Resistance Isn’t Futile

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Of all the lessons that have been learned over the course of the past almost-three-years now, there is one over-arching one. The one they – our tormentors – are desperate people not learn.

It is that resistance is not futile.

That resistance worked.

It didn’t seem like it would. It took awhile to show that it did. But the point is, it did – eventually. Because we did.

Or rather, didn’t.

Enough of us didn’t wear a “mask” and by doing that showed the rest that “mask” wearing was medically absurd. We didn’t die. Many of us didn’t even catch the cold that was used as the pretext for insisting that everyone “mask.” We showed our faces, often being shown the door for doing so. But we showed them we were right.

That wearing a “mask” just because they said so was servile. That it furthered evil.

Enough of us refused to submit to being “vaccinated” – as it was pitched to us but turned out it wasn’t, since these drugs don’t immunize. We refused for a number of sound secondary and tertiary reasons, chief among them being well-founded misgivings about the trustworthiness of the pharmaceutical cartels pushing them, that had been immunized against liability for any harms caused by them and which had a record of harming people in the past with their drugs. But most of all, we resisted because we objected to these drugs being pushed on us. To being told we must roll up our sleeves and let them inject us with anything they please.

We understood that if they could require – that is to say, compel – people to submit to this “vaccine” then they could in future use that precedent to compel people to submit to other “vaccines.”

To procedures. To anything at all.

That our bodies were in a very real sense their property, as a pet dog or cat’s body is the property of its owner. As cattle are owned by the rancher.

By resisting – by refusing – we asserted ownership – of ourselves.

That was the principle on the line – and we “unvaccinated” put ourselves on the front line, to defend it. It cost some of us jobs. Others family ties. It cost us a lot. But that cost was worth every bit of it.

And because enough of us paid it, it became much more difficult for them to continue imposing it.

Too many of us weren’t getting “vaccinated” – and weren’t getting dead. Or even catching cold. This eventually unmasked their lies about the “vaccines.”

It made it much harder for them to maintain the lie that these drugs were, in fact vaccines  – as it became increasingly clear they weren’t – because the people who did take them (plural) continued to catch the cold they had been told they’d been immunized against, but had not been.

The “vaccines” they’d been lied to about and all-but-physically forced to get, which is what they intended to do to all of us. But because enough of us resisted – we weren’t “hesitant” anymore than a woman is “hesitant” about submitting to rape – an impossible-to-hide control group existed that made it impossible to suppress the truth about these drugs that are now admitted to not be “vaccines,” though the dishonest term is still being used by the despicable people pushing these drugs to describe them.

It became evident and had to be acknowledged that these drugs do not “stop the spread” of anything at all. That those who insisted otherwise were and are liars.

Now the liars backpedal and claim these drugs “reduce the severity of symptoms.” Their claims now rightly looked upon by tens of millions of people much the same as the claims made by other known liars. Their serial lying having been unmasked by those of us who refused to do what they said, just because they said so.

Resistance is never futile when rights are on the line.

It is essential.

Americans used to regard this as a kind of foundational principle. It is elaborated at length in America’s founding documents, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. There is nothing in either about doing what we’re told just because they say so – and much to the contrary.

This spirit – this attitude – once defined Americans, as distinct from the bovine servility of other peoples, trained to do as they were told, just because they were told to do it. It is what made America what it was and unlike anywhere else. It is why people from other places came here rather than stayed where they were.

They pulled out all the stops, just about, to turn America into something in-American by turning Americans into something un-American. Into bovine herd animals who obediently moo when they say boo – and form a line and stand here, heads down spirits beaten and sleeves rolled up. Not just this time, but every time from this time forward.

Everything was on the table.

Those of us who resisted swept it all off the table.

Not just “masks” – and not just drugs that aren’t vaccines, either. Quite possibly – hopefully – everything subsumed under do what they say just because they say it. A curtain has been pulled back, revealing some ugly truths about our tormentors. Who they are. What they are.

What they have in mind, for us.

Finally – after generations of dangerous acquiescence – millions of us have awakened. We see who they are, what they are – and we know that resistance is far from futile.

Because of those of us who showed them it isn’t.

. . .

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  1. Everyone I know that has gotten Covid and been violently ill had meen wearing the face diapers, quarantining themselves (and others), and had been “vaccinated” to the hilt. None of the “preventative measures” made any difference, you either got it, or you didn’t. If you did, you either fared well, not so well, or very badly. But none of the job-wreaking, sociopathic B.S. done in response to it made one iota of a difference to the virus itself. It just served to wreak our economy, mental and social well-being, and had everyone guilt tripping, finger-pointing, and at each other’s throats. Faucci and every State Governor & official that pushed that crap ought to be tarred & feathered, and deported to the socialist gulag of their choice.

  2. I saw this comment over at naomiwolf.substack and thought it was worth passing along:

    Heather Creamer
    Oct 27
    My teenager lost everything – job, activities, education and friends – to standup, for what she knew was right. She did this, notwithstanding enormous pressure, from her own Covidian father. The damage this entire Covid debacle has done, to her, is enormous and, I fear, largely irreversible. In all of her heartbreak and misery, she did make an observation, that can, perhaps, comfort all of us. Reflecting on her experiences, over the last 2.5 years, my disabled, 4’10” teen said, “BEFORE COVID, I DIDN’T KNOW THAT I WAS BRAVE.”

  3. THEY don’t have actual power. They have influence, big difference. A majority of the tyranny committed is a nudge not ” a mil-tary boot crushing yur bolls.” (If you don’t get the reference watch G Edward Griffin interview Yuri Bezmenov.)

    It was obvious when I walked around totally unmasked for 2 plus years all they can do is threaten, dangle carrots and sticks over you. The occasional one or two high profile kill shot will happen. That is all it takes to dissuade most people from standing out from the crowd.

    Resistance is not only NOT futile it its fertile. It strengthens your resolve. Yes you may get face-punched, all fighters do. Roll with it learn from it and make THEM draw first blood when they lose the hearts and minds of the crowd its over.

