A Tale of Two Bishops

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Well, technically, one bishop and a cardinal. But the point made by both – separated in time by more than 80 years but nonetheless contemporaneous in righteousness – is the same.

The Bishop of Munster, August Von Galen, dared to publicly point the finger at the thugs running Germany in the 1930s, accusing them of doing exactly what they were doing. Which was killing off the “undesirables,” as defined by the thugs who controlled Germany.

Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Mueller has just done essentially the same. He accuses the thugs who are bent upon running everything of doing exactly what they are doing. Which is using the pretext of an intractable sickness to “bring people in line” for the sake of “total control.”


Then, as now, it is obviously so. The problem – now as then – is that few in positions of real influence have been brave enough to say so, publicly.

Which is understandable. Because it is hard to say so when it seems no one else wants to say so.

When there are costs for saying so.

An ordinary German who said so back then ran the risk of ending up exactly where the “undesirable” people ended up, back then. It is why so many ordinary Germans said nothing and thus became complicit, even if it ran contrary to their inclinations. Bravery takes guts. The willingness to brave the consequences.

It is probable that Bishop Galen was afraid of those consequences, too. Only a fool is not afraid of that which could lead to harm. But only a fool believes he can evade being harmed by not being brave.

Bishop Galen was prominent – which gave him a degree of immunity – but postwar evidence indicates that had the thugs who ran Germany won the war, they would have hanged him. Before they lost the war, they deported lesser priests who sided with him for “special handling,” as the thugs who ran Germany in those days liked to style the murder they committed.

Speaking of which, it’s worth recalling what Bishop Galen said, almost 80 years ago:

“A curse on men and on the German people if we break the holy commandment – Thou shalt not kill – which was given us by God on Mount Sinai with thunder and lightning, and which God our Maker imprinted on the human conscience from the beginning of time! Woe to us German people if we not only license this heinous offense but allow it to be committed with impunity!”

Perhaps Cardinal Mueller has recalled it. Perhaps it is why he is saying it, now. For that is exactly what is going on, now.

At the very least – and to use that word in this context is itself an obscenity – thousands of people have been murdered by “vaccines” that were forced upon them, fundamentally the same as the Jabs forced on the “undesirables” in German hospitals and asylums all those years ago.

A harsh equivalence? Yes, certainly. But the harshness does obviate the equivalence. The creatures pushing these “vaccines” are well-aware of the deaths which have resulted – and yet continue to demand that more be put at risk of death. Continue to use everything short of actually rounding people up – and even that is beginning to happen, in countries run by thugs such as Austria and Australia.

Cardinal Mueller names the thugs:

“People who sit on the throne of their wealth (see) an opportunity to push through their agenda,” he says. And then he says their names. Bill Gates, George Soros, Klaus Schwab. Interestingly, the latter has family-business ties to the thugs who were running Germany all those years ago.

Whose inheritors plan to run the world today.

“This has nothing to do with ‘democracy,” Cardinal Mueller rightly observes. Democracy being the antithesis of the global oligarchy which seeks to impose collective uniformity, a system in which the individual has no say.

What is done with him – and to him – being ordered by the thugs who control the world.

Predictably, he is being Galenized – which is to say marginalized, by the very thugs (and their tools) he dared to name. His naming of Soros is “anti-Semitic.” Notwithstanding that nothing the cardinal said had anything to do with Soros being Jewish.

The German press – which is today much like the German press of 1936 – accuses the cardinal of being a peddler of “conspiracy theories.”

But now – as then – many of the people who hear the clergyman’s words know in their hearts as well as their heads they ring true. When a claim isn’t refuted, calmly and with facts – but rather met with hysteria and persona attacks – it is safe to assume the claim is likely true.

Thank God for men like Mueller – and for men like Bishop (later, Cardinal) Von Galen, whose saying-so may be the reason for Mueller saying so.

. . .

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    • anon 1

      The Marxian Invasion of Earth

      The four pillars are a direct expression of Marx-inspired critiques of liberal, Western society:

      Racism asserts that racial minorities must overthrow ‘capitalism’ to achieve liberation from ‘white supremacy’, which is institutional and intangible.

      Feminism asserts that women must overthrow capitalism, reject the nuclear family, and oust men from all positions of power and influence to achieve liberation from ‘patriarchy’, which is institutional and intangible.

      Genderism asserts that human beings are inherently neither men nor women, but instead fall into an unlimited number of self-defined categories that constitute a cohesive sexual minority (along with gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender individuals, for no readily apparent reason). This unlikely coalition must overthrow capitalism to achieve liberation from ‘heteronormativity’, which is institutional and intangible.

      Climate Alarmism asserts that everyone must overthrow capitalism to save the planet we live on from the effects of anthropogenic climate change, which will otherwise cause our doom.

