The Last V6 Standing

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In less-than-a-year-from-now, you will never again be able to buy a new mid-sized sedan with a six cylinder engine.

At least, not for less than $60,000 or so.

Dodge has already stopped making the 2023 Charger – which used to come standard with a V6 (and for $33,200 to start). The 2024 version will come standard with a battery. And it will reportedly cost close to $50,000 to start.

Mazda stopped selling its 6 sedan (which offered a V6) altogether, probably because without a six, the 6 was something less than its own name.

Hyundai’s Sonata offers no more than a four.

The Nissan Maxima – which had a standard V6 – is no more.

And now comes the news that the 2025 Toyota Camry – which will begin replacing the current Camry in about six months from now – will be four cylinder-only, just like its main remaining  rivals, the Honda Accord and the Hyundai Sonata.

All of them used to offer V6 engines.

Readers of this column know why they don’t anymore – and why the Camry soon won’t, either. A four cylinder hybrid Camry is the only way Toyota can get the Camry close to the nearly 50 MPG mandatory minimums decreed by the federal regulatory apparat that go into effect come 2026. This is the regulatory mechanism by which the federal apparat is systematically pushing engines off the market. The mandatory minimums will increase until it becomes impossible for a car with an engine to comply with them.

And we are just about there.

Even with a four cylinder engine augmented by a hybrid setup that keeps the engine off as often as feasible, the 2025 Camry will only just barely make the cut. It will average around 50 MPG, according to reports. The next round of mandatory MPG minimums – on deck to approach 60 MPG – will assure the engine will be cut, in favor of a battery – thereby turning the Camry into a device, just like all the rest.

This will do wonders for its “stock” car image, no doubt.

Things were dissonant enough when the Camry was still available with a V6, which wasn’t a V8 – which is what all NASCAR “stock” cars are powered by.

But at least it was close.

Soon, it will be very far away, perhaps beyond the event horizon of plausibility. Then again, rumor has it that even NASCAR will be pushed to dump its engines in favor of electric motors, reducing what had been racing to something akin to a life-size version of kids’ toy race sets, which were meant to simulate racing.

Six cylinder engines are becoming what what V12 engines were about a decade ago; i.e., exotic engines available only in high-priced, low-production models that only the affluent few can afford. To get one in a new sedan, you must be able to spend in the vicinity of $60,000 for something like a BMW 5 Series or Mercedes E-Class sedan – equipped with the optionally available six.

These luxury sedans now come standard with fours.

It is a shock to the senses.

Mid-sized luxury sedans such as the BMW 5 and the Mercedes E used to come standard with sixes and every mid-sized, mass-market family sedan used to offer them. It was only a little more than ten years ago that it was possible to buy a full-sized sedan with a standard V8 engine for about $40,000 in today’s depreciated dollars. That was the 2011 Ford Crown Victoria – and it cost about $17,000 less to buy one (adjusted for inflation) back in 2011 than it costs today to buy a four-cylinder-powered mid-sized BMW 5 Series (MSRP $57,900 to start).

We are being Sovietized.

Becoming used to be being reduced. Butter and eggs are becoming luxury items.

It follows.

Because Soviets have taken over the government. They are not recognized – yet – as such because they wear business suits and call themselves “president” and “senator” rather than general secretary and commissar.

But they aim toward the same goal.

Many don’t understand this – yet – because they have been gulled by the new verbiage that makes red seem green. Even when the verbiage emanates from the mouths of general secretaries and commissars (in all-but-name) as they deplane from private planes and are whisked away in 4 MPG V8-powered armored SUVs. The soon-to-be-proletariat hears and cheers because it does not yet understand what it is going to cost them.

That being everything they have taken for granted.

They believe they can vote for general secretaries and commissars who promise to pursue “zero carbon” as zealously as some of their comrades pursued “zero COVID” – and that the  refrigerator will always be full. That the lights will always come on. That they will own a home – and a car. These are working-class affluences an alarming number of Americans have come to regard as a kind of entitlement that will alway be a given.

They have forgotten such things were once unavailable to the proletariat in countries run by general secretaries and commissars. They seem to believe – dissonantly – that it is possible to have general secretaries and commissars and have full refrigerators in the homes of the proletariat.

They are about to have their dissonance dispelled.

. . .

