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  1. If you drive a car I’ll tax the street
    If you try to sit I’ll tax your seat
    If you get too cold I’ll tax the heat
    If you take a walk I’ll tax your feet

    This song was written by the Beatles over fifty years ago. Some things never change.

  2. Yes! Danzig’s in the Reich! \m/,

    Also, perhaps gov’t vehicles will have these kill-switches too? And perhaps the enterprising hacker…

  3. There is another side to history, as the victor writes the propaganda justifying or omitting it’s own crimes, or pinning them on their adversary. This is currently at the top of unz.com, and it is a very good read:


    It is easy to blame Germans for National Socialism, but if you were in their shoes at that time, after the hyperinflation which rendered the entire savings of the middle class to zero, you might have been anxious for a savior also. Poland was killing ethnic Germans just as Ukraine was killing ethnic Russians – both which prompted the nationalist leaders to intervene – and most say this was intentional plan by the Rothschilds. If Hitler had delayed his war by 3 years he would of won with his wunder weapons, nukes, jets, rockets, anti-grav Bell. Likewise, Russia under Putin, has it’s wonder weapon – like the Sarmat 2, and just one of these ICBMs can take out all of UK or all of the eastern seaboard of the USA. Thus the panic to attack IMO and destroy Russia before that weapon is fully fielded. People underestimate the level of treachery of controlling elite.

    wiki: ” After the test, on 22 May, Roscosmos head Dmitri Rogozin warned that 50 new Satan II/RS-28 Sarmat/SS-X-30 intercontinental nuclear missiles will soon be combat ready.[31]

    The first contract for the production of the missiles was signed in August 2022″


    I dare say that if we get nuked by Russia for this Ukraine debacle, that puts us in dire straits, what we might do to save ourselves will be equally or greater extreme.

    Don’t forget, Hitler tried to seize power at the height of the Weimar hyperinflation in late 1923.

    Looking at the current vaxx genocide, I think it is become all too probable that after that MAGA fool goes away we will be searching for a true nationalist that drives the (((snakes))) from our lands.

    • Hi Jack,

      I don’t blame the Germans (as a collective) for National Socialism. But I won’t defend National Socialism or Hitler. The latter was a dictator and the former a dictatorial system, both anathema to the individual and the idea that the individual’s rights precede and supersede those of the collective. I understand why many (not all, but many) Germans fell for and supported national socialism and Hitler; the social-economic antecedents, etc. These don’t however justify or excuse national socialism anymore than people’s fears about the ‘Rona justified the lockdowns and Face Diapers.

      • Hi, Eric & Yukon Jack,

        To me, the important point to remember is that, although Adolph Hitler ascended to power by constitutional means, he and his henchmen proceeded to destroy the system which had granted them that *limited* power, seized absolute power by legal as well as illegal means, and thus converted the government of Germany into a brutal dictatorship, in which der Führer’s word was the highest Law.

        As with all dictatorial thugs, they consolidated power by murdering their political enemies.
        Once their power was absolute, dissenters faced death or incarceration for daring to get out of line. These facts are well known.

        The White Rose was *not* a unique group. To the average German, keeping your head down was probably prudent, assuming you wanted to keep your head on your shoulders. Tens of thousands of Germans who dared to speak out paid with their lives. Das Fallbeil was always a possibility, for those who did not obey.

        As a native born American of (primarily) German and Dutch heritage, I am *SICK* *UNTO* *DEATH* of hearing nonsense to the effect that “Germans have a congenitally defective character,” which “predisposes them to follow brutal dictators.” I call *BULLSHIT* on that one.
        Let me say it again: *BULLSHIT*

        I assert that the German people got screwed over by a gang of brutal thugs, some of whom posed as patriots, all of whom were out primarily for their own self-aggrandizement, whether that included primarily wealth, or the aphrodisiac of absolute power.

        To quote a famous German World War I fighter ace and war hero:

        “Naturally, the common people don’t want war … but after all it is the leaders of a country who determine the policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in every country.”

        And from a famous, highly decorated U.S. Marine Corps general:

        “In the World War, we used propaganda to make the boys accept conscription. They were made to feel ashamed if they didn’t join the army.”

