Tire Pollution . . .

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The authoritarians know the importance of never letting a crisis go to waste. It’s why there’s always another “crisis” – in air fingers quote marks to convey the unreality of most if not all of the “crisis” that are used as the excuse to rob us of our liberty or money and often both.

Here’s the next one – or at least one of them:

Tire Pollution.

It is asserted (it is always asserted when it comes to these “crisis”) that people’s health is harmed by the wearing-down of tires; that “particulate matter” is “emitted” and that it must be regulated, so as to protect people’s health. The big-name tire companies are all for these regulations because it means they’ll be able to charge people more money for “cleaner” tires and because it will make it that much harder for the smaller tire companies – which haven’t got comparable financial resources to manufacture “clean” tires – to compete with them. This latter being an example of regulatory capture – which advantages big companies that benefit from cost-adding regulations and for that reason not only don’t oppose new regulations but often advocate for them.

A prior example of this – one which set the precedent, really – was of course the so-called “passive restraint” regulation that went into effect back in the ’90s. It made it illegal for any major car manufacturer to offer for sale a car (or truck) not equipped with a “passive restraint” system. The regulations didn’t specifically say that air bags were the only way to meet the standard and some manufacturers met the standard via automated seat belts (some may recall) but, in the end, air bags became a de facto mandatory standard “feature” in all new mass-market cars (and trucks).

At first, some of the big-name automakers resisted, publicly talked about how air bags were a mixed-bag in that while they could be of benefit in the case of a serious accident, they were of no benefit at all if a serious accident never happened. Also, that they weren’t entirely “safe,” either. That they could – and did – hurt and even kill people. They also added considerably to the cost of a new car, because it’s  more than just an air bag – or six – that has to be paid for by the customer but also the engineering of the car around those air bags. It’s estimated that air bags – most new cars have at least six – have added at least $1,500 to the MSRP of a new car, not counting higher insurance costs on account of the cost of repairing (of replacing) an air bag-equipped car if it is badly wrecked.

But then they – the big-name car companies – saw the light. Cue Johnny Cash. They realized they could simply pass the costs along to customers and if every major company had to pass them along, customers would have no choice and there’d be less competition.

That’s a bingo! (Cue Hans Landa from Inglorius Basterds).

That’s why big-name tire companies will be “able to market new technologies at what is almost certain to be higher costs to their customers.”

Same goes for the big-name brake companies, like Brembo – which says its Greentive discs and pads can “reduce emissions of particulate matter by 50 percent.” And – yes – there is also a “crisis” with respect to the “emissions” of brake pads, too.

The European Union has just put forward a whole new slew of regulations – styled “Tier 7” – that will require drastic reductions in the “emissions” produced by both tires and brakes, which will entail more costs passed on to new car buyers as well as everyone who buys tires (and brake parts, too). This will make buying new cars – and driving them – even more expensive and people won’t be able to avoid the expense, unless they don’t buy (and stop driving).

Not just in Europe, either.

The previous “Tiers” have already made new cars sold here more expensive because it’s too expensive to build cars to meet one (higher) and another (slightly lower) standard, so cars are built to meet the higher one. We also see this here in the case of what used to be styled “California” vs. “49 state” cars.

For awhile, the car companies built one set of cars that met California’s more onerous requirements and another set for the rest of the country. The “California” cars cost more and were often not available with equipment that was available in “49 state” cars, such as manual transmissions. But then the big-name car companies realized it would be cheaper – for them – to build all their cars to “California” standards as well as harder for the smaller car companies to comply with the California” standards once they became national – and so advocated that they be made national.

All of the foregoing money-grubbing being based on assertions, which by now ought to ring familiar.  Everyone must stay home else everyone will die. “Masks work.” If you take this “vaccine,” you will not get and cannot spread “the virus.”

In the case of tire (and brake) “emissions,” it is asserted by the EU regulatory apparat that ” . . . longtime exposure to pollution from fine particulate matter and NOx from road traffic was responsible for more than 70,000 premature deaths in 2018, with 300,000 deaths from all air pollution.” 

