Escape From Florida . . . or Not

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A hurricane is bearing down on Florida, which means the possibility of hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of people may need to flee Florida. Some of them may not get very far . . . if their vehicle of choice is an EeeeeeeeeVeeeee.

Tesla owners might be the allotted a bit more range, courtesy of the beneficence of Elon the Divine – via “over the air updates” that temporarily allow their Teslas’ batteries to absorb more range, perhaps enough to get out of the path of the hurricane.

But not even Elon the Divine can send electricity over the air – something that the actual Tesla (as in Nikola) was working on. That means the EeeeeeeeVeeeees will go no farther than the electricity they aleady have stored in their battery packs, if the electricity goes down.

That is something that tends to happen when a hurricane comes to town.

Even if the power doesn’t go down, the lines are sure to queu up as EeeeeeeVeeee owners descend upon “fast” chargers to wait their turn to wait the 30-45 minutes it takes to instill a partial (80 percent) “fast” charge in an EeeeeeeeVeeeeee. Which, of course, leaves them down 20 percent as far as the range they would have had if they got a full charge. Which they can get, of course, if they’re prepared to wait considerably longer than the 30-45 minutes it takes to instill an 80 percent “fast” charge at a trickle charge . . . unless they’re willing to risk damage to their EeeeeeeeeVeeeeee’s battery.

Or a fire.

So, if an EeeeeeeeeVeeeee can supposedly go say 250 miles on a full charge, it actually only goes about 200 miles on an 80 percent “fast” charge. That may be just enough range to clear the path of the hurricane bearing down in the rearview mirror . . . assuming it’s not too hot out and you don’t turn on the car’s AC. If it is – and you do – that 200 miles of 80 percent range might prove to be 150 miles – and not enough to get you out of harm’s way.

It’ll be even less – a lot less – if the EeeeeeeVeeeee is pulling anything behind it, like a trailer full of your stuff. Even if it is a mighty EeeeeeeeVeeeee pick-up such as Ford’s Lightning, which advertises the ability to pull a very heavy trailer. What’s not advertised  is how not-far the Lightning can tow it. Several reviewers have posted alarming video reviews detailing what happens  when even a light (6,000-8,000 lb.) trailer is hitched to an EeeeeeVeeeee pickup like the Lightning. In one case, the range drooped to just 80 miles. In which case, if a hurricane is on your tail, you might as well never have left home.

You won’t end up far from it, any rate.

EeeeeeVeeeee apologists will say this is an in extremis case – and that’s true. But it’s also true that in such as case, a truck with a full tank could put 500 miles between it and a hurricane, pulling a trailer full of your stuff.

It is also true that if the power goes down, you can keep on going – if you aren’t driving an EeeeeeeeeVeeeee. If you had the sense to fill up a couple of five-gallon jugs before the power went out. Even one five gallon jug will take the typical car around 150 miles – and it does not take 30-45 minutes to pour it into the tank. Many gas stations also have back-up diesel generators to keep the pumps working. “Fast” chargers for EeeeeeeeVeeeeees are totally dependent upon grid power. If it goes down, you cannot “fast” charge an EeeeeeeVeeee. The best you can hope to do is use a portable generator to trickle-charge it – and that will take hours (plus the gas).

All of this would be hilarious if it weren’t so serious.

In particular as regards the fact that EeeeeeeVeeeeees are not merely the Fool’s Car –  all the consequences of being fooled borne by the fools who buy them. That would be a case of caveat emptor – and a learning experience.

Many would not get fooled again.

Not-so-funny is the fact that we’re all being herded into EeeeeeeVeeeees – by people who think we are fools. Who mean to let us in on the gag once the joke’s already been cracked.

A joke that’ll be on us – with them doing all the laughing.

. . .

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  1. The EV F150 is the same humongous size and shape of the gas engine F150, what gives? Why the huge motor bay? No aerodynamic improvement over the non-ev? And the reality of “usable” range vs. advertised range is just fraudulent. Or would be, if people were not so eager to pay 5 times the price of a real truck, only to get one that is 50% less useful. Fraud seems to be the modern business and political models now anyway, right?
    Rest assured, all the liberal “utopian” threats of banning everything but EVs isn’t even physically possible. The resources to available worldwide wouldn’t be enough to replace even have of the current non-ev vehicles already in use in the U.S. alone, but the industry will never tell you that, until it’s all gone anyway. IIRC, 50% of the world’s known supply of lithium is in Ecuador, I believe, whose government has already banned any further mining of it within their borders.
    Not really sure how agriculture and aviation will even be possible without petrol, but that’s likely the ultimate intent, genocide by legislation. Without the economic foundation of the working & middle classes, the elite won’t last more than year, at best, so we might as well call it suicide. Cheers!

