurred, resulting in the formation of the LP, over Nixon’s wage and price controls, and the current GOP has gone corrupt ever since. The Rs blame the Ds and the Ds blame the Rs in this duopoly.

    We have severely limited political competition, and both Republicans and Democrats love the situation – political Kabuki theater.

    • It’s beyond absurd that the two dominant parties control who appears on a ballot, and the CIA infiltrated Mockingbird Media controls who gets heard.

      • Totally agree John. But that is the reality of power in the modern age. Control of mass populations allows extortion (excuse me “taxation”) of trillions per year. Using a mass system of “education” (under government control) and mass media (under corporate control) allows for over all control of the population. Toss in a good sized Enforcer class (who the general population is taught to revere…) and you have a system that will produce trillions for those who control it. Never forget; Government is a gang of thieves and murderers writ large.

  13. These Psychopaths are not just psychopaths. In addition to their psychosis, I’ve long been convinced most are sadists as well. Truly deriving pleasure from inflicting pain on others. Which is why they so eagerly seek the power to inflict it. They aren’t stupid enough to think all their pie in the sky plans will work. Leaving the pleasure of hurting others their only motivation.

    • I agree with you, John –

      Sadism is latent in everything these creatures do. A psychologically normal person doesn’t like causing harm and tries to avoid it; feels chastened when he inadvertently caused it and tries to make amends for it. But observe the sneering, condescending meanness of people like Biden.

      Imagine this man being your parent, when you were a kid.

  14. How long before it costs $100 to fuel an EV ? Big Electricity anyone? What was once a source of energy used for house hold appliances and keeping the lights on will soon have to compete with those that wish to charge their 6000 lb “environmentally” sensitive behemoths ( Its ok, they’re GREEN) Will this lead to disaster ? That’s anyone’s guess.

    • Hi Michael,

      Exactly – regarding the cost of electricity. Has anyone notice their power bill is up by about 10-20 percent already)? What will it be when it’s no just inflation-scarcity that’s driving up the cost but also generating scarcity?

      A fool and his money…

    • Given a number of State’s power grids can’t handle HVAC demand, prices are likely to go up exponentially, if you can get power at all. If they are green sourcing, the power simply doesn’t exist. If not, the grid is so dilapidated and outdated, it’s likely to need a very expensive rebuild.

  15. Another thought on this:
    Gas is cheap compared to inflation
    In 1980 dollars gas in 1980 @ $1.19 (must be CA numbers)
    Gas in 2020 @ $2.28 = $3.99 which we know it wasn’t

    This means oil companies found ways to economize to bring down the cost of gas.

    What happens when not as many people need gas?

    Less need for discovery & development of new sources = diminished raw material supply
    Less need for pipelines & refineries = shuttered or not maintained
    Less gas stations needed = scarcity of retail

    All this will lead to higher prices to the end user, which commercially will translate to higher prices

    We will all pay in the end for a poorly thought out plan to force us beyond the bounds of technology & consumer demand.

  16. ‘The Secretary Thing’s time is valuable.’ — eric

    No kidding. Charismatic young Pete’s rationale for his lengthy, fully-paid paternity leave to look after his adopted twins is … precious:

    “We still have to contend with the view that the only justification for parental leave is for women to physically recover from pregnancy and childbirth, which is of course one very important reason, but it’s far from the only one,” [Buttigieg] said.

    “Leaving aside the hospitalization, part of me just wondered: how do they think my kids eat? They have two dads – do they think I just leave them with a can opener and directions to the fridge?”


    Surely a book is to follow: Penelope and Joe Have Two Daddies.

    Agony aunt Abigail Van Buren once compared childbirth to a kick in the groin. But hey … that’s women’s destined toil. Those wide haunches were built to take it.

    Wonder who was the anonymous mom who sweated the hard labor for the Buttigiegs?

    Pete and Chasten, the daddies, have federal paternity leave and health benefits that the hoi polloi can only dream of.

    And they don’t hesitate to rub it in, for the benefit of struggling deplorables who have to hustle to work every day, bus them plates, twist them wrenches, drive that big rig — or they don’t get a damned dime.

    Eric’s right: it’s a hell of a note.