None of these assertions are substantiated. Not one verifiable victim of these asserted harms has been produced.

What they are is presumptively predicated – upon hypothesis and projections; extrapolations and “modeling.” All of it deliberately disingenuous. Just the same as the assertions made about the “climate changing.” We are required to accept these assertions as fact – and if we don’t, then we are deniers.

Irrespective of the facts.

The fulsome scurvy truth is that the tire (and brake pad) “crisis” is of a piece with prior “crisis” in that there isn’t one. Well, if you don’t count the real one. That one being the way one ginned-up “crisis” after the next is being used to systematically fleece us of our finances and shear away whatever’s left of our liberty.

When it comes to that, there’s a “pandemic” afoot, alright. One you can smell – every time you step in it.

. . .

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  1. The WEF’s vision consists of distorting this environmentally friendly vision and turning it into a global political tool

    Psychopathic Politicians: Role Models of a Slave Society

    One does not need to be a professional psychologist or psychiatrist to recognise the symptoms of the hardened political psychopath. They are visible every time one checks ‘the news’ on mainstream media. After a short time one recognises that ‘what they say’ – and ‘what they do’ are very often precisely opposite from each other, and that the double-speak involved is intensely characteristic of the reversal of reality practised by satanists.

    That’s why, when you turn on your TV to watch ‘the news’ what you are seeing is ‘the psychopathic spin of the day’. The fact that you don’t react by turning-off the set means you are still unable to discern truth from lie. Or, in rare cases, that you are watching in order to study the behaviour patterns of professional liars.

    Within the political deception which surrounds WEF’s Great Reset/Green Deal, we find a starkly obvious case of theft. To be precise, theft of the early ecological movement’s long-term holistic agenda for the bio diverse trusteeship of the land.

    The WEF’s vision consists of distorting this environmentally friendly vision and turning it into a global political tool for enforcing Klaus Schwab’s fascistic brave new world of synthetic foods, robot-mechanised farming, ‘rewilded’ gated private forests and 5G powered ‘smart cities’ for disenfranchised country dwellers and redundant farmers.

    By twisting the true ecological approach to land management into a thoroughly distorted and fake look-alike, the word ‘Green’ has been 100% hijacked by the New World Order/Great Reset cabal. Tried and tested Real Green approaches have been usurped, in favour of macro scale industrial and digital mechanisation programmes for achieving the hallowed goal of ‘zero carbon’. If there ever could be such a thing as zero carbon– none of us would be able to breathe.

    The Origins of the World Economic Forum Go Back to the Third Reich nazis.
    schwab runs the wef his family was connected to the nazis in germany.

    The first environmentalist was Hitler. He also promoted being vegan even though he ate meat.

    gates and the other nwo/ccp/wef/.0001% witches want you to eat fake meat and insects, no more meat for you. they will eat steak.

    The holocaust itself was carried out under a green cover because Nazi racism was largely rooted in the Social Darwinism of German Romanticism that laid the ecological foundations for what today is otherwise known as environmentalism.

    the anti-Christian bias of the environmental movement in America now
    parallels the anti-Semitic bias in Germany during the 1800’s. “Nazi Oaks” describes why the holocaust is best understood as a modernized form of human sacrifice carried out under biological/ecological camouflage that is rooted in the sacrificial oak imagery of ancient paganism.

    Unbeknownst to many, the highway to modern environmentalism passed through Nazi Germany. By 1935, the Third Reich was the greenest regime on the planet.

    It was also a sinister eco-imperial plan designed to Germanize the landscape by removing populations of people who were unsuited to their environment, and by turning it into a beautiful natural park for the future health of the German race.

    removing populations of people who were unsuited to their environment: today that is you, they call you an invasive species, you will be exterminated

    Hitler himself was not only a devout eugenicist (whose racial purification policies emerged through the funding of the Rockefeller, Carnegie Foundations as well as British establishment), but was also a devout Malthusian saying:

    “The day will certainly come when the whole of mankind will be forced to check the augmentation of the human species, because there will be no further possibility of adjusting the productivity of the soil to the perpetual increase in the population.”
    now gates is saying the same thing, depopulation is good.

