The Silence of the Cases

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Why aren’t the cases of healthy young athletes all-of-a-sudden developing the diseases of old age – or at least, sedentary/unhealthy middle age – such as myocarditis, heart attacks and strokes – being treated with the same or even any hysteria  . . . as was the case with any “case” of someone testing positive on a now-conceded to be sketchy PCR test?

Ever since the Jabbing began, a week – sometimes, a day – does not pass without a case of a professional athlete or a previously healthy kid developing the kinds of sicknesses that used to take decades of body abuse to develop.

The kinds of sicknesses that were all-but-unheard of among professional athletes and kids before all the Jabbing began.

For instance, the case of 25-year-old professional soccer player Keanu Staude, who developed myocarditis – debilitating heart inflammation – and who is now a former professional soccer player on account of it. The same happened to Lee Burge – another young professional soccer player – who was forced to stop playing soccer after developing myocarditis.

Two Swiss Olympians developed the same sickness. Sarah Atcho and Fabienne Schlumpf  – both of them runners (a sprinter and marathoner). The demographic who usually have the healthiest hearts.

But at least they’re still alive.

Unlike 22-year-old Alexandros Lampos, who was also a professional soccer player – until he dropped dead of cardiac arrest on the field earlier this year.

Unlike 32-year-old Brazilian Olympic diver Ian Matos.

There are a startling number of such cases; you can read about more of them here.

Why such insouciance about these cases?

And the cases of kids being crippled by . ..  hmmm… what could it possibly be?

Like sixteen-year-old Faith Ranson, who just happened to develop tremors and tics and convulsions after  . . .  No! It couldn’t be that. It must have been something – anything – else. Just as it couldn’t conceivably have been anything to do with . . . that  . . . in the case of six-year-old Milo Edberg, who was a healthy little boy  . . . until  . . .

Nah. Nothing to see here.

Well, nothing they want you to see here.

They being the people shilling for the billion-dollar cartels pushing their drugs on people. You know. The “media” – as they like to style themselves. In fact, they are the well-paid public relations agents of the drug-pushing billion-dollar cartels, which finance the “media” – via the advertising dollars which support the “media.”


The Pfizer News Network.

If we had journalism, there would be reporting of these highly suggestive (that there’s a serious problem with these drugs being pushed) cases of healthy young athletes being sidelined by the kinds of sicknesses that were all-but-unheard of among healthy young athletes when healthy young athletes weren’t being injected with the drugs being pushed by billion-dollar cartels.

Correlation isn’t always causation – but it bears looking into. To make sure it isn’t. Doesn’t it? Isn’t that what journalists do? As in – check things out that seem not-right? Which a reasonable person might consider . . . suspicious?

And whatever happened to follow the money?

At one time, when there was journalism in this country, it was the first axiom of the trade. Is money changing hands? If so, then perhaps the money being given to the party receiving it influences the actions of the party receiving it. Shouldn’t people who might be adversely affected by the actions of the receiving party be made aware that there might be a conflict of interest?  Isn’t it the job of journalists to uncover those possible conflicts of interests – precisely so that people are made aware of them?

Instead, there is a kind of purposeful insouciance on the part of the “media” toward such cases of possible conflicts of interest, in matters of life and death. Of blase indifference to the possibility that the billions-of-dollars being made by the cartels pushing these drugs on people might just possibly be motivating them to push the drugs. And never mind that these same cartels are essentially immunized from any liability for reckless, even homicidal actions that might result in even more billions being sluiced into their coffers.

Nothing for you to see here.

The same “media,” on the other hand, practically orgasmed with each hourly report of “case” counts, antecedent to the drug-pushing. And the body counts – which were deliberately increased by deliberately adding every body that died to the pile. Including the bodies of 25-year-olds killed in motorcycle accidents and 99-year-olds who died of old age. Which the “media” all but declared to be a kind of unnatural event. Every “case” – no matter how tenuous – wasn’t just “reported.”

It was beaten to death.

But now – when deaths are actually happening. . . when an alarmingly high number of unusual deaths and freakishly abnormal serious illnesses are manifesting and there’s one common denominator . . . the “media” are studiously incurious. There couldn’t possibly be a connection.

