All Over The Road Clover

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But, he’s not “drunk” – so it’s ok!

The driver (loosely used) in the video above was almost certainly sober. But his form of impairment (incompetence? senility?) is not socially stigmatized, much less savagely prosecuted. Mind, I am no defender of “drunk” driving. I’m critical of anyone who can’t control their car for any reason. Unlike Clovers, who only care about people’s BAC levels – their actual driving being irrelevant.

It seems to me that if your driving can’t be faulted – if you can keep your car between the yellow line to your left and the white line to your right – if you apply the brakes in sufficient time to slow the car before rear-ending the car up ahead that’s stopped for a red light – and so on  – this constitutes proof of unimpaired driving. No matter what your BAC may be, whether you’re on the phone, eating a burger, driving with just your knees – whatever.

Right?dancing Clover

Pilots multi-task routinely – and most of them manage not to crash their airplanes. There are also drivers who can multi-task. Why should they be penalized for it as such? Why not wait until their driving gives good reason to impugn their judgment? If they weave across the double yellow, if they seem unable to smoothly operate – then fine, pull ’em over. But this business of fetishizing arbitrary BAC levels (lowered to the point of cruel absurdity) is … cruel and absurd.

Meanwhile, there are drivers like the one above – and nothing is done about them. Clover’s notion of “safety” is incredibly myopic.

The fulsome scurvy truth is that if cops were dealing with people as individuals rather than categories – if they were out and about and watching people’s actual driving as opposed to herding them through “checkpoints” – it’d be a lot safer out there. Because objectively poor (and thus, dangerous) drivers would be taken off the road or at least, chastened. Which would tend to encourage better driving, generally.

But don’t expect Clover to grok such common sense. It is like expecting your dachshund to appreciate Ozymandias.






  1. a living human being is not a laboratory. he is not a creature to be made into a lamp. or to be burned for firewood. unless he consents of course, and is given quid for his quo in accordance with the natural order.

    nor is he to be measured for blood components against his will. whoever does this to you without your consent has committed aggression against you. he has declared war on you and is your mortal enemy.

    if you let stand this indignation, you cease being a man, as that term is classically understood. you then are raped by technology. humiliated by the keepers of your extracted data. you are a pathetic lab animal like any monkey or rat.

    you have become a subjugated lowly field nigger. you have become the test subject in the new final solution of the masters of scientific enslavement.

    will you not rise up, or least make preparations for delivering yourself from this captivity.

    the men of the big cities think they’re superior men. but it is a false superiority nearly always. because big cities are barnyards of doubleplus deluded municipal debt slaves.

    at least in the US, the megalopolis debt slaves become albatrosses on otherwise freemen everywhere. they’re on constant treadmills, always building this or that or paying that or this. with no funds of their own.

    like zombie locusts, they scour the earth. they stampede the fields. they wonder hither and yon, looking for new resources to extract and new things to use at collateral.

    what positive thing can be said of yankees and rust belters who are so far behind in their loan shark payments they’d need a thousand years to get back above water.

    how do we stop this. how do we lend a hand.

    or rather do we see the cold equation before us. do we that the only solution is to cut them off. to burn them out and push them away. to wall them in. to quarantine them and their endless social cancers. there neverending quest to build more and more things no one wants. no one can afford. no one can sustain.

    hell I don’t know where any of this goes. but I’d at least like to see some acknowledgements that this is one of the evils we face. that govt is a deviance far worse than any pedophile.

    the fools that think science is anything that is made to look like science. that it is the labs and titles and methods that make it science. rather than its existential essence.

    that government is part of business, because the jackals wear the same clothes as businessmen to better impersonate them.

    I’m all over the road, but there’s something here I think

    • Mr.Galt is it alright to trade our Liberty for made things?
      Tor,you are anything ,but all over the road.Every new law,every new study,moves the Doomsday Clock hands closer to midnight.Talk to the Clovers,talk to the sheeple,ignorance is bliss.Give the masses the Superbowl,wide screen TVs,3 ton Suvs and all the Pablum they can eat.Its later then we think,they do not realize you cannot legislate morality,I may be constrained,but I will die a Freeman-Kevin

      • I just watch the bowl on my regular 32 inch screen. I like the MTN Dew commercial with a twerking dog.

        And the lost dog clydesdale beer commercial.

        Katy Perry was good at half time.

        I probably paid attention 5-10% of the game, but it seemed like a good one as far as they go.

        Doesn’t compare well with the ones of my early childhood with the unmitigated freedoms I can still recall clear as day.

        I think the fair honorable thing to do is attack statists and clovers that aren’t pulling their own weight. Or that are advocating using the violence of the state to enforce things they like.

        I do tend to go on the attack and adopt a zero tolerance policy against anyone who says the word government, soldier, cop without adding the word murderer in the same sentence.

        That’s not necessarily fair or honorable, but I’m only intending to use argumentum ad absurdums to get people’s attention.