    After the war, eugenics-promoting organizations and think tanks changed their names while continuing their work, morphing into new forms by the 1960s such as the
    NOTE :environmental movement, transhumanist movement, including the pharmaceutical/healthcare sector. now we have the wef pushing this with the great reset.

    these satanists have decided that the useless eaters on the bottom are an invasive species, the plan? end goal 7 billion cull.
    the billionaires at the top see themselves as a different species than the useless eaters, so they don’t need to be culled.

    Climate change is purely political and religious, based on fake science. Climate change, the new GAIA cult religion, a big favorite of the communist, reset, one world government, satanic cult freaks,

    This cull is a modernized form of human sacrifice carried out under biological/ecological camouflage that is rooted in the sacrificial oak imagery of ancient paganism.


  2. ….Before the EV (with a 40 kWh battery) goes one foot the emissions/pollution just from manufacturing it is equal to driving an ice diesel 89,400 km (50,550 miles), about 7 years driving. This shows how stupid the government is pushing EV’s with their lithium fire bomb batteries (95% of lithium batteries are NOT recycled), this is an environmental catastrophe.

    “If an electric vehicle is using a 40 kWh battery (some EV’s have 90 kwh batteries which are 2.25 x as bad ), its embedded emissions from manufacturing would then be equivalent to the CO2 emissions caused by driving a diesel car with a fuel consumption of 5 litre per 100 km (about 55 mpg), up to 89,400 km (about 7 years average driving) before the electric car even has driven one meter,” Circular Energy reports.

    Then the battery dies in 10 years and you start over, another 89,400 km equivalent of pollution, (per 40 kwh battery), inflicted on the earth, just from the battery manufacture…lol….and it will only cost you $22,000…lol…

    EV’s pollute more

    NOTE: The biggest pollutant emitted from new cars because they have so low emissions are from tires wearing out while driving, tire particles polluting the air with microplastics .
    ATTENTION: Electric cars weigh 30% more than gas powered cars so have higher tire wear, so EV’s pollute more, EV’s eat up tires.

    According to a 2019 article in National Geographic, modern tires are made in part from petroleum-based plastics that require between 7 gallons of oil to make a car tire and up to 22 gallons for truck tires.

    Worldwide 80% of electricity is produced by oil, gas and coal. electric cars aren’t zero emission they are remote emission. In China most teslas are coal powered. In the U.S. 40% are coal powered.

    EV cars get 20 mpg, EV trucks get 10 mpg, this means they are polluting more then a 30 mpg ice car….

    The emissions at the power plant, where the EV gets it’s electricity, are far higher then what comes out of the exhaust pipe of a modern ice vehicle. ICE engines will be banned because they are not zero emission, .00001% contaminants is too high, this is insanity (the emissions at power plants are way higher).

    The new gas powered cars run so clean they have very very low emissions, very close to zero like .00001% contaminants. The exhaust coming out of a modern diesel is cleaner then the air in a big city.


  3. This all comes from tiny groups of anti-private automobile activists funded by the usual suspects. Every time engineers meet a standard they push for more or something else. Their goal is to make automobiles toys of the wealthy. And of course the wealthy ruling class is just fine with that.

    Brembo pads by the way make a ton of dust as the front wheels on two of my cars can attest. However almost all if not all of it sticks to the wheels and other nearby components until I wash the car.

  4. The US Navy uses 16 percent of the world’s daily diesel fuel consumption, I use maybe two gallons of gas and it is still all my fault and on top of that, I’m the asshole.

    Air Force One with the tanks full has 54,000 gallons of jet fuel, all for the POTUS.

    Joe can’t afford to fill Air Force One with 54,000 gallons of jet fuel. At seven dollars per gallon, Joe’s 400,000 dollar is gone.

