Bad “Unvaccinated” Driver!

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If they can’t get you “vaccinated” via a mandate, maybe they’ll be able to get you using the mafia. The insurance mafia.


By citing a “study” – you know, The Science – published by the American Journal of Medicine, that associates not taking whatever drugs the government/corporations order you to take with  . . . a higher likelihood that you’ll wreck your car.

Fortune cites the study, which claims that the un-drugged (the proper term to use, as these drugs are not vaccines since vaccines prevent infection and stop transmissions – and these drugs do neither) are “72 percent more likely to be involved in a severe traffic crash in which at least one person was transported to the hospital” than those who have been drugged.

The premise of this claim is not, however, evidence that being un-drugged has a negative effect on driving competence. It is an oily assertion of correlation with not-following-the-rules (as regards traffic rules) and not following orders, as regards the taking of drugs.

“The authors (of the study) theorize that people who resist public health recommendations might also ‘neglect basic road safety guidelines.’ “

Italics aded.

They theorize.

Meaning, they assert a causal link between “resist(ing) public health recommendations” and “neglec(ting) basic road safety guidelines.” It is as “scientific” a theory as the one that insisted others must wear a “mask” to “protect” those who are already wearing one.

Or two.

It presumes that both “public health recommendations” – which are no such thing, since the “recommendations” carried the de facto force of law – and “road safety guidelines” are correct, ipso facto.

In fact, the “public health recommendations” (sic) were entirely wrong – and it was therefore sensible to “resist” them.

“Masks” – and maintaining a space bubble around you six feet feet in radius – did nothing to “stop the spread” of anything. In fact, they spread alienation and fear. They helped to instill millions of cases of pathological hypochondria. The drugs all-but-forced on the population were not vaccines, though people were deliberately misled to believe they were. Those who just took them, just trusting them, are discovering their trust was abused. Those who didn’t just trust – who “resisted” the “recommendations” – have been proved right to have resisted them.

They are not at elevated risk of heart problems – and other problems related to the taking of these drugs.

But what of the supposed/asserted correlation of  “neglecting basic road safety guidelines” and “72 percent more likely to be involved in a severe traffic crash in which at least one person was transported to the hospital”?

It is a piece of misinformation that predates the weaponization of hypochondria. For decades, accident and fatality stats have been skewed via listing practically every motor vehicle accident as having been caused by “speeding.”

But “speeding” is by definition exceeding by even 1 MPH whatever the posted speed limit happened to be when the accident happened. And – as everyone knows – practically everyone “speeds” practically every time they drive. This includes those who enforce speed limits, who usually don’t enforce them so long as the driver isn’t “speeding” more than 5 or so MPH over the speed limit. But if there’s a wreck and the driver was doing 41 and the speed limit was 35, it will be recorded that “speeding” was the cause of the accident.

In fact, it was loss of control – a very different thing – that caused it.

Driving faster than whatever the speed limit is does not mean you are more likely to lose control of your vehicle. That is an ancient lie of the same species as the newer lie that not wearing a “mask” will increase your chances of getting sick. Loss of control can happen at any speed and is more likely to happen at any speed, if the person driving is a poor driver.

This “road safety guidelines business” is oilily nebulous. Like “climate change.” It has no specific meaning, beyond mindless obedience of “guidelines” – whatever they happen to be. It only matters that they are. Just like the “recommendations” of “public health” authorities. Those trustworthy people, like Drs. Fauci and Walensky.

But the study isn’t done false tautologizing.

Those who have “resisted” the government-corporate pushing of drugs on them are dangerous drivers because they “distrust the government,” have “misconceptions of daily risks,” antipathy toward regulation” and – here it comes! – “faith in natural protection.”

Yes, you read that right. If you have “faith” in “natural protection” then you are “72 percent more likely” to crash your car. In fact, natural immunity is protection – but these scientists make having “faith” in it a kind of religious idiocy, which they sneer at. This is astoundingly ironic given the faith these scientists have in “masks” – and the efficacy of drugs that aren’t vaccines.

But where does the mafia enter into this?

It is plain to see. The mafia already uses “speeding” as the basis for “adjusting” what it extracts from your wallet for the “coverage” the government forces you to buy. Just as the government tries to force you to wear a “mask” and take the drugs that aren’t vaccines, on behalf of the health insurance mafia.

The car insurance mafia “adjusts” your “premium” – as this extortion is styled – even if you have never had an accident. Even if you have an accident-free record of decades of actually safe driving, as established by the fact that you have not had any accidents.

It is enough that you “neglect(ed) basic road safety guidelines.”

Now – armed with the “evidence” put forward by this “study” – how unlikely do you suppose it is that the mafia will “adjust” what it extorts based upon the victim’s having “resist(ed) public health recommendations”?

As evidenced by the victim’s not having taken the drugs the government-corporate nexus continues to insists are “vaccines”?

Bear in mind how easy it would be to enforce this. The mafia already has the government as its enforcer. You are required to buy “coverage” – assuming you want to be able to legally drive your car. It is not unlike being obliged to wear a “mask” – or take drugs – as the condition of being allowed to work.

All it would take is for the mafia to “mandate” proof – your QR code, please – that you took the drugs as the condition of being “covered” at a lower “adjustment.” Fail to provide proof and your “premium” is adjusted upward. Possibly, your “coverage” is cancelled – rendering you unable to legally drive.

It’s for saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety, you see.

. . .

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  1. The claim here is that either the Jab makes you a better driver, or that the Coof is in the air and makes the Unjabbed worse drivers.

    No proof of either anywhere to be found, yet no one (other than us few) are batting an eye.

  2. The unvaccinated can stop buying car insurance, stop driving, have all things good and true delivered to your house. Take the bus, the train, the plane, but no automobile.

    The unvaccinated have a clear conscience, they did nothing to advance the clot shot agenda, hesitant non-participants is all they are guilty of doing. Not a crime.

    Park your car, stop paying the license fees, auto insurance, boycott the no good bums.

    Don’t need insurance to ride the bus, any train, or any plane.

    With only vaccinated drivers out there, the excuse would be gone in a heartbeat.

    The car insurance bidness would be broke in a week and a half.

    The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement.

    Your world will improve when you stop playing along, it doesn’t do any good.

    Time to drink, it’s Saturday, it is mandated by God.

    • Thanks, Mike!

      And the irony, of course, is that “vaccine”-addled drivers are probably the ones actually wrecking. Just as they are also the one who keep “testing positive”!

      • “And the irony, of course, is that “vaccine”-addled drivers are probably the ones actually wrecking.”

        I doubt it
        Vaccinated people have an older average age than unvaccinated people and older drivers have fewer serious accidents than younger drivers. Prove me wrong!

        • Ah but Richard, how many mishaps do the old and the vaccine addled cause by driving too slowly and too unpredictably? It is hard to measure, but intelligent observers have little doubt it is so.

          Young and old have different kinds and rates of accidents.