        Many times, its probably counterproductive, but there it is.

        Many years ago I spent a weekend in lockup on Superbowl weekend.

        I woke up still drunk in a cell with my hands handcuffed behind my back and in a lot of pain. I chose to bang my head against the little glass window until they came and took the cuffs off. Never said a word to anyone. I was just glad they didn’t realize I had also been driving over the limit beside what they caught me doing all over Crom’s Creation.

        I paid a friend $500 and he made it all go away, since I’d never done anything else before as far as their records were concerned.

        Being a freeman is relative, and I am with you. Do whatever it takes so that you feel like a freeman.

        For those who like seatbelts, no smoking zones, mandatory insurance, firemen, soldiers, cops, inspectors, or whatever, good for you.

        But at the very least, take a moment to think about what this means as far as everyone else.

        If I accuse you of faggotry or being a statist vampire, keep in mind I’m still working through my own irrationalities and imprecisions, so please bear with me, you neckbiting queers.

  2. Some wildcats to consider…

    The old standards were arrived at by govt pseudoscience impersonation of actual scientific investigations.

    There’s only so much you can glean from the news. Especially look at old papers from before the age of rich guy taxation pre 1913.

    Every article is about the glamorous doings of X Y and Z. And the exciting technologies being unveiled by A B and C.

    I don’t see how you can grant that the search for natural truth can be brought under the low IQ thugs of central authority. It’s just ludicrous.

    The old standards had some correlation behind them. This has been said many times, I’ll defer to this as being true. But so what.

    Turning science against the people rather than using science to make things better, or to learn truths of the universe, is likely the Greatest Societal Sin that ever been conceived of and implemented.

    That is why Galileo and Aristotle have to be looked at skeptically. Above all they were war scientists, who are pathetic state minions.

    The use of nuclear fission to build weapons of holocaust. This too is part of the evil sin of Science in Service of the Psychopaths of State.

    It’s hard to get a point across without unneeded abrasiveness, but that’s all I want to do.

    Like Rand said, you can’t compromise between drinking water or drinking poison.

    Surrendering to the anti NAP science is a similar case of advocating for watered down poison, IMHO. It really shouldn’t be done, if at all possible.

    Isn’t that what we’re here for. To find a new science and objective system that doesn’t use force or give one man the authority to control another man.

    German anti-NAP science caused two world wars. American anti-NAP science threatens to enslave and exterminate the bulk of humanity.

    tl;dr no, there was no valid science that found tobacco causes harm. or that drugs/alcohol caused harm. or that promiscuous sex and high birth rates cause harm, or anything else anti-NAP science claims to have discovered.

    Real science ends with new creations. New wonders and new mastery over our world.

    Fake anti-NAP science never does, and never will. Demonizing substances and behaviors will NEVER lead to anything but death and enslavement.

  3. Hmmmmm, the ‘clover’ driver was not driving all that poorly and certainly not in a manner which would be a hazard to other drivers. Who knows- maybe he had a couple of drinks???? Maybe he was trying to dial a cell or swap a CD while driving???? BUT…… one was injured so none of that matters, right……

    CHECK POINTS are bad, I will agree. BUT……..if your alcohol laded driving attracts the attention of a cop and he stops you????? Yeppers you deserve everything the State drops on you.

  4. I agree that DUI standards have gone beyond the point of insanity.

    But how do you know that driver wasn’t drunk?

    You never heard of anyone drunk at 9:00AM??

    • It’s possible he was drunk…. but given I find myself behind a “driver” such as this literally every day (coming down the mountain from The Woods) I doubt it’s alcohol that’s causing the problem….!

      • as has been said a thousand times, a driver is either mentally and physically competent to drive and must be left alone.

        Or he is incapacitated either physically or mentally and a case can be made for intervention by any one at the scene.

        Having a costumed shaman who proclaims a driver to be drunk and DUI is pure witch doctery and has no basis in logic and facts.

        Only a pathetic slave would imagine there is some rational DUI Standard.

        Somewhere in Saudi Arabia, a driver has been pulled over on the side of the road and that driver is now being measured according to the kingdom’s witchcraft and sorcery driving standards

        Driving while possessed. And driving while drunk. Both are equally ridiculous inventions of lying witch doctors and have no basis in objective fact.

        fuck all these superstitious clovers and feed them fish heads.

        • Exactly!

          Which is why I like the objective measure: Did he wreck? Has he caused damage? If yes, then it is pretty damned solid proof that his driving sucked.

          If not – if the driver hasn’t caused harm, hasn’t wrecked – then you’re left with conjecture, opinion.

          Clovers will chafe at this because they see it as granting license to the irresponsible and reckless. I see it as the reverse. The presumption ought to be that people are responsible and prudent until they as specific individuals demonstrate that they are not. I am sick of being group guilted and having my liberties as a human being violated because a generalized “someone” might be doing this (or unable to handle that).

        • Can’t buy into your “possession” analogy, Tor.