But of course, there is.

It’s the one between the “media” – and the hand that feeds it.

. . .

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  1. I started listening to the interviews of John Taylor Gatto by Alex Jones. They are on the youtube channel run by Gatto’s estate and were probably done about 15 years ago. Let me just say with regards to what has happened in the schools and the outline of the plans of the ruling class talked about in those interviews, it wasn’t spot on, but it was close enough. The set up for what we’ve been going through was built over the previous 120 years.

  2. EVERYthing is corrupt. That is why we have to rebuild the USA (and every other country the same) from the local on up. County Sheriff–look up CSPOA Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, and join that.

    And there is now a ConstitutionalLawGroup.US which is serving papers on hundreds of county Prosecutors across the US with a suggested Indictment on Fraudi, Ralph Baric, CDC, NIAID, Pfizer, Moderna, and another several defendants for Crimes Against Humanity for deliberately killing all these people as y’all are noting here.

    Look it up and participate in that, too.

    • Indeed, LadyLifeGrows –

      Corruption is pervasive. But it is also something worse that’s pervasive. Mere grift and graft can be dealt with when those who grift and graft understand they are grifters. But what do you do when people who lie/cheat/steal consider it legitimate – righteous, even – if it is done via the ballot box? By “process.” Socialist (and Communists) do not regard themselves or their ideas as evil – and yet, they are. I see no possibility of rapprochement. It is our task to figure out how to separate ourselves from these people, somehow – and begin anew.

  3. What they really need is an injection of IQ points or common sense. This whole thing is so dumb … I don’t think there is anything dumber. The STUPID-911 has infected the entire world. You can’t fix STUPID.

  4. Why do ads pushing the latest drugs warn of every risk no matter how small but an injection forced on a good chunk of the planetary populace does not? I was told never buy the first year of a new model of car until you know if it’s a lemon, shouldn’t that apply to a new gene therapy drug? lets you find out at least short term the risks of their new wonder drug.

  5. Eric, I hope you didn’t watch the Stupid Bowl or the dreadful and expensive commercials. And if you didn’t, none were funny or clever. And there were a TON of EV ads, one with Ahhhnold ‘Screw your freedoms’ Whatever his last name is.

    Quite lovely. Salma Hayek that is, in the same ad.

    But just an awful experience overall.

  6. I just heard yesterday, en la radio, that a 61 year old fireman died of the ‘Rona. He was double vaxxed and jabbed. It, of course, makes you wonder if it wasn’t the jabbing that was ultimately responsible.

    This situation with youthful athletes is horrible and terrifying. If it is indeed the jabs, it is a crime against humanity, of a scale to eclipse many others.

    • Badnon that antivax firefighter should have had 2 boosters. Its sad that so many people are dying of covid19 when boosters are available. 2 vaccines has little to no meaningful protection against covid. But 3 or 4 might make you safe

      • Yes, of course, Anon. Silly of him. Hell, we should all just take our daily morning boosters everyday, and soon, no one would have anything to worry about at all!

  7. Eric: since 2020, all of the media has become a state funded propaganda dispenser. I do mean ALL of the media from msnbc to Instagram girls and twitter users. Billions of dollars were allocated to news outlets, but also small time “social media influencers” were paid hundreds of dollars to take mask selfies, vaccine selfies and copy pasta the bullshit on their pages & youtube channels. Meanwhile everyone else was banned from social media platforms. Fast food workers enjoyed retiring and getting double pay. Who wants to go back to wage slaving after that?

    The “fact checkers” are literally board members of Pfizer and the court ruled that they don’t have to post facts, they can label opinions as facts, and facts as untrue based on their opinion.

    Many people have gone to twitter, fb, youtube, Instagram, Reddit and so fourth to warn about the dangers of masks & vaccines only to have their accounts suspended or ended.

    OSHA does not require workplaces to report vaccine injuries because it would discourage vaccination efforts. They also implemented discriminatory rules. At large facilities, Vaxxies could work without masks or pcr tests for a couple of months. Nonvaxxies had to take pcr tests every week and continue masking. This manipulation was very sinister cause masks & pcr tests are harmful and false positives made unvaccinated workers unreliable as they had random quarentenes, facilities had to shut down if too many tested positive but only unvaccinated had to test.

