What About the Uyghurs?

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How effective are Face Diapers at warding off radiation? Americans may soon find out – if the Chickenhawk wing of the bird of prey that rules the roost in this country successfully goads Homo Americanus Imbecilus into a shooting war with the Russians over  . . . Ukraine. 

The usual gaslighting proceeds apace. 

Those who raise questions about the wisdom of risking everything for the sake of . . .  Ukraine are derided as people who want to “let those people die.” This being of a piece with the granny-killing allegedly committed by the people who eschewed the wearing of the Holy Face Diaper. 

But 1938! Munich! 

Well, it’s not 1938. And back in 1938, Der Fuhrer lacked ballistic missiles armed with nuclear warheads. This is a small point lost on those who favor risking the launching of those missiles for the sake of . . . Ukraine.

Well, why not for the sake of the Uyghurs in . . . China? Real genocide is going on – as opposed to the real bloviations by of the penis-piano-playing leader in Ukraine. Why no war tumescence – or even sanctions – for the sake of the Uyghurs being systematically rounded up and deported to concentration camps? It is not only happening, it has been happening.

For years.

Few Americans seem “concerned.” How many even know what a “Uyghur” is? Or where they are?

When was the last time you saw someone wearing the colors of the Uyghurs – or pouring General Tso’s chicken in the trash? Boycotting Wal-Mart and other big box retailers that are the source waters of the Chinese regime’s ability to genocide the Uyghurs, by dint of largely financing it?

Why is Putin Bad! – who hasn’t concentration-camped whole populations – but Xi Jinping (who has) isn’t?  

It’s an interesting bit of cognitive dissonance.

Or rather, of selective programming. CNN, et al, aren’t programming Homo Americanus Imbecilus to “stand” with the Uyghurs – nor boycott Chinese buffets. Ergo, Xi Jinping is just another trading partner and gets to do what he likes to the Uyghurs, which is a lot worse than what Putin is doing to the Ukrainians in Keeeeeeeeeeeev! 

But Homo Americanus Imbecilus knows how to say that with the proper inflection (and spelling) having been programmed to do just that.  

There is something else, too.

Certain parties are very selectively interested in Keeeeeeeev! for some other reason that does not apply to the situation in China. That is to say, a reason which has nothing to do with any humanitarian considerations. If this were not so, there would ululating at least equal to that over Keeeeeeeeev! with regard to the desperate situation of the Uyghurs in Chyna.

Could it possibly have anything to do with Chyna – say it like Orange Man – being the model for what the U.S. is becoming? And which Russia perhaps represents an obstacle to the world becoming? How else to explain this sordidly dangerous business of extending the North Atlantic Treaty Organization to the shores of the Black Sea?

Perhaps to encompass Russia, itself?

Is Russia a problem because it’s not under the control of the people who control NATO? Which organization’s continued existence seems to have as much justification as continuing to wear the same clothes that were in fashion back in 1989?

There is something about Ukraine which is not Ukraine, itself – much less the people of Ukraine – that is motivating this ramping up of war hysteria over Ukraine. It may have something to do with what was going on, inside Ukraine – under the leadership-acquiescence of the comedian-turned-penis-piano-player Zelensky, who (unlike Putin) seems to have been very . . . agreeably inclined toward the interests now urging we all “stand” with Ukraine.

The same people, you will note, who told us “we’re all in this together,” except of course they weren’t. These same people – who declared other people “non-essential” (and themselves, very) are up to the same thing, again – under the banner of the gold and the blue.

In any event, if the Uyghurs – or the Yemenis, among many others – aren’t worth risking the end of the world for, perhaps someone will explain why Keeeeeeeeeev is.

. . .

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  1. I just wanted to say that Keeeeeeev! And Car-Keeeeeev!

    The Ukraine needs our help. No way can they stand up to the Infinite Russia.

    No way to resist the onslaught of tanks. Wave after wave of T-72s guided by masturbating gorillas and saurian henchmen. Endless guided missiles and drone attacks. Laser-guided positron beam weapons. Flying saucers! Combat androids! Genetically engineered lycanthrope armies!

    WE need a NO-FLY zone, NO-DRIVE zone, and a NO-GOING OUTSIDE zone immediately. This is the ONLY way to dissuade the Russians and… AND reincarnations of the ‘Rona from attacking!

    Are ya with me?!

    • I get the sarc. That said, here’s an interesting on-the-ground with the locals video:

      Ukrainian Forces Want to Surrender and Azov Forces Started Shooting At Them – They Are At War With Each Other

      US Navy veteran and independent journalist, Patrick Lancaster, has been making regular reports from Ukraine since the beginning of the crisis. His reports reveal that what is happening on the ground is not what Western corporate media would have you believe. …


    • Via Zerohedge: “Public displays of the letter “Z” have been outlawed in two German states, after authorities in Bavaria and Lower Saxony announced over the weekend that anyone who displays the letter – which has become synonymous with support for Russia’s war in Ukraine – will be subject to a fine or three years in jail,” …

      Summing up the situation is Paul Joseph Watson:


      • Well, this should be interesting.
        Will die Wolfsangel be rehabilitated, so Germans can show “solidarity” with the Azov Battalion? Maybe only in blue and gold? Schwarz und weiss Wolfsangel will no doubt remain streng verboten.
        Will Germans be *required* to show “solidarity” with the Azov Battalion?
        Tell me again how Germany is a “free” country.

  2. A club not worth belonging to:
    World Economic Forum Freezes ‘All Relations’ With Russia, Putin

    “We are not engaging with any sanctioned individual and have frozen all relations with Russian entities,” Amanda Russo, a spokesperson for the Davos, Switzerland-based group, told Politico this week.

    It is worth remembering that these are the folks who have been pushing the narrative that tens of millions would die and hundreds of millions globally unless you listened to them and their captured entities (looking at you WHO, IMF, UN). We were told that you could catch this virus that came from a bat lab from someone in Moscow, even if you were on a beach in California. Amazingly, folks were all scared stiff, which just goes to show that the collective ability to discern propaganda from reality has long ago been scrubbed from the last deep recesses of the minds of far too many.


    • Morning, Anon –

      One can know one’s enemies by one’s enemies’ friends – and the reverse. I begin to regard Putin as much less the enemy of America and Americans than the creatures which rule America.

      • When CWII comes around, I’m willing bet that half of the ammo crates involved will have Russian and/or Chinese headstamps.