  4. My only real fear during the time was loss of our jobs. Both my husband and I work at businesses that would have been required to demand their employees get the jab via Biden’s OSHA diktat. And this was after a large number of us had already caught the bug and knew it was survivable, ranging from a slight head cold to a nasty flu depending on the individual, so kind of a moot effort even back then when many people still thought this shot was a vaccine.
    My husband was open about it at his job: “I ain’t getting that shit.” I kept my mouth shut about it at mine. His work never really nagged anyone, but my company put out emails telling us to upload our covid shot info to the paylocity site by a certain date. I still just kept silent about it and did not, of course, upload anything to the paylocity site.
    SCOTUS stepped in and stopped it and my company never said another word about it.
    I remember being pretty stressed about it though. Would I be fired? Would I be able to find something else or would all businesses be doing this? Would I be homeless this time next year, blah, blah, blah. Things looked pretty dark. I had bad dreams involving white-coated villains chasing me with needles.
    Now, some of the fired are being reinstated via court order. And, the worst of the lockdown proponents want “amnesty,” whatever that entails. I don’t think people who terrorize other people – even “vaccine hesitant” walking Typhoid Marys like me – should get amnesty. They should be held accountable. I’m thinking firing squad would be good.

    • I understand your concerns all-too-well, Amy. I work in nursing, and the fears of losing my job the last two years were very real. The Feds could have very well linked mandatory COVID jabs to Medicare reimurbursement funding, just to hamstring hospitals into forced compliance, even if said hospital really did not care one way or the other about the jabs. Thank you Lord, I have been jab-free. It is ironic how we repeat history. For this reminds me of how the Feds forced states to take the 55 mph speed limit back in the 70’s, or lose their federal highway funds.

    • Funny thing about SCOTUS stepping in and nixing the vaccine mandate… certain parties in the DoD ignored it completely and forced the vaccine on contractors via “access control”. They state they can prevent anyone they please from accessing their facilities for any reason, including a lack of Covid shot.

      I lost my job, benefits, pension, etc because of that BS. Life goes on, but I will always resist.

      • Hi Mike,

        If you’re looking for a job that doesn’t require employees to be “vaccinated”, try looking at Red Balloon was created last year by someone named Andrew Crapuchettes for people who are looking for a job with an employer that doesn’t require employees to get the jab and believes the U.S. Constitution still matters.

  5. “That our bodies were in a very real sense their property”

    This is why I am against the draft.
    Same for forced jabs, EVs, and every single other thing the government tells us we must or cannot do.

    They don’t own us. I surely never signed away any right to determine my own life.

    F U, I say to them.

    • Dan, the draft was still on when I was a kid in elementary school (Vietnam) and THAT and the fact that I was being subjected to “compulsory edumacation” is what caused me to formulate a libertaian philosophy at a very young age, because such things made it obvious that if others had such control over us and could make such determinations, we are then nothing more than slaves, and any ‘freedoms’ we might enjoy were only ours in so far as they would allow us to have- and therefore all the talk of “The land of the free” was a bunch of baloney.

      Some might think it strange to have to wrassle with such ideas when one is in the single digits of age, but I rather wondered why other kids were not concerned with such things. The only thing I could figure is that all of the talk of “freedom”, and that the adults around them for the most part did not think such onerous concepts abhorant nor strive against them, just made them accept such as ‘normal’.

  6. I ended up getting covid from people that *were* wearing masks

    And got exposed to it again from another person that was required to mask up for their job

  7. Edward Abby is said to have once said. Society is like a pot of stew. If not occasionally stirred up, a layer of scum will rise to the top. The scum is the Pedocrat party enabled by the fag-haggery of neocons. The bigger question is who put the rotten ingredients in our societal stew in the first place? Most people are slowly starting to discover the answer to that question.

    Many folks have no desire or interest in such topics as resistance, be it to tyranny, or to God. The tyrants continue to miscalculate the steel of our resolve. Something they know little about, as their waif like convictions change with the direction of the wind. Be it from arrogance or hubris they have massively miscalculated what happens if things go kinetic.

    Unable to physically make their utopian dreams come true, they continue to push us. Hoping their daddy big guv will step in and do the dirty work. A government that is quickly losing the consent of the governed, and may be one military defeat or crisis away from collapse.

    They learned nothing from their so called pandemic. We learned everything about them. They demand obedience to their fatwas through fear and loathing of anyone who simply asks a question, or deigns to disagree. Not a good look when the unwashed middle is watching and now paying attention, thank you Brandon. Pain has a way of sorting things to the proper outcome. The pain that is coming to us all will be storybook. The difference is, we who have resisted know how to overcome pain, or at least deal with it.

    As long as the 20% of us who have been resisting continue, a takeover is impossible. They can try to kill us, but we are loved by many in our own packs. The other side, the 20% that favors and promotes every evil under the sun is not loved. They are an in-group, echo chamber circle jerking each other, thinking they have the final say. Well fuck around and find out retards. keep projecting your vileness onto us, its backfiring. You are swaying the unwashed masses in the middle over to our side.

    • ‘You are swaying the unwashed masses in the middle over to our side.’ — Norman Franklin

      Special thanks to Emily Oster of ‘Pandemic Amnesty’ fame; Sniveling Joe Biden with his ‘end of democracy’ rant; Biden flunky Ron Klain with his imperious ‘final warning’ not to vote wrong; and rat-faced greaseball Merrick Beria Garland, for his forthcoming post-election indictment of the Orange Man.

      All of you inspired us immeasurably.

  8. “…form a line and stand here, heads down spirits beaten and sleeves rolled up.”
    Long before the fake vaccines, and even before the sheep started muzzling themselves, I was repulsed by the images of people (who obviously weren’t very sick if they were able to drive or ride in a car) lining up at drive-through “testing” sites to wait their turn to have a stick rammed up their nose.

  9. Resistance has NEVER been futile. I don’t think there’s a nation on the planet that has not had a civil war. The results are often either the same ole, worse, or a bit better. The real US Civil War, called the Revolutionary War definitely produced better. The War Between the States, which was NOT a civil war unequivocally produced FAR worse. All governments are eventually over thrown, or collapse under the weight of their insanity, or both at the same time. Which is where I think we are now. It won’t be easy, it won’t be fun, and it will certainly not be painless. Praying and living for hope my grandchildren see better days.

  10. Sorry, but if it works, and if there are enough of us, then how come we are less free with each passing year, and these various agendas are being implemented before our eyes without a hitch?

    It works in the sense that it keeps those of us who resist freer to a greater extent- We do what we have to do, because we love liberty and autonomy, and have self-respect, and will not follow mindless and or evil decrees- and we often pay a price for doing what we must do- often at the hands of our fellow deluded/uncaring peons- but make no mistake, overall, no one is any freer. In fact, 70% of the population has been coerced or voluntarily taken the clot shot, and to the majority will gladly don a mask if they are told to, without the slightest hesitation….and they when we won’t.

