Cognitive Cripples

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Leftism isn’t so much an ideology as it is a pathology. Leftists are cognitively crippled, emotionally incontinent and morally blinkered people. This is not to insult them. It is to diagnose them.

The Left’s “my body, my choice” mantra, for instance.

Only a cognitively crippled person would,  on the one hand, assert that a woman has the right to “choose” to end her pregnancy because it is her body while in the same breath also asserting that people have no right to refuse to submit to the violation of their bodies via the “mandating” of “vaccines” – and “masks.”

The Leftist will abide no interference with “my body, my choice”when it comes to the first thing; will militantly assert the primacy of the individual and her right to “choose.” That any limitation of this right is an assault upon her (and every other woman’s) rights. And then insists that no woman – or man – has any right to object to being told they must wear a “mask” or submit to being “vaccinated.”

When it comes to the former, the rights of the individual are suddenly limited by obligations to others. But there is no obligation whatsoever to the body of the other person growing within the person insisting that it is solely and only her body that is at issue and so solely and only her “choice.”

When objections based on factual  observations are raised, the Leftist will invariably become emotional, screaming rather than discussing. Becomes agitated and defensive when the moral incongruity is pointed out.

Whether one favors – or opposes – the “right to choose” as regards abortion is not the issue. The issue is the fractured mental state of the Leftist. If the “right to choose” is predicated upon “my body, my choice” then surely, by the logic asserted, people have the same “right to choose” as regards what goes into their bodies as the Leftist does with regard to what is removed from their bodies.

Ask a Leftist whether he’d object if you were to take what you consider to be a “fair share” of the money he has in his wallet. That by dint of his having earned it, he “owes” you a portion of it. Probably he will object to your taking any of it. Yet the same Leftist will insist that people be made to pay what the Leftist styles “their fair share” of taxes – i.e.,  be made to hand over their money, however much of it the Left claims they “owe.” Is it not cognitively crippled to oppose the one while very much supporting the other? Leftists dislike robbery and theft as much as most people do – but only when it doesn’t benefit them.

When it does, the Leftist supports robbery and theft.

Similarly, this business of being able to speak freely. The Leftist is very much a supporter of being able to speak freely, if the speaker is a Leftist. If the speaker is not a Leftist and his speech affronts the Leftist, then it is “hateful” or “misinformation” (even when informed and factual) and the Leftist supports suppressing it and even punishing the speaker for saying it.

Only a cognitively crippled – and morally dissonant – person would say both things at the same time. And when someone else says anything about the moral dissonance and cognitive incongruity of favoring free speech for oneself but opposing it for others, the Leftist will typically become angry – and emote.

The latter symptom is perhaps most singularly diagnostic of Leftism. Leftists “reason” via their feelings, in the manner of children who’ve not attained the age of reason. It does not matter to the Left whether you are right. The Leftist will not even entertain the possibility that he might be wrong. The possibility is forestalled by an immediate pouring forth of . . . emotion, in the manner of a child throwing a temper tantrum upon being told that it may not have the toy it wants or that it is bedtime now.

This characteristic – of becoming emotionally incontinent when the Leftist does not get his way – was abundantly displayed by the Left when the candidate they wanted to win (Hillary Clinton) lost to the candidate they wanted to lose (Donald Trump). It did not matter that Trump won. All that mattered was that they – the Left – did not get its way. And for the ensuing four years, the Left threw a temper-tantrum comparable to the ones thrown by five-year-olds told its bedtime now.

Of course, when they did get their way – and what they wanted – then it was all ok. Unless someone questioned whether the person they wanted to win (Biden) had actually won.

Then it was suddenly not ok.

There is, of course, another possibility as regards the Left. It was elaborated upon at length by one of his history’s most infamous  – and murderous – Leftists, Vladimir Lenin. Also by Adolf Hitler, another Leftist infamous for his temper-tantrums.

It is that, for a Leftist, there are no constants or values or principles other than the getting and holding onto of political power. To the degree that a given particular furthers or preserves the power of the Left, then the Leftist not only supports it but militantly opposes any who question let alone oppose it, often denouncing the questioner in the basest, most contemptuous and self-righteous manner imaginable.

Until precisely the moment that the particular thing at issue – free speech, for instance; or “my body, my choice” – no longer serves to enhance the power of the Left over any who question the Left.

At which point the Leftist wheels around and attacks it with the ferocity of a rabid animal. We may be on the cusp of witnessing an epic wheel-about if the Left is electorally repudiated next week, never mind the verdict of “our Democracy.”

Leftism, then, is both derangement and dishonesty. It is a kind of fluid insanity that is both lucid and lunatic, at the same time – held together by an insatiable lust for power at all costs. Orwell gave us perhaps the most frightening – because accurate – depiction of the mental state of a Leftist via his character, O’Brien, in the novel 1984.

O’Brien was sane – yet insane. Civil and urbane. Yet rabid, too. Both aware – and unaware. But always lusting for power, the thing that – in O’Brien’s words – is defined by having the ability to make others suffer.

Once one understands this, one understands Leftists.

. . .

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  1. An interesting aspect of the Leftist hysteria is the corruption of science. An often-repeated claim is that the Leftist agenda is beyond reproach because it is “science,” and if you don’t go along with it, that’s because you are a stupid, uneducated, dim-witted Bible-thumping snake-handler.

    The Left tells us that the “science” says we must give up our gas-powered cars to prevent “climate change” and get shoehorned into an electric vehicle. The “science” tells us that race does not exist — yet affirmative action is necessary. The “science” tells us that gender is a social construct and that 12-year-olds can have “gender-affirming” surgery.

