Roads Are Racist

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Everything is racist – even roads.

It is why roads must be dug up and converted to foot/bicycle paths, which are more “equitable”-  since you do not need to own a car to be able to use those.

Of course, without a car, you can only walk – or pedal – so far. You are kept in your place, as it were. But that’s not racist – because it keeps everyone in their place. Well, everyone except the you-know-who’s. Who come in all colors but are all the same in that they want everyone else  . . . kept in their place.

Irony of ironies, they intend to use our taken-for-granted but slipping-away freedom of movement – by car – as the vehicle to put us back in our place, as they see it.

By framing the car – and roads – as “racist.”

The car, which freed everyone who owns one from being stuck where they are. Expanded their options – for work, employment, education and recreation. That made it – per James Brown – easy to get anywhere.

For anyone.

But not so, according to the Roads Are Racist narrative, which argues that the Interstate Highway System in particular was not meant to make it “easy to get anywhere” – but rather to make it easy for whites to get away from blacks. And – in the process – leave blacks “behind” in the bypassed ghettoes of the inner cities. This is like blaming the “unvaccinated” – that is, the un-drugged – for the serial sickness of the “vaccinated” (the people who took the drugs that neither prevent the getting nor the spreading of sickness).

The downtown areas of big cities such as Detroit, Chicago and Baltimore have become blighted wastelands, it’s true. Full of boarded-up homes interspersed with liquor stores here and there – and derelicts everywhere. But this did not happen because the roads were built. It happened because the cities became shitholes. Many were burnt down by peaceful protestors back in the late ’60s – and were never rebuilt. People who wanted to live as far away as possible from the shit – literally, as in dumps on the sidewalk – and peaceful protests, too – left.

Which they could, because there were roads for them to leave on.

No one was kept from leaving.

But it is evidence of “racism” that those who chose to stay did just that. As opposed to evidence of lack of initiative. Just saying that latter being extremely “racist” – because it isn’t racist to imply that black people lack initiative. Are not capable of apprehending that the neighborhood is turning to shit and leaving it.

Which of course many did. Barack Obama, for instance.

Never mind that. Black folks are too indolent to use the roads to escape to a better place, far away from the shit, the peaceful protestors and the high cost of living in cities controlled by Leftists who make it shitty and expensive to live in cities. Whose policies cause the population that remains to bifurcate into two classes – the very rich and the very poor.

Who come in all colors.

The tent cities one sees in cities such as LA and San Francisco are in fact very diverse. Except in one way. It is that everyone living in those tents is poor.

Leftists see this and offer their analysis – and solution. Things must be made more equitable – by keeping everyone in his place. By making everyone equally poor.

Themselves excepted, of course.

Get rid of the roads. Get rid of cars, too. Make it harder for anyone to get anywhere, excepting the very affluent – who will as always be able to get anywhere they like. Viz, the Davos Crowd, private-jetting to their private conferences where the “racism” of freedom of movement is bruited about.

Roads “increase access to resources like jobs, healthcare and education,” says one of these – a Young Leader-in-the-making by the name of Raaj Kumar.

All of which is true and also the point. Why build – why travel upon – roads that don’t take you somewhere better than where you happen to be right now? But then he says “racist road planning and the proliferation of cars in white households, mega-highways  . . . directly contributed to the city’s serious segregation problem.”

Italics added.

He refers to Atlanta, a city notorious for its traffic. Which he synonymizes with “segregation.”

This being akin to defining a drug that does not prevent the getting or spreading of sickness as a “vaccine.”

No person – of any color – is being thwarted by law from going anywhere they please. Which they are able to do, courtesy of all those roads – which everyone is free to use. The fact that some choose not to use them is just that, a choice. The Leftist says it is a false choice, because some lack the means to make use of roads. But this isn’t a color barrier – the defining attribute of segregation. As in, no – you cannot go there. You must remain here.

That is segregation.

Anyone can buy a car. Assuming it’s not an electric car. (Is this pushing of electric cars on people who cannot afford them also “racist”?)

And roads? They opened up America – all of it – to everyone.

Digging them up and replacing them with foot and bike paths will close off most of America to almost everyone. This is the “15 minute city” vision of the Davos-set, who deploy useful idiots such as Raaj Kumar to foment resentment by crying “racism” at literally everything.

Including the thing that has benefitted everyone.

That being the roads – which have made it easy for all of us to be anywhere we like.

. . .

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  1. The one thing the Left is good at is race baiting.

    They’re expert baiters of race…
    Professional baiters of race…

    I would even go so far as to call them masters–Master baiters of race.

  2. The “roads are racist” claim is said to have one of its origins in Robert Caro’s 1974 biography of New York’s “master builder” Robert Moses (The Power Broker, Robert Moses and the Fall of New York). Among Caro’s claims was that Moses had ordered the height of new bridges over the Long Island parkways to be too low in height so as to prevent buses carrying inner city children to reach Jones Beach (pages 318-19, 510-514). The accuracy of the claim has been challenged.

  3. Net Zero Will Lead To The End Of Modern Civilisation, Says Top Scientist

    In a recently published science paper, Dr. Wallace Manheimer said it would be the end of modern civilisation. Writing about wind and solar power he argued it would be especially tragic “when not only will this new infrastructure fail, but will cost trillions, trash large portions of the environment, and be entirely unnecessary”

    Manheimer points out that before fossil fuel became widely used, energy was provided by people and animals. Because so little energy was produced, “civilisation was a thin veneer atop a vast mountain of human squalor and misery, a veneer maintained by such institutions as slavery, colonialism and tyranny”.

    This argument hints at why so many rich, virtue-signalling celebrities argue not just for Net Zero but ‘Real’ Zero, with the banning of all fossil fuel use. King Charles said in 2009 that the age of consumerism and convenience was over, although the multi-mansion owning monarch presumably doesn’t think such desperate restrictions apply to himself. Manheimer notes that fossil fuel has extended the benefits of civilisation to billions, but its job is not yet complete. “To spread the benefits of modern civilisation to the entire human family would require much more energy, as well as newer sources,” he adds.

    The author notes that the emphasis on a false climate crisis is becoming a “tragedy for modern civilisation”, which depends on reliable, affordable and environmentally viable energy. “The windmills, solar panels and backup batteries have none of these qualities,”

    This falsehood has been pushed by what has been termed a climate industrial complex, comprising some scientists, most media, industrialists and legislators. Furthermore, he continues, this grouping has “somehow” managed to convince many that CO2 in the atmosphere, a gas necessary for life on Earth, one which we exhale with every breath, is an environmental poison.

    In Manheimer’s view, the partnership among self-interested businesses, grandstanding politicians and alarmist campaigners, “truly is an unholy alliance”. The climate industrial complex does not promote discussion on how to overcome this challenge in a way that will be best for everyone. “We should not be surprised or impressed that those who stand to make a profit are among the loudest calling for politicians to act,

  4. Face it, what the Left wants is communism, in which race is a proxy for class. I am hardly the first guy to point out that about eighty per cent of Marx’s bullet points in the Communist Manifesto have already been accomplished in the United States:

    “A heavy progressive or graduated income tax… Confiscation of the property of all emigrants and rebels… Centralization of credit in the hands of the state, by means of a national bank with State capital and an exclusive monopoly… Centralization of the means of communication and transport in the hands of the State…. Combination of agriculture with manufacturing industries; gradual abolition of all the distinction between town and country by a more equable distribution of the populace over the country…. Free education for all children in public schools.”

    The next step, after the confiscation of guns from the proletariat, is to ban fossil-fuel private transportation, and to make the proles dependent upon a government-controlled electric grid that can be restricted at any time, so as to force them into racially-egalitarian urban housing where they are monitored 24/7/365 by the panopticon surveillance state.

    It’s happening, sure as night follows day.

  5. Obviously roads are racist. Eisenhower was inspired by German roads. Germans are white.

    And I remember when he said that we needed an interstate highway system to help white people get away from black people. Well maybe he didn’t say it, but I’m sure he was thinking it /s

    • The Autobahn, aside.from.being a showpiece of National Socialism, was intended to facilitate rapid movement of the German Army between fronts. WWII interrupted the completion of the Autobahn, but the Germans lacked trucks and fuel to fully use it anyway. It would be used by an army to cross Germany – commanded by Patton!

      • Douglas,
        And that was also the excuse used to make the US intestate highway system “Constitutional”, the deployment of the military.

  6. People leaving one place for a better place, even with good roads, is still a hardship for the person moving. But at some point the new opportunity vs sunk cost calculation changes. The Joads moved out of Oklahoma because they thought they’d find a better life on the big rock candy mountain… sorry, I mean California. The road had nothing to do with it. Didn’t work out so well for Steinbeck’s fictional family but for many (perhaps most) it did. And no one ever seems to go back once they leave, at least not right away. In the Grapes of Wrath it was weather (not bad banking policy and cheap credit for novice farmers). Now it’s attempts to regulate the weather by foolish politicians, and the migration is in the other direction, but that’s not my point.

    After Hurricane Katrina the population of the New Orleans metro area dropped drastically. In 2015 the city was still only about 75% of pre-Katrina numbers. Is that due to the roads? If anything, people moving inland and away from the drained areas is probably a good thing. Let the drained land be used for agriculture or something that won’t displace thousands of people when the levee breaks.

    • RK,
      They put dikes across parts of Lake Pontchartrain, pumped the water out, and built houses there. Effing stupid. In my 68 years. the very first thing I looked to when moving to a new domicile was the flood threat. Needless to say, I would NOT have moved into the bottom of a lake.

  7. The problem is a disease called white progressives. The disease manifests itself especially in places where wealth enables its holders to escape the world of human experience.

  8. A little history about interstate highways that most people don’t know or forget about. Originally the plan was to completely bypass the cities (just ring road them), and only build the interstates in the rural and suburban areas.

    But of course big city mayors didn’t like that the money wasn’t coming to fill their pockets, so they got the “planners” to route interstates “thru” the city too.

    Guessing had the original plan been kept and cities had been bypassed, that would have been racist too.

    Had cities been bypassed, they would likely be even more economically isolated than they are today (most economic activity today is centered in the suburbs, at least in NA). I think even more economic activity would have left for modern edge cities and the suburbs had there been no interstates in the city.

    • That’s exactly right. If you look at highways built prior to the interstates, including the autobahns, none of them go through city centers. That was all tacked on afterwords. The Pennsylvania Turnpike is a great example. It is well south of Pittsburgh, barely grazes Harrisburg and ends well before Philadelphia.

    • They were originally desigated “National Defense” highways, to facilitate movement of armed forces across the USA. Eisenhower had participated in Army maneuvers in the 1920s and 1930s which showed how poorly American roads were suited to military logistics. He was impressed by the German Autobahn in 1945, though admittedly it helped the American Army more than it did the Heer. Running the interstates without bypassing major cities would have frustrated this intent.

  9. Serious question, what precisely is wrong with or about racism? Racism/racialism is hardwired into human nature, a crucial part of our survival mechanism is to recognize those different from our family/tribe/clan.

    I fail to see how either racism or discrimination are a problem for a civilized society. Even unreasoning hatred AKA bigotry, while being unsavory, is in and of itself, is no problem to a healthy civilization.

    Help me out here, if I dont care to associate with a person or group, precisely what is wrong with that? At worst I deny myself potentially pleasant and profitable relationships. At best I save myself pain and danger.

    • Ernie,
      Indeed, racism is perfectly normal, and has been necessary until not long ago. To recognize “not like us” as dangerous was quite useful, when the Mongol horde came over the hill. When Cortez landed in Mexico, etc. Perhaps to some degree now, when the amount of melatonin in someone’s skin may indicate they are out to get those with less. Being politically encouraged to do so. It is curious that the very “racism” that we are instructed to eradicate is in fact increased by the PTB efforts to do away with it. Do they really expect a white person denied a job, a promotion, or an education because of their skin color not to resent that? Personally, until a few years ago, I took no more notice of one’s skin color than I did their hair color or their footwear. Now I’m suspicious they might indeed be out to get me if their skin is darker than mine. And with good reason.

    • Hi Ernie,

      I’ve been a defender of the right – and it is a right – of free association (which implies the corollary to be free to not associate) for as long as I have been writing professionally. I maintain that a major turning point – on the road to the destruction of what had been, even then, a remarkably free society – was the passage of the 1964 “civil rights” act, which effaced the right to freely associate (and not). If a man does not want to do business with another man – for any reason at all – that is his right. To deny this right is to assert a right to compel others to do business with (associate with) you… a truly despicable and un-civilized idea, far worse than merely wanting to not have to deal with someone you’d rather not deal with, even if solely on account of his race, for it amounts to a form of indenture over others; i.e., that you owe them your time/attention.

      • Even the free-wheeling Ferengi had to contend with their three-letter Agency of Doom, the FCA, or Ferengenar Commerce Authority. As embodied in the annoying, arrogant (and for some time, ACTING Grand Magus) Brunt (Jeffrey Combs).

    • Free choice and freedom of association…errr….”racism” is only a problem when practiced by white people. We have black history month, a United Negro College Fund; The Association Of Black Mayors…..blacks that proudly only hire other blacks….and it’s all celebrated by 99.7% of the population as “wonderful”…..but the minute a white person dares to even mention any difference that distinguishes some other culture or race, whether negative OR positive….oh, you’s a racist!

      Everything’s the evil white man’s fault! We’re so evil for not leaving those poor brown and black people alone in their primitive huts and mud roads and malaria. How dare we try to preserve a decent standard of living and a civil society where we’re not all killing each other or selling each other into slavery.

    • Envy is the cornerstone of Marx’s class struggle. Racism is a variant of class struggle. The reason why one succeeds and the other fails is little more than luck of birth and is frozen forever at that moment.

      • When you read up on Marx, you will find that one, he was German, and not Russian, as some believe, and two, he was really lazy. His parents were hard-working, middle-class people and even his own mother knew there was something wrong with him. Marx fully expected to inherit, and demanded an inheritance from his parents, and expected others to support him while he did nothing. Some reads say he was so lazy, he refused to bathe. And yet, Soviet Russia back after 1917 based an entire government system after this fool. All three of his three daughters committed suicide (and he may have had up to 7 children?), and his dutiful wife stood by his side to the end. God help us that we are repeating history, because-like his idiot wife-we just never seem to learn.

        • >he was German,
          No, Karl Marx was a Jew.
          The failed economic ideology known as “Communism” was a Jewish idea from the very beginning. Most of the high ranking Bolsheviks in Russia were also Jewish. (Pointing out this well known historical fact is known as an “anti-Semitic trope”).

          Q: If Jews, as a group, are (allegedly) “smart,” how come so many of them fall for this unworkable economic nonsense? Perhaps, as a group, they are not all that smart, after all.

          As a friend of mine once observed, if “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need” is the proposed working principle of society, it is very easy to develop a whole shedload of “needs,” while demonstrating very little ability.

          But, perhaps that is the point.

          • Yes, he was Jewish, but he lived in Germany, from what I understand. But yes, I think it is the point. Plenty of “needs”, but few abilities.

  10. So, Buttigieg, says that roads are “racist”…Hmmm?
    Then what represents a tunnel and a bus entering it? Should we celebrate tunnels and busses for their motives for choosing to enter and those choosing to receive the busses? Aren’t the racist roads providing freedom of access for the busses to enter the tunnels without judgment?

  11. Excellent, Eric! That is a point that no one who’s anyone ever seems to mention- that the niggerhoods which ‘the racist roads’ were supposedly designed to usher white people away from weren’t niggerhoods when those roads were built, but were normal white working class neighborhoods or even middle-class neighborhoods- such as much of Detroit was (You can still see the grandeur in the burnt-out hulks of many of the great old houses whose carcases still remain).

    And in fact, “minorities” used to complain if their neighborhoods were overlooked when new highways were planned and constructed, because to deprive them of highways was….’raciss’! But now the white liberal scum who define what constitutes “racism” have turned the tables.

    When I was a kid growing up on Long Island, many of my neighbors were former residents of the Bronx and Brooklyn who had to flee their homes [Whether inexpensive rentals, or inexpensive homes they owned outright] because of the influx of violent crime created by the government’s construction of housing projects and their Section 8 rental subsidy program, which flooded these lower working class white neighborhoods with ‘certain people’ who proceeded to turn those once-safe neighborhoods into this:–bushwick-brooklyn-bronx.jpg

    But it be de ebil white man’s fawlt, because deese po’ whites what lived very modestly on dey social say-curity just up and decided to abandon dey houses because we black! (Dey couldn’t sell dey houses, ‘cuz no other whites would buy ’em, and da niggas spend all dey money on Champale n’ drugs!).

    What our fellows have allowed to happen in the past, and are allowing to happen now does not bode well for the future of Caucasian culture- as any people who would allow and even foster the destruction of their own culture and environs, and allow the poisoning of the minds of their children by a cabal of evildoers who are bent on maintaining their own purity while destroying that of any other group which they see as competitors, is headed for extinction because of their uinwillingness to acknowledge their own culture and people as worth saving and protecting from blatant attack, and thus soon out-right genocide.

    • Same thing happened in Chicago. Roseland, a far south side neighborhood was ethnically Dutch for nearly a century. By the 1950’s it was an middle- upper middle class area with plenty of small business owners, lots of big churches, single family homeowners and a nice shopping street. Due to being as far south that it is, it’s isolated from most of the city (which many hoped would protect it). But the problem the city of Chicago had with it, it was a very Republican and conservative area, and that had to go. (Englewood on the west side was another mostly Dutch hood that had to go too).

      So in the 1960’s it became poor, black and Democrat. No business, no shopping, burned out hood. It’s a hell hole now.

      • But yet, all those forced out are racist for being forced out. White flight is the biggest load of falsehood. Talk to the people who actually left like I have. The all say, “we were forced out”. It continues to happen, I had to leave the south suburb of Chicago (Dolton) where i grew up. It was a middle class place too, but is no longer.

        • Exactly, Rich! Not only are thge victims called “racist” [And in many cases, such as the ones displaced from the poorer areas of the Bronx and Brooklyn as I mentioned above] they were also in the lowest socio-economic group- just subsisting on a very meager SS. check in some 100 year-old row-house or tenament.
          The irony is, now that some of those places are being regentrified by the grand children and great grand children of those displaced residents, and having new life breathed back into them, with the still-remaining buildings being rehabilitated, and stores of all varieties opening, these new inhabitants are also “racist” for “driving rents and prices up” and displacing the invaders who ruined these neighborhoods to begin with.

          Ya can’t win! Its never the fault of the scumbags, savages and criminals….oh no….it’s always someone else’s fault, and always de ebil white man….be he rich or poor.

  12. Eric you said “The downtown areas of big cities such as Detroit, Chicago and Baltimore have become blighted wastelands, it’s true”

    This is not true of Chicago. The blighted areas of Chicago are on the west and south sides. Downtown Chicago is doing quite well. But the blight is spreading to other areas of Chicago like the far northeast side. I took a drive there recently and could not believe what I saw and this was in the afternoon. I’m an old cab driver from the early 70’s and know the city quite well.

    • I spent some time in Hyde Park, Chicago in the early 1970s. Very scary place, where you literally risk your life by stepping outside your door. The equal opportunity thugs will kill you to see if you have any money on you. Some people who had lived there for some time (those who managed to survive) were habituated to this and thought it was “normal.” Those of us from other places in the world realized it was not, and tended to leave as soon as possible.

  13. Yet another conspiracy theory comes true:

    ‘Companies including GM, Ford, Google and solar energy producers said on Tuesday they would work together to establish standards for scaling up the use of virtual power plants (VPPs), systems for easing loads on electricity grids when supply is short.

    ‘Virtual power plants pool together thousands of decentralized energy resources like electric vehicles or electric heaters controlled by smart thermostats.

    ‘With permission from customers, they use advanced software to react to electricity shortages with such techniques as switching thousands of households’ batteries, like those in EVs, from charge to discharge mode or prompting electricity-using devices, such as water heaters, to back off their consumption.’

    That’s right, folks: in an emergency, not only will you be unable to charge your EeeVee … but worse, they’ll suck the juice out of it before you can untether it.

    These corporate grifters see the handwriting on the wall — the corrupt, broken US fedgov will not fix the grid. It’s too busy pumping hundreds of billions into its latest failed permawar in the Ukraine.

    So these desperate conmen are going to bleed their own customers. And if you believe the ‘with permission’ bit, you’ll love the price of my beachfront property in Arizona.

        • Yeah, I saw that, Enemy.
          Guarantee, if they do that people will die.
          Why? Some peoples will cook indoors using charcoal (or possibly animal dung, like the rest of the third world) without proper ventilation, and will die of carbon monoxide poisoning, assuming they don’t burn the house down.

          Rich people will be exempt from the ban, though.
          Here’s how:

          The restaurant industry will squawk they need instant response from stove burners in a “commercial environment.” So, “commercial kitchens” will be exempt from the ban. But, there will be no prohibition on installing a “commercial kitchen” in a private residence.

          High end houses will jump through whatever hoops the local government requires in order to have a “commercial kitchen” (or two), complete with $$$$ gas appliances. “Commercial kitchen(s)” will become a coveted “feature” of high end housing, while the serfs save their own poop to cook their food.

          Next up: a ban on flush toilets, because “water shortage” due to “climate change.”

          Never mind that this year’s snowpack in the central and southern Sierra Nevada *already* exceeds the average for the *entire* season, which does not end until 1 April. Don’t confuse us with the facts.

          Remember, you read it first on EP Autos.

    • Hi Jim:

      I’m not an electrician or electrical engineer but wouldn’t diodes or a relay that would disconnect the battery in the event that current flow was reversed work? It should be a pretty simple circuit design from what I see from here. Just use the signal from the smart meter that would set your battery to power the grid to de-energize the solenoid and thereby block flow from the battery into the grid.

      • ‘wouldn’t diodes or a relay that would disconnect the battery in the event that current flow was reversed work?’ — Landru

        My first thought too. Question is how much it would cost, for such a high power duty.

      • Landru it won’t be necessary. Just buy the full price car and “opt out.” Then just make sure your accountant is aware so he can file your quarterly carbon tax payment with the IRS.

        You do have an accountant, right?

        Or, you could just invest in a few wind turbines, solar panels or other magic power generator. Invest enough and you’ll be 100% carbon neutral, just like the elites. What people don’t understand is that all those private jets are carrying people who are heavily invested in greenwashing mutual funds and shares of green energy projects. It’s a form of indulgence (in the catholic definition), so that they may continue to live their TSA bypassing lifestyle with a little less guilt.

        Maybe if you were good enough for Harvard you too could have the luxury of impulsive travel…

  14. Even the Biden Thing’s Transportation Secretary, Pete Buttigieg, says that roads are “racist”. These people are crazy as hell. How is it even possible for inanimate objects like roads to be RACIST?

    And yet, these same people didn’t even blink an eye when Joe Biden was running for President and actually MADE a racist statement by saying that blacks who didn’t know whether to vote for him or Trump “Weren’t black”. If THAT’S not “RACIST”, I don’t know what is.

  15. James Brown was racist, too. “Superhighways, coast to coast. Easy to get anywhere” sang the Godfather of Funk.

    Can’t have MoTown without roads, yeah?

  16. If living in a bad neighborhood is now the ideal situation, come come when someone can afford it they leave? I’m guessing James Brown doesn’t live in Watts. I remember someone who said something about you can’t make the poor better off by making the rich poor or something like that but the left keeps trying, call me when it finally works.

    One small improvement would be banning private jets and making our betters all fly economy class with a normal TSA security check. Limos could be replaced by rickshaws so as to provide employment for the poor. If they want us to live like serfs I think they should as well.

    • Excellent solution Landru,
      Let all the overlords ride in coach and sit in traffic like the rest of us peons, no police escort to get where they want to go. There’s also some group I read about that thinks humans are destroying earth by their very existence. To both groups I say lead by example – go ahead and off yourselves and leave the rest of us the hell alone.

    • The LATE GFOS (Godfather of Soul) doesn’t live ANYWHERE. But I’m sure his digs were in a Lilly-white area. Except for the three years he was ” chillin wit d’s homies”…in the South Carolina State Pen!

  17. ‘It happened because the cities became shitholes.’ — eric

    They became that way on purpose. And it’s still happening. “N.Y.C. schools will replace the gifted and talented admissions exam with a lottery this year,” said an NYT article in October 2021.

    Now some NYC parents with gifted and talented kids, who would be held back by having to study with lottery-selected kids who are four or six grades behind them, are using those ‘racist roads’ to escape to homogeneously upper middle class towns in Connecticut and N.J. — because they care more about their kids than about leftist cultural leveling campaigns.

    One place these families fleeing NYC are NOT headed is Philadelphia’s Kensington neighborhood, a world-class shithole whose down-and-out street-dwelling addicts are now being zombified on a veterinary tranquilizer called xylazine mixed with fentanyl. Excerpt from the seventh circle of hell:

    ‘Brooke Peder, a 38-year-old tattoo artist nicknamed the Hood Grandma, rolled her wheelchair to the exchange check-in and handed over a gallon container filled with syringes. Her mother, sister and wife died of overdoses. Just over a year ago, her right leg had to be amputated because of an infection from a tranq wound that bore into the bone.

    ‘She unrolled a bandage from elbow to palm. Beneath patches of blackened tissue, exposed white tendons and pus, the sheared flesh was hot and red. To stave off xylazine’s excruciating withdrawal, she said, she injects tranq dope several times a day. Fearful that injecting in a fresh site could create a new wound, she reluctantly shoots into her festering forearm.

    ‘“The tranq dope literally eats your flesh,” she said. “It’s self-destruction at its finest.”

    ‘The only person who would let her use a cellphone was a guy whose arm and leg had been amputated because of his tranq wounds. He was still injecting into his leg stump.’

    A person of any color would have to be brain dead not to flee this macabre, death-haunted scene.

  18. I wonder how the “good” people will react when their food is delivered to their city via bicycle? As I’ve said before, moving targets are harder. They don’t want you moving.
    Besides, some of the “good” people may travel on one of these roads, and discover that the literal shit hole they live in is not the only option. Better to keep them in the dark, believing this is “normal”. For the streets to smell like a cesspool, except worse. For kids to be killed by stray bullets. For drug dealing to be the best employment opportunity. For their kids to “graduate” without being literate. To live on gubmint handouts.


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