  8. GiveSendGo is the alternative funding vehicle for the truckers revolt. Guess what website isn’t currently operational. Hopefully because they are overloaded with activity. I fear not.

  9. Here’s a stat you will never see. Among the total incidents of youthful myocarditis (pick any age limit), how many are vaxxed, and how many are unvaxxed. Corelate the totals with the rate of vaccination, and spit it out. If it’s coincidental, the difference should be statistically insignificant. If it is significant, then it’s not coincidental.

  10. Just look at the level of mind control they have effected across the entire world:

    Almost 100% of people are convinced that there is a ‘pandemic’.

    Almost 100% of people are convinced that wearing a cloth or paper mask that one can breathe freely through can protect them from catching/spreading the flu.

    Almost 100% of people are convinced that millions of perfectly healthy people have died from….the flu.

    Almost 100% of people don’t care that virtual worldwide medical martial law has been imposed on them and has destroyed their most basic liberties….they just obey, whether motivated by ‘civic duty, fear of punishment, peer pressure, genuine belief that such will keep them safe, or to avoid inconvenience.

    Almost 100% of people are convinced that the politicians who lied to them in the past, have suddenly become truthful- and in the US, this will likely result in the re-election of the Orange Douche who allowed all of this to start and now claims to have saved ‘100 million lives by fast-tracking the [deadly][non]vaccine’, and who is now making new promises as to what he will do ‘on his first day in office’, even though he did virtually nothing positive in the four years of his former enthronement, other than throwing us a few tiny crumbs, most of which were quickly obliterated by the current Bozo because The Douche made those crumbs via executive order, which are easily reversed with the stroke of a pen, as opposed to the legislative process- while he did nothing but pave the path for the commies and left 3/4’s of Obama’s functionaries in their appointed posts. Yet they still cheer for him and believe he is their savior……

    • Hi Nunzio,

      I’m of the view that the Orange Fail was “in on it” from the beginning, given the following:

      – he implemented the “state of emergency” to begin with in March 2020, which enabled and emboldened the petty dictators at the state and local levels, as well as business owners, to issue “mandates”, “lockdowns”, etc.

      – Operation Warp Speed and the rollout of the “vaccines” were also his doing

      – OF has promised in his new “campaign” that he will do away with mandates, but only because he could convince people to do it voluntarily (meaning he fully expects it to still be an issue almost three years from now)

      – Given the abysmal record of the “vaxes”, and faced with approval ratings on par with Nixon during Watergate, Diaper Joe could have fallen back on what politicians normally do when faced with an approval-destroying crisis — blame it on the guy before him. The Senile One and his handlers could have declared the vaxes a “Trump thing” and that they were developed under OF’s watch and rushed to be implemented too soon without proper testing and study, then revoke any mandates or support for them. But….he didn’t, he insists on the tired old “safe and effective” narrative, which means he agrees with OF on his “COVID policies”, despite the public disavowal of “everything Trump”.

      I just can’t justify to myself supporting the Orange Man, even as a “lesser of two evils” option, because he’s made his intentions clear. 😞😝

      • Well said, Chris! I wonder if the Orange Douche will still be taking the credit for ‘Fast tracking the vaccine’ when (and if) people en mass ever wake up to the fact that they pose an unprecedented detriment to life and health?

        Of course he was in on it- It turns out that in 2019 they were even doing mock-up scenarios of how they would handle it, and how the public might respond. NOBODY gets to that office unless they are ‘in the club’- which is why Ron Paul never even got close to it.

    • Nunzio, very few people believe in the usefulness of cloth masks relating to disease. They simply wear them cause its “law” those who refused to wear them were harassed and banned from places. Id rather waste $5 on a few sets of pantihose to cut into masks than to argue with wagies about shopping or getting lunch. And usually i dont bother with masks at all, but California will put the resturant out of business if I dont put a mask on for 1 minute. And employees are fired for mask violation. So put on a mask or be poor.