    And… it’s gone.

    That’s your job, you pay for the jet fuel. You buy the Navy diesel fuel, a lot of it.

    I burn some natural gas to heat the house and I should feel guilty, depriving the gov of what is rightfully theirs is wrong.

    The Gov deserves all of the natural gas, shame on you for heating your home with natural gas.

    You’re a criminal if you don’t donate all you have, all your belongings, your cars, your home, your money, everything.

    Klaus wants it all, all you need is nothing. Join the huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the least you can do. You’ll be tired, you’ll be poor, you’ll be hungry, but at this point, what difference does it make?

    Your fault that Klaus has to be so blunt and frank. You leave Klaus no choice.

    The cat is a real life caricature of himself. The first issue of the comic book, WEF Über Alles, will be a collectible.

    Time to drive that Harrari nut insane, be good for him. Feed him bugs for a week, you know he’s hackable just like anyone else and the bugs can do it, the bugs will win.

    Nurse Ratched will take care of him from then on, feeding him bugs, of course. Yuval will be flying over the cuckoo’s nest, bugs will drive the nut crazy.

    Buy a dozen eggs, hatch them, get zee bugs from Klaus, feed zee bugs to zee chickens, voila, fried chicken. You’re not supposed to know that you can raise food on your own, it’s illegal.

    Thank you so much for zee bugs, Klaus. Thanks for the chickens and eggs.

    A turkey like Klaus can do it all, just for you, or maybe not for you, at all. The egghead ain’t got a leg to stand on. Klaus the Dumbass is as dumb as a rock.

    Just some ramblin’ musings.

    I bought new rotors and brake pads for the Pathfinder. The pads are close to the wear-guard, so it is time.

    Use your brakes sparingly and they’ll last a while longer.

    The mileage on the truck is at 165,800 miles. Time for new brakes. Shop time is scheduled.

    Always buy new rotors, it’s the rule.

    Tires are a different story, 45,000 miles seems to be the maximum for wear and tear on tires. More plies might get you 60,000 miles.

    • Re: drumphish November 29, 2022 At 8:17 pm

      Doesn’t matter how much the government’s usage is, the people pushing all this stuff for the ‘environment’ don’t care because they don’t care about the environment. For their own reasons they simply support the ruling class or are control freaks that just want everyone to do as they demand. The ruling class simply leveraging and guiding them.

  5. You should really do a podcast or whatever with S3mag.com Eric, feel the three of you (Mike and John) would really hit it off.

    See your radio show, now let’s talk to some Aftermarket Car Enthusiasts about the current issues, as they’re talking about the EPA going after the Aftermarket lately

  6. If they want to cut down “brake dust”, the first thing they should do is outlaw the automatic transmission, from which one gets little to no engine braking. As I lately discovered when I could no longer shift gears and got an automatic. Seems I’m always on the brakes now, while seldom on them before. Another contributor is “stability control”, wherein the brakes are routinely applied to “correct” your driving. Especially if you drive on a gravel road, in which case they are almost ALWAYS engaged.
    In other words, they created the problem they propose to “fix”.

      • John I’m always (kind of) surprised that folks charge up to stoplights and then brake hard when they get there as if they didn’t know the light was red before they were within ten feet of it. Driving a manual, I coast up to red lights to avoid shifting gears unless I need to. So your point is absolutely correct.

        • John and Mark, I seldom use the brakes until I get where I’m going, even when driving an automatic. All it takes is a little thinking and planning. There is a curvy, hilly five-mile stretch on the way to town, and it’s easy to drive the whole thing without touching the brakes. I drive at or just above the speed limit, but simply think ahead and let gravity and friction do the braking for me. If I ever get a hybrid my mileage probably will be crappy because I won’t get much benefit from the regenerative braking.
          Most people have no clue what smoothness looks like in driving, let alone how to achieve it.

