Between a Rock and a Hard Place

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Have you ever wondered why soldiers and cops don’t carry revolvers anymore? It’s because semi-auto pistols work better. Both shoot bullets, but a revolver generally holds only 5-6 of them and reloading it when you’re in a hurry takes precious time you may not have. A semi-auto pistol can hold twice as many bullets and reloading it is as easy – and as fast – as dropping the empty magazine and shoving a new one, loaded with bullets, into the gun.

Electric cars are like revolvers.

They only hold so much – and it takes a long time to reload them.

Which would be ok – in revolver terms – if semi-auto pistols hadn’t been invented yet or we weren’t being pressured to give up our semi-auto pistols (our non-electric cars) for revolvers.

And yet, we are being pressured to give them up.

Ostensibly, it is necessary – they say – to prevent the “climate” from “changing.” Kind of like they way they told us it was necessary to wear “masks” to “stop the spread.” And to take drugs that have not prevented anyone who took them from getting – or spreading – the sickness they said would kill millions, if all of us didn’t “mask” for as long as it took and refused to take the drugs they pushed.

But it is not a switch to electric vehicles that is necessary. That is the superficiality.

The actuality is that EVs are to be the vehicles that serve to reduce our driving.

This is to be achieved by limiting how often – and how far – we are able to drive. It will not be necessary to pass any laws restricting our driving. So long as the majority of people drive EVs, the purpose will have been accomplished – because EVs, as they are, will force us to drive less without any law, per se, saying we must.

This is not advertised, of course.

Just the same as the “vaccines” were not advertised as drugs that “reduce the severity of symptoms” – and for essentially the same reasons. If you want to sell people a cat for supper rather than a rabbit, you put the cat in a bag.

But how will EVs force us to drive less?

That is simple. By forcing us to wait more often – and longer – before we can drive.

The high-power and high-performance of EVs is well-known because that is what they want you to know. Or rather, what they want you to desire – and focus on. As they wanted you to focus on the “vaccines” as the things that would relieve you of being obliged to wear a “mask.” What they do not want you to know – about EVs – is that absent a doubling of the maximum range touted by the longest range EVs or a technical breakthrough that makes it feasible to fully recharge an EV at home in 30 minutes or less there is no getting around the EV reality that you will be driving less if you are “nudged” into an EV.

Most EVs on the market tout maximum ranges of around 300 miles. A few very expensive models such as the Tesla S claim around 400. That seems like a lot but functionally speaking it’s a lot less than advertised because of how long it takes to acquire a full charge anywhere except at the so-called “fast” chargers that have the very high voltage charging capability that you do not have at home.

At home, it will take you a couple of days to fully recharge an EV using a standard wall outlet and 120V current. Perhaps longer if it is colder. This writer left a Mercedes EQS plugged in for nearly three days over Christmas to get less than 100 miles of range back into the battery. A full charge would likely have taken the better part of a week.

Meanwhile, absent something else to drive, there would be very little driving.

It is possible to recover some charge faster – but that “faster” is still measured in hours, if we’re talking about charging at home. If you have a 240V outlet to plug into at home. Most homes do not have such a plug-in place for an EV. They may have one for a stove or electric clothes dryer, inside the home. But the EV’s power cord will not reach that far and even if it did, you would have to unplug your stove or dryer to plug-in the EV. So you will need to upgrade your garage to have a 240V outlet accessible to the EV.

This assumes you have a garage. And a single family home. If not, you will probably not be able to 240V charge your EV at home. If you do have a home and a garage and have upgraded to 240V capability, you will be able to instill a full charge . . . in about 9-11 hours, depending on the EV.

If you haven’t got that long to wait, the best you will get at home after a couple of hours or charging is a partial charge. If your EV touts a fully charged range of say 400 miles, you maybe have recovered a third of that after leaving it plugged in to 240V for two or three hours. So now you have maybe 130 miles of range. Which is less than that in functional terms because of the fact that you must be careful to not run out of range – of a place to charge up, again.

There are commercial “fast” chargers, of course. But one may not be within your range. Or it may be full-up with other EVs charging. Even if a “pump” is available, the most charge you can recover is 80 percent (this limitation is imposed to reduce the risk of damaging the battery or increasing the risk of it catching on fire) which means your EV’s touted 400 mile range is in functional fact 20 percent less than that. You will, accordingly, not be driving 400 miles but 320 – assuming the indicated range accurately represents how far the EV will actually travel. Depending on conditions, including temperature, the indicated and actual range often vary considerably.

The recharging issue wouldn’t be one if EVs didn’t need to be recharged as often as they do. But since they do, they need full-charge ranges at least twice and probably three times that of non-electric cars. Probably something on the order of at least 600 actual – not indicated – miles of range, to make up for the time it takes to recharge them to full capacity. That would give most people a week’s worth of driving without constantly worrying about charging.

And the recharging issue wouldn’t be one if recharging did not take as long as it does, especially at home. But because it does, it nudges people to visit commercial “fast” chargers in order to be able to continue driving. But it is hugely inconvenient to drive to these “fast” chargers – and sit there waiting, even if “only” for half an hour, as if that cost were trivial. Which – remember – will not fully recharge the EV. Meaning you will need to stop – and wait – again and even sooner, because you resume your drive with less than a full charge.

But neither fix is forthcoming.

There is no EV battery on the horizon – let alone available – that can keep an EV going for at least 600 miles of actual (not indicated) driving, to compensate for all the waiting. And there is no feasible way to reduce charging times to parity with the time it takes to refuel a non-electric car, especially to full.

Especially at home.

That would take what amounts to Mr. Fusion technology and none such exists – outside of the movies. Thus, when people drive EVs they will be driving less. And waiting more.

That is the real reason for the nudging of people into EVs – by people who despise vehicles and want fewer of them on the road.

And fewer of us on the road, too.

. . .

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    • ‘Teslas lined up at the only supercharger in Wyoming after the solar eclipse in 2017.’ — ReadyKilowatt

      Chaos in J-Hole:

      “But the issue is a little more complicated than just being able to plug in. Tesla Superchargers are paired, which means that if two cars are plugged into the same pair, they will have to share the power.

      “The first car to plug in gets as much power as it can handle and the second one gets what’s left over [‘sloppy seconds’ — ed. note], so there is a disadvantage to using a location that’s over half full.

