An Example of Etymological Abuse

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Language is as much (and arguably more effective) a weapon than knives or guns – because weaponized language effectively disarms people. It alters their thinking by getting them to think away from what the person wielding the word weapons doesn’t want them to think about.

I cam across a fine example of weaponized language legerdemain just yesterday when I tried to post a link to one of my articles on what’s still Twitter but now clumsily styled “X” (in order to cause you to believe it is not the same old Twitter). Before Twitter/X would let me post the link, it presented me with a pop-up (the screenshot accompanies this article) that assured me “You’re in control.”

It then went on to tell me that I could exercise this “control” by choosing to be assaulted by “personalized ads” or “less relevant ads.”

But not no ads.

Over that, I have no control.

Which – as such – is fine in the sense that Twitter/X, being a commercial platform, has every right to pester the people who choose to use its service with ads. No one is forced to use TwitterX and if that is the price of using the service offered by Twitter/X, so be it. I understand and agree with the axiom that there’s no such thing as a free lunch. But spare us the cloying insipidity of cooing to us that we are “in control.” It conjures affront similar to that expressed by the Marquis of Montrose in the movie, Rob Roy to his villainous underling, Archie. The latter attempts to wheedle Montrose with a similarly cloying cooing about some dirty business he was involved in. Montrose wheels around on him in fury and says:

Do you take me entirely for a whig (that is, an idiot)?

Just so. And yet, they do take us entirely for “whigs.” They assume we’re idiots – cattle – that can be led in the desired direction (or quiescent acceptance) via their use of weaponized language. And they are right, for the evidence of the conversation so attests.

How often do you hear a political gangster speak of asking his victim to do what he’s told he must – the or else part always implicit but almost never articulated? The political gangster asks because he knows his victim is already rendered defenseless (or at least, on the defensive) by accepting the use of that word. It serves to cast the political gangster in a benevolent or at least, non-malignant light.

After all, he’s only asking.

Or so he wants to orient your thinking.

Just the same as the thinking of the people who have to deal with organs of the government such as the DMV and the tax-collecting apparatus are slyly styled customers – to get them to think of themselves as such in order to get them to not think too much about how they are being forced to spend time and money on services they would decline if they were in fact free to decline them.

For the same reason, we are wheedled into thinking we have contributed to the intergenerational wealth transfer scheme styled Social Security – so that we think the money we are forced to hand over for redistribution has been placed into an annuity the benefits of which we have a right to. If honest language were used such that people clearly understood they were being taxed and that their benefits were nothing more than government alms – they might object.

Speaking of objecting. . .

An extremely effective way to stop that is to weaponize objecting by styling it hateful to object as most people do not wish to be regarded as hateful people. What better way to get them to stop thinking (or at least, giving expression to) objectionable thoughts than by hectoring them about the hatefulness of such thoughts? This works even more effectively when criminality is imputed to hatefulness – as in a threat to our democracy.

Mark the plural in the latter – which excludes you (i.e., the hateful, objectionable person).

He who controls the way words are used has control.

And they have been working at it for decades.

They have managed to reframe speech (and so, thought) to such an extent that ordinary conversation is now all-but-impossible. The preconceptions of thought embedded in the use of words redefined to efface meaning without the conscious awareness of the victimized user of the words has proved to be a weapon more effective than the hydrogen bomb.

The latter might destroy a major city. The former, a country. A civilization.

But it’s not yet too late. Ground can be recovered if enough of us stop allowing our thoughts to be sluiced along certain pathways by weaponized language. If enough of us refuse to use (or allow the use of) the revised definitions that are almost never questioned.

You aren’t being asked. You are being told. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Make them own their violence. You are only a customer when you have a choice not to be one.

And you are only in control when no one else is controlling you.

. . .

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  1. In my local rag, Obits and/or Death Notices are now called “Celebrations of Life.” If they want to go on that Orwellian route, at least call them “Celebrations of the Afterlife.” But I guess they don’t believe, they just deceive.

  2. One way they control us is having a narrative to support their butchery, like Arabs with boxcutters hijacked airplanes so that gives us permission to bomb the crap out of 7 countries in 5 years.

    The latest fakery is the narrative to justify the leveling of Gaza and to butcher the Palestinians. The narrative says Hamas attacked Israel with hang gliders and shot the place up.

    So check this out, choice bullcrap from the CBC, Hamas brutally attacked – and the video footage is of a wrecking yard in Israel:

    Burnt-out cars a haunting remnant of the Hamas attacks

    If you advanced the film frame by frame you can see the old rusted hippie bus, and the wrecking spray painted numbers (most yards spray paint the row numbers on the lead car in he row). Then the Israeli official bends down to examine a wrecked car while the idiot reporter narrates the fake narrative about Hamas – when they are standing in a wrecking yard that had nothing to do with Hamas.

    Like Hamas is going to waste bullets on junk cars.

    Helen Glass wrote and article on this fakery, Israeli War: Assumptions vs Realities. An Analysis – posted on Lew Rockwell, and she wrote:

    *The only Negev Desert festival held in Israel is the Burning Man or MidBurn Festival held November 6 to Saturday November 11th 2023 since 2014.