    Well, the “science” also tells us that the fetus is a living, developing, unique human person. Run a DNA analysis on an aborted fetus and you’ll find that it is most assuredly NOT part of the “woman’s own body” over which she can exercise “choice.” She made a choice when she engaged in sexual intercourse, every farmer knows exactly how the cows and the bulls reproduce in his own barnyard, yet somehow the people who claim to be the most “scientific” engage in the most magical thinking.

    • X,

      Tony Fauci also claimed to be “The Science” and called literally any attacks on him “Attacks on science”, even though REAL SCIENCE showed him to be little more than a liar, and yet, there were those who’ve come to think of him as some sort of “Saint of Public Health”.

    • It is interesting to note that “scientists” consider an insignificant microbe on Mars to be “life” while denying that same distinction to pre-born human life here on earth.
      In fact, eagles and other animals have more protections than pre-born humans.
      Double standard indeed.

  2. Despite an FDA study finding that the Pfizer COVID jab elevates the risk of myocarditis in kids who take it, the CDC effectively added the “vaccines” to the childhood vaccination schedule, and the Biden Thing was practically BEGGING Americans to get that VAXX or the new booster jab if they’re eligible for it…..there needs to be MASSIVE pushback against the Biden Regime and the various insane policies they’re trying to SHOVE down the masses’ throats to please the Technocratic elite at the WEF.

    • John,

      Refusing to stay “up to date” on “boosters” is pushback. That’s why TPTB are so angered by it. It demonstrates that people are starting to refuse to listen to them, and that people no longer necessarily trust the system.

      Most of us probably were already doing that, but now there are more people joining the party. Lots more. Enough to threaten TPTB and their position at the top of the pyramid. Good. The system was rotten anyhow, and needs a reboot. Doing nothing merely allows nature to take its course, as the bureaucracy collapses under its own weight (as all bureaucracies eventually do).

      • Publius,

        You’re right, not getting ANOTHER booster is a form of pushing back. I forgot about these public health bureaucrats changing the term “Fully Vaccinated” to “Up-to-date”. They’ve told so many lies and made up LOTS of stuff the past 2 1/2+ years it’s hard to remember it all. I still think the Biden Regime and authoritarian governors might double, triple, or quadruple down on COVID tyranny after the midterm elections and even bring back face diaper mandates for domestic air travel, federal buildings, public indoor spaces, etc. Why ANYONE STILL approves of Joe Biden is beyond me.

        I read somewhere that only 3 or 5 percent of vaxxed people eligible for that new booster jab took it, and a small percentage of parents who have children under 5 years old got their children vaxxed. I suspect that the Biden Thing and Big Media will run a HEAVY fear porn campaign at some point to frighten people into getting ANOTHER vaxx.

        • Fear porn—crying wolf—is particularly susceptible to the law of diminishing returns.

          They may indeed try…but it won’t work very well this time.

          All we have to do, is nothing. A much easier job than theirs.

          • Publius,

            I hope you’re right. However, there are still people who belieeeeeeeeve whatever they hear from Joe Biden, Tony Fauci, the CDC, MSNBC, CNN, etc. And Big Media seems to be warning of a TRIPLE THREAT this winter……. RSV, COVID, and the flu, and if the previous fear porn campaign is any indication, it’s likely they’ll blame it on……..LOW VACCINATION RATES!.

  3. This is very well said Eric:

    “The Leftist will abide no interference with “my body, my choice”when it comes to the first thing; will militantly assert the primacy of the individual and her right to “choose.” That any limitation of this right is an assault upon her (and every other woman’s) rights. And then insists that no woman – or man – has any right to object to being told they must wear a “mask” or submit to being “vaccinated.” ”


    So the question is how can these Leftists be committed to individual liberty when it comes to abortion but when it comes to the mask and vaxx they are intolerant? That is a big mystery until you learn you is running the psyop.

    I have written a hundred times that Jews believe in free speech for themselves, and you can go to hell. Jews own the media, they use the First Amendment to broadcast their propaganda over all the MSM outlets, television, newspapers, magazines and radios. They are currently running an anti-white hate campaign, if you are white, you are evil they say.

    As a white person in Amerika, who is tired of being demonized by these Jews, who are not loyal to anything but themselves, who hate our nation, hate our people, who start wars on lies will not allow you to exercise your First Amendment right of free speech. Blatant double standard.

    Jews want abortion, they now claim it is a religious value of Jews. So the way the psyop is run, the Jew makes it clear you shall not go against abortion. But the Jews are being the vaxx genocide, so they make it clear you shall not go against the covid vaxx narrative. The hyprocrisy matters not, the only thing that matters is that you do what the Jew says.

    It doesn’t matter if the situation is illogical, it only matters that you obey them and do not criticize them. For instance the ADL lectures us endlessly about the Holocaust, yet at the same time the Jews in Israel are waging a holocaust on the native Palestinians – having them locked up and bombed in Gaza, much worse than the Warsaw ghetto. But you are not allowed to talk about that, in fact they will go after you if you point it out.

    I will give you another example Eric, just recently another special interest group lobbied Congress to recognize the Armenian genocide. The ADl fought it tooth and nail, because the ADL Jews only want you to pity them, not any other race/religion and their suffering. Jews wanted a monopoly on the pity party. (BTW the official Holocaust narrative is complete bullshit – no gas chambers)

    What is really obnoxious about these ADL Jews, is how they assume they are the arbiters of what is allowed to be said on social media, and just this week Elon Musk was in a meeting with the ADL censors. Elron (like L Ron Hubbard) MuskRAT is a fool to have even kneeled down and kissed their ring, because now they are pulling the ad revenue for Twitter.

    this is also very good read:

    Elon Musk

    If Google was a fairy tale, Tesla motors is a Cinderella delusion. Looking through the man’s record – and blowing away all the smoke – Musk went from sleeping in his car and eating leaves from trees to (again within six weeks more or less) being the CEO of “the world’s most valuable car company” and sending spacecraft to the moon. How do you suppose that happened?

