We’re All “Drunks” Now . . .

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You may not have voted for it – but they intend to give it to you.

As part of what is styled the Biden Thing’s “infrastructure” plan – which has as much do with building new or repairing existing infrastructure as being “vaccinated” (as it is newly styled) has to do with being immunized – the federal government intends to mandate that every new car built by the 2026 model year and thereafter be equipped with an Off switch.

One you don’t control.

Of course it is being sold as another “safety” device – which by this late date ought to raise the alarm within the mind of any person not yet “vaccinated” into dullardness, because it means – as it always means – control wrested away from you in favor of them, i.e, the people who control the apparatus of government, which is the means by which we are controlled.

Ostensibly, it will only be those dangerous “drunk” drivers who are to be controlled – via passive alcohol detection equipment that works like the ignition interlocks courts sometimes require convicted drink drivers to have installed in their cars, so as to prevent them from driving drunk, again.

With the elephant in the bill being we’re all to be presumed “drunk” drivers from now on.

Which is something not new but merely fleshing out.

For decades – since the ‘80s – everyone who is driving has been presumed “drunk” as a matter of law, de facto.

The courts have decreed that the Fourth or Fifth Amendments do not apply when you are behind the wheel – or they might as well have. Because they have ruled you are obliged to stop whenever – and wherever – the government randomly sets up a “sobriety checkpoint,” at which you must prove your innocence without the least probable cause to suspect your guilt.

You are “drunk” unless the government goon manning the “checkpoint” decides you’re not.

If you refuse to prove yourself innocent – as by performing roadside acrobatics or “blowing” into a Breathalyzer – you can and usually will be arrested on the spot. In several states, even if it is later established that you had not been drinking anything alcoholic prior to your arrest, your refusal to prove your innocence at the checkpoint – by waiving your Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights – is often sufficient all by itself to convict you of “drunk” driving or some other thing with equivalent penalties.

Sentence first – verdict after!

So it shouldn’t be surprising to find out that the checkpoint will soon be in your car, rather than by the side of the road. 

That you will henceforth be obliged to prove your innocence every single time you get behind the wheel, in order to be allowed to drive at all. 

But it’s something else, too.

If they can disable your car because the car thinks you’ve been drinking, they can also disable your car – the “your” really ought henceforth to be in air-fingers-quotes, to emphasize the etymological absurdity – for any reason at all. 

They have the technology – as per the Six Million Dollar Man (now Six Billion, probably). The same technology – enmeshed and embedded in the impenetrable electronic guts of your next new government-mandated car  – that turns itself Off because it thinks you are “drunk” can just as easily be turned off if they decide to not let you drive because you aren’t “vaccinated,” among an endless plethora of reasons for doing as they like with what might as well be their car, since they control it. 

You just get to pay for it.

This to include the cost of the technology, a double kick to the balls in that you are to be made to pay for that which oppresses you.

Former Rep. Bob Barr wrote a well-meant piece the other day lambasting the Biden Thing’s plans for what will shortly no longer be “your” car at all. But he fell into the usual trap that ensnares conservatives, by taking issue with the nuts and bolts rather than the thing, itself.

“The lack of ultimate control over one’s vehicle,” Barr wrote ” . . .presents numerous and extremely serious safety issues… for example, what if a driver is not drunk, but sleepy, and the car forces itself to the side of the road before the driver can find a safe place to pull over and rest?”

Well, yeah. But it misses the point – which is of a piece with “repeal and replace” Obamacare conservatives used to talk about doing. As opposed to repealing it – and stomping with both feet on its grave until the earth is tamped down several inches below ground level.

It is why Obamacare isn’t in its grave, where it belongs. And it is probably why something else will soon be in our cars, too.

America was a place in which the innocent not only had rights, they were presumed innocent until proved guilty. In a court, following due process of law. America is become a place where everyone is presumed guilty – of everything – from being a suppurating spreader of sickness to a dangerous “drunk” driver.

And pre-punished accordingly.

. . .

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  1. “Were all drunks now”

    It feels more like being the only sober one in a drunken kegger bash where most of those still hanging on are staggering around, laughing at their own jokes, having thrown up and pissed their own pants while “wondering what’s wrong with everybody else.”