        “I spent thirty-three years and four months in active military service as a member of this country’s most agile military force, the Marine Corps. I served in all commissioned ranks from Second Lieutenant to Major-General. And during that period, I spent most of my time being a high class muscle-man for Big Business.”

        “WAR is a racket. It always has been. It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives.”

        • ‘I assert that the German people got screwed over by a gang of brutal thugs’ — Adi Heidler

          Then a different gang of brutal thugs imposed 77 years (and counting) of military occupation.

          Will they ever leave … or will they have to be expelled at gunpoint?

        • And the US Marine General who said that was Smedley Butler, the Commandant of the USMC at that time.

          He was one a very few to have been awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.

          Twice over.

          Let that sink in, and then reconsider what he said about the (((USFEDGOV))) and War.

      • Actually, the Allies imposed a form of “socialism” on the German state with its prohibition on parents making decisions on and determining their own childrens’ education. This is the case to this day…
        According to former and current German laws, homeschooling is ILLEGAL in Germany. Only the “state” has the legal right to educate children.
        Not too long ago, a German family requested asylum in the USA just because they were not permitted to direct their childrens’ education. Asylum was denied.
        Can’t have parents having a say in their childrens’ education.
        Sure sounds “socialist” (or even communist) to me…
        Most people are unaware that public school teachers (unions) have a hard-on against private education, especially homeschoolers. In fact, in the 1920s there was a push here in Michigan to outlaw ALL private education. Thankfully, that mindset did not survive, but we still got “Blaine Amendments” which prohibits any non-sectarian state aid for private schools, even though private school parents still pay property taxes that fund public schools.

      • I agree, after Hitler got elected the party went full authoritarian, and the rest is history. But why did normal Germans become so attracted to Hitler, and why are so many Americans attracted to Trump? I say exact same reason. There are plenty of people making that comparison, but Trump is not Hitler, not even close, and Amerika is not post Weimar hyperinflation collapse, yet.

        The nation peaked around 1960 (the quality of cars for the price is a very good metric for that) and since then America became Amerika after 9-11-2001 coup. Bankrupting wars followed, trillions added to debt, and now we have Joe “Nero” Biden in charge flushing $30 billion down the Ukraine toilet. Does anyone doubt that Amerika is up against the ropes, or even as I say, in a free fall and about to auger in?

        Being half German myself, I have very Libertarian values, as do all of my German relatives, who love to work, and they never whine about WW2 like a certain tribe. So how did Hitler happen? Germany was in dire straits and a charismatic leader promised to make Germany great again. Sound familiar? It is only after the collapse do people long for the good ole days. And Hitler promised that. What came after he was elected was not suspected.

        And because Germany is surrounded by enemies, connected by land (like Russia), the German nationalists were very worried about the Communists taking over, and in fact the NSDAP was in gun battles with the Jewish Communists in Berlin, and close by the Bolsheviks had seized Russia. So back then, in their times, the threat of the Reds was a very real thing, which justified full authoritarian control. That was the real reason why Germany went full “nazi”. Landlocked and surrounded by enemies, the nation rotting within, a monetary collapse, and people sensing real existential danger submit to an authoritarian regime – just as the Russians are doing now to fight the west in Ukraine.

        If you read and watch Hitler’s speeches, and take them at face value, he was 100% devoted to freeing Germany from the banksters, jobs, morality, etc. The Jews accuse Hitler of burning books, but investigate what books – Jewish smut. Berlin was a big Jewish brothel. And in Amerika we have the same thing, the Jews run the porn industry, and Hollywood – which conservatives accuse of corrupting traditional values. In many ways, Amerika is the new Weimar.

        So if you think about political trends in collapse cycles, see Socionomics, if Amerika collapses you can bet on certain things happening:

        a return to traditional values, hair styles, long dresses, etc. (the hemline indicator will go to the floor in a depression)
        a demand for sound money
        demand for a balanced budget
        conservatives winning over liberals
        ousting of rinos
        marriage over feminism
        Blackrock ousted from the housing market

        How this goes down is anyone’s guess, but the trends are clear, the hegemon’s grip on the world is slipping and Putin is about to launch his winter offensive and take Ukraine.