        • greene….

          you always repeat/support the bs government/big pharma narrative…it is all lies….lol

          you always repeat what the leftist/communist/nazi/luciferion cult…big pharma says…about viruses…the allopathic nazi death medicine from big pharma…a big pharma shill…how much do they pay you?….lol

          go push your crap on facebook, where it is 100% supported…..where some moron might believe it….lol

  3. Time to start suing the authors and publishers of these malicious, bought and paid for “studies”. Even if not ultimately effective, it would have a chilling effect on these weasel-like “scientists”

    • Hi Cat,

      The worst part – for me, as journalist – is that these “studies” are simply propagated by the “media” as if true. The “media” have become a PR organ of the corporate-government establishment, which owns the “media.” And that of course explains it. Journalism requires the support of the people in order for it to be free of the corrupting influence of corporate money and in a position to question government power.

      • Eric,

        Something else that media outlets have resorted to doing is printing headlines saying one thing but when you actually read the story it says something different. That’s one thing they’ve been doing with studies on face diapers. The headline will say something like “Large study PROVES masks stop the spread of COVID”, and even have a link to the study being cited, but if you click on the link and actually read the study, it will say something like wearing masks made no appreciable difference. And now, there are those who want to normalize face diaper wearing during cold and flu season, which we’ve had forever. I say “Hell No!” to that.

    • The baloney studies usually use “weasel words” rather than stating definitive conclusions. That happens almost all the time in climate science “studies” predicting climate doom. the scientific studies are the first problem. the second problem is the journalists who repeat the false conclusions like trained parrots. Leftists have preferred narratives, so any “studies” that support the narratives are automatically “gospel”. Contradictory studies rarely get past peer review (aka consensus approval)

      Leftists ruin everything they touch
      They ruined the Mexico boder.
      They’re ruined science
      They are working on ruining the electric grids
      And they are ruining automobiles with expensive, inconvenient EV clown cars.
      End of rant.

  4. The unvaccinated of today were unvaccinated before this year, obviously, but vaccinated (for “the vid”) went from unvaccinated to becoming vaccinated. That is the change, and accidents have increased, so at a minimum you have correlation (even if not provable causation). So if the cause is from being unvaccinated, why wasn’t the accident total always where it is now?

  5. This is straight out of Comedy Central. More importantly, the left always accuses their opponent of what they are guilty of. So by accusing the genetically original of causing the accidents, you can be sure it’s the genetically modified who actually are. That’s why they’re now nicknamed vaccidents..

  6. A mighty punch in the teeth to the vax pushers:

    ‘The Senate on Thursday gave final approval to an $858 billion military policy bill that would rescind the Pentagon’s mandate that troops receive the coronavirus vaccine, defying President Biden’s objections.

    ‘The vote was 83 to 11, an overwhelmingly bipartisan margin.’

    Unfairly, the Senate rejected a proposal by Senators Ted Cruz of Texas and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin to reinstate and provide back pay to service members who were dismissed for refusing to take the coronavirus vaccine.

    But the tide has turned against the vax pushers. Justice is coming, bitches.

  7. I find these results suspect. How do they know who had the clot shot? Cops aren’t asking at the accident scene. My husband went to the ER in June with a heart attack and no one – everyone from the ambulance techs to the recovery room nurse – asked if he had that shot. We we’re actually quite surprised about that. They were compiling every food he ate and every manner in which he abused his body, but showed no interest in that. I was once asked during a routine doctor visit and told her to leave that part blank. She moved on without objection.
    ( I am happy to say that my so-called “vaccination status” is not recorded anywhere in officialdom. Although, of course, the lack of a record does convey information itself.)
    There is simply no way these scientists could have compiled enough accurate information to make that claim, especially with HIPAA. Accident reports are public (for a fee) and will tell you if people were taken to the hospital but you’d deadend after that trying to track down who caused the crash, if it was due to disregarding traffic laws and/or recklessness and finally, if that person received a clot shot. Hospitals won’t even give out names.
    I believe someone pulled that study directly out of his ass.

    • Your vaccinations (all of them) are kept in a public health database. Emphasis on “public.”

      Your doctor, and the state government, and God knows who else, have full access. You, not so much.

      Obviously this needs to change, but that is the way of things.

  8. I’m pretty sure it is the other way around, the jabbed are more dangerous because of brain fog.

    I heard somewhere that automobile accidents are up recently. It wouldn’t be because of an increase of drivers suddenly dying behind the wheel. Nah. Couldn’t be that.

    At a previous employer before I quit over their Covid nonsense, I asked the boss, “Let me get this straight, you drug tested me to get the job to make sure I didn’t do drugs, now you are telling me to take a drug and I don’t even know what that drug is to keep this job?”

    I see a lawsuit if the insurance mafia tries to pull this nonsense.

    • J,

      This latest “study” sounds like the narrative the COVID cultists were peddling that the overwhelming majority of severe ‘Rona illness and deaths were the UNVAXXED, and that we were in a “Pandemic of the unvaccinated”. However, there were mainstream media outlets that actually admitted that the majority of ‘Rona deaths were the “vaccinated”, but then they URGED the vaxxed to get that brand new bivalent booster jab that was only tested on a handful of mice, and so far doesn’t seem to be any better than the original COVID jabs.

      And I think there will be lawsuits if the insurance mafia tries to charge the “unvaccinated” more for car insurance and cites that study as the reason to charge more.

  9. A made up study with made up numbers. I used to somewhat take government numbers at face value. Since we all have seen at least 5 election steals (2017-19, 2020 and 2022) since 2016, I trust their “study” as much as I trust election results. The idea that driving and vaccinationstatus are connected in any is ludicrous.

    • I am with you, swamprat. I can’t even read anymore of the BS that comes out of our government. I am pretty sure they have a group of people in a back room somewhere just tossing numbers out and seeing what sticks. Maybe they are using a dartboard and the majority of darts that hit at or near that number is what is used.

      For anyone here that has a boat over 35+ feet parked along the East Coast. It may be a good time to sale before this takes effect.

      I guess it is one way to end the Miami and Annapolis boat shows. I love how they proclaim to be protecting the whales. If they are going to take our assets and destroy American businesses, I wish they would be honest about it. Yes, it is the whales…not the amount of diesel that a 54′ Viking Sport Coupe uses in its 1400-gallon tank.

      I have nothing nice to say about this Administration. Does Michael Jordan realize this is what he signed up for when voting for Biden? So much for those sport fishing tournaments, huh, Mike? It is going to take a while to get out to sea going 10 knots.

      • ‘It is going to take a while to get out to sea going 10 knots.’ — Raider Girl

        My head just exploded from the insanity. *reaches for the DIME vape pen*

        ‘Unintended consequences,’ the Fox News video repeats … great book, by the way (John Ross, 1995 — now a costly, out-of-print red pill).

        • “Unintended Consequences” by John Ross is available as a free pdf on the internet.
          I regard this book in importance as one of the top two…
          You can guess what the other important book is…

      • A few years back, I was involved with a project to deploy arrays of highly sensitive sonar detectors off the Atlantic, Pacific and Gulf coasts of the U.S.

        The “official” story was that this was an “early warning system” for tsunamis.

        Sure. And Howard Hughes was mining the sea bed for manganese nodules.

        You want to buy a bridge?

  10. The argument distills down to the following syllogism:

    MAJOR PREMISE: The “rona vaccines” are good, safe and effective; and blindly following the government-authorized “experts” is necessary and a good thing.