    *The Tribe of Nova SuperNova event scheduled for October 6-7 was held in Bahia, Brazil.


    What this means is that we have an Israeli narrative to control public perception, but the evidence does not support what they said happened. Maybe nothing happened. Do you all remember the Gulf of Tonkin incident that was used to stampede Congress for the Vietnam war? Didn’t even happen.

    You are to believe Hamas hang gliders flew in over the fence, (the most sureveilled fence in the world) and never even got shot at once. How did they get the hang gliders into Gaza, how did they practice with them, when NSA has satellites watching everything 24-7.

    Hamas with hang gliders is the exact same bs as Muslims with box cutters. 911 researchers proved no Muslims were even involved on 911. Airplanes by remote control don’t need hijackers.

    • Geopolitical analyst Alan Sabrosky remarked that “if Americans REALLY knew who did 9-11, israel would cease to exist and the whole world would not give a damn”.

    • ‘The latest fakery is the narrative to justify the leveling of Gaza and to butcher the Palestinians.’ — Yukon Jack

      ‘A video titled “IDF Soldiers Give Gazan Civilians Water After Hamas Refused” was recently circulated. The video, clearly staged, reminded me of footage of the Bosnian Serb commander Gen. Ratko Mladic who handed out candy to children in Srebrenica in 1995 before overseeing the execution of 8,000 men and boys.’ — Chris Hedges

      ‘Suffer the little children to come unto me.’ — Jesus H Christ

  3. Having studied new-age and alternative religion and spirituality for decades on end, I need to tell you something. “Hate” is not evil.

    First, love is acceptance. And you cannot accept that which hates you.

    Does the government accept you? Does BLM accept you? Do liberals accept you? etc., etc., on and on.

    You cannot do anything but “hate” that whch cannot “love” (accept) you in return.

    It’s really as simple as that. I hate all kinds of thing and I have zero issues with that. You hate things? GOOD! You should. There is plenty to hate out there.

    Anything “unloving” deserves nothing but hate.

    Feel free to hate. It’s natural. It’s normal. Guilt is wrong.

  4. Yes indeed, the rapist asks “up the bunghole or down the throat? you are in control!”

    My best advice remains, “Twitter… not even once.” But, like my similar advice for social media in general, if you’re already “dirty” turn away while you can and never look back.

    I fondly look upon the older days of more honest gangsters, “your money or your life” is all that he said. No pretense.

  5. I think this segues well with this abuse of the term “Second Amendment Sactuary”:

    “Muskegon County township declares Second Amendment Sanctuary, Forms Militia”

    Cool, except for:

    “Candidates must pass a federal firearms background check.”

    “Militia members must provide their own firearms, adhering to all federal, executive, county, and state regulations.”

    “…Long guns with stocks that hit the shoulder, including semi-automatic rifles and shotguns, must have been legal by federal law since March 27, 2021. Pistols and handguns, including semi-automatics, are required to have been legal by federal law since March 27, 2021, as well.”

    “Any caliber ammunition determined legal by federal standards since March 27, 2021, is acceptable. ”

    Right. So what will they do when those firearms and ammunition are declared ILLEGAL but said Federal “authorities”?

    What will they do when everyone fails the Federal background checks and no explanation is given?

    What’s even the point with these stipulations?

    • Sounds like a plot to create a database for the overseers to me. I got an idea. Why don’t they wait until the town is under attack and whoever is willing to show up to fight with their guns and ammo can be designated as part of the militia?

    • I am sure Pastor Jonas Clark ensured all militia members that stood tall on Lexington Green facing British regulars enroute to confiscate firearms were properly vetted by the British Crowns background check.
      I imagine there are no pastors and only a few Americans in the USof A that would do the same today. Talk is cheap.

  6. Why is it always the SS when complaining about taxes? Those receiving what is called Welfare that have never paid a penny in taxes or SS for the checks they receive like Home purchase/rent Assistance, Food Assistance, Free Medicaid are rarely rebuked. How about the big tax givaway,,, those that receive 4-6,000 dollars refund checks every year if they meet certain conditions? There are many Granny’s out there barely making that on SS living on the street,,, due to inflation cannot afford a shack.

    Who catches most of the abuse? Those that paid into the system for fifty years to the tune of $3 – 500,000 dollars. If you add interest, which they do not, it would be well over a million.

    So what gives? Why are those that pay/receive SS held in contempt while those that suck the system dry are rarely mentioned? Makes little sense.

    Maybe if they itemize taxes paid like they do SS on paychecks, people will become more aware of the charade.

    I pray they end up making SS a voluntary system where you can elect not to pay. BUT, if you don’t then No, Zero, Nada, Zip monetary help for you when you reach an age where you cannot work.
    Today they can still receive SSI if they don’t ‘qualify’ for regular SS. I guarantee you, millions that elect out of SS will be crying for help as they’ll spend all their money and save none due to the cost of just living.