  2. Just part of the deal when choosing to live in Florida. Why the rest of us are on the hook for helping them out is beyond me. Anyone and everyone living on Florida’s coastal areas knows they will have to evacuate every few years. Plan for it.

    All those extra costs from hurricanes should already be embedded into prices, so no problem in rebuilding and maintaining infrastructure, if prices were allowed to float, taxes too. Just like anywhere, it costs more to live if subjected to expensive weather patterns, really do not see the big deal about hurricanes in Florida. Ya gotta expect them.

  3. Communications networks are down all over the gulf coast. EV charging stations don’t take cash. Many of them require you to use their app on your phone to “check in” to start the charger.

    Gas stations and convenience stores still take cash at least until O’Biden ends that too.

    And while Tesla can send an unlock code to extend range (risking a major reduction in battery pack life), what about the Leaf and Bolt? Do they have this ability? Will the Tesla operations center send the update before the towers go down? I’m fairly sure the cellular networks in Florida have very good coverage due to the flat terrain, but what if your Tesla happens to be in a dead spot and doesn’t get the update?

  4. Tangentially related to the conversation below about retarded “renewable energy” and it’s ability to withstand hurricanes (or not), I found this:

    Looks like even the greens, as effing dumb as they are, are not dumb enough to put them in the Gulf of Meh-heeko! At least not yet anyway.

    BUT… it is interesting to see in that list that only two such “farms” have been completed and there are three that are already listed as “abandoned or decommissioned”!

    OBTW… your tax dollars are giving the millionaires that put that shit in place a whopping
    “30% investment tax credit”. I’m sure that, in between hating you and I, they are absolutely enjoying our gift of insane wealth.

    Looks like a huge scam, just like corona hoax, from where I’m sitting.

  5. looking at the bright side as they’re heavier they are less likely to be blown a way by strong winds

    But looking at Europe right now its far harder to run from conscription in an electric car !!

    • Yeah but they better pray that those batteries and their enclosures are water tight — even to the extent of humidity. That lithium is hungry! Hungry for H20. One might say it has a burning desire for it.

  6. Evacuating during a storm will get very difficult with dead EV’s blocking parking lots, highways, etc….

    Shoppers Trapped for 3 Hours After Tesla Model S Runs out of Battery charge on an exit in a multi level parkade, trapping all the cars behind it.

    When this happens the tesla locks up it’s brakes so it doesn’t move, so it is hard to tow, can’t be pushed.
    An ice car won’t do this, it can be pushed out of the way and a can of gas brought to it in 10 or 20 minutes.

  7. cold climate issues

    All batteries lose charge in the cold…. 80% of charge is lost at 40 below – and most of the rest of that charge will be used to create heat to keep the windows defrosted.

    EV’s will become death-traps for those who head out on secondary rural roads in extreme cold with no understanding of their limitations.

  8. I think it will be interesting to watch the FEMA response.
    Weaponization of the alphabet agencies seems pretty well taken care of.
    Ron and Joe are probably not BFFs.
    On the bright side, there will probably be a need for some undocumented yard work.

  9. Was on another forum about this same subject, EV vs range vs hurricane. And a guy said he was working with the Army? to make a Chinook be able to dangle cables to 6-12 EV’s to charge them in the case of disasters. Not kidding. I asked if he was joking, but no reply yet.
    The Chinook uses 340g/hr for 3hrs, or 1000gal for 3hrs. I guess you’d have to add the diesel fuel for the generators on board too? This is how silly EV believers have become.

  10. I’ll never forget the woman I saw, with everything she owned, hanging from a pole she had draped across her shoulders.

    She was a Katrina refugee up here in Iowa. There were many of them, they stood out like sore thumbs,… they just acted differently & it made them easy to spot.

    Anyway… here’s a detailed description of Katrina (worth reading) which I hope isn’t being repeated:

  11. During the 2011 tornado outbreak in Alabama, we were without power for about 10 days. I had a generator & 15 gallons of gas. Plus the generator was always full (8 gallons I think). During the day I’d run it long enough for the fridge & freezer to cool back down; run it for a few hours at night; and shut off when we went to bed. My 24 gallons lasted for the duration with room to spare.