        • >Germany was in dire straits and a charismatic leader promised to make Germany great again.

          Same thing happened in the U.S. in 1932. Hoover was out, Roosevelt was in, promising a “New Deal” to people who were desperate. Roosevelt’s actions, some of which were illegal, diverged greatly from what had been the traditional role of the U.S. Fed Gov. People are hard up? Comes a man on a horse who says he can “fix” things, and people figure, what the hell, what we have got now is not working, let’s give this fellow a shot at it.

          >accuse Hitler of burning books,

          Yeah, well, books were burned in the U.S. during the Wilson administration, and they were not pornography, but classic works of literature and philosophy by German authors. Those of us of (even partial) German heritage in the U.S have the distinction, such as it is, of being the only ethnic group (which, at the time, was ~20% of the population) to have been the target of an organized campaign of hatred carried out by the United States government against its own citizens, using our tax dollars.

          And why was that, you ask? In service of (that shit) Wilson’s goal of getting he U.S involved in a European war in which the U.S. had no legitimate interest. The rest, as they say, is history.

        • Hi Jack,

          I think many Germans were attracted to Hitler (and Americans to Trump) because both seemed to be on the side of the “average” German (or American). Both seemed opposed to the forces of corruption and decay – specifically, Leftism. The tragedy is that both used the reasonable anger of the average person against them.

    • >the victor writes the propaganda
      To quote Winston Churchill:
      “History will be kind to me, for I intend to write it.”

      W.S. Churchill is not one of my favorite 20th century people.
      Neither is T. Woodrow Wilson.
      Yet, we were taught (indoctrinated) to regard both of them as “great men.”
      The truth comes out, in the long run.

      • @Heidi

        Spot on about “great men” – who advance authoritarianism like FDR who suppressed information about the attack on Pearl Harbor, see this newspaper headline


        Woodrow Wilson – who signed the Federal Reserve Act into law, and Churchill who ordered the fire bombing of Dresden (new estimates are over 500,000), which killed more than Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and the 284,000 Jews who died in the work camps combined.

        History we were taught is complete bs. Those bad Nazis put Jews in work camps, and just what did the USGov do to Japanese Americans?

  4. Very little media coverage of the latest disaster here in WA, Gov. Inslee is moving civil commitment level 3 sex offenders (worst of the worst) off McNeil Island into “secure” housing around the state. Of course media glosses right over it, including the sweetheart deals set up to enrich the friends of Jay Inslee that are running this community placement housing. This guy has been on top of this mess:


    Citizens near Tenino finally got wind of this and are naturally outraged.

    Off topic but related to your on the road video, please send your highway engineers to WA, here they’ve forgotten the lost art of banked curves! Roads built here back in the 30s were engineered like yours but recently not. Hwy 97 just north of Blewett Pass has a reverse bank that is thrilling as you head downhill, worse in a tall SUV or pulling a trailer. Too cheap to install inside the curve drainage so let’s tilt the road the wrong
    way and let it drain to the outside.

  5. There’s a little more involved in the attack on Poland by Germany. The area of Danzig was German until the WWI Treaty of Versailles made it part of Poland. The Poles (much like the Ukrainians today) were attacking the ethnic Germans, stealing their properties and killing them. Germany at the time was trying to negotiate the area back from Poland. In comes England to save the day, They make an agreement to protect Poland if Poland was attacked. (We all know how well that went) From that moment on, the Poles would not negotiate anything. In Germany itself it became a big issue to the German People. Ethnic Germans were being robbed and killed and they demanded the government do something. And that is “the rest of the story”,,, a story conveniently forgotten by the West. The story is very close to the Ukraine debacle today where the world today doesn’t care about the killing of ethnic Russians killed by Ukrainians.

    The main take from the issue is that Germany was trying to protect ethnic Germans. The US has played its own blame game in its wars only they were to increase its power. The government could care less about its People other than tax donkeys. “Remember the Maine”,,, “the Lusitania”,,, “Pearl Harbor”,,, “Gulf of Tonkin”,,, “The World Trade Towers”,,, “Weapons of Mass Destruction”,,, and today Ukraine! All lies but somehow believed by the People due to governments massive propaganda called MSM.

