Latest Radio: Bill Meyer Show 4/28/22

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Here’s the audio of this week’s Wrongthink Session with Bill Meyer over at KMED Radio in Occupied Oregon!


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  1. I agree, climate change is intentionally vague and means nothing (just as you said in the radio interview) because the climate is always changing. Climate change became the new meme when global warming predictions failed, the media (operating in lockstep – see proof in video posted below) doubled down on their madness when the IPCC got busted for massaging the data.

    If anyone wants to study this go here and start absorbing the details of what is really going on with this massive fraud. Tony Heller covers the topic from every angle – including how government agencies routinely delete data to make it look like warming is happening – when what is really happening is massive propaganda campaign to sell the world an enslavement agenda. CO2 warming is not science – it is politics.

    Here is a gif illustrating how temperature data has been changed by NASA:

    Before humans were of sufficient numbers to have an effect on anything, the earth warmed and the ice melted – so to claim warming by us you first have to separate out what the planet is doing all by itself. The glacial cycles come and go, and just 18,000 years ago Canada was covered by 2 mile thick ice sheet. That is hard to imagine, 10,000 foot walls of ice – so massive they carved out the finger lakes in upstate New York. The top of the granite mountains between those lakes have grooves from erratics (large boulders) dragged along milling the earth’s surface.

    The ice took 10,000 years to melt. The oceans rose 300 feet. So just 18,000 years ago the Oregon coast was 200 miles farther out. That is also hard to imagine. So during the ice age hunters could walk a huge 200 mile strip of grasslands down the north american coast. The planet has gone through many of these 100,000 year long ice age cycles, about 100,000 years of cold and ice, and about 10,000 years of interglacial (see chart). We are nearing the end of the current interglacial, then it takes 10,000 years for the ice sheets to start forming – and their ain’t a damn thing anyone can do to stop the growth of ice sheets. Our civilization is under a black magic spell, delusional about CO2 effects. Increasing CO2 levels have NO EFFECT on earth’s temperatures.

    And take note – the ice age melt off occurred when CO2 was at the lowest, and the ice age inception started when CO2 was at the highest level – the exact opposite of the global warming theorists claims. During the last glaciation period CO2 was so low that plants died. Trees would not grow. CO2 was down to 140-180 ppm and farming was not possible. Human civilization can not exist at such low CO2 levels and farming is not even possible until CO2 gets up to at least 220-240 ppm. Current levels of CO2 are a boon to plant growth, crop yields have doubled in the past century largely due to increased CO2 – which means plants are optimized to grow at much higher CO2 levels than even today.

      • Hey, great stuff, Jack.

        By any chance…do you also comment on Unz under the same handle “Yukon Jack”? He, like you, also uses a lot of graphs, and has a very broad perspective on matters of geological and astronomical interest.

        That Yukon Jack used to have his own blog, which seems to have disappeared, to my great disappointment.

        • Yes, one in the same. I had blogged for years on this global warming only to find my many posts deleted by TPTB. I am not worried about any of this and I will tell you why – since CO2 has no effect as claimed by the lunatics in charge, it is only a matter of time before they are busted. And indeed the IPCC has been busted, the computer models fail to predict – because the underlying assumption taken to be gospel – that CO2 warms is in fact not true. But as every year and decade passes, and as CO2 goes up and the earth does not warm, the truth will out: CO2 does not cause warming.

          Recommended sites:

          Check this out – the pause in global warming (which is impossible according to the bought and paid for scientific hacks enlisted to “prove” the warming hoax):

          Eric Peters is a brave soul to speak out against this juggernaut of evil trying to enslave us with false flags, false narratives, and lies so big the public can’t imagine they are being lied to. The attack on piston autos is epic – the basis of our wealth and freedom of movement – but these psychos in charge want control, and the ultimate power is to delete the individual with a push of a computer key or push another button and turn your electric car off, or even use the car as an assassination device like some have alleged about the death of Michael Hastings who was working on the story of the lifetime about the corruption of Hillary Clinton.

          Having the dirt on our scumbag politicians can get you killed in your brand new Mercedes.

          • Color me delighted! (And don’t worry, I’m not worried about “global warming”.)

            I have long been an admirer of yours on Unz (where I lurk but do not comment), since back when you had your blog, and I’m very glad to make your acquaintance! As far as I’m concerned, you’re one of Unz’s top commenters, and that’s no faint praise—it’s a strong field over there. (Epautos is also a very strong field of commenters, and I trust Eric Peters as a man faaaaaaaaaaaar more than I trust that deformed Pied-Piper cretin Ron Unz.)

            In particular, your insistent posts on the Moon landing hoax, among other occult-science topics, are treasure-troves of superb material. Kudos to ya. Also, you and I are both philosophical anti-natalists for very similar reasons, but with important differences that I would greatly enjoy comparing notes on. I think I come from a more formalist perspective, through the philosophical lineage of Schopenhauer’s transcendental miserabilism up through the present-day “Negative Utilitatrians” and the peerless “Structural Negativist” Julio Cabrera. But I often read your posts on Unz with great pleasure and agreement, as you’re perhaps the most outright and fearless exponent of anti-natalism on there.