          Unlike demonic possession, it can be objectively proven that high BALs deteriorate driving proficiency, and increase the odds that a driver will have an accident.

          If we’re going to apply your “so far, so good” standard to whether one is safe to drive, we might as well issue driving licenses to blind people too.

          So I guess I’m on the “statist tyrant” side of this issue. 😉

          What does bother me is that the BAL level for “presumed” impairment is outrageously low. The horrific drunk accidents we hear about are almost invariably caused by drivers with a BAL above .12

          The .08 level is there to allow cops to oppress drivers who are “not” impaired….and to allow the judicial and insurance industries to extract more money from those who really didn’t “drive drunk.”

          • nothing of the kind has ever been proven. of course, it’s impossible for your statist negro brain to comprehend that, LOL.

            this impairment doctrine is just another mal-science, of the type one saw in the days of slave ownership and racial eugenics.

            the coherent caucasians here know the kind, like this gem from 1906

            BY ROBERT BENNETT BEAN, Johns Hopkins



            The brain of the American Negro is smaller than that of the American Caucasian, the difference being primarily in the frontal lobe, and it follows that the anterior association center is relatively and absolutely

            1. Some Racial Peculiarities of the Negro Brain

            2. The Negro brain can be distinguished from the Caucasian with a varying degree of accuracy according to the amount of admixture of white blood.

            3. The area of the cross section of the corpus callosum varies with the brain weight. However, in the Negro its anterior half is relatively smaller than in the Caucasian, to correspond with the smaller anterior
            association center ; the genu is relatively larger and the splenium relatively smaller.

            4. From the deduced difference between the functions of the anterior and posterior association centers and from the known characteristics of the two races the conclusion is that the Negro is more objective and the
            Caucasian more subjective.

            The Negro has the lower mental faculties (smell, sight, handicraf tsmanship, body-sense, melody) well developed. the Caucasian the higher (self-control, will power, ethical and Esthetic senses and reason).

            • So for me to say that people with high BALs don’t drive as well as people with low or no BALs is like saying negroes are dumber that white folk?? 😉

              You’re cracking me up! 🙂

              • Hi Mike,

                People are individuals and they vary -including as regards their skills behind the wheel as well as their physical (and mental) reactions to alcohol. Arbitrary BAC thresholds don’t take this into account at all, which is grossly unfair. You probably know people who are terrible drivers even without any alcohol in their systems. And there are people who are excellent drivers who – by dint of their higher skill level – are still better drivers with a few beers in them than the terrible driver.

                Why punish a person merely for having “x” BAC? Especially if their actual driving cannot be faulted. Contrariwise, why is the system so indulgent of terrible (but sober) driving as in this video?

                If anyone can give me a good answer, I’d appreciate it!

          • Hi Mike,

            The devil is in the generalizations…

            Each person begins with a different level of driving proficiency. I’m sure you’ll agree with that statement. Some people are much better drivers than others, just as some people are better athletes than others. “Deteriorating proficiency” differs accordingly. Mike Tyson is retired and in his 50s now. But I bet he can still beat the shit out of probably 95 percent of all 25 year olds.

            Similarly, a very good driver – someone with natural skill, plus training and experience – is almost certainly still more proficient as a driver at .08 BAC than the typical marginal Clover is when absolutely sober.

            It seems to me that BAC alone is insufficient to warrant convicting a person for “drunk” driving. There ought to be a burden of proof – on the state – to demonstrate that the person’s driving was indicative of impairment. Whether by alcohol or otherwise.

            The system gives virtual carte blanche to impaired drivers… so long as they have a 0.0 BAC!

            • “You probably know people who are terrible drivers even without any alcohol in their systems. And there are people who are excellent drivers who – by dint of their higher skill level – are still better drivers with a few beers in them than the terrible driver.”

              I agree. But you would probably agree that even Kevin Harvick would be a serious hazard if he were driving on a public road with a BAL of .20 or higher. And most “good” drivers are nowhere as skilled as Kevin Harvick.

              So I’m still OK with a “presumptive limit.” Just happen to think that .08 is obscenely too low.

              • You’re still okay with X. Just stop already and think rationally about what you’re okay with.

                Maybe I’ve just formed a new company.

                I take a guys hormone levels with a touchless laser reader, and see that his levels indicate he’s at increased level of physical violence, and rape, and other things.

                Now I lobby Uncle Feddy, and soon there’s a test performed on you everytime you use your microwave, oven, and fridge to control your diet. No meat or aphrodesiacs for you citizen, your Masculine-Mojo levels are higher than 0.08.

                No man can be that many legally. Better to be like metrosexual Mike. You know, the World Record least masculine guy with androgen, testosterone, and the 20 other Masculine-Mojo molecule level of 0.000000000000000002.

                Hell even Oprah and Hilary have 20 times more Male Mojo blood components than Metrosexual Mike, my scientists have just verified via drone scan thru Mike’s lace curtain covered window.