      “As the first car charges, its rate goes down and the second car gets more. Eventually the first car either leaves or gets near full, and the second car then gets all it needs. The Tesla Model 3 charges the fastest and it can take almost all the power available at the start, and the other car gets not much more than a parking space. This will be remedied as Tesla rolls out its Veeee3 Superchargers.”

      Oy … kinda like the tie handles on the 120V breakers in muh main panel, cuz some contractor thought it would save a few pennies for pairs of branch circuits to share a common neutral.

      I shoulda learned to wire the bus bar
      I shoulda learned to calc them ohms
      Lookit that mama, she got it stickin’ in the camera
      Man, we could have some

      — Dire Straits, Money for Nothin’

  1. You can’t pull 50 amps at 240 volts with wire that can’t do the job. Won’t carry the load. A cellphone charge cord to charge the battery in an electric vehicle won’t work.

    #8 copper wire is rated at 55 amps, anything higher won’t be enough, #10, #12, #14 is a no go.

    Gotta have a lightning rod on the roof leading to a ground. Has to be done. There will be a braided heavy copper wire connected to a lightning rod leading from the top of a wood grain elevator to the ground rod, keeps the grain elevator from burning to the ground.

    Electricity is your friend and can be your enemy. Have to do it right.

    Unearthed a good 50 feet of #4 or #6 solid copper wire, bare. Didn’t recycle that wire. It’s mine.

  2. Hi Eric,

    I too disagree with the gun analogy. As others have mentioned, compared to the time needed for an electric cart re-charge, the extra time needed to reload a revolver is relatively small.

    Plus, for “certain” applications, the revolver offers a huge advantage over a pistol. 😉

  3. Oh yeah, the auto vs revolver argument. I understand your analogy but as far as the shootin’ irons go, its less important what you shoot than your level of competence with whatever you chose.
    I have a Ruger SP101 which I unhesitatingly trust my life to, equal manner to my SIG P226. The Roger with a laser grip is an awesome concealed carry, the SIG I’d prefer nothing else to have by my side in a larger fight- the one that is probably coming.

  4. Employers want workers back in the cube farms. Turns out they don’t think work from home is productive, so no more Toooobin on company time!

    Is your office parking space equipped with level 2 charging? Will there be commerical parking lots with charging avilable? No? Oh, you’ll have to charge at home, and it better be full by morning, because you never know what the weather is going to do for the 8+ hours you’re on the clock. Too cold or too hot and the BMS will burn energy just sitting there. Because even Malibu isn’t 75º year around.

  5. The affordability isn’t the half of it.
    Teslas and I am guessing most if not all of the others have an OTA update “feature”, Over The Air, which means that Central Command can chage settings, rewrite software or whatever else just like your smart phone.
    With built in GPS what is stop Central Command from limiting your driving by software? It can limit the charge and limit your ability to drive as well. Today it can turn your set heaters on and off and limit the audio speakers to 2/4/12, all by a checkbox.
    Been a bad boy? Social Credit score a little low this month? Did you misgender some purple-hair on Facebook? Miss your mandatory 9.5 hours of CNN watching this week? Forget to attend the pro war rally against EastAsia? Late on your 47th booster? Well then, a few strokes of the keys, clicks of the mouse, no driving for you, no charging for you. Ok, you have to get to work? Sure, but your car will ONLY allow you to go there, don’t try the longer climate-destroying scenic route either, Google Maps will take you there and nowhere else, no stops at the burger joint along the way, (with the radio tuned to MSNBC and no way to change it or cut it off) but of your course your CBDC card won’t let you swipe for a buger anyway, instead it will take you to Whole Foods for a delicious and nutrious WEF/Gates cricket loaf.
    Think I am bering paranoid? I cannot even think of the half the evil shit they can.
    I wil laugh as my TDI will go anywhere I like, 1000 miles on a half a barrel of used frenchfry oil if necessary.

  6. I thought Eric make a good comparison….I know there are auto-loaders and autos can jam….But the point he made that you get more range out of an ICE vehicle right out of the gate and can keep adding to that range in 5 minutes every 500-600 miles. Apart from all the other reason not to enthralled by EEEEVVVVs the range issue would be a deal breaker. I am sure everyone has a memory/story about filling up at 2 in the morning in a sketchy part of town….you do not want to hang around 1 minute longer than necessary especially in these times

    • David H, I suspect that robbery and other crimes will increase at these charging stations as use increases. City dwelling women and pasty faced soy boys are the primary purchasers of these things. Easily victimized and likely unarmed because of certain leanings. They are usually more affluent as well.

    • In that situation is rather have my SIG, 16 shots is always better than 5.
      With modern high quality autos jam’s are as rare as an honest politician

  7. It seems like one would have to have two of these worthless EV’s to swap out, because let’s face it, for those of us up north, they are impractical. Never mind the range anxiety, the wanting to be warm at -40 below in the Winter (sucking more battery juice), and those who dog mush, snow machine, and hunt in the middle of nowhere. The weight of a “dog box”, or a snow machine on the back of an EV truck would suck the life out of that battery. Folks up here also like garages, where we can dry out our vehicles from the ice & snow. I sure as hell would not want an EV in the garage: Where it might ostensibly catch fire for no reason, and then burn my house to the ground. But also, what about the other elephant in the room? That is, how much higher would your electric bill increase to charge one of these things? People are paying an arm & a leg now as it is for electricity. I would hate to see my monthly electric bill for charging one or two of these stupid EV’s up on a regular basis….and for a shi***ty charge and range no less. Oh, and can you imagine if you were the poor bastard that suddenly had to buy a new battery for both EV’s at the same time? BAM, now you are in the poor house for $40,000 dollars. When you could have bought two new batteries for maybe $400 dollars for a gas powered vehicle instead.

    • Hi Shadow,

      That’s a feature, not a bug. Someone who can afford a $50,000 EeeeeVeeee can probably afford two. And has a garage modded with two 240V outlets. The affluent will be able to afford to drive. The idea is, we won’t be able to.

      • The affluent may do as they please, for the most part.

        I take no issue with this, for the most part.It is the way of things.