    MINOR PREMISE: By not accepting the good “rona vacccine” and not blindly following government-authorized “experts,” one is reckless.

    CONCLUSION: Anyone reckless enough not to accept the good “rona vacccine” and not blindly following government-authorized “experts” is necessarily also a reckless driver.

    Just a short step from: Not complying with the government = mental illness requiring “treatment.”

    • Spot on Mister Liberty,
      That’s how the Soviets dealt with the dissidents early on, they were put into mental hospitals. I recall reading that the same treatment was given to the few landowners who fought the TVA taking their property right here in the good ole USSA. Any deviation from the govco narrative and YOU must be off your rocker; applies to all despots worldwide.

  11. There have been many claims about the origin of viruses, especially today’s latest
    “COVID-19 coronavirus”.
    However, there is a long history of viruses throughout human history and false claims as to their points of origin.
    In fact, the “1918 Spanish flu” virus actually originated in the United States of America and was spread to Europe during the First World War, transmitted by the U. S. military during American military transports to Europe. It was an experimental meningitis “vaccine” which spread the disease. The commonly-accepted misinformation that this virus originated in Europe is false and can easily be proven by careful research.
    A majority of “1918 Spanish flu pandemic” deaths were not from the virus itself, but were from the then common practice of mask-wearing. In fact, “mask-wearers” were being buried by non-mask-wearers.
    You see, just as is the case today, breathing in one’s own exhalations is dangerous and is being promoted by the misguided government-imposed mandates to wear masks.
    99% of the deaths during the “1918 Spanish flu pandemic” were a result of bacterial pneumonia, NOT from the virus itself. As there were no treatments for bacterial pneumonia in those days, the death rate was horrendously high. Those who contracted the flu, but not pneumonia survived. As is the case today, almost everyone that dies with COVID-19 dies from complications from other causes, NOT from the virus itself.
    Fast forward to today, with our latest “COVID-19 pandemic”.
    Today’s “Chinese COVID-19 pandemic” actually originated at the American bioweapons research facility at Fort Detrick Maryland and was purposely brought to China by an American military “trade delegation” where it was released into the Chinese population. Biowarfare at its worst…
    The “COVID-19 vaccines” being pushed are “game changers” as they are replete with substances which will materially change human DNA, unlike previous vaccines which were merely weakened or killed virus remnants which would evoke a protective antibody response.
    Sound familiar?
    Today’s “COVID-19 pandemic” is actually a “plandemic” being used to take down a legally elected president and to usher in a “new world order” in which medical tyranny will be used to subjugate an entire world population, using FEAR as a weapon.
    Today’s “pandemic” is misnamed as it does not meet the definition of a “pandemic” but is being touted as such for political reasons—nothing more. Observe non-medical types such as Bill Gates and others touting untested vaccines with questionable substances, mask-wearing, and other social restrictions such as (selective) business closures, lockdowns and social distancing.
    For one, Bill Gates is not a “doctor”, has no medical training, and is a major proponent of “depopulation”–genocide. Gates is a “silver spoon” recipient, both of his parents being proponents of forced sterilization and eventual world depopulation.
    In fact, Bill Gates’ “vaccination schemes” have resulted in not only diseases being spread, but the use of birth-control and sterilization agents surreptitiously being a part of Gates’ “vaccination” schemes without “informed consent” being a part of the vaccination protocol speaks VOLUMES. Recipients of Gates’ “vaccines” were not informed that they were being sterilized—a violation of the Nuremberg protocols on “informed consent”.
    It is easy to see that there is much more going on than a response to a minor seasonal “flu virus”.
    Its about CONTROL and eventual human genocide—nothing more. The “jabs” are genocidal poisons.

  12. There was one time a few months ago when I was driving home and someone behind me kept weaving back and forth while driving a big truck. After I turned onto one road, the driver turned onto the same road I turned onto, and that driver was STILL weaving back and forth. I assume that driver was “newly vaccinated”, as I’ve never seen anything like that before the rollout of COVID jabs. And yet, we’re to believe that the “unvaccinated” are at greater risk of causing wrecks? What utter bull crap, especially when you consider that the same people peddling that narrative also want to FORCE the masses out of driving altogether under guise of “Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaving the planet”.

  13. Given that there seems to be NO limit to the blatantly insane narratives some will peddle about CLIMATE CHANGE, a future story might claim that the “Unvaccinated are the greatest threat to the planet”, either because they CAUSE climate change, or that they don’t “Believe in ‘The Science'”.

  14. This reminds me of an article published in 2020 shortly after that paddle-boarder was chased down near an LA beach and violently arrested for violated the “lock down.”

    The article claimed that the beaches were absolutely the worst place to be during the “pandemic.” The author asserted that because the rona is everywhere, when it rains it all gets washed into the storm sewers, which then drain in the Pacific ocean. Then, this concentrated rona becomes aerosolized by the wind and waves creating a rona mist for those at or near the beach.

    I’m not making this up. I wish I could find the article.

    • The “scientist” who made that claim was a woman from the Scripps Institute, Kim Prather. I had (emphasis on had) a Phd buddy who worked there and contacted him about that same article and the preposterous claims she was making. Never heard from the guy again. I think I know why.

      These lying liars need to be held to account. If you look at Prather’s Twitter (it came up in my search), she’s still using her “credentials” to peddle dangerous nonsense.

      • Ha. Nice find Funk Doctor Spidock!!!!!!

        I can’t seem to find Kim Prather’s article out there (no wonder, since it would be of great embarrassment to her), but there are many articles citing to her’s.

        Here’s a nice, non-hysterical quote from her in another article:

        “If you don’t care about your own life, that’s one thing. But this can be a matter of life or death to other people. I’m really worried because the coronavirus is so contagious,” added Prather, who specializes in viruses and bacteria that arise in the surf zone.

        I also notice that she was part of a $20 million study on “sea spray” and “climate change.”

        God damn these people!

        • prather…just another bribed corrupt spreader of fake science, has no credability, why listen to her?………Prather, who specializes in viruses….what a pile of bullshit that whole field is…. the ultimate in fake science, second only to the global warming bs/lies…..

          the body creates viruses to act as as cleaning agent to clean up toxins, fake science/corrupt non-scientists/allopathic medicine/big pharma has labeled them as evil….

          your body made them….therefore you are evil so must be culled…that is the whole point of that narrative…..

          big pharma calls the drugs and vaccines good, fighting the evil virus, the opposite is true,

          the double-speak involved is intensely characteristic of the reversal of reality practiced by satanists… is white….. up is down….bad is good….

          do as we say not as we do……inversion typical of leftists…the rules don’t apply to them….
          leftists lie 24/7

          Demons invert/reverse all that they touch. The psychopath uses the same trick.
          leftist/communists = satanist.

          Today the church/government/medical system is one huge satanist/communist luciferian, religious cult.

          prather is another leftist/satanist monster…..

    • I believe you Mister Liberty. You could go to Wal-Mart and didn’t even need to get it delivered. You were safe to physically go there with other strangers, but YOU COULD NOT go to the beach. Forbidden, citizen!

