Diaper Report 05/28/2024

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There is a clear correlation between Leftism and the wearing of facial underwear; you can literally see it.

As for instance at the unveiling a few days ago of an “exhibit” in memory of St. George Floyd, which did not include communion wafers made of Fentanyl but did include a number of Face Diapered acolytes. They stood with arms respectfully crossed  and faces properly effaced – not to “stop the spread” but to make a point.

The same point made by the trailer for a “documentary” being released next week called Queer Planet. It’s hardly necessary to tell you what it’s about. A picture is worth more than a thousand words.

Everywhere you see Leftists – the chronically and possibly congenitally sick – you see the symbol of their sickness. It is not merely chronic (and pathological hypochondria). That merely allowed for the metastasis of the underlying condition, which was there but mostly dormant until conditions were right for it to express itself fully and openly.

What is Leftism – in the clinical sense?

It isn’t a political philosophy, except superficially. It is the cover/excuse for an underlying anger about . . . everything. The source of this anger may lie in a problematic childhood or an inculcated desire to remain in childhood – which finds expression in smashing things up and insatiable resentment and demands for things not earned but very much wanted and expected because they are wanted – and for that reason must be provided. It is why the Leftist is the first to don facial underwear – and the last to take it off.

If they ever do.

The novelist-philosophger Eric Hoffer wrote books about the phenomenon, noting that every mass movement is marked by some kind of outward affirmation of membership by its devotees. In revolutionary France, the revolutionaries were easily identified because they were sans culottes – i.e., without the knee breeches that the revolutionaries associated with the monarchy and those who supported it. By not wearing them, the revolutionaries made it plain that they did not support the monarchy – and were very much opposed to those who did support it. Many of these later paid for their support with their heads.

The Leftists who took over Russia in the early 1900s wore a sort-of military tunic that identified them as Leftists. (They styled themselves “Bolsheviks,” a Russian word that translates as majority – which they weren’t. But by using the word, they co-opted the language and that helped them co-opt reality, which is a thing the Left excels at.)

And the Leftists who took over Germany in the 1930s also had their particular article of clothing to let everyone know which party they belonged to. That party being – literally – the National Socialist German Workers Party, or NSDAP. This was corrupted into “Nazi” by Leftists who didn’t want the public – especially in the West – to equate the National Socialists with the Left but rather, the Right. In order to create a false distinction between the Left and the Right, which was (and remains) useful to the Left.

It is useful because it has enabled the Left to frame opposition to the Left as “Fascist,” which would make the author of that doctrine (Benito Mussolini) smile. The term was taken from the name for the Lictor’s Bundle – the fasces – which were the symbol of state authority in ancient Rome. Mussolini – a lifelong socialist – advocated for the merger of  state and corporate power; i.e., the socialization of the economy and by dint of that, everything else.

The followers of Il Duce also wore devices to show that they followed him. But – to give the Duce (and Der Fuhrer) some credit, their couture was more stylish.

Leftism has degenerated to such a degree that Leftists now wear underwear over their faces – because Leftism is and always has been a cover for unhappy losers who can’t make a life for themselves and so glom onto movements that serve as a substitute for a life. The couture has always served to make the wearer feel part of something more than just himself, which has always been a key underlying appeal of the Left and its causes. But it expresses something more, now. It is the literal effacement of the individual. One underwear-wearer looks like all the others.

There is perhaps some comfort in this, for the wearer.

But the sight is pitiful, regardless.

. . .

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  1. Hi Eric,

    Hang in there bro. We all know that “MDS” (Mask Derangement Syndrome) is a tenacious, potentially dangerous disorder. You keep writing about it as often as you need to. Better than letting all those obsessions stay bottled in. 😉

    • Hi Mike,

      The damage done by “masking” has been enormous and has yet to be undone – evidence for this being the fact that there are still people who wear them. There has been no official apology for what was done for more than two years to millions of people who were badgered to “mask up,” as if that were no big deal. As if the pushing of drugs on people – so they could be allowed to stop “masking” – were no big deal. I was unable to see my mom for more than a year and during that year, her dementia went from mild to so severe she could no longer live independently.