  7. “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed, (hence clamorous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary.” – H.L. Mencken

    Ever wonder how to tell if someone in politics or government is not totally corrupt? Are they rich in money? Have they ever done anything outside government to earn it?

    If not rich the odds are good they have some moral standing and integrity, except for those who practice politics poorly and are mere infants in corruption. How is it that so many public servants, most of whom have never generated wealth from business activity are so extremely wealthy after years and years of public office?

    They keep inventing imaginary hobgoblins to alarm the populace so we never have time to contemplate how little we need them; keeping fear at the forefront so rational thought is suppressed.

    Practical politics; the method by which the masses are shorn, and taught to love the shearing.
    I guess it is better than the old ways, when the king or emperor or marauders would plunder and pillage and rape. For now.

    If you put your head in a noose, why are you surprised when the they hang you from it?

    • Being a politician is one of the highest paid jobs, when you start you might be only worth a million dollars, but after 5 or 10 years you can be worth $200 million dollars…and your salary might only be $200,000….interesting math

      In modern politics not a single member of parliament writes a law or puts pen to paper to write out a legislative construct.

      looks like all legislation is created now by the WEF, WHO, UN, it is all designed to enable their agenda 2030

      politicians just sign into law any legislation the WEF sends them that is their only purpose….

      Legislation is presented/sold/marketed by lobbyists, from the WEF and WEF connected leftist/communist/nazi think tanks/leftist NGO’s/or related ESG corporations……

      then politicians approve it for cash…..

      Politicians can have multiple incomes…..

      1) truck loads of cash from lobbyists to sign bills
      2) huge salary plus gold plated pension from the taxpayers….
      plus a 3rd salary from the WEF?….

      Dr. Marc Faber says these governments steal between 5% (honest governments) and 100% (crooked governments) of the money collected, borrowed…… that is a 4th source of income…going into offshore accounts….

      Starting in 2020 politicians got cash bonuses from the WHO to enforce lockdowns, etc….a 5th source of income…

      We don’t have politicians anymore. We have WEF middle management….
      just fire all the politicians…let the wef run the country directly, that is the future plan anyways….and today’s reality

      • Anon, of course they’re crooks, but I have to admire the balls of this guy. He’s refusing to repay the FBI the bribe money they gave him in a sting, arguing that restitution is for victims, and the FBI sure as hell ain’t no victim. Hahaha – Yes!
        For a while these overpaid Barney Fifes were crowing about foiling terrist plots right and left, but if you bothered to read to the end of the story you’d find that what really happened was they worked on some poor sucker for months and eventually talked him into taking a fake bomb from them. They are too lazy and stupid to solve real crimes, so they have to keep making some up that otherwise never would have existed.

  8. “What gets measured gets managed” – The middle manager’s creed.

    There’s an odd side effect to credential inflation, the idea that our “everyone gets a sheepskin” society has made the masters degree the new bachelors, doctorate the new maters, etc. Many of these degrees have reqirements for advanced research, thesis and dissertation publication, as well as working for research professors, many of whom will also advise grad students on topics that may not be worth anything outside of task completion.

    So off they go, publishing their worthless information. In the past it might find itself in a dusty journal in the back of the campus library, but today it’s on a dusty old web server in the campus data center. That server gets crawled by Google’s web spiders, indexed and added to search results. Not only that but bloggers, activists and work-from-home journalists (present company excluded) monitor all that stuff, sifting through the tailings for a few flecks of gold. Heck, I’ll bet the K Street (or whatever street it is in Sacramento) lobbyist firms pay people to research the research, looking for something, anything to back their client’s needs.

    When paydirt is found, that’s when all the fun happens. Legislation is written, pitched to politicians under the guise of “researchers have found…” language. Press releases and canned video news “packages” are published to generate outrage. Bloggers (present company begrudgingly included, as I realize the irony) get hold of it and put their own personal spin on the issue, often refering to an environmental issue as increases in percentages, which are great for masking the real impact of an identified problem (because 10% more of almost nothing is still nothing).