              • MikePizzo, I don’t know if .2 BAC would be dangerous with any one person. That might be a mind-blower for you and probably disqualify almost everyone of driving their best but they might still be competent. There’s more to being impaired than BAC without question. I recall a teetotaler driving over a roll of hurricane fence wire not 50′ from where I sit. It could have as easily been a person or livestock or pets. It could have been a 1500psi gas valve for all he knew or more accurately, what he didn’t know. SIASD. I had a completely sober guy following me who failed to stop when I did because I arrived at a T with traffic crossing in front of me. He said he didn’t know I was going to stop. He also didn’t pay any attention to the traffic in front of both of us. Not his first or last. Some people have particularly good vision, perception and the ability to drink like a fish and not be impaired. I’ve known many…and never involved in an accident.

              • Ever pay attention to the news regarding actual collisions and harm from people driving drunk? The BAC level is usually well above 0.10. The old standards actually had some decent correlation behind them, that’s because the studies were on at what point harm was caused.

                Today it’s mere ‘impairment’, that is a level where a person is not as a good of a driver as he would be otherwise but usually still well within the bell curve of sober drivers.

                If the standards for drunk driving stayed at 0.10 BAC or above there probably would be little complaint. But now it’s just what’s a valid excuse for being on the low side of the distribution of driving skill and what’s not. Old age, that’s ok. Never bothering to learn, that’s ok. Had a couple classes of wine, horrible person. On a cell phone, usually ok, becoming less so. Shaving, ok. Makeup, sure. Texting, a horrible person. It’s just arbitrary social perceptions.

      • I see them all the time too Eric. Every single morning on the way to work and every single evening on the way back home. They simply cannot stay in their lane, on the highways, on the side streets, on the on ramps, on the off ramps. Ramps seem to be especially difficult for Clover, I guess it is the sweeping “S” curves that really throw them. Clover also cannot seem to make left or right turn without cutting through the left turn lane or bouncing off the shoulder. I am amazed these “people’ can tie their shoes.

        • Bill in IL and Eric,I’m amazed at the amount of people who cannot negoiate a 90- degree turn in and what about the aggressive Clover who wont let you in,when it sees you hanging?.Maybe I expect too much,but I as a rule am always assisting on the road,cannot others?-Kevin

          • Agreed Kevin. 90 degree turns are impossible for clover. I also love the passive/aggressive clover. He will be doing 45 in the left hand lane in a 65 zone, he will not speed up, he will not move over. So, when you go right to pass, he speeds up and won’t let you. And they speed up when you see a gap and try to change lanes to exit or whatever, they speed up and block up and block you. Sadists they are, and common courtesy is a relic from the past.

  5. Boise doubleplusdogooders

    Don’t forget impairment starts with the first drink and driving impaired is a crime.”—National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) radio script, July 2003.

    ”Promoting ‘responsible drinking and driving’ is like promoting ‘responsible drive-by shootings’.”—MADD’s Driven Magazine, Fall, 1997.

    “The only safe amount of alcohol when you are mixing driving and drinking is zero – double zeros, no alcohol,” says MADD’s Tina Pascoe.

    “Forget limits on BAC. It’s just not acceptable to drink and drive, period” – Madd President Wendy Hamilton.

    “I ceased my affiliation with M.A.D.D. when they would no longer allow me to say the name God or Jesus Christ when I spoke to people about the story of my daughter.”—Former MADD coordinator, Vicki Soles.

    Chief Justice William Rehnquist in 1990, “No one can seriously dispute the magnitude of the problem…drunken drivers cause an annual death toll of over 25,000.” –from the Supreme Court decision allowing sobriety checkpoints.

    > ”Once you’ve consumed your first drink, you’ve lost that ability to make a sound judgment.” —MADD Chapter President, Penny Wagner.

    “Drunk driving is one of the most frequently committed violent crimes in the United States, killing 16,653 people last year, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.”—Nationwide Insurance Poll press release, Dec, 2001.

    Education is important, but we’re to the point where almost everyone knows they shouldn’t drink and drive. The people who are still doing it are choosing to do it. The most effective way to deal with them is to arrest them.’ David Kelly, MADD, Virginia chapter.

    July, 03 NHTSA radio script: “Impairment starts with the first drink and driving impaired is a crime,” “If you drive impaired you’ll get caught.”

    “Lowering the legal [arrest] standard will be a deterrent for light drinkers as well as heavy drinkers. There is no safe blood alcohol level, and for that reason, responsible drinking and driving means no drinking and driving.”—Catherine Prescott, former President, MADD.

    “Drunk driving is the most frequently committed crime in the nation today. DWI arrests in 1987 totaled an estimated 1,728,000, more than three times the total for all other violent crimes (murder, forcible rape, robbery and aggravated assault).”—MADD pamphlet. (Drunk driving=violent crime=rape, murder.)

    “We do not want to overlook the casual drinker. If you choose to drink, you should never drive. We will not tolerate drinking and driving-period.”—MADD President, Karolyn Nunnallee.