    I do get your point though Eric. The safety cult so runs deep that thousands of people will clamor for this tech, they’ll line up around the block to get on a waiting list just to be the first in line.

  2. Beyond what nefarious powers might do with an ignition interlock, there will be simple technical issues that will aggravate most. It will be errant ethanol vapors from perfumes, hand-sanitizers and mouthwashes that will offer otherwise good citizens unwanted challenges with these systems. Also, malfunctions will be a prime issue. Sometimes such things don’t work so well in high humidity and perhaps other environmental conditions. Also, how many emergency situations will be made worse by a car that won’t go when seconds or minutes count?

  3. The trouble, is, Eric, is that ALREADY the technology to remotely control your vehicle EXISTS. Most late-model vehicles, my 2020 Fusion being an example, are equipped with on-board “Navigation”, and how, pray tell, do you THINK it “navigates?”. With an embedded 4G cell phone, of course! Does anyone suppose that ability is limited to getting navigation aid ONLY? You can betcher ass that in order to win Federal contracts, or avoid punitive tariffs in the case of the imports, they were ALREADY required to include these features. It’s simply a matter of activation. Right now, I’d say the protocols haven’t been disseminated widely enough, b/c it takes time and FUNDING (similar to the concept, “No bucks, no ‘Buck Rogers’ “) to distribute necessary equipment, software, and TRAINING.

    Soon, expect that one’s ability to get about in a late model vehicle will be restrict if you haven’t been “Jabbed”, or your “social credit score” is too “low”, or you’ve simply pissed off the wrong people. But why limit it to that? With the recent push to grant the IRS the ability to get into everyone’s bank accounts, and hire tens of thousands of new agents to harass more folks, it wouldn’t be a huge step to see your banking/investment accounts locked, or even SEIZED, on the presumption that your “money” is “guilty” of “domestic terrorism”, which, of course, can mean what the PTB deem it to mean.

    Which will, of course, drive those that will not “comply” to a 1940-ish level of existence…drive around in a 60’s vintage VW Beetle, or Dodge Dart, which the applicable DMV will likely refuse to register and allow on public thoroughfares on the grounds of S-A-A-A-A-A-F-T-E-E-E-E. Carry wads of cash, which will be subject to seizure and/or presumption of conspiracy to commit a felony, or…BARTER. Ergo, you, I, and we all “Refuseniks” will be rendered “non-persons”, unless we’re smart enough to fly under their “radar”.

    • That’s not exactly right. The Nav system uses a GPS receiver (as in not able transmit anything), not cellular phone services. However any vehicle with remote start or an app will use a cellular network for those features. Fiat/Chrysler uses the Sprint 3G network which will be shut down by T-Mobile sometime “soon.” My guess is FCA will offer a hardware upgrade, but even if they don’t it just means you won’t be able to purchase upgraded maps.

      If you’re going to spread tinfoil hat conspiracy nut stuff, please be accurate.

  4. “Of course it is being sold as another “safety” device” -EP
    Meanwhile one of the oldest and by far most effective safety devices borders on being outlawed. The firearm.

  5. There is much more sinister motives behind this “safety measure”. “They” will be able to shut off your car if your social credit score is too low- or if you are going to an unapproved area or place- like church, or if you use a forbidden word to describe someone you see while driving. Your car will become a prison guard.

    • Exactly, Natty –

      And this is why the value of used vehicles is “spiking” – to use the lingo of the Sickness Cult. People are getting wise to the scam unfolding.

      • The free states without “safety” inspections will be like Cuba soon…limping along our older vehicles that still have internal combustion engines, can be serviced by independents repair shops (or God Forbid–yourself!), no intrusive tracking, or other “safety” features…The policy dictators are wholly disconnected from reality, no way this nonsense will fly in rural America…just not going to happen; this garbage may become “law” (or as politicians now love to do…mandated from on high) but will only be enforced in the urban nightmares that blight the landscape. The rest of the country will just not participate; no one in rural West Virginia, South Carolina (sans Charleston or the lefty parts Greenville-Spartanburg), North and Central Florida, Mississippi, Pennsyltucky, or even most of Upstate New York is going to run out and buy an electrically powered, movement tracking, spyware transportation appliance that costs no less than the annual median earnings of the American worker.