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  1. I do but having traveled to Russia since then,(and before) the different is quite amazing. It is vibrant despite the oligarchy, the average Russian feels prosperous and secure.
    They are doing pretty good so far against the Yeltsin/Clinton Cabal

  2. Eric,
    When I got your message with the title of this article, I thought to myself, I bet it’s the Camry.
    The Avalon had it too, but I think the Avalon is discontinued now, as well. The V-6 made both of those sedans quiet, smooth, quick, and refined. The 4-cyl versions always sound a bit coarse & underpowered, albeit economical. GovCo ruins everything, and everyone, it touches.

    • Well, I’m and old coot who owns 4 cars and I’m happy to report that 3 of them are V8: Pontiac Catalina, Ford F-150 Pickup and Mustang GT.
      My other car is a Lexus with a V-6.

  3. Pretty soon all engines must meet 100mpg and you’ll all be walking or bicycling soon. That is the REAL goal of these airplane flying, chauffeured limousines ‘elite want you so only they can be GODS!

    Nuth’ns changed since you wanted kings and emperors to rule you.

    • “Pretty soon all engines must meet 100mpg and you’ll all be walking or bicycling soon”.

      Not if enough businesses and people tell the gov to F off.

      • Hi Craigus,

        In re: “Not if enough businesses and people tell the gov to F off.”

        Exactly. As with the “masks” all it takes is saying NO. If a critical mass minority does say it, then that is determinative. Policy is never determined by majorities. It is made by committed minorities.

    • Hi Thomas,

      Yes. Precisely. This is the point of of it all. Not “emissions.” Not “the environment.” Enserfment. If only people – enough people – figure this out while there’s still time.

  4. What’s going on in the rest of the world? I know EU is a lost cause, but what about Asia, Africa and the Middle East (at least the non-war torn sections)? We know that Mexico has very different products than the US, I imagine the rest of Central and South America is more like Mexico than the US.

    I’m guessing we’ll never see a Holden UTE again, but what else is in the land down under?

    • Automotive technology is still overwhelmingly dominated by developed countries (US, Europe, Japan), plus China. Mexico’s auto manufacturing plants are owned by foreign companies, and use their technology. Same in Brazil; same in Argentina. LatAm does not have any globally competitive, indigenous auto makers. Nor does Africa or the Middle East.

      Iran produces around a million cars a year for its domestic market. But these vehicles are not competitive externally, even if sanctions were lifted. Same is true of Russia’s auto makers, AvtoVAZ (Lada) and GAZ, which struggle to compete with Chinese imports.

      Australia, with a population of 25 million, lacks a big enough domestic market to be a player globally. It also has no business edge such as low labor costs.

      As a mature (125 years) industry choked by government regulation and climate fanaticism, the auto biz faces a dim future of making low-margin, commodity products. Like other ‘white goods’ appliances (washers, dryers, dishwashers), contemporary vehicles are resented by buyers because they are objectively inferior to the same products of 20 to 30 years ago.

      Following in the footsteps of the cable companies, auto makers face a future in which their customers hate them, and buy their costly shit products only out of necessity.

      Die, GM, die.

      • Since the US has decided to have a proxy war with Russia, I don’t get why the Russians don’t start making their own reverse engineered version of the LS engine for their market

    • To my knowledge, we do not have mileage standards down under. We do have the ventless petrol cans which suck. But with the demise of the local car industry, we are stuck with overpriced imports designed for the yankee market, prices and parts are now through the roof. We have lost a lot of the local parts makers and are now dependent on chink parts which are not as good as the local parts were. All the new cars in Australia are now so boring.

  5. Government went from being for protection of life, liberty, and property, to suppression of them. It is simply a tool for wealth generation and protection through violence around the world and at home.

  6. You know, when on my way out to eat, something occurred to me-two things, actually. One, we used to scoff at 6 cylinder engines, especially if installed in midsize or large cars. We were like, why have 6 when you could have V8? Two, fours were staples of economy cars, and only economy cars; back in the day, we NEVER could’ve envisioned the day when luxury cars would come with 2.0L fours!

    • I drove a company “loaner” 1980s era BMW 3 series with the incredible straight 6 for a few weeks in the 1990s. What a great engine. So smooth I thought it had stalled at a stop light. Plenty of power, once you figure out the kick down throttle. Sure, no replacement for displacement and all, but what a machine.

  7. I’ll hang on to my 4-wheel drive SUV and drive it forever.

    Drove into a speed trap, a state highway, 45 mph, was going 40, the sign changed to 25 mph, patrol car furtively situated, lights go on, I stop, roll down the window, got the spiel, then the ticket. You feel robbed, highway thievery.