    • Very good comment, Ken. I didn’t watch the video. I’m tired of Eric always returning to the jews’ anti-German memes. And anti-German is anti-White. People who actually know some Truth about WW2 and choose to display a newspaper front page would display one from March 1933 that says International Jewry Declares War On Germany. Yep, 1933, six years before the year the jews say The War began.

      • I agree with you 100%. Good post. Let me expand on the hatred of Germany that exists to this day…
        Germany and the rest of the western world has been saddled with its own “Stockholm Syndrome” ever since the summation of the Second World War.
        There are some brave Germans who have gone against the “official narrative” of WW2 with Germany seen as being on “the wrong side of history” and as such are (still) considered to be “the bad guys”, but they are either too few or afraid of being “outed” as “holocaust™ deniers”, subject to severe punishment, and yes, Nazis (which is unfairly still a pejorative term in Germany and in much of the rest of the western civilized world). Even Canada has criminalized honest investigation into the so-called “holocaust™”.
        This is especially bolstered by the (in)famous “jewish holocaust™” fable which was created by the Allies in order to keep Germany permanently demonized.
        In fact, it was Russian jews who “rebuilt” Auschwitz after the war in its own propagandistic way, creating and amplifying engineering errors that the Germans would have never done. Hollywood could not have done a better job in perpetuating the falsehoods and propaganda.
        From non-sealed “gas chambers” with wooden doors that “swing the wrong way” to no means for inserting and ventilating the poison gases, using a delousing agent as an ineffective “poison gas”, anyone with an engineering background can easily poke holes in all of the claims made by holocaust™ promoters.
        Let’s not forget that jewish “holocaustianity™” has been deemed to be a state religion in many countries from which no deviation is permitted. Prosecution, fines and imprisonment await those who seek the truth about this false, contrived event in history. If the “holocaust™” is based on “truth” why not encourage a full impartial investigation into this “event”? What are “holocaust™” promoters afraid of?
        Jews have always been excellent propaganda artists, tugging at heartstrings by always showing jews as being “downtrodden” victims and always being marginalized and victimized. This is a “feature” and not a “bug” as it has been successful in keeping the holocaust™ fable going to the present day.
        Jewish “holocaust™ museums” (actually jewish freak shows) display piles of shoes, glasses, clothing, and other piles of “who knows what” in order to claim that 6,000,000 jews were “gassed out of existence”. Of course, these piles of shoes, eyeglasses, clothing and other items were all purchased at Goodwill or Salvation Army stores.
        These jewish freaks shows get massive amounts of taxpayer dollars despite being totally out of place in American society. Schoolchildren are brainwashed and propagandized in these freak shows, which is actually child abuse to allow children into these “holocaust™” museums. Even states have mandated “holocaust™” brainwashing for school children…not good.
        It could be safely argued that even Americans have been unwitting victims of “Stockholm Syndrome” especially when it comes to “all things holocaust™”.
        It is long overdue to conduct a full, impartial, honest of all holocaust™ claims and to “let the chips fall where they may” and finally expose it as the massive jewish fraud of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

      • Hi JL,

        I’m not anti-German. That would be silly for me personally as I am as close to being “full German” as one can be without actually having crossed the border a few miles away in Switzerland (where my ancestors hail from) as well as collectivist, which would be obnoxious of me. I am, however, very much “anti” National Socialism . . . because I am not a collectivist!

        National socialism was not a good thing. It was an indefensible thing. Just the same as any other form of authoritarian collectivism. Soviet communism was essentially the same thing. The individual exists to serve the collective, directed by an authoritarian government that leaves no one on peace unless they obey.

        I agree with you that National Socialism has gotten more bad press than Soviet communism. But that does not mean National Socialism didn’t deserve the bad press it got anymore than the lack of same made Soviet communism good.

          • Hi Helot,

            Inevitable. Also, in a way, a good thing – in that these propagandists are now open about their contempt for facts and truth – the essence of objectivity.