  3. Some leftist government responses to the Uyghurs issue……..

    blackface and the liberals think this is fine, not a problem. they refused to vote in support of the uyghurs. genocide of uyghurs doesn’t matter.

    they refused to vote in support probably because of this. (they probably agree with blackface senior but won’t say it publicly)

    trudeau family history
    Of the Mao Tse-tung who has murdered more than 30 million Chinese, P E Trudeau says:
    “…Mao Tse-tung, one of the great men of the century,
    Trudeau not only justifies Mao Tse-tung’s mass murders – he applauds them. They are good, he says. They are necessary. They prove Mao’s genius.

    xiden said it is just a cultural difference. blackface and xiden love the ccp.

    A survivor of China’s re-education camps in Xinjiang recently revealed what happens there. Gulbahar Haitiwaji had lived in France for ten years. Her husband and daughters had political refugee status, but Gulbahar preferred to keep her Chinese passport to visit her elderly mother.

    In November 2016, she bought a ticket to China, where she was swiftly deported to a re-education camp for her people, the Uyghurs. She was detained for two years before being released under pressure from France. Early this year, Gulbahar Haitiwaji published a chilling account, “Rescapée du goulag chinois”. [“Survivor of a Chinese Gulag”]

    Gulbahar Haitiwaji was moved from one detention center to another. First the pre-trial detention center, with the rules hanging on the wall: “It is forbidden to speak Uyghur; it is forbidden to pray; it is forbidden to go on a hunger strike…” She had to defecate into a plastic bucket in front of the others.

    She was chained to her bed for 20 days in 2017. She was taken to one of those new “vocational training centers”, the name given by the regime to its gulags. The Baijintan Camp — three buildings “as big as small airports” on the edge of the desert — is surrounded by fences topped with razor wire. Prisoners no longer see daylight, only neon. Cameras follow the detainees’ every movement.

    “Thanks to our great country. Thanks to our dear President Xi Jinping”, the detainees must repeat from dawn to dusk.

    After taking on new names (Gulbahar became “Number 9”), their clothes and hair are removed. Chinese re-education then begins to take hold of their mind. A camp guard shows the group of inmates a wall: “What color is it?”, he asks. “White”, they reply. “No, it is black. It is I who decide what color it is”.

    Then come strange “injections” forced injections. “Women no longer menstruated. Once I returned to France, I really felt the existence of sterilization…”

    up to two million Uyghurs are estimated to be locked up in “re-education camps

    the lying ccp calls them “vocational education centers”, the name given by Beijing to its re-education camps. “These people are not in prison,” “but sent to compulsory training”.

    an impressive investigation by the French weekly Le Point on how China has bought the favor of many Western academics. “It is worthy of Aragon’s travels to the Soviet Union or the collaborators in Nazi Germany”, said Marie Bizais-Lillig, a colleague of Mestre. The reference is to Louis Aragon, the French writer who visited Soviet Union under Stalin and came back convinced of the genuineness of the communist system, and then dedicated himself to its defense.

    That may be why the proposed new head of the CIA, William J. Burns, said that if it were up to him, he would close Confucius Institutes in Western universities. In Britain, they are also apparently worried — justifiably, it seems. According to the Daily Mail, hundreds of independent schools that were left in serious financial difficulty by the Wuhan Virus pandemic have since been targeted by Chinese investors.

    China is evidently seeking to expand its influence in the British education system, as they are in the United States. Seventeen schools in the UK are already owned by Chinese companies, and that number is destined to rise. In addition, The Times revealed that the University of Cambridge received a “generous gift” from Tencent Holdings, one of the largest technology companies in China involved in state censorship.

    We also know about the number of people locked up in the laogai, the Chinese “administrative prisons” (estimated at 50 million). We know about the number of Chinese girls that the regime prevented from being born when the “one child policy” was in effect (estimated at 30 million).

    We know about the number of people killed at Tiananmen Square, the last time the regime was openly challenged by its citizens (estimated at 10,000).

    • Sure, it matters. But realistically there isn’t anything we can do about it. No one is going to play Rambo and liberate the camps. And if we try to send in the army we will all but certainly lose. We also have a lot of other problems here at home that urgently need to be dealt with, but no one in power seems to be interested in doing that. Until we get our own house in order, and set a good example for other countries to emulate, there is nothing we can do. Tyranny at home means tyranny abroad, which means the world will suffer.

  4. Zelensky’s miserable life isn’t worth the reversal of a Putin decision.

    There are an estimated 200,000,000 Christians in China, all living on the mainland somewhere. They kind of hide, keep out of sight. always some way to persecute a people. The Quighurs are the religious people of choice to be persecuted by the Chinks.

    Here, Christians at Mt. Carmel near Waco get burned alive by the US gov.

    Pot can’t call the kettle black.

    When Putin orders Russian forces to invade and enter Istanbul, re-take the city and Hagia Sophia, destroy the prayer towers and re-store the cathedral to its original state, if they do that, they’ll be doing some conquering.

    Then they will indeed enjoy the conquest of what once was the glory of the Eastern Orthodox Christian Church. It’s Istanbul not Constantinople, now.

    There have been over 1500 nuclear detonations ever since Trinity, two were used during wartime. Fat Boy and the other one, whatever that one was named.

    Afterwards, Oppenheimer was called a communist, was bitter to the end.

    Some nitwit from Wisconsin was on a witch hunt for communists back then.

    Zelensky probably needs a magnifying glass and a tweezers, doubtful it is his penitoid unit playing the piano. har

    • Close, Drump. Fat Man and Little Boy were the little bitty atomic firecrackers dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, respectively.

      • Hi, Ernie,
        You’ve got them reversed.
        Little Boy was the gun type uranium bomb dropped on Hiroshima.
        Fat Man was the implosion type plutonium bomb dropped on Nagasaki.
        It was “fat” because of the high explosive charges needed to implode the Pu pit.

        The designers were reasonably sure that Little Boy would work, and besides, U235 was a very precious substance, so the design was never tested.

        The “device” which was exploded at Trinity Site was an implosion bomb, similar to the Fat Man weapon which was dropped on Nagasaki.


  5. Russia is not fully on board with the one world company town and can offer significant resistance. That’s why this is important to the powers that be. Also fedgov is the one doing the meddling in the Ukraine (to destabilize Russia). In the others fedgov supports the meddling of the Saudis because it sells weapons the cronies sell and with regards to China, well China is the model for the authoritarian technocratic collective.

  6. Re: Giuseppe’s “a hot nuclear war will appear in the lower forty eight”
    Starting a new line because it’s hard to follow all the comments below his, but all good stuff.