      You go ahead and forget all about it if you like. I won’t forgive until there’s an apology and I will never forget.

      • The people who choose to still wear masks Do Not owe you an apology. The people who prevented you from seeing .your mother owe you big. Too bad you can’t perceive the huge difference between “optional” and “forced compliance.”


        • Hi Mike,

          The people who still wear facial underwear are perpetuating an evil narrative – whether consciously or not. Would you say the same as you have about the people who still wear the armband?

          That said, I’d agree with you – absent everything that happened. If it were just a case of people walking around wearing facial underwear to be “safe” back in 2020 and that’s all it ever was, I’d have no issue with it. But it was much more than just that. The wearing of facial underwear must be “never again’d” – and that’s why I do my damndest to make sure of it.

          • “Would you say the same as you have about the people who still wear the armband?” I presume you refer to a swastika armband? If so, I’d say “yep.” The swastika existed long before nazism. Actions. not symbols are what concern me. Symbols without actions should always remain Free Speech. (Please read the previous sentence One More Time,)

            That said, most people in their right minds do not consider the wearing of a mask to be the equivalent of wearing a swastika. 🙂

            • Hi Mike,

              People in their right minds absolutely ought to regard the “mask” as being cut from the same cloth as the armband – for both represent evil and insanity pushed on us in the name of “social good.”

  2. Two weeks ago, the Mayo Clinic rejected a woman’s lung transplant because she is not ‘vaccinated’ with the covid jab. Copy of the letter posted here:


    The patient is the mother of Toby Turner.

    Covid ‘vaccines’ have killed an estimated 300,000 Americans. Now, indirectly, ‘vaccines’ are killing more who refuse to take them to become ‘eligible’ for ‘health care’ [sic, /sarc]

  3. The control group always quotes fake science…like the bat germ hoax….

    217 year old Wiley science publisher has reportedly “peer reviewed” more than 11,000 papers that were determined to be fake without ever noticing. The papers were referred to as “naked gobbledygook sandwiches”, Australian blogger Jo Nova wrote on her blog last week.

    “It’s not just a scam, it’s an industry,” she said. “Who knew, academic journals were a $30 billion dollar industry?”

    fraudulent activities have rendered 19 of its journals so compromised that they must be shuttered.

    This ongoing degradation calls for a shift from traditional peer review to rigorous live debates, ensuring accountability by having people argue their cases in real time.

    The control group won’t allow debate on anything…they would lose…it would expose their lies and fake science….


  4. Modern politics seems to have stared in Spain. The Spanish civil war was not one of big differences in how to go about running the country, it was about who was going to run the country. In the US Civil war the south left primarily due to the consolidation of power in DC and federalization. Yes, slavery was one of the reasons, and the ridiculous Missouri compromise was never going to work, but instead of allowing states to decide for themselves their stance on slavery, forcing a literal line in the sand was the plan all along, just one of many ways the southern states were being usurped by the north. The message from Spain was that you’re going to get a dictatorship, the battle is over who gets to sit in the big chair. Really no different than the kingdoms of yore, except without the need for heavenly mandates, just a decent marketing plan. With that backdrop, no wonder every election is presented as a choice that will destroy everything if made incorrectly. Because if your guy doesn’t get in, you might have to go get a real job… and that’s not easy in this economy, especially if your primary skills include ass kissing and creating “synergy.”

  5. I’m currently spending some vacation time on the California coast south of San Francisco. At a restaurant the other night, I saw all the rituals performed by a couple: both fully diapered, came to the table and wiped it down with their own pack of Clorox wipes, kept diaper on the whole time, pulled it down to bite and back up to chew. Hand sanitizer after dinner. Mind you, the diapered population density is higher here than I expected, but this was next level retardation – why even go out if you truly believe such measures are necessary?

    Also, rental is a Jeep 4xe. First time I get to charge a plug in hybrid EV. Not what I expected. And gas is nearly $7.

    • What do you mean by “Not what I expected”. I have never had an External Combustion Vehicle. Most on this site based on Eric’s experiences would “expect it” to be a pita or at least a wait for more than the time for a fillup. What was your experience?