    Almost everyone in the last century attempting to design and market a new brand of automobile has failed miserably. Except for China and Russia, everyone – most especially including the USA and NASA – has failed in space missions or haven’t the money to do it. But along comes Elon Musk who can do all of these and more. Tesla’s aim is to sell more electric cars than all other manufacturers combined, and to become America’s default space agency.

    There is no evidence that Musk has any executive or management abilities of consequence; his staff hate him, his Board of Directors despises him, the SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission) believe he is a menace, and shareholders panic at his presence. The available information states freely that Musk plays no active part in the management of Tesla, nor in anything to do with outer space. I do not deny that the man may have some abilities; I claim only that they are not yet evident. Why is he there, with his apparent $200 billion bank account? As with all the others, Elon Musk is a figurehead, a ‘front’, someone hired for a job with great pay, much publicity, and perfect obedience.

    • Jews have to be “the bride at every wedding” and “the corpse at every funeral”.
      You see, only jewish suffering counts. The “rest of us” are “no better than livestock, to be used (and abused) for the advantage of the jews”. It’s all in their jewish supremacist text, the talmud.
      Despite WW2 civilian losses being much greater than the actual verified number 271,000-NOT 6,000,000 as claimed by the jews, only jewish lives count. Of course, (((they))) will dispute this and have criminalized any deviation from the “official” numbers. Ask Ursula Haverbeck, Monika Schaefer, Sylvia Stolz, and Ernst Zundel about being prosecuted and imprisoned for “thoughtcrimes”.
      It’s in their blood. Jews are parasites, living off their respective “host” countries.
      Once jews achieve control, they always overstep their welcome in their host country and eventually the “host” expels the parasitic jewish invaders.
      All one has to do is look back through history and observe the excesses of the Wiemar Republic which the jews used to their own advantage. The average impoverished German did not have “a pot to p!ss in” while his wealthy jewish neighbors were trading food for land.
      It is a loosely-guarded secret that most European jews HATE the physical landmass of israel as it is too “middle eastern” (arabic) for European jews…
      Parasitic jews have already set their sights on Ukraine, which is an ideal headquarters and epicenter for jewish criminal enterprises as it is located on the European continent. The USA is already embroiled in the Ukraine war which is about to explode into WW3. It starts out with military equipment and hardware “help” as well as shekels.
      There are no easy solutions for the parasitic jew problem, but solutions are indeed necessary.
      Staying out of (another) European war for the benefit of the jews is imperative.

  4. We live in a country that has been compromising with Leftists for generations and as a result we speed uncontrollably down the road into the world of Orwell, Huxley and Kafka. A world of total relativism where truth, morality, biology and reality are subject to random irrational interpretations. The chaos is expanding exponentially, as government/media propaganda shouts a new existential crisis of disease, finance, and war every day. Things that can’t continue, don’t.

  5. Howsabout the way the lefties did a complete 180 regarding war? They used to be the anti-war party, and as much as I hated everything else they stood for, at least I could say we had some common ground there from which to work from- and knowing that we both had a basic respect for the value of innocent life, property, sovereignty, etc. at least made for some basic mutual respect, knowing that our opponent maybe wasn’t a complete inhuman monster [Well…until it came to abortion, anyway…] and they would thus realize the same about us. But now even that is gone!

    \They also used to support the constitution and free speech….while those things could benefit them in achieving power and destroying the institutions of our society…but of course, as soon as they accomplished those goals, they crapped on all of the most basic rights.

    Funny thing is, the leftie party has now gone so far that it has become too leftist for all but the hardcore libtards and the insane [I’m being redundant]- From what I’ve seen, they’re pushing away many of the typical working class demonrats, due to their radicalism and just plain craziness. It seems the ones who support them are either crazy rebellious immature-for-teir-age indoctrinated clueless college students, or people (especially older D’s) who get all of their information from TV and other mainstream sources, and thus don’t realize what these bastards are truly about.

    I have a long-time old acquaintance who fits the latter definition above. He voted for Pedo Joe. When I told him that Bidet would likely start a war with Russia, and wants to outlaw his AR-15…he plain-out didn’t believe me. Talk about ignorance! But of course, if it weren’t for ignorance, we wouldn’t have politics….and the right is equally guilty of both ignorance, denial and that wonderful drug of cognitive dissonance.

    • ‘people (especially older D’s) who get all of their information from TV and other mainstream sources, and thus don’t realize what these bastards are truly about.’ — Nunzio

      Bingo … spot on, Nunzio.

      Perfectly describes some over-80 family members, who grew up Democrat when it was still a mainstream party.

      Subsisting on a media diet of cable news (excluding Fox) and a standard liberal print newspaper, they just don’t realize that today’s D-party is a completely different animal than the party of their youth and middle age.

      Mention that ‘vaccines’ are dangerous (as they schedule a booster appointment) and they react with honest bafflement — ‘never heard that before’ (literally). Must be some right-wing radio crackpot jive.

      • Perfect example, citing the non-vaccine, Jim H.! The very person I used as an example in my previous post indeed is vaxxed….and is suffering several of the associated health detriments- such as a pulmonary embolism that nearly killed him; blood clots in his legs; and now the expected heart problems….”but it’s not from the shots” ya know….that’s crazy talk! Nor does he remember (or maybe just refuses to admit it) that I told him what Biden would do re Russia and guns, back in 2020.