  17. I think beyond the goal of getting us all in electric is the goal of getting us out of private transportation all together. They want to cram us into cities where we can “live, work and play” all within walking, bicycling or busing distance of all our wants and needs. Democrats have shown disdain for suburban and rural living again and again. What better way to clip our wings and make us re-evaluate our life choices than to make us ride the bus everywhere we go? No way I could live and work where I do if I had to rely on public transportation. I would have to make changes to one or the other.
    And once you are reliant on the bus, they can add in all kinds of requirements to ride the bus, such as “being up to date on all vaccinations.” I am really shocked this hadn’t been done with air travel yet. As of now, you just have to wear the Sacred Cloth of Compliance, which is bad enough.

    • This is definitely their master plan.

      It solves all of their perceived problems.
      1. Land use
      2. Loss of nature
      3. Wasted energy devoted to single family housing
      4. being a dolt for living away from the centers of cosmopolitan thought

      The current left is communistic, and communists are central planners.

    • Don’t just give ‘em a car opener, let ‘em watch you use it once or twice before leaving the kid with it, and the directions to the fridge.

      Creative problem solving is an important life skill.

  18. Political magical thinking can’t change the laws of physics or economics, no matter how much they legislate.

    Price aside, EV’s don’t match the duty cycle requirements of work trucks, tow vehicles, that sort of thing, it’s simply impossible today. So, a full-on EV mandate will drastically drive up the cost of various services, or eliminate them.

    Look at the lunacy in CA around the transport chain problems. Many semis can’t enter CA because of CA’s diesel requirements, so people are using compliant cabs to haul containers to the borders of NV and OR, then switch cabs to perfectly good ones not compliant with CA rules, and the CA compliant ones go back. Time and cost is increased, yet the “greedy consumers” who buy too much stuff are being blamed.

    This whole thing is going to collapse at some point, there’s no other way, there isn’t enough money to keep living the lie.

  19. They are listening to the millions of people who have no mechanical skills, no math skills and no interest in learning either. So understanding simple concepts like energy density/Kg is completely impossible. And an infinitesimal risk of death or illness is cause for panic. The people advising them are more worried about the global warming worst case scenario, which just about everyone who’s done any research is now saying looks to be not possible, unless one adjusts the data going into the computer simulations to force the outcome you want. Or you have a law degree and like the idea of doomsday.

    Policians love a good crisis, real or imagined. In fact the imaginary ones are best of all, since whatever action taken can be justified. Then when nothing happens they are able to take credit for adverting a disaster.

    • “Policians love a good crisis, real or imagined. In fact the imaginary ones are best of all, since whatever action taken can be justified. Then when nothing happens they are able to take credit for adverting a disaster.”

      Bingo! The Covid-19 state/media induced hysteria and the CAGW farce are identical. Get a model that is based on garbage and supposition and nothing but positive feedback loops that don’t exist on a planet hospitable to life because of negative feedback loops; a model that amplifies exponentially from the innermost layers of the model to the outermost where it finally spits out some catastrophic scenario that is never going to happen. This virgin blood, rooster’s feet and incantations are masked by math and a model, and thus taken by a moronic herd as ordained as from an oracle. Then sound the alarms. Nothing like a crisis that isn’t a crisis. It never comes becomes the never ending mitigation steps are working, but not unless we keep doing them every day forever!

      Anyway, you absolutely nailed it ReadyKilowatt. Well said! Embedded energy, energy return on energy invested and intermittency are going to put an end to this. But, it is unclear how much damage they will do before reality knocks and says, “Wake up fools!” It is our job to help educate any person we can so the blame is properly placed, and consequences meted out.

  20. I’m often amazed at how these psychopaths express a morality less than that of an animal, which has no such thing as morality. They have declared themselves gods. Creating their own private “morality”. Creating “reality” with this or that edict, regardless whether such edict is in reality attainable. “You must drive electric vehicles. We will rebuild the grid afterward.” Or not.

    • Once you’ve convinced yourself there’s a threat to human existance (or all life itself), anything is fair game to prevent it. Combine that with the obsession with accounting for minutia and you get the hyper reactions of the global alarmists. Now they they have control over the UN, the financial markets and soon the US healthcare system.

      I used to think it was due to the introduction of estrogen into the political systems of the world, but it’s more complicated than that. Any time you have a mass of people who are of the same age group they shout out any logic or wisdom from others. As people age, they get nostalgic. For the septagenarians this means that they look back fondly at their youth, when they got Nixon to create the EPA and Carter to make everyone drive 55 MPH. Who cares if they actually made a real difference, it was fun and they got a taste of political power. When your identy is so tied up in one thing it is pretty easy to make it your religion.