    Resistance works for the resistors….as long as we can evade or remain lucky……and it could truly work to thwart their evil plans if enough people cared and practiced it….but in this world of mass-media and universal indoctrination, that isn’t gonna happen, so instead, open resistors lose their businesses, or go to jail or otherwise have their lives destroyed…and what they are resisting runs it’s course anyway.

    Eric, you make it sound as though we have won the war, when in fact the war has barely even just begun, and we are just some stragglers who don’t even have a side. Waiting out one battle and suffering one’s injuries is not ‘winning’. Never mind the enemy’s command, the vast majority of the other side’s troops will again don the mask at the drop of a hat….. I noticed an uptick in mask-oids last time I went shopping- TV must’ve just mentioned in passing that there was a “new strain” or something. About 10% of the tools were masked this last time vs. about 2% the previous time.

    We haven’t won anything…we’re just a few lone rebels trying to hold our ground as long as we can.

    • Nunzio,
      Speaking for myself, I resist and repudiate for the benefit of my progeny. Not for me. Whatever happens, whoever “wins” the next ten years or more are going to be painful for us all. I’m too old to live through it. Hopefully my grandchildren will live through it, and find a better life.

      • Exactly, John! I’ve been resisting almost all of my life, and will continue to until the end, as I do what I have to do to live free- but I don’t kid myself that what I do is going to win any war against the rulers of this world who have amassed great power over most of the world’s inhabitants, nor will it sway the masses; at best, may be it will encourage the few who are like us…but it’s not going to alter what the psychopaths have planned- and it’s dangerous to think that we are somehow winning, or that those in the mainstream even take notice of us- and when the psychos take notice of us, they will simply squash us, and no one will care because they have the masses convinced that WE are the problem for not cooperating with their “benevolent” plans for humanity.

        Christianity changed the world…and now the Cabal has learned how to obliterate Christianity so as to render it ineffectual as a force to be reckoned with [for the time being :D].

  11. I do admire him for standing against the masks but he could’ve had a better answer to the question if someone died from not wearing the mask. Like maybe he would feel the same if an employee died from/because of anything. He could’ve said the mask is not going to keep them alive, they could be wearing their mask in their car and die from a car wreck. I know she was saying ‘from Covid’, but he could’ve quoted the disclaimer on the box of masks, that the mask will not protect you from Covid. He could’ve also said, he was not in charge of when people die, their days have already been determined, mask or no mask.
    Now of course I do have to say something (petty?) about the earrings. Why, why?? Do they think it makes them look ‘cool’? Are they a signal for someone? One other thing, old gray headed balding men and ponytails? Really? Not a good look. He didn’t have a ponytail, his earrings just made me think of that.
    Jumping around here, back to the video. Amy said the ‘science doesn’t agree with him’. Aweee, the god of science will bring curses down on him. I pretty much don’t believe most of ‘science’ now-a-days anyway, so no big loss Ayymmmeee.

    • Yes, Elaine, that struck me too. Ideally, he should have said emphatically, “I reject the premise of the question. Your superstition notwithstanding, these filthy things don’t work. I will not require my customers to humiliate themselves because of your delusions.”
      Or, “It took me about five minutes to find 14 randomized controlled trials showing that masks are useless at preventing the spread of respiratory viruses. Not even N-95s are made for that. It says so right on the box.”
      Of course I’ll be the first to admit that I’m no good at thinking on my feet in those situations either. I always think of a snappy comeback – in the car on the way home.
      It’s also disappointing that the guy seemed to be all-in on wipe-down-everything-in-sight. We knew early on that that was just another silly ritual.

      • Hey Roland—I’m too quick to judge sometimes. I might have done the same thing–or like you said, thought of what I should’ve said in the car on the way home.
        That’s what’s nice about these comments, we are always right, lol.

    • john,
      And just lately Monkey Pox is the new and improved health “emergency”. To “justify” more Medial Industrial Complex tyranny. Even though you almost have to have intimate relations or a blood transfusion to get it. Much like Syphilis.
      So what will be the next “health emergency”, dandruff?

      • John,

        I suspect the next “Health Emergency” will be either CLIMATE CHANGE or RSV, and if the past 2+ years is any indication, people who question “The Narratives” surrounding that will be labeled “_____ DENIERS” or accused of wanting to “Kill children”.

        • Yes. I proudly wear that label. I’m a climate denier, a 2020 election denier and vaccine “hesitant”, which means no fucking way. I have made peace with whatever happens as a result.

          • Swamprat,

            Biden’s Department of Homeland Security probably considers you EXTRA DANGEROUS. I don’t know if you knew already, but The Intercept recently ran a story that the extent of DHS colluding with Big Tech to “Supress misinformation” was larger than we already knew.

  12. Joe Rogan gets more listeners/viewers of his podcast than any show on CNN, Fox News or CNBC. He’s been a podcaster longer than most nightly news anchors’ tenure. Newspapers no longer report news, they’re basically stenographers for political press briefings, police reports and commentary over mean tweets.

    Walter Cronkite was the anchor of the CBS Evening News for 19 years. The show was 30 minutes long. Yesterday the No Agenda Podcast celebrated show #1500, a 4 hour marathon of donation thank-yous and fun. Cronkite was on the air for 2,375 hours (including ad breaks). With an average show length of about 3 hours, the No Agenda podcast has produced 4,500 hours of material.

    Joe Rogan has been putting out his podcast since 2009. I don’t usually listen but I think that his runs about 2-3 hours, 4 days a week. Rogan has produced well over 1500 episodes as well, so again, more time on air than Cronkite ever did. Now one could argue that Rogan is not the nightly news, OK fine. So how about Johnny Carson? He did 30 years as host of The Tonight Show. Hard to estimate just how many shows that was because of reruns and at some point he started having guest hosts on Mondays, let’s say 250 shows a year (which is probably being generous) for 30 years. That’s still only 7500 hours/shows. His replacement, Jay Leno only did 22 years so 5,000 hours. Today’s late night programing isn’t watched by anyone but insiders, so I won’t bore you with the math.