    That was just for day to day life. No way in hell it would’ve charged an eeeeeeveeee.

  12. Hurricane Ida replay:

    ‘Florida Power & Light president and CEO Eric Silagy said the company expects it will have to completely rebuild sections of its electrical system given Ian’s massive size and powerful winds, as well as the extensive rainfall and flooding it’s forecast to generate.

    ‘Silagy said that damage will not be limited to the coastal area taking a direct hit from Ian’s eyewall on Wednesday afternoon, but along its full path as the storm thrashes its way across the state to the Atlantic Ocean, where it’s expected to emerge Thursday.

    “There are sections of our territory we will not be able to repair, we will have to rebuild,” Silagy said. “I can’t stress the difference that makes. Rebuilding can take many days or weeks.

    How are them EeeVees workin’ out for y’all now?

    • ‘Florida Power & Light president and CEO Eric Silagy said the company expects it will have to completely rebuild sections of its electrical grid system given Ian’s massive size and powerful winds,

      It is not just the tansmission and distribution lines that get damaged now, the power generation source, solar panels and wind turbines get taken out too, hydrocarbon power plants don’t get blown over in a storm, solar panels and wind turbines are too fragile, high maintenance, very expensive and have short service lives…a very stupid idea…..

      There is also the problem of wind damage, especially in the case of a severe storm, for wind turbines and solar panels, so they are constantly damaged and have to be rebuilt and repaired….they are too weak, fragile and expensive shouldn’t be used

      There is also the problem of fire damage, wind turbines and solar panels have a bad history of catching fire, they are very dangerous.

    • Hi Jim,

      A question not asked by society is rebuild with what? The damage from Ian will rival that of Michael and Andrew. The cost will be over $100 billion dollars by the time he dissipates. Our country’s electrical grid materials are mainly manufactured in China. The transformers are back ordered with an anticipated turnaround of 6 to 24 months. The food and building supplies will be shipped in from the rest of the country depleting resources elsewhere. The supply and labor chain has been decimated. Appliances, garage doors, HVAC units, roof shingles, etc. are months to years just with current demand.

      • Hi RG,

        Apparently so are sunroof windows! (on back order with no ETA) Just this past weekend, I had a case of the mysterious “exploding sunroof” issue that is haunting plenty of people these days. Clear weather, not even small trucks around, nobody in front of me or near me, and gunshot loud POP! The entire thing shattered. “Residual stress” is what I’ve heard.

        BUT ANYWAY… back order from Germ-any is going to be a challenging thing for quite some time, I’m told. Apparently their industry has decided to commit suicide on orders of the Reichstag. That’ll show those Ruskies a thing or two! HA!

        Reminds me of that Japanese saying from WW2. Something like, “Now that I have no roof, I have a better view of the moon.”

        I think we need to invent some more of those sayings for the times. Like, “Now that I have no power, I’m closer to nature.” Or, “Now that I have no freedom, no power, no food, and no money… I can finally kill my denied guilt.” Bah… I’m obviously no poet! 😁

      • Hi RG, in reply to Rebuild With What?

        I do not understand why people live in Florida who can’t afford to cover the costs of living in Florida. A hurricane tax? Mandatory hurricane preparations? And financial penalties/deportation for not taking any steps for personal safety and evacuation?

        How is it that anyone living within 50 miles of Florida coastlines are not required to show their financial ability to pay for their lifestyle? Why are resources from other states required?

        We all know the answers to those type of questions. Those of you living poor in Florida; come here. It’s boring, but you can make $40K a year just working in a warehouse or meat plant, and cost of living can be as cheap as you want it to be. And no hurricanes, earthquakes, sink holes, high crime, et cetera. Just boredom. and cheap food, electricity, gas, and no lines.

        On second thought…STFO, lol.

        • Hi Andy,

          I sympathize with the people in Florida. Ian is a brutal storm. Just as the Mid-West gets tornados, Minnesota gets snowstorms, and California gets earthquakes, stuff happens. I don’t disparage people who need new windows, roofs, cars, etc. It could happen to any of us at any time. I have a problem when government’s hand is the one distributing it. If private enterprises want to deal with private individuals that is the free market. The problem lies where government departments, such as FEMA, get involved. They buy on a mass scale, and it is at taxpayers’ expense. They usually will spend 2x as much for something that a private business and individual could negotiate on their own.