        NOTHING- not even reality slapping them in the face personally, will cause them to see reality as long as they are being fed a steady diet of adult fairy tales by the media.

        • Sad to say, Nunzio, that same vaxxed person reminds me of those who (back in WW2), would walk into the gas chambers, swearing to the end it was just a shower. Just like back then, today, these hard-core, pro-vaxxed people simply will refuse to admit they were wrong, and see the truth. They suffer from too much pride and arrogance to believe they were wrong about anything, even if it kills them.

    • I have to disagree. Lefties were never against war. They only protested against Iraq in 2003 because Chimpy had an R after his name. They were for doing the same thing in 1998.

      As for Vietnam, the homefront was a complete psyop. See Dave McGowan’s writings on Laurel Canyon. The first person to speak against the Vietnam war was MacArthur. The second was Ayn Rand.

      • Horst,
        No, at one time, lefties were actually opposed to war and the MIC. Then the tide started to turn, and as you say, by this century, they had abandoned that sentiment…just as they abandoned any regard for true ‘civil liberties’ and the constitution, which, back in the day, they used to be all about.

        And of course, Vietnam was a complete travesty, and another transfer of vast amounts of our wealth to the bankers and pols.

      • Yes. Thanks for pointing it out. And these peoples from socialistic or communistic countries decide what we can say. So people without our values are deciding what we can talk about. It is a complete outrage. And it is even worse, they were selling the blue check status on the black market:

        Musk Says Twitter Employees Were Selling Verification Status

        “Elon Musk confirmed today that Twitter employees were selling verification status outside of regular company channels. Some were reportedly charging up to $15,000 for blue check verification.”

        found on

    • About the screaming liberal meme pic at the top. I looked it up.


      Luke Crywalker, also known as Screaming Trump Protester, is a nickname given to anti-Trump protester Jessica Starr after she was recorded screaming in agony during the inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States of America.

      On January 20th 2017, ITV News published video footage of Starr screaming immediately after Trump was sworn in as president. The video has since been reuploaded to YouTube (shown below).

      Now it must be some kind of coincidence that the camera man just happened to be set up perfectly to capture the hysterics of the libtard when Trump was announced president. It is obviously a set up, the person screaming is an actor.

  6. The derangement and dishonesty of leftism is nowhere more evident than Katie Hobbs. Katie is the Pedocrat party gubernatorial candidate for the the late great state of Maricopa. She’s also a biology denier, minion of Soros, and general all around ham beast, who hates white people.

    Katie has finally been called out on her moral dissonance and cognitive incongruity of remaining Sec of State, at the same time she runs for Governor. Recently a group of former Sec of States counseled her that such a thing may be a conflict. They said she should hand off her duties overseeing the election, to one of the recorders, or an underling.

    Holy crap, 5 days from an election, and these really smart ‘leaders’ just came to this conclusion. GTFO, they just realized people in Az are not OK with this, and if Katie wins, she will have absolutely zero consent of the governed.

    The leftist that protect her quickly closed ranks, asserting that without Katies firm grip as Secretary of Sate, Kari Lake would certainly steal the election. Although just 2 short years ago, when Katie actually stole an election for the Biden thing, the same people said a Secretary of State, by her very position was incapable of stealing an election. Apparently its impossible to steal as long as leftists are in power.

    • Hi Norman,

      In Oregon, there’s a gubernatorial candidate named Tina Kotek who ran ads trying to portray herself as some “Champion of Working Oregonians.” Only problem is, when she was in the State Legislature, she never stood up against the current Governor’s numerous unilateral extensions of her “COVID emergency powers”, which she used to become a DICTATOR & lockdown small businesses but allow LARGE business to stay open, putting NUMEROUS Oregonians out of work, plus enact ineffective mask and Vaxx mandates, which destroyed COUNTLESS lives as well as cause many MORE of those same “Working class Oregonians” to LOSE their jobs if they didn’t get the jab. Kotek NEVER said SQUAT about it, suggesting that if she replaces Kate Brown, she’ll try to MANDATE COVID jabs for children to go to school and/ or MANDATE the COVID jabs for ALL Oregonians. She already said in an interview with some TV station months ago that she’ll “Bring back mask mandates if The Science calls for it”, suggesting she’ll even try to bring that nonsense back.

      But, I guess all that matters to braindead lefties in Oregon who vote for her is “She’ll protect a woman’s right to choose”, even though they insist that EVERYONE get the jabs or else, proving the inconsistency of their mantra “My body, my choice “.

      • John B,

        I heard of Kotek, she almost sounds worse than Kate Moonbeam Brown. Looks like you have a chance of kicking some dems to the curb. That would be nice. Oregon could be such a wonderful state, its better than Cali, Imo.

        It seems like Az and Oregon are similar in that vote fraud is enabled in the largest cities, in the largest counties. Like we are supposed to believe that these blue areas have at, or near 100% turnout, every single time.

        In the summer of 2020 I went on a halibut charter out of Newport with my son. The captain of the charter was pretty cool. Even though Oregon had a state wide mask requirement, he was like ‘Eff that, you don’t need a mask on my boat or on the ocean,’ There were a couple covidiots on the trip, masked up the whole beautiful, sunny day.

        On our way in they wouldn’t sit in the cabin with everyone else, cause… plague. Was wonderful to see them get the Gortons fisherman treatment good and hard with freezing water. As we made our way in through that treacherous channel, wave after wave washed over the boat.

        After fishing we went to five or six restaurants before we found one that wasn’t enforcing the mandate. Of course it was full of people.

        Heres hoping you guys get your state back. The state of Jefferson could be a shinning example for others.