    The solution, of course, is to go back to primary sources and see exactly who did the research. Some 24 year old grad student looking to make a name for “itself” shouldn’t be trusted to drive policy. That’s not because they don’t have a point, but because they’re still basically kids, doing kids’ work. But that’s not going to happen in a positive feedback loop like green politics. If a bear shits in the woods that’s natural. If a miniscule amount of rubber flakes off tires in an urban environment that’s a tragedy. Ever step in bear shit? Makes a mess. Ever deal with brake dust? Washes right off the rims.

    • You can measure the rainfall all you want, but you can barely predict it, and there’s no way anyone can possibly “manage” it. It just does what it does, and you have to deal with whatever you get. This applies to a lot more of business than most MBA types realize (or are willing to admit).

  9. ‘There’s always another “crisis”’ — eric

    Naturally CARB, which directly influences NHTSA, is on the case:

    ‘Results showed that PM [Particulate Matter] measured in the chamber integrated over whole drive cycles depended on number of braking events per mile driven. Real-time braking behavior showed high PM events highly dependent on braking force.’


    Well, duh … slam on the brakes, you get more brake dust. Maybe better to just crash into stuff to stop — for the environment.

    There’s also an inherent tradeoff between rubber hardness and grip. Summer tires probably ’emit’ fewer particulates than softer, grippier winter tires. Ban winter tires and let folks skid into the ditch? Doubtless our rulers are toying with the idea.

    As NHTSA head Steven Cliff returns to CARB from whence he came, enviro-wacko Ann Carlson is his replacement Commiefornicator:

    ‘Carlson’s scholarship examines unusual arrangements of federalism, evaluation of domestic environmental law and policy, and cliiiiiimate change.

    ‘Carlson served as a panelist for the influential National Academy of Sciences committee on Limiting the Magnitude of Climate Change. She is a member of the Steering Committee of the AAAS Alternative Energy Future project.’ — Wikipedia

    Naturally, she’s a lawyer from Haaaahhhvid, who does not get icky brake dust on her clean uncalloused hands from changing tires … though paper cuts are an occupational hazard as a agency autocrat.

  10. How much pollution does war cause? The parasitic state is always looking to regulate us, because they need to get our attention and then our money in order for themselves to survive – the state produces nothing yet demands everything – thus the nature of the parasite is destructive.

    quoting EM “All of these people care not one little shit about “the planet” or human health.”

    Yep, and war is proof. The death jab is more proof. Their claims of saving the environment or protecting us go up in smoke when they make war – especially war made under false pretense – like a false flag inspired war – where the government blows up their own high rises and blames it on some patsies thus giving itself carte blanch excuse to wage unlimited war on “them”, a nebulous group of terrorists – which they also fund and trained.

    The pedo Biden show is shipping billions of weapons to Ukraine – which are used to blow things up – or Russia spots them on a satellite and blows them up first. The destruction is huge and horrific, awe inspiring, so long as you don’t think of the poor suckers who happened to be in that block. I saw some new bomb Russia is using, the Russian version of MOAB, the mother of all bombs.

    Why are Polish troops in Ukraine? Why did Polish troops kill the Ukrainian officers when given orders? Why in the hell are Polish troops in Ukraine being commanded by a non-Polish officer?


    The press says the USA giving 1,200 dead Polish troops American style burials? The question is why are there Polish troops in Ukraine? Is not that suicide for Poland, which borders Russia?

    • Hi Yukon,
      Excellent point, how much of that evil CO2 comes from all the bombs and resulting fires? Guess it doesn’t count if govco does it. Seems like the PTB are determined to start WWIII, perhaps thinking they can ride it out in their fuehrerbunkers while the rest of us get incinerated. Just saw a news item stating the Pentagram can’t account for about a third of its weapons; most likely got sent to the terrrrists so they can use them against us, thus requiring govco to purchase (with our tax dollars of course) even more weapons to keep the cycle going. If only a meteor would land on the imperial city and let the rest of us live out our lives without those parasites….