    There’s no way the old guard can win. They don’t have the time, the money or technology to adapt to the new formats. For now they’re ignoring the new media or running their own watered-down versions that are not suprisingly the same old over-produced content, heavily edited for obvious slant. Not suprised that none of these programs have caught on.

  13. The only way to stop a virus is a pressurized rubber suit, and sometimes that doesn’t work.

    A cloth mask is useless, studies done by the CDC have concluded that cloth masks do nothing to stop the spread of a virus.

    The reason is simple physics, the virus is a magnitude smaller than the weave in the mask, it is like trying to stop a swarm of gnats with a chain link fence.

    When an infected person coughs, the volume of virus particles is in the trillions. They go everywhere and stay airborne due to their incredibly small size.

    In a enclosed space, if someone coughs the particles rapidly diffuse and go everywhere into every nook and cranny. This is also true for farts, which are huge molecules compared to viruses, which are fragments of RNA. A smoker or farter will fill the room with scent almost immediately – and a virus particle is smaller, so it stays airborne longer.

    If you observe dust particles in a room, like a beam of sunlight illuminating the particles (which are 10,000 to a 100,000 larger than a virus) you will see chaotic brownian motion, random girations of the suspend particles in air movements. This is why small particles diffuse so easily. To beat dust and small particles, clean rooms have huge ventilation systems that exchange all of the air in the room in less than a second.

    The mask is at best a placebo for the scientifically illiterate plebs under the mind spell of the television. Masks do nothing but pacify the irrational fears of simple minds unable to grasp reality.

    For the government controllers, the mask is an outward sign of compliance, and non-resistance.

    For young people in their mating years, the mask indicates a non-breeder (which is what they want). Abortion, LBGTQ are linked by the elite goal of population reduction. Mask wearing is also meeting the goal, as is social distancing, you can not get pregnant if you maintain 6 feet apart.

    A woman tests a man’s genetics by kissing. She can be attracted and fall in love with a man’s smell. This has been proven by numerous pherome t-shirt studies. The human face is the primary way to communicate attraction signals. The mask stops all of that, a man can not see a womans red lips under the mask, thus a male can not determine her readiness for breeding.


    Both FS 209E and ISO 14644-1 assume log-log relationships between particle size and particle concentration. For that reason, there is no such thing as zero particle concentration. Ordinary room air is approximately class 1,000,000 or ISO 9.

    • Hi Jack,
      So true about the complete uselessness of masks, yet the years of fear porn have taken hold in a (hopefully small) percentage of the population. Just yesterday while at a stoplight I glanced into the rear view and the driver behind me, alone in his car, was wearing a face diaper. Ugh! You can’t fix stupid.

    • Resistance is never futile, yet those consumed by the NPC Borg want you to join them. A good way to view this is religion, lets say I go into a Baptist church and tell the believers that there is no god and no salvation and no one can go to heaven.

      I will be shunned, prayed upon, maybe ousted. Same thing happened with the mask-vaccination cult. The same thing has happened to me when I announced to a bunch of libtards that global warming is a hoax and we are in an ice age.

      The Greta Thunderborgs of the world can not hear you, anymore than a died and wool believer in some faith if you negate their faith. Disbelievers are shunned, and thus the believers exist in their own self made bubble of false information.

      And faith can be deadly if the believer is wrong. If a bunch of fearful mask wearers are stampeded into the vaxx line, they are literally being culled voluntarily if the vaxx is not a vaxx but a genocide jab.

      Darwin fitness is always in play. Nature doesn’t care if you get it wrong. The fly attracted to the sweet drops of nectar on the pitcher gets over the edge and falls in, drowns, and is dissolved. The same is happening for all those tricked by Albert Bourla and his media hounds. Many of the vaxxed are like that fly who fell into the plants bowl and are just starting to realize their fate.

      The social dynamics of virtual signalling can also be deadly as a fool and his Tesla find out the battery will not last forever. The vaccine authorities cleverly used virtual signalling as a lever, those who wished to announce to the world that they were vaxxed and made safe are now finding out they have been duped and potentially made sick for life or permanently injured and removed from the gene pool. Hundreds of millions of women have yet to find out they can no longer get pregnant.

      • Yukon,

        If hundreds of millions of women can no longer get pregnant after getting vaxxed, what will happen to the abortion lobby then?

        • John,
          Saved for when the psychopaths tell you that abortion is the only way to prevent a viral infection that only attacks pregnant women. And force it upon them.

    • Yukon,
      “The human face is the primary way to communicate attraction signals”
      And a great deal of human communication in general. The change in facial expression that facilitates communication is often barely measurable. And of course is obliterated by wearing a mask. The other purpose of the great masking. Text, tweet, or be discommunicated.

  14. I’m not quite sure of this but why do I have a gut feeling that after Tuesday’s election we’ll start to see a new round of mask & distancing requirements, along with much of the same craziness & insane nonsense we had to tolerate just a short time ago? I guess it’s my natural innate skepticism that’s at fault.

    Of course a lot of this hinges on Tuesday’s election. If it’s truly a red wave blowout then I think the likelihood of this happening will go by the wayside. However, if the fascist Neo-libs can retain power there’s a strong possibility we’ll get phase II of Covid mania good and hard and it’ll be here-we-go-again. With the advent of flu season the timing will be perfect. . .and the situation will be rife for political gain.

    On the positive side, isn’t it interesting that the Libertarian candidate for Senate in Arizona, Marc Victor, took an absolutely unprecedented act by withdrawing from the race and throwing his support to the Republican candidate Blake Masters, who btw supposedly has a strong libertarian bent. To Mr. Victor all I can say is: BRAVO !

    And this is something we need to see more of. I call on all Libertarian candidates in major races to follow Mr. Victor’s lead by doing the right thing now in order to stop & reverse the advances of the Neo-facists who are so very close to taking complete control over the govt. Our time in the sun may come later on but for now these people must be stopped.

    Blake Masters 2022 or Bust!

    “I found Blake to be generally supportive of the Live and Let Live Global Peace Movement” — Marc Victor

    • Hi Dave,

      I agree, it’s likely – but I also think that this time, it won’t be nearly as easy. Because I am confident there will be significant resistance, unlike last time. As an indication of this, consider that “vaccine uptake” is extremely low. Because people are now in the know. And not just about the “vaccines.” But also about those pushing them.