  15. Jon Rappoport from his “greatest hits” from 2/10/20: Yes, you read that right, February 2020.

    The “bioweapon” theory of the China epidemic:

    From link:

    “THE VIRUS, as I’ve explained in recent articles, is one of the most successful cover stories in modern human history. It is invoked to obscure the actions of major corporations and governments: industrial pollution, stolen farm land, hunger, starvation, intentionally sustained. Lack of basic sanitation. Grinding poverty. Wars. Toxic medical drugs and vaccines. And so on. It’s called population control. “HIV” in Africa is a perfect example of this kind of operation. The world focuses on the virus. The true crimes go on unnoticed.”

    • If they are killing you with some environmental poison, 5G, DDT or whatever, they blame it on an imaginary virus so they won’t get sued, (there always seems to be insurance fraud)

      yes the entire bat germ narrative was insurance fraud……..get out of paying for this……killing you with some environmental poison, 5G, DDT EMF, or whatever,

      then big pharma makes more money selling vaccines and drugs as the cure. This is important right now because insurance companies won’t insure 5G suppliers.

      more insurance fraud….vaxxed are crashing…driving up rates….blame the pure bloods….jack up their rates….now the pure bloods can blame the vaxxed….lol…evil luciferian bastards…..

      • this has to be done….more crashes now…….vaxxed are crashing…driving up rates….blame the pure bloods….jack up their rates…pretty funny

        • Anon,

          Many of “The vaxxed” were already blaming the unvaxxed for the COVID variants, even though numerous studies have shown that natural immunity via recovery from a prior infection was long lasting and provided protection against future infection. There was even a vaccine expert named Geert Vanden Bossche who last year warned that mass vaccination in the midst of a pandemic would lead to vaccine resistant variants through immune pressure. His prediction has come true, as countries with the HIGHEST vaccination rates also saw the HIGHEST COVID infection rates, so the only way the militant vaxx pushers could explain that would be to blame those who didn’t get the “latest recommended booster”, though that claim also crumbles when you look at studies indicating that the jabs tend to have NEGATIVE EFFICACY over time, meaning the vaxxed are MORE LIKELY to get sick with the dreaded ‘Rona, and it seems that the more COVID jabs one gets, the worse off they are, and yet, there are those in the US STILL pushing boosters, while there are those in other countries calling for ENDING the COVID jabs altogether.

    • Rappoport killing it again: 2/12/20

      From link:

      One of my main points was: there is no good reason to believe A VIRUS is causing illness and death.

      “But it HAS TO BE a virus.”

      There are certain lies people cannot reject, under any circumstances. Why?

      “If I reject this one assertion and call it a lie, then other dominos start to fall. What else would be a lie? What other foundation stone of reality would turn out to be made of air? How many authorities would I end up disbelieving? All my life, I’ve relied on experts to tell me what reality is all about. I can’t make a switch. It’s too much. THEREFORE, the experts are always right. That’s my logic. Or my leap of faith. My religion.”

      • The key feature of Operation Coronavirus is to convince you that some alleged tiny invisible virus is going to kill everyone. The human body produces exosomes which produce viruses as a clean up agent…Thus the human-produced exosome/virus is the enemy (and thus humanity is the villain, again). It is clear that whatever force is orchestrating all this is pushing forth a clear anti-human agenda…..depopulation

        Thus the human-produced exosome/virus is the enemy (and thus humanity is the villain, ….the evil within you that has to be killed…

        big pharma says virus’s are evil….big pharma lies….if big pharma convinced people their right hand is evil…60% would cut off their right hand….but 99% would believe it…1% would say bs…..people are stupid….

        We All Have Viruses, All The Time, as Part of our Virome and Immune System

        The humble virus is deeply misunderstood. The human body is composed of an estimated 6 trillion cells, 60 trillion bacteria and 380 trillion viruses.

        Just as we have a microbiome of friendly bacteria which forms the basis of our immune system and 2nd brain in our gut, so too do we have a virome (a collection and community of viruses) which play a role in our healing. Viruses come from exosomes or tiny particles our bodies produce. They are not infectious agents. The exosome theory states that if cells are poisoned, they produce viruses (secretions) to clean up the toxins.

        which one of the 380 trillion viruses are you going to kill?… should go in there and kill a whole bunch of them, that should work out well….which are the evil ones?…..380 trillion in there, that is a lot of evil, might as well get MAID….medical assistance in death….

        big pharma has screwed everybody’s mind…they are convinced they are full of evil….lol

  16. Here’s my anecdotal causal link:

    I was hungover when I took the ACT and did really good.
    I was not hungover when I took the GRE and did good enough.

    Ergo, I shouldn’t have quit drinking.

  17. Remember a time not long ago when any time more than a few people gathered together there was all kinds of screaming about it being a “Super spreader event.” Remember all the talk about PCR testing and “The cases.” Have you heard much of this talk lately? Have you witnessed the crowded football stadiums with folks screaming and cheering, and swilling their beers? How about the Basketball arenas which are indoors, Same? Yet here in Krazey Kalicooksville face diapers can be seen all over the place. They must be consuming the S’New’z. Hard to remain sane when living in a world of bent mirrors.

  18. “They found that the unvaccinated people were 72% more likely to be involved in a severe traffic crash—in which at least one person was transported to the hospital—than those who were vaccinated.- Fortune Mag.

    They don’t seem to mention which group caused the ‘accidents’. A minor omission but sort of important”. Maybe the vaccinated were taken to the morgue and not the hospital.

    Also the poll was taken by Canadians which were and still are rabid about having the death shots. I would not put trust into anything they or their brethren , Aussies, Kiwis and Brits, say or do in connection with the death shots.

    The poll is obviously skewed but insurance companies do drop people for that reason.

    When a young lad of 22 I was involved in 5 accidents in one month on my motorcycle… (January). I was dropped because the insurance company said I was a accident magnet. I never received a ticket and was not designated the driver at fault. Because of the paranoia induced by those ‘accidents’ I never had another now going on 50 years.

  19. Driving vaxxed…….

    People die in road traffic accidents, experienced motorcyclists drive off the road, drivers lose control and end up in oncoming lanes, all for “unexplained” reasons.

    “The emergency departments at the hospitals are filled up and no one understands why:

    Healthy young people die without any obvious cause. SADS they call it. Insurance companies report unlikely increases in payments after able-bodied people in their prime suddenly die.

    In Portugal, the general death rate this year is up 25 percent compared to the average of the last five years – and that is not due to covid.

    NOTE: researchers got 1000 vials of the mrna injections, among other things they found various metals in the injections, japan threw out 1 million vials because of this (japan stopped all vaccines and are using ivermectin now, they quit cooperating with the genocide agenda.)

    another cool feature of the injections:
    the combination of injecting metal nano particles and then applying high intensity 5g emf which makes the metal move around to cause shearing (shearing rips apart your organs).

    if you turn 5g up to 60 ghz (some people call this the kill switch) it makes the metal bits move around, oscillate, causing shearing, tearing your organs apart, it is like a ball bearing flying around inside a watermelon, but it is your brain or other organs. these satanists are sick bastards, now they want to do it to children.

    so if one of these injected morons is driving down the road and 5g is turned up and their organs are ripped apart, they could crash into you, watch out when driving.

    death rate way up….

    Mainstream media also must normalize all the other “mysterious” deaths. A 42-year-old man was minding his own business at a Calgary bus stop on Sunday morning, September 18. He was struck and killed by a speeding Dodge Ram truck that crashed into the bus shelter.