    How about this thought? A small tact nuke goes off somewhere, I don’t think it matters where, but because it’s small it does little damage, but the optics would be huge and world changing. I don’t think the current nuke players would respond to that at least right away, but certainly condemn Putn whether he did it or not. Just a thought.

  7. War fever took over really well after 911. The Saudi’s knocked down the world trade centers, and it looked like we were in a shooting war with a religion that hated us. What Obama bin Laden did was a genius; was he knew that knocking down a couple of buildings and symbolically attacking the capital would not really harm the USA. But it would drive us mad into destroying ourselves, our beliefs in freedom and liberty and our acquired wealth and status. We became bad people overnight all for the sake of finding a security blanket. Maybe we were bad people all along? Maybe not, we were once Judeo-Christian nation to which only people whom self-regulate themselves can live free. Not a debauchery culture in decline as we were and are today.
    The Saudi’s attacked us and we invaded Afghanistan then Iraq? I was once on board with WMD’d until I realized I had been had. Now they have war fever again for Putin. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

    • Indeed, Hans –

      Though I am persuaded it wasn’t the Saudis (as such) who attacked the U.S. that September day. Too many reasons to not believe they did. Such as the fact that WTC 7 collapsed in a manner that heretofore has only been seen when tall buildings are carefully dropped onto their footprints via strategically placed and timed charges that destroy the building’s structure in a way precisely designed to cause the building to fall straight down and into its own footprint. I do not believe this happened – at WTC 7 – just coincidentally in the same manner, as the result office fires…

      Also, that a novice pilot could pilot a 757 in the way the one which was said to have hit the Pentagon did. I have a friend who was a Navy carrier pilot who says no-way. I take that seriously – especially in view of the fact that there are no photos or video of a 757 flying toward the Pentagon… but there is a short video of what looks very much like a missile hitting the Pentagon…

      • Eric, not sure if you’ve seen the video thats been leaked – but the “thing” flying into the pentagon was certainly not an aeroplane…. especially not a 757…

        I think with these wars and actions – they believe that if you say a lie enough times it becomes true…. most of 9/11, WMDs, Ghaddafi and now Putin/ Ukraine seems to have been based on that.

      • “what looks very much like a missile hitting the Pentagon…”

        Go ahead and finish the sentence. “…in the very same handful of offices where they were trying to explain where all those trillions of dollars went missing, and which not only destroyed ALL those records, but distracted anyone from ever wondering about it again.”

      • Hi, Eric,
        RE: WTC 7
        I have seen a photo posted online long ago, taken in the rubble of WTC 7 in the late afternoon sun of 11 Sept 2001, which shows a firefighter in full turnout gear next to a line of 4-6 steel building columns, all of which were cut at an angle ~30 degrees, approximately 42″ above grade. There is fairly uniform slag on the cuts.

        Only one way that could have happened.

        Then there is the problem of molten steel in the debris pile of the twin towers, per credible eyewitness accounts (firefighters and ironworkers), when office contents fires are known not to reach the melting point of steel. Etc.

      • How does an aluminum tube penetrate a reinforced steel structure ? And if it did, the wings and engines attached to said tube did not shear off?

        Cue Wolfgang – “Veeerly Interlesting”…..

      • This business of dwelling about how the attack happened is completely irrelevant and frustrating to read. Wouldn’t it be more productive to look into who the perpetrators were? All 9/11 truthers seem to talk about is the damn buildings rather than Urban Moving Systems, the dancing Israelis, and Lucky Larry Silverstein. We’ll never know the details of the attack until we get to the head of the snake.

    • The media got the war itch during the 1991 Gulf War. That was the first time there was a constant 24/7 story playing out nonstop. And people ate it up. I got my first full time career job because so many people wanted to buy ad time on sleepy old CNN. Reporters became overnight sensations. Remember the “Scud Stud” on NBC? “Stormin’ Norman” Schwarzkopf got book deals, became a media pundit and was seriously in the running for president. The military-industrial complex got their chance to promote their gen one smart weapons systems, with the Pentagon showing off the successes while burying all the failures.

      9/11 was the sequel. Again, 24/7 coverage of the action at “ground zero,” even though there wasn’t anything going on other than a few backhoe operators. Every bit of human remains was announced in a press briefing. This was the beginning of the information ticker across the bottom of the screen, like tracking the stock markets. This time the news networks were ready, with set breaks for commercials to make sure no make-goods were needed. And now it became the default way to report anything. Much like the Eye Witness News format was adopted in the 1970s, the “breaking news!” form became the standard for full time news stations. Not because it is somehow better at providing information, but because it titillates the viewer.

      Shame that it has devolved to this, but then again, maybe it’s just a deviation back to the norm. Or the default state of mass media news.

  8. Here’s the problem with the Uyghurs, three actually.

    1. They’ve got a funny name that we can’t pronounce (it’s “WEE-ger”) that we’ve never heard of before. Phonics isn’t much help in how to say their name, let along the “see and say” method that’s been fundamental in dumbing down ‘Muricans in the GovCo skuulz.

    2. They have no foods we’ve traditionally eaten as a high class dish. Face facts Eric, Chicken Kiev is oh so de rigueur and has been for some time.

    3. In relation to item 1, since no one has a traditional pronunciation of Uyghur you can’t change it to make yourself hip.

    Sorry Uyghurs, three strikes and you out, baby.

  9. It is mind-blowing the extent to which people in the west are programmed by the media – almost came across such a creature myself the other day. Now a part of me genuinely thought thought these are jokes of people with covid stuff on their profile pics and then suddenly Ukraine flags…. and nobody can ACTUALLY be that stupid. Till the other day. Wife had to buy something from someone off Facebook marketplace, and asked if I could pick it up as I was in the area. She sent me the details – now I normally dont use social media much but do have a presence for wishing birthdays etc. So anyhow went through the woman’s profile (do before buying something to see if the person is genuine or maybe any risk – ok maybe im paranoid). And there it was. Picture from Summer 2020 with the “thank you NHS” on her profile pic. Then Summer 2021 “i got my covid jab” Then Winter 2021 profile pic has “I got my covid booster”…. complete with hearts and all other cringe… and March 2022 profile pic has the Ukraine flag….. now I’ve dealt with all sorts of crazy people in my life…. but a shiver went down my spine – I just dint think I could deal with such a person who’s basically a real life meme…. told the Mrs – sorry I you have to do this yourself !!