            • “Objectivity Has Got To Go”: News Leaders Call For End Of Objective Journalism

              leftist control of the narrative….

              the movement in journalism schools to get rid of principles of objectivity in journalism. Advocacy journalism is the new touchstone in the media even as polls show that trust in the media is plummeting.

              Now, former executive editor for The Washington Post Leonard Downie Jr. and former CBS News President Andrew Heyward have released the results of their interviews with over 75 media leaders and concluded that objectivity is now considered reactionary and even harmful. Emilio Garcia-Ruiz, editor-in-chief at the San Francisco Chronicle said it plainly: “Objectivity has got to go.”

              Columbia Journalism Dean and New Yorker writer Steve Coll decried how the First Amendment right to freedom of speech was being “weaponized” to protect disinformation. In an interview with The Stanford Daily, Stanford journalism professor, Ted Glasser, insisted that journalism needed to “free itself from this notion of objectivity to develop a sense of social justice.”


              • from zh comments….

                Well, what’s really going on isn’t even “wokeness” or “advocacy”; it’s actually the corporate, proto-fascist state using media to tell you what to think. If you add to this the new trend of debanking, cancelling and covertly surveilling everyone all the time, all that’s left to do is put your money on their blockchain entirely and make you volunteer to show your phones to get into work.

                This is what fascism is. And you know, the people behind it *don’t care* if you object since they can just aim mobs at you or fine you for bad opinions. They’re busy changing the country’s demographics to expand the US to include all of North America while they plunge people into multiple panics. One thing they can not have while they work this operation is people on the ground objecting to it.

                Under the ‘objectivity has got to go’ program, the media will decide for us and supply only the correct meaning, together with any supporting facts and if necessary, fictions.

                These journalists are fascists pushing a fascist argument.

                All you need to remember is that objectivity is a synonym for truth. Eric is a truth teller..
                In an Empire of Lies, Truth is Treason.

                The opposite of truth is lies. These people, if I can call them that, are openly advocating for lying to people for the purpose of achieving their partisan goals. They are saying that news should consist of lies meant to advance their personal political objectives. Their argument is nothing more than the old Marxist rule of the ends justifying the means.

                It actually makes it a lot easier for the AI Chatbot 3000 to write the articles if it only has to drive the left’s narrative and doesn’t have to pretend to be objective.

            • Hi Eric and Helot,

              Objective journalism is a myth, it does not, and never will, exist. IMO, the concept is fraudulent, designed to stifle debate, not facilitate truth. Even if a journalist claims to be entirely impartial, they decide what stories to cover, what they think is important. This necessarily requires discrimination. This is not a bad thing. What should be ethically required of journalists is not a false pretense of objectivity but an honest admission of bias.


              • RE: “Objective journalism is a myth”

                Perhaps on the whole, not-so-much on the margins.

                It should remain a goal.

                Via merriam-webster:

                objective – adjective

                expressing or dealing with facts or conditions as perceived without distortion by personal feelings, prejudices, or interpretations […] reducing subjective factors to a minimum

                After all, is objectivity not the basis of Austrian Economics?
                Are there Austrian Journalist?

                ‘A Primer on Austrian Economics’

                … “As a value-free science, praxeology cannot tell you whether or not government intervention is good or bad but it can tell you the consequences of exogenous distortion of human action.”…


        • Now they have a whole country not co operating in the wef/globalist one world government agenda, that they want to disarm/regime change.

          Stalin and Hitler were the same problem…so we have WW3 to get rid of the new problem…

          The elite nobility/globalists have been trying to put in place a worldwide one world centralized communist government for a long time.

          nazi…national socialism and communism…are both leftist/socialist concepts….conservatives are to the right of them…as in free enterprise….

          nazi = facism = combination of government and big business = a leftist concept…

          Stalin was installed but became a nationalist who wanted his own independent communist empire…. not a globalist communist one world government, so they put hitler in place to get rid of stalin,

          hitler, same problem, he also became a nationalist, not interested in a worldwide one world centralized communist government, he wanted his own independent national socialist government, so they started a war to get rid of him.

          hitler also got rid of the rothschild controlled central bank and put Germany on a silver backed currency…the economy soared….the controllers at the top don’t like that…

          The only countries left in 2019 without a Central Bank owned or controlled by the Rothschild Family are: Cuba, North Korea, Iran.