      • Where does it end though, Anon? If one can’t resist the mask, they’d never be able to resist the vax or passport when it is fully implemented. At some point, one has to draw stop moving that line in the sand, and realize that every time we move that line back, we are just letting them win and giving in, and making it easier for them to implement the next phase. One already needs a Soc ialist Security number and government ID to ‘participate’ in their economy…and usually a bank account…and they just keep adding to it- always with the penalty of not being able to participate if one doesn’t just go along. We are about as far as we can go without actually submitting to total tyranny- and this should be our cue to realize that maybe we should be looking to extricate ourselves from their system/economy, rather than just trying to constantly compromise to keep participating in it. Just the way I look at it.

        I’ve never worn a mask- not even for a second. The only repercussion so far has been that I haven’t been able to go to the eye doctor for 2 years. So be it. Suppose instead of a mask, they stipulated that you must wear a swastika or rainbow flag or gold star? It ammounts to the same thing: A medically ineffective device which can’t protect you from a disease- much less one that does not exist; nor protect others from said disease, much less a disease that you don’t have- which means to wear one is just to accept the symbol of a religious/political philosophy- which amounts to forced speech/religion/thought.

        That’s what I say when anyone says to me “Why don’t you just wear the damned thing? It’s just a mask, it won’t hurt you!”. A bullet would hurt me less.

            • Something like that. 🙂

              So far, I have been kicked out of:
              One grocery store – Stater Bros.
              (“We won’t ring you up.” How do you live with yourself, denying food to another human being?)
              One Pharmacy – Rite Aid
              (“Don’t come back” – OK by me)
              One Ophthalmologist – Dr. Mark Schneider
              (“Will not provide service” – lawyer letter, after 30 years as his patient)
              One Bank – Pacific Premier Bank
              (I “scared” the bank manager by wearing a black balaclava – GOOD! All further interaction will be remote – my choice. )

              And why would I pay $8 for a crummy hamburger at a restrunk when I can cook a better quality burger myself for less than 1/4 of that price?
              That, *and* put up with “diaper kabuki” ? No, thank you very much.

              Stay well, fellow wrongthinker. 🙂
              *Buck* the fozos.

  11. We don’t don’t want any drugs we have to say no to is the old saying, well, not an old saying.

    Everybody says it all the time now.

    Huey Lewis wanted a new drug, one that won’t make him or anybody sick. har

    Right at this juncture we’ve got new drugs that make everybody sick.

  12. Following the money will always lead to the truth, too bad Woodward & Bernstein haven’t been doing it for awhile; guess they got paid off enough to lose interest. I’d like to see some following of who’s paying the media right now to whip up war with Russia. Perhaps as a distraction from the Convid narrative that’s falling apart? Nuclear weapons would certainly get rid of us pesky serfs while the elitists ride it out in their Fuehrerbunkers.

  13. Perfectly health young men stricken “inexplicably” after they were JABBED. But “move along, NOTHING to see, here.”

    This is why the Lamestream Media should be BOYCOTTED. “Journalistic Integrity” is a pipe dream. They’re whored themselves out, serving the financial interests of the multinational media conglomerates they work for. In turn, said conglomerates are part of huge. well-connected multi-national outfits, including the BANKS, and the entrenched, corrupt governments that do their bidding.

    But this octopus-like Corruptocracy and Corporatocracy IS indeed “threatened”, by the very Internet they fostered the creation thereof. It’s been a never-ending battle, ever since the creation of the printing press, which fostered newspapers et al, including the FREE-LANCING and frequently “illegal” type known as the Samizdat, the term coming from the erstwhile Soviet Union. Handbills were the most frequent means of resistance to tyranny until about 25 years ago, when e-mails accounts and social media sprang up. Sure, the co-opting of them, Twatter and Fakebook being the most notorious examples, has served to quash dissent and mislead the public and direct popular opinion, but alternate views, like this very forum, keeping popping up, like mushrooms after a rainstorm. In a way, it’s a way to “separate the wheat from the chaff”, as the sheeple won’t make the effort to work around the censorship.