        • Norman,

          I think Kotek WILL be worse than Kate Brown if she becomes Governor. I don’t know why ANYONE would vote for Kotek, given that Oregon has been going down the proverbial drain under YEARS of 1 Party Democrat rule, and Oregon has become a national embarrassment because of Portland.

          Kate Brown has also ruled as a DICTATOR during the COVID “pandemic”, and Brown was rated the LEAST popular Governor in the whole country in a poll that was taken months ago. Not only has Brown destroyed COUNTLESS lives with her draconian COVID response, she’s also effectively fired numerous “essential workers” who didn’t get vaxxed and all but destroyed Oregon, and a Governor Tina Kotek would likely COMPLETELY DESTROY what’s left of Oregon. As a native Oregonian, I don’t want to see that, as Oregon itself has some beautiful areas. There is a former Democrat State Senator named Betsy Johnson who is running for Governor as an Independent, which made Oregon’s gubernatorial race a toss up. Apparently there are DEMOCRAT voters who don’t want Kotek as Governor so they’re voting for Johnson, though there are Republican voters who are voting for Johnson as well. If Johnson wins, it won’t be the worst thing in the world, but if Tina Kotek wins, she would likely make Kate Brown look like a moderate or Benevolent Dictator by comparison.

          There’s also a RADICAL Anti-gun measure on the state ballot called Measure 114, which Kotek supports and would effectively BAN the sale of guns if the people of Oregon stupidly vote for it. There have been MASSIVE efforts from myself and others to get the word out about how AWFUL it is, as proponents of the measure have been running a HEAVY propaganda campaign to get people to vote for it. If that monstrosity passes, innocent people will be defenseless against criminals and politicians who wish to be tyrannical against the people of Oregon.l

            • Nunz,

              Nope, Kotek is a Democrat. The Republican candidate for Oregon Governor is a former State Representative named Christine Drazan. She’s had current and former governors stump for her, and even had interviews with national media figures. She wasn’t my choice to be the Repubican nominee for Oregon Governor. I thought of voting for the former Democrat turned Independent candidate named Betsy Johnson, but given that Drazan has a real shot at winning, I’m voting for her.

              • That’s part of the problem too, John- so many women are being installed in positions of power. Apologies to some of the fine women here on this site, but in general, women are either more easily deceived and controlled…or they take the opposite tack, and “try to show everyone” and go on wild power trips and exhibit much cruelty in an effort to thwart any stereotypes. Not necessarily faulting the women for this- as this is what happens in a society where men are often no longer men, and where the people have rejected their long-held traditional values. Giving women the vote was one of the very first acts of subversion by those who were trying to usher in the NWO. Give women the vote=voting for emotion and for the state providing what they can not attain on their own/should be obtaining from their husbands (But who needs a husband when you have an Uncle who is willing to play Robin Hood for you?)= women rulers=easier control for the real rulers of this world.

                • Hey Nunzio, whats up with that? Seems most all of the best conservatives are women. Almost like TPTB are rubbing our face in it. They know feminine nature relies more on feelings than reason, making women leaders more easily influenced.

                  Real men are shut out of the process from the start. Just look at our clown world congress. Most would identify as male, but out of the 535 probably less than a dozen real men hold higher elected office. Same for the bureaucracy. Oh well maybe its just the year of the woman. Wait we already had that, a few times. Okay so its the year of the woman, Deus ex Machino.

                  • Good morning, Norman!

                    Our culture has for at least a generation or two egged on women to be masculine – and men to be deferential. Boys are taught to sit still and be quiet; punished if they behave like boys – usually, by women. Girls are encouraged to be “strong”- meaning, like boys used to be encouraged – and rewarded for being aggressive. The flaccidity we see in male politicians (and the “strength” in female ones) is a mirror of this.

                    I may get into trouble for this – but I have come to think the whole thing is unnatural. Meaning that while I would never support denying anyone the right to pursue whatever life course seems to them the right one, I think that the nature of men is to be the protectors and providers and the nature of women is to be the nurturers and supporters. That this is natural and healthy for both. That strong relationships – especially family relationships – are the foundation of cohesive, healthy and sane societies. Of happy ones. That this business of denigrating women who choose to be wives and mothers, to raise children and anchor their families in favor of a “career” that, for most, is just a job – a way to earn money that while honorable as such is meaningless in the end, is cancer. Raising kids and holding together a family is far more important. And – for a man – providing and protecting is just as important. I think we have lost sight of that. And I think it is a big part of the reason for the current mess.

                    • I don’t know why you’d get into trouble for speaking the truth!
                      Well, here, anyways: it’s not like this is politico or that atlantic.

                    • I’ve been saying that ever since the inception of “feminism”.
                      Women who claim that they can “do anything a man can do” are finally getting their comeuppance with the recent mentally ill male “swimmer” placing “first” in competition with “real” women.
                      Wait till more women start getting pushed out of deserved positions by being forced to compete with mentally ill biological males that claim that they are women.
                      If women are smart, they will refuse to compete in such situations. The power of the boycott is effective, especially in collegiate and professional sports. When “real” women refuse to compete with biological males, things will change, no matter how the mainstream media tries to “spin” it.
                      Women need to understand that being feminine is not in any way inferior but is complementary to males. Men and women ARE different. There is no getting around biology.

                    • Good morning Eric,

                      Those women who have chosen a career path will probably be lonely and unhappy in the end. What good does it do to have a huge bank account, yet have no one to love, and be loved by no one? Many women who chose this path are now figuring it out. Too late for some as their biological clock has wound down.

                      The underlying rot in our society can be traced to the education system, and the parents who turned their kids over to it. I was guilty of such. My kids attended public school and I went along, thinking how bad could it be? I turned out semi-literate and able to provide for my family, why wouldn’t my kids have the same experience? Not making the same mistake with my grandkids as we help with private religious schooling. I’m still under no illusion. At best the highest quality private schools are on par with the public education many of us received in the 70s-early 80s.