    • After reading this article i just made a decision to keep my 2020 bmw until the wheels fall off and buy a spare used car as backup. Probably a toyota camry!

  6. µ∆, That’s what you get after generations of government “education” and mass media propaganda. Backed of course by the banking cartel. Toss in globalization and the only wonder is that it took this long for the system to start collapsing.

  7. There needs to be a wi-fi controlled breathalyser right next to your bed, when you wake up in the morning, you can find out if you can drive your car or not, if not, you can stay in bed for the rest of the day. lol

    It’s enough to drive anybody to drink, just pass the test when you get in the driver’s seat, have a twelve-pack ready to go, just don’t turn off the engine, you’re good to go.

    Ten beers later, you are where you want to be. You gotta go gravel some of the time.

    You can’t fix stupid, even if the gov does it all of the time day-in and day-out.

  8. Here’s what the sponsors of this dehumanizing nanny tech have in mind for us serfs:

    ‘Stephanie Manning, chief government affairs officer for Mothers Against Drunk Driving, stressed that the bill would require passive technology.

    “We are not talking about Breathalyzers, we are not talking about ignition interlocks – those are punitive measures,” Manning told The Post.

    “You just get in your car and you go. It doesn’t hassle the sober driver, it doesn’t hassle anybody unless there’s a real problem with being able to safely operate the vehicle.”

    “Smart” technology available or in development can detect erratic driving and gauge driver distraction by measuring when a driver’s eyes leave the road, she said.

    Sensors can measure blood alcohol content by touch on a steering wheel or by “ambient air” in the car, she added.


    So passive monitoring isn’t punitive? Fuck that shit.

    And I flat don’t believe the ‘ambient air’ confabulation (what if the drunk passenger shuts down the sober designated driver), much less the tattletale-touch steering wheel (wear gloves).

    This may turn out like the REAL ID Act of 2005, which was supposed to be fully implemented in 2008, but now is targeted to be fully effective in … 2023 (maybe).

    Close enough for government work.

    • And what happens if you wear dark sunglasses? And put the windows down a crack? How about a piece of tint over the camera?

      I’m pretty sure that this is mostly wishful thinking outside of very narrow use cases. Outside of an inline breathalyzer I’m betting they won’t have shit by the 2026 model. I mean, doesn’t that have to get designed by 2022-2024 to make it by 2026?

      Good effing luck. Maybe they’ll get there, one way or another, but not next year. We’ll see.

    • Hi Jim,

      The part about “erratic” driving… who defines what that is? You know it will be defined as any “aggressive” lane change or braking or accelerating. Only the most Cloverific driving will be allowed.

      Red Barchetta isn’t just a song anymore.

  9. This has me so ticked.
    We are at the point that a product you own, can’t be operated by you without the approval of the product you own.

    We are heading into a realm where our property owns us.

    This will be used as justification for more:
    Limits on electric use per product for one
    General limits on the use or ability to use anything a computer can be attached to
    Spending your money only when the govt decides you are “of right mind” – to prevent fraud of course

    The bigger picture this embodies is that the govt has taken the step to decide under what conditions you can do things

  10. Hi Eric,
    Seeing what’s already here and what’s coming down the road I swore I’d never buy a new car, but after just reading your review of the VW Taos I might get one of those. My ‘01 Corolla is beginning to succumb to body rust, though the engine runs great, so one new Taos would be the last car I would ever buy, and should outlast me; I can will it to my son after I croak.

    • Hi Mike,

      It’s not a bad rig – the Taos. But before you decide, have a look at the Soobie Crosstrek, the base trim – which has a manual and doesn’t have the majority of the worst “safety” crap, either. Either of these would be a good choice, though.

      • If you don’t need AWD, (I’ll admit the Crosstrek’s AWD is way better than Haldex faux-wheel drive in VWs) I really like the Taos and it’s older siblings the Tiguan and Atlas (have both in the family). The only real annoyance I have with either is that you have to press the Auto-Start-Stop button every time you start the car, although there are aftermarket solutions for that. Both VW and Subaru have really great enthusiast communities too, which makes long term ownership much easier (DIY videos, aftermarket solutions to common problems, various modifications available, etc.)

        • Amen, James –

          I’m a big fan of VWs generally; I’m just saddened they lost the marque feature that once really set them apart… those brilliant TDI engines.