  10. I wonder what percentage of the public has not been successfully led around like a pig with a ring in it’s nose, is it 10%, is it 3%? I don’t know what the solution is but didn’t President George Washington and one of the founding fathers warn of the dangers of Foreign Encumbrances”? But all you hear is “Russia Bad” and crickets on China, sadly I feel a wakeup call is coming and what happens next will not be good.

  11. Just the ignorance of the starvation of Yemen all ny itself is an indictement of the zio media/government empire that rules over us. That the American so-called Christian church wholeheartedly buys into this bullshit shows the hopelessness of the the situation. Ruled by clowns / surrounded by clowns yay

  12. One thing the neo-con chickenhawks fail to understand is that if Russia is pushed too far, a hot nuclear war will appear in the lower forty eight and there’s not a damn thing the U.S. military can do about it….Folks, this is truly an existential threat to humanity…not just western civilization. The bleating of the sheep just disgusts me to no end……

    • Hi Giuseppe,

      I don’t stay up at night worrying about nuclear war. Putin is an opportunist, not stupid. Any country or government that launches the first nuke is a dead man. There is no one for the oligarchy to rein over if we are all decimated. Psychopaths must have someone to command…who else will drive them around in their Mercedes and keep their glasses of merlot topped off?

      Plus, I still believe (maybe foolishly) that an annual military budget of $700 billion should have a few nuke destroyers up in space waiting to shoot these suckers down.

      I am more concerned about a famine than any missile attack on US soil.

      • Hey RG,

        Famine is certainly in the cards if the NWO crowd’s agenda completes. However, the breast thumping attitude about how could the Ruskies beat the U.S. in terms of military technology ignores reality….the Russians have nuclear submarines that are utterly undetectable by western military. They literally could surface off the Jersey Shore and there’s not a damn thing the U.S. military apparatus could do about it…..all this cock blocking over Ukraine is just absurd. I won’t virtue signal either about “Putin is evil but right in this case…”…..the pushers of the NWO are absolutely wrong and in this case Putin is the good guy. All the rest is just propaganda….

        P.S. – Trump is and was as bad as the rest……

      • Morning, RG –

        I agree with your assessment that Putin isn’t stupid – but how about the people who rule over us? I do think some of these people are stupid enough – or psychotic enough – to provoke something that leads to a nuclear exchange. Such as openly calling Putin a “war criminal” and calling for his assassination. People threatened with such things sometimes respond, especially if the threat is acted upon. How would Americans react to the president being so threatened?

        What if some mincing chickenhawk such as Graham succeeds in goading this country to actually lob a missile or something similar at Russian targets? I think the situation approaches critical because Putin is being placed in the position of winning – or losing.

        As in everything.

        No attempt I am aware of toward a reasonable/negotiated walk-away, such as Ukraine foreswearing to ever become part of NATO and Russia agreeing that so long as that is abided by, to respect Ukraine’s independence. Perhaps a plebiscite to let the people of Donbass, etc., decide whether to become part of Russia or stay within Ukraine. That sort of thing, peacefully negotiated with mutual maturity.

        Instead we have a third of the imbeciles in this country ready to support a shooting war with Russia that stands an extremely good chance of becoming the last war.

        • Eric, I agree with your assessment – I’m more worried about the western leadership than the Russian one. At least there is a Putin. In a way we dont even know about who is really pulling the strings in the west. The one thing we can be sure of that its not Brandon…. Now looking at the way the media in the west is presenting it, ie Russia is about to loose any minute now and is completely isolated, whereas the rest of the worlds media is presenting it, ie putin is still interacting and Russian diplomats are still meeting foreign counterparts – it does look like the west is the one in the corner over this one.

          On the other hand now there are more and more please to say have a “no fly zone” in Ukraine…. i mean things start like this but you know how they go… and the guys in charge of the MIC – as you say, they’re not the ones on the front lines…

        • Putin plays chess, and clearly thinks at least 3 moves ahead. Our would-be “leaders” lack the strategic vision to win at tiddlywinks. But they have ideas of their own nonetheless, and they still have some ability to force everyone along. They are not really very dangerous to Putin or Xi (aside from the nagging existential threat of nuclear war); our leaders are primarily dangerous to their own people. Us. It is not fashionable to say that yet, but by the time it is, the battle (which, I should clarify, is mainly psychological) will be pretty much over.

        • >nuclear exchange
          Every time I hear the phrase “nuclear exchange,” I somehow think of the international “student exchange” program from my HS days in the late 1960s. At my HS, we had one “exchange student” from the Netherlands, and another from Austria, both attractive females. None, however, from the Federal Republic of Germany. I wonder why that was…

          We did have “reverse” exchange students, USAF brats whose daddies had been stationed in the FRG, ready for “nucular combat, toe to toe with the Russkies,” just in case the Red Army ever came pouring through the Fulda Gap. Didn’t happen, fortunately.

        • Hi Eric

          Nuclear war

          Russia has built a large number of bomb shelters, in a nuclear war a higher percentage of the population will survive because of this, so maybe pushed to the wall it isn’t totally unthinkable.

          China isn’t as concerned, they figure they can survive a nuclear war because they have a huge population, so there will be survivors.

          If your leaders are going to get you into a nuclear confrontation at least they should build some shelters for you first.

          In G7 countries less bomb shelters have been built, in some almost none have been built, except a few for the government and military leaders, the globalist/satanists at the top will be safe 400 feet underground in their bomb shelters in New Zealand.

          Dr. Marc Faber says these governments steal between 5% (honest governments) and 100% (crooked governments) of the money collected, borrowed.

          So instead of building bomb shelters they just stole the money, great leaders.


      • “I still believe (maybe foolishly) that an annual military budget of $700 billion”
        Foolishly indeed, since that budget is more than twice that of Russia and China combined, yet the US is well behind both in hypersonic tech. Which means that budget is NOT spent on defense. It’s spent on making the US Military Industrial Complex forever fat and happy. Raytheon is about as concerned with your security as it is with Yemen’s.

        • We are a lot more secure than the public knows. I don’t dispute that the defense contractors live well, but they are the ones manning these operations. A few are pretty damn impressive.

          I don’t believe Raytheon gives a damn about me, but they do have parents, spouses, and children they do give a damn about. Sometimes the benefit for one can benefit all in a loose illogical way.

    • Same here, Giuseppe –

      People – many people – are deluded enough to think that because America has more nuclear weapons and delivery systems that (per Dr. Strangelove) we could “win” a nuclear exchange with Russia. And that such an exchange could be “limited” – as if the nuking of even one American (or Russian) city would not mean a catastrophe of almost unimaginable degree. The average Ukraine flag-waving American imbecile does not understand that just one nuclear-armed Tu-160 could end life as we know it in this country. Forget worrying about “masks.” How about martial law? Food rationing. Hundreds of thousands dead. Just one bomb. And once one goes off, more will go off.