      • The car runs on gas, but you can toggle to hybrid mode or just run on the battery. I tried them all, and found driving on the battery odd because the car essentially stops soon as you take your foot off the accelerator, like one of those cars at an amusement park. It takes getting used to. I charged it at my hotel at the Level 2 chargers they have, and it took two and a half hours to fully charge up, cost $4 (the gas tank fill up was $90). Apparently, full on battery will only go about 25 miles so I’m not sure of the point of having it, but I guess it means you effectively get the equivalent of one more gallon of gas for $3 less than the gas price. I expected more from all the hype, but it wasn’t horrible.

  6. Some slaves don’t comply….

    Another convoy…going to Geneva to demonstrate against the WHO pandemic treaty…

    It has never more been important to make a stand for freedom… here is Dan Astin-Gregory to talk about the planned road trip to Geneva to state categorically the non-consent to the WHO’s pandemic treaty and removal of independent countries’ national sovereignty.


  7. ‘What is Leftism – in the clinical sense?’ — eric

    Clinically, leftists told us to ‘follow the science’ during the pandemic. Here is ‘the science’:

    ‘Fake studies have flooded the publishers of top scientific journals, leading to thousands of retractions and millions of dollars in lost revenue. The biggest hit has come to Wiley, a 217-year-old publisher based in Hoboken, N.J., which Tuesday will announce that it is closing 19 journals, some of which were infected by large-scale research fraud.

    ‘In the past two years, Wiley has retracted more than 11,300 papers that appeared compromised and closed four journals. This large-scale fraud represents a small percentage of submissions to journals, [but] threatens the legitimacy of the nearly $30 billion academic publishing industry and the credibility of science as a whole.

    ‘World-over, scientists are under pressure to publish in peer-reviewed journals—sometimes to win grants, other times as conditions for promotions. Researchers say this motivates people to cheat the system.

    ‘Researchers who wanted to avoid plagiarism detectors had swapped out key scientific terms for synonyms from automatic text generators, leading to comically misfit phrases. “Breast cancer” became “bosom peril”; “fluid dynamics” became “gooey stream”; “artificial intelligence” became “counterfeit consciousness.” — Wall Street Journal, May 14, 2024


    Obviously, no qualified human reviewed a fake paper that called breast cancer ‘bosom peril.’ Turns out the Lügenpresse isn’t just intel puppets like the WaPo and the New York Slimes. Large swathes of prestigious academic journals, even extending to The Lancet, are infested with lies, agitprop, and absurd AI-generated fraud.

    “Truth is treason in an empire of lies.” — George Orwell

    • When the point of a college education is to get a high-paying job why wouldn’t people game the system? I’m sure most of the professors reviewing the mountains of papers they receive just read the abstracts and rubber stamp the work, or are such mid-wits themselves that they don’t comprehend what they’re reading.

      And if you’re motivated by the notion of becoming the next Neil Degrasse Tyson or Billy Nye, becoming a pop star “scientist” that can work the talk show and public speaker circuit, why bother with actual research for the love of doing it? There’s phylum to name, after all!

      The blatant fraud is probably the worst of it, but there’s the other problem of having too many PhDs and not enough places to put them. Businesses like IBM and Bell used to hire them but not in the numbers we see today. Often times they end up in government, or just stay in academia but even there, jobs are pretty slim.

      My nephew is graduating high school today. He’s one of several valedictorians in his class (apparently the school never saw “Highlander”). He’s about 6’ 4”, a decent runner and has very good hair. He’ll probably do very well in anything he does, but he’s holding off on college for a while because his parents can’t afford to send him. I don’t know the whole story, but I imagine he’s not trying very hard to get in either. Of course I’d like to see him get into an entrepreneurship track, I think he’d probably make a good leader if he has the right mentors, but his parents don’t seem to get it. And for sure his grandparents are livid that he’s not enrolled in the fall semester.

  8. Good point about the sheer ugliness of face-diapers. That’s one thing that still boggles my mind about their mass adoption. You have all these young women (rightfully) concerned with their beauty, spending countless hours and money on makeup, fashion, et cetera, and they just cover it all up when they go out in public?… That is true dedication to one’s political cult doctrine.