            I’ve noticed your posts here on epautos are typically limited to the automotive topics, which is why I’ve doubted up to now that you’re the same Yukon Jack. But then on this post, not only did you go in-depth on climate, but you underscored the “politics of enslavement” which is the overarching theme on which you and I really share common ground.

            Anyway, I hope you broaden your commenting here on epautos, and if you would be interested in direct messaging, I would e-mail our gracious host Mr. Peters asking him to send you my e-mail address. (If not, that’s cool too, but I would be honored.) Without going all T-M-I right here, I have some theories that I think either dovetail with yours, or might offer alternative hypotheses to some of your (always fascinating) speculations. In short, you and I agree that the “layers” of the pyramid of power rise up way off-world, but we differ as to what’s-upstream-of-what in the off-world hierarchy.

            • @ Freelance_Philosopher

              Thanks for reading my posts, I comment on two main blogs these days:




              3. I had also put much effort into and but both of those sites are now gone. But I did just start commenting over at


              Don’t do email, I did at one time and it became a serious task keeping up so I gave it up permanently. Don’t own a phone either. I only interact with this crazy world on the sites listed above, and at any time, if the nukes go off or the big neo-Bolshevik crackdown starts in police state Amerika I WILL disappear into the woods and live in peace in nature. I have zero use/like for modern society.

              I am a kind of strange person as I actually like driving my Geo Metro – and incredibly simple and economic car. I am on my 9th one, usually selling them off when gas peaks at a new record high. My current Geo Metro gets 48 mpg tank after tank and I only paid $500 for it. Take that Prius! LOL


              I have no training in philosophy, (had to look up anti-natalism, lol) I got a degree in Chemical Engineering which is why I took an interest in this global warming controversy. One day I was looking at these media claims of runaway warming by a trace gas and realized, wait a minute, the primary greenhouse gas is water vapor, at 95% and they don’t even talk about it – thus in that moment I self realized that AGW was a monumental political hoax. The entire global warming debate on the tube is utter propaganda when they NEVER discuss the primary greenhouse gas water vapor, see this chart:


              and this one too:


              • Hi Yukon,

                I’m glad you’ve decided to join our group of misfits! As an aside, I don’t know Unz but I do know Fred Reed, who writes for him. Fred used to work where I once worked, a long time ago – The Washington Times. He now lives in Mexico and it seems to suit him.

                Like you, I realized the hoax was on when the verbiage changed. If anthropogenic “global cooling” was a real phenomenon it would not have had to be changed to “global warming” . . . and then/now “climate change,” which encompasses literally anything not the same as it was yesterday. Which is to say, it is non-scientific gibberish.

                I’ve also understood – for many years now – that politicians are fundamentally untrustworthy and thus to question everything the say – particularly when they say, just trust us….

                • Hi Eric,
                  Have you read any of Fred Reed’s stuff lately? I don’t know what happened to him, I used to like his stuff, but I cringe when I read his stuff these days. Every once in a while he gets something right, but not much.

              • Here is the other website:



                About anti-natalism (probably not a topic for this site, but here are links)



                loads of links and comments are hillarious:

                Space Demons Made Man a Big Brained Sex Machine: The Weird and Wonderful World of Yukon Jack

                by tts-admin | Mar 7, 2021 | 83 comments


                be sure to read the comments and open the imgur links to my essays

                (helpful hint: open the truthseeker link and use your browser Edit –> “Find in Page” and enter “imgur”. The imgur links go to my essays)

                Also all of my hundreds of essays are still on the web in

              • Well, Jack, I can’t recommend Arthur Schopenhauer enough, if you really want to go back to the source. In the first half of the 19th Century, he sussed out everything important: that the World is a penitentiary, and we are its prisoners by virtue of our incarnation-by-birth:

                “[N]othing is more suitable than to accustom ourselves to regard this world as a place of penance and hence a penal colony, so to speak, a penitantiary….” (Remarks on the Suffering of the World)

                Your eclectic narrative takes this theme to a quite literal level, with your incorporation of the Anunnaki thesis. I don’t credit Sitchin’s cuneiform translations at all, so I don’t subscribe to the Anunnaki thesis precisely, but I do gather that the evolution of mankind/civilization has been influenced, steered, and even engineered by an offworld intelligence. In the end, whether it went down like Sitchin suggested, or by some other process that Sitchin managed to obfusgate (either deliberately or inadvertently), the upshot is the same: by whatever means mankind arose or was engineered, our intended lot in life is misery and slavery.

    • Agreed. I think it is utterly arrogant humans could change the climate – which is controlled by solar output and orbital cycles. The human specie will go extinct long before they change the climate.

      In fact all of this climate hustle is not even a threat compared to how the west is pushing Russia into a nuclear war.

  2. I like this talk about climate change as politics of enslavement – and at the root is the claim that CO2 causes global warming by the greenhouse effect. The earth is not a greenhouse but your car is. A car heats up like a greenhouse because sunlight is transmitted by short wavelengths in, gets absorbed then re-radiated as longer infrared rays.

    The energy of the light gets trapped in a car but not on earth. On earth the radiation goes back into space, at night the earth cools rapidly if there is no cloud cover. This radiation of heat into space is also true of fossil fuels. Something like a trillion barrels of oil have been burned so far and earth temperatures are not changing because all that heat is lost into space at night.

    Another reason to be skeptical of rising CO2 as a threat is because CO2 is a trace gas measured in parts per million. It is a wild extraordinary claim that a slight increase in a trace gas could cook us off the planet – especially when geologists have measured CO2 levels for the planet over 6,000 ppm in the past – including in past ice ages.

    For most of earth’s 4.5 billion year history CO2 levels have been well above 3,000 ppm (right now they are at 410 ppm – up from 280 ppm since the industrial revolution began). And we are in an ice age – and ice core data shows that CO2 always follows temperatures – never forcing them – thus the primary claim of CO2 causing warming is false.

    Then we have the actors who promote this junk science – like Greta Thunberg who never finished high school, or Leonard DiCaprio who also never finished high school or Al Gore who flunked chemistry. None of those three have any educational qualities to know if CO2 or global warming are true,not one of them has ever taken a collegiate level science course – or specialized in that discipline. And those who are qualified to tell us the science are never heard from on the tube.

    Even if you have no science background you should doubt the claim of AGW because the MSM are proven liars about Covid, Ukraine, 911, etc. It is a spiritual truth to not trust a proven liar. I will tell you all something that no one in the media is telling you – we are in an ice age epoch, and we have never left the ice age, we are only in a typical interglacial – and CO2 has no effect on earth’s thermodynamics – thus CO2 can not stop ice age progression no matter how many fools believe in it.

    • Thanks, Jack – and, well said!

      I see the “climate change” narrative as inherently suspicious – before even diving into it – because of the term, itself. Which is wanting any specificity, the antithesis of science. A opposed to “the science.” The “climate changes,” eh? Ok, what does that mean, exactly? Is it “changing” warmer or colder and in extreme/unnatural ways caused by man? Note the specificity in the latter, which for that reason can be checked/refuted/affirmed on the basis of specific facts. But when it’s just “climate change,” then it can be anything you – well, they – like, even if it’s nothing or trivial.

      In this way, it is like the “pandemic,” a “crisis” manufactured out of largely nothing, used to terrify people of a bogeyman and shame them into accepting totalitarian rule and impoverishment.

      • I totally agree and that reminds me of a Menken quote:

        “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.” — H. L. Mencken

        Climate change is the new boogeyman being used to corral the population into a Klaus Schwab technological nightmare dystopia. Since we are nearing the end of the interglacial, the climate is cooling. Since we are going into a new little ice age starting now, colder temperatures than the previous little ice age will confirm ice age inception:

        Here is a chart of the last 5 ice age cycles, it is utterly arrogant to think man can change this cycle:

    • One of the things that really pushed the idea of CO2 as a greenhouse gas is the planet Venus. Astronomical observations confirmed that Venus was an incredibly hot planet, the hottest planet in the solar system. This was attributed to the greenhouse effect, because Venus has an incredibly thick atmosphere composed almost entirely of carbon dioxide. Of course, on Venus, the atmospheric pressure on the surface is 90x the atmospheric pressure on earth’s surface. No matter how much oil, coal, and natural gas is burned, earth’s atmosphere will not be in any way like the atmosphere on Venus.

      • Very good comment. There are some scientists who think the temperature of earth and all solid surface planets is a function of atmospheric pressure alone regardless of atmospheric gas ratios.

        They back up their claim with a chart that illustrates within 1% that the temperature on earth is a function of two things – distance from the sun and atmospheric pressure: the infamous Nikolov Zeller curve:


        Demystifying the Atmospheric Greenhouse Effect: Toward a New Physical Paradigm in Climate Science
        2,861 views Aug 31, 2021

        • Thanks for the links. Very interesting theory, apparently backed up by some good empirical data. It’s long been the conventional wisdom that Venus suffered from a runaway greenhouse effect, with CO2 being the greenhouse gas causing this. If surface temperature for a given amount of solar radiation is actually just a function of atmospheric pressure, then perhaps the runaway greenhouse effect was just that Venus developed an incredibly thick atmosphere due to processes on the planet, so that the fact that its atmosphere was almost entirely CO2 is actually irrelevant. I still read claims about what are supposedly greenhouse gases. For example, I’ve read that methane is actually a much more potent greenhouse gas than CO2. This theory is contrary to this idea, at least as applied to planetary surface temperatures.


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