      All for what?


      • Never underestimate the willingness of a psychopath to commit suicide if their psychosis is frustrated. Don’t underestimate the willingness of those in charge to go out in a “blaze of glory” rather than yield their power. These people are in charge, and they are utterly insane.

        • Hi John,

          Who in history has done this…especially in the last 50 years? Psychopaths have no problem with others dying, but usually fear their own demise. They are crazy, but not senseless, believing they are the only ones able to save others, the planet, etc.

          The first government that uses a nuke is the end of society…even if the bomb is not a direct hit the radiation that would circulate the Earth and damage the atmosphere would be a mass casualty event. Too many countries have the weapons today and one nuke would not be the only one involved.

  13. Why is Putin bad and Xi not? Simple answer, the Dims and the Pubes, but more so the dims are owned lock, stock, and both smoking barrels by the Chinese. Going all the way back to the 90s, Loral tech, Swaarts and co., up to and including Soros, acting as Chinese agent for the Rothchild clan. Every single one of them is tainted with Chinese money. And all of big sports, big entertainment, big Pharma, and big media. All of them have sold out their country for bags of yuan’s.

    Russia, not so much.

    • Speaking of Big Pharma:

      Hillary Clinton has tested positive for COVID-19, she tweeted Tuesday. The 74-year-old former secretary of state said that she is experiencing “some mild cold symptoms” but said she is “feeling fine.”

      “I’m more grateful than ever for the protection vaccines can provide against serious illness,” Clinton added. “Please get vaccinated and boosted if you haven’t already!”


      When ‘vaccines’ fail to protect, just double down, place index fingers on ears, stamp your foot, and vehemently deny the reality of their total, abject failure. *cough, cough*

      All hail the covid queen …

      It’s the end of her world as we know it
      It’s the end of her world as we know it
      It’s the end of her world as we know it … and I feel fine

      — REM

      • Eye of the hurricane, watch the great reset burn.
        Clintons serve their own needs, world runs on 1%er greed.
        Get another vaxx, boost, needle rape, shot.
        Heart explodes, always has, could have been worse.

        The other night I had a dream
        Graphene in hildabeast’s bloodstream.
        Biden chokes on ice cream, while sniffing kids hair.
        George Soros, Klaus Swab.
        Gates of hell, a nut job.

        News room full of gloom and doom.
        They’ll never see a courtroom.
        Russia and the Ukraine, mushroom cloud goes boom.
        Your Jingoistic, BS, patriotic excess, fake left right, right?

      • Hi Jim,

        This Crazy – this ongoing use of the word, vaccine to describe a drug that does not confer immunity nor prevent transmission of the sickness it fails to immunize the person against – makes my teeth ache.

        Here, wear this life vest. It doesn’t keep you afloat but wear it anyhow.

        Wear two, even.

        • I suddenly have a new image in my mind of The Shot pushers & the vaxxed:

          “Here, wear this large boat anchor! It’s a life vest & will save you from drowning.”

          [Must be a regional thing (?) out here we call them, life jackets.]

      • Jim – I also noticed raggedy anne (whatever her name is) also tested positive for covid despite the jab. The interesting thing is she tested positive just before Brandon left for a trip to meet European leaders…. Now given she is really the face of the current “president” who is hardly able to stand up and speak, makes me wonder – is she just fed up of covering up for the nonsense and making up lies, and doesnt want to deal with the questions of more of the foreign press core which she will face abroad ?

    • Not to mention they’re all pretty jealous of the “Capitalism with Chinese characteristics,” also known as classical fascism.

    • V. Putin is perceived (by some) as “bad” because, with the atheist Bolsheviks gone, Russia is once more an (openly) Christian country.
      Go here:
      and have a look at the map which shows percentage of Russians who identify as Orthodox Christian. ROC also takes a dim view of sexual perverts.

      Certain people do not like this situation, and would like to reconquer Russia for atheist Bolshevism, preferably with sexual perversion glorified, as is being done in the west. So, we have the loathsome Victoria Nudelman (a.k.a. Nuland) and friends beating the drum for a Jewish homosexual head of state in Ukraine, to take on the “evil Russians.”

      Now take note of who The Biden Thing is told to support.

      • Hi Turtle,

        I wasn’t aware that Zelinsky is homosexual. If so, that is interesting. In part because it’s not been touted by the media in the West, which you’d think the media in the West would (a la Rachel Levine). Perhaps because it is important to wait… and not arouse suspicion until after a fait accompli?

        Meanwhile, you’d think American “conservatives” would incline toward siding with Orthodox Christian Russia and her traditional values… rather the “values” of Zelinsky.

        • RE: “the “values” of Zelinsky”

          I watched the “music video” of Zelinsky in high heels. Man O Man I wish I could unsee that.

        • Zelensky isn’t gay, he has a very pretty wife whom he met in school and two kiddos. He also won the Ukrainian version of Dancing with the Stars, hence the high heels. Many dancers (men included) practice dancing in heels because it strengthens their calves and ankles. It also forces one to balance making dance moves more precise.

          Not everything in life is a conspiracy and the internet lies…a lot. Pics are photoshopped, theories are opined, and truths falsified. We need to take everything with a grain of salt. The old adage “believe nothing of what you hear, and only half of what you see” still rings true.

          • He may not be gay, but he is certainly stupid enough to demand the West start WWIII by enacting a “no fly zone” over Ukraine.

            • I am not defending him, John, I disagree with his mournful wails of WWIII and how we must protect the Ukrainian air space. The foolish thing a country, a government, or an individual can do is hand over their weaponry hoping someone, somewhere will defend them. The countries of Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Belarus should have never allowed the deactivation of the nukes that they had.

          • There’s plenty of homosexual/bisexual men out there with a wife and kids. And vice versa.

            “Many dancers (men included) practice dancing in heels because it strengthens their calves and ankles. It also forces one to balance making dance moves more precise.“

            Lol. Of course they do. Professional dancing is known to be one of the most gayest professions (for men). In polite 1950s society, “dancer” was a euphemism for homosexual.

            • Hi, Handler & RG,
              I had a male HS classmate who trained in ballet from a young age. He had enormously strong thighs (real “frog legs”) from dancing, and always moved very gracefully. When playing baseball, which he did fairly well, he *leaped* rather than ran, to first base. He had a deep voice, and AFAIK, was a normal heterosexual male.