  21. I will be much more confident about EVs when the next armored ZIL in which our Dear Leader is conveyed is electric.
    The same is true of the Chaikas of the Apparatchiki and Intelligentsia, as well as the Volgas of the Stasi,
    MVD, and KGB.

    But that will happen right after the sun rises in the West and a Jewish Pope is elected.

  22. These Marxist democrats are behaving like they never have to run for another election ever again. Collectively, maybe they know something?

    • **”These Marxist democrats are behaving like they never have to run for another election ever again.”**

      And they’re printing up currency and spending it like there’s no tomorrow either. Methinks we are either slated for military conquest, and or economic collapse. The latter is inevitable due to the economic unsustainability they have created; the former is likely indicated by what you mentioned, Hans. it’s pretty much just a question of the order- which comes before the other.

      • RE: “Methinks we are either slated for military conquest, and or economic collapse.”

        Possibly & probably: in the mixed-up freaky UK (UK Government Bans Word ‘Christmas’ to Avoid ‘Offending Minorities’) or Panzi-Europe, or Panzi-Australia and the like.
        Rocks & sticks are still plentiful on that side of the pond, large crowds do seem to object. I dunno the future.
        Economic collapse does seem to be baked into the cake, or as Ludwig wrote, ~ at a certain point, there’s no means of avoiding the crack-up.

        That said, I do know, over this way, there’s a third option involving parallel economies, culture & societies. FJB.
        I wonder if there’s any similar discussions on that side of the pond to this?:

        Next Issue Of The Wild Bunch Dispatch: Night Vision And Thermal – Recommended Devices And Evasion Tactics – November 29, 2021


        In the background: “It’s not an event, it’s a process.”

      • “Methinks we are either slated for military conquest, and or economic collapse.”

        That’s no either/or, Nunz. That’s a both/and.
        The US, along with the “Five Eyes” satellites monstrously conjoined with the US, is in Receivership, with Israel acting as Trustee. We’re seeing a Reorganization (in the Chapter 11 sense) of the West, in which consumerist Plenty is being replaced by chastening Austerity. (Also, tagging, tracking, and “kill-switching” of the rambunctious Herd, to show the Debtor’s “good faith” that the subordination process will not be disrupted by hoi polloi malcontents.)

        Should Chap. 11-style “Reorganization” fail to satisfy the CCP creditor, full Chapter 13-style “Liquidation” is already being prepared (at least as a contingency option).

        “Covid virus pandemic” is merely the Narrative by which Chapter 11 austerity and reorganization is being explained and justified (sold) to the masses. If Chap. 13 liquidation becomes “necessary,” that is, desirable (to the creditor or to the Trustee, who of course has Talmudic designs of its very own), then the Narrative will shift over to “War with China.”

        This “War” will be an entirely stage-managed affair, of course, mostly just told through TeeVee audio-visual razzle-dazzle. (Perhaps a few token bombs will need to be dropped on a city or two, and blamed on those mean ol’ nasty “ChiComs.” You know, for realism!) As with any kayfabe conflict, though, the outcome will be scripted. Eventually, Tucker Carlson, for one, will WELCOME his CCP overlords! once the “horrible casualties” are tallied up.

        Of course, this will all be just a story told to the goyim by their rabbinical betters, so that they “understand” their lot in life, and are able to interpret it in a way that ensures maximum docility, acceptance, and resignation.

        You see, in the mind of Johnny Goy, Uncle Sam will have fought long and hard on his behalf! FOR FREEDOM! To Johnny, it will have “all come down to that decisive moment!” (You know, the Great and Terrible Battle of Blah-blah-blah-pick-a-random-spot-on-the-map.) As Johnny Goy had downed brew after brew, enjoying the “War” on TeeVee, cheering lustily at touchdowns and cursing defiantly at interceptions, Uncle Sam will be said to have pulled out every trick in the book, only to be bested by that wily Eastern Dragon. At the end, Johnny will be vicariously EXHAUSTED by the loud show he has just watched, and will be persuaded by the televised image of President Deep Fake V.4.2, that it’s time to make the best of things, and “put the War behind us” and “move forward toward a harmonious Future.”


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