                      The whole thing went sideways in the mid to late 90s, with the war on boys. Its exactly as you said, boys were punished for being boys. From there it turned into redefining of everything. Up as down, black as white, day as night, etc. You nailed it, when you call it unnatural. At its core liberalism replaces God/tradition with something not of this world. We can still put a stop to it if enough young millennial parents withdraw their consent and choose other ways to educate their kids, resistance is not futile if the alternative is slavery.

                      Those of us who are older can help. I now occasionally attend local school board meetings. I decided if I see a parent who is struggling or trying to stand up to this tyranny I will try to buy them lunch, see if there is anything else I can do to help them. So far nothing, but we Gen X and especially boomers need to be ready to take one for the team. Alinsky tactics work well. Thats why the left is so fond of them. We on the side of tradition and old school values need to learn this.

                      Bottom up top down is how they’ve almost destroyed the country, and its how we might bring it back. That and full on economic collapse. While the collapse is ongoing, and pieces are being ‘reset, TPTB wont be minding the store. The leftists will only be concerned with getting flat screen Tee Vee’s, and all that alcohol they couldn’t afford. When this happens we should be out getting the leftists. Anyone who advocated for child mutilation, and transgender monsterism toward little children, should have no future in a civil society. Seems it wont be long now until we see which type of world we end up with.

                    • Eric, and all,
                      Check out this teenager DESTROYING his feminist teacher!

                      Kid is smarter and has more sense than the vast majority of adults these days!

                      Also: Re women being pushed into the workplace (while being made to think that they chose such, and that it is somehow something to be coveted):

                      I find that to be much the same as masking in regards to it’s effect on society in general. By pushing a good percentage of women into the workforce [I hate those collective terms- “workforce’, ‘workplace’…but I’ll use ’em as an abbreviation] it enabled the disproportionate rise in home prices, and also allowed TPTB to greatly raise property taxes, since with two incomes, households could now afford these higher expenses. Having to pay higher prices for homes and higher taxes more than negated any benefit of having the extra income created by having one’s wife work- and once enough women were working to enable those things, it then became obligatory for those who would want to be a housewife and mother to work, since a one-income fambly could no longer afford to compete in the artificial market created by artificially pushing women into ‘the workforce’.

                      And so here we are, where for several decades now, most kids are deprived of having a full-time mother, and familial ties are very weak, because the lives of everyone in a given household revolves around outside institutions and strangers, as opposed to home and fambly- and few can afford the lifestyle which, before working women became so prolific, was so common and easily attainable to anyone who worked at even a modest endeavor, that it was a given that one could have a home and kids and a stay-at-home wife. Now, many professionals do not even enjoy such a lifestyle as was not so long ago the norm even for the lower-eschelon blue-collar worker.

                • “in general, women are either more easily deceived and controlled…or they take the opposite tack, and “try to show everyone” and go on wild power trips and exhibit much cruelty in an effort to thwart any stereotypes”

                  That’s part of it. The other part is that women are driven much more by their feelings than men are. That’s not a great quality for a political leader.
                  There’s a reason that, throughout history, political leaders and rulers have been men, with very few exceptions.

                  • You are absolutely correct! Thanks for posting.
                    A good example of “a woman scorned” and taking it out on her constituents is that of Michigan’s governor Whitmer.
                    –Placing COVID-positive patients in nursing homes, compromising the fragile health of present residents…
                    –Lockdowns and forced “masking”…
                    –Forced closures of (selected) small businesses, churches, schools, restaurants, hair salons and barbershops, plant and seed sections of “big box” stores using “law enforcement” to enforce these illegal mandates.
                    –Keep in mind that “attorney general” Dana Nessel’s favorite “gay bar” was allowed to remain open all during the “lockdown”.
                    –Whitmer’s “husband” attempted to get to the front of the line to get his boat launched, in contravention of then existing “lockdown” mandates.
                    –Continually extending “lockdowns” while openly flouting those same restrictions placed on us “ordinary people” as vengeance for “pushback” from state residents.
                    “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”.

                    • Anarch,
                      What’s really telling- and a blatant example of what we’re talking about- is that so many of these corporations, such as GM didn’t go ‘woke’ until a female-heavy management regime was put into place in them.

          • I would bet there are more of you guys than there are raving leftists. They just get all the attention and win by mail in ballot. I’ve run the numbers in Az, on the low end there are at least a million like me, even though I’m slightly to the right of Ghengis Khan. I would bet its similar there. Remember they cant make a single one of there lunatic fever dreams come true without help from men with guns. They cant do it themselves, All they are good at is breaking stuff and crapping where they live. If they go full blown Marxist go full blown 1776-7.62×39 back.

            That radical gun law is just awful. Thats what they do, when they sense they might have a difficult election cycle. Put some kind of extremist social question up on the ballot to gin up their base. Both sides do it, so I guess it must work. The folks far away from Portlandia, on the Eastern side of the cascades should just ignore it. They probably cant effectively enforce it except in and around Eugene and Portland. Funny thing that though, I’m sure they look the other way when it comes to their pets like anti fa and other criminal enterprises.

            The gun issue would certainly be a strong starting point to make the state of Jefferson a reality. Separation seems to be the ticket at this point. We try every last thing to avoid war, and they take this as weakness, when in fact its because many on our side have seen war and don’t wish it even on our enemies.

            The thing that has saved Az going completely off the rails is constitutional carry. It has become so ingrained, so widespread, they would need millions of enforcers to end it. I like a state that recognizes my innate right to self defense. The whole armed society being a polite society really works for me. It is a natural fit for us, cowboy tradition and all that jazz.