    Don’t do anything stupid, thank the law enforcement for his time and help. I had my seat belt on, removed it before the officer got to the window, wanted cite me for a seat belt violation. I said I just took it off, he accepted the explanation, the reason: I was expecting to remove my sorry worthless hide from my vehicle.

    Don’t do that.

    I’ll pay online.

    I think they do it for the money! Makes me very suspicious. har

  8. Eric,

    A big reason why Nissan did away with the Maxima was because their Altima, when equipped with a V6, cannibalized too many Maxima sales; there was little functional difference between the Maxima and a V6 equipped Altima, and the Altima could be had for less. However, the Altima once came with an available V6, and it no longer does. At least the 2024 Altima still comes with the 2.5L engine, not a 2.0L like everyone else has; that’s BIGGER than what the luxury, European marques offer! That’s something…

  9. Even EeeVee fanboi Wolf Richter senses a disturbance in the Force:

    ‘ChargePoint, the largest public EV-charging network, issued a series of announcements last night: that revenues in Q3 plunged; that the board had sacked the CEO; and that the CFO had departed.’

    ‘At its peak, ChargePoint had a market capitalization of over $10 billion, a testament to the consensual hallucination of the times; today, it has a market cap of $725 million.

    ‘EVgo, with about one-third the revenues of ChargePoint, went public on July 1, 2021. In its last quarterly report, it said that revenues in Q3 plunged 30% quarter-to-quarter, to $35 million. It’s just a tiny outfit. Its shares plunged too, down 88% from their high, giving it a still inexplicably high market cap of around $900 million. Long live Consensual Hallucination.’

    Everybody gets it now … except anencephalic Big Gov, the lobotimized mastadon which improbably rules us, despite being locked in the pitiless tractor beam of its own debt-driven doom loop.

    And then the man, he steps right up to the microphone
    And says at last just as the time bell rings
    Goodnight, now it’s time to go home
    Then he makes it fast with one more thing

    We are the sultans
    We are the sultans that sting

    — Dire Straits, Sultans of Swing

  10. The trees! The trees! Every few days it’s another climate change article now the trees.

    More propaganda posing as news. I’m surprised the “news” company allows comments again since they destroy the climate change idiocy pretending to be science. Hate to break it to the little lass in the forest, trees live then die. Lotsa greenery around that forest floor.

    PS: we’re supposed to be in El Niño this fall and winter. In my 11 years here in Central WA this is the wettest fall, now nearing winter, yet. West of the Cascades Seattle soggy again!

    • News, Sparky? It really should be called “Olds” because it’s the same old story, The Sky is Falling The Sky is Falling!!!, repackaged and presented day after day after day after…

      The bible says it’s the fear of God that is the basis of wisdom and then goes on to use the phrase “fear not” more than any other. If God is in control then GovCo is not. GovCo hates competition and therefore does everything in its power to scare the bejeesus out of people lest they realize that earthly things are not to be feared.

      Besides, a fearful society is a controllable society.

  11. I’m an engineer who deals with “boring” technical stuff pertaining to autonomous cars. As part of this, I am very familiar with crunching the numbers around car efficiency.

    What infuriates me, is that these 4-cylinder turbos aren’t really more efficient than the V6’s that they replace. When combined with auto start/stop, and being driven by a blind granny simulation, that 4-cylinder engine is indeed more efficient on the EPA test cycle, however, in the real world, the efficiency of the car is based more on its weight, frontal area and coefficient of drag. It doesn’t matter if it’s a V6 or a 4-cyl turbo doing the work, the size and weight of the car is what dictates the work that needs doing. The V6 will be more efficient if you’re working the car harder, like when driving with some pep, or the car is full of people, while the 4-cylinder will be more efficient when you’re driving like a moving roadblock. I can explain why if anyone’s interested, but it gets a bit technical.

    The sheeple are sold on EV’s. They believe the earth is imminently dying. The prophet, Greta Thunberg, said that we’d all be dead by 2023, so I guess we only have a month left. EV’s are the solution. I’ve crunched these numbers too (which are similar to other skeptics) and EV’s are only cleaner in states with clean energy (like CA or new england) and only offset their increased manufacturing emissions after around 80,000 miles in CA, or 110,000 in new england, but they’re on-net dirtier in most of the US. My engineer EV proponent colleagues, who think I am nuts, look at the per-mile emissions, which are indeed lower in EV’s in clean states, but somehow, they use these idealized emissions as being representative of al EV’s everywhere, which is deceitful. Meanwhile, a gasoline car has the same emissions everywhere (it varies with altitude).