    “If .08% is good, .05% is better. That’s where we’re headed, it doesn’t mean that we should get there all at once. But ultimately it should be .02%.”—Steve Simon, Chairman, Minnesota State DUI Task Force

    “We may wind up in this country going to zero tolerance, period.”—U.S. Senator and MADD supporter Barbara Boxer (D-CA).

    ”The National Crackdown is a partnership of criminal justice and traffic safety partners in all 50 States joining forces to catch impaired drivers and to lock them up.”—NHTSA, July, 2003 (Impaired drivers are the new violent criminals and police are now called traffic safety partners. The proposal is to stop 93 million drivers at sobriety checkpoints as soon as taxpayer funds are received.

  6. Can’t see the video for some reason (probably a blocker this end) but I know the type. My friend is a terrible driver and a closet-clover.

    Here in mid-BC the roads have all been corrugated under the white shoulder and yellow center lines. When you hit them with a tire, the car vibrates. One of the best things ever done by our highways department as even when the lines are covered with snow, you can feel them.

    Driving with this guy, even dead sober on clear rods, is a never ending ‘brrrt’, ‘brrrt, brrrt’ as he constantly runs over one or the other line. I brought this up ad said “why don’t you stay in the middle of the lane?” His response, “the lane isn’t wide enough”. (6’3″ wide truck, 10’+ to12’+ lanes)

    The worst is driving on a two lane straight road when a semi is approaching from opposite direction. This guy will put his passenger tire at least a foot on the wrong side of the shoulder lines to leave room for the semi. I have pointed out that the semi is still on the other side of the center line so his actions are unnecessary and dangerous. ‘Yeah but the semi could, (insert Clover stupidity here)’ is his response.

    He also slows his ‘R/T’ from PSL-5 to PSL-15 for all corners on the two lane highway. Corners I would take at PSL+20 in a lifted F350 on mud tires, centered in my lane.

    Thing is some people are simply incompetent. My friend qualifies, he is spatially retarded. Incapable of making real time judgements about spacial relations and therefore panics and overreacts, because deep down he knows he cannot trust his own driving.

    Thing is, ego. He steadfastly refuses to believe that he is an incompetent driver, despite me driving him down the same roads in a bigger truck hitting not one line or semi. Pointing this out just leads to ridiculous ego protecting excuses, none of which hold any water. Some people just cannot see themselves as anything but ‘as good or better’ than everyone else, even in the face of damning evidence.

    • Killed my ego a longtime ago,I have accepted the fact that I’m the master of little,if anybody starts bitchin’ bout my driving,I pull over and surrender the helm.Theres nothing more pathetic,then somebody who can barely wipe their own arse,thinking they are on par with Stirling Moss”Pride goes before a fall”.I dont boast if the other chap thinks hes better,then the onus is on Him,there are already too many ass kissers willing to put you down,to try to make themselves look better(why do think the boss is smirking?) And yes some of these organizations get annoying in a hurry(like my avatar by the way)-Kevin

    • Prison population must be declining,gotta do something to keep the jails and prisons full,can you imagine the number of people doing time for a third .05 offense?This has to stop-Kevin

      • I ask the DWI fetishists: If it’s not possible to fault the actual driving of a person charged with “drunk” driving, doesn’t that suggest maybe they’re ok to drive?

        They invariably draw back in horror, as if I’d just dropped my pants and taken a shit on the floor.

        I, meanwhile, find it horrible that a person whose driving was not at issue is faced with serious legal consequences over a complete technicality – and one that may not even be technically accurate (Breathalyzers are notoriously inaccurate).

  7. Remember kids, cops are lazy. They’re not going to go after anything that looks like they might have a (court) fight to prove. A cop could have pulled that guy over for not having control over their vehicle, but good luck trying to make it stick.

    Now, if he scraped the guardrail or worse yet, hit a cyclist, he would have been sited because it would have been much easier to prove.

    • Agreed, Eric.

      This is why I argue speculative danger be thrown in the woods. If someone actually wrecks, then we have objective proof of loss of control. In which case, the only cleaving ought to be whether it was a genuine accident (i.e., happened as a result of some factor beyond the driver’s control, such as oil in the road) or the result of driver error (which would include impairment, for whatever reason).

      But enough with this Cloveritic crap of punishing people because someone worries they might cause harm.

      The Clover in that video was clearly a poor driver. But he didn’t harm me or anyone else. So, I’d say – leave him be until he does cause harm.

      In which case, hold him (and only him) completely responsible. That is the proper incentive, if the desired object is “safe” drivers!

  8. Here’s the last archive of from dec 16th 2014

    Google cache

    our website is the it is broken. we need things that make our website go. we are pakleds. you are a smart blogger who brings us things. we need help. we pakleds look for clovercam videos but we cannot find them. we want to be nothing if not persistent. do not try to trick us. we can tell. we need clovercam videos so we can watch the clovers go.

