Don’t Eat at Carl’s

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We are forced to hand over our money to the government. We still have the power – and the legal right – to withhold it from businesses that don’t deserve it.

One such is Carl’s Jr. – the hamburger chain. Which just issued a policy decreeing that Face Diapers must be worn by employees and patrons  . . . until the latter get to their anti-socially distanced tables, where they will be allowed to take them off.

This sort of ritual – in the cultic sense – is being performed at restaurants and cafes all over the country. It defies medical sense – because if “the virus” is in the air and if Face Diapers are the only thing keeping “the virus” from infecting and killing people (99.5 percent of whom never actually die) then one should never take them off.

No one should be out and about. People didn’t get hamburgers when the Bubonic Plague was about. But we must pretend the Bubonic Plague is about.

It becomes even more obviously ritualistic when you take into account that literally any filthy old rag qualifies as a “face covering” – in the superciliously faux clinical language of these Diapering Decrees.

It is a performance; theater – which even High Priest of the Sickness Cult Dr. Fauci admitted – the admission now memory-holed, along with the related injunctions to not Face Diaper, now retracted.

Because it is now necessary to maintain the impression that Bubonic Plague is in the air.

The admission still exists  – on the box side of “coverings” typically on hand at the entrance to stores and other places with Diapers muss sein polices.  It says – right there – that the flimsy thing “will not provide any protection (italics added) against CFOVID-19 or other viruses or contaminants.”

And yet the wearing of one will get you through the door of Carl’s Jr. Will let you be served. Will let you shop and be out and about without the Hut! Hut! Hut!

If “the virus” were actually the threat it is hyped to be then nothing less than a fitted N100 mask – regularly replaced – would be the mandatory minimum. Something that actually is medically effective against viruses – which dirty old bandanas and cheap, probably China-made (or GM-made) “coverings” aren’t.

But that presents a problem because the effective masks aren’t cheap and people might chafe about being “asked” to spend $25-30 or more at least once or twice a week on such a cultic symbol.

The fact that most would chafe says a lot about their belief in the threat of “the virus,” too. As opposed to their intense interest to play pretend. And make sure you do, too.

Their lives aren’t worth $100 a month for effective Face Diapers but they are willing to surrender their lives – and yours – for the sake of Jim Jones-like submission to a cultic ritual.

Which brings us back to restaurants like Carl’s Jr. Would you eat there or at any joint that had a policy requiring you to bow your head in deference to Barack Obama while standing in line outside? Wear a ribbon in support of LBGT “rights” that you disagree exist as a condition of being served?

Dance like a Hare Krishna?

Then why do you willingly put on a ridiculous – because it doesn’t serve any medical purpose – flimsy, disposable cheaply made and utterly ineffective at “keeping you safe” piece of cloth or dirty old bandana because Carl’s Jr. tells you to?

You are being trained, that’s why.

Rather, because you have already been trained. The donning of the filthy cloth is merely the ritual expression, very much akin to the genuflection of a Catholic before the altar upon entering the church. No disparagement intended. The Catholic is aware he is performing a ritual and he is not forced to enter the church.

We are, however, forced to eat.

Denial of food and other necessaries to those who don’t perform the required rituals is a very old tool recurrently used. In Soviet Russia, it was used to starve out “enemies of the people.” You ate so long as you said and did and wore the things required of that religion. Also in the other place, where a partei pin marked you out as one of the members in good standing while those not in good standing were forced to wear another article of exterior affectation.

The filthy rag, the dirty old bandana, the clinically useless “face covering” is the same thing, differently worn.

And those who try to force you to wear are undeserving of your business. If you give them your business, you deserve being forced to join the cult. And keep in mind that it’s a cult you can’t unjoin.

The Kool Aid line forms here – right outside  of Carl’s Jr.

. . .

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    • You got that right, EWM….I don’t watch much TeeVee but happened to see an ad from”UBER” that said in a very condesending tone ” No Mask, No Ride”…Guess what ? I won’t be using “UBER”…..

    • Hi EWM,

      See the frog and pot thing. Americans didn’t get cooked overnight. They – all of us, just about – accepted the various incremental assaults on the principle upon which liberty depends; it is no great shock to find that liberty is now defenseless and that Americans have been reduced to begging for table scraps like cur dogs.