    Calgary Police said the driver was in his 70s and may have suffered “a medical incident.” But CBC News created a strange deflection narrative. Calgary Police implied that the dead man may have caused his own death because he owned a car, and thus shouldn’t have been taking a bus. There have been no further updates on the victim or the killer.

    The countdown to major aviation disaster continues as well – and of course mainstream media are coy about the details. A Boeing jet (we don’t know which model) was forced to land after the pilot died mid-flight on September 18. The flight from Novokuznetsk to St. Petersburg (Russia) was redirected to an airport in Omsk. It’s unclear how many passengers were aboard. But if there was no co-pilot to land the plane, all of them and perhaps hundreds more on the ground would be dead.

  20. Is this how the insurance mafia will recoup all the money they had to pay out after the 40% increase (per one life insurance company) in all cause mortality among people 18-64 years of age last year? Charge the “unvaccinated” MORE for insurance and cite that laughable study as the reason? That would sure be another way to “punish the unvaccinated”, even though those who didn’t subscribe to the HEAVY propaganda around face diapers, “public health rules”, and COVID jabs turned out to be RIGHT all along, and those who “Listened to ‘The Science himself, Tony Fauci'”, were WRONG!

    And for those who ARE “vaccinated”, will that study be used as part of the existing campaign to BOOST uptake of the new bivalent booster jabs, which only 11% of vaxxed people eligible to receive it have received? Considering that the medical-industrial complex, the media, and the federal government have taken fear porn to a level I’ve never seen before re the dreaded ‘Rona, I wouldn’t doubt it.

    • Hi John,

      I expect them to try this (and similar). I have already decided I’m done playing their games. If they jack up the price of the insurance I am forced to pay, for no good reason pertaining to me or anything I have done, then I will stop paying it altogether. If they try to jack me up for driving “uninsured” then another response will perhaps be necessary.

      • Eric,

        Given the way they’ve kept changing the definition of “Fully vaccinated” to the point they now say “Up to date”, something else I suspect the insurance mafia and others will do is label those who are vaxxed but not “Boosted with the bivalent booster jab” UNVACCINATED and charge them more as well, citing that BS study.

    • all the exempt will crash???…….lol

      ATTENTION: Places you can work where the jab is NOT mandated

      1. The White House 2. The CDC 3. The FDA 4. The WHO 5. Pfizer 6. Moderna 7. Johnson & Johnson

      ATTENTION: in australia all doctors are exempt from injection.
      i would bet the doctors in lots of other countries are exempt too, that explains why they don’t say one word about the injections, they don’t care and are probably paid well to cooperate.

      a scientist working on gene modification says he only has a piece of paper saying he is injected (faked)….haha….

      sounds like the scientists are exempt…like prather….lol

      NOTE: sounds like the exempted ones get a passport saying they are injected, but aren’t….so they can dine out etc.

      the nurses aren’t exempt, when the population is reduced 90% (the wef goal) less nurses are needed,
      same applies to enforcers, plus they will be replaced by robots soon, they are cheaper and follow any order. some of them are starting to push back because they are getting mandated now, joining with the little people on the bottom.

      The Governor of Virginia is making all Commonwealth employees take the jab or be fired.
      attention: but He has EXEMPTED POLITICIANS AND JUDGES, so it looks like that group are exempt too.

      NOW ALSO: Members of Congress, their staff, and federal court system employees are exempt from the Biden administration’s new vaccine mandates,

      another exempt group: U.S. postal service

      NBA players exempt

      ATTENTION: 6 million foreign chinese students exempt (the ccp doesn’t control the leftist government…haha)

      NOTE: All illegal immigrants or non citizens are exempt because if they are injured big pharma can be sued, all citizens were sold out to big pharma, they have no liability.

      NOTE: if you have a lot of money you can probably buy a faked exemption like the exempt get. so again this is just bashing poor people……….

      NOTE: here is another exempt group, don’t get the extermination injections….the billionaire elite:

      gates and other .0001% rich families don’t vaccinte their own children,

      gates, his wife and their children have never been vaccinated….
      NOTE: gates uses hydroxychloroquine.

      elon musk and his family will not be vaccinated….musk is far too intelligent….copy him…

      the 17 elite nobility families are exempt of course:
      one example of the families: the queen of england and her family (they are at the top of the pyramid of power on the planet at the top of the elite nobility control group, controlling the whole thing), ATTENTION: they use homeopathic medicine.

      rockefeller who created our worldwide, fake, fraud, germ theory based, allopathic medicine, didnt use his own allopathic nazi death medicine, NOTE: he used homeopathic medicine.

      FAUCI TAKES 6,000 IUs OF VITAMIN D PER DAY. but he tells you to get poisonous vaccines

      NOTE: Dr Suhab Siddiqi, Moderna’s former Director of Chemistry told CNN that he would not allow the vaccine to be injected into his body


      exempt…..the liberal areas that got the placebos….lol

      NOT exempt…….Re: targeting of the non placebo nazi needles to conservative areas….data shows that is what was happening…this indirectly effects an election….

  21. A comment to an article which others may find useful:

    Allen Dec 12 Liked by Dr Naomi Wolf

    “How much money has Yale and their medical school received from the NIH these past two years?

    My guess is that figure is a few hundred million each year.

    That will tell the story.

    I worked at an Ivy League University for two decades until being “let go” this past year as I refused the injections and publicly fought the administration on this. I asked them to answer some questions and they refused.

    Interestingly I worked at the University for three semesters through the “height” of the pandemic and taught multiple classes refusing to wear a mask throughout and then refusing the injections when they were mandated. What I do is specialized and it puts me in close proximity to students on a daily basis so the University was happy to have me teaching, presumably “at risk” to myself and the students, as they couldn’t fill the teaching void since most all instructors were terrified of being near students (or anyone).

    Here are the questions I put forth that were altogether ignored:

    I have a right to medical privacy. If I elect to get the shot will my right to keep my vaccination status private be honored by _______?

    Will _______ be accepting liability if I get injured and am unable to work? How long will it take me to receive injury compensation?

    What is the potential gain of benefit vs risk of injury in my age demographic if I get the shot?

    What are the specific benefits if I get the shot? What are the specific risks? What are the current warnings for each experimental biological product?

    What long-term safety data (36+ months) does _______ currently utilize to ensure these vaccines are safe for their employees and students?

    What are all of the ingredients in the shots? Are any of these ingredients carcinogenic, mutagenic, or teratogenic? Have any of these ingredients been classified as toxins, poisons, or dangerous for human consumption?

    Will these vaccines confer lasting immunity?

    Can I still get Covid and transmit the infection even if I’m fully vaccinated?

    Will the current Covid vaccines protect me against all variants?

    Does ________ possess any post-inoculation death and injury reports in the federal Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) and/or any other international surveillance systems?

    Who are the individuals that designed _________ vaccine policies?”