  7. Great article Eric,
    It’s an example of the “rules for thee but not for me” mentality that infects control freaks. Saying they act like two year olds is an insult to actual two year olds 😆. Their minds are made up so don’t bother them with facts, the official narrative must be maintained at all costs. The medical industrial complex is already crying “wolf” about a “triple threat crisis” of the flu, RSV, and covid coming this winter. I think the best reaction to that is to laugh at them, but who knows how crazy they’ll get as they see their power slipping away.

      • ‘It came to me circa 3 this morning’ — eric

        No coincidence: 3 am is when the ‘clear channel stations’ of the universe come in loud and clear, without human noise or solar interference … whether it’s essay themes or (for me) dreaming in Excel.

  8. A great deal of the Left’s problem with reality is their addiction to convenience. Moral fiber is NOT convenient, as any that has some well knows. It denies your baser desires. The “convenience” of abortion, for example. The convenience of living off another’s work, as in “free money”. The convenience of simply throwing a tantrum over what displeases you, rather than arguing it out.
    Thinking is hard.
    Moral foundation and ethical principals are hard.
    Doing the obviously right thing is hard.
    We don’t like hard.
    As the late great Walter Williams once pointed out, (paraphrased) “Many people are deeply concerned about protecting their rights. Yours? Not so much.”

  9. Cognitively crippled former Twitter employees were jonesin’ to get to work, Elon says no. Musk pushed the reset button.

    146,000 USD yearly pay, 12,000 per month, to nothing is going to hurt some. The problem with hyper-inflated everything, when your job is gone, you won’t be able to catch up. Zero is a lot less than 146,000 dollars. Get woke, go broke.

    3700 times 146,000 equals 540,200,000 dollars in cost savings.

    Pray for the leftist tools and fools, Twitter employees who were laid off went from useful idiots to useless eaters in one fell swoop.

    Just like the Three Amigos, they got streamlined.

  10. The cognitive cripple I habit both wings of the demonic predatory bird. Try criticizing “the troops, police, or zionist media to a right winger and see heads explode.

    I’ll admit that the left is far more overt in forcing their flavor of ice cream down your throat in typical machiavellian fashion. By whatever means necessary. Slander, appeal to emotions, brute force etc. recognizing these patterns and not capitulation to any of it is key. Do not give these petulant children a single inch, ever.
    Imagine throwing another log on the fire and thinking “well that ought or be enough to satisfy the flames foreeever!”
    Just look at the Kyre Irving story. He apologized for nothing, gave up 500k to the ADL and now they smell blood and want more of it.

    The only logical and moral consistency you’ll find in leftists is: They want what they want period the end.

    • IIRC, they also went after Kyrie Irving for not getting that vaxx which neither prevents infection NOR “Stops the spread” of the dreaded ‘Rona.

  11. ‘It did not matter that Trump won. For the ensuing four years, the Left threw a temper-tantrum.’ — eric

    And — horribly — though Trump is not on the ballot next Tuesday, the leftist temper tantrum actually bids to escalate when some of Trump’s proxies win.

    Bend over for the coming collective punishment for voting wrong: namely, ‘attorney general’ Merrick Beria Garland’s appointment of a special prosecutor to hound Trump for the next two years, exactly as Robert ‘Torquemada’ Mueller did with his fraudulent Russiagate ‘investigation’ created from whole cloth by the FBI.

    Today Boyd Cathey posted a thoughtful essay titled “Will Donald Trump Bring on the End of History?” Excerpt:

    ‘The unleashed, unbridled hatred for Trump and his supporters is there for anyone to see and digest. It is visceral, violent, and very real. Those anti-Trump folks are possessed by a demonic desire to destroy and liquidate their opponents.

    ‘What Donald Trump did in 2016 was double-fold — he awakened millions to the fact that we were not masters of our own destinies, that we were under the heel of the Deep State elites; and he also unleashed a frenzied and, in fact, satanic reaction from those who understood the significance of his victory, even if Trump actually did not.

    ‘Trump [candidacy] would likely produce an utter raging madness from the Leftist insaniacs. Dozens of American cities would go up in flames, again, but this time with a ferocity and abandon which would hopefully force Americans to make some very serious choices.’

    Cities on flame may or may not produce the desired result. But they definitely would provoke a decisive showdown. ‘Bring it on,’ taunts Cathey. After all, the Left is going to ‘bring it on’ anyway, whether we ask for it or not.

    • merrick garland’s given name is “garfinkle”. Gee, I wonder what (((tribe))) he belongs to?
      I’ll bet its the same (((tribe))) who imprisons elderly grandmothers (Ursula Haverbeck and Monika Schaefer) for (wrongthink) about “that which shall not be questioned”–the holocaust.

      • I love so many of ’em change their names -from actors to executives- to politicians…just so that most of the ‘dumb dog goyim’ don’t realize who is ruling them, and will deny that any particular group has long been conspiring…….

  12. Asking simple questions about what we were told regarding COVID, Climate Change, the COVID “vaccines”, the 2020 election, etc., or challenging The Left’s delusions got one labeled “White Supremacists”, “Racist”, “Fascist”, “Nazi”, “______ extremist”, “Anti _____”, a “______ Denier”, a “Grandma killer”, a “Baby killer”, etc. by Leftists. I was even called “An uneducated Anti-vaxxer” once on social media for posting something from the weekly online program The Highwire, even though that program is one of the few media outlets that was RIGHT all along regarding the COVID “pandemic”.

    And given that the globalist/ technocratic elite at the WEF, WHO, UN are trying to implement what can only be called an Anti-human agenda worldwide, are Leftists advocates of it or are they useful idiots for those elitists? Hard to say.