    With Nazism, I get the impression that a certain number of people joined up simply because of the “Nazi chic” aesthetic — you must admit, it looks cool (there’s even a Nazi chic subculture in east Asia) — but there’s nothing fashionable about modern Leftism. You’ve really gotta be a true believer to put on that face-diaper and completely erase your individuality. There are no left-wing posers.

    Seriously, those microfiber face-diapers are just so bland looking. The least they could do is go for a cybergoth aesthetic with bio-hazard gas masks, or Mortal Kombat style ninja masks, or something. But no, they just continue to wear the same cheap, bland, ugly face-diapers mass-produced in third-world sweatshops. Whatever.

    • I would have been a little more on board with the masks if they changed my voice to sound like Bane…

      The thing about women in masks though, I read a comment in somewhere like Zero Hedge from an ex-pat living in Japan that one big reason why women wear them in Tokyo is because the tradition is for them to never go out w/o makeup. The mask means they can pretend to be sick and therefore not have to put on the war paint. Sort of the opposite of Kabuki.

    • He randomly takes it off at one point, even though he’s still surrounded by people, not social distancing. Just blatant evidence that the masks were never about health and safety, but rather political theatre.

  9. During the height of COVID hysteria, people who refused to wear face diapers everywhere were smeared as TRUMPERS, ANTI-SCIENCE, GRANNY KILLERS, SELFISH, etc. Despite NUMEROUS studies showing face diapers are absolutely useless against respiratory viruses (and are actually harmful if worn for prolonged periods of time), there are people who STILL belieeeeeeeeeeeeve that wearing them will protect them from getting sick. They’ll probably wear face diapers too if some psychopath tells them doing so will “Stop the spread of CO2!” or “Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaave the planet!”

    How did millions of Americans become chumps for the establishment over the past several years?

    • Worst is you show the people the pics and data of how terrible masks are (like all the germs culminating from wearing it for 20 mins on a petri dish), they look a bit embarrassed, take it off for a few mins and then have a system reboot where they forget all about it

      Glad you got over your cancer, Uncle, but that mask is only gonna make it worse for you

  10. One slogan on a face mask can be ‘This Is a Jackboot’.

    An image of Derek the Barbarian doing a knee embrace on George the Fentanyl King on your mask would sell. Always a market for anything.

    Must be one of those mow the lawn tactics by you know who.i

  11. I was in Asheville last week. Despite making Boulder look like Vatican City, not a single person there was masked. Not sure what that means.

  12. So sad. A day that is supposedly meant to be thankful of those that lost their lives supposedly defending freedom and a way of life actually doing neither.
    And how about the Christ like write up of the woman beater,,, robber and drug addict George Floyd. One would have to be pretty damn sick to think of that asshole as a good caring man and father. A Christ like person.

    The queers flock to our beaches here,,, showing off their rings in their noses, ears, breasts and testicles. The businesses here love them or rather their money. All of them make a mockery of memorial day and its meaning.

    The Bolsheviks Version 1.0 that took over Russia have upgraded to version 2.0 and have taken over the USA and Western governments. Stand by for the upcoming USSA.

  13. Good article, Eric. Co-opting of language has been a tool of the left for ages.

    As for the LP, they’ve made their bed & can lay in it. I watched Rectenwald interviews on Judge Napolitano’s Judging Freedom youtube channel for a while. Too bad he tanked bc he was on the right page.

    I’m impressed that the LP reached out to other party’s candidates. Vivek did ok at the LP convention. RFK not so much. Trump was unfazed by the heckling. He’s right tho, LP should target local and state elections (channeling Brion Mclanahan’s think locally / act locally) & not settle for 3% nationally.

    Having had my own unpleasant involvement with the LP in years past, it’s neither here nor there to me that they have a mask lovin’ queer as their candidate. Bob Barr and Gary Johnson weren’t exactly great candidates either. Oh well.

  14. RE: “What a freaking embarrassment.”

    Absolutely, no doubt.