      • anon 1

        The Prophecy of a KGB Agent
        a 1985 interview of Yuri Bezmenov, a KGB agent who defected to the West in 1970.

        The interview is about the Soviet Union’s (today china’s ccp style government together with the bankster/wef/un/.0001% great reset, globalist, new world order central government worldwide) strategy to subvert the United States and all countries worldwide. It is eye-opening and I wish to share a quote here first:

        “Marxism-Leninism ideology is being pumped into the soft heads of at least three generations of American students, without being challenged or counter-balanced by the basic values of Americanism and American patriotism … The demoralization process in the United States is basically completed already … Most of it is done by Americans to Americans thanks to lack of moral standards.

        As I mentioned before, exposure to true information does not matter anymore. A person who was demoralized is unable to assess true information. The facts tell nothing to him. Even if I shower him with information, with authentic proof, with documents, with pictures. Even if I take him by force to the Soviet Union and show him concentration camp he will refuse to believe it until he is going to receive a kick in his fat bottom. When the military boot crashes him, then he will understand, but not before that. That’s the tragic of the situation of demoralization.”

        What Mr. Bezmenov described 35 years ago is unfolding in front of our very eyes. To me, what is most alarming is that the demoralization is mostly “done by Americans to Americans due to lack of moral standards.” Actually, as Bezmenov pointed out, “for the last 25 years, actually it’s over-fulfilled because the demoralization now reaches such areas where previously not even Comrade Andropov [KGB leader during 1967–1982] and all his experts would even dream of such a tremendous success.”

        According to Bezmenov, only 10 to 15 percent of the KGB’s personnel and resources were allocated to traditional clandestine espionage in James Bond’s style, with the rest going to “legitimate, overt, and open” ideological subversion. He said that subversion happens in four stages: demoralization, destabilization, crisis, and “normalization.”

        The first stage, lasting for about 15 to 20 years, the period of time needed to raise a generation, is to brainwash the public with communist ideology. Manipulation of the media and academia is required for this purpose.

        The second stage focuses on throwing society into chaos, and it usually takes 2-5 years. During this stage, the status quo in economy, foreign relations, and defense systems are changed. The establishment promises all kinds of goodies in order to win people’s support for creating a massive government that is intrusive to people’s lives. Media and academia are also essential to make it successful.

        The third stage instigates a crisis that leads to a civil war, revolution, or foreign invasion. This stage only took 2-6 months.

        This is the stage when the leftist idealists, or “useful idiots,” are no longer needed, because they would be disillusioned, become obstacles, push back, turn against the new government. They are going to be eliminated, exiled, or imprisoned. note: this is the interesting part, when the communists takeover, leftist idealists, or “useful idiots,” who helped the communists are exterminated. for one they know too much.

        it happened in Grenada, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and China. “It is the same pattern everywhere,” said Bezmenov. when the communists takeover leftist idealists, or “useful idiots,” who helped the communists are exterminated.

        These three steps culminate in the fourth and final stage of “normalization”—the populace begins to accept and assimilate communism. This final stage can take up to 20 years to complete.

        The amazing book, “How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World,” gives a comprehensive analysis of the non-violent infiltration of communism in the West. In 1884, a year after Karl Marx’s death, the British Fabian Society was founded to bring about communism gradually. p. e. trudeau brought fabian communism to canada.

        It encourages its members to advance socialist aims by joining suitable organizations and ingratiating themselves with important figures, such as cabinet ministers, senior administrative officials, industrialists, university deans, and church leaders. Since then, many American intellectuals began accepting communist ideas or its Fabian socialist variant.

        The 1960s counterculture movement produced a large number of young anti-traditional students who were influenced greatly by cultural Marxism and Frankfurt School theory. After graduation, they entered the institutions with the most influence over society and culture, such as universities, news media, government agencies, and non-profits.

        What guided them at that time was mainly the theory of “the long march through the institutions” proposed by Italian Marxist Antonio Gramsci. This “long march” aimed to alter the most important traditions of western civilization. As a result, generations of young people have been indoctrinated with the communist ideology.
        Why are Intellectuals So Prone to Communism?

        Intellectuals tend to be fooled by radical ideologies. This phenomenon has drawn the attention of scholars. British historian Paul Johnson found that radical intellectuals share the fatal weaknesses of arrogance and egocentrism.

        Founding Father John Adams said, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious People. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” Interestingly enough, a ruthless communist dictator, Joseph Stalin, echoed his point from another angle, “America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within.”

        part of the nwo/ccp/who.0001% great reset agenda is to put in place china’s ccp style government all around the world with central control.

        globalist/nwo/wef/who cabal who is in it? the elite nobility/.0001% billionaires and their huge corporations, big tech, big pharma, big oil, big media (all the media, fa//ce..book, google, twitter), big banks, china was chosen to lead it. (they believe in slavery, transhumanism, fake science).