    • Dave,
      For decades my political thought embraced getting rid of the Democrats, and then start working on the Republicans. Didn’t work out well. Not sure even getting rid of the Democrats is possible. May send them to the shadows for a few years, as in the 1980s, but they won’t go away, and they will come back. And then there are the neo-con Republicans. Which in my mind are worse than the Democrats.

      • I remember the Bush years, when the neoconservatives were riding high and giddily making plans for a permanent Republican majority. I thought it was stupid back then, just like I think it’s stupid to assume now that the Democrats will somehow install themselves into power permanently. It won’t happen. And if someone tries to declare a dictatorship, it won’t last more than 10 years at most, and the odds of insurrection/civil war/secession will rapidly approach 100%. Many, even most, will “comply” (I hate that word so much)…but not everyone. That’s not the culture.

      • Hej John, et al,

        The Neocons infest both the Democratic and Republican parties. Both Bushes, the Clintons, especially Hillary, Obama and Biden are up to their necks in NWO perfidy. Dave Smith makes the point that when somebody like Dennis Prager asserts a vote for Libertarian values is a vote for the Left, his response is give me something to vote for…which that neocon hack has never supported (Prager, not Smith). Now the so-called Red Wave, which may or may not happen, is supposed to be some sort of solution….not bloody likely. There are no political answers…..only the potential for alternative cultures and separation from the blighted. The old institutions, fiat medicine, fiat banking, fiat education and so forth are obsolete and non-functional. Possibly the most effective means of resistance would consist of parallel societies….a sort of Galt’s Gulch, populated by creative, productive individuals who reward actual accomplishment and eschew coercion. But I could be wrong…still I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees.

    • Dave,

      If the current clowns in Congress somehow retain power after next week’s elections, that may embolden the Biden Regime to go FULL Justin Trudeau and threaten MORE lockdowns unless MORE Americans get that “vaccine” (AND bivalent booster jab) which doesn’t even freaking WORK other than to do who knows what to those who’ve taken it. Canada’s Prime Minister recently made such a threat to the people of Canada. Will they say “F*** you!” to Trudeau? Hard to say.

      • You’re right about that John and it scares the bejesus out of me. If they retain both houses by a comfortable margin can you imagine what that’ll do? It will give them a shot in the arm and the courage to continue their insane programs which will be the final straw & the end to what’s left of the American Dream. We’ll see an avalanche of destructive legislation that’ll set most people’s standard of living back to the 1930’s. Of course the chosen ones — govt employees and their affiliates & partners in crime — will be just fine, thank you very much.

        • Dave,

          On the other hand, if Republicans do take over Congress, will they have the guts to launch investigations of Tony Fauci, Joe Biden and his family, and the federal government’s COVID response and their role in funding gain of function research at that lab in Wuhan which is believed to be the origin of the dreaded ‘Rona? That’s also hard to say given their past history of being wimps or expanding government whenever they controlled Congress.

          • @ John B

            I think we know where that would go and I’m sure you’ll agree. There isn’t a snowballs chance that a republican congress will endeavor to take any such action as it would be unprecedented in the political climate of this modern upside down world we live in. Besides, we’re forgetting the other impossible hurdle to overcome. Any legal action cannot be done by congress, they would refer to the DOJ for prosecution. And unfortunately we also know where that would end up.

            • Dave,
              They would never…..’cause in so doing they would have to implicate the one under whose auspices the whole thing was started, and the one who still gladly takes credit for the clot-shot- i.e. one Donald J. Trump.

              It’s not a “right vs. left” thing, for as usual, both sides (of the same coin) are responsible for thrusting such agendas upon us- just as they are in destroying our liberties, destroying the economy, de-industrializing the US, waging the wars, expanding government exponentially, etc.

              • Point well taken Nunz. The one person most responsible for the economic & human destruction triggered by a fake pandemic is that head d.a.(d = dumb), the 45th prez.

                You know, I really don’t believe he did it out of malice. I really really believe he was just that stupid and acted out of ignorance & emotion. I mean, my god, just consider the mega laundry list of idiotic/incompetent people this clown brought with him. It’s mind numbing.

                Here’s a guy who was CEO of a giant corporation employing thousands, had a reputation as THE EXPERT when it comes to hiring and firing, supposedly could read a person like a book, yet was a complete failure & incompetent when it came to staffing his white house and govt agencies. A monkey throwing darts against the wall would have picked better people.

                • Hi Dave,

                  Trump’s serial – ongoing – advocacy/defense of the “vaccines” is damning. Unless, of course, you believe it was all part of his “5D chess” game… to expose the enemies of America, etc. Yeah. I know. But it’s 3:20 in the morning, so forgive me for that one.

                  • Morning Eric. Ya know, I’ve been wondering about something lately, asking myself just how is it possible you put out the enormous amount of content you do practically every day, and do all these interviews, maintain your website, have an active lifestyle and do all the things we mortal humans are required to do daily, you take a bunch of time to respond to a great many of your readers comments & questions, yet you’re able to pull this off seemingly without even breathing hard!

                    Now I certainly don’t want you to give away any trade secrets here, but, just how in the world do you even find time to sleep? I figure you don’t. It’s just not possible. Either that or you have an army of staff assistants that would make Eisenhower proud. Or maybe you hire ghost writers to do the heavy lifting? I know, maybe you have a dozen maids & servants waiting on you hand and foot?

                    All kidding aside, I have to give you a tip of the hat as I can’t imagine how you bust your rear end every day to be able to pull this off. Man, and I thought I worked myself into the ground trying to scratch out a living.

                    I hope you can keep it up because, speaking for myself, I really enjoy what you do.

                  • Eric,

                    Speaking of Trump, it’s rumored he may run for President AGAIN in 2024, which would likely trigger the militant “Trump Haters” and Biden’s DOJ into indicting him in an effort to make sure that doesn’t happen. Personally, given that Tony Fauci & Deborah Birx appeared to be running the country instead of Trump during the “pandemic”, plus Trump’s age AND his continued advocating of the COVID “vaccines” despite their increasingly obvious problems, I prefer someone else. I’m certainly not going to vote for Joe Biden though if he somehow runs for a SECOND term, as it only took him about 2 months to become the WORST president in my lifetime, plus he consistently shows he’s not fit for office, and he’ll be 80 years old soon, making him the oldest President ever.