              I can picture Howard in ballet shoes, but not high heels. High heels are for the U.S. Army (red ones, IIRC).

        • Hi, Eric,
          Perhaps I am overstating the case. Perhaps Mr. Zelensky only “presents,” (or “identifies”) as homosexual. Or perhaps he is a “swinging gate,” who “does his banking from both sides of the counter.”

          It is even possible that Mr. Zelensky is entirely heterosexual, and only creates homosexual pornography as a way to make money. I “get it” there is such a thing ad “drag,” particularly in British theater (Benny Hill, Monty Python, etc.). The Pythons did a skit called “Drag Racing Today” (men dressed as women, having a foot race), which I though was hilarious. And, of course, Graham Chapman was in fact a homosexual, as well as a medical doctor, and a talented comedian. I have no problem with homosexuals, provided they do not go about noisily attempting to “convert” other people to their “lifestyle.” Live and let live, is what I say.

          However, IMO the infamous Zelensky video is nothing but obscenity. I ask this question: “Could a stage performer in the U.S .who created such a video become President of the U.S.?” I think not, comrade. At least, I *hope* not.

          So why is the pResident of the U.S. sucking up to this POS?

          • So why is the pResident of the U.S. sucking up to this POS?

            Because, most of his base of support is mindlessly hunky-dory with all that cultural-Liberty-destroying crap which is almost invisibly ~ riding on the coat-tails of those who seek Power & Control over the whole danged world. It’s part & parcel with the meaning crises consuming much of Western civilization.

            Anyway, I revisited this portion of the thread cause I felt like adding that I thought about RG’s comment today about, ““believe nothing of what you hear, and only half of what you see” still rings true.” while burning off a wick on my kerosene heater. (No, that’s not a gay reference, ya gotta do that from time to time.)

            I read some about storing heaters & a guy was saying he stored his with fuel in it & it burned just fine after a few years. So, I thought that was a good idea.

            Problem is, it’s not.

            It probably did burn ok, however;
            Condensation happens with a full tank of fuel if it’s stored that way, which means, drum roll, rusted parts. … Long story, short. I hope you guys in The Northland have a kero heater on the side – empty – and the fuel is in metal containers (not plastic, again, condensation) as a backup.

            Spring is here, but Winter is coming.

  14. Ok, if we’re going to play whataboutism, what about Ghislaine Maxwell and the ongoing saga of this horrible situation? Where are all the court cases against the passengers of the Lolita Express? Why is there so little coverage of the recent revlation that “Jurror 50” was sexually abused as a child and just so happened to remember it last week? Conspiracy? Na, honest mistake! People forget being molested as a child all the time!

    Anyone believe that? Go ahead and bring it up amongst your coworkers, neighbors, the guys at the bar during happy hour. Think anyone will call you a nutjob for believing Jury 50 was a plant to get the verdict thrown out? Of course not. Everyone knows there’s no way she’s going down, and even if she is convicted, once she’s in the grave that will be the end of the story. Oh sure, there will be some settlements that include non-disclosures, but no one else will ever see the Greybar Hotel, at least not for this story.

    Why isn’t anyone outraged? Because if they have to face up to the fact that the game is rigged, then why get out of bed in the morning? Putin thinks he can change the rules of the game. Perhaps he can and might even get some of his demands met. But history is not on his side, and when the game is over for him the new rules are not going to be favorable to the Russian people.

  15. “Why no war tumescence – or even sanctions – for the sake of the Uyghurs being systematically rounded up and deported to concentration camps?”

    Great point. I’ll just add that for many years, a “Free Tibet” sticker was de rigueur on the back of Volvos and Subarus driven by liberal stoners in college towns and ski bums in places like Aspen and Stowe. Usually right next to a Grateful Dead sticker.

    Often I wondered “Exactly how in the hell ARE ya gonna free Tibet, Slick? Put down your bong, cut your hair, join the Marines and invade nuclear-armed China?”

    Talk is cheap. Virtue-signaling is cheap. Every time you hear some politician or media creep bloviating about how “WE need to DO something!” what he really means is YOUR kid needs to get his legs blown off.

    BTW if we’re supposed to be “fighting for democracy” then maybe we should overthrow the Saudi monarchy instead of allying ourselves with it…?

  16. ‘Why is Putin Bad! but Xi Jinping not?’ — eric

    Likewise, why is Putin a war criminal (according to the Biden Thing and EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell) … but George Bush and Tony Blair, who may have killed a million in their falsely-premised invasion of Iraq, are not?

    ‘War crimes’ trials, conveniently invented by the Allies after WW II to punish bad Germans and bad Japanese, somehow overlooked the egregious firebombings of Dresden and Hiroshima and Nagasaki, directed overwhelmingly at terrorizing civilians.

    Isn’t it time to replace the hokey old slogan ‘e pluribus unum’ with ‘It’s not criminal when WE do it!’

    Because that’s who we really are — a kind of soi disant chosen people, if you will, deputized to do God’s work, even if some wanton slaughter is needed to bring the gift of democracy to babbling foreign heathen.

    • Indeed. What about Libya? What about Afghanistan? What about Yemen? What about the hundreds off thousands starving to death by sanction? What about the willful destruction of the middle class inside the US itself? What about the FACT that except for about 20 years, the US military has been actively engaged in killing people ever since its founding.

  17. Considering how often (i.e. – always) that the media lies to us, a weird thought crossed my mind hearing news anchors say “Keeeeeeev” instead of Kiev. Could it be that they’re not really talking about the city in Ukraine, but something made up or someplace else entirely that has the name “Keeeeeev”? I know, strange thought, but after the last few years, nothing at all would surprise me.

  18. Publix has a never ending “do you want to donate to ” for whatever the cause du jour is. Today’s fill-in-the-blank was Ukranian refugees. I politely said no, as usual. I really just want to check out & be left alone. When the ask for donations to preserve Confederate monuments or support pro-life causes, then perhaps I might reconsider.

    Really thought about engaging the young, fat n ugly, grotesquely tattooed cashier about the history of Ukraine & Russia. But I figure she’s just parroting what she’s told to. And, probably wouldn’t care otherwise.

  19. That’s an easy one Eric,
    All the flat screen teevees and sail fawns come from Chyna (Orange Fail pronunciation), can’t lose that. Ukraine doesn’t do squat, oh except for some secret USSA funded bio weapons facilities.

  20. Another example, why not for the sake of the Yemenites?

    Or Palestinians. Or Tibetans. Or any number of other people in the world.