    • I’m somewhat of an anomaly among posters in this forum (seemingly) in that I was involved in atheism/humanism for almost 25 years (raised Christian and left the church in my 20s). As such, I was heavily exposed to left-wing ideology. I was pulled out of that by the WuFlu edicts, which much to my chagrin the humanists cheered on. I now can best describe myself as Christian-leaning agnostic.

      I realized atheism/humanism has all the characteristics of the religions that claim to hate — dogmatism, sectarianism, magical thinking and superstition. But that’s fine with them — as long as it’s *their* dogma and superstition (a fetus isn’t a human life, gender is a social construct, masks and vaccines save lives, etc. etc.)

      I guess if there’s one good thing about my experience with the left, it’s that if I could find my way out of it after 25 years, so can others — if they would only be the “free thinkers” they claim to be.

      • Better late than never Chis. For many, if not most, it takes some catalyst to break their chains. It appears you’ve broken yours. Congratulations, and welcome to the real world.
        My deep blue son took his wife to the hospital to deliver their first child, and came home a libertarian. He told me it was like a light flashed on in his mind. Of course I’m sure my steady stream of libertarian thought directed at him before that time had some effect.

      • Hi Chris,

        I’m of the same bent as yourself – though more of a Deist/Gnostic/classical liberal (it’s a sorrowful thing the way the latter word has been appropriated by the Left and now means the opposite of what it once meant). What abrades me is the intolerant insolence of those who believe they know everything – and demand compliance with it. Our humanity requires that we each grow and learn, using our minds – and by our own experiences – making mistakes and learning from them and becoming masters of our own destiny, according to our own judgment and choices.

        There may well be “god” in that. In any case, there is something very much opposed to that in its denial.

        • Hey Eric and other agnostics/Deists: Your ability to reason is a gift from God to you as to help you find Him. The Natural Law is all around us, and God governs thru the Natural Law. Seeing the beauty that underlies the Natural Law is another way what we can find Him. This is a reason is why we (religious believers & truth-seeking agnostics like you guys) get so annoyed when society decides that the Natural Law does not apply and purposely does things to counteract it. Remember though, that God, thru His Natural Law *will not be denied*!

          I read this pages frequently and am pleasantly surprised by the amount of theology agnostics/truth seekers know, by way of what they say!

        • eric, do you really mean “Gnostic” or do you mean “Agnostic”?

          If you meant Gnostic, how are your views sympathetic to Gnosticism?
          (Asking as someone who is sympathetic to Gnosticism from a moral viewpoint, especially as to the concept of the demiurge, but without necessarily subscribing to any belief in a strictly supernatural being.)

  1. This comment is a drift over from your chat with Bryan, since no one ever comments on the radio shows, and I’m not sure if YOU even look at them. In regard to your broach of the subject of men needing to step up and lead this fight, you did not mention the fundamental reason they should, and that is that men are expendable. If you stick your neck out and get your head cut off, there is another man that can replace you. A woman can have one child per year. A man can father a hundred or so. Which is why any society that does not put women and children first is doomed to extinction.

  2. ‘Woe to us German people’ — Bishop Galen

    Woe indeed. Germany — poised to implement odious vaccine mandates next year — has just ‘pulled a Biden’ by refusing to certify the physically complete Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline from Russia:

    ‘European gas futures surged to a record high on Tuesday [$232 per barrel of oil equivalent] after Germany blocked Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline from launch because it did not comply with European law.

    ‘German foreign minister Annalena Baerbock said all three parties that make up the new government (Social Democrats, Greens, and Free Democrats) agreed that the newly constructed Nord Stream 2 pipeline failed to meet European energy law requirements.

    “And that means that, as things stand at the moment, this pipeline can’t be approved because it does not fulfill the requirements of European energy law,” Baerbock said.’ — ZH

    Germany is going off the rails again, in response to two malevolent influences.

    First, pussywhipped Germany, under shameful US occupation for 75 years now, is toeing the NATO line that Russia must be punished for defending the interests of Russian minorities in eastern Ukraine. The self-inflicted punishment takes the form of starving grannies in Europe.

    Second, congenital German fanaticism — channeled this time round into hating hydrocarbons instead of non-Aryans — insists on shutting down perfectly good nuclear plants, even as it shuns opening perfectly good gas pipelines.

    Let the German people build backyard windmills to heat their homes — just as Chairman Mao envisioned a mini steel mill in every backyard (a ‘Great Leap Forward’ that starved tens of millions).

    Decades ago, an American author envisioned Europe as a plein air theme park for US tourists. Europeans would dress in their colorful ethnic costumes and serve their charming ethnic food and libations to visiting americanos.