          • So true! I’m definitely in the VW did nothing wrong camp. Why they decided the best move was to capitulate is beyond me. I, and many others I might add, have zero interest in ID3s, Audi e-trons, etc. A GTD on the other hand! If states like California can implement all sorts of ridiculous “emissions” rules, why can’ Florida, Texas, Tennessee, etc. do the same in the opposite direction? We need to stop pretending the Federal government has the crazy amount of authority it pretends to have and just ignore them (I know, easier said than done, but in numbers comes success). If VW stood up and said no, other manufacturers likely would have joined in standing against the absurd overreach. We probably wouldn’t be at the point we are now where companies are laying down and complying with absurd Brandon decrees regarding coerced vaccination. Not sure if you saw, but Toyota North America said in no uncertain terms that they will not be mandating vaccines and they don’t support the Brandon’s mandates! I’ve never owned a Toyota product, but I will strongly consider one in the future!

  11. Bring it on. The technology will be easily defeated by the time it hits the “market”.

    How about bring a friend to blow into the tube? Bottle of compressed air? Low tech or high tech solutions are always available.

    Not that I’ll ever purchase a vehicle new ever again. They can bury me in my old Charger, riddled with bullet holes because they told me I couldn’t drive that on the road, but I did anyway.

  12. You know, you would think that police departments all over the country would be against this. After all, don’t they make a lot of money on “sobriety checkpoints”? Wonder why they’re not up in arms about this, or have they been bought…

    • The cops themselves are losing political power to fatten their paychecks these days. So I don’t think their desire to make overtime pay running checkpoints is going to do much. But the revenue machine for local governments, lawyers, state governments, and so on could take a hit depending on how the systems are implemented. I already can guess how revenue will be preserved but I rather not type it out and give them ideas if they haven’t thought about it already. But any fan of science fiction knows how it will work.

    • To ask the question is to answer it. You don’t think that the locals had any input into this, did you? This comes from Imperial Mordor on the Potomac. No doubt anything the locals lose, will be made up by the treasure sent their states.

  13. I imagine people who really are drunks will quickly discover a simple way to defeat or cheat the system, while the law abiding will get flagged for a shot of NyQuil or a slice of rum cake.

    People driving unequipped vehicles after midnight will be hassled nonstop.

    The rev. 1.0 devices will be rushed to market and have a false report rate over 10%. The media will ignore that and social media will suppress posts complaining about a vehicle that won’t arm due to the breathalyzer reporting a false positive. A drunk will T bone a pretty white family, killing the kids, even though the breathalyzer armed the system. The manufacturer won’t be held accountable for the deaths.

    • It’d be easy to engineer a device that fits over the breath receptacle, simulating the pressure and warmth of a human’s mouth, and squeeze into it the appropriate amount of “clean” air that’ll pass. What are they going to do, have someone remotely monitoring your “breathalyzer” test?

      Naturally, someone with the ability to properly use such a device to defeat this intrusive mechanism is likely more than “sober” enough to operate a motor vehicle.

  14. Fairness requires that every member of Congress most blow a 0.00% BAC before every vote is cast … for SAAAAAAAFETY.

    Take a nip out of the flask in the cloakroom, and you’re DISENFRANCHISED.

    Three strikes and you’re OUT. :0)

    • Love the idea, but we all know that the edicts from these parasites NEVER apply to them.

      Think of the House bank check kiting, Obamacare, the jab mandates, among so many others…

  15. Eric,

    You know what’s the REAL kick in the balls? The Dems didn’t have enough votes to pass this boondoggle! That’s right; The Squad (composed of radicals Ilhan “Jihadi” Omar, AOC, Rashida Tlaib, and Ayanna Pressley) had enough progressives join them to derail the bill. Why didn’t The Squad like the bill? It wasn’t radical enough for them! IOW, the “infrastructure” bill didn’t have enough Dem votes to pass, even though they hold the majority in the House of Representatives. So, how did this bill pass? How did it get out of the House if The Squad blocked it and voted against it? You can thank 13 TURNCOAT Republicans for its passage! That’s right; the RINOs strike again.

    Once the “infrastructure” bill passed the House, it passed the Senate too. So, here we are.