    I have really lost faith in humanity over this. People will just unthinkingly hate whoever they’re told to hate by the idiot box.

    • “If we understand the mechanisms and motives of the group mind, it is now possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without their knowing it In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.” – Edward Bernays

      Now there’s a strange old phrase, “faith in humanity”. Reminds me of another old phrase, ~ people go mad in groups & slowly regain their sanity one by one, or something to that effect. Perhaps, some people will begin to see? Some? Idk.

      “Why not see if it is possible to undo some of the programming that makes you a hackable animal first and and a human being last?” …


  21. When it was clear that our “2 weeks to flatten the curve” wasn’t ending, I asked where all the brave Americans were, who did things like storm the beaches of Normandy, facing almost certain death. Why were they not resisting THIS dictatorship in the same way? Why would they not tell the Powers that Be to get bent, and go back to their businesses and daily lives.

    My GF said something a bit profound: “Because they weren’t told to.”

    And that’s the essence of it.

    Also, I’m now reading Kurt Vonnegut’s “Mother Night”, on recommendation by My Libertarian Car Guy.

    I found it humorous when the protagonist spoke of Russia taking back “the Crimea”. Hmmm… Something sounds familiar.

        • WTF? Star Trek Discovery? On what channel was/is this?

          I’ve been a Star Trek fan all my life, despite the communist overtones, but… Let’s just say this clip didn’t exactly charge my phasers for this particular series.

          • Ever since the cancellation of Star Trek Enterprise, all subsequent Star Trek has been complete garbage. The existing abominations are Star Trek: Discovery and Star Trek: Picard. Both complete garbage, with terrible writing, terrible characters, stupid plots, etc. It’s almost like this is deliberate cultural vandalism. Earlier Star Trek had some really good writing, good characters, and uplifting themes, portraying the possibility of a better future for humanity. This has all been trashed by the new Star Trek.

            • Good morning, Martin!

              I agree with you regarding Trek. I’ve been a fan since I was a kid and – as you note – the original series had some very thoughtful writing that made up for the cheesy special effects and hammy acting of Shatner. I tried watching Picard. It is awful, despite resurrecting some great characters such as Data and Seven of Nine; even Picard himself. It’s so Woke you can’t hear yourself think – and clumsily so. Predictably, clumsily so. It reminds me of Soviet Cinema with better special effects.

              Everything that streams these days is dreck, it seems. I am grateful for my original series DVDs…

              • Who would you rather lead you going into battle, a Captain who drinks “Romulan Ale” or “Tea, Earl Grey, Hot”? Enough said?

                • Indeed, Landru –

                  Archer was pretty good, too. Enterprise was the last of the watchable Star Trek series. Picard is just terrible. Except for Seven – who still looks great all these years later.

                  • This woke stuff drives me to watch older shows like “Banacek” from the early seventies. Lots of old non woke shows and movies are still floating around the net. The last couple seasons of “Survivor” are getting to be super woke sob fests.

                  • Pickard was always my very least favorite Star Trek character, finding his arrogance and condescension, combined with his ever more portrayal as savior, to be disgusting. I was still watching the Next Generation though. Until I watched a free episode of the new Pickard. Which doubled down on all the aspects of Pickard I found objectionable. Leading me to believe this is perhaps a projection of Patrick Stewart himself.

                  • The problem with “Enterprise” is that it goes with the rewrite of time line that has vulcans saving earth. It’s repeatedly annoying to me. TOS sets up how earth men went into space, how warp drive was invented, etc. Ditching that makes it very annoying to me.

                    That said, “Enterprise” has a few bright spots. “In a mirror darkly” ranks very highly in star trek episodes and it’s good because it perfectly uses “mirror, mirror” and “the tholian web”.

                    The three big sci-fi franchises were deliberately ruined IMO because traditional sci-fi teaches people very important lessons. Throughout the last two years I have spoken in a Tamarian like fashion with sci-fi references. If new science fiction had reinforced the lessons of the traditional “the pandemic” con could not have happened. Unless of course people failed to grasp them, which may have happened.

                    For example, today Dr. Who is the most ‘woke’ nonsense of the three but in the 1970s:


                    describes the pandemic con perfectly.

    • Hi BaDnOn,

      Your GF is absolutely right. Her logic makes perfect sense if we review history in depth. The majority of people have always followed. One can see the conversion happening now as more and more people are believing that the USSA needs to step in and “save Ukraine”. I noticed more articles are alluding to the fact that this is what needs to occur from Fox to CNN to local news agencies. The drumbeats are becoming louder and will likely soon be deafening. The same would happen if the narrative from the MSM was “stay out of it.” These same people rooting for WWIII would be the exact same people holding up signs stating, “No War, Give Peace a Chance.”

      Aesop didn’t realize how ahead of his time he was when he said, “Look and see which way the wind blows before you commit yourself.” I foolishly thought Follow the Leader was a game, but it really is a lifestyle.

      • Hey Raider,

        I think I’ve always been terrible at Follow the Leader. I don’t often do what Simon says, either.

        That’s another thing my GF has told me, actually. Why is it no one has seemed to even consider me for a managerial or supervisory position of any kind?

        She said it’s because I don’t do what I’m told.

        I have this terrible habit of thinking for myself. That type of thing doesn’t bode well for the chain of command. 😉

        • Kindred spirits, BaDnOn –

          I, too, was never good at doing what Simon says. It’s why I decided against joining the Navy/Air Force when I was young and trying for a slot as a pilot. I knew myself well enough to know I’d not do well in a taking-orders kind of scene. So here I am – and you and the rest, too.

          Us Freaks have got to stick together!

          • I concur, sir!

            Thanks for creating the site and content that allows us all to do so!

            Strangely, speaking of kindered spirits, I wanted to fly the Apache helicopter as a young man. By the time I was out of high school though, I had already had earned a few minor pot-related transgressions to my record, that the military would see as disqualifiers (at THAT time). GOOD! By the time I was old enough to know better, I was certainly glad that I never became a hired mass-murderer.

            I wouldn’t never survived the highly structured environment, either. I would’ve been out on insubordination, I’m certain.

        • Hi BaDnOn,

          People who are horrible followers usually end up working for themselves. I have held one job in my life that I didn’t play boss and it was a dismaying experience for me. I lasted a total of 17 months. It was with a company that had procedure after procedure that had to be followed. We also had urgent deadlines that had to be met. In my view if a + b = c and I get the correct answer every time by only using three procedures, why must I use all twenty? I was lauded for my work and the number of hours that I put in to meet the targeted dates, but I was also accused of trying to sabotage the company by not following every direct line of protocol. I tried to explain it was impossible to meet the required timelines by following senseless procedures (these weren’t safety related, just needless paperwork that did not make the work any better), but this fell on deaf ears. I was never demoted because I was the only one in the office hitting my numbers. Who were they are going to replace me with?