        • maybe (or not) try prochan or liveleak? reason being you can find fellow content creators of means$. they meet up sometimes, including here in vegas

          if this is in anyway galling or annoying, just ignore, i don’t mean to be. the truth is, I don’t think like other people, and at this point in my lifespan, it’s probably going to get worse, not better.

          I made this in 10 seconds, logged in with a twitter account

          on liveleak i have this account.

          for my purposes, I just needed 20 points so i could vote on videos. i don’t have any agenda or purpose. it will of course be different for anyone who makes a living online. it might be nice if you knew more siterunners, and for profit, not vanity, bloggers who can help you navigate all the learning curves.

          there does seem to be a lot of good guys on this liveleak site. Including guys with means and funds. Unlike reddit which didn’t seem to help you and who went through all your postings with several ai content-reading bots, trying to figure you out.

          instead of stupid clovers, you’d have to deal with all levels of statists and flaghumpers. imho they’re not as bad as clover, and more importantly, they’re not all broke as ho’s like him and like most people on the interwebs.

          ideally you’ll make money this month somehow like you have been. maybe it’s a secondary consolation to be among your online journalistic equals. it does seem from my limited viewpoint like you’re coming from a different place than a lot of your viewership.

          you give in ways a lot of us seem to be unable to reciprocate, but I believe in what you’re doing, and I refuse to believe there aren’t enough backers out there for all the great things you’re doing and facilitating.

          res ipsa loquitir – your work speaks for itself.

          placet auxilium suscipite eric’s conatus!

          • Thanks, Tor (again)!

            My object is not to get rich; just to be able to do this without going broke. I like to write; the give and take of an intelligent discussion. Making a living is just something I (like most people) have to do. The trick is figuring out a balance; some way of doing what you like (and believe to be worth doing) while also making a living.

            In all seriousness: If I had the choice between accepting a six-figure salaried position as an editorial writer for The Washington Post (or some other MSM organ) knowing that I’d be a shill, a monkey on a string… or do this for a fourth the pay… I’d choose this.

            I just hope I continue to have that choice….

    • Hi Tor!

      I’ve rigged something.

      We now have a CloverCam box on the EPautos main page (see bottom left of the page). But I can only show one video at a time. What I’d like – and hope to have – is a section devoted to Clover videos; a library with a rotating “new one” but with all the previous ones still up and available for viewing.

      I’m working on it…

      The loss of Dom (due to rickety finances) has forced me to learn new tricks. Which is fine, but takes time. Which is another thing I could use more of!

  9. Speaking of arbitrary BAC levels. Went out with the wife and in-laws,wife had 2.5 ,12 oz beers in 1.5 hours of sitting,munching and talking. She’s not a professional,but we do drink beer regularly. She is only 115#s Got pulled over for “swerving” no way I say I was in the passenger seat. My wife has had one ticket in her 20 year driving career and that was 18 years ago. She blew a .130 and she had a small meal. Beware everyone,I was with her so I know what she had. Not even buzzed but yet DUI in the “laws” eyes. I keep hearing Judge Dread in my ears “IT’S THE LAW”…blah,free country my ass…

    • Hi Moonshyne,

      Yup. Sucks. You guys have my sympathies. MADD is pushing fo a national .04 BAC standard (defining “drunk” driving) which many people would reach after a single drink. Assuming the Breathalyzer’s even accurate (which they’re often not).

      But wait, there’s more!

      As pot and other non-alcoholic “drugs” are legalized, you can expect a real horror show out there in terms of checkpoints and means of testing. Compulsory blood draws among the fun.

      • eric, every attempt to verify the accuracy of the blow test has been hampered by judges who deem it’s proprietary and the makers could lose their patents or have their products copied and undercut. Of course the truth is, they don’t want to endanger a rigged system, one that benefits themselves more than anyone.

      • Those fuckers from MADD over in Boise wanted me to donate money to their cause, since I have a Taxi company. I tossed their stuff in the garbage, but thinking about it, I should have responded with a nasty letter to them.

        That’s what we’re up against. Groups like MADD–among others–siphoning money out of people for their “good causes”. They get plenty of money from every clover out there, while legitimate operations like EPautos struggle.

        I hate illegitimate dogooders like MADD.

  10. Looks like he’s trying to take a racing line at low speed. Ridiculous. I take racing lines all the time but I’m usually near the limit of traction though.

    • If only!

      The guy was simply unfit to drive. I encounter such literally every day on this road, a series of switchbacks descending (and ascending) a 9 percent grade over the course of about a mile. The posted speed limit is 35, which is walking speed, almost. I can – literally – keep my car in between the lines using my knees to steer at that speed. But Clover? He can’t manage it with both hands.

  11. Eric, does your V1 still pick up radar from behind mounted like that?

    I am very close to finally giving in and getting a radar detector and the ISP’s new tactics pretty much demand a V1. That new tactic being to cruise at 90-120mph and then pick someone. When they drove that fast they always just passed on by but not any more. the only way to deal with it is drive 100mph or more or have a V1.