          I expect a mass exodus from Florida after this disaster. Most of the insurance companies will likely either go belly up or will refuse to insure homes along the coast and in flood plains in the state. Living at sea level is a huge risk, but so is living anywhere else. I have no issue with that as long as one has the financial capability to afford their lifestyle.

          Honestly, I am probably a bit more steamed at people who put themselves in harm’s way and then had the audacity to contact rescue personnel because the expected 9′ storm surge have the homeowners on their roof. They have now put themselves at risk and the rescue team because they thought they could take on 155 mph winds and massive flooding. To me that is foolish.

  13. As someone who’s evacuated from several hurricanes, I can attest that just finding a gas station with a line that’s not 3 miles long is difficult, especially if you didn’t go and fill up and add some jerry cans to the mix. Not to mention them running out of gasoline. Imagine waiting for a charger for a 30-minute “rapid” charge in a crisis.

    There are no jerry cans for eeeeeeeeeveeeeeeeees, but I think the Ruling Class just assumes that the hoi polloi that they wish would simply die and be replaced by their favored people won’t notice that small detail.

    The fact that Tesla can do “over the air updates” to your car and give more range shows that what the Musk giveth, the Musk can taketh away if asked by the demonic ruling class. What’s to stop them from putting the kibosh on every eeeeeeveeeeeee if the ruling class doesn’t want people to leave, such as in the case of a real pandemic? Nothing. That’s why I’m glad my cars aren’t part of the Borg Collective and run just fine on pump gas.

    • Dr M,
      For the record, I have never evacuated from FL/Gulf hurricanes. The hype when a “Whirly thing”..
      is first predicted around here astounds me! From the foaming at the mouth newscasters ….to the hoards of idiots racing for .???? water…asswipes….etc….the sheer idiocy allows me to sit back …….sip my well stocked (emergency liquid ration ) beer , then calmly sit out the
      Piranahacaine…Sharknado …Whatever…
      So glad I’m not UCS…(Undisciplined Civilian Slime)

      Semper Fi, Mac

        • Well, I liked your attitude except for the, “So glad I’m not UCS…(Undisciplined Civilian Slime)” part.

          What’s Up with That?
          A disciplined slave getting uppity at people trying to remain free?
          I don’t get it.

          • just an old usmc term to bolster camaraderie…and differentiate from the “other”.
            I occasionally use it when I witness mass hysteria events.
            best regards.

      • I like your attitude, expat.

        Also, I don’t know about you, but every time I see Dr M’s nic I wonder why it is he hasn’t spent a few moments and told us all how he just knows geoengineering is not happening.

        “Hurricane manipulation season is here, grab your popcorn, the spectacle is about to begin. Weather everywhere is erratic, extreme, and increasingly destructive. Hurricane Fiona is being called a “hybrid storm” and “Canada’s version of Hurricane Sandy”. The reason? The anomalous track of the storms that “forecasters” somehow “predict” up to a week in advance. What do the weather makers have planned for the approaching Hurricane Ian? Hurricanes are being manipulated and the “forecasts” are nothing less than the scheduled weather.” …

        • Besides Helot, a whole lotta civilians are exceedingly undisciplined. I’m no model of discipline (like a marine) but compared to the average knucklehead, I’m doing pretty well.

          HOWEVER, the days of the USMC that I admire are apparently well behind us. Now they’re not sure how to split up the corps… so many genders and pending sex change operations to choose from. “Is CPL Xhi looking at my ass or admiring my BLM tats? Maybe the entire platoon can have an orgy after patrol. Wait till my birthing person hears about all this — xhe will surely approve.”

          On one hand it’s disgusting on the other hand, why should we expect the armed services — the easiest to control by Uncle — to remain traditional?

          Sorry expat, the old school was cool and now everything sucks everywhere.

      • When you live in a Category A flood zone and a surge of 10 feet or more (up to the ceiling) is expected, it’s time to skedaddle. Having that water view has a cost when a hurricane comes calling. I don’t want to potentially put someone’s life in danger to rescue me because I wasn’t smart enough to evacuate a flood zone.

        And I’m not undisciplined civilian slime. I retired from my other job as a U.S. Air Force Reservist a few years back. Flying and discipline go together hand-in-hand.