    • ‘EV’s are only cleaner in states with clean energy (like CA or new england) and only offset their increased manufacturing emissions after around 80,000 miles in CA, or 110,000 in new england.’ — OppositeLock

      Accepting these breakeven figures at face value, the trivial benefit obtained from EVs after 100,000 miles can’t possibly justify the massive capital expenditures (EV production, charging infrastructure, electrical grid) needed to achieve it.

      Climate models are extrapolating temperature fluctuations of the past few decades. An analogy: assume that the S&P 500’s 7 percent gain this month is caused by a natural ‘stock market warming’ process. This simple model asserts that stocks must double every year, forevermore — an absurd result.

      In both cases — climate projections and financial forecasts — the herd gets swept up in a mass psychological phenomenon. They become table-pounding true believers in a particular outcome. We just saw this two years ago:

      “God did answer our prayers. He made the smartest men and women, the scientists, the doctors, the researchers — he made them come up with a [covid] vaccine. That is from God to us and we must say, ‘Thank you, God. Thank you.'” — New York Gov Hochul, Sep 2021

      We can look back and shake our heads at Hochul’s deluded fanaticism, which led to people being fired for not complying, and others who did comply dying. EeeVee Fever is the same herd-driven mass fanaticism, playing out over a longer period.

      The Lügenpresse has cooled on EeeVees, owing to consumer resistance. But we’re a long way from canceling any mandates. Government is the ultimate herd — the very last party to get the message and climb off the precarious tree limb they crawled out on, usually after slaughtering quite a few victims with recklessly destructive policies.

      • I was only talking about cleaner in terms of CO2 emissions – it takes a lot of brine extraction to make a large lithium battery, and that’s a dirty job.

        In time, I suspect EV batteries will be highly recyclable; it’s easier to extract that lithium from a battery than from ore, but it still means that we need to extract enough lithium to have enough of it in circulation for recycling, and that’ll be really dirty.

        As for EV’s, they make some sense. Where I live, in the middle of silicon valley, you can do all your driving in an EV, providing you stay close enough to civilization where the charging network is robust. Households which only own EV’s still rent ICE cars for trips away from civilization.

    • They always are. The Daily Mail is a regime publication but has interesting stuff and is updated constantly. It also crashes every browser I access it with and is overall infuriating to try to read the “articles”.

  12. We’ll fight them to the death…

    … just like we have the fake money, passports, income taxes, the gun laws, toilets, light bulbs, bodily searches at airports, right to refuse their needles over fake viruses, and now our cars over fake climate change.
    We allow them to destroy the biosphere through their dimming to reduce heating of an already cooling planet, and have weaponized weather. They now have weapons that can raze areas they want.
    Our society is so over weight, so under educated, completely without skills, the army cannot find enough qualified, educated, skilled fodder to kill over the fake wars that keep the wealthy,,, well,,, wealthy.
    Our cities are so foul with the stench of human excrement and homeless that retail commerce is shutting down. It’s so bad people from third world nations are afraid to visit. It’s so bad that the excrement and undesirables were removed from a couple of city blocks to impress foreign dignitaries who are already aware of the filth and degenerates occupying these areas. We didn’t fool them at all. They likely are still laughing about it.
    Up next, 15 minute cities and insect food (ummmm good), the elimination of (X) billions of people to get the population down where they can control it.

    Reader may add to this,,, there is a lot I left out.

    Someone please update the FINAL version of “We Didn’t Start the Fire”.

  13. ‘Soviets have taken over the government.’ — eric

    An essay by Dr Mercola at Lew Rockwell’s site this morning highlights the most Sovietized aspect of the US: the national security state, with its vast web of automated data collection. It is the unelected Fourth Branch of government, operating with total impunity and no safeguards.

    Even when it is caught red-handed (e.g., thousands of FISA Act violations), no one is held responsible and the abuses continue.

    Suspect elections of highly-vetted candidates are still held. But Congress Clowns, the hacks in black, and even the White House exert only nominal control, within a limited sphere of influence.

    Our Sovietized dystopia is fully in place. Now it’s just a matter of habituating younger cohorts to it, as the last generation which still remembers a free-ish country ages out.

    Collectivist police states ultimately get surpassed by freer nations — if there are any.