    It’s always been hiding the detector that has kept me from getting one. Because if the cop sees it mounted up high per recommendation things aren’t going to go well… plus well wiring. But I think I got wiring figured out so that’s hidden in the A pillar. Again requires I go to the V1 to be able to use common phone cable and jacks (since I have multiple cars to wire)

    Also if there is something I have to do so you get the ‘sale’ credit like a promo code or something let me know. The ad here doesn’t have a code in the URL.

    • I’ve experimented lots with police radar and detectors. The answer to your question above is a resounding YES, because radar, being an electrical wavelength, travels through many materials, even metal to an extent, which also reflects the signal back to the receiver horn in the detector – even from behind the unit.

      Note that mounting the detector under the stereo for example is not recommended for maximum range, the fact is it’ll still work omni-directionally for radar, even though it’s behind the engine.

      But laser is a different animal. It’s a beam of infra-red light at a wavelength of 904 nanometres (invisible to the naked eye but your phone cam can see it) and either requires line of sight for detection or something to reflect it to the collector diode in sufficient strength, so mounting it under the stereo and expecting to pick up laser is basically cutting off your foot.

      One thing I did was remove the laser collector diode and solder a length of wire from the diode solder pads, through a mono earphone jack for easy unit removal, to the front bumper where I placed the collector diode. Next to the number plate is usually best because it’s reflective and what the cops aim at.

    • Hi Brent,

      My “mounting system” (necessary for stealth here in Virginia) works very well, providing sufficient warning from all directions most of the time. I’ve had a couple close calls with instant on, but that’s not the V1’s fault. As you know, no radar detector can detect radar that’s not actually on. Luckily – in my area, at least – the majority of cops just keep their radar (usually K for the locals, Ka if it’s a state cop) running constantly and so I almost always get plenty of advance warning.

      I use some folded over on itself duct tape, which I then affix to the underside of the V1. Then pop it on the highest point of the dash, ideally in the center of the dash (so that the rear antenna has line of sight to my rear). I did some visual testing and determined that even someone with excellent eyesight who is directly looking at the dashboard area can’t pick out the cigarette-sized little black box until he is within about 30 yards of the car. And most cops will not be beelining on your particular car. Plenty of time to snatch it off the dash and stash it.

      Also, V1 offers a remote mount system (and display, which can be set for “dark” or “stealth” mode). For your situation, this is probably the ticket. I’d use it myself except I have to transfer my unit from car to car every single week and so a fixed or even semi- permanent mounting system will not work for me.

      I think if you click on the and then buy the unit, we get credit… though I’m not sure how they know the sale came via that ad!

      • Sorry to keep the off topic thread going, but just wondering how well your detector rejects direct sun and HID headlights? My (admittedly cheap) Bell does great on most everything but (especially with the low Sun angles and limited daylight this time of year) gets annoying with all the false laser alarms. I’ve debated wether or not I should just tape up the sensor and do without, but then just when I do I see a laser equipped revenuer.

        • The V1 is esteemed precisely because of its acute discernment. Mine never triggers because of sun or HID headlights. I do get some false “bogeys”- triggered by the radar/laser systems in a number of new cars. But the beauty of the V1 is that it tracks multiple threats simultaneously and directionally; this makes it pretty easy to sort out likely cop radar from other sources. You get to know the different sounds it makes for the different types of radar and these audible cues are extremely helpful because it’s not necessary to be constantly watching the detector while also watching for cops!

      • I use the highest point of the dash and try to point the unit down toward the hood just a bit. From everything I’ve read and experienced for decades, this collects the radar signal that bounces off the hood to extend the range. I always use a piece of velcro and stick something to the carpet with velcro on it, like a manual compass I stick on the velcro after removing the detector. You can see their faces drop when they thought they could harass you over a detector and find it’s just an old compass.

        I know some young people who won’t use a detector any longer simply because of the ass-chewing the occifer gave them for using one. I tried to tell them to rig the thing so they can remove it quickly and the cord as well.

        I bought a big external speaker for the truck I used to drive and was figuring out how to mount a detector in the housing(it has a 12V port on it for being amplification) but the Northern Pacific rendered that tractor null and void so I’m back to square one, using whatever tractor is available. Not having a dedicated tractor sucks more than any driver can every explain to you. Not only do I use a CB but also a compass. Then there’s the big bag full of tools and parts, mostly electrical, pins and keys and specialty tools as well plus a 5 gallon bucket for other tools and parts, rubber snubbers, hanks of rope, rolls of wire, etc. Then there’s the huge set of jumper cables I carry plus a piece of sucker rod for a tire bumper, a long extension with handle for getting to hard to reach fifth-wheel releases and a plethora of other things. I’m lost, feel like I’m trying to operate with one hand without all this stuff.

        I get closer to doing what I said I would never do again every day, own my own truck, and take the risks of keeping it busy.