  14. ‘If [power] goes down, you cannot “fast” charge an EeeeeeeVeeee.’ — eric

    Often it’s not the hurricane impact, but the aftermath that becomes a headache. Hurricane Ida made landfall in Louisiana on August 29, 2021, in a situation that parallels what Florida faces this evening. Almost three weeks later on Sep 17, 2021, the NYT wrote:

    ‘The storm damaged eight high-voltage transmission lines that supply power to New Orleans along with scores of the company’s towers throughout the state. Hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses were without power for days.

    ‘Ida damaged or destroyed 31,000 poles that carry lower-voltage distribution lines in neighborhoods, nearly twice as many as Hurricane Katrina, according to Entergy.’

    One’s first priority after a ‘cane moves through is to get back home, assess the damage, and keep looters away. But if the power remain off for days, getting home in EeeVee won’t do you much good. It’ll just be a shiny brick in the limb-strewn driveway.

    Brownie, you’re doing a heck of a job.” — G W Bush to FEMA director Michael Brown after Hurricane Katrina

    If you think FEMA’s going to show up in southwest Florida tomorrow with mobile charging stations … THINK AGAIN.

    • Anybody living in areas with storms may wish to vacate the area

      Why. When gas/diesel engines are banned the clean up efforts will become near impossible.
      Stuck in the stone ages, no electricity.

      Imagine a day when the emergency and repair vehicles fall into discharge and may not be charge fast enough to meet the call demand.

      It’s coming. California is to set to ban ICE delivery trucks by 2040. Those truck which are to bring us food.

      • Hi ERLE,

        My contempt for The Chimp exceeds that which I feel for the doddering old pedophile who currently wears the purple. He is responsible for innumerable evils, but the highlights include the now-background-noise mindlessness of national political discourse. He cheapened and degraded everything, left the country mean and mindless. Normalized the semi-lliterate neo-fascist verbiage of “with us or against us” and “enemies of freedom.” He also laid the executive groundwork for the medical fascism we’ve been dealing with. And – most of all – he is singularly responsible for Barack Hussein Obama and his puppet, the kid-sniffer. Public loathing for The Chimp ushered in Obama – an otherwise unelectable minor-league machine politician from Chicago – and now we have him again, with the kid-sniffer fronting for him (and his).

        The Chimp and his entire family represent the worst of this country’s sins.

  15. I also wonder what happens to that EV battery if the car gets submerged, which is quite likely with the amount of flooding from hurricanes. Is it waterproof or does it burst into flames? Inquiring minds want to know 😆

    • …Or does your ass get electrocuted by the 400V battery pack, Mike? Of course, you have to become part of a circuit for that, but how many want to bet their lives on it? That 12V Diehard begins to look pretty friendly.

      All good questions though!

    • EV’s with lithium fire bomb batteries are very dangerous…..

      Lithium-ion batteries may suffer thermal runaway and cell rupture if overheated or overcharged, and in extreme cases this can lead to combustion. When handled improperly, or if manufactured defectively, some rechargeable batteries can experience thermal runaway resulting in overheating.

      Sealed cells will sometimes explode violently if safety vents are overwhelmed or nonfunctional.

      The difference with EV car fires is the use of high voltage lithium-ion batteries which can short and break down and spontaneously combust, and also that lithium-ion fires are difficult to extinguish and produce toxic smoke

      Reports of exploding cellphones have been published in newspapers. In 2006, batteries from Apple, HP, Toshiba, Lenovo, Dell and other notebook manufacturers were recalled because of fire and explosions.

      EV fires
      a fire broke out on the vehicle deck of the MS Pearl of Scandinavia on its way from Oslo to Copenhagen.
      It was determined that the cause of the fire was a short circuit in the plug of an extension cord used to charge a rebuilt Nissan Qashqai, converted into a battery electric vehicle

      A Zotye M300 EV operating as a taxicab caught fire in Hangzhou, China, in April 2011.
      Due to the incident, the city authorities decided to halt all electric taxis on safety concerns,
      The city’s official investigation team found the cause of the fire was the car’s defective battery pack due to lack of quality control during manufacturing.

      Electrek had compiled a list of 18 battery-related Chevrolet Bolt fires, and one possible-battery related fire.[31] The frequent fires resulted in a recall of about 110,000 Chevrolet Bolt and Bolt EUV EVs from the 2017 through 2022 model years.[32]
      the company has started buying back some Bolts. Moreover, GM recommended that Bolt owners park their cars outside and at least 50 feet away from other vehicles.