  1. Boycott all you want, its useless and in fact hurts the rest of us. This isn’t a simple issue at all and to reduce it to such isn’t helpful.
    First of all…. you aren’t protesting, you’re avoiding. It makes no statement, no one knows you stopped going to Carls.
    Second, it hurts the people who work there. Think that schlub making min wage really cares? Maybe when he’s let go because they have to cut hours or shut down.
    Third, and maybe the most consequential… this has a HUGE trickle down effect. Say you shut down the business… what about all the people who make these businesses run, the truck driver who hauls supplies, paper mill that makes napkins, repair men who fix the equipment, etc. etc. They’re all working stiffs barely making wages and now their jobs are in jeopardy as well.

    Instead of avoiding make a statement and dont wear them and if you do, make it obvious you object.

    9 out of 10 times I just walk in, do my business, and get out, no problems. On the few occasions someone says something, I tell them I’m exempt for medical reasons and that takes care of it. And on the rarest instance, like traveling on planes or clinics, I have an ABSURD mask so people actually realize what a farce it is. I have a cheese cloth mask that looks real and has a label on the front with big letters PLACEBO. As a truck driver I had to get my Medical and the Dr. laughed. I said that’s what it is right?
    This has an encouraging factor your not addressing. People see me without one, maybe they realize they don’t have to either. I talk to a lot of people and they wear one because they don’t want to be hassled or they hold their nose and get it over with. I realize it’s conditioning, but they don’t. I guarantee if 30% weren’t complying, the only ones wearing them would be the truly terrified.

    I get what you’re saying. You don’t like a business, sure it’s your right to not patronize it. I won’t go to ChicFilA anymore over the CEO’s response to BLM. Period. Or Goodyear for the same. And personally Carls is trash. Their commercials are soft porn. Admittedly, I would love it if all mega-corp run businesses would fold. Nothing redeeming about fast food anyway, but that’s currently not the world we live in for a variety of factors. That’s obviously no accident. We see the same with the lockdowns destroying small business while the megacorps keep on rolling. But there is no alternative. Name an independent grocery, hardware, hotel, or bookstore? They’ve become practically obsolete. Restaurants were one of the last bastions and they’ve all but been put out of business in the last 6 months. I predict there will only be WALMAZON left in the end.

    So do whatever you want, but don’t think your corporate boycott is really going to do much. These mega corps are in on the game and honestly I don’t think profits are their biggest concern right now. Reset of the world order seems to be priority 1.

  2. Every time I’ve eaten at Carl’s Jr I’ve regretted it, so this will be pretty easy to do.

    The Chinese buffet over in Grand Junction requires masks, has gloves and hand sanitizer at the end of the buffet, and keeps the plates in a makeshift protective box. I think they also blocked off some of the booths and removed some tables. This is likely required by the state or county to prove they’re making an effort to “flatten the curve.” Most of the customers were ignoring the gloves, masks and not making any effort to “social distance.” No one was kicked out for not being on board with the plan.

  3. I was involved with a patient at the hospital I work at who had “covid pneumonia”. They were intubated in the ICU. I was curious because we’ve had so few here at a major academic hospital. Turns out they were a dialysis patient with bacteremia who deteriorated and had no respiratory symptoms at all when they were admitted. The scope of the scam is impressive to say the least. Yet, they count as a “case” and if they should succumb, a “covid death”.

  4. People go insane in groups- they regain sanity one at a time if at all. This goes in spades if the insanity is being deliberately spread by fear-mongers.

    I wonder how long they can keep up the momentum? The alleged virus outbreak is over- elsewhere I read a Nobel Laureate (Michael Levitt) put out the date of August 25. As a practical matter this means that it is on its way as becoming as rare as bubonic plague- still out there, but treatable and mostly non fatal.

    It turns out the Herd Immunity Threshold is about 17%, and that about 50% of the population was already immune from previous colds. They no longer trumpet the infections/the cases because the number has slowed to insignificance, as have deaths, so they are resorting to reporting endlessly on cumulative raw numbers of claimed cases and claimed deaths.

    My fervent hope is that the real infection- the credulous faith in media (official news, social, Hollywood) is going to give way to a healthy immune response that most of us here have, namely that the default is that media is lying or twisting the truth, and that arbitrary authority is out of control and destroying all that is good and right.

    We have both physical and mental/spiritual immune systems. Both have been deliberately poisoned, both will reassert as people are forcibly returned to reality by hunger and need. Long term freedom and chaos always wins, short term we get to fight some nasty and painful fights.

  5. “Keeping you safe”….as they sell you highly processed chemical-laden fake food which will kill you…..

    I’ve always wondered: Is there a Carl’s Sr.’s? A Carls’ III’s? (Why else would they need to distinguish themselves with “Jr.’s”?)

    The dubiousness of the mask Kabuki was graphically illustrated to me when I went to visit my sister in the ICU on Sunday. Checking in at the reception desk, I was “screened” by being asked questions and having my temperature taken (96.7*)…then I was told I’d have to mask-up. I asked “Why, since I just proved that I am not even close to being sick?”.