        I take a great deal of umbrage, however, when the affluent presume to tell me how to do my work and how to live my life. First of all, I have no desire to play their games or to imitate them. We share very little in the way of values/priorities. Second of all, I can’t necessarily afford to be more like them, and I fail to see how spending more of my hard-earned money on stupidities will “help” me with anything.

  8. One day a few years back I was driving down a street, the truck stalled, started it to limp it home. What in the world is going on I asked myself.

    A few expletives, someone is at fault, the battery is dead, somebody did something, you’re convinced, then you figure out the battery doesn’t have any charge; it’s dead, Jim.

    Batteries don’t last, you exchange the dead battery, buy a new battery, fixed the problem.

    Not all automobile problems are mechanical, the engine conking out won’t be it, electricity from the battery ain’t there, no juice.

    All gone.

    If you read Odum’s Fundamentals of Ecology, you will learn that all of the carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere before the Industrial Revolution was completely replaced after the Industrial Revolution got into full gear. The early 1970’s, thereabouts for Odum’s revelations.

    Emissions were there from the very beginning. It was known back then, just because you are burning coal doesn’t mean you’re an idiot.

    What you are doing is saving forest, the environment. It was said that a squirrel could begin at the north of England, go branch to branch through the trees all the way to the south of England and never have to touch ground. Apocrypha, could be, yet it is still true.

    12 volts, 600 cranking amps, 7200 watts of potential energy available. 7.2 kilowatts. 10 batteries, 72 kilowatts to burn.

    If you bought a wind charger for the farm in the 1930’s, have a bank of batteries in the basement of the farmhouse, you could have light indoors using light bulbs. Just run the wires, voila, lights. A radio too. You can keep charging the batteries all year long. One of my uncles did all of that before electricity made it to the farm.

    Wire the batteries to a 10 horsepower electric motor, then to a drive to move the transmission, lift it off the ground with one of those car lifts, let the wheels roll, time the battery life, let it all go until the batteries are dead.

    Your dry test. How the battery is discharged can be to an electric motor, heat, lights, electricity can do it. Only for so long, though. Then you have to re-charge them all, again. They’ll last for only so long, then you’ll have to replace them all.

    A road test will be the real deal.

    Same is true for lithium batteries, they’ll go dead, no re-charging them, buy new.

    Your fault the weather is not warm enough.

    Bill and Klaus have a goal to reach, an agenda to follow, help them all you can.

    Send them bugs.

  9. erik, I forgot to ask. How cold was it when you left it plugged in and got basically zip in terms of charge? It would be good to know what temp you simply cannot keep up with 120 V circuit.

    • Hi Steve,

      It was around 8 degrees on Friday afternoon when we parked it – and plugged it. Saturday and Sunday were also cold, though by Sunday it was in the mid-high 20s again.

  10. I have an idea Eric. You need a welder for your shop. A good one. You need a NEMA 14-50 outlet to plug it into. So get the project started, have an electrician check your work, and you can weld like a pro. And when you’re not welding up your next chicken coop, you can use it to charge those nice EV’s. Why you could have gained 50 miles in the time it took to make the video.

    • Hi Joule,

      I may do that. I have a 100 amp panel in my workshop and it would be much easier to add a 240V circuit there… vs. feeding off the house panel (200 amp) because the shed is “right there” near my driveway while the main house panel is in the basement and so would entail conduit and lots of hassle, prolly, to do it “to code.”

      Does anyone know for sure whether one can run 240V off a 100 amp panel without issues?

      • ‘Does anyone know for sure whether one can run 240V off a 100 amp panel without issues?’ — eric

        As with commercial fast chargers, Level 2 chargers are available with different power levels. Current draws of 30 to 50 amps are typical, though some go higher.

        Whether that would be compatible with a 100-amp panel depends on what other branch circuits are fed from the panel already. Probably the NEC has formulas for calculating the maximum load on a proposed new circuit.

        Here is some code gobbledygook from the Californicators about EVSE. For non-EeeVeeee cognoscenti, EVSE means “Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment” — a very trendy acronym to drop at your next hipster cocktail party, as the goth girls swoon at your witty, climate-conscious repartee.

      • By the way, a Level 2 charger at 50 amps would produce:

        240 volts x 50 amps = 12,000 watts = 12 kW

        That’s about one-fourth the output of the 50 kW EVgo commercial chargers.

        Whereas on a 120-volt outlet, the most you could hope to obtain is a meager 1.8 kW — barely enough to keep the poor battery from shivering on a chilly day.

        • Not an expert, but believe on a standard 15 amp, 120V circuit, the maximum continuous load is limited to just 1,500 W (1.5 kW) — which is even more bleak!

      • You should absolutely be able to run a 50 amp 240 v outlet off your 100A panel in your shop. It’s unlikley you’ll demand more than your 100 amp main can handle, and worst case if you do you’re just tripping the main breaker. That would only happen if running a fair amt. of heavy draw tools/equipment while charging the EV. Most circuits amd overcurremt protection are rated at 125% actual load, your 50 amp circuit recommended by manufacturer nameplate for say a charger is likely pulling somewhere around 38-40A under full load.

      • No problemo. It’s the amps that matter, so long as you have 240v in your 100A panel you’ll probably want to install a 50A 2 pole breaker to feed your welder outlet and you’re in business.

        My detached garage is fed as a sub-panel from my house, the 200A house service has a 70A 2 pole breaker feeding the garage. Off that I run my lathe and mill on 20A 2 pole breakers, and my welder on a 50A 2 pole breaker. If your garage has it’s own service from the utility, the (100A) main breaker is the big top one.

        If your service into the breaker box has 3 wires and a ground, (black and red hot, white neutral) then you have 240V available. If you measure with a meter, you should have 115-125V from black to white, and from red to white, and you’ll have 240V from black to red.

  11. leftist/communists push EV’s……. helping the ccp who use child slave labor…

    Rogan Guest Goes Viral After Exposing “Subhuman” And “Appalling” Cobalt Mining Conditions In Congo

    There is one part to the “green” EV revolution that we have written about – but that no one else is talking about: the incessant need for cobalt and the “appalling” way that the battery metal is mined and produced.

    I’ve never seen [a cobalt mine that did not rely on child labor or slavery] and I’ve been to almost all the major industrial cobalt mines,” he told Rogan.

    Every smartphone, every tablet, every laptop and crucially, every electric vehicle” needs it, he noted. “We can’t function on a day-to-day basis without cobalt, and three-fourths of the supply is coming out of the Congo.

    the Congo is sitting on more cobalt than the rest of the planet combined.”…china grabbed it….

    “Before anyone knew what was happening, [the] Chinese government [and] Chinese mining companies took control of almost all the big mines and the local population has been displaced,

    This push for EV’s only benefits china….80% of the batteries and important components for EV’s come from china…anyone pushing EV’s is a chinese ccp shill….

  12. Lots of hills here in Washington, say you want to drive from Seattle to Mt Rainier Natl. Park – it’s uphill all the way well over an hour drive. How much range left once you make the visitor center? Good luck!

    • “Pandemic Treaty” Will Hand WHO Keys To Global Government

      Every country in the world signed off on following WHO directives, they are in total control, your government and politicians have zero control, (but were very well paid for going along)…….WHO runs the pandemic response in your country, masking, lockdowns, lethal injections, etc.,

      So who is the WHO and who runs it? China runs it, gates finances it.

      tedros another satanist is the WHO leader…… Before Tedros, the WHO was run by Communist Chinese agent Margaret Chan.

      With United Nations World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus of Ethiopia serving as a mouthpiece for the Communist Party of China on the global stage, questions and concerns about his shadowy communist past are growing louder. Considering his scandal-plagued background,

      critics have gone so far as to say that “Marxist revolutionary” Tedros should be on trial for crimes against humanity — not sitting atop the WHO barking orders at national governments and peddling Beijing’s propaganda to humanity.

      Tedros, who has no medical degree but got the top UN job with fervent backing from Communist China, is an actual communist with a long pedigree in the movement

      Before Tedros, the WHO was run by Communist Chinese agent Margaret Chan.

      the entire UN system is using the Communist Chinese bat germ as a pretext to advance globalism and Big Government the great reset by the nwo/who/ccp/.0001%

      note: This all started with the defective chinese research.

      • James Corbett and Meryl Nass, M.D on ‘Good Morning CHD.’

        The WHO will form the foundation for a one world government, under the auspice of coordinating and ensuring global biosecurity. This becomes evident when you review the proposed amendments to the 2005 International Health Regulations (IHR) and the WHO Pandemic TreatyThe proposed IHR amendments will erase the concepts of human dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms from the equation.

        * NO, freedoms supersede all national and state laws, including the U.S. Constitution

        * This means they can force you to undergo whatever medical intervention they deem to be in the best interest of the collective.

        * The IHR amendments grant dictatorial powers to the WHO director-general and unelected regional directors. The WHO’s “recommendations” will be legally binding by all member states, and will supersede all national and state laws, including the U.S. Constitution

        • from a poster at zh…….

          Bill Gates announces the next pandemic date: 2025 (SEERS)

          Step 1. 21% interest rates (Depression)
          Step 2. scam-demic
          Step 3. lockdown Takeover WHO

          Actually interest rates will continue to rise above 7% then the Volcker moment will come skyrocket interest rates to 21%
          Wells Fargo just created fake bank accounts claiming their customers didn’t make their car or mortgage payments.

          These banks and the government plan on stealing everything once the rates climb past 7%
          Gasoline will hit $5.00 then on to $10.00
          The globalist depopulation target 2030

          The 2024 election more fraud stacked deck ……the Bill Gates, WHO, lockdown will come after 2024.

          Bill Gates announces the next pandemic date: 2025 (SEERS) and outbreak location | Dec 26, 2022
          3 hours ago

          • move to nicaragua?

            nicaragua booted out the kill shot pushers on day one…deported…

            note: nicaragua did great with no lockdowns or masks, no injections, no mandates, no deaths or cases, nothing, complete rejection of the whole wef/who/cdc covid narrative, a paradise for 2 1/2 years…lol…….so the leader didn’t get his $1 billion bribe like all the G7 leaders…..

      • **”Pandemic Treaty” Will Hand WHO Keys To Global Government”**

        Yep. That’s what the whole scamdemic was all about. Sounds like the verbatim plan direct from the playbook (i.e. The Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion) written over 100 years ago…but of course “It’s a conspiracy theory”. Makes ya realize why they’ve had to keep the ‘antisemitism’ narrative alive all these years, so no one dare mention what’s been hiding in plain sight for over a century, and is being fulfilled right before our eyes today.

        • changing a hesitant to a donor…

          Things are hurtling down the drain of tyranny

          in G7 countries it is getting worse…in one G7 country…this is happening…

          step 1 if you are injection hesitant you are classified as insane

          step 2 a cure/way out for the insane is MAID

          step 3 the doctor approves maid for your insanity….one less hesitant walking around…a new organ donor…

          MAIDS stands for Medically Assisted Death by Suicide

          the government can seize your property, imprison you if you don’t get their “medication,” and if you dissent, you can be labelled mentally ill and drugged.

          The DSM is the American Psychiatric Association’s standard reference for psychiatry, which includes over 450 different definitions of mental disorders….and drugs/cures
          so injection hesitant will be number 451?…The DSM also lists the cure…for #451…MAID?

          these leftist/communist G7 countries are all copies of the the ccp….in china if you didn’t like communism you were classified as insane and drugged, reprogrammed or an organ donor….

  13. Domino’s Pizza is running an ad that their delivery flight is converting to all electric. Go woke and go broke. Why don’t you try to make better pizza than virtue signaling would be my advice. (Pizza still tastes like cardboard)

    • Domino’s sucks. One of the few good things about the tri-state is we got real pizza, so even though I don’t eat it at all, could order a real pie for my friends instead of that dogshit

    • If you recall, Dominos was one of the FIRST to push out ads with their employee actors in masks. Probably by May 2020, before mandates in many areas. They worked at warp speed to push/perpetuate the masks.

      For context, Charmin made their toilet paper commercial several months after people were no longer afraid of running out of toilet paper. Their commercial said something about how charmin was always there for us when we needed them, and they weren’t going to abandon us now. You can tell this corporate behemoth came up with the idea back in March 2020 when toilet paper rationing was a thing. But by August 2020 or whenever the hell the charmin ad finally came out, people didn’t care.

      Dominos wanted everyone to know where they stood on things, and with the EV shtick, we see they are continuing to tell us what side they’re on. It is not about making money, it is about normalizing and advancing our enslavement. The people leading Dominos will be taken care of if the brand goes defunct. All that matters is they did their part in destroying the good.

    • Hey Hans, I agree it tastes like cardboard. Probably because it is.

      I heard Taco Bell has so much cellulose in their filling that they cannot legally call it beef. They call it “beefy”.

      • Hi J,

        Damn it – that was funny! And sad, too. I stopped eating at Taco Bell after considering how it’s possible for them to sell a Taco for $1… now we have an inkling.

        Next up, sky prawns – $2 a dozen!

  14. I disagree with the gun analogy, but the article is on point. Ev may be more comparable to a smart gun.
    Just for general reading, there are 8 shot .357 revolvers and with a speed loader, 6 or 8 rounds are quick to reload. The point is use without training for you or a wife say at the night stand, where it may sit for years. A semi auto may jam due to lack of training- limp wrist, weak mag spring, safety may be on, maybe it wasnt charged right. Revolver gets rid of those issues and is better for a critical incident. I would have carried one as a cop, but I wasn’t given the choice. My department carried .40 Glock 22s for the men and 9mm glocks for the ladies. I tried to be the libertarian cop, but it didn’t work out and I was out in just one year of service this month. EMF sensitivity does not help either. We had a 5g phone, personal cell phone, a powerful radio on the hip, in car cell connection and wifi, body cam wifi over my heart with rare earth magnets to keep it on your shirt, bluetooth for the printer, and in car radios. I felt so much better leaving there health wise, in 3 days my sinuses cleared up and brain fog left.

    • Hi Anchar, I agree that the comparison isn’t the best example for other reasons than the ability of most people to recharge a semi-auto pistol quicker than a revolver.

      As you have mentioned, when I think of trading off ergonomics/capacity, I think of using something that is more reliable. I don’t see the EVs as being more reliable than ICEs.

      ’40s for the men and 9s for the ladies’

      Isn’t that sexist? I mean really. Isn’t it sexist? What did they think you were, trans-women? 40 Slow & Weak? (in jest of course)

      40 S&W came about because some desk jockeys at the FBI couldn’t handle 10mm. If your former employer was making a difference due to gender, they should have gone 10mm. Otherwise, 9mm vs 40 S&W, the better option is 9mm simply for the increased cartridge capacity over the 40 in identical platforms.

    • Hehe, yeah, Anchar- You can load a .357 with a speed clip just about as fast as an auto- specially by the time it takes to rack the slide and all on an auto. I always figured if I can’t get it done with 5 rounds of .357 (What am I, gonna be in a shoot-out in the ‘hood?! ) regardless of what I had in my pocket, It’d probably be time to run!

  15. It’s all about the “climate” changing, right?

    Well, here’s a little tidbit you might enjoy. I normally don’t see Dragnet at 6A EST on meTV but, today I had it on while exercising.

    Seems they arrested a “forest ranger” on bunko. Just watch as no matter what facts are presented the ranger just won’t shut up about the environment. Watch till the end, it really is the icing on the current cake


  16. Hey, hey, hey! I carry a revolver! 🙂

    And hey, unlike electric cars, revolvers are reliable– when have ya ever heard of a revolver misfiring or jamming?

    • Nunzio,
      As I have pointed out to many, I could probably lose my SP101 out of the holster and run over it with the lawn mower, and it would still function.

    • Reliable 99% of the time, however when the 1%, hits the revolver can’t be fixed outside of a gunsmiths shop. I have carried a J-frame revolver in the past but prefer my G19. Both types have their place.

      Hopefully, this winter storm proved to some of the owners of EVs that they are not all that and they can get you into serious trouble.

    • Hi Nunzio,

      I agree that revolvers should be jam- and misfire-proof. But I had not thought about the fact that the cylinder must align perfectly with the barrel, unlike the situation in a semiautomatic. I recently saw a YouTube video where someone tested a poorly-machined revolver, which sprayed bullet shavings with each shot. On the other hand, the revolver did not jam or misfire and probably would still have been effective for self-defense. But what might happen if the revolver’s alignment is off by a greater amount?

      • Bill,
        I won’t name names, I don’t need any law suits against me at the moment, but some brands of revolvers are more prone to being shot out of time. A lot more. Wear factors involved. And others that NEVER shoot themselves out of time. Oddly enough, the former are much more expensive than the latter.
        Autos fail, and unless you vigorously rehearse clearing such failure, your auto has turned into a paper weight.
        Revolvers fail too, but it’s usually a progressive problem, instead of a catastrophic one. They start to act up before they fail.

        • Yes, ultimately, revolvers are simpler than semi-autos, and therefore less prone to problems. I’ve NEVER heard of a revolver misfiring (Well…unless it says Kel-Tec or High Point on it (Do they even make revolvers?), or it was one’a them .22LR’s- but that’s not the revolver’s fault.) and there are far fewer junk revolvers on the market than there are junk semi-autos. How often do you hear of a semi-auto misfiring? A lot! The revolver is always ready- Let it sit for years unused, and it’ll still work just fine when needed. Doesn’t have to be anything expensive or fancy either (Like ya say John, that ‘legacy’ brand is becoming a parody of itself!)- I have a simple Taurus.

  17. Article in recent issue of WaPo: “Scientists say Arctic warning could be to blame for recent blasts of extreme cold”. Also war is peace, up is down and 2+2=5 as long as govco says so.

    • Mike,

      Who are these “Scientists” that say Arctic warming could be to blame for the recent blasts of extreme cold? It’s FAR MORE LIKELY that the extreme cold we’re having is from La Nina, which we’ve had for a year or two. Blaming the extreme cold on “Global warming” is about as nonsensical as those who blame the COVID variants (Omicron, Delta, BA.5, etc.) on those who didn’t take the experimental mRNA injections that we KNOW don’t freaking work, or blaming the spread of ‘Rona on those who didn’t wear filthy face diapers that don’t freaking work either. These people are definitely members of one cult or another.

    • Mike,
      Hence the name change, from “global warming” to “climate change”. All the bases are covered. If you have bad weather, it’s CO2.

  18. Just heard a tesla burnt down a house about a mile away from us. I did see major assets going by all day. a pretty major county road was closed down for a day. I haven’t confirmed nor seen it for myself yet, but it came from a good source.
    It was 5-10 degrees when it happened.

  19. With regard to:

    “Just the same as the “vaccines” were not advertised as drugs that “reduce the severity of symptoms” – and for essentially the same reasons.”

    You know how the branch covidians always say “it could have been worse”? Well, it looks as though the counter to that argument is that, “it should have been worse”. No really. In a nutshell, the poison gene therapy is training immune systems to just ignore the virus.

    So, instead of a fever, feeling like shit — aka your body *fighting* the pathogen — the virus is ignored and such people suffer serious damage because of it.

    Turns out that only reducing the severity of symptoms can be a good way to reduce the population. It’s just a matter of how many boosters and how much time.

  20. Easy answer to it all, what would you rather have to drive, an electric vehicle or an internal combustion vehicle?

    Maybe you won’t be able to choose, only one choice for you.

    You can’t choose an electric vehicle, you won’t want it. The only choice is an internal combustion engine. Shows bias, so what?

    BP Statistical Review has the numbers, there is plenty of oil.

    The cold weather has moved on and the warm up is today. It will be 65 degrees warmer today than on Saturday which was negative 24 degrees F, the outside daily high temp will be 41 degrees.

    “When I was a kid, I wanted to grow up to be just like my grandpa. I did, I became an old man.” – John Prine, words said at a concert

  21. Eric, I realize you’re trying to point out how the EV is inherently “gimped” by the limits of battery technology as compared to the century-and-change method of filling the vehicle’s tank with the fuel, usually a liquid, that it consumes.

    A revolver has advantages over a semi-automatic pistol in that it’s simpler, easier to maintain, and in general, for larger calibers (for self-defense. the caliber you use, unless you’re a semi-invalid or a small woman, and my “Beloved Snips”, 98 lbs. and 4-11″ of her, handles her .44 Magnum just fine), a more steady weapon. But I like the tried and tested semi-auto designs too like the M1911 .45 ACP, the Walther PP and its derivatives, and the Ruger SR series. Besides, a sidearm is either a backup weapon for home defense purposes, or all you can manage in areas where you can legally carry (should be ANYWHERE in the USA, per 2A, but that’s for another thread), but toting a long arm simply isn’t practical. Nothing like a trusty pump-action shotgun like a Remington or Mossberg…simple, inexpensive, and hard-hitting. In a lot of cases, just simply racking the weapon will be enough to make the would-be assailant reconsider. And if he doesn’t…well, depending on POV, you’re either do “The Lord’s” work or Darwin’s.

    The real issue with EVs isn’t so much technology, but that they’re being FORCED, due to nonsensical, emotional reasons, via the political process, rather than selling on their merits. They DO have limited merits, and I’ve no issue with someone buying one for his/her needs, with his/her OWN money, and not with any indirect subsidies out of yours and mine’s pockets (via tax credits or government grants/guarantees to EV manufacturers).

    • Self, Douglas Lloyd,
      The 1911 is indeed remarkably reliable, after more than 100 years. However, there is no safe way to carry one. Either “cocked and locked” or an empty chamber. DA/SA autos are MUCH safer and many just as reliable as the 1911.

    • Carvana is down to $3.84 as I’m typing this. Essentially a penny stock — not truly but close enough. At what point do they admit collapse? It was ~$25 just back in September.

      Are they gonna have a “going out of business” sale? Sell off some of that inventory on the cheap? For some reason, it never happens that way.

    • Rivian is down about 6% this morning. All the way down to just under $18. It was nearly $32 on Dec 1st, not even an entire month ago! And people are still buying and selling their “adventure” golf carts for an obscene amount of money. I’m betting this is another “too important to the narrative to fail” situation where we taxpayers foot the bill and they just keep going on their merry way.

      I watch a Scotty Kilmer video yesterday where he said Tesla is suing them over stolen technology or some other shit.

    • auto sector….most leading of economic indicators …in downtrend…

      Nio Slides 6%, Guides Q4 2022 Deliveries Lower Hours After CEO Warns Of “Challenging” Start To 2023

      Just hours after we wrote this weekend about Nio CEO William Li’s less than optimistic comments about starting off the 2023 year for EVs, the company was out to adjust its delivery outlook for Q4 2022.

      And, surprise, surprise, the “adjustment” wasn’t to the upside…and Nio shares aren’t liking the news – joining Tesla this morning in plunging more than 6%.

      For example, Tesla also announced last week it would be halting production for slightly longer than expected at its Shanghai plant this month.

      Additionally, just days ago we published commentary from an auto industry insider who said that a “massive wave” of car repossessions and loans defaults would soon be on the horizon in the United States.

      As we noted in early December, for almost a year now, we have been dutifully tracking several key datasets within the auto sector to find the critical inflection point in this perhaps most leading of economic indicators which will presage not only a crushing auto loan crisis,

      but also signal the arrival of a full-blown recession, one which even the NBER won’t be able to ignore, as the US consumers are once again tapped out. We believe that moment has now arrived.

      • I saw that article about Nio earlier today but TBH, I had never even heard of them before this morning! Supposedly, they’re making almost 40K vehicles per quarter. I’ve never seen one or a Nio dealer. But then again, if the car has a smooth face (i.e., no grill), I stop looking at it because I know what that means.

        At the moment of writing this, they’re actually down 8.61% to $10.02 / share. As usual these days, they’re blaming it on climate change and covid hoax. That’s the other “gift that keeps on giving” — they can blame every damn thing on that forever now.

        How about they just fucken suck and nobody wants that bullshit?

  22. Well here in my neck of Dixie, the roads are shut down bc of ice. And, TVA was doing rolling blackouts because of the strain on the electrical grid due to the cold. I’m not a EE, so unsure what an interrupted charge cycle would do the electrical clown cars.

    OT: my daily carry of choice is a Ruger .38+p with crimson trace grips. I opt for a revolver bc my arthritic hands got to where racking the slide of the ol’ Glock .40 was difficult. The revolver is much simpler and easier on my hands. Admittedly, the speed loader still isn’t as fast as dropping/replacing a magazine.

  23. If the premise of this article is correct – that the government wants to curtail our travel, then you could make the argument that the snow bomb from Canada was engineered and perfectly timed to disrupt holiday movements, to restrict our travel.

    Why I think so is that UK was under a cold spell then went super warm as we went super cold. People did notice that.

    And the government strives to make us miserable, because that is what the parasite does to the host.

  24. Here’s a post from Martin Armstrong about the fraud of climate change. The globalists pushing this propaganda want US to quit driving cars and eating meat, and even want to force us out of a regular home, but THEY get to continue flying around in private jets, living in McMansions, and eating fancy dinners. And when they talk about “Reducing carbon” or “Net Zero”, what they REALLY mean is reducing the human population, but THEY’RE exempt from what they want to IMPOSE on the masses…….

    • From the article:

      “Then there was a totally theoretical proposition laid out in the book Under a Green Sky that has become the bible for the total destruction of our modern society and just maybe they know that and are looking to deprive energy to reduce the population.”

      I have become convinced of this. The climate hysterics are actually stupid but they’re not *that* stupid. They know what they’re doing. They know there is no climate emergency. They just want a planet with a whole lot less of us around. And destroying energy production is a really good combo along with forced medical experimentation to do it!

      • The lefist/communist/globalists blame white people for everything

        These leftists told the Indigenous peoples of this country and others settled buy white Europens… for the attention of the United Nations that the forebears of the substantial majority of who are of European ancestry were guilty, and that therefore this country is collectively guilty, of attempted genocide against the Aboriginal people of . This is a lie. It is not a misunderstanding; it is not a misconstrued or mis-characterized version of historical fact; it is a monstrous falsehood.

        The original basis for the charge was the allegation that a British general, in what was eventually American territory, suggested leaving blankets that might transmit diseases to which the Native people were extremely vulnerable and that were inadvertently imported by Europeans, in places that might generate a contagion of potentially fatal diseases. This was not in fact done, is another lie, misinformation…

        The second basis of the charge of attempted genocide is based on the steady settling for agricultural use of the Great Plains, depriving the Natives of much of the nutritious quality of their diet because of the thinning of the buffalo population. Unintended dietary changes do not constitute genocide.

        In one G7 nation the leader has stated he hates the original European settlers and is actively replacing them with non white immigrants, as in wide open borders….European immigrants are banned now. Nobody of European descent should vote for leaders blaming white people, they have accused them of genocide.

        A G7 agenda that pushed up real estate prices to reduce the original European population to be replaced by immigrants… is copying the ccp….

        high real estate prices……“They can’t marry in the basement of their parent’s house, so they don’t,” he added. “The birth rate started collapsing,

        The killshots were targeted to mostly white G7 countries…more depopulation, with whites at the top of the list?……

        These G7 countries have government promised pensions that are unfunded…solution…reduce the population…

        maybe they will give free real estate to the immigrants?….lol….maybe that is what all the new condo construction is for…

        • Nobody of European descent should vote for leaders blaming white people, they have accused them of genocide…..nobody white should vote for the leftist/communist/globalists….

      • Where was depopulation focused first?….the 1st were the old people in the G7… (because of unfunded stolen pensions)…then the whites in the G7 countries….. poor people in the G7……. conservative areas within countries got the non placebo killshot…

  25. Besides trying to FORCE the masses out of driving a vehicle, these technocrats/ globalists, with help from their puppets in various governments, are also trying to FORCE the masses out of single family homes and into Itty bitty shacks as well as trying to “nudge” them into eating bugs and/ or artificial food grown in a lab. I’ve also read that they’ll be calling for killing pets. Of course, they claim all of that is necessary because of “Climate change”, and there are some truly dumb people who’ll do whatever these fraudsters demand, as they’ve fallen for the heavy propaganda and fear porn campaign about CLIMATE CHANGE like they’ve fallen for the heavy propaganda about Sars-COV-2, face diapers, and the “vaccines”. Such people have effectively become members of one cult or another and now wish to use government to PUNISH those who merely question their delusions or object. And they call people who question “The Narratives” ANTI-SCIENCE.

    • John B.
      That just shows ya the insanity of true climate-change believers- What’s the point of “protecting the climate” [As if] if not for the preservation of life? Instead, they would gladly destroy all life if it would mean ‘saving the earth’- So then what purpose would the earth serve, if not to support and nurture life? Therefore they are advocates of death…but I guess it sounds better if they say they are saving something…..

      • Hi Nunz!

        A slight correction: They do not wish to preserve human life. Our lives. The “earth” – devoid of us – is what they’re after. Some have said so, openly.

        • Eric,

          Not only do these technocrats want to exterminate as much of us as possible, they also want to turn whoever is left among us into “hackable” human/ machine hybrids. Yuval Noah Harari openly advocated that at one of those WEF meetings.

          • Hello, John. I have mentioned this before, but the book “The Singularity Is Near”, by Ray Kurzweil is a most-interesting read. I had to sludge through the first, 1/4 of the book, but the rest grew very interesting. Kurzweil firmly believed humans would merge with machines, and thus, live forever. He did acknowledge that bothersome soul and spirit problem, and did not have many answers for that. But now, with the advent of the COVID jabs, the weird stuff in those, and EV’s (plugging them in, recharging, etc)…it just makes you wonder if the two are not connected somehow. Hmm, you not-so-human did not get your re-charge (thanks to the jabs) ’cause of the power outage. Opps. Forget not getting from “Point A” to “Point-B” in your fancy shmancy EV car or truck. Forget “range anxiety”. Wait until this stuff starts affecting humans on a whole new level. It sounds creepy and science fiction somehow. And somehow, Dean Koontz’ five, Jane Hawk series novels (written back in 2017/2018) may not be so “fiction”.

            • Hi Shadow,
              When I read those books my first thoughts were along the lines of “wow, that’s exactly what our overlords would like to impose on us”. Here we are now watching it happen in real time. I wonder if Mr. Koontz has some insider contacts or is just very prescient. Excellent writer btw, think I’ve read everything he’s written.

              • Hi Mike. Well, having grown up in hell, and walked out, my brain is wired a bit differently. So, I would ruminate the following: Koontz walked out of (speculating here, of course) similar stuff, and reveals via “fiction” writing, the truths he knows. 2. He is still in, likes to be there, and (per their rules) has to say what they are going to do (like Bill Gates) ahead of time. Or 3. Koontz has a 6th sense about him, and is one very observant person, and maybe has inside knowledge and good contacts. With Bill Gates, he openly brags about what is coming, loves evil, and openly embraces it. Such as the next big pandemic coming after COVID, which was going to be even worse, which he said was coming about a year or so ago. He also explained years ago (Via TED Talk) about using vaccines as a way to depopulate the earth. I surmise the question is, which of the 3 Koontz falls under. Either way, he is a good author. I had just happened to pick up “Book 2” of the 5 book, Jane Hawk series, and did not realize until I had finished the book that it was a series, and then read the others, which-like his other novels-were great reads.

                • A lot of those ‘prescient’ writers are/were insiders. Just like the Hollywood movies that ‘foretold’ things like Nahnleaven and a ‘pandemic’- I think it’s actually a way of getting the public used to the idea before it happens, and even eliciting a programed response/behavior when the portrayed event does actually happen.

                  Aldous Huxley for one, author of Brave New World was definitely an insider and occultist who was in on the plans, despite his sometimes seeming criticism (The criticism made him look more legit and earned him more trust- thus people are more likely to listen to what he says and take cues from the characters in his books, etc.).

                  One thing is telling: If the mainstream printers and media embrace a writers who seems to be bucking the system, you KNOW he’s one of them, and in on the plans.

        • Hey Ya, Eric!

          Ah, I may not have expressed my thought clearly. What you said IS exactly what I was saying. In other words, any concern for “saving the planet” only has merit in so far as the goal of that endeavor is to keep the planet habitable for the sustenance and nurturing of life- else what would be the point? As a bunch of rocks and dirt can “survive” regardless of the climate, just as on Mars or Jupiter. But now, indeed, as we are openly seeing, those who are running this Satanic death cult, and their followers are openly advocating the destruction of life- which proves that their ecological schemes are not about the preservation of nature and it’s processes, but rather about the destruction of it.

          It is no wonder that the Bible says that if these days “were not shortened, there should no flesh be saved alive” [And it’s not talking about spiritual salvation, because flesh and blood can not inherit the Kingdom of God]- Literally, if these psychopaths and the masses who are drunk on their propaganda were to get their way, the earth would become a barren rock devoid of all life!

  26. A number of years ago, a well known shooter, who’s name I won’t mention, stated that the best way to deal with a shooting incident was to check for witnesses, and if there are none, LEAVE. Which is why he carried a revolver. You take the brass with you. Which cops and soldiers don’t have to be concerned about.
    They can’t compete with autos in firepower, but they definitely do in horsepower. You have to spend a lot of money to get an auto that’s equivalent to .357 or 44 magnum. As in Desert Eagle money. If you can find one.
    My point being, that while revolvers have a role to fill, EVs don’t have much of one. They do deliver more horsepower, when it’s convenient.

    • Yes, sir, you beat me to the point.
      The upside of revolvers is they don’t leave the brass as evidence of your righteous deed, though they do leave the bullet of evidence buried in the enemy’s brain or chest, but that is a necessity.
      For me, there’s no upside to EVs.

      • JLaffrey,
        Something tells me there probably won’t be a usable finger print on that bullet.
        I do know auto shooters who religiously keep their ammo wiped down.

  27. ‘one could quite likely convert to a gas range or dryer, and use that circuit to install a 240v outlet in their garage, without upgrading their panel.’ — John Kable

    Yep. I’ve got two abandoned 240-volt outlets for a range and a dryer, both converted to propane for reliability in outages — and to stick it to the climate changers and Californicators.

    But no garage, in what was built as a vacation cabin. I’d have to run an exterior-rated cable in conduit about 50 feet to a hitchin’ post next to the gravel driveway to plug in muh EeeVeeee.

    Not an electrician, but I’m guessing that a cable that long would need to be derated … or else use copper wires as thick as rattlesnakes. And copper’s knocking on the door of $4.00/lb as China re-opens.

    What to do, what to do? When in doubt, do nothing.

  28. I feel like there’s another angle that is missing in the practicality discussion of EVs. I’ve heard (and maybe I heard wrong) that people drive 15,000 miles per year on average. That’s about 288 miles per week on average.

    How many hours on 240v or 120v would it take to get those 288 miles each and every week on average? Using the case of the EQS, just wild estimating, it sounds as though that is not actually possible, i.e., it would take more hours on the charger than would allow one to actually drive those 288 miles.

  29. ‘If you do have a home and a garage and have upgraded to 240V capability, you will be able to instill a full charge . . . in about 9-11 hours, depending on the EV.’ — eric

    And depending on the public utility keeping the power on. You can bet that fast-charging stations owned by public utilities (like the new one near me) are top priorities for load shedding. This will be equally true of ‘smart’ (i.e., ‘compromised’) 240-volt home chargers.

    Bear in mind that OTA (over the air) updates from EeeVeeee makers can accomplish the same thing, by cutting off the vehicle’s ability to suck on the straw … or even emptying its battery in reverse, for the greater good.

    Indeed, it makes one wonder whether those EVgo stations in southwest Virginia were intentionally crippled during the Great Freeze, to ‘save the grid.’ Yeah, I’m a conspiracy theorist — deal with it.

    What berserks the climate changers is the primordial link between man and fire. Why should any random prole possess the ability to just light up a fireplace, or crank up a Veeeee-8 at will? Who do they think they are, God?

    Fortunately, fuel and fire soon will be in safe, vetted hands … mostly.

    Burn, baby, burn!

  30. You mentioned that one may have a range and/or dryer 240v circuit. It occurred to me that one could quite likely convert to a gas range or dryer, and use that circuit to install a 240v outlet in their garage, without upgrading their panel. Instead spending a much smaller amount on such conversion than upgrading their panel, and possibly the wire gauge of their service. If one was unlucky and foolish enough to posses an EV.
    Aside from that, you accurately recorded the charging down time of EVs, and in this article related that to getting us to drive less. There are two much bigger factors. One, the cost of the damn thing, and two, there is no grid capacity to get it done, even if you do have the needed wiring. And no effort to increase that grid capacity. In fact quite the contrary.

    From ZH this morning,
    Apparently all those who were in years past convicted of slavery for owning interest in “sweat shops” are now absolved. Since Cobalt mining is using children and outright slavery to mine it in the Congo. The by far largest single source of Cobalt.


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