      Chevrolet Volt
      As a result of a crash-tested Chevrolet Volt that caught fire in June 2011 three weeks after the testing, two of the three tests resulted in thermal events, including fire.

      Fisker Karma
      Fisker Karma plug-in hybrid.
      In December 2011, Fisker Automotive recalled the first 239 Karmas delivered to the U.S. due to a risk of battery fire caused by coolant leak….
      a Fisker Karma was involved in a home fire that also burnt two other cars in Fort Bend County, Texas. The chief fire investigator said the Karma was the origin of the fire that spread to the house
      A second fire incident took place in August 2012 when a Karma caught fire while stopped at a parking lot

      BYD e6
      In May 2012, after a Nissan GTR crashed into a BYD e6 taxi in Shenzhen, China, the electric car caught fire after hitting a tree killing all three occupants

      a ByteDance’s automotive media in China, performed a crash test of BYD Han EV versus Arcfox Alpha-S.
      NOTE: Having been parked for 48 hours after the test, only the Han EV caught fire and burned to the ground.

      On June 15, 2022, a BYD Han EV caught fire on a road in Xaysetha district, Vientiane, Laos

      a BYD Tang DM-i (plug-in hybrid) caught fire on a flatbed tow truck, on a road in mainland China

      a BYD Qin Pro EV caught fire at a charging station in Shenzhen, China

      Dodge Ram 1500 Plug-in Hybrid demonstrator
      In September 2012 Chrysler temporarily suspended a demonstration program that was conducting with 109 Dodge Ram 1500 Plug-in Hybrids and 23 Chrysler Town & Country plug-in hybrids. All units deployed in the program were recalled due to damage sustained by three separate pickup trucks when their 12.9 kWh battery packs overheated.

      EV caught fire under water
      during the storm and flooding caused by Hurricane Sandy on the night of October 29, 2012, one Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid and 16 Fisker Karmas caught fire while being parked at Port Newark-Elizabeth Marine Terminal. The vehicles were partially submerged by flash floods caused by the hurricane…an EV under water can catch fire…..
      ice cars under water don’t catch fire …

      The lithium-ion battery of an i-MiEV caught fire at the Mizushima battery pack assembly plant…….In May 2019 an Outlander caught fire after immersion in salt water

      There have been at least thirty deaths involving incidents of Tesla car fires
      A Tesla Model S caught fire after the vehicle hit debris on a highway……
      a fire broke out in an Irvine, California garage where a Tesla Model S was plugged in and charging….etc..etc..

      a Nissan Leaf caught fire and was destroyed on a road

      a VW ID.3 caught fire while travelling

      a VW e-Golf caught fire in Triangel, Germany.

      a Panamera E-Hybrid that was plugged into a household outlet for charging in Thailand burst into flames.

      a Porsche Taycan burned while parked in a residential garage in Florida

      a fully electric Hyundai Ioniq caught fire in Sehnde-Müllingen, Germany

      a Kona Electric was parked in a residential garage . The owner reported that the car was not plugged in at the time. An unprovoked fire began, and this triggered an explosion that projected the garage door across the street and caused damage to the attached structure.

      an Audi E-Tron Sportback caught fire near a car dealership in Munich, Germany,

      a BMW i3 caught fire in Vorendaal, Netherlands, while conntected to a charging station

      a Renault Zoe EV caught fire in Karmøy, Norway.

      a Fiat 500e crashed into a tree near Schmogrow-Fehrow, Germany, and caught fire.

      a Jaguar I-Pace crashed into a tree and caught fire in Oslo, Norway

      Electric ships
      The Norwegian ferry MF Ytterøyningen operated by Norled was delivered in 2006 and is equipped with a Corvus Orca Energy storage system (ESS) with 1989 kWh capacity. A small fire was reported on October 10, 2019 in the battery room

      a StreetScooter caught fire in a workshop in Trier, Germany,

    • Hi mike……..

      EV caught fire under water
      during the storm and flooding caused by Hurricane Sandy on the night of October 29, 2012, one Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid and 16 Fisker Karmas caught fire while being parked at Port Newark-Elizabeth Marine Terminal. The vehicles were partially submerged by flash floods caused by the hurricane…an EV under water can catch fire…..
      ice cars under water don’t catch fire …


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