Posting/Spam Issues?

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Is anyone having trouble accessing the site – or leaving replies/comments to articles and so on? We’ve been having issues with spammers – and have been trying to deal with them via various anti-spam measures – but worry that this may have created issues for legitimate users here.

If you have been having any such issues, please leave a reply here – and if you can’t, on account of those issues, please email me directly ([email protected]) so we know you’re having them and get the problems fixed.

I truly wish I could send a heavy electrical shock directly up the cornhole of every spammer, “guest poster” and “content” peddler extant.

Apologies for the troubles – and thanks for your help with this!

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  1. Occasionally, I get the “You are posting too fast.” I hit the back button, wait a minute, and resend and it usually goes through fine. It isn’t a big deal, but it is obvious the computer doesn’t like what I am saying. 😉

  2. Eric,

    When I use, the page has problems loading; when I use, I have no problem. That’s how I’ve been accessing the page lately-via the longer URL.

  3. I had an issue last night. I was 2500 miles from my normal wifi network so I just chalked it up to that.

    When it said ‘looks like you’ve already said that.’ I was like oh no, my wife took over as your moderator. Then couple minutes later it worked just fine.

  4. I have had no troubles posting at all, and I never log in. I just fill out the boxes on the screen and my comments show up.


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