    Unfortunately, ‘vaccine’ passports and energy shortages have turned the lights out in the charming but dilapidated Old World amusement park.

    How about a spicy little war with Russia to reinvigorate the enduring European tradition of massive, senseless bloodshed? Should we even care?

    • Hi Jim,
      Re: “should we even care?” about a war with Russia- we definitely should NOT but the MIC and NATO need to find ways to justify their existence and their outrageous budgets. Daddy Bush promised Gorbachev not to expand NATO and yet now they’re on Russia’s doorstep. Imagine the hair-on-fire hysteria if there were Russian/Chinese troops on the Canadian or Mexican border, or their aircraft carriers cruising the Gulf of Mexico. A nuclear exchange would sure get rid of Corona….and everyone else. Maybe that’s what the PTB are planning, get rid of us while they ride it out in their Fuhrerbunkers.

      • anon 1

        the elite nobility are deep under ground in their bunkers in New Zealand while the 7 billion cull progresses in case the useless eaters catch on and start their own cull from the top down….coming soon hopefully….

  3. anon 1

    This is a 2500 year old model…good versus evil religious death cult

    the vatican’s doctors in the 12th century said you were evil and burned you
    the doctors in the nazi death camps, said you were evil and gassed you
    today the doctor says you are full of evil, a filthy unvaccinated who is filled with an evil germ, you will be force injected with an extermination injection

    how many millions have been victims of this 2500 year old, evil religious death cult?

    they construct the narrative to make it look harmless, they say it is for your safety.

    Martin Armstrong says in article:
    these politicians who have been eager to oppress the people may wish they never joined this madness. This is the civil unrest Socrates has been projecting.

    These politicians and elitists who think they can simply reorganize the world economy in their vision will risk being dragged out of their offices and hanged.

    the bankster/nwo/un/.0001% cabal trash behind this, call us useless eaters, they think they are better than the people on the bottom, but they are psycho/satanists, they are four levels below sub-human

    the solution to this problem
    this priest needs to be hired
    a priest in rome said if these elite nobility/nwo/wef/ccp/.0001% globalist witches had been around in the middle ages, they would have been hanged, he says they would have been immediately seen as evil witches. today we are blinder, dumber.

  4. Dissent ist Verboten!

    Bishop Mueller needs to find a catacomb somewhere for his own safety.

    Thou shalt not kill doesn’t mean you won’t or can’t. War is an unfortunate phenomena that happens throughout history among human populations. Line the Appian Way with crucified corpses hanging on crosses up and down the trail.

    Ever see the video of three chimpanzees chasing and flanking a monkey up in the trees in Africa? Three against one is chimpanzee fun!

    Rear Admiral Isaac C. Kidd died on the USS Arizona on December 7, 1941.

    80 years and one week ago today, it all happened. Can’t forget that little piece of history.

    The USS Kidd flies the Jolly Roger.

  5. It is interesting to see a religious themed article on your normally secular site Eric. Sadly, there are more cowards in the Catholic church than there are leaders. The two churches I regularly attend are run by cowards. Even now, there are signs on the entrance to the church imploring people to wear the face diaper. Even in the midst of this insanity, I never wore a face diaper in church, and many times as I scanned the congregation, I was the only one doing so. The priests told their flock to get the vaccine on many occasions. I found their words disgusting, and should have said so. Can you imagine sitting in church, listening to the word of God, and then to have priests tell you to get injected with these abortion tainted jabs? It really shook my beliefs.

    However, there are a few church leaders who were aware of this scam, and warned about it from the beginning. One of these great men is Archbishop Vigano. He warned the Orange Man about the Great Reset back in October 2020. I don’t know if the Orange Man listened or was even aware of the letter the bishop sent him. The Orange Man was too busy at the time flying to his rally sites around the country in a futile attempt to get the people to vote for him in an election decided by the Deep State. You can read the letter here: https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/abp-vigano-warns-trump-about-great-reset-plot-to-subdue-humanity-destroy-freedom/

    Another great leader is Bishop Athanasius Schneider. He recognized the horror of these jabs, and how they are tainted by abortion. He offers a signed affidavit to use if you are seeking a religious exemption from the jabs. I did receive his affidavit, however, I did not use it because while doing my research for religious exemptions, I found out it is illegal for an employer to ask for a supporting letter from clergy attesting to your religious exemption. My employer asked for one, but I told them it was illegal for them to ask, and they never mentioned it again. If anyone would like this affidavit, you can request one here: https://www.livefatima.io/exemption/ There is no charge, and you will be emailed a PDF in a few days.