          The current leaders of all the G7 countries are all in for a one world communist central government controlled by the UN, the globalists are making progress.

          Russia doesn’t seem interested now in a one world wef/communist central government controlled by the UN, it looks like they have another nationalist leader only interested in looking after/running their own affairs. Now the globalists need another war to get rid of that leader.

          ccp xi is another socialist/communist/nazi, but probably a nationalist…has china’s interests ahead of a one world communist government…the davos/globalist gang is scared of him…they are both using each other to further their own socialist/communist/nazi agendas

          NOTE: the best government is no government or a very small government….government is inherently evil….

          What we have now is facism for the billionaires and elite nobility at the top and communism for the people on the bottom… a lefist paradise….the globalist’s goal…

          • Hi Anon,

            Yes, but Hitler did plan for world power, with Berlin becoming Germania and the symbol of such power being no longer the German Eagle clutching a swastika but the globe…

            • Yes, but Hitler did plan for world power….quite likely…but with him running it not the globalists…..but…he wasn’t co operating with being a part of a one world communist government….the globalists who put him in place to get of the other the other leader….. stalin…who quit co operating with the globalists too….. so had to be disposed of….

              so if hitler had won we would be in almost the same situation….lefists/socialists running the planet….but….with a proper silver backed currency…not bs fiat like today….lol

              Maybe xi has the same ambition….probably….china taking over the planet…but with him in control not the lefists…

              does russia want to take over the world too?….i doubt it……but the globalists want to get rid of that government so they can loot the country…the richest on the planet…(resources)…loot it for the 3rd time?….lol

              so xi is a nationalist pretending to…… but not co operating with, the globalists/wef/un communists that want a one world centralized communist government….

        • All white people are supposed to descendants of Germans way back……

          the whites are the people the globalists have been trying to exterminate the last two years

          A bad one….king charles the 3rd’s family comes from germany, they changed their name from Hanover….he is the leader of the globalists taking over the planet…he hired klaus schwab……

          One G7 country’s leader said he hates the original european white settlers in the country….no europeans are allowed to emigrate there now…. they are getting huge numbers of bipoc only immigrants now….

        • Socialism is socialism, period.

          Idc about whether or not the holocaust truly happened, just like my ancestors didn’t own slaves, most german’s alive today aren’t their ancestors, so enough with the collective cultural cuckolding, time to grow a pair and fight back against these commie bastards who are importing trash from the middle east

        • Yeah, I find it kind of ironic that some libertarians think that National Socialism was a justifiable solution. If that be the case, then why not advocate the same thing here? Many sorts of collectivist schemes can “work” if by working one means producing predefined standards for the collective and it’s members as they are a part of that collective, but of course all such schemes extinguish individualism and effect total control of society.

          • Morning, Nunz!

            Yup. I’m not comforted, as some appear to be, by the thought of being ordered around by a “racial/national kinsman.” Tyranny comes on and is administered by all colors but it’s all the same tyranny.

            • Hi, Eric,

              Yeah, I have been of the opinion for some time that so-called “far left” and so-called “far right” amount to just about the same thing, as far as the average citizen is concerned. Either way is tyranny. I expect this is because, as you and others have said, both are collectivist, which put the authority of the collective above the rights of the individual, and will brook no dissent from official dogma.

              My curmudgeonly way of expressing this is to imagine the “space” of political ideas as existing on the surface of a sphere. A “lefty” who heads west and a “righty” who heads east, will eventually encounter each other, and find they are in exactly the same place, somewhere on the Dark Side.

        • Eric,
          And what do we have now in the US? The worst of both National Socialism and Communism. The whole idea of the EV psyop is to turn us into East Germany, where you can’t move without permission. Punish productive ventures, and reward those who produce nothing. Hence the 30 trillion dollar debt. Both brands of socialism, Nationalist and Communist, are both suicide pacts. Just like EVs are for car makers. They don’t work. They never have worked, except in a few rare and short lived small conclaves where everyone agreed to them. As I may have stated before, any form of government will work, if those under it are free to leave it. Socialism does not allow that. It’s a religion, and apostasy is a mortal sin.