    • In the 1971 Planet of the Apes sequel, “Escape from…”, the “evil” German scientist, Dr. Otto Hasslein (old time TV viewers remember him from “Rat Patrol” as Herr Hauptmann Dietrich), when questioned by the US President (William Windom) about interrogating the two “Ape-O-Nauts”, pointing out that Herod of the Bible had tried to kill the infant Jesus and failed, Cornelius and Zira, responds, “…with all due respect, Mr. President, King Herod lacked OUR facilities”. There you have it, even 52 years ago…it’s not the will to do evil, but simply whether the State has the MEANS.

  14. The biggest problem with all fours are they need big turbos to perform such so the engines will not last for several hundred thousand miles. Once you start paying $40,000 plus for a family sedan you have to hope that it will last a long time and I don’t think they will now making them unafordable to many.

    I quit watching NASCAR long before Bubba screamed racism over the use of a Bowline knot to pull his door down; just like every other door had. Every car having the same body style and engine didn’t help either. Their dead to me now

    • Same, Landru –

      Watching a group of nearly identical tube frame chassis “stock” cars (with engines not even offered in production in vehicles) go around a circle for 45 minutes or so is not my idea of a good time.

      • That’s because NASCAR has all but eliminated the fiery crashes that were memorable. Let’s face it…THAT is what “racing” fans come to see!

  15. It all looks bad. But remember, the Soviet Union collapsed. US Feral government will likewise fall apart in fact we are already seeing the infighting of the lefties battling their own inconsistencies.
    The biggest difference is after the collapse there are patriots willing to apply the coup de grace to anything left. After that we will realize that destruction is not enough, we have to make sure that nothing like this ever grows again.

    • “we have to make sure that nothing like this ever grows again.”

      Wonder how many times that or something to that effect has been said in the past.

      • A lot I’m sure but this time the suffering will be unimaginable to the normies. I for one will keep reminding them who did this to them.
        I envision stories of these times ( The Stupid Era) will be told in tales and songs that will be used to frighten children for at least a thousand years.

    • The thing is, what replaced the USSR? Yeltsin and the Clinton mob. The old Soviet guard (KGB) grabbing up all the state-owned entities to re-form the country into the oligarchy. And there will be some part of the United States that will become uninhabitable before the collapse, if you catch my drift.

      • I do but having traveled to Russia since then,(and before) the different is quite amazing. It is vibrant despite the oligarchy, the average Russian feels prosperous and secure.
        They are doing pretty good so far against the Yeltsin/Clinton Cabal

  16. “Because Soviets have taken over the government. They are not recognized – yet – as such because they wear business suits and call themselves “president” and “senator” rather than general secretary and commissar”

    Eric you got that right! It has always been my contention that the Communists of the old Soviet area either abandoned or were pushed out of Russia. Slowly they came to the United States starting in the 50’s 60’s. Their new idea was that communism would not work in a poor and dumb country like Russia and that it can only work in a rich and smart country like the United States.
    They have taken over Academia, Media and many areas of government. They are using the street people to control the streets while they control areas where brainpower is needed. Look at how they have/are railroading people into prison for going against their new system. One example is the so called “Hate Crime”. Can anyone imagine being sent to prison because someone “Hates” someone. And of course the new commies will tell us exactly when “Hate” occurs.
    As far as science and commies are concerned let us not forget what the old Soviet commies tried to foist on the Russian people; Remember Lysenko!
    “Lysenkoism was a political campaign led by Soviet biologist Trofim Lysenko against animal/human genetics and science-based agriculture in the mid-20th century, rejecting natural selection in favour of a form of Lamarckism. Lamarckian inheritance is the notion that an organism can pass on to its offspring physical characteristics that the parent organism acquired through use or disuse during its lifetime.

    The communist religion here proclaims that all people are created equal except of course in physical attributes.

    This and other things are in store for the American people. But I guess as long as the sportzball and pizza and beer are available then the American people will be satiated and not complain.

    • Hi Europeasant –

      Yup! I remember thinking, the first time I read about someone being tried for a “hate” crime… what the hell does it matter whether the criminal “hated” his victim? Is it ok to kill someone if you say you admired them? Hate is a feeling. It is not an action. You either acted in such a way as to hurt someone or you did not. How you felt about it ought to be immaterial.

      Of course, it isn’t – to the Left – because what they hate is disagreement. And so they criminalize it, calling it “hatred.”

      • Eric,

        One ironic thing about “The Left” is that while they accuse anyone who goes against them of “Hate”, they’ve been preaching hatred of Orange Man and anyone who voted for him, people who own guns, people who refused to comply with face diaper & vaxx mandates, people who questioned various government approved narratives, etc. Will they also accuse people who oppose the technocratic agenda of “Hate”?