                    And with Hillary Clinton claiming that “The Right is going to steal the 2024 election”, I think she may try running again as well, particularly considering that for years she’s seemed to think that she was ENTITLED to be President, and the current President, well, SUCKS BIG TIME & it shows in his DISMAL approval ratings. I thought Clinton would have run in 2020 and the Democratic Party Establishment and Big Media would have framed it as “Trump v Clinton 2.0”, but for whatever reason, Joe Biden ran instead.

    • The Libertarian Party screwed the pooch and lost a great opportunity when Ron Paul ran for president in 2008 & 2012. Instead of nominating people like Bill Weld & Bob Barr, they should have endorsed Ron. Nominating milquetoasts resulted in actual libertarians leaving the party, opening the door for the Loser Brigade to take over.

      • @ Horst

        Precisely. After running the perfect candidate in 1996 & 2000 (Harry Browne) and a very good one (Michael Badnarik) in 2004, the Libertarian Nation Party went off the rails nominating Bob Barr in 2008 and continued to compound their troubles by electing that pot smoking addict Gary Johnson for two runs in 2012/2016. Truly pathetic, although I did have a little sympathy for Barr. But like you I find it insufferable & a disgrace how they gave Ron Paul the silent treatment during those two election cycles.

        On the other hand maybe they’re headed in the right direction now with the Mises Caucus taking over headed by a gal whose politics I simply adore, Angela McArdle. She’s maybe one of the few people with the talent, smarts, determination & guts to turn that ship around. Gee, I just might tune in to their next nominating convention in two years. We’ll see.

      • Horst,

        Check out the new generation of LP folks….the Mises Caucus essentially swept the last party elections winning both the chairmanship and 10 of 11 regional positions. The LP had become a complete joke and perhaps is less of one now. That said, perhaps my twenty something self was correct in the 70s….the idea of a political party supporting individual freedom seems somewhat oxymoronic…

        • Hi Giuseppe!

          I suppose I’m fundamentally an anarchyst in that I favor rules rather than laws. That said, I also favor something better than what we have. Jefferson, Madison and his heirs were I think correct in defining the only legitimate role of government as – essentially – constraining government. This begs the question, of course. Why have government at all? Probably because it’s inevitable. Because of human nature. The trick lies in establishing a government that does constrain itself. The Founders did a not-bad job of that. It lasted for “four score and seven.” Even longer, in that even after the assertion of federal hegemony in 1861-1865, people were still almost unbelievably free on an individual level for another half century, until the tax on income and the “federal” Reserve system came into being. Since then, the people of this country have been systematically reduced to a degree of servitude that would have disgusted Jefferson and his heirs.

      • Horst,
        The LP is founded on a flawed principal. That one can make significant change within a system that won’t allow change. “If only our guy/gal were in charge.” They would have to elect an LP POTUS, a majority in the House, and 60+ Senators to have any effect. Because the rest won’t play ball. In fact won’t let you play ball either.

        • Two things always killed me about the LP:

          1)If there were enough people willing to vote for them, we wouldn’t need ’em, because there’d be enough people to resist; to not participate; to not fund the tyrannical system; to not staff it’s agencies and institutions; to not take it’s filthy lucre in exchange for altering their behavior….


          2)The above notwithstanding, even if they could be elected to key positions, what would they do? The only true option would be to dismantle the governmental system- but if one is elected to shepherd that system, working from within to dismantle it would put them in a position of malfeasance, and they would thus be removed or prosecuted for not executing the ‘duties’ of their offices.

          So there existence as a political party is completely pointless, and thus only serves to distract those who participate in it’s activities, and to waste their resources which could otherwise be used for better purposes- thus it is essentially a red herring- or at best, a signatory team to cheer for, but one which can never accomplish the goals we would hope it to achieve.

          And IMO, even any educational/”evangelical” value they once had died when Harry Browne died. Pathetic jokers like GAry Johnson made me embarrassed to say I’m a libertarian, because most mainstreamers who have even heard of the LP, identify anyone who claims to be a libertarian as ‘one of them’. The LP overall, is doing more harm to our cause than good.

  15. Great analogy to point out the absolute absurdity of the propaganda! Using their phraseology, those opposed to rape are “intimacy hesitant” or “procreation deniers.” Duh. . .humans are the only beings on earth that delegitimize rape as a means of perpetuating their species. Why, these deniers are putting the survival of the entire human race at risk. WE all need to find a way to overcome this hesitancy.

    Not only has it been shown that resistance is NOT futile, it is empowering and, dare I say, deeply satisfying to engage in. I’ve said this in the past; the silver lining of all of this is that it allowed me to exercise and develop my “fuck you” muscle. This muscle tends to atrophy if not used, so use it early and often.

    • Ditto – and amen!

      One thing that all of this has done for me is motivate me to work out like a fiend, with the result that I’ve put on 20 pounds, most (but not all!) muscle. I really enjoyed waltzing my 220 pound Undiapered self amongst the sheep…

      • Eric,
        I did the same, putting on twenty pounds which was all muscle, back in my late 20s. It’s much easier at that age. And has probably kept me alive longer. Even in my advanced years, that act has helped my maintain in my current condition. I have a lot more reserve to liquidate. Even with rheumatoid arthritis, likely caused by vaccination, which has added 10 years to my age. Before the advent of the arthritis, at 64 I was in better condition than most of my 40(+/-) coworkers. In spite of smoking and drinking.

        • Amen, John –

          I am stronger today – well into middle age – than I was 20 years ago. I know that we all age. But getting feeble is something that can be delayed if not countered entirely by diet and exercise. If only more people understood this.

          • It is so true Eric and kudos to your hard workouts. I run but added weight lifting and have concluded the more the better in terms of increased endurance and good health. We are capable of doing so much more than I previously realized. Our culture slants towards inactivity and working out takes time. My younger colleagues were talking about aging and dementia at work the other day, shaking our heads at Biden’s latest verbal blunder and the discussion veered into ageism about how anyone over 65 should be auto-retired due to “inevitable” cognitive decline. I realized that the younger generations have seen dementia become more prevalent than in the past and they seem to assume mental acuity automatically takes a dive around age 70. My experiences seeing my grandparents age was there was no indication of mental decline or confusion but definite differences in lifespan and quality of life between those who lived healthy lifestyles vs those who smoked and ate poor diets. My paternal grandmother experienced a very active and healthy old age. She took daily, miles long hikes in hilly areas, well into her late 80’s with barely any discernible difference in her endurance. She took no medications, underwent no medical procedures, and was a teetotaler and non smoker who ate a rather spartan “whole foods” diet. And of course no snacks. It drive me nuts visiting as a kid because I wanted ice cream, Twinkies etc. Her generation farmed, worked in steel mills and made do with very few possessions. These days people would consider their status almost poverty level but they felt middle class. This lifestyle resulted in her being as active her last year as ever. So my experience with older people is different from theirs. I believe the proliferation and promotion of vaccines, designer drugs and cheap junk food has increased the prevalence of dementia in the elderly as well as ADD, allergies and other auto immune diseases in young people.