    • Rush, I was also going to mention the heroic Abp. Vigano. As an atheist myself, I was floored when I read his August 28, 2021, letter (Letter #100 “Deliver Us from Evil”) that was published in Inside the Vatican. The depth and detail of his knowledge of occult history absolutely blew me away.

      Equally important to me is his avoidance of pat false hope and pious platitudes. He does NOT sugarcoat or finesse his message. He looks both the onrushing terror and humanity’s bleak prospects right in the face, unflinchingly. Fascinating, wise, titanic man, standing virtually alone and speaking truth directly to the satanic papacy, from within it.

      • Freelance,

        I’m not even going to question why a self proclaimed atheist is reading anything on Inside the Vatican, but thank you for making me aware of Vigano’s Letter #100.

        His writings are something you would see by Alex Jones. They are so unbelievable, most people would think they are from The National Enquirer. I do, however, believe what he writes, and find his writings terrifying, and truthful. Man, I wish I was not born during this time period. There is some really bad stuff going down, but the Archbishop lays it all out for everyone to see.

        Thanks again Freelance!

        • I think somebody linked to it from Lew Rockwell or Corbett Report comments or maybe Off-Guardian comments.

          I read lotsa stuff.

          Vigano >>>>>>>>>> Alex Jones (who totally lost the plot as soon as he took a side in partisan politics kayfabe to shill for Trump)

          • anon 1

            the new covid occult satanic death cult religion, part of the globalist/communist/satanist one world government:

            the entire manufactured coronavirus crisis is one giant occult religion from start to finish,

            there is zero science behind it so it is just a belief, which means it is a religion, can’t be scientifically proven.

            So, let’s start by examining the four distinct, but interrelated, occult rituals that make up this massive global occult religion ritual initiation ceremony:

            Ritual Mask-Wearing
            Ritual Hand-Washing
            Ritual “Social Distancing”
            Ritual Lockdowns
            Ritual Extermination injection

            The Ritual Wearing of the Mask
            ” in the Bible has to do with shutting the mouth as one undergoes a secret religious initiation. Again, it’s: “the idea of silence, imposed by initiation into religious rites.”

            This, even though numerous medical experts, including the Surgeon General of the United States, have openly stated that wearing masks has no beneficial effect whatsoever against coronavirus.

            What’s more, numerous medical experts have attested to the fact that face masks can even be dangerous to one’s health in that they curtail clear thinking (and even consciousness) by trapping carbon dioxide in the chamber of the mask, forcing you to re-breathe it over and over, thus depleting your blood of fresh air and the life-giving oxygen component it contains.

            Masking has traditionally played a very important role in occult rituals.

            Among other things, the wearing of the mask over one’s mouth is a token of submission…a gesture of your willingness to be subject to others who are not your usual Sovereign.
            “A form of disguise or concealment usually worn over or in front of the face to hide the identity of a person and by its own features to establish another being.”

            In other words, the wearing of a mask represents an occult transformation — a human alchemy, if you will — from one role to another. From one manner of being, to another.
            Wearing the mask is a powerful occult symbol indicating your submission to another power

            The entire point of occult ritual mask-wearing is to hammer home to your subconsciousness — until it becomes completely true in your daily life — the idea that things are no longer the same, and will never be the same again.
            Masks hasten the suppression of ego to help facilitate the death of the old identity before the identification with, and the manifestation of, a new identity.

            hand washing
            Hand washing is the occult ritualistic symbol of rejection.
            When you fall for the hand-washing ritual, you’re symbolically washing away your old life,

            The “Social Distancing” Ritual
            there’s no more widely used occult number in the world than the number “six.” As you know, the antichrist’s very number is “six hundred, three score and six,” or 6-6-6.

            Are you not aware that there are already MILLIONS of viruses in every breath of air you take? No matter where you walk, those viruses are there – somewhere between 1.6 million to 40 million viruses in every cubic meter of air we pass through as we walk.

            The Ritual of Lockdowns and “Social Isolation”
            “Stay home. Stay safe. Save lives.”
            That’s what we’re being told, anyway. Yet a recent study of NY area hospitals demonstrates that a whopping 66% of all coronavirus hospitalizations have been among people who wore masks, washed their hands, practiced six feet of separation, and stayed home.

            In other words, the vast majority of the hospitalizations were among people who followed the rules,

            The global occult ritual of lockdowns symbolize isolation from everything normal so you can be “purified” from your old ways…surrender your former status to the new order…sacrifice your very self to the new order…and finally, willingly submit to the new order through obedience to it.

            With not a whit of science in support, Social Distancing which is a mutually exclusive phrase since there is nothing social about enforced distancing from other humans, has been attributed to a CIA protocol in use since the 1950’s to break a prisoner’s resistance or a teenage science project.