  22. I had read the study in the link
    They had made a good job of comparing “vaccinated” apples to “unvaccinated” oranges.
    They divided the sample to three very broad age groups (-30,30-64,65+). Knowing that within group the “unvaccinated” will be much younger then the “vaccinated” they compared risk of say 27 year olds (vaxed) to teen drivers (unvaxed) and 45 year olds to 35 year olds.
    Off course factors like residence (“vaccinated” tend to live in cities where drive is short and slow while the “unvaccinated” trend to live more in rural areas where drive is long and fast) are not controlled. It looks like the 72% is made of urban-rural skew (20%), age skew inside those broad age groups (another 20%) and the rest being that the youngest age group contributed more to the “unvaccinated” group as a whole in summary summary.

    All this study proves is that inexperienced young drivers have more chance to have crashes… something we probably “don’t know”.

    • Nice catch anonymous. I stopped after checking their credentials.

      Donald A. Redelmeier, MD
      Evaluative Clinical Sciences, Sunnybrook Research Institute, Toronto, Ont, Canada
      Department of Medicine, University of Toronto, Ont, Canada
      Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences (ICES), Toronto, Ont, Canada

      Jonathan Wang
      Department of Medicine, University of Toronto, Ont, Canada
      Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences (ICES), Toronto, Ont, Canada

      Deva Thiruchelvam
      Evaluative Clinical Sciences, Sunnybrook Research Institute, Toronto, Ont, Canada
      Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences (ICES), Toronto, Ont, Canada

      The search results for ICES brings up an empty template website, somewhat suspicious given these are “elite” educators and information age doctors:

      Maybe they disbanded and forgot to turn off the hosting? So some old Xenon processor everyone forgot about has been heating up a datacenter for 10 years? Way to be green, guys!

      Sunnybrook research institute is huge:
      Research personnel
      SRI has more than 300 scientists and clinician-scientists.
      In total, SRI has 1,309 research staff. Working with scientists are 573 highly skilled biomedical and research personnel, and 457 postdoctoral fellows and other trainees.
      All scientists at SRI teach at the University of Toronto, within the faculty of medicine.
      Eight SRI researchers hold Canada Research Chairs.
      Three SRI scientists hold departmental chairs at U of T: one in each of anesthesia, immunology and medical imaging.

      That’s a lot of mouths to feed. And keep busy. Anything that helps generate clickbait will keep ’em relevant when the new budget is debated, no matter how doubious the study. But hey, when Justin Castro is paying you’d better make sure he gets his money’s worth!

      • OT: I really wish I could put more than one link in a post without going into room 101 “moderation.” Original post with second link modified

        Nice catch anonymous. I stopped after checking their credentials.

        Donald A. Redelmeier, MD
        Evaluative Clinical Sciences, Sunnybrook Research Institute, Toronto, Ont, Canada
        Department of Medicine, University of Toronto, Ont, Canada
        Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences (ICES), Toronto, Ont, Canada

        Jonathan Wang
        Department of Medicine, University of Toronto, Ont, Canada
        Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences (ICES), Toronto, Ont, Canada

        Deva Thiruchelvam
        Evaluative Clinical Sciences, Sunnybrook Research Institute, Toronto, Ont, Canada
        Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences (ICES), Toronto, Ont, Canada

        The search results for ICES brings up an empty template website, somewhat suspicious given these are “elite” educators and information age doctors:

        Maybe they disbanded and forgot to turn off the hosting? So some old Xenon processor everyone forgot about has been heating up a datacenter for 10 years? Way to be green, guys!

        Sunnybrook research institute is huge:
        Research personnel
        SRI has more than 300 scientists and clinician-scientists.
        In total, SRI has 1,309 research staff. Working with scientists are 573 highly skilled biomedical and research personnel, and 457 postdoctoral fellows and other trainees.
        All scientists at SRI teach at the University of Toronto, within the faculty of medicine.
        Eight SRI researchers hold Canada Research Chairs.
        Three SRI scientists hold departmental chairs at U of T: one in each of anesthesia, immunology and medical imaging.

        // /research /content /? page=sri-ab

        That’s a lot of mouths to feed. And keep busy. Anything that helps generate clickbait will keep ’em relevant when the new budget is debated, no matter how doubious the study. But hey, when Justin Castro is paying you’d better make sure he gets his money’s worth!

  23. I’m 68 years old. The more I experience life the more I’ve come to despise the “law abiding citizen”. It’s spewed out regarding a number of things, from gun control, to terrorism, domestic or otherwise. All it means is one is willing to follow orders, regardless how insane they may be. Heil Hitler.

  24. This week, the utter, abject failure of the ‘vaccines’ is announced in the prestigious journal Cell:

    ‘The BQ.1, BQ.1.1, XBB and XBB.1 omicron subvariants are the most immune-evasive variants of Covid-19 to date, according to scientists affiliated with Columbia University and the University of Michigan. These variants, taken together, are currently causing 72% of new infections in the U.S.

    ‘The scientists, in a study published online Tuesday in the peer-reviewed journal Cell, found that these subvariants are “barely susceptible to neutralization” by the vaccines, including the new omicron boosters.

    “Together, our findings indicate that BQ and XBB subvariants present serious threats [sic] to current COVID-19 vaccines, render inactive all authorized antibodies, and may have gained dominance in the population because of their advantage in evading antibodies,” the scientists wrote.

    Instead of reaching the obvious conclusion that the ‘vaccines’ have definitively failed and should be withdrawn, these intellectual-yet-idiots perceive a ‘threat’ to the vaccines, as if this failed hundred-billion-dollar ‘investment’ somehow needs to be salvaged because the US fedgov is so bought into it.

    Rest assured, this latest ‘science’ confirming the complete uselessness of boosters will have no effect on policy. The skeptics bark, but Big Pharma’s grifting caravan rolls on.

    • Jim H:

      The fact is there are no “BQ.1, BQ.1.1, XBB and XBB.1 omicron subvariants.” This fake virus has never actually been isolated, not to mention any of its fake “subvariants.”

      All they can point to is a theoretical “in-silico isolation.” This means that somebody made up a fake DNA sequence of a theoretical virus and stored the fake sequence in a computer database (voila: “in-silico isolation”). Oh, they also have a scary looking cartoon drawing of a spikey ball. This is all that’s needed with an insouciant population though.

      The “vaccines” are fake and can neither succeed nor fail, because the “virus” is also fake. This is no different from “climate change,” “a Jan 6th insurrection,” “systemic racism,” etc. Oh, sure, there are plenty of “studies” claiming the existence of these things, but they’re all bought-and-paid-for lies. We might as well be arguing about which tether works best to keep ships from falling off the edge of the earth: hemp, nylon or steel cable. To engage in such an argument assumes and reinforces the lie that the earth is flat. This is how they trick you into promoting their fallacious propaganda.

      “Live not by lies” -Solzhenitsyn

      • Hi Mister,

        One of the most telling – and devastating – data points over the past three years is that flu (and deaths attributed to flu) practically disappeared. At precisely the same time that “cases” of the ‘Rona swelled. This incongruity is almost certainly an impossibility. It seems almost certain that ordinary flu became the ‘Rona and then the usual flu death count was magnified by attributing practically every death to the ‘Rona.

        • I spent (perhaps wasted) hundreds of hours in 2020 trying to locate primary source documents and evidence proving the existence of “Covid -19.” I came up with absolutely nothing. Zero! Zilch! I also looked at all of the “data” and came to that same conclusion about the flu as you did. In the process of doing all of this, my eyes were opened as to the last century of medical bullshit that we’ve been fed from the AMA and Big Pharma, which all goes back to the Flexner Report.