    • That photo is devastating on so many levels.

      Well ordered, motivated, organized, strident, attractive woman vs. sloppy, unfocused, troublemaking savage.

      Pretty much sums up the battle we’re in.

  13. To the left, the state truly is their religion. Anything that deviates from the religious dogma is verboten. Trump was not the prophet, Hillary was, the TV told them so.

    Heretics, such as Glenn Greenwald, are excommunicated because he dared stray outside the lines of their religious texts.

    Their priests are absolved when they do wrong (Clintons, Bidens, Swalwell) while all minor infractions of thought and deed are blasted in the public square for those not baptized in the church.

    When the scripture is revealed as wrong – President Trump – the crying rooms and safe spaces are flooded by the congregants to soothe their disappointments. Then, like the religions that constant predict the incorrect end of the world, they cry out with the same mantras with belief in the next projected date.

    “Our democracy” – whatever that means – is at stake. Our very way of life is on the precipice of destruction. The great experiment is almost over. Vote, vote, vote is the sacrament. The rites and sacrament will assure their salvation in congress. And if not, then it was due to the great Satan suppressing our VIP church members and the results are against the will of God.

    Yep, its a religion, made possible by the government educational system and their partners in media.

  14. ‘Leftism, then, is both derangement and dishonesty.’ — eric

    Journalist Brian McGlinchey of San Antonio takes on a citadel of leftism, the K-12 public school monopoly and its leftist unions, empowered by leftist politicians like ‘Senator’ Liz Warren:

    ‘Pandering to teacher unions as a presidential candidate, Warren said she not only wanted to stop school choice programs, but also end federal funding for charter schools and make it harder to open new ones.

    ‘Yet Warren sent her son to private schools — including one on Philadelphia’s wealthy Main Line where total fees today are $42,600. Worse, she actually denied it when confronted about her hypocrisy by a group of black Atlanta activists.’

    Why do presidents and Congressclowns — universally, with no exceptions — send their kids to private schools (such as Sidwell Friends for the Obama daughters and Chelsea Clinton) rather than DeeCee public schools? Two reasons.

    One is that student achievement in DC public schools, by objective measures, is poor. The other is absolutely undiscussable: DC public school students are 80% minority, and about 60% black.

    Fedgov politicians don’t have a problem, per se, with melanin-rich skin. What they abhor is ghetto culture, which glorifies superficial forms of social status such as fashionable clothing and gang affiliation, while disparaging academic achievement.

    So they throw money at failing public schools, knowing that funding is not the problem, since the actual issue is verboten to mention. And the band plays on …

    McGlinchey bears good news: as of June 2022, Arizona smashed the ossified public school monopoly, giving parents $7,000 per student to spend wherever they choose. Next year, says McG, Texas likely will enact the Arizona model as well.

    Structurally, busting the public school monopoly is a far more radical and far-reaching reform than electing a majority Republican Clowngress. Actual reform bubbles up from the states and the people, not empty-suit Congressclowns.

    • The failure of GovCo schools was a topic on the Pete Kaliner Show on News/Talk 1110 & 99,3FM WBT ( Friday Nov. 4. (It was part of the reaction to the ruling on a decades long lawsuit over school funding in NC that came out just as his show began.)

      Kaliner’s end point was to implement vouchers and let the money go with the child. As you and he point out, it would crush the GovCo school monopoly.

      My immediate thought was, this will not stand. As you point out politicians pander to the employees of the Education/Industrial Complex. How many of the elected officials that voted for this will retain office after the next election? I would submit that we are long passed the “tipping point” where GovCo employees are so great in number that they will continue to vote themselves largess and will defeat any politician that threatens to break their rice bowl.

      Plus, we seem to be on the verge of a massive economic implosion. This will could very well precipitate huge levels of unemployment, perhaps billions of people around the globe. But, I doubt we will ever hear of “massive government layoffs”. And that is what is needed. Cut these parasites off the host or the host will die.

      • Mark,
        “The failure of GovCo schools”
        In what way did they fail? Compulsory public education is the longest running and most successful psyop in world history, running over 100 years. The creators of which openly stated their purpose was to create a submissive work force. It certainly succeeded on the submissive front, but the “work force” part is failing fast. Which failure is a joint effort by the state and the central bank to eliminate work.

        • You are correct. The point is the veil is being pulled back and parents are seeing just how corrupt the GovCo system is…for the first time for many. I don’t expect the masses to go for the idea that it’s been corrupt from the get go, despite that being the case.

          The problem stems from so many having “fond memories” of their time in school. It’s hard to come to grips with the idea that it was nothing but a load of crap designed to entrap and control generations. Not to mention the most cherished memories are unknowingly cheering on the farm system for the NFL and NBA.

          • Spot-on, MArk In BC (and John)!

            I remember when I was 12, my aunt hearing me complaining about how I detested school, and saying to me “You’ll look back on these school days as the fondest memories of your life”. And while that time period (mid-1970’s) and at-the-time yet unspoiled Long Island did indeed make for wonderful memories, I will never forgive them for WASTING so much of my time in what were indeed the best years of my life!

            But sadly, that’s the goal of most modern Conservatives- just to return to the time when things were better- not realizing why they were better, nor why they didn’t stay that way; nor seeming to take notice of all of the evils that were already present even then, because they managed to escape the effects of the evils- like the draft or the wholesale eminent domain that obliterated entire towns (Think: TVA), and the ignorance of the tax system they had because they were only kids, so the effective tax rate of 71% was not even knopwn by them at the time……

      • Government schooling is an unqualified success. A society just smart enough to run the machines but too dumb to question anythig is what they desired.


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