    At first, I thought today’s ‘Diaper Report’ was gonna be about Left-Winger Chase Oliver & his beloved KF94 mask. But, I guess, as Eric wrote, “One underwear-wearer looks like all the others”.

    Anyway, yah, “eight EV charging stations for $7.5 billion dollars” … it’s the height of our civilizational greatness, right?
    Well, if you don’t count warfare,… and, lawfare. And, welfare.

    Hmmm, that tag, “fare”?

    Scarefare? Is that a word?

    • Hi helot,

      I was a little surprised Eric didn’t write about this prior weekend’s LP Meet and Greet in the District of Corruption. Seven rounds of voting before a choice between Oliver or None of the Above. They are about as dysfunctional as the Republicans selecting a Speaker of the House.

      • I believe the Libertarian party is there to purposefully make a mockery of what libertarians stand for. I’d call it controlled opposition if it was opposition at all. It was created (or has been coopted) to make people who value freedom look like fools.

        It’s what they do. Always. Because it works.

  15. Oh you’d love Seattle! I caught a clip of the news reporting on the annual Folk Life Festival people dancing out doors with masks.

    Our local lefty college town always some screwball with a mask on grocery shopping.

  16. I think it’s fitting that the LP, which now exists solely to mock libertarianism and the notion of liberty in general, nominated a pro-mask homo to be its standard bearer.

    • I was going to vote libertarian. Now I’m not voting for president.

      LP went from Harry Browne and Ron Paul to a series of fiasco nominees.

  17. Leftists are mostly poorly behaved children who need a security blanket, and throw a tantrum when they don’t get their way.

    • Hi John,

      I would also suggest the Republican candidate is in serious need of a pacifier.

      I have made my choice. I am sitting out this election.

      • I sit out them all. There isn’t spits worth of difference between any of them. If there is, they assassinate them.

        • May I suggest another “choice”…
          The genocide that the JEWS are committing in Gaza and in the West Bank (yes, genocide is going on there as well, as jewish “settlers” have been emboldened by the Gaza genocide to (finally) clear the West Bank of “undesirables”) is not only an “in your face” rebuff of basic decency but is PROOF that evil, demonic jewish talmudic forces are in play.
          Anyone with just a bit of humanity can easily observe what is going on and should be livid about the loss of innocent life, men women and children. What the JEWS are doing is not only inhuman but demonic.
          I will not vote for any candidate that shows any kind of support for israel. I will not vote for any candidate that holds citizenship with that sh!tty little country. I will not vote for any candidate that is jewish. JEWS cannot be trusted.
          There are those who state that “not all jews are bad” and they are correct, BUT (and that’s a very big “BUT”), jewish beliefs utilize “collective responsibility” and “collective punishment”. something that no other belief system espouses. The Germany of today is still “paying” for (supposed) excesses during WW2, the “sins of the father” being visited on children and grandchildren who had no part or say-so in previous actions.
          I plan on voting for HAMAS in all political races as “write-in” candidates. Imagine 50 million voters doing the same.
          Such a move could not be ignored. Send (((them))) a message…

    • “At the core of liberalism is the spoiled child — miserable, as all spoiled children are, unsatisfied, demanding, ill-disciplined, despotic and useless. Liberalism is a philosophy of sniveling brats.”

      — PJ O’Rourke

  18. ‘the unveiling a few days ago of an “exhibit” in memory of St. George Floyd’ — eric

    ‘Biden’ on X: ‘George Floyd should be alive. he deserved so much more. He changed the world. Now let’s act in his memory.’