    • Let’s not forget that “world jewry” declared “war” on Germany in 1933 (yes 1933) and that headlines touting as such were published all around the western world.
      Now when a self-appointed “group” (jewish zionists) declares a country (Germany) to be its “enemy”, what was this country (Germany) supposed to do? Lie down and take it? I think not. This did not endear jews who lived in Germany to their “host” government at the time. This “declaration of war” made ALL jews suspect and subject to accusations of “disloyalty” to their host government. The “little jew” who may not have wanted to be a part of this “declaration of war” was “caught up” in this whole debacle by merely being jewish. Not good.
      World jewry still has a lot to answer for…to this day.
      World jewry has been a pain in the ass to the rest of civilized society for a very long time by their own actions.

    • There is also the fact that East Prussia (which no longer exists, having been overrun by and absorbed into, the Soviet union in WWII, and is now known as Kaliningrad) was separated from the rest of the German Reich by the so-called “Polish Corridor” which was created by the Treaty of Versailles.

      Poland denied passage to to German nationals who wished to transit from, Say, Berlin to Königsberg, via either land or air. A German who wished to travel in or out of East Prussia could only do so by sea. Hitler and von Ribbentrop attempted to negotiate a land transportation corridor to connect the separated parts of Germany, but the Poles were intransigent.

      The so-called “Free City of Danzig,” also created by the Treaty of Versailles, was overwhelmingly ethnic German, who naturally wished to be part of Germany, not Poland, which was prohibited to them.

      Danzig is now known by its Polish name, which is Gdańsk, and, ironically, was the site of the start of the successful Polish rebellion against Communist rule, led by Lech Wałęsa.

  6. Mr. T air freshener, nice.

    Eric Peters; “Hey Sucka, I’m teaching fools some basic rules. I pity the clover who don’t move over.”

  7. Guess it’s time to start looking for a good used car that will last the rest of my days, no way in hell will I own a car with a kill switch controlled by govco. Hopefully there are hackers who will figure out how to defeat this abomination, since everything is run by software.

  8. It’s different when the US does it though. We are the ‘good guy’ when our government kills millions, it is saving them and making democracy!

    • 2084,
      Indeed. A simple question clarifies that. Who has killed the most people on foreign soil over the last 30 years, Russia or US/NATO? So again, what’s the reason we are supposed to hate Russia?

  9. Along the same lines as Eric’s video:

    March 16, 2020: Two Weeks to Flatten the Curve Announced
    May 11, 2023: End of Covid-19 Emergency Declaration

    Days needed to flatten the curve: 1,151

    December 7, 1941: Attack on Pearl Harbor
    August 15, 1945: Japanese Announcement of Surrender

    Days needed to defeat Germany, Italy, and Japan: 1,347

    Difference in days it took to “flatten the curve” and to defeat Germany, Italy, and Japan in World War II: 196.

    Between December 1941 and August 1945 the United States produced 295,959 aircraft, 2,020 large vessels, 108,410 tanks, 2,382,311 vehicles, and the first two atomic bombs. It participated in the liberation of North Africa, Western Europe, and most of the insular Pacific.

    Between March 2020 and May 2023, the United States has managed to cripple its justice system, break its electoral system, critically damage its food production chains, destroy its energy independence, and invert the principles of the Nuremberg Code. It was routed out of Afghanistan, provoked a proxy war in Ukraine it and its allies cannot win, and now is laying the groundwork for a similar conflict in the western Pacific.

    The arithmetic is correct, but the math doesn’t add up.