            • Ditto all you’ve written, Rebecca!

              When I moved to the country some 20 years ago, I got to know some old farmers, including my former neighbor (they moved a few years ago). I helped him build a fence line once. In summer. That old man had 40 years on me. And he didn’t break stride. It’s certainly true that we all get older. But getting feeble, sooner (or not) is very much a matter under our control.

              I also – as a kid – admired the bodybuilder Franco Columbo and the actor William Smith. Those guys showed how it’s done…

              • Hey Eric!
                Wasn’t expecting to see William Smith mentioned here. He was truly an example of what an actor could be, and had a real intellect, which is so rare in Hollywood. If only he had been in better movies! (I came to be a fan after seeing him in Rich Man Poor Man). Oskar Werner is another good one- but not in Smith’s category.

            • RS,
              A good deal of that is genetics. When I was about 40, and hard as a rock, one of my subordinates in his early 60s was a ball of fire. If I needed to talk to him, I often had to break into a run to catch him. I would agree, that the mountain of vaccines and other “medicines”, junk food, etc. plays a roll. I’m fairly certain that 35+ years of getting flu shots (at my former wife’s demand), with their Aluminum and Mercury, is the cause of my rheumatoid arthritis. It’s a hard correlation to make, since we get more vaccines when we are young, and typically get autoimmune disorders when we are old.

              • I have a co-worker who is very athletic, but who got both jabs. Just this past week she was commenting how she gets winded when she runs, which she never had issues with before, and her running times are not as good. I just kept my mouth shut and did no say a word, all-the-while suspecting it was (and is) the jabs causing her problems. If any of those like her are still around at 60 years of age, I shudder to think of what their health will be like.

              • Coming from a line of long-livers (My mother will be 98 in a couple of months…and is still quite functional) my observation is that genetics indicate ones highest potential- i.e. the maximum age to which you can live, and how functional you can remain; A good lifestyle will maximize that potential, while detrimental practices will deduct from that potential.

                My mother and her siblings had the advantage [Despite growing up in Hell’s Kitchen during the Depression] of eating relatively good “Italian Peasant Food” as I term it, and spent lots of time outdoors. Some of the differences I’ve noticed between those who lived/are living functionally well into their 90’s vs. those who died in their 70’s/early 80’s, are that the long-livers generally did not work at 9-5 jobs [i.e. were housewives, or self-employed tradesmen who didn’t work crazy hours, nor have a lot of stress); The long-livers tended to walk a lot all of their lives- my mother and a couple of long-lived aunts never owned a car. They were/are all very kind people, and they lived simply.

                The few who died in their 70’s/80’s lived the more typical American lifestyle- working at jobs; having debt; driving everywhere; having been in the “service”, etc. The most blatant case, an aunt who died at 76 with Alzheimers, was very materialistic and downright cheap, and was also the one who had accumulated the most money. My evil sister who also died at 76 from emphysema, despite a very unhealthy lifestyle/eating garbage would likely have lived very long but for the 6 decades of heavy smoking, as she was still quite strong and showed no signs of mental decline (Other than her lifelong stupidity and poor character)- A perfect example of someone throwing away the good genetics they inherited.

                I used to worry when I was a kid that my mother would be the first one to go- as she was the poorest of her siblings; lived the hardest life, and seemed to be the weakest of the bunch. Now I believe that being poor and living what is termed a hard life actually worked to her benefit. A good deal of the people I (60) grew up with are already dead. I also think that staying away from drugs and not abusing alcohol contributed greatly to well-being and long life of the ones who have lived long. I have a cousin my own age whose memory has definitely been impaired by his teenage/early 20’s drug use….his long-term memory is not as good as my soon-to-be 98 year-old mother’s!

                And it works the other way around too! I knew a guy whose ancestors had all died in their 50’s. From a rather young age, he became interested in living a healthy and moral lifestyle, and he was the first in many generations to make it to his mid 70’s.

              • It does make you wonder. i never met a kid in grade school or high school who had ADD or peanut allergies and only knew of one or two who complained of any asthma or allergies, now these conditions seem to be ubiquitous.

    • Mister,
      Indeed, one of my favorite words for several decades has been NO. The expression on the face of those expecting an OK or a YES is priceless.
      “You need to work this weekend”. “NO”. Shock, disbelief, and discombobulation ensue. They have no idea how to react to a thing they did not expect. They are so confused they rarely invoke “or else”. Recently went to a health clinic to have a cyst removed. “You have to wear a mask”. “I can’t” for reasons that are none of your business. “Then you have to wait outside.” “Good, I can smoke out there.”

      • John, another good one is simply “I will not!” or “I don’t do that”. In my experience, the “I don’t do that” seems to work the best, as I guess it sounds so settled and final. It’s amazing what mere words can do- and even more so, attitude. The same words and actions exhibited with signs of apology, sheepishness, or as if to suggest a question (Like “May I?”) don’t work at all. One must demand; resolutely state it; and not seem as a supplicant, or as if you will comply if told no.

  16. Someone wrote a good piece earlier this year titled “What we learned from hating the Unvaccinated”……

    In Canada, their dictator is promising MORE lockdowns unless MORE Canadians get vaxxed. That sounds like sheer bullying or coercion. I’m surprised our senile dictator didn’t make the same “promise” here. Instead, in a recent speech he gave, he acted as a salesman for the pharmaceutical industry and was practically BEGGING people to get that brand new bivalent COVID booster jab which doesn’t seem to be any better than the original COVID vaxx, though he peddled the same lies about how getting that booster “Gives you protection”.

  17. ‘If they throw down this gauntlet war is inevitable.’ — Raider Girl

    NYT serves as a mouthpiece for the ‘Justice’ Dept, just as the WSJ is the Federal Reserve’s preferred media channel.