            In any case, SD has proven a great way to erode an individual’s normal need for social contact, to effectively starve the brain function of human interaction and comparable to other emotionally unhealthy deprivations. As former Vietnam POW John McCain related “It crushes your spirit more effectively than any other form of mistreatment.”
            Rules 3 and 44 of the Nelson Mandela Rules warn of being cut off from the outside world and prohibits more than two weeks of isolation as cruel and inhumane treatment.

            Extermination injection
            The final step……congratulations if you got the extermination injection…..you are now transhuman

            No one will be part of the New World Order unless he carries out an act of worship to Lucifer.
            No one will enter the New Age unless he receives Luciferian initiation… the mask and the extermination injection.

    • anon 1

      covid Crime & The Unwary Christian Church

      written by By Bill Sardi

      Ironically, the Christian church, awaiting the End Times and the apocalypse, has come eye-to-eye with foreseen evil, yet it fails to fully recognize it, for it is cloaked in the fear of death.

      In the pandemic, churches have been singled out, not because of the stated (and conjured up) threat of disease and death (choir practice spreads germs), but because the new globalist political agenda coming out of the World Economic Forum wef in Europe seeks to eliminate mystical non-scientific religions altogether.

      Few church leaders foresee there is no return to normal. The church is a target for extermination.
      Most church leaders are unaware of the agenda proposed by the World Economic Forum wef, that has religious institutions in its crosshairs. According to the wef, religion is outdated. For example, the wef says the church is slow to adapt to homosexuality.

      Christians are not to condone sin and to love righteousness, to urge repentance (a 180º turn from all selfishness and evil). What is the godless wef doing, giving instruction to the church?

      Millions of churchgoers have prayed for God to put an end to this pa n,,,,do…oo,,,mic, never once suspecting it is a preplanned mass deception, a world reset, a global coup. The Bible says, in the end times, the elect will be deceived.

      Digital offering plate

      If the wef gets its way a new digital currency will replace paper money and coin. Church leaders would then be blind-sided when they learn offerings will be funneled through the US Treasury Department in real time. Government would know which people donated and how much they gave, and which church they attend. Is that any different from a credit card?

      Yes, churches and their parishioners can be tracked and controlled via digital access to money. Government, not just bankers, will immediately know what you are doing with your money. For example, tithes and offerings could be blocked if everyone in the congregation isn’t va,,cc//in….a,,te,/d, or if its membership isn’t inclusive (LGBT+), or exhibit racial diversity.

      Jesus chased the money changers (bankers) out of the temple, not only because they were skimming (usury) onerous amounts (~$38 million in today’s money) for live animal offerings and commercializing the holy temple, but because they took sacrifice out of the equation.

      Pastors and priests, as heads of 501c3 tax exempt corporations, and recipients of the federal Payroll Protection Plan, have unwittingly enslaved themselves to government.

      Churches are not adhering the beat of their own drum. God no longer gives the church its marching orders, government does.

      The ironies of the lo,,,ck…d//own

      Another irony was abortion mills and liquor stores remained open while churches were closed.

      Evil and hidden agenda

      The church is slow to realize the injection agenda is a population control exercise.

      The fake infection and death numbers produce the intended fear needed to usher the faithful to va,,,cc//in….a/…te.
      Noted personalities like baseball legend Henry Aaron and TV’s Larry King died days after . Cull the 80-year-olds from the population, the people that cost government the most money. Churches are filled with octogenarians.

      Death to religion via genetic engineering

      Such is con….v/ i…d, that now opens Pandora’s box. Train the masses to think in…j/ ec…ti,,,,on is good. Then slip something else into the syringe that will change their DNA. This is the first time RNA and DNA-altering in..j/ ec…ti,,ons are being trialed. Unsuspecting believers, those individuals who are patriotic to a fault, may volunteer to get the first shots. But what about the second? And third?

      We also learn that the Pentagon may be involved in a covert agenda to genetically eliminate a predilection for religious behavior by alteration of the VMAT2 “god” gene.

      This is not pseudoscience. The science is real as evidenced in the book THE GOD GENE: HOW FAITH IS HARDWIRED INTO OUR GENES by Dean Hamer. The implantation of something could immunize against the VMAT2 gene to turn “religious fanatics” into “normal people.”

      Under the guise of research intended to prevent brain disorders or drug dependencies, VMAT2 gene research has proceeded.

      When the false god of government can no longer provide

      Americans living under the WEF.s new “reset” will own nothing – not houses, businesses, automobiles, vacuum cleaners or lawnmowers. Everything will be rented.

      Equity will be the rule. Winston Churchill’s pronouncement will come true: “The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings. The inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.” Americans will all be equally poor.