  11. The FDA & CDC have proven themselves to be captive agencies of the industry they purportedly regulate the past few years. Besides the COVID “vaccines” and boosters that are STILL being pushed by them and the public health bureaucrats, last year, the FDA approved a new Alzheimer’s drug called Aduhelm which turned out to not even be an effective treatment for people with Alzheimer’s. Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson had a story about that earlier this year……


  12. 200 million four-wheeled vehicles with a spare, five tires, one billion tires.

    How to reduce the number of discarded tires?

    Simple answer, neck-ring some seven billion useless eaters and you’ll solve two crises at the same time.

    Klaus can mail a royalty check for giving him the idea. Better yet, neck-ring Klaus, solves a lot of problems. Won’t be missed that much, guaranteed.

    There’ll then be a tire shortage, or a reduction in the number of discarded tires by a significant percentage. After two billion, the carnage might have to be halted due to a discarded tire shortage.

    Another crisis, good lord.

    Never let an idiot like Saul define what a crisis is. Alinsky is a waste, amoebas have more brains. Problem solving didn’t enter Saul’s mind, which is the real problem, makes Alinsky the problem.

    Not too difficult to conclude where the crisis exists, another useful idiot has to be proven again and again to be one useful idiot. Not my problem.

    Haul the discarded tires to a coal-fired power plant and burn tires with coal. Hitachi smokestack scrubbers will remove most of the emissions.

    Problem solved.

  13. All of these people care not one little shit about “the planet” or human health. There is a real “crisis” — not the word that I would use in particular, but it works. That is the pollution of just about everything by the weed killer known as “glyphosate”.

    Like the concerted effort to cover up the effects of smoking cigarettes, everyone involved from the manufacturers of the poison to the farmers that use it, to doctors and the regulatory apparatus that is supposed to protect us and the environment from it. They all know and they don’t care one iota.

    There is a strong correlation between glyphosate use and covid outcomes. Not just that, numerous health conditions are caused by its uptake in the body and its effects are passed to future generations from the mother in the womb.

    Toxic Legacy: How the Weedkiller Glyphosate Is Destroying Our Health and the Environment (July 2021, Stephanie Seneff)

    Or listen to any of Seneff’s interviews, like this one:

    Or even listen to Seneff’s interviews on the mRNA studies that she’s conducted with people like Dr. McCullough, like this one:

    Or any of the articles and interviews listed on her site:

    Also her numerous peer-reviewed studies on glyphosate can be found on sites like ResearchGate, Google Scholar and even PubMed.

    If I’m not hearing anything about glyphosate from these crusaders that are talking about “saving the planet” or even public health, they can STFU and GTFO.

      • John B and EM,
        I have long suspected that the entire “climate change” fiasco was promoted to distract the Greens from the chemical poisoning of the planet. It would be curious how much DuPont, Bayer/Monsanto, etc. contribute to the “climate change” movement.

        • Hi John,

          One other thing that so-called “environmentalists” never talked about was the MASSIVE numbers of face diapers that ended up in oceans in 2020, likely harming numerous sea creatures.

          • John B – Yeah, for sure. I have an irritating, environmentalist brother who is always talking about “climate warming”, sprawl, the problems with caaaaars, and how we should ride bicycles everywhere. He jumped on the COVID medical bandwagon because “deaths.”

            Practically twice a week, I was treated to phone calls where he would tell me that I going maskless was endangering every living being on the planet and that I should have no problem wearing masks. I won’t soon forget the humiliation I incurred as a result of mandates and his slavish adherence to them. It was then that I realized that I cannot coexist with people like that.

            Back to the topic, since this, he has been silent on the issue of mask waste. The waste is massive and has likely harmed more than just sea creatures. I took him to task on that as well. He says I shouldn’t talk about that since I don’t care about the environment.

            Environmentalists were created for one reason: to make your life miserable and to aid the authortarian police state. This is something I won’t soon forget.