      • “Hate Crime” is simply an excuse to administer a two-tiered form of “Justice” that works AGAINST whites, and allow Negroes to get off, scot-free.

      • Eric,

        Christianity exhorts and admonishes us to love one another. When Jesus told us how to do this he said: 1) Love God with all your heart, mind, and soul; and 2) love your neighbor as yourself. How does one do this? Basically by not hurting or harming one’s neighbor; by not committing any crime, theft, or violence against your neighbor. To put it another way, by observing the Ten Commandments when dealing with our neighbors. Guess what? By that metric EVERY crime is a hate crime! Harming one’s neighbor goes against what Jesus told us to do, which means all crime is hateful. This “hate crime” BS is just that-BS.

    • Today’s AMERICAN Commie Rats didn’t necessarily come out of the former Soviet Union. Both versions of Commie Rats have their origins in late-19th century JUDAISM. A different faction that the Zionists who established Isra-Hell, sure, but with a similar goal: Jewish Hegemony. What’s really ironic is that almost NONE of the Jewish Communists actually PRACTICE Judaism, as Atheism is a tenet of Marxist-Leninist dogma.

  17. Makes a man think of going to the local pick n pull to yank every V6 and V8 he can find. Could be an awful lot of people who’d rather keep their old ride going than spend top dollar for less engine.

    In an odd twist of fate, all the working class folks with chargers and challengers could be sitting on gold mines in a few years when anything new with even a V6 is over $100k.

    • Hi Twayne,

      You are on to something there… I really need to get my ass over to the salvage yard and grab up a sound 3.8 V6 (for later use in my ’02 Nissan truck, when the factory four eventually croaks). I am kicking myself right now for selling the several spare Pontiac 400 and 455 blocks and pairs of heads, etc. I had in my garage – which I did because the garage was getting cluttered.

      God smiles on the stupid. Hopefully.

      • That’s why I’m taking advantage of a FREE Mopar 318 “Poly” V8, considered a “ship anchor” by most Mopar enthusiasts, offered by a guy that’s my contractor is installing a wellhead water treatment system upon. He’s got a slew of vintage Mopars, which is why I never pass up a chance to go out to his property. Found this hunk of “eye-ron” (iron) out of a ’63 Dodge pickup, I believe. Will run fine as is, even with that “wheezy” Stromberg 2-barrel carb.

        • Hi Brandon,

          I’ve never been closed to the idea! If anything, I lean in the direction of belief in an intelligence that appears (to me) to manifest in the order and intricacy of the natural world (and universe). Farther than this I have not been able to go, perhaps because I am not smart enough to comprehend. This is (to me) an awesome (old school meaning) thing in itself.

          The mystery of it as well as the genius of it.

          • Hey Eric, for some reason I took you as an atheist, but have noticed your reference to God more and more lately. I was an atheist at one point. But I now believe it takes more faith to think that this all is an accident, or came from nothing, than an intelligent design / creation.

      • Another project that JEEP enthusiasts with the 4.0 liter Straight Six should consider is getting either a SPARE (still plenty out there, and these AMC-designed plants are STOUT), or, if one can be had, getting the larger 282 cube Six built by AMC’s old subsidiary, VAM (Vehiculos AMC de Mexico), which can’t be beat for sheer brute TORQUE.

  18. We are headed that way fairly rapidly. Approaching Weimar inflation. We will have less, and what we do have will be less. The “New and Improved” IRS will make sure of it. They are currently targeting me for a $607 tax bill I paid in April, which has grown to over $1000 due to “penalties” for NOT paying it. In spite of me sending them hard copy of the check, front and back, showing I did pay it, and they cashed it. They finally acknowledged receipt but now claim it will take 90 days for them to reconcile it. Wheeee!

    • Careful John.

      One young ‘lady’ being hired by the IRS said if we ‘cheated’ the government we were going doowwwnnn! They’re giving them guns now.

      • Just what we need: an armed NEGRESS with Federal law enforcement authority and a “Get Whitey” attitude. And I’ll wager, dollars to doughnuts, she won’t be anywhere nearly as easy on the eyes as the fictional Lana Kane from “Archer”, especially the Season 8 “Dreamland” episodes, where she portrays a snotty US Treasury Agent, because “J. Edna” Hoover won’t have lady agents in his FBI.

        Sooner or later, it’s gonna be “Ruby Ridge” and/or “Waco” all over again.


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