    So I’m about 90% confident that another special prosecutor is a done deal. Handily, a special prosecutor will serve to deflect the rage of an R-majority legislature away from Beria-Garland himself. ‘It’s out of my hands,’ he’ll sanctimoniously claim, even as he pulls the strings of his ‘respected RINO’ puppet prosecutor.

    Indicting an ex-president has never happened in the US … even though most presidents have violated the law repeatedly. Beria-Garland is about to light the fuse on political chaos. Like the first shot fired at Fort Sumter, his action will instantly crystalize an epic standoff from which neither side can retreat until vast areas of the political landscape are laid to waste.

  18. If anyone needs to be awakened at this point, it is because of a self-induced coma. They are willfully blind, and their inertia creates a drag on the rest of us. Stay asleep, you will be eaten by the wolves. No quarter and no more wasting time on rescuing the lost.

    • Thanks, Rebecca!

      It was about two years ago, at the height of “mask” fever, that I was approached by an older woman at the supermarket. I expected to be berated for not wearing a “mask,” as literally everyone else in the store was. Instead, she thanked me for not wearing one. Told me she was afraid not to – being older and female. I felt angry, immediately, that this nice older lady was afraid – because so many “men” were afraid to stand up.

      • EP,

        Re: Men

        There are precious few of them left. The ones that aren’t busy transitioning to teenaged non binary girlish things are weak and afraid.

        They may have Y chromosomes, but they value their comfort & soy, non fat lattes above all else. Assuredly, they are not men by any standard of history.

        What did Sam Adams say? May history forget ye were our countrymen.

  19. Is this commentary too good to be true or what?

    I can forgive Fauci the Fool, but can never forget, he knows what he has done, whatever.

    Walensky the Jiwesh Deceiver can never be forgiven, nor can you forget. A soulless entity soon to be forever discarded. I will see her in hell!

    Thank God!

    And, please, with all of your might, pray for the Jews, they need your prayers in the worst way possible.

    Even if you are an atheistic godless useless eater never to be missed for eternity, please say a prayer for all of humanity, especially for those dirty rotten filthy Jews who know how to make life miserable for everybody.

    Thou shalt not covet! Nor anything that is your neighbor’s!

    Except for your body, it’s not yours, it is ours, too bad for you, sucker.

    This is the end of the innocence.

    When you go to vote, for whatever reason, you vote for it all.

    Deep State uber alles!

    “I heard Allah and Buddha were singing at the Savior’s feast, when up in the sky an Arabian Rabbi fed Quaker Oats to a priest. Purdy good, not bad, I can’t complain. But, actually, all them gods are about the same.” – John Prine

    May John rest in peace.

    • Drumphish,
      Not sure what your point is? Maybe you are just being provocative but forgive Fauci? That elf better be looking for a country without an extradition treaty with the USA to live out the remaining few years and he better build a fortress to live in (to paraphrase Blades of Glory) with guns and troops and everything. That SOB is the focal point of the greatest crime against humanity since the holocaust and Holodomor. He deserves a trial that all.

  20. ‘What they have in mind, for us.’ — eric

    This week, DemonRats from “Biden” on down have warned about the end of democracy. That’s not a worry on their part — it’s a declaration of intent.

    Now today’s New York Slimes lays out their first step to curtail democracy:

    ‘Attorney General Merrick Garland and his team have long considered creating a layer of protection for the [Justice] department by tapping a special counsel … to bring charges against former President Donald J. Trump before the 2024 campaign heats up.

    ‘Mr. Garland “needs to have a lawyer with Republican pedigree on that team to send the message that this is not a political persecution,” said John P. Fishwick Jr., who served as U.S. attorney for the Western District of Virginia from 2015 to 2017.

    “This is the most important criminal case in our country’s history. Ultimately, every person in the United States will be the jury in this case, and they will need to have confidence that the prosecution team reflects all of them,” he said.

    One need not be a fan of Trump to be appalled by this malevolent scheme to hound the leading MAGA candidate with a special prosecutor — just as Trump’s presidency was hounded by special prosecutor Mueller pursuing a fraudulent Russiagate theory concocted by the FBI.

    “Biden” foams at the mouth with his denunciations of MAGA Republicans. Now his thuggish fixer Beria-Garland is going to nominate a RINO proxy — Bill Barr? Jeff Sessions? — to carry out Trump’s takedown.

    Though I’m no Republiclown, I was about to lay in a stock of champagne and reefer to celebrate next Tuesday’s epic thrashing of leftist DemonRats. But Beria-Garland’s special prosecutor is going to cut short any celebration by announcing an unprecedented attempt to disqualify a presidential candidate with a trumped-up [sic] criminal indictment.

    This is war. And there will be casualties.

    • I agree with you, Jim. If they throw down this gauntlet war is inevitable.

      Apparently, they (the Left) aren’t intelligent enough to realize that invading Trump’s Mar A Lago home actually changed the trajectory of many Congressional races. As more rose-colored glasses are removed many Americans our realizing that our dear leaders do not have their best interest at heart and are trying to derail our basic freedoms. I don’t believe a Republican win will provide any essence of hope or profound freedom, but that people are actually awakening to the increase in crime, the exorbitant prices in fuel, food, housing, etc., and how they were lied to for the past three years provides me optimism that maybe all is not lost. Maybe the American Revolutionist wasn’t dead, just in a deep slumber.

        • Chris,
          I do know where my Son and his family are getting it from. From me. My son’s epiphany came upon the arrival of my grandchildren. He immediately realized he had something to work for besides his on pleasure. Before then, he argued against every point I made against the state. Now he’s a full blown anarcho-capitalist, homeschooling my grandchildren, to keep them away from the male bovine excrement.

          • John, you’re probably right, that they are getting it from me (and my wife). But they are not getting their news/info. from the same places we are. And they are telling/teaching me some things. I will just ask them.
            Congrats to you on homeschooling. I don’t have grandkids yet, but they most likely will be coming soon. We would love them to homeschool as well, and most likely will help accomplish it as well. I think the key will be to get them out of the typical hustle and bustle of blue metro areas, but it’s way easier said than done.
            Thank you.

            • Chris,
              “get them out of the typical hustle and bustle of blue metro areas”
              Few mammalian species thrive in crowded conditions. People are not one of them. One must be willing to give up ALL the perks of living in a blued dyed sewer to avoid infection.

      • RG,
        It’s not so much their lack of intelligence as it is their lack of experience, with the real world. They don’t live in one.


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