    I didn’t bother contacting my legislators. My rep is a Dem who dances to Nancy Pelosi’s tune. My one Senator is a RINO. The other one is a Dem who dances to Chucky Schmucky Schumer’s tune. Besides, The Powers that SHOULDN’T Be WANT this stuff anyway! This furthers their dastardly and evil totalitarian objectives. IOW, why bother?

    SO! In closing, The Squad, i.e. the radical Dems, had threatened to block this legislation, and they made good on their threat. Without them, the bill should’ve failed. Ah, but the purported “good guys”, the Republicans, came to the rescue! You can thank those bastards for the passage of this bill, and what it’ll mean to our freedom and mobility. And folks wonder why I became an Independent…

    • Defacto one party system already………and it ain’t “Republican”…….

      RINO’s are worse than Democrats. Would any Democrats cross party lines to vote for a Republican bill? Of course not, don’t be silly. But these RINO turncoats do, and we get bills that should have gone down in flames written into “law”.

      Though its funny to see the squad do the right thing for the wrong reason…….

      • Yeah, right! The Squad did do the right thing, and I was hoping they’d be enough to block this abomination. Yes, we have the DC Uniparty…

  16. Tyranny is not the creation of tyrants. It’s created by submission. The Psychopaths In Charge are totally convinced you WILL submit, because so many ARE submitting. With a great many of our neighbors convinced that resistance is a sin. Ready to burn you at the stake for your sins. Public education is the longest running and by far the most successful psyop in history.

  17. anon 1

    Have to get the timing right to sell all the old tech cars before they are outlawed (any money you get/have will end up in government controlled digital currency and be stolen anyways), looks like it is coming to an end sadly, you won’t own anything according to satan klaus schwab, if a very few do own cars, all cars will switch to those with a kill switch to force you to walk if you don’t obey the satanic/communist rulers.

  18. “a double kick to the balls in that you are to be made to pay for that which oppresses you.”

    It is a piece of the Stalin Playbook. After all, didn’t their “Ol’ Uncle Joe” bill the families of those that faced a firing squad the price of the bullets?

    • The Chi Coms are known for that. But they don’t waste ammo, they shoot their victims once in the back of the head and bill the family for the cost of a pistol round. Be sure to remember this while shopping for Chinese goods. I often forget, myself, because there are so few alternatives.

  19. I keep telling myself the wheels are going to come off this wagon long before they get this crap implemented. But I wonder if that is precisely the point- to destroy modern civilization for the good guys, to implement a system of serfdom. I have read so many claims of previous technologically advanced civilizations and I wonder if this is what happened to them- they were kneecapped and murdered by the vampiric inner cohort of sociopaths feeding on the accomplishments of good people. The bible says Satan is a liar and a murderer.

    Once the rot reaches a deep enough state, the organism dies, with pockets of noncorrupted dying last.

    The telling thing is when supposed representatives like Barr NEVER stand on principle- such as you have an absolute right to refuse any mandate/that the government(s) are not granted the privilege of mandating anything.

    • RE: “I have read so many claims of previous technologically advanced civilizations and I wonder if this is what happened to them-”

      ~ I’m surfing similar wavelengths.

      This, too:

      “the government(s) are not granted the privilege of mandating anything.”

      It’s funny how they managed to turn everything around. And, not “ha-ha” funny.

    • It’s so crazy to hear so many people talking about (something like) “mandates *are* laws”! And, to someone like me, it seems like talking to crazy people to say something as plain as “no, laws are laws. that’s why they call ’em ‘laws’. because, you know, they became laws by the usual way of becoming laws… unlike dictatorial orders.”

      See, I really shouldn’t be surprised because I’ve known clinically schizophrenic people. And I’ve even warned my friends that crazy always expands into other areas.

      Now, in “the land of the free”, we have people that will angrily inform you that, yes, orders are laws. Even the people that talk about “defund the police” or even people that talk about “individual freedom”.

      How in hell did we ever get to the point where we are faced with the decrees of whatever person managed to buy their way into the white house? They don’t just execute, they make “the rules” because fuck having a legislature or representation.

      • Well-said, sir (I haven’t go the keys for your symbols on my keyboard!)

        People – many people – are conditioned to defer to Authority. It can be the government but it does not have to be the government. A teenager at a store pushing “masks” is sufficient to obtain mindless, service obedience.


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