            • Hi Swamprat,

              The elitists, politicians, and wealthy Hollywood snobs who constantly lecture the masses about CLIMATE CHANGE tend to be the same ones who live in fancy McMansions, fly around in private jets, etc. They want the masses to eat bugs, give up cars, live in Itty-bitty apartments, and own NOTHING (per Schwab’s “Great Reset”), while THEY continue their LAVISH lifestyles.

              The Biden Thing recently pledged millions of dollars to “Fight climate change” at COP27, but I seriously doubt all that money will come from these Uber wealthy elitists. Instead, it will come from AMERICAN TAXPAYERS. They may even take it from Americans’ 401(k)s, as the Biden Thing quietly made it possible last week for fund managers to shaft 401(k)s to support ESG investing.

              • Hey John,

                I think I remember somebody mentioning that about 401Ks here (maybe you?) on a different article of Eric’s. I’ve been just livid that my 401K is down about 17% for the year. I decided to move the maximum into my self-directed brokerage and I’m gonna just put it all into bonds/CDs. Even though those don’t make a ton of money, they sure don’t end up -17%.

                CDs are pretty basic but I gotta learn how bonds and T-bills work. Seems as though I can buy those with the SDB part of the 401K.

          • John B,
            Great point. We should use the Demo-Marxist own propaganda tools and fake a picture with a sea turtle with half a mask caught in his snout. Pass that thru the internet as *the elf* Fauci’s fault.

      • Hi John,

        I think that I remember “Paraquat” from my younger years. Didn’t the government used to spray that over Marijuana fields and it end up getting smoked by pot heads?

        • EM,

          I’m not sure if the government ever sprayed Paraquat over marijuana fields, as I’ve never smoked the stuff but maybe once or twice when I was younger.

    • Hey Em,

      Glyphosate is certainly a silent killer. Its now in almost every kind of corn, rice, beans, and flour. It filters down derivatives upon derivative inside the food chain. Nasty stuff, if you end up with to much in your system you get cancer, or just trouble drawing a breath.

      it seems those crafting these narrative de jours, focus on issues that are so ancillary and outside of an immediate threat to life, it makes one wonder, are they are really that stupid, or really that evil. I remember reading Rense.com a decade ago and seeing the pictures done by Dees, I think it was.

      I looked at the people he depicted. Morbidly obese, missing teeth, pockmarked, splotchy skin, week, sorry excuses for humans, barely resembling Americans of the past. Didn’t see the characters he portrayed in his art around me at that time. Now as I look around I feel like it all came true. Every crack pot conspiracy about the malignant overlords was true.

      Round up is a major culprit in the failing health of humans. At some point soon, it may well transform the remaining penned humans into little more than hogs, shoving every corn laden, shit sandwich they’re served into their blinkered gullets.

      • Hey Norman,

        I had heard lots about glyphosate for years but it was only recently that I really started to learn the extent of the poisoning. Fucken lunatics use it in water to kill algae! They use it on non-GMO crops to kill the remaining plants after harvest (e.g., wheat)! It’s insanity.

        Seneff also mentioned a new weed killer that they’re working on because the weeds are becoming glyphosate resistant and it’s even worse!

        None of these fuckers that are up in arms over 0.04% CO2 are saying jack about glyphosate.

        • It seems the glyphosate in roundup only works if you buy the concentrate, and mix it stronger than the recommended strength. I have a neighbor who sprays it out front of his house, up and down the lane, in the wind, even the rain. Spring and summer he used to be out there every week. No mask, no gloves. Still has weeds.

          Last year he became unable to qual hunt anymore. His hands shake so bad he’s basically unable to hold a gun, or much else. At least the spraying stopped. Late 60s used to be in good health, doesn’t smoke or drink, he got all the jabs, now he just sits and wastes away.

  14. The widespread adoption of electric vehicles will no doubt make this “crisis” worse. That’s because EVs are considerably heavier than IC vehicles. Hence they wear out tires and brakes more.

    If we were truly “doing something,” we’d have the far lighter vehicles than we do now.


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