    Can you believe POTUS is spewing this insane leftist shit? Jim Kunstler can’t:

    ‘Surely it was the right thing to do for President “Joe Biden” to remind the nation of the tragic loss of George Floyd four years ago this Memorial Day weekend. At the time, the man known as “the Black Thomas Edison” was rumored to be this close to achieving an economically viable system for producing electricity via atomic fusion using the fentanyl molecule (C22H28N2O) combined with the nuclei of alcohol (C2H6O), releasing enough energy from one gram to power a city the size of Minneapolis for a day. The math he left behind on his chalkboard spells it out:

    17.6 MeV×1.60218×10?13 J/MeV?2.82×10?12 J

    ‘You see how that works? Alas, Dr. Floyd had apparently ingested a small amount of these experimental substances accidentally before leaving his lab May 25, 2020, when he encountered the white supremacist police officer Derek Chauvin. For reasons never understood, despite manifold judicial inquiries, the officer dragged the Great Man out of his car — where he was polishing some of the requisite algebra in his notebook — and for no reason at all placed one knee, and all his weight, on Dr. Floyd’s neck, constricting his airway and causing his death. The nation erupted in violence, and you know the rest of the story: no cheap energy for you, you nation of white supremacist asswipes!’

    To quote a survivor of the tornado in Rogers, Ark. this past weekend:

    “We just keep going,” said Will Swearingen, 40, Melisa’s husband. He and his family plan to live in their house while they rebuild. “Chain saws, water, oil, gas. That’s all we need.”


    With hydrocarbon-fueled tools and vehicles, the people of northwest Arkansas will solider on — no thanks to the leftist asswipe in the White House.

    • Hi Jim,

      I noticed there was very little coverage of the damaging tornados that swept across Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Arkansas this past weekend. Eighteen people died and no major news organizations even picked up the story. Apparently, if it didn’t happen in New York or California it isn’t worth mentioning.

      Yesterday I woke up to Mayor’s Pete bragging of eight EV charging stations for $7.5 billion dollars and the complete national downfall of the Libertarian Party. Once again the national party can’t get their shit together. We have a former Obama supporter as head of the ticket. The Mises selected candidate was too busy getting high on weed gummies to even finish his Q&A. Prior to that they bring in two speakers (Trump and Kennedy) who have zero/nada/nil in common with libertarian values.

      What a freaking embarrassment.

      • RG –

        I saw Trumps speech to the Libertarians. It was a shit show, but only libertarians could nominate someone worse than the people they claim to oppose.

        The libertarian party has ceased to be a unifying force. I hasn’t been since Ron Paul was the LP nominee back in 1988.

        • Hi swamp,

          Well, I guess the selection of Chase Oliver actually hurts Biden more than Trump. I can’t see how any Ron Paul or Harry Browne libertarian could throw their support behind him.

          That this country’s direction is in the hands of two eighty year old narcissists scares the hell out of me.

          Unless, the CIA performs a Kennedy on Trump prior to the selection it looks like he will be back in office which means the Fed will take away the safety net the day he sits down in the Oval Office. Expect 2025 to be a bumpy ride unless divine intervention occurs.

        • The failing of the Libertarian party is that it believes the system is just fine, if only they were in charge.

          • Yup. Then they can abolish the borders, and ALL trade tariffs and let China completely take over the US. For some reason (not the pathetic libertarian magazine), the LP believes complete free trade with countries who have absolutely no free trade will be the savior of us all.

      • Having spent three years in Springdale and Fayetteville just south of Rogers, Ark., I recall hunkering down while tornadoes swept past just a couple of miles away.

        To its (rare) credit, the article I linked is from the New York Slimes — though I suspect that a subtext of such coverage is exhibiting to the refined urbanites of NYC and Los Angeles the violent tribulations that are visited upon the overall-wearing, Bible-thumping, gap-toothed denizens of savage Flyover Country. That’s why this rowdy, ‘shine-swilling lot is attracted to the raffish likes of Trump, you see.

      • I’ve already heard that Rectenwald claimed someone slipped him a mickey. No doubt this will bring out the conspiracies that there were three letter agencies deep within the LP, and those Jew/CIA/NWO imbedded in the party are subverting the true meaning of the party. Perhaps. But now that the LP lost ballot access to all states, there isn’t much there other than a philosophy discussion, and they can’t even seem to get that done.

        • Might be something to it. In 2020 and 2024, they managed to find people who were actually WORSE than Creepy Joe and Heels-up Harris. Heck, they make Bob Barr and Bill Weld look like Murray Rothbard in comparison.

      • Even Trump and Kennedy have more in common with libertarian values than Chase Oliver does. But then again, so does Nikki Haley.


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