          When I took that job, my father bet me that I wouldn’t last two years. He said, eventually, you will come to the conclusion that you cannot work for others. He was right. Today, my clients are my boss. I owe them my quality of workmanship and undivided attention since they are the ones that keep a roof over my head. I would never have been successful in corporate America, and I am glad I was able to figure that out early.

          • Hey Raider Girl,

            Exactly! That’s precisely what is happening. Unfortunately, circumstances and ignorance on my part have prevented that until now. It appears that soon, I will be well on that track. I registered my business years ago, but haven’t had the capital or a place to launch.

            That’s all changing soon. I’m a scientist (primarily chemist, and nothing to do with Fauxci), and will launch my own analytical (to start) company soon after selling this place and moving. It will be glorious, and so long coming.

            …Soon, it looks like there will be a market for synthetic gasoline, but I digress.

            ” In my view if a + b = c and I get the correct answer every time by only using three procedures, why must I use all twenty?”

            Precisely why it’s so hard for me to take orders, and eventually most of my “bosses” learn that if they give me an objective and leave me alone, it will get done, and done well. Try to micromanage me, and you’ll get nothing but friction.

            I’m glad you were able to become your own boss early, RG. I’ve seen that accomplished by others in my life, and it’s oh-so-rewarding in many ways. My turn soon. 😉

            • Hi BaDnOn,

              I have never regretted jumping ship. It is scary, because you are not guaranteed a paycheck and you have to wear all hats, but the flexibility and being able to call your own shots is so worth it (at least for me). I never have to worry about someone going above me to make a decision. The buck stops with me (good and bad). It can be overwhelming especially if one is a sole owner, but you will find out you never argue with yourself. In 18 years in business, I have never said a bad thing about my boss. 😉

              Good luck to you. It is a learning experience and does have its hills and valleys, but there is a satisfaction that you get by realizing you are making it on your own.

              • Hi RG and BaDnOn –

                I will second RG’s comments about being self-employed; you’ll work harder but you’ll always be the Decider. You won’t have to worry about your boss ordering you to wear a “mask” – or get Jabbed. If you want to take a nap, you can – so long as you get to work, again, later. The rewards are all yours – which is the reward you get for taking all the risks.

                As Arnold says, Do it! Do it now!

          • [unlurking, adding voice to chorus]
            Either you have the corporate mindset, or you do not.
            I, also, found out at a young age that I do not, even though I make a good employee. Those of us who are just not “built that way” really have no emotional choice except to work for ourselves.

            There is something perverse about working long hours, possibly for less money than you might make as an employee, and risking “the whole enchilada” for the thrill of running your own show, however small. But, the satisfactions are worth it, to those of us so inclined…

            One downside, for me, was coming to terms with the fact that I am an adrenalin junkie (now in recovery).

            A significant satisfaction, for me, is seeing the fear in the eyes of a corporate drone, and even smelling it on him, and thinking, “You poor bastard. I am a free human being.” 🙂

            • Hi turtle,

              I sympathize for those that have to work a corporate job with someone else dictating the terms. Sometimes, I am in the office at 6 AM, other times I walk in around 10:30. I work until I no longer want to whether that is 3 PM or 10 PM. If I don’t have much on plate (like July) I say, “Screw it, I will stay home and rearrange the family room today.”. No one to check in with and ask for a day off. I don’t need to have a valid excuse or plead my case.

              Could I make more money working for someone else? Yes. What is more important freedom or money? Freedom.

              As Eric pointed out, no masks required, no vaccines, no testing. The office will buy the coffee and candy that I like and if I want to microwave the pecan crusted trout that I made the day before I can, and no one can say anything because I am Queen. 😉

    • I think I posted this video on a previous thread, but it’s precisely addressed to your (your GF’s) point: https://www.bitchute.com/video/MCP2WqTkLcZR/

      “Morgoth’s Review” applies Oswald Spengler’s “cyclical view of history” to the current political processes underway. Particularly, he lays out Spengler’s highly pessimistic take on mass media and its power to shape minds (the “Reader-Mass”) from the ground up. The “Opinions of the Masses” are manufactured by the press, and the “Money Power” dictates what’s in the press. At this point, the Money Power is totally unchecked by traditional mores or morality, and is totally enabled by the all-encompassing facilities of technology.

      Humans are little more than chattering blank slates, incapable (and disinclined) to engage in any kind of independent thought-process, instead simply open to passive reception of Narrative Downloads. It’s just the nature of Man, and it is precisely why Man’s time on this Earth is very, very short at this point. The new Narrative Downloads are all algorithmically engineered and scientifically perfected to program self-destruct behavioral sequences into the Reader-Mass.

      • Quite an uplifting video, Freelance.

        I do believe that what is missing from the lives of so many is an authentic, organic lifestyle, in which accomplishments are rewarding and lasting, and a person can feel at one with natural rhythms and stimuli. People live day-after-day, laboring endlessly at things that don’t seem to produce any lasting results: perceived wasted effort.

        Too much of that, and the result is depression and despair. Add in the copious rain of fear, and here we have your typical American. Or perhaps “World Citizen”, now. I think, as you, the video, and Mr. Spengler have said, this is all quite intentional.

    • This is what the ‘shots’ are really for. A DNA antenna bridging the brain with the internet to download thoughts. Karen Kingston has the documents showing this is the goal of DARPA and that they may have achieved it. But,,, as usual,,, its conspiracy theory at least until it too becomes conspiracy fact. How else, other than manipulation, can you get almost 90% agreement only in the vaxxed group.

      • That’s the only explanation I can think of when observing the abruptness with which the “current thing” was changed from the coof to Ukraine. Yet, I have a coupla “conservative” type relatives who definitely didn’t take the shots who are all in on Russia bad blame them for economic woes, etc. It’s like it serves as some kind of sublimation of all the recent tyranny here.

  22. Selective programming, indeed.

    Another example, why not for the sake of the Yemenites?

    “People are not driving around with “We Stand With Yemen” bumper stickers, and schools are not requiring children to make sense of this war. The public does not discuss or shed tears for the people of Yemen who live in unfathomable conditions because they are not a piece of the larger agenda and no one can profit off of their suffering at this time.”



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