      Amoral technocrats aim to control the masses by snooping in on telephone and electronic communications, place video cameras on every street, and store information that has been eavesdropped. In other words, replace moral choice with coercion.

      technocrats have developed a social score to control the masses via restricted access to money. No crime, regardless of how small, will go unnoticed or unpenalized. No red light can be run through by an automobile driver without a financial penalty. No littering or jay walking without a fine.

      The world will become totally regimented. Soon faceless robots will unmercifully mete out and collect fines. There is no middle ground. Technocrats count sin, God urges repentance and forgives sin.

      No parties will be allowed to side-step an ever-encroaching technocracy, except for the technocrats themselves. All income will be reported and taxed, $700 billion more tax revenues will be extracted from the public.

      Churches that borrowed money to build large edifices will have difficulty making mortgage payments as its members will only receive a stipend (guaranteed income) ubi. Many churches were struggling financially before the h.o..a/ ,,,x. As many as 1 in 5 American churches are expected to shut down. Estimates range from 5000 to 10,000 church closings each year.

      Re-education camps will take care of any recalcitrant Americans. Christians will be re-branded as cultists.

      I have a hunch the next compliant move by dutiful churches will be to set themselves up as injection centers, complicit in the crime of forced injections, forgetting the last time this was done was in Nazi Germany.

      • Which is odd, because the Resurrection (Christ’s victory over death) is kind of the entire point of Christianity: we don’t need to fear death any more because of it. That is THE central point of the entire thing. We aren’t supposed to fear the things that kill the body, only the things that kill the soul. And yet, here we are…and here the church is, with the possible exception of a few.

        • anon 1

          soul? the church, government and the medical system are all in on the material world only communist view of things, the communists are good at mass genocide, they see people as just below cattle….cull the useless eaters.

    • I find it strange that the Churches Catechism essentially denounces all this, and yet we have lots of clergy that contradict it. It would be nice if the people running the church were less fallible than they are, less subject to fear and conformance, but alas they are not god.

      My priest gives impassioned homilies speaking against this tyranny, I wish they all would. It makes for an interesting mass.

      • Yes, and I’ve been told that I can’t possibly be a good Christian if I don’t give in to the Mask Nazis. Because it shows that I don’t care about other people, apparently.

        I don’t exactly see it that way. And I’ve said so. I’ll admit that I’m no theologian. And I refuse to live the lie, as much as possible (I have to wear the Face Speedo much of the time at work. And I can’t afford to quit. Bleh. At least it keeps the bureaucrats away. On my own time and my own property, however…).

        • RE: “And I can’t afford to quit. Bleh. At least it keeps the bureaucrats away.”

          Beware. the path is narrow:

          “… the wearing of a mask represents an occult transformation — a human alchemy, if you will — from one role to another. From one manner of being, to another. Indeed, in this case, from individual sovereign under God to collective subject under the children of the devil.” …


          • Yeah well I tried finding a job that didn’t require one, and I couldn’t find one. It didn’t go over well when I asked, and I’m pretty sure I’m blacklisted at this point. So I’m saving the quit/get fired for the Jab, which is my line in the sand. I also have a whole lot more allies on that one, which is important. And I still fight the mask stuff in my own when I get the opportunity and the political capital.

            I get what you are saying, but in the long run I think I can do more good this way than the other.

            Oscar Schindler cooperated with the Nazis too, to a point anyway. He had to. (Not that anything I do will ever be remotely as big as what he did.)

            I’m not claiming to be not a hypocrite, I’m arguing that there is value in living to fight another day. And, while I can’t fix everything at work, I can maintain a little islet of freedom by paying for and maintaining my home with the proceeds. This is awfully hard to do without a paycheck.

            • Do you live in a blue state?
              Seems like there are options.

              RE: “I get what you are saying, but in the long run I think I can do more good this way than the other.”

              I’m not sure the URL highlights that.

              I hope you find your way.

              • No but I work in one.

                I’m pretty well tied to where the factories are. And, did I mention that I think I blacklisted myself?

                I may not make a great Christian but I don’t think I make a very good Satanist either.

  6. “When a claim isn’t refuted, calmly and with facts – but rather met with hysteria and persona attacks – it is safe to assume the claim is likely true.” A thing I frequently point out to opponents on other forums (doesn’t happen here) when they start calling me names. “If you’re calling me names, I’ve won the debate. You can’t refute my statement, so you attempt to refute ME.”
    I despair more Catholic Church leadership has not come forth with similar. Catholic clergy is far less at risk from such, since the Catholic Church is bigger, and more wealthy, than most governments. But then again, look who they elected to put in charge of the church.

  7. ‘Cardinal Mueller accuses the thugs of using the pretext of an intractable sickness to “bring people in line” for the sake of “total control.”’ — eric

    Cue this terrifying article from the New York Slimes:

    One in 100 older Americans has died from the virus.

    From … or ‘with’? When hospitals have financial incentives to classify nearly every death as covid-related, you know what’s up with them doctored statistics.