      • Concrete road. Well potholed at that intersection approach. It’s loads of fun on a bicycle. Plus it’s winter so every road is at its absolute worst right now.

    • Hi Brent,

      I am going to (somehow) incorporate Clover Cam here – so that we can watch these videos on EPautos… watch for the announcement!

      Update: It’s done! (And your video is the first featured!)

  12. Checkpoints?that sticks in my craw,reminds me of Nazi Germany,I’m not a good German,I wont squeal on most people for anything,when they hammered my ass I neglected to tell them who the “Merchant” was,but dont think the poe-lease wont pull you for erratic driving my daughter zigged when we were going to be guests on the “Normandy” and a campus police officer pulled us over,one evening going through” Buffalo Gap” a Deputy pulled my wife over for driving erraticly,she was weaving and changing speeds(wife is a teetotaler) the Deputy thought she was drunk,but thats the way She drives,go figure,I do agree the current limits on the BAC are ludicrous-Kevin

    • Hi Kevin,

      I despise checkpoints, too!

      Just trying to make the point that Clovers are not consistent. They have a “drunk” driving fetish – but other forms of impairment appear not to bother them much if at all.

      • Out here in Colorado the revenuers are desperate for a roadside THC detector. The problem is that it stays in your system for “up to” 45 days. Sounds like a legal bonanza.

        • I’ve heard that if there’s ANY THC in your system (ie you smoked a joint last weekend) you’re considered ‘impaired’. I smell more revenue harvesting bullshit that has nothing to do with safety.

          My problem with that is that I don’t believe it’s been conclusively proven that cannabis significantly impairs the ability to drive a car.

          Just like the BAC thing, it lumps everyone into the lowest possible common denominator, and assumes we’re all exactly the same.

          I too hate checkpoints. They aren’t looking for impaired drivers driving poorly. All they’re doing is a revenue harvest, akin to throwing a seine net across a river and keeping everything that gets caught in the net, including expired registration, driving while license revoked, no inspection, seat belt, random searches (most people don’t have enough sense to assert their rights and still trust the road pirates) etc.

          I was driving home after a date night with the Mrs. I had consumed 2 12 oz beers over a 5 hour period and was sober as a church marm.

          She had consumed about 5 glasses of wine over that time.

          I get pulled over for ‘speeding’ (5 over). Cop walks up the car and says “I smell alcohol, have you been drinking?”.

          I say that I’m sober.

          He says “I’m going to need you to blow”. I say “what happens if I refuse”.

          He says: You’re going to jail.

          So, being coerced into it, I blow a 0.0, just like I knew I would.

          at that he becomes flustered and says “there must be something wrong with this thing, starts fiddling with it, then bangs it against his leg and hands it to me again.

          Again, 0.0.

          He grudgingly let me go. What was different about this was that he did not give me a FST. I never got out of the car. That was in 2009.

          Back in the day, I passed FST’s even when I was ‘impaired’ and was let go several times. Point is that I wasn’t impaired even though some others might have been if they had tried to hang with me. We are not all equal.

          Nowadays whenever I interact with Johnny Law, I only crack the window about a centimeter. I don’t talk and I never admit to ANYTHING.

          If you’re not willing to assert your rights, you don’t have any.

          • Yup. It’s going to be a minefield for us all.

            Those who smoke will have to deal with the very real chance that they’ll be hit with a “DWI” as a result of a few bong hits they enjoyed last week.

            And those of us who neither drink nor smoke will face more (and more vicious) checkpoints… because safety.

            • eric, a friend once had a ‘blow and go’ unit installed at his expense(court ordered) in his El Camino because of a DUI. He learned very quickly that using mouthwash in the morning would keep him at the house for some time. Enterprising and non-complying guy he was(one of my best friends ever before he flipped a farm tractor that killed him), he’d get his son to blow the damned thing although that didn’t always work since they were known to malfunction often. He bought a pickup and didn’t transfer the title so he could get on with life.

  13. It all boils down to one thing in Law Enforcement. Will it hold up in court. Eye witness testimony can be beat. A BAC of .09 or a laser obtained speed of 180 is a hard and fast number.

    The officer observed the car weave or tailgate or (Fill in the blank) can be beaten. That is why they focus on numbers not actions.

    Then the numbers become self fulfilling prophecies. “We had 100 tickets last week, this week we need 105 to show we are doing our job”.

    Not based on any actual wrong doing except breaking “the law”.

  14. There is a down side to legalization of cannibis –
    Colorado brought in $36.5 million in tax revenue from medical and recreational marijuana through the first 11 months of 2014.

    • Indeed PtB,

      It reminds me of something I learned a few years back from the great Walter Block: the only good argument against legalization of drugs is that the government can “tax” them.

      It’s the enemy of all good, making a profit on what should be free to do.

  15. If you watch as he keeps hitting the brakes on those “wild high-speed curves” it looks like his right tail-light is burned out as well — TCS (Typical Clover Sh*t).


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