    “Everyone has to wear a mask!”
    “If everyone’s wearing a mask, and if the masks really work, then why would it matter whether I wear one or not?”

    I went to the ICU without a mask, of course, and had no problem.
    But apparently, restaurants have higher standards than the ICU……

    This is pure societal mental illness!

    • Dozens of studies of post-operative infection rates have shown either no difference when surgeons wear or don’t wear masks, or show reduced rates of infection when they don’t wear masks. These retards screaming about how “your mask protects me and my mask protects you” wouldn’t know a fact from a hole in the ground. If anyone ought to know that those studies exist and have since at least 1984, it’s people who work in hospitals and have to wear them. It’s their job to know things like that, and arguably their job to educate laymen, but now you have better-educated laymen telling the “medical professionals” how germs work because they can’t bother to figure it out for themselves.

      • Hi D,

        Indeed. The first step toward understanding all of this is understanding that it is a mass panic, generated on purpose to achieve a specific end. Reason has nothing to do with it; in fact, reason is the enemy of it.

        We are dealing with stampeding cattle.

  6. “In the safest way possible” is a lie on its face. In the safest way possible would be to prohibit eating at Carl’s at all. We are being directed to live in such “safety” that life is impossible. Without risk, there is no reward. Period. Life is a perpetual risk/reward evaluation. No reward means no food, housing, clothing, or any other necessity of life. We are being told to leave such evaluation to psychopaths.

  7. Why do I have to stay home just because YOU are scared?

    How about YOU stay in YOUR house indefinitely, YOU wear a mask, YOU socially distance yourself from me, YOU avoid restaurants, YOU avoid baseball games, YOU stay off the roads, YOU avoid malls and beaches and parks…YOU believe the media hype, YOU get your toxic vaccine while avoiding vitamin C, sunshine and the things God gave us to actually heal…

    I’m done playing YOUR dumb game…I’m not wearing YOUR dumb tin foil hat anymore.

    I’m no longer going to be a prisoner of your fear.

    I’m no longer staying in my house or catering to YOU because YOU are scared…

    You WILL have to confront this thing, if you haven’t already.

    There is no way around it, unless you lock yourself up in your house and it somehow doesn’t manage to hop on some mail or some groceries that you ordered online.

    YOUR fear is not an excuse to destroy America.

    YOUR fear is not my fear and your fear does not have the right to interfere with my life, my job, my income or my future as a free American citizen.

    —Ted Nugent

      • I don’t recall exactly, wasn’t Ted a big fan of a heavy Jack Boot on the neck, or something like that?

        Anyway, saw a little old lady today, doing her best to comply while grocery shopping, had a mask on made out of crochet lace. The stuff they knit those table top doilies thingies out of. What a sight.

        Iowa may be considered a free state, but the compliance in most stores is near 99% most of the time. It’s a joy when I see it at 75%, which is rare. However; at my favorite family owned gas station with repair bays, it’s near 99% mask free most of the time, an oasis of sanity for sure! You would love it.
        I read that the DNR shut down a few public target ranges cause they couldn’t keep people separated. How convenient, for them.

        With the exception of grocery store check-out clerks, if a person is wearing a mask, I Do Not Buy Food From Them. Period.

  8. We still have a Hardees in town, but to me it’s a milquetoast alternative for that kind of food. All the chain restaurants already require the face condom anyway, as well as the vast majority of our local establishments probably due to a combination of fear of government retribution and desire for SJW appeal. It’s bad enough to the point that you have to look for the greasy spoon in the smallest town and pray they don’t have the signage on the door. They still exist but are becoming much rarer, as the mass hysteria has permeated most of rural America.

    I still wish to believe that people aren’t that stupid, at least initially on the surface. If something is truly risky, most people will avoid it because it’s common sense. Folks are getting out and about again precisely because this scamdemic has been proven exactly that, and deep down I think most people know/knew that. Unfortunately this is also why TPTB have clamped down on their oppressive measures after all this time has passed. I am sick of people still pining to get back to normal. There is no more normal. This is the new normal.

    • “I still wish to believe that people aren’t that stupid, at least initially on the surface.”

      Felt the same way until stopping at an outside mall last weekend and watched supposedly intelligent humans patiently waiting in line, standing on lines spaced 6 feet apart, calmly waiting for their turn to shop. Alabama, (land of all those rough and tough rednecks), has a limit of 10 people in a store. This store was about 100 x100 roughly 10,000 square feet. This is about 1000 square feet per customer,,, larger than some starter homes. And of course the morons had their useless face diapers on. It was 93 freakin degrees! 70% humidity. Sweat rolling off,,, the dumbshits wiping their lower chins with the diaper. 99% were womyn. And they were glancing at us, sitting on a bench with no diapers like we were a couple of Typhoid Marys. .