    Since vaccines first became available a year ago, older Americans have been vaccinated at a much higher rate than younger age groups and yet the brutal toll on them has persisted.’

    How strange! How baffling! It’s like water running uphill, or the sun rising in the west. What could possibly explain this bizarre phenomenon? *scratches head like Gomer Pyle*

    Helen Safranek, 68, of Venice, Fla., said her husband, Marc, who was 70, had been fully vaccinated and had received a booster shot three weeks before he became sick with the virus and died in October.

    “We did everything they told us to,’’ Ms. Safranek said.


    Well, there’s your first problem, Ms S. When the sociopaths in charge want to kill you dead with ‘vaccines’ (Kaching!) and remdesivir (Kaching!) and ventilators (Kaching!), the best thing you can do is the EXACT OPPOSITE of their tainted advice.

    Fauci is the Antichrist, Cardinal Mueller might helpfully have added.

  8. Cardinal Mueller has much to lose, just like Doctors who question the dogma being dispensed may lose their license to practice which they spent 8-10 years of their life and treasure to attain. Cardinal Mueller may get ex-communicated by the woke pope. I would hope good Catholics would have something to say to Rome about that if that happens. Maybe ask the woke pope why he thinks a jab derived from the actual killing of a live fetus/baby during an abortion to obtain HEK cells as live tissue, was a holy sacrament worth blessing.

  9. I’m reading Robert F Kennedy’s book now, about half way through the first section. It is dense as a fruitcake and it doesn’t help that every three or four paragraphs I have to stop to have a moment of outrage. Doctors being ordered to stand down. FEMA and CDC buying up all the Hydroxychloroquine in the country and destroying it. Fauxchi’s office not providing any treatment options for early stage infection.

    I’m always willing to believe in incompentence over malice. But geez, it really looks like intentional malpractice. This is “hold my beer” levels of stupid. Either way, this whole debacle has only strengthened my belief in decentralization and distrubuted systems. One quack amongst many can kill a few families. One quack in charge of the nation’s health system will kill millions.

  10. ‘They’ve now killed close to TWICE as many kids from the vaccine as have died from COVID’ – Dec 12, 2021

    …”So we have 1,312 deaths that are highly likely to be caused by the vaccine compared to 757 deaths from COVID.

    So we’ve likely killed nearly twice as many kids with the vaccine than have been killed by COVID.

    In short, our health authorities have convinced parents that it’s better to increase the chance of your kid dying than to reduce it.

    But hey, we’re just getting started since not all the kids under 18 have been vaccinated yet. The authorities are rushing to get all kids vaccinated before anyone figures out what is going on. So expect the numbers to get much higher. […]

    It’s hard to find even a single healthy kid who died from COVID. I don’t know of a single one. Do you?…”


    • I don’t personally know of ANYONE who died from “covid,” unless you count the lady from our church who was double jabbed, then “diagnosed with covid,” put on a ventilator, and died a few weeks later.

      I know of at least 8 people who have died within a short time of the jab, and another who is suffering with T-cell lymphoma (man in his 50s), which didn’t appear until after he was jabbed.

    • To even allow these vaccines to be used on children is criminal, much less encourage them. As well as parents actually allowing it. This is child abuse. if the child dies, its’ nothing less than child sacrifice to the COVID/Pharma Gods. If some armed goon comes near my grandchildren and proposes to compel them to be vaccinated, someone is going to die. Given my son’s similar determination, perhaps several will die. It’s only about 75′ from my door to his.

        • anon 1

          the inventor even said STOP….it can not be used to diagnose disease, they use it anyways because everything they do and say is fake science, fraud, , over 20 cycles it gives way too many false positives, they run it at 40 to 45 cycles at times, it then gives 99% false positives, it is totally useless complete fraud like the whole covid hoax, they are leftist/communists that lie 24/7 so it is perfect for their narrative, 100% lies/fraud.

  11. Cardinal Mueller is a breath of fresh air. Now, how about hearing from other leaders in Christendom, Judaism and Islam. I’m disappointed in my own little corner of Christianity, the LCMS (Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod). They stood down, closed their churches (wrenching potential life-saving comfort from many souls) and didn’t question the narrative spewing from big Gov. Now that they’re open, may some leaders come forth and dare speak truth. God help us.

    • “now that they’re open”

      What’s the point of being “open”? (rhetorical question)

      When they were needed most, they shut their doors. Nothing else matters after that.

    • anon 1

      The church and the state are combined now? they use the same line: you are full of evil so we have to control everything you do. the medical industry says the same thing, so they have to force inject poison into you to kill the evil in there….forced injection coming soon to the unvaxxed….so why would the church say one word? The church and the state see themselves as good.


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