  7. I just finished “Scarcity Brain” by Michael Easter. Good read, helps explain addictive personalities and how they’re exploited. Basically the Internet has devolved into a casino filled with slot machines. Modern electronic slots are video games but without the skill. The inventor of the electronic slot machine is a guy named Si Redd. He figured out that by making slots pay out often but less than you put in people will play more often. Then making a big production out of payout was even better at keeping you in the game. The slot halls quickly became the biggest moneymaker for the casinos and now they dominate Las Vegas.

    Social media is like slot machines. Sometimes you come across something very interesting, like a funny or disturbing video, a pretty woman, or you see that your post got a lot of likes. (Or Eric responds to your comment…) That keeps you coming back. After watching a few YouTube shorts I can completely understand why TikTok is so popular… because it’s really addictive, just like a slot machine. Except that this machine is free to operate and will only consume your time. Which might be pretty expensive in the long run.

    The real issue is why advertising hasn’t gotten better. Those “personalized” ads aren’t personalized for us, the tracking is for building a profile that can be sold to the advertiser. The systems are pretty sophisticated too. I recently got to know someone who was building an online guitar course for intermediate players who wanted to get better. He was able to tell Google what he wanted and the company was able to push his ad out to exactly who he wanted. Cost him almost nothing to test ads, and he could easily see what worked and what didn’t. You’re the product.

    It didn’t have to be this way. If we all had our own server that we were responsible to maintain, advertising wouldn’t be necessary. Most of us don’t have millions of followers, and wouldn’t want them anyway. A modest PC sitting on your home network would be plenty to share your online life with friends. 99% of it is still text after all. But that would have meant having a technician, much like having a plumber or lawn care specialist in your contact list. And no one wanted to go to that much trouble. So we got dumb terminals with pretty graphics processors and centralized everything. When the network goes out you lose everything, but at least it’s free!

  8. This is where the lack of conservatives had hurt the most. The conservatives would have fought against this mutation of language for purposes of power & control, but they no longer exist.

      • I’m suspicious of Vivek. Says many good things, but in a way that seems to be rehearsed and therefor not entirely believable as principled.

        Sees the foolishness of backing Ukraine, but doesn’t apply the same to Israel.

        Not sure if he is just saying things about reducing govt, knowing they won’t happen, or if he didn’t pay attention to what happened to Trump.

        Then there is the issue with Intepirdine and his company Axovant and his mother’s role that smells bad.

  9. >I will always stand with Israel and against the hateful radical voices
    I will always stand with Israel and against citizens of the United States of America.

    My comment:
    Resistance is *not* futile. We will *not* be assimilated.

    Further comment:
    “Terrorists” is the big army’s name for the little army, sometimes known as “guerrilla fighters.” La guerrilla is, of course, the diminutive of la guerra, the Spanish word for war.
    It worked for Fidel Castro, ITLR. It worked for the Vietnamese, who kicked out the French in 1954, and the Americans in 1975, after much bloodshed in both cases. And it worked for the Jews, who kicked out the British in 1948, and terrorized the indigenous Arab community into mass exodus by committing numerous massacres of unarmed noncombatants.

    Sometimes terrorism is used by the big army as well. Viz. William Tecumseh Sherman, Arthur Travers Harris, Curtis LeMay, et al.

    • I notice so many AMERICAN Jews banging the (war) drum for Isra-Hell. But, being J-O-Os, do they not already have the RIGHT OF RETURN? So, if they so believe that Israel must be “defended”, why don’t they do there, enlist in the IDF, and do it THEMSELVES?

      It seems Israel will “defend itself’ to the last drop of GOY Blood.

  10. The last line of a recent email from a Senator (R-Israel) who pretends to represent my state:

    I will always stand with Israel and against the hateful radical voices who sympathize with terrorists.

    • “I will always stand with Israel and against the hateful radical voices who sympathize with terrorists.”

      Can anyone explain how that situation came about?

      Every presidential candidate is trying to out do the other telling us how they stand with Israel while the USA is going to hell in a hand basket.

      It took a foreign leader visiting for California to clean the human excrement off of some of the San Francisco streets.
      Yes, they want our votes (those still voting) but their (entire government) loyalty belongs everywhere and anywhere EXCEPT the USA.

      I thought I would be able to vote this coming election when RFK jumped in. Then he also jumped on the I love Israel bandwagon. I will not vote for those that declare their loyalty to another state. IMO that is traitorous. Why we put up with it is a mystery… I guess the Stockholm syndrome. We’ve been screwed so much we now enjoy it.

    • Tell the “good” Senator to RESIGN, Emigrate to Isra-Hell and “stand” with them, THERE, and make way for some whose will prioritize the interests of your state FIRST.

      • Don’t members of Congress take an oath of office?
        How can you swear allegiance to the United States when you have stated publicly that your primary allegiance is to another country? Hmm?

  11. Here it comes again. Every government is wholly dependent upon its assumption of authority to kill you if you disobey. They cannot survive without it. People accompanied by armed executioners are not “asking” anything. They are threatening your life. You aren’t “contributing” anything, you are a victim of armed robbery. Your “fair share” would be absolutely nothing.


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