          Allopathic medicine is a “profession” largely built on sophistry.

          • ML, here is a Natural News article proving your point. I had to do a bit of archive searching to find it. Also, Kary Mullis, who designed the PCR test, flat-out explained that his PCR test was not to be used to diagnose anything, because it is too sensitive. It was only supposed to be used for scientific purposes. He further explained that you could increase the CT (cycle threshold) high enough, and test “positive” for whatever it is that you were looking for. Anything CT over 17 is too high. Our local hospital uses a CT of 37. The feds recommend up to 45. Mullis conveniently died August of 2019, right before the COVID crap started, but not before lambasting Fauci for being an idiot where science was concerned.

        • I’ve tried to read a climate science study every month for the past 25 years.
          They are tedious reading. The ones I choose to read need to have logical theories. Data and statistics are meaningless without logical theories. This vaccine – driving accident study is not based on a logical theory, So i won’t read it.

          I know that most people over age 60 in the US (95%) have been Covid vaccinated The wife and I are rare exceptions. I know that many younger people have not been vaccinated. I also know that younger drivers tend to get in more serious accidents than older drivers. So i would expect more serious accidents to involve younger, unvaccinated people rather than older, vaccinated people. Not that the vaccines have anything to do with traffic accidents.

          Social distancing should have reduced influenza cases.
          But any respiratory disease could be mistaken for Covid. The current coronavirus common cold, called Omicron, is called a Covid variant, even when the infection fatality rate is extremely low, like any other common cold. About 25% of common colds have historically been from coronaviruses — why not call all of them “Covid” too.

          Hospitals received much more money for Covid patients, especially when they became “Covid deaths”. That hospital financial incentive increased “Covid cases” to the point that a Manhattan hospital survey found about half of “Covid patients” entered the hospital for non-respiratory problems.

          A related study of “long Covid” based on antibody testing found that roughly half the people with Covid antibodies never realized they had a Covid infection in the past, and about half the people who complained of “long Covid” symptoms had no Covid antibodies, meaning they never had a Covid infection.

          Article corrections
          (not intended to annoy the author)

          “These drugs are not vaccines since vaccines prevent infection”
          In general, most vaccines do not completely prevent infection but do prevent the infection from spreading within the body and from causing disease

          “Like “climate change.” It has no specific meaning, beyond mindless obedience of “guidelines”
          Climate change (aka CAGW) was defined (wild guessed) in the 1979 Charney Report as a CO2 Equilibrium Climate Sensitivity (ECS) of +3.0 degrees C. +/- 1.5 degrees C. or +1.5 to +4.5 degrees C.

          The IPCC adopted that definition in 1988 and kept using it until a few years ago when they arbitrarily changed it to +2.5 to +4.0 degrees C.

          Observations for the past 72 years suggests a WORST CASE ECS would be about +1.5 degrees C. with the actual ECS likely to be lower.

          ECS is the guessed effect on the global average temperature caused by a 100% increase of the atmospheric CO2 level plus a water vapor positive feedback over the next 200 to 400 years (the IPCC gives the impression that ECS is for the next 50 to 100 years).

          In fact the IPCC has another wild guess about CO2 called the Transient Climate Sensitivity (TCS) for the next 70 years. It is about half the widely publicized ECS, and buried in the detailed science backup to the IPCC Summary for Policymakers.

          The IPCC also uses an unrealistic high CO2 growth rate scenario called RCP 8.5 that suggests coal will be the primary fuel for generating electricity in the future.

          If one uses the climate models to estimate TCS, with the reasonable RCP 4.5 CO2 growth rate scenario, the prediction for the rate of global warming in the next 70 years is about the same as the actual global warming from 1975 to 2022, which was harmless.

          You’ll never hear about TCS with RCP 4.5 because that would not scare people. The primary mission of the UN’s IPCC is to scare people about CO2.

          The atmospheric CO2 level did increase by about +50% since 1850, and the average temperature increased by about +1.1 degrees C.

          It’s unknown how much of the temperature increase had natural causes or manmade causes. The CO2 increase was 100% manmade.

          The +0.4 degree C. warming from 1850 to 1940 had to be natural because the CO2 level increased very little, plus some portion of the +0.7 degrees globl warming after 1940 is very likely to be natural too.

          So “climate change’ (aka CAGW) is very clearly defined.
          The problem is the definition of CAGW does not match climate observations.
          Meaning the definition is baloney!

          End of my tedious climate science lecture.
          You can wake up now.
          I usually save these for climate science websites.

      • isolated? it doesn’t matter they just use fake science for everything, who cares?.

        they just relabeled mild flu as a deadly bat germ disease, it worked…

        Australian Government Department of Health has no record of a “CV-19 virus” isolated from any human on the planet

        Michael S. of New Zealand, and other (mostly anonymous) helpers have submitted Freedom of Information requests to various institutions in various countries seeking records that describe the isolation of “SARS-COV-2” (the alleged “COVID-19 virus”) from an unadulterated sample taken from a diseased patient.

        The reason for these requests is that without this isolation step having been performed (followed by controlled experiments and other necessary steps), there is no way to claim scientifically that the alleged “novel coronavirus” blamed for widespread death/disease/lockdown measures actually exists.

        Without this step having been performed, and followed by the necessary controlled experiments, and independently replicated, all claims of this alleged virus are nothing but wild, unscientific, fraud-based speculation backed only by fraudulent science, fraudulent tests and fraudulent diagnoses.

        Our requests were intentionally worded to weed out the fraudulent, illogical and unscientific claims of having “isolated SARS-COV-2”, of which there are many (see examples here and here and here).

        Our requests were not limited to records of isolation performed by the respective institution, and not limited to records authored by the respective institution, rather they were open to records of isolation performed by anyone, anywhere on the planet.

        Colleagues in numerous other countries have obtained responses to the same and similar information requests from dozens of additional institutions.

        As of February 15, 2021 47 institutions and offices have responded to said requests.

        NOTE: Every institution has failed to provide, or cite, even 1 record describing the actual isolation of any “SARS-COV-2” from a patient sample by anyone, anywhere on the planet, ever.

        Our wish is that all individuals responsible/complicit in the global “COVID-19” fraud and crime against humanity will be held accountable to the fullest extent lawfully possible.

        what did happen? the nwo/ccp/wef/.0001% made a cgi computer generated image of a virus and a fake story to go with it.

        ATTENTION: Fauci, by the way, claimed in THE NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE that the alleged COVID-19 virus is no more dangerous than a seasonal flu,

        As far as the bat virus cv19 is concerned they have no evidence it exists, which doesn’t matter they can make claims all day long and everyone will believe it, but who cares.

        But…if it goes to court it is a different story, you have to have scientific proof, everything they have said and done for 2 1/2 years is based on fake science, they have no proof, zero, none. they do not want it to go to court… court case was scrapped because of this…no evidence.

        a court case in Alberta was just thrown out because the defendant asked the prosecution to show evidence of an isolated covid virus….they couldn’t….the case was thrown out….the fine didn’t have to be paid for the covid mask mandate violation.