      While riding around we saw people in drive thrus waiting with masks on. They now have 3 and 4 lane drive thrus trying to stay in business. They’re still going bust. The next lockdown will cinch it.

      It’s over,,, there seems to be no way to fight stupid.

    • “Wish” might be better replaced with “hope” at this late stage. And my holding onto said hope is likely a delusion unto itself. Still, when you see damn near 100% diapered, one still has to wonder if everyone can truly believe something so preposterous. Fear is a powerful motivator, and based on my experiences with my acquaintances, many of whom I am trying not to burn bridges with, these folks really do appear to buying into the hype. But there’s still the cognitive dissonance that presents when you ask yourself, is this really representative of everybody?! The other part of the fear equation is the big hand of government forcing conformity so that one must bow in order to be allowed to participate in society. Are there still considerable numbers of folks who may see the fallacy but still go along with it on the surface? At least this silent majority might realize they should’ve done something earlier, even if it’s mere seconds left before the train reaches the gas chamber.

      • The public’s sentiments re the COVID BS are no different than their sentiments on most other things. They buy into whatever the government “experts” tell them via their mouthpiece- the media, and do what the media tells them is the accepted norm, and “reasonable”, without so much as a passing thought given to actual reason, logic, thought or consideration of what they see in the real world before their own eyes, because all is interpreted based on what the talking screen tells them.

        The numbers always stack up the same: 97-99% of the public believe and do as they are told. The 1-3% of us who don’t, are those who still actually think. It doesn’t matter whether it’s “terrorism” or COVID or socialism or “climate change”- what have you- we see through the BS and act accordingly. They, on the other hand, just keep falling for the same lies, over and over again. Most actually believe those lies- and even if and when they do realize that they’ve been lied to, they will happily believe the next batch of lies from the very same liars.

        And the few who may have an inkling of an idea that things don’t add up, and that something is wrong, do not possess the character to resist. They go along to get along, for fear of being ostracized or penalized, because they ultimately care more about the little things than they do about truth and liberty and self-ownership.

        We live in a retardocracy.

        Those of us who know and care, and who do resist, are of such a small number that we don’t matter- we are statistically irrelevant. Uncle does not even have to worry about us, except to make an example of us now and then, because the average retard is not affected by us, but rather sees us as the weirdo and enemy.

  9. There are no Carls’ Jr. locations in my area, so avoiding them is easy. If I take a road trip, I’ll try to keep this in mind though…

    • Carl’s Jr. is called Hardee’s on the East Coast and parts of the South and Midwest. Does anyone in these regions know if Hardee’s is copying Carl’s Jr.’s stupidity?

  10. Just curious – on what side of the ledger (diapered or not diapered) do all/most of the new supposed “cases” fall? Seems to me that after 4-5 months of diaper requirements someone knows that answer. Or that they could make a pretty compelling case for diaper effectiveness; maybe even convert a few of us heretics. But we know or can guess the answer from the deafening silence on this question. That right there is reason enough to pull the plug on the diaper charade. But it underscores that this is a quasi-religious, political subjugation movement, not a health measure.

    • Hi BAC,

      Indeed. Given the predominance of Diapering, you’d think the cases! the cases! would be much fewer than are being reported. Of course, it’s all a sleazy sleight-of-hand and Diapering is about training – which is why rational discourse is beside the point.

      • This entire psyop is the most fact free we’ve ever been subject to. Evidence that it even exists is totally absent. Predictions were wildly wrong. Only the otherwise compromised are in any danger at all. There is no “test” with accuracy acceptable in any other situation. The protocol for assigning deaths is insane on it’s face. HCL is PROHIBITED from being prescribed off label, which is NEVER done regarding a drug with less dangerous side effects than Tylenol. There is no empirical evidence that ANY of the tyrannical measures imposed has any positive effect. in fact, given Sweden and South Dakota, much to suggest it makes things worse. Not only are there no pertinent facts, even the fantasy has no logic or reason involved. We are forced at gunpoint to accept a delusion.

        • I’m given cold, cynical comfort by the fact that the shit-brained sheeple cowards living their fear-filled lives while hanging onto every lying syllable that their government executioners feed them are “enjoying” the existence they so richly deserve.

          Now if only the rest of us can completely separate ourselves from these disgusting creatures and the monsters they serve and obey …


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