  14. As I see it, the official position more and more is that there are no serious side effects to what are styled covid vaccines. They seem to have even taken away the reference to “rare.” It all never happened and you just dreamed it. These vaccines are such a gift from science, they are the first pharmaceutical product in history that never killed or injured anyone. So saith every government entity anywhere – they are fully tested, effective, and safe, and the best way to protect yourself (from the spigot of fed-cheese being turned off). So go ahead and have another, and then another. And don’t forget your infants and toddlers too. And if any of you happen to get myocarditis and die, then that would have occurred anyway, and had nothing to do with the jab.

  15. If you’re in the mid-Atlantic region you’re probably in the midst of another geoengineered weather whiplash scenario with temps moving down 30-40 degrees in a day and ice and snow forming in temps several degrees or more above 32 degrees. The video embedded in the following link gets into how graphene oxide is used in the patented ice nucleation processes in order to trigger an endothermic reaction. The comments section is chock full of info about graphene and it’s properties in biomedical applications, such as the gene therapies. Heart issues, cancers, mutagenic affects on reproduction. Sound familiar?

  16. It would only seem reasonable to look at the most major change from 2020 to 2021. The vaccine.

    The problem is just that: it’s reasonable, therefore a no go.

  17. Perfectly correct Eric.

    “News” is mostly the PR arm of its advertisers or those with whom they share political opinions.

    Boggles the mind that media decries the lack of public trust while ignoring facts and demonizing those who dare question and report.

    On the good side, so many bootlicker’s eyes have been opened to the naked deceit we are fed every day.

  18. Documented case of vaccine reaction death, it’s in the coroner’s report. This kid was hardly an athlete, he was pretty fat, but nonetheless only 24 years old.

    Naturally the media report this as an isolated case and recommend getting the shot anyway.

    Of course the family is shit out of luck, their son is dead and they cannot sue Pfi$er, which recorded record profit$ last year, or the FDA, or the college that required the vaxx.

    BTW it’s a felony crime in New Yok to lie about your vaxx status…

    • Incredibly, after Pfizer’s sleazy trick of keeping FDA-approved Comirnaty off the market, while continuing to push EUA-authorized BNT162b2 covid shots, Moderna has done the same damned thing:

      ‘FDA has approved SPIKEVAX as a two-dose primary series for the prevention of COVID-19 in individuals ages 18 years of age and older.

      ‘FDA-approved SPIKEVAX and the EUA-authorized Moderna COVID-19 vaccine have the same formulation and can be used interchangeably without presenting any safety or effectiveness concerns.’

      This is in-your-face, government-sanctioned FRAUD.

      Two approved vaccines exist, but they aren’t available, and are not expected to become available.

      Janet Woodcock, acting FDA commissioner, is an unindicted felon.

      Arrest the bitch …

      • Comirnaty – lol. It’s a deliberate play on words – comorbidity. It’s not like they even try to hide anything anymore, as they want to insult your loved ones as they suffer and die from Pfizer’s poison.

  19. ‘they are the well-paid public relations agents of the drug-pushing billion-dollar cartels, which finance the “media” – via the advertising dollars which support the “media.” — eric

    Likewise, the US fedgov is showering a firehose of funding on ‘vaccines.’

    Its tsunami of largesse is of bipartisan origin, having begun under the Orange Dotard. But the current Biden occupation regime is Democratic. Naturally, the leftist media circles the wagons to defend its policies.

    A German group is conducting a mock Nuremberg 2.0 grand jury investigation.

    Their proceedings may yet pave the way for capital trials of vaccine mass murderers — Pfizer, Moderna, J&J, and their US fedgov enablers such as Fauci, Woodcock, Walensky, et al.

    Hang ’em high …

  20. “Correlation isn’t always causation” but there comes a point where it’s incumbent upon causation to prove that the correlation is NOT indicative of causation. We are miles ahead of that point, yet the CDC, last I heard, has denied that any deaths have been attributed do the vaccines, in spite of the VAERS report. In spite of the reports of similar foreign data sets. To paraphrase from Apocalypse Now, “Bull shit so deep you need wings to stay above it”.
    Its an undeniable fact that Pharma is the top generator of ad revenue for ALL the corporate media, including Fox. To even imagine you might get relevant facts from them is indicative of a mental disorder.


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