        • ” the isolation of “SARS-COV-2”

          Please so not spout this conspiracy theory claptrap.

          “Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) was identified as a causative agent of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), and its genomic data first became available from China on January 10, 2020.” …

          “Since the emergence of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), tremendous efforts have been made to sequence the viral genome from samples collected throughout the world. Here, we evaluate how various countries have performed in sequencing from the perspectives of “fraction”, “timeliness”, and “openness”. We found that high proportions of samples were sequenced in the UK, the USA, Australia, and Iceland; sequencing was performed promptly in Iceland, the Netherlands, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo; and data were shared timely from the Netherlands, the USA, Iceland, and the UK.”


          • ” the isolation of “SARS-COV-2”

            Please so not spout this chinese big pharma claptrap….are you some sort of ccp misinformation spreader?….lol

            zhang yongzhen was the chinese scientist that released the genome data for the so called sars cov 2 virus, this data was used all over the world to put in place masking, lockdowns, destruction of small business and now forced extermination injections and to make, concoct, manufacture the vac……ci,,nes

            ATTENTION: The problem was he used fabricated manipulated data, scientific fraud to fabricate the sars co…v 2 vir…us genome, he used their megahit software program. no controlled experiments were ever done.
            Around the world virologists used 49 different software programs and could never duplicate his results. nobody seems to care………..

            This faked data was fed into another software program that produced the mrna,,ne in one weekend.
            ATTENTION: Made in one weekend, zero tests for safety (but the government said 24/7 safe and effective), Normal vac…..cines take 10 years to develop, test, produce.

          • greene….you always repeat/support the bs government narrative…it is all lies….lol

            you always repeat what the leftist/communist/nazi/luciferion cult says…

            go push your crap on facebook, where it is 100% supported…..where some moron might believe it….lol

  25. Glad you picked this up Eric, good job. I guess it was only a matter of time. We kind of figured they would use every means at their disposal to increase uptake. Why? Now I’m defiantly not ever taking the clot shot. What is in it that they are so desperate to get 100% compliance? It doesn’t seem suspicious at all.

    Tuesday at the dump, my friend who works there told me about this story. He was a flaming Lib until 2016. One of a handful of people I have successfully red pilled compared to the hundreds where I failed. He told me about this story, and I swear I thought it was the Onion or Babylon Bee. Found it yesterday and it is real.

    The reasons they list don’t hold up to the slightest scrutiny. The ‘poverty, misinformation, lack of resources’ part is kind of an underhanded slap that smells like the garbage elite trying to get in some cheap shots. The rest of it, I’m guilty of it all. We never wear seatbelts, as we prefer cheaters. I often drive faster than the posted limit. Yet I always square it up when there is traffic.

    How about the main reason for the insurance mafias weak narrative is the sheeple that took the goo, stayed home and hid under their beds with their blankies. While those of us with the sense to see through this lived our lives same as it ever was. I was telling the wife the other day after watching some fogbound moron who couldn’t keep his car on the road, that we ought to write a letter to the insurance company and demand a rate reduction.

    If they insist on this garbage while spending billions advertising for sports ball and supporting big Pharma and woke BS, I will just have to drive without insurance.

  26. ‘In fact, the “public health recommendations” (sic) were entirely wrong – and it was therefore sensible to “resist” them.’ — eric

    Today the New York Slimes devotes a lengthy article to nurse shortages, without once mentioning the ‘vaccine’ mandate (still in effect) which drove so many nurses away. Nowhere does the word ‘vaccine’ appear, except in a link to another article advocating the jab for pregnant women — making these malpracticing regime flacks baby-killers as well.

    A droll excerpt, describing your next hospital experience:

    ‘By 2019, Ascension had installed 450 robots in more than 50 of its hospitals. The devices — essentially a video camera mounted on a metal pole — send live footage to an off-site command center, where workers talk to patients through speakers in the machine.

    ‘In marketing materials, AvaSure boasts that the TeleSitter — which is used by about 1,000 hospitals nationwide — allows workers to monitor the movements of up to 16 patients at once.’

    Hey, I’ve got a better name for the Tele-Sitter — the Panopticon™. Ah ha ha ha … time for your intragluteal injection. Bend over, here it comes again!

  27. All I can say is that if it comes to that, I’m getting a female agent, and she can bring her favorite lingerer’, because if I”m paying, i’m not to to be the only to get screwed! Same goes for the nurse that gives me the jab, it’s gonna be a two way affair.

  28. Two recent anecdotes: three weeks ago, on my way to work, a car just ahead of me turned left into the concrete median in the middle of the highway, crumpling their car. No one cut them off, and there was no animal or obstruction in the road. Then, last week, I was driving with a colleague on our way to a dinner when the car in front of us made a right turn across a merge lane – narrowly missing several cars and sending those cars dashing to get out of the way – and ran up an embankment. Again, nobody cut them off and there was no obstruction in the road. Two cases of people in cars behaving like they are in “The Happening” and violently crashing their cars by themselves. This is in westchester county, NY, where nearly everyone is poisoned. And we purebloods are the road hazard?

  29. If you cause an accident, you are probably a bad driver. Regardless of “vaccination” status.

    I’ve caused a few, in my teens through mid-twenties. I got better. In my case, they were due to inexperience, impulsivity, and letting myself get distracted. These things got better with experience, time, and age.

    A certain disregard for rules (especially stupid ones)–well, that one fits me like a T-bird, and always has, and probably always will.

  30. Airlines petition to not require a co-pilot any more. After they decimated their pilot ranks with vaxx mandates. So now they want the only pilot on the plane, that has been vaxxed by mandate, to have a heart attack or a stroke, with no backup?

    • “ Airlines petition to not require a co-pilot any more “

      I saw this also, couldn’t believe what I was reading! Absolute insanity. Remember in the ‘olden days’ there were three in the cockpit – the flight engineer was there to ensure the mechanical stuff was functioning correctly while the pilots concentrated on, oh maybe something important, like FLYING THE PLANE !! The workload on pilots now requires great skill and utmost concentration. Only one in a commercial airplane, I’ll be driving.

  31. “The authors (of the study) theorize that people who resist public health recommendations might also ‘neglect basic road safety guidelines.’ “ — eric

    Probably a correlation can be shown between tobacco use (another index of risk-taking) and elevated accidents. For sure, the insurance mafia has discovered a correlation that a higher credit rating (associated with caution and foresight) tends to be associated with a better driving record.

    These correlations are a form of consumer profiling, which has become ubiquitous in the modern surveillance state, where we all shed data the way the unbathed shed dandruff.

    I’ll never forget accompanying someone on Medicaid to the office of a renowned specialist, who remembered her unusual case. The physicians assistant expressed surprise: ‘People on Medicaid don’t care of themselves,’ she casually remarked, in the presence of the exception who did.

    Profiling isn’t much concerned with exceptions. If you smoke, buy lottery tickets, have a few dings on your credit score, are unvaxxed, post on fringe forums — then all the insurance Mafia sees is a flashing red light screaming ‘Danger! Danger!‘ And your premium will be adjusted accordingly.

  32. I just conducted my own study. The “unvaccinated” are 100% more likely to have bigger testicles than their “vaxxed” counterparts.


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