A Small Truck Side-by-Side

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Here’s a first look at the Ford Maverick, which is nothing like the ’70s Maverick but very much like the small pickups you used to be able to buy but can’t anymore. Well, until now!

Have a look – and see what you think:


  1. The beds on these things are about the same size as the trunk of a full-sized car of the 60’s-80’s. It’s a trunk, with no lid. Just think of what one could haul in an old station wagon- while also having protected from theft and weather! The inversion of language- “Many steps backward” now equals “progress”…. 🙁 I’ll spare them the indignity of daring to compare these things to the little Jap trucks of the 70’s – 90’s, as these are nowhere near as capable, tough or durable. “Progress”.

  2. It’s a Bronco pickup. Sport utility mostly, be a good truck for running errands. Haul a generator so you have a backup if you lose power.

    There is a new use/definition of the word maverick. Elon is more than likely a maverick in the new vernacular of academia.

    Ford (F) is priced at 14.41 USD per share today. Pays a 40 cent dividend. The market cap is 58.8 billion, so there are about 3,900,000,000 shares outstanding.

    It is doubtful that Ford will fall from grace and be in receivership over the next 50 years.

    20,000 USD for one is a fair price for new. New Nissan Frontiers are 40,000 dollars plus, newer used are 30,000 USD. A 2012 Nissan Frontier 4-wheel drive runs 17,000 USD with 98,000 miles. If you take care of the 4.0 V6 in Frontiers, they’ll go a long ways. 2022’s have a radical body design.

    Good used 2011-2013 year Suburbans are 17,000 to 22,000 USD. The car buying websites have plenty of them. 2011, 12, 13 Suburbans are probably the finest ever built for Suburbans.

    You’ll be getting a lot of vehicle for 20,000 shekels, wampum might work better. 20,000 dollars is going to equal 11 troy ounces of pure gold at today’s price for an ounce.

    You’ll have to go to the gold dealer and sell, get 20,900 USD for the 11 ounces, then take it to the bank, deposit the money, then go to the seller/dealer to write the sales agreement.

    The seller would never accept 11 troy ounces of gold for a Suburban. He’ll think you’re nuts.
    Trying to pull a fast one. You’ll have to go to the bank and get the cashiers check.

    Might have to sacrifice three more troy ounces to pay the premium, no matter what, somebody will want some money to cash out troy ounces of gold. If the stock market can lose 989 points on late Friday afternoon, gold can crash some too when you sell.

    If the seller settles for the 11 troy ounces or pure gold, he’ll take a bath, even if he holds. Investing 20,000 USD will be an advantage to the gold held. JMO

    How about 1/2 Bitcoin for a 2012 Suburban? Deal? Bitcoin has been stumbling lately.

    20 grand for a 2011, 12, 13 Suburban is a steal. It’ll be a truck to drive. You can always buy a new engine down the road sometime.

  3. I initially dismissed the maverick, but as a small truck, it actually sounds decent.
    except for the too small bed. if that could be fixed, then the maverick would be ok.

      • I just read it and posted the one thing that bothered me. What is this truck actually for?
        I know many who drive trucks don’t use them as trucks, so a cheaper truck would be one answer. I ended up not being sold that is a reason to buy it though.

        All in all, I still think a bigger bed & more towing capacity would make it a really good small truck option.

        Oh, and change the name. This is not a maverick.

  4. watching your video, it sounds to me like you are ditching the Frontier and buying a Maverick. The stripper hybrid for 20K model too…………….man are we gonna diss you.
    Eric owning a uni-body, hybrid………ohhh the pain I see coming for you…..

    Hahahah, just busting you ;). As much as I wouldn’t want a unit-body hybrid either, for 20K it’s almost a free car (relative). Buy a long factor warranty and hammer it. Would be fun.
    And your frontier is probably worth big bucks right now. Buddy just sold his very old tacoma w/200K on it for $15K !!!!!!!!!

    • ohhh and it’s got a CVT trans!!!!!! No way your buying that. Your gonna have to up the ante a bit for the 2.0T which then gets the 8sp, +1000.
      As usual it will be next to impossible to find units like that. They will all be optioned up a little, more like 25K average.

  5. I managed to find a Maverick at the dealer, and was about to buy it but I got beaten to it. The problem I found: my head hits the ceiling using the base seat, and I have to slump to see out the front windshield. If I ever get one, it’ll have to be with the electric seat that can be lowered. I can’t remember if my gut rubbed the steering wheel or not, but I do that in a lot of cars right now….

    I also wish that Ford would offer a plug-in option for the hybrid Maverick. 90%+ of my travels are within the city, and I could probably go long enough on a tank of gas that it would need StaBil added to be safe. However, I do have the occasional long-distance trip (esp. some long trips up and down I-65) where I have to have a gas motor. A plug-in option would be the bee’s knees for us here, with the cheap solar and coal electricity in Central KY.

    • A plug-in hybrid system would add cost to what is now Ford’s entry level vehicle. I’ve actually seen Mavericks with stickers of $21k, but they were in the demo/fleet sales area of the lot at my local dealer.

      Plus I worked with an idiot who was into the C-Max hypermiling game, and like a lot of those guys, he prematurely killed the electrical system of a vehicle which was designed for a lot more service life. Ford probably didn’t want the launch of a new product marred by that kind of activity with the Maverick.

    • I came here to say the same thing.

      Go Eric! F*#& those F*#&ers! The hay bale is exquisite! Gonna use it anyway for the birds, might as well leave it in there until the next legit run to the feed store. Is there a problem occifer? Mwhahaha!

    • Bib overalls, a John Deere cap, and a couple of bags of manure in the bed would really seal the deal.

      Not to mention an Ellie Mae Clampett lookalike, aw-shucksing and fluttering her eyelashes in the passenger seat.


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