    — posted by keeler at theconservativetreehouse.com

    • Days needed to flatten the curve: 1,151

      how many days for the planned climate change lockdowns on the agenda….coming soon?…..lol

  10. ‘Literally controlling us is what EeeVees do.’ — eric

    ‘Next is a need for shared mobility and the opportunity to rent rides, because fewer and fewer people can afford vehicles. Electrification is going to make it worse, actually.’ — Jim Farley

    Social wrecker Jim Farley has got a surprise coming: Americans LIKE driving when they want, where they want, on or off the road. Even in socialist New York City, where rental car demand — conversely to other cities — peaks on weekends, so folks can cruise to Montauk or Bucks County or the Berkshires to escape the concrete jungle.

    Millions of people who have spent all their lives with effortless — and moreover, fun mobility — are not going to suffer having it ripped away from them by opportunistic corporate grifters, deputized by unelected regulators.

    In some ways, this is even more fundamental than the American revolution. It is about choosing and keeping one’s way of life, and not having it radically, forcibly altered by top-down command.

    Chairman Mao’s Great Leap Forward starved tens of millions. But we are gonna derail the Biden-Farley EeeVee Leap Forward by going on buyer’s strike, like the Greek women in Lysistrata who crossed their legs and went on marital relations strike. And there ain’t jack shit they can do about it. Starve ’em out, starting today.

    Jock-o-Rama, save my soul
    We’re under the thumb of the EeeVee patrol
    The future of America is in their hands
    Watch it roll over Niagara Falls

    — Dead Kennedys, Jock-o-Rama

    • One of people’s favorite things in life are their cars…..now the globalist/communists are going to take them away…..but the elite nobility/billionaires at the top like gates will still own and drive their million dollar Ferraris. Porsches, etc…….

  11. “Think about what these people are capable of”
    I can’t. I’m sane, mostly. They aren’t. They are psychopaths. That is our biggest weakness regarding them. We simply cannot fathom how their minds (don’t) work.

  12. Who wants an electric vehicle when you have to sit and watch it charge most of the time? Gluttons for punishment, for sure.

    When does it all stop and everything is back to normal?

    It’s not going to stop. To implement a plan, action is required.

    You’ll have nothing, you won’t be happy. Don’t tell anybody, but the plan is to take it all, confiscation pays big time. It’s a tax.

    Bill’s elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top, Klaus has no brains. They’re probably being fed lead-laden wine and don’t know it, the fools.

    In Ancient Rome, the Roman Senate appointed publicans. Publicans had a contract, money was allotted to them from the Roman government. Some built roads, others constructed buildings. Somebody built the Colosseum. Aqueducts were constructed, large projects were funded, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

    Always hire an Italian plumber and always buy Italian plumbing fixtures.

    Another duty of a publican, appointed to do so, was to collect taxes. The Roman gov would assign a publican, the tax collector kind, to collect taxes from Roman citizens. The tax collector contracted to pay an amount to satisfy the govs demands. After that, the tax collector could keep any money above the amounts paid to the Roman treasury.

    The publicans who collected taxes were usually hook-nosed Jews and Roman citizens resented the fact that Jews were collecting taxes since Jews disliked paying taxes to Caesar.

    So when the tax collecting publican knocked on your door, somebody like Klaus or looked like him, it was time to pay.

    When the publican Tiny Hat darkened the doors of Romans to collect a tax, some Romans disappeared into the woods.

    Went kaput.

    Everybody likes to pay taxes and are more than happy to pay any amounts to satisfy the tax burden. Said no one ever.

    • drumphish,
      “Everybody likes to pay taxes”
      Without the state’s assumption of authority to kill you if you disobey, hardly anyone would pay any taxes, or “fees”. I certainly wouldn’t. But I’m aware of their threat of murder if I don’t. I pay what little taxes that are imposed on me as a “fee” to avoid a gunfight at my door. Much like, if not identical to, an organized crime protection racket. The difference being, the organized crime “protector” might actually protect you.

    • Some G7 countries have tax rates of over 50% of income….the total taxes people pay could be 60% or higher….

      in ancient rome the serfs paid 15% tax…..they were so angry at that…. they invited in the hun’s when they invaded and got rid of the government….

      • In Britain you have income taxes and then you have your NHS taxes on top of that. It’s got to be in the 70% with both. I know a few British citizens that manage to live outside the country long enough in order to avoid paying the yearly NHS taxes (you only pay